Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Moronic pandemic

For a while I've been wondering if Brad Health Hazzard is actually as stupid as he seems. And I've come to the conclusion that yes, he is. Bloke really is a moron

And he's certainly not alone. The premiers are all morons. So are the clown CHOs. Their stupidity is a big part of why they're where they are. They've been elevated in major part because they're morons. 

When I call them that I don't mean that they're the drooling slow moving kind that can't wipe their own arses. They are competent, hard working and can process stuff, sure. They can certainly remain focused and on message. 

But they're morons in the sense that they have no capacity for critical thought. They just obediently serve the globalist system, doing what they're told by the higher ups to keep the whole pandemic narrative going

And they're very well rewarded for that. Which is why they just keep blundering on without any awareness of how idiotic they look to sane, thinking people. 

This statement is one of many that shows how dull Health Hazzard actually is. If we're all going to get Omicron, and we know that it's mild, then why the need for the syringe stab?

Also, after being exposed, you develop long lasting natural immunity. What's not to like? Surely the sensible thing is to let nature take its course.

But Brad is completely unaware of the absurdity of what he's saying. That's because his mission impossible (and he definitely chose to accept it, with gusto!) was to do his part in the sinister campaign to get needles into the arms of every Australian by "vaccinating" absolutely everyone in NSW. 

So in his tiny mind telling people they're all gonna get Omicron should scare them into "protecting themselves" with the magic potion. He forgets (or is prolly just unaware) that pretty much everyone has realized that it doesn't protect you much at all, really. The data proves beyond any shadow of a doubt that those who've had it can still get the dreaded 'rona. 

There are plenty of morons in the MSM as well. Again, they are competent and hard working but incapable of critical thinking. 

Notice the absurd phrase here. It's an "outbreak in cases". WTF? 

A case just means that you've returned a positive result to a dodgy test. Doesn't necessarily mean you're sick and/or infectious. But that's what we normally associate with the term "outbreak". 

So, it's a Clayton's outbreak, innit? It's one in which thousands of people who aren't sick have been scared into getting tested for a disease that is no worse than the flu by disgraceful lie factories like Sky News. They must be so proud.

Then there was that SNAFU in which 400 people were told that they tested negative when really it was the opposite. (Apparently there have been worse stuff ups since.)

The "public health" officials were clearly mortified. Check out how ashamed they look in the video below.

You can understand why. But the real dereliction of duty has long been the opposite: using a discredited test that consistently produced false positives. This has been the real scandal right from the start and should have been the main story all along. 

But it doesn't fit the narrative. If exposed, the fear factory would have ground to a halt long ago. Which is why this false positive tendency has never been highlighted in the MSM. 

And notice how in the clip a siren blares in the background. That's a reminder of another real story: the insane number of ambulances being called out these days. 

It's pretty clear what these are mostly for. And it's not for those suffering from the dreaded 'rona, but something related to it.

Any dinkum truth seeking reporter in Sydney (or any Australian city for that matter) would be keen to investigate what's actually behind this phenomenon. But none are. That would be actual journalism, which is now verboten in the MSM as we all know.

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Friday, December 24, 2021

So much predictive programming it makes you want to scream!

I'm sure you've noticed that there's heaps of occult elite symbolism everywhere lately. Much of it is genuinely creepy and some is flat out Satanic. Every second poster these days looks like a still from a horror movie, or features some idiot flashing the one eye sign, thereby invoking the illuminati -- knowingly or not. 

When I was a kid back in the seventies you would only see ads like this late at night on the television. I still vividly remember seeing a trailer for The Exorcist because I stayed up past my bed time. It was a shorter version of this one I think. I was genuinely terrified and stayed up half the night. 

This promotion in Wynyard Lane for the latest installment of Scream is typical. The timing is interesting also. Why, it's almost zif they wanna ruin the yuletide vibe, just like last year

And notice the red and white theme. Maybe that's not an accident either ... 

The mask is a big feature of the Scream movie franchise. 

It's also had a starring role in the rolling Coronapocalypse psyop, as we all know. And masks have just been mandated indoors again, just in time for Chrissie. Fancy that! 

