Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Drunk on power

It astonishes me that some people still can't see what's so deeply creepy and wrong about the relentless, all pervasive campaign to "get needles into the arms of every Australian". 

One particularly absurd feature of this is TPTB telling us we can go back to the pub when we get the jab. Alcohol and public health make very strange bedfellows. Sure, a glass of wine a day may ultimately be good for you. But there is no dispute about the damage booze can do to a heavy drinker's health over time. 

That said, the hospitality industry is not recommending you do it on health grounds. They're just playing their part in the massive ongoing extortion campaign. And they're being extorted as well, having been shut down by globalist-controlled pollies. 

Still, where are all the mainstream health journalists -- especially on their ABC, who for so long have railed against booze, and the appalling Aussie bloke's love of beer -- condemning this push, or at the very least pointing out the irony? There are none AFAIK. On the contrary they're supportive of this kind of pressure. 

And there are so many things for them to take issue with -- this ad, for example. 

It really cracks me up. You have a beer company telling you to submit to a medical procedure, and have an untested "vaccine" put into your bloodstream. That just brings to mind yet another layer of irony.

Even by the most conservative analysis, the jab is clearly more lethal in and of itself than the most concentrated alcoholic drink. How many people have died as a direct result of guzzling bulk plonk? I'm sure it happens. But it's extremely rare. As mentioned above, alcohol related death usually takes many years to occur. 

But that gene therapy via syringe? That can kill you stone dead all on its own. Official data from the USA and EU proves that many thousands of people have died this way since the global rollout began. 

You aren't allowed to drive if you have a blood alcohol level above a certain limit. But now we're careening towards a society in which you can't participate fully unless you have a minimum blood-vaxx level! 

This is one of the many reasons the argument used below is so ridiculous.  

Obviously, so much of this madness is driven by Big Pharma's aim to make as much money as possible from the "pandemic". But the globalist elite's desire to have complete power over us is the bigger driver. They're pushing on with their demented plan to install a worldwide fascist technocratic control system. And narcissistic idiots like Dictator Dan and Gladys Kevorkian are dutifully carrying it out for them on the state level. 

They always had a thirst for power. Now they get to satisfy that, big time. But as any dipso knows, the feeling of satiation is only temporary. They have to keep topping up that glass. As Dan would say, they're getting on the beers every day of the week. With these intoxicated hoons at the wheel, a bloody crash is inevitable! 

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Thursday, September 23, 2021

Frontline nurses go from heroes to zeroes

As I'm sure you're well aware, all across the world nurses are choosing to quit or be fired rather than getting the jab. Yet for over eighteen months they bravely stood in 'rona harm's way, never flinching. In the MSM they were universally lauded for their bravery as frontline heroes. And it seemed that next to none of them of them resigned during that whole time. 

Yet now, a sizeable minority of them would rather lose their jobs than get "vaccinated". Pretty clear what they see as the greater threat, eh? And they have expert knowledge along with extensive personal experience informing this decision.

This is yet more proof that the relentless push for all to "get the jab" is not really about science and protecting people's health. It's all about giving globalist technocrats total control of every aspect of our lives.  

And look at the contempt with which these hardworking and compassionate people are being treated now that they're not following the script. It's just disgusting. 

Nurses more than any other group have been the best and bravest in calling this crime against humanity out right across the world. There are some brilliant and courageous doctors of course. But the sheer number of nurses fearlessly spreading truth is quite amazing. 

Being right at the coalface they really know what's happening, and genuinely care about their patients. Several of them have given jaw-dropping interviews with Stew Peters (on Rumble). I urge you to scroll down his main page and check them out.

These people, mostly women, have the most to lose by speaking out. Yet more and more of them are doing so. Inspiringly, it's happening in Australia too

The PC sisterhood are silent on this issue, of course. It's like what's been happening in regards to transgender rights. Many of those feminist trailblazers who were so lauded by the media in years past are now labelled TERFs and derided as hateful bigots. But really all they're doing is being true to their beliefs, and accepting the reality of sexual dimorphism.

