Friday, January 25, 2019

We had our own Nathan Phillips. His name was Lanz Priestley

From now on, my default attitude to all MSM "reporting" is this: "Take every news story with at least ten bloody big grains of salt. They are always lying, even when they're telling the truth."

And that's not contradictory, BTW. It means that everything they say is to perpetuate a (false) PC narrative. Sometimes, after a little spin, actual truth might serve that purpose. But these so-called journalists would just as soon replace it with fake news to keep their treasured narrative going.

The latest and most vivid illustration of this was the Covington Catholic fiasco. It was clearly a setup, most probably by the Democrats themselves. And the media were clearly in on it. With Judge Kavanaugh already confirmed and Ruth Bader Ginsburg quite probably dead, they've been packin' their dacks that Trump will confirm another Catholic to the Supreme Court. 

To try and associate this branch of Christianity with eeevil white privilege they've engineered a situation involving a grizzled ol' dude called Nathan Phillips and a coupla kids. Credulous lefties of course believed the whole confrontation developed organically, and the white boys were the villains.

But it's turned out that things were not even remotely that simple. If anything, Phillips was the aggressor. And not only did he lie about his military service, he has a criminal record as well.

As usual,  the MSM's attempts to deceive us have backfired on them bigly. And the whole clarsterfark reminded me of a smaller saga back in 2017 ...

Here in Sydney's Martin Place, a buncha homeless folk set up a camp. This "tent city" was presented zif it was all a genuine and spontaneous phenomenon; an inspiring coalition of downtrodden folk who were sick and tired of being ignored and weren't gonna take it anymore!

The leader of the group was an old bloke called Lanz Priestley. Like Phillips, he certainly looked the part.

But after he gave several respectful interviews about what this whole demo was trying to achieve, some journos did some real digging on his history. It turned out he wasn't quite the "rough diamond" he appeared to be.

This put a big dent in the collective's cred, and derailed the narrative that politicians like Clover Moore were milking for all it was worth. (Clover is like a younger but just as batshit version of Nancy Pelosi, BTW.) Eventually the whole thing just ran out of steam, the tents were packed up and everyone just buggered off.

Always the way, innit? Most of the mainstream media are just trying to deceive us all the time. Now, thanks in major part to social media, we're getting wise to their brazen lies. 

Another local example: Duncan Storrar.

This Q and A audience member from "Struggle Street" asked a tough question of a pollie on the panel. He immediately became a symbol of stoicism in the face of government heartlessness.

Certified bloviator Ben Eltham wrote: "The viral power of the Duncan Storrar story is wholly to do with the jarring authenticity of his experience."

Yeah, well, his appearance might have been authentic but that didn't mean his rise to fame (for want of a better word) was dinkum too. It was clearly engineered right from the start.

And again, that backfired.

Really, these so-called journalists (who are actually shameless left-wing activists) should just try seeking the truth for a change. The way they're going the whole industry will have absolutely no cred at all by the time the year's out.

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Work isn't woke

Another funny poster caught my eye. I saw this one just yards away from the one I blogged about recently. There are so many of these all over the inner west. The actual messages they contain reveal the daft mindset of their creators. And they can seem doubly absurd given the context.

Obviously this one is from a far leftie or anarchist. But while it's not a highly creative work of art, it's still quite neatly designed. Whoever created it put some effort into it. So, even as he was saying "fuck work" he was, er, working. 

That's one of the great rewards of work, of course. It's not just an economic activity as commies would have you believe. It's about the satisfaction and meaning you get from a job well done.

That said, there is also the possibility that the person who created this poster had no emotional investment in its message. Maybe it was just a one off gig for him -- even if he received no money for it and just got, say, a coupla free beers down at the Townie on King Street. 

If that were the case doesn't that make the person who asked for it his boss? There was clearly a hierarchy of power there. However briefly it existed, surely it was counter to any good leftie's sincerely held beliefs about equality.

Then there are the raw materials used to make the poster. That white paper and black paint was produced in a factory somewhere. Wouldn't be able to make that point had there been no one working there.

Then there are the bricks of the wall, which were skillfully placed and cemented together by hard-working blokes many decades ago. And I'll bet those dudes, who are almost certainly all dead now, took great pride in building such a long lasting structure.

I could go on. But I think you get my drift. Work is all around. It's about much more than money. It's an indispensable part of life in so many ways. And these petulant, sneering muppets just reject the whole concept outright.

Imagine how childish and entitled you'd have to be to think they had something to offer.