I don't think it's irrational to conclude that the profusion of face coverings in movies and TV shows over the years has been part of some massive predictive programming campaign. Hollywood, like the MSM, is a big part of the globalist mind control matrix after all. 

Speaking of which, several months ago there was another local promotion featuring a mural of a face covered figure (see video embedded below). It wasn't flat out ghoulish like the one above but it was still creepy as. 

IMO The Masked Singer (a global franchise) could have been another example of this -- perhaps created in part to help the planned 'rona mask submission ritual work more effectively. 

Something similar was done with Big Brother. That creepy show took the evil Orwellian entity and made it benign. It exploited narcissism and voyeurism to help make the surveillance state we're now in seem normal and therefore acceptable. 

It's all trickery and brain-washing, which the occult elite use all the time. There's just too much of it around to be there solely by chance. It's clearly part of a grand plan, which thankfully more and more people are waking up to. 

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Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Delta is part of the Great Reset

All mainstream media outlets are ultimately owned and controlled by the globalist elite. That's why they continue to promote the Great Reset agenda in various ways. 

The Daily Telegraph is a good example. Sure, Rupert employs some climate change skeptics in this paper, but look how he's flogged the jbby-jab-jaberwocky-jabberoo. It's been relentless and deeply sinister. 

One thing you see a lot of in MSM lie factories is slebs employed as role models for the sheeple. They're also used by the globalists in a process best described as symbolic incantation. It's like they're tryna cast a spell by organizing images and headlines in a certain way on the page. They're also reminding each other of what their ultimate goals are and, I think, sometimes even offering coded updates and advice on how best to achieve them. 

Don't believe me? Check this out. It's a story in the December 14 issue about how Aussie A-list singer Delta Goodrem is recharging her batteries at the end of a long hard year. Notice how she's wearing a green outfit. 

The paper, and similar outlets, have made much of the fact that she shares her name with that of a notorious 'rona variant. She's repeatedly joked about it herself, for example saying "that Delta's gotta go!" in a recent puff piece.

The headline uses wordplay on a classic Helen Reddy hit to evoke the idea of a major paradigm shift. They've done this more than once in recent months.

As with all symbolism, there's quite a lot going on. The song "Delta Dawn", for example, is about a woman obsessed with eternal youth. That's something the globalist elite certainly desire too. Unlike her, however, they believe they'll actually achieve it. 

Notice how it's a "new" dawn. So, this evokes the "new normal". And the actual article makes much of her decision to hit a "massive reset" on her life. Massive is like great, geddit? 

Also, look at the headlines below the story. There's one about a "smart way to eat". That brings to mind the changes that the globalists wanna make to our lifestyles and diets (not theirs, of course). They plan to have us all living in "smart cities", housed in pods, eating bugs. 

Adjacent to it is a story about a casino, with the headline: "Crown unveils its vision for Barangaroo."

Crown is another word for corona. And that's ultimately what all the recent craziness has been about. The Great Reset is a sneaky way of installing a new global royalty: "The crown is dead, long live the corona!" 

The fact that each headline is positioned under one of her feet may also be intentional, since they have form for symbolism using feet, shoes and boots

Then there's the headline at the top of the page about cashless cards. Digital currency is a major goal of great resetters. If they can make it impossible to pay for anything other than online, they can control all those interactions through AI. Then they can literally starve you if they deem you a threat.

The alliteration of "cashless cards" is something you see a lot of as well. I think this might be something to do with invoking the CCP. They are of course a big part of this plan for world domination. 

So, the singer is being used symbolically in several ways both overt and subtle. 

Having control over figures like this is extremely important if you wanna influence the public. Slebs have long been a crucial part of a massive mind control matrix, as described in the video below. 

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Sunday, December 19, 2021

Aussies don't go to the supermarket today!

There have been several much-derided "conspiracy theorists" who have predicted the current craziness with uncanny accuracy. David Icke is probably the most well known of them

And we all know about how prescient some toons have been. Take all the spooky predictions that The Simpsons have come out with for example. This sequence in particular really captures the current campaign to jab kids

That said, I never expected a daggy mid-eighties song and video clip to capture the globalists' plans so well. But that's exactly what "Cathy Don't Go to the Supermarket Today" did. 

Apparently the band were part of the Children of God movement. And there are many creepy rabbit holes to do with that organization. Still, it's pretty spooky in its accuracy. 

It's all about how TPTB trick the population into becoming slaves with barcodes tattooed on their foreheads. Without them, there's "no way to pay". 

Check out the doc. He could have been taking orders from Fauci in Wuhan. 

There's even a dude who could easily be Brett Sutton in a face diaper. 

Aussies don't go to the supermarket today! 

Well, not the big chains anyway. IGA seems to have a more sane and rational policy on the 'rona. They don't demand their staff are jabbed, which is good to know. They do have mask signs up and QR code check ins, but never seem to demand compliance. 

So take heart. Something tells me that when your plan for world domination can be summed up in a video clip like this, it's basically doomed to fail. 

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Monday, December 13, 2021

Fake news is real comms

Sure you've noticed that over the last year or so MSM lie factories have been singling out and demonizing individuals as "superspreaders". This has been a big part of their sinister campaign to push all Aussies towards the jab, obviously. 

But there seems to be something else going on as well. So many of these people seem to have jobs related to carrying people and/or their possessions from one location to another. As such, they can be used as symbols to allude to human trafficking. And that's something I've seen a lot of lately in the MSM, Daily Telegraph in particular

There was that Uber driver in Queensland recently. 

And we all know about the limo driver who brought the Delta variant into Sydney

There were those two Iraqi removalists whose mother ended up dead. Very sad situation and I suspect the MSM coverage had something to do with precipitating that tragedy

There was the dude in Byron Bay they slimed. Notice how the cover featured him on a jetski with a kid

There have also been items that seem to be making an "it's the vibe" allusion to human trafficking. Take this one with the alliterative headline on the bottom (suggesting CCP?) and young Olympians in bags. 

There are heaps of other examples I could include but I think you get my drift. 

Now there's Omicron. Why is this scariant spreading on harbour cruises and at pubs, backpackers' hostels and nightclubs? Why not supermarkets, train stations, and old people's homes? 

Seems that it is targeting where the yoof mingle. That could be related to them being the demographic the globalists most wanna jab right now. 

That's possible but I think it's more likely that these dodgied up developments are being used for comms, or as a cover for some other operation -- or maybe both.

The outbreak at Noah's Backpackers in Bondi Beach was particularly interdasting. There'd been a previous 'rona outbreak at that exact location in the past. Talk about lightning striking twice!

And it was literally a stone's throw from where Tom Hanks took that creepy sock photo that he shared on social media

Also, I'd noticed weird symbolic patterns in the Sydney paper that seemed to allude to the myth of Noah a week or two before. I even made a video about this, embedded below. 

What are the odds? 

Noah was an animal trafficker, remember. And the Daily Tele has form for equating kids with animals

UPDATE: Just saw this story in today's issue (December 13). It was about Russell Crowe and some other slebs having a high powered lunch at Otto. 

There's a shot of the Thor director Taika Waititi with Rita Ora. Notice how his head's poking up through the border of the story. I think that's a way of saying "Heads up guys!" to those in the know. 

Look at the headline below. It's about speeding fines (that is, the law cracking down on wrongdoers). 

Check out his jacket. Very distinctive pattern, innit?

There's a name for that: Argyle

Where was that major outbreak of Omicron again? Why, at a nightclub called Argyle House in Newcastle

Sure, could be a coincidence. But do you reckon ... really? Seem to be a helluva lot of them in regards to this narrative. And the item above did refer to a false 'rona alarm at Sydney Opera House which these A-listers were briefly caught up in. 

The subtextual, symbolic plot thickens ... considerably. 

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Sunday, December 12, 2021

The paper of the beast

If you know what to look for you can see occult elite symbolism all throughout the mainstream media. If you're not doing this already I exhort you to put yourself in a kind of Robert Hughes mindset and view every news item as an attempted work of art. It's amazing how many sinister patterns you'll pick up. 

While these can be perceived in all the major lie factories, they seem to be easiest to spot in the Daily Telegraph. There are creepy comms and symbolic incantations on almost every page. 

Take the December 3 issue. The cover refers to Premier Dom Perrotet's plans to reshape the city of Sydney. 

"Beauty and the Beast" brings to mind the Disney classic. And weird Walt was himself a real heavyweight in the world of secret societies. Thankfully their part in so much of the current madness is something that more and more people are waking up to

But back to NSW: The Premier wants to get rid of some beastly elements. These include the Sirius building

This was stated right there on the cover. So, there's an association between Sirius, a favourite occult elite symbol, and "the beast". Not an accident, IMHO. (Also, note how the A in BEAST is directly above the words "Sirius building". Is this meant to evoke a pyramid? Maybe ...)

It's like when Sutton the Silver Slug called the Delta variant "an absolute beast" of a virus. As well as trying desperately to scare people as part of their globalist agenda, these globalist-controlled arsehats are also signalling to each other that they're part of the creepy cult that rules the world.

Another data point was an item in the paper the day before.

It was about how the new Premier was doubling the old three cities plan of Lucy Turnbull (who herself is another globalist elitist, of course). 

And check out the quote that the paper featured.

Brings to mind three sixes, dunnit? You know, the "number of the beast". 

Something tells me that was not an accident either ... 

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They are life imitating satire

The medical fascism currently being inflicted on hundreds of millions -- if not billions -- of people is hard to believe. Depressingly, it seems to be most extreme in Commonwealth countries like Australia and New Zealand, which have been among the world's freest for so long. But then I don't think that's an accident

In any case, the measures these globalist tyrants keep coming up with are like something out of a dystopian satire. So when someone has altered an image to take the piss out of them, it can easily be mistaken for the real thing. 

I don't blame that guy for thinking that this poster featuring the Fake of Empathy was a legit promotion. The statement does accurately describe what this whole campaign is about. The globalist elite are desperately tryna create a technocratic control system that is run globally. It's Orwellian as all get out

The fact that this has actually been fact checked makes the whole thing creepier still.

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Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Kidding in plain sight

I've blogged previously about how the occult elite does a lot of "hiding in plain sight". They seem to do it for various reasons -- one of them being that if they tell us normies what they're up to and we do nothing, then it's our fault

Well, here are a couple of examples from the Failing Terrorgraph. There's a lot of stuff in this sinister lie factory that has a creepy rock spider vibe. It also seems to include many subtle, approving references to child trafficking. These cases are in that category. 

This was a page in the December 2 issue. As you can see, there's an update about the Ghislaine Maxwell case. It includes that well known photo of Prince Andrew and Virginia Giuffre. 

Right next to it is a lighthearted piece about another royal, Prince William. He's a good guy though. And he's having some innocent fun with some goats at a youth fundraiser. 

See, he's playing with kids! Which is actually what Randy Andy did with his mate Epstein. Geddit? 

It's all such a laugh ... 

In the same issue there's this story about smartwatches for children. Notice how the young girl is wearing sunglasses, which are traditionally adult attire. She also seems to be pouting. 

Look at the headline. "Switched on" is the same as "turned on", right? 

If this were just a one off I'd think nothing of it. But the paper is so full of imagery and wordplay like this it comprises an undeniable pattern. So it has to be intentional.

This particular double entendre is reminiscent of another headline they've used more than once: "Kids back in the game." Replace "in" with "on" and the meaning becomes completely different and deeply sinister. 

This is the next page in the "Smart" section. Kinda funny, because whoever puts this all together thinks he's smarter than everyone else. But he's really not.

It includes some movie reviews and contains a fave word of secret society wankers: "magic". Everything's a ritual to them, see. All the sick stuff they're into is about casting spells to transform humanity.

They think that by being depraved pieces of shit they're actually creating a better world. They really are that deluded. 

Notice how it says "take a seat". You know, like in a car, which brings to mind traffic. 

Now if you pull back and look at the two stories together the two headlines form one ... 

Get the picture? 

Of course the vast majority of readers don't see this. They're reading the paper for information. They mentally process each item independently so they don't make the connection. 

This is how these creeps "hide in plain sight". It's not about the detailed content of the stories. It's about themes, headlines and images and the juxtaposition thereof. 

Below is a video I made when I first started to notice these patterns. Please check it out. 

I've made many on this phenomenon since. There is so much of this kind of stuff I simply cannot keep up with it. And this is just in the one paper. It's all throughout the rest of the MSM as well. 

It's really quite disturbing when you realize the extent of it. 

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Monday, December 6, 2021

"Operation Gladys"

Like all mainstream media outlets the Daily Telegraph is a massive lie factory. Its main purposes are to distract the normies with fake news and pump out propaganda for globalist interests. But it's also used for hidden comms for "those in the know". Some of the covers are really interdasting in this regard. 

Take this one from November 27th. It's about the push to get Gladys Berejiklian into federal politics by taking out Zali Steggall at the next election. The headline "Operation Gladys" is a clever play on words that invokes Operation Gladio. This is a catch all term for Deep State "stay behind" operations in Europe during the Cold War. The operatives got up to some seriously sinister shit including terrorist attacks in Italy.

Speaking of operatives, the paper used that term another time to describe Gladys, along with other state pollies who'd resigned.

I think the question above the main headline is also intriguing. It reads: "Return of the Gladiator?" It's in red and white, which is a recurring motif

It brings to mind the classic swords and sandals epic starring Russell Crowe. He's an iconic figure they love to feature in a symbolic way, such as on the cover described below. 

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Saturday, December 4, 2021

Shanghai Fam

Sam Dastyari quit politics almost four years ago now due to a scandal related to donations from a Chinese company. Yet you'll still see references to this in the MSM, zif it's an isolated case. 

This toon from the November 26 edition of the Failing Terrograph is a good example. 

The implication is that this kind of corruption is pretty much confined to one dopey dude and that most members of the Australian political establishment do try to represent us, even though they're not that successful at it. 

That couldn't be further from the truth. In reality many of these arseholes have been selling us out in one way or another to commie China for decades now. That's why they're pushing that jab so frantically. They've basically made a deal with the globalist elite -- of which the CCP is a major player -- in which they promised to "get needles into the arms of every Australian". That's why they keep repeating that stupid slogan, and ones like it. They try to make it sound like it's a good thing but it's got nothing at all to do with public health -- as any thinking person realized long ago. 

Now that Aussies are waking up en masse to the sheer immensity of this betrayal these scumbag pollies are in a really bad situation. Those controlling them are "not happy Jan!" and are putting intense pressure on them to "get 'er done!". The controlled arsehats are well aware that these hugely powerful players don't muck around when it comes to punishing those who've let them down. Failure is not an option and they could well end up dead. 

However, we're in much the same situation. And there are a helluva lot more of us than them. Which is why I'm sure we're gonna win in the end. 

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Friday, December 3, 2021

Michael Goner

Many say Michael Gunner sooking up over threats to him and his family is a case of "crocodile tears" -- that is, fake. No. His tears were real, but the narcissist low life wept only for himself. 

Death threats against politicians are completely unacceptable, obviously. And they're even worse if made against his family members. But the spineless POS is ultimately to blame for them. This simply wouldn't be happening if he governed in the interests of the people, and refused to obey the globalist fascists above him who are calling the shots -- or rather, jabs!

But that's a moot point. He would never do that. That would require a spine. He was elevated by those people exactly because he lacked one -- among other reasons. 

He says he's got a job to do. Yeah, one given to him by those scumbag controllers: break the collective will of the NT population to prepare for Wuhan-style technocratic fascism

Territorians can see that now. Next election, he is gawn! 

And he may well be removed before that. This deluded muppet, just like his counterpart in WA, thinks that he will ultimately win this mind war and get the masses to do his bidding.  

But these controlled arsehats have no idea how badly they're actually losing. The globalist power pyramid that has long been in place, and within which all politics is played, is being taken down from the apex. Then there's the unstoppable process of the masses waking up to the true nature of the mind control matrix that they've been in their entire lives. They are now realizing that there's a war being waged upon them by their own governments, who are all ultimately controlled by the globalist elite. And they're rising up. They are sheeple no more! 

Gunner -- like all the premiers and ScoMo himself -- is caught in a pincer movement. But he's such a moronic arseclown he doesn't even know it yet. 

Well, whether it's in a cell after Nuremberg 2, or not, he'll be crying until the end of his days. Without a doubt this pathetic little sook sesh is gonna be a running state for Michael Goner! 

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Thursday, December 2, 2021

Trick or Pete?

Some thoughts on Halloween I was intending to post earlier. Better late than never ...

As I'm sure you're aware, it has become very popular here in Australia in recent years. When I was growing up in Perth I knew about the ritual from American TV shows and movies. But no one ever went around "trick or treating" as far as I can recall. 

Fascinating how it's actually really big in Australia now. Another example of the power of Hollywood. 

Actually, it seems to rival Christmas in popularity ... Went on a wander through Petersham and Stanmore on the weekend it was held. Saw several displays including this one. 

Given that it featured the skull and bones I assumed it was part of the Halloween celebration. The red bandanna did make me think of Pirate Pete, though. Maybe the residents were massive fans? 

That thought was actually scarier than many of the displays on the day! That's saying something because while most of them were merely creepy and kooky, mysterious and spooky, some were genuinely spine-chilling, like this one.

Though when it came to inducing sheer terror, none of them came close to this banner on the bridge over Stanmore Road. 

Heart stopping or what! 

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Tuesday, November 30, 2021

The Failing Terrorgraph

All mainstream media outlets are ultimately owned and controlled by the globalist elite. That's why they've been pushing the fear of the dreaded 'rona relentlessly since March last year. They're doing their part to keep everyone packing their dacks so they'll get the jab. 

The Daily Telegraph is one of the worst offenders in this regard. They've even got a dedicated section for all the fear pawn called "Contagion". You know, like the movie.

This was the cover after the July 24 demo, which was big. The cops were also heavy handed, hence the violent scenes. 

TPTB were obviously fretting about the sheer size of the demo and their dwindling ability to keep the sheeple in line. So they tried some preemptive intimidation. They colluded with the MSM to create a false narrative about a planned protest so they could warn anyone intending to do "the wrong thing". 

The whole thing was a joke -- but a sinister one nonetheless

Since then there's been a big shift in the way the plods are approaching things. Mick Fuller has been punted, and now they've got a new female police commissioner who is keen to reengage with the community. 

So they've let the protests be held. And they have been absolutely yuge. They were also peaceful. That was in major part because the coppers were restrained, unlike before. 

There were clearly tens of thousands of people at each, with the most recent one -- November 27 -- the largest by far. Surely this was major news. But what did the Failing Terrograph do afterwards? Ignored them almost completely. 

There were just a couple of small items, including this one on Sunday the 28th. As you can see, the first paragraph says that there were "about a thousand" people there.

Far cough! 

Even opponents of the demo acknowledged the immensity of it. Take this tweet from a leftie to the Chaser "boys". He says the procession lasted at least thirty minutes. And it was likely going a while before he tried to cross.

Given that the crowd filled the street it's fair to say that at least ten people passed a stationary point each second. That means six hundred per minute. In half an hour, that's eighteen thousand. And this time period was not even the entirety of the procession. I know this because I was filming it for longer than that.

Look at my videos of the crowd returning to Hyde Park. And this was just through one entry point. People were coming to watch speeches from all around. There were easily tens of thousands of people there, possibly over one hundred thousand.

What a joke the MSM are! 

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Sunday, November 28, 2021

Freddie got Kruegered!

Pretty clear that we are in the middle of a global mind war. And it's being waged upon us by the creepy cult that rules the world

These uber-scumbags are truly evil. Hell, they're proud of it! They use evil tactics all the time because these get them what they live for: total control of a person's soul. 

I know it sounds utterly batshit, because it is, but many of these demented freaks are actually dinkum Satanists. 

It seems to be that more and more people are becoming aware of that fact. And they are letting their feelings be known. 

A witch's hat lobbed onto the Hyde Park Obelisk seemed to be an example of this. Here's what looks like another one:

If you live in Sydney's Inner West you will know this mural for sure. It's clearly visible from the train line just between Newtown and Stanmore stations. It's been up there for years and has never been vandalized. But recently this very distinctive number was sprayed over it. 

Now, I don't support the defacement of any kind of public art. And I don't even know if Freddie Mercury himself was into black magic and all the rest of it. But the music industry is certainly full of people who are. Young performers literally sell their souls to become famous

So, while I'm against this kind of political statement, it does seem to be another data point confirming a growing awareness of the jaw-dropping pervasiveness of literal Satanism in many industries and institutions. 

It's like we're living through a nightmare. But we don't actually realize that until after we've woken up! 

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Thursday, November 25, 2021

The Humpty Dumpty of Humpty Doo

I'm sure you all saw that febrile outburst from Northern Territory Chief Minister Michael Gunner. To say that he was unhinged is an understatement. That implies that at some point he was hinged, and is no longer. Actually, I think this bloke and hinges are mutually exclusive. So "unhingeable" is prolly a better description of him. 

He barely blinked throughout his rant. I'd imagine all his long suffering staff are treading on egg shells around the brimming dude

Speaking of which: He reminded me of a certain egg-head whom we all know of from a nursery rhyme when he said that his definition of antivaxxers would include those who'd had the jab but were against mandates. 

I'd say that when your behaviour closely resembles that of this iconic fictional narcissist you're definitely in for a fall. And we all know how that turned out, don't we? 

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Friday, November 19, 2021

Dark side Dave?

I've definitely become attuned to all the creepy occult and sometimes flat out Satanist symbolism in the mainstream media. So I couldn't help noticing how many followers Melbourne comedian Dave Hughes had on Twitter. 

It's a very distinctive number, innit? 

And it's been stuck at that level for quite a while now. This tweet is from August. 

Surely it would have changed organically in the intervening weeks, right? 

How could anyone's follower count remain at the same level for so long -- particularly if he's appearing regularly on the teev and wireless? If all these followers were genuine, then surely the number would have gone up -- or possibly down -- naturally. 

One way for it to stay the same would be if the tweep had bought heaps of fake followers to get him up to that number. Which is why this observation seemed pertinent. 

Could this possibly be? If he has done this, I just hope it was some kind a joke ... 

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Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Attempts to divide us are failing

It is so obvious what's going on here. Basically the corrupt Australian political establishment (state and federal) sold us all to the scumbags at the top of the globalist power pyramid. Call them what you will -- I like "the Cabal" as a catch-all term -- but they are definitely a thing. 

These arseholes wanna enslave the world ASAP, then gradually -- and massively -- reduce the world's population. They've long had a very strong hold over all the major institutions in this country. That's why the descent into the current totalitarian hellscape has been so sudden. 

Some think that Big Pharma are all about making money. That's part of it. But it's not the whole story. If this were the case then they'd be happy that our moronic politicians just purchased those squillions of jab doses, and walk away smiling. 

But there's another part of the deal that the politicians must fulfill. They have to stick the magic potion into every damn one of us, or close to that. Having everyone "inoculated" is a crucial part of this control system. But they're not anywhere near achieving this goal. And they're absolutely shitting themselves as a result. 

That's why they're mobilizing every last controlled arsehat they have and using them in their favourite strategy of "divide and conquer".  

Bob Carr's outrageous tweet is one of many recent examples. There will surely be many more in coming weeks.

But the harder they try the more obvious the tactic becomes. And the more people wake up and refuse to be divided. 

As these two tweets from last month attest, businesses are not taking the bait either. 

I've noticed that in Sydney as well. Of course Coles and Woolies are really cracking down with the QR code bollocks. That's why I'll never shop at either of them unless I absolutely have to. 

But the smaller supermarkets are usually not bothered. The two IGAs I go to most often never ask. They have been great about this in other ways, like not demanding their employees are jabbed. 

But some of the big chains are pretty slack about it as well from what I can see. I've been into an Officeworks several times recently and was only asked once to leave my details by a particularly zealous employee. 

Then of course you had that absolutely massive demo in Melbourne. It included people from all ethnic, cultural and even political demographic groups. And it was entirely organic, unlike so many other rallies such as those to do with climate change. Aussies, like people from many other nations, are definitely uniting en masse, something that absolutely terrifies TPTB. 

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Friday, November 12, 2021

Vengeful 'rona

If you're awake, you'll know there's a massive world war going on right now. But it's not being fought between nations like all the previous ones were. It's being waged by the globalist elite against humanity. 

These evil scumbags at the apex of the power pyramid are using governments across the globe to carry it out. The main thing they wanna do right now is get everybody trapped in a technocratic control system. Getting them "vaccinated" is absolutely crucial to that. 

Obviously they can't afford to wake up the population to what's really going on, so they have to keep using deceit. It's a mind war and their mission is to trick as many people as possible into getting the shot of their own volition, or at least without overt physical force being used. 

Their ability to do this is waning by the day. So they're becoming increasingly desperate with scare tactics. One very strong trend I noticed several weeks ago was a narrative in the MSM I called "vengeful 'rona". In it, numerous people who were full on "antivaxxers" -- or at the very least cavalier about the threat the virus posed -- were struck down by it with extreme prejudice.

This Aussie comedian was one local example. There were heaps of others, mostly in the USA. I collated these "vengeful 'rona" horror stories into a thread. Please check it out here

At the time I thought it was a good thing that this insane, laughable narrative was being flogged so hard in the mainstream media because it showed that the globalists were desperate as. They were throwing everything at the Resistance. I knew it would work on some really brainwashed people, but I was pretty sure it was waking up far more than that.

That seems to have been the case because "vengeful 'rona" stories have all but disappeared from the news now. 

TPTB seem to have dumped it as a tactic because it wasn't working. Now they're focusing on exploiting people's fear of social ostracism and poverty as a result of unemployment. This interview with the AMA President in Queensland is a perfect example. 

Being a doc, you'd expect him to use medical data to justify his argument. But instead he just repeated the same old extortion script being used by dopey pollies and MSM robodolts. What a pathetic clown!

Also, he looks joyless and unlikable himself. He's not exactly convincing when lecturing Queenslanders on how to avoid misery and improve their social life.

Physician, heal thyself ... FFS.

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Thursday, November 4, 2021

White hats and brown shorts

A lot of American patriots believe that Trump is actually still in charge, and that "devolution" has been in effect the whole time Biden has been POTUS according to the official narrative. In this alternative theory Biden, along with all other members of the US Government, is merely playing out a role to "wake up" the people to the reality of the Cabal and Deep State. All the while the "white hats" are "draining the Swamp" behind the scenes. 

As the days wear on and Biden in particular appears more and more bewildered and pathetic -- and the MSM increasingly corrupt as they try to put a positive spin on his behaviour -- the more I think this theory is correct. 

Take this alleged "bathroom accident" that was supposed to have occurred in the Vatican. If the Biden regime were in complete control, would an event like that have been, er, "leaked" to the public? I doubt it very much.

Patriots across the world over have had an absolute ball making fun of this of course. The hashtag #PoopyPantsBiden has trended repeatedly among other things. 

Then there's the whole "Let's Go Brandon" phenomenon ... 

Obviously "Sleepy Joe" (who was just filmed nodding off at the COP26 climate conference, thereby validating the Trump-coined nickname) is not really in control of anything much, including his bowels. But the sinister team of globalist fascists who use him as their puppet don't seem to be able to define the narrative to their liking that much either. 

That's why I think it could well be that the white hats really are the ones ultimately calling the shots from the shadows. 

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