And it's not surprising that this callous dumping of former allies is happening now in regards to the 'rona. It's the way the globalist elite roll. Driven by a death cult, they ruthlessly manipulate the political level of world affairs to further their demented, evil agenda. Cultural Marxism is one of their favourite methods to use in this sphere. 

I really feel sorry for these brave people who have lost so much for speaking out. But there's a positive side to all of this. They wake people up and inspire others with their courage. And the more who stand firm, the more will join them. Thanks to them, the resistance is definitely gathering momentum!

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Wednesday, September 22, 2021

The Dan Andreas Fault

 Credit where it's due:

Given the massive political tumult currently going on in Melbourne, an earthquake shaking the city -- even to the extent where some walls have crumbled -- seems to be some kind of spooky sign. I mean really, what are the odds? 

There have been a lot of fascinating claims about earthquakes in the USA corresponding in location to DUMBS (deep underground military bases). A popular narrative is that the US military was blowing up these Deep State controlled power nodes in a fierce underground war. There was a local version of this that got some momentum several months ago. 

At the time I thought these theories were all "out where the buses don't go". But now I'm not so sure. Anything seems possible. 

Then there's this.

Dunno exactly what it could signify but it's certainly another interdasting "data point".

I'm not a religious person myself, but I can certainly relate to the "vibe" of the above interpretation. And Mysterious Mr Seventeen did say "it's gonna be Biblical", after all. 

Also, I have a strong suspicion that Dictator Dan is an occultist himself. Definitely not on the "side of the angels" -- unless they're fallen, that is

Speaking of, er, witch: Behold a pale CHO ...

Given that this guy likes to flash the ol' "El Diablo" hand sign and called the Delta variant a real "Beast", I'm thinking maybe he knows something we don't and he's hinting at this to his creepy mates. 

I see a lot of occult elite symbolic incantations in the MSM. And talk of a pale horse did feature in one of these lately

Was this some kinda globalist Deep State operation to create a massive distraction to the rising tide of people power against Dictator Dan? They certainly do have the technology to do this kind of thing. But would they? Given the evil shit they've been inflicting on all of us -- but particularly Victorians -- I would not put it past them. 

In any case I made a video about foundations being shaken just yesterday. Seems synchronistic somehow ... Maybe the tremors hitting Melbourne are a literal manifestation of what I was describing figuratively? Here's hoping! 

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Saturday, September 18, 2021

Sky News has a strong occult elite vibe

Sky News is widely seen as a conservative stronghold. So it's not surprising that deranged lefties on Twitter have been running campaigns against their broadcasters for ages. 

It certainly promotes itself as "a place where common sense lives". That's true to some degree. But it should be remembered that the outlet is still ultimately owned and controlled by globalist forces. So they are doing their part in the mind war being waged on normies the world over to bring about the NWO. You can see it most clearly in their coverage of vaccine related issues. 

It's also apparent in the symbolism of the photos that they choose to include in their tweets. This may seem a strange thing to focus on but it's actually quite significant, IMO. The imagery used often has a real "occult elite" feel to it. 

Take this one recently. Notice the V-sign flashed by the guy in the foreground. This was used by ScoMo et al in the Government's laughable "V-Day" promotion as well as by dopey slebs and other influencers tryna get more "jabs in arms"

Then there's the Canterbury Bulldogs mural behind the car in which blue features prominently. So, this seems to signify the presence of a "blue dog", which is an occult elite motif that refers to Sirius, the "dog star". (Actually, bulldogs on their own seem to suffice as a symbol of this, since "bull" is almost an anagram of "blue".)

In any case, Sky News tweeted another clear blue dog -- again associated with a car -- in a story recently. It's mentioned near the bottom of this post about related patterns of very creepy symbolism in another of Rupert's outlets, the Daily Telegraph

Sky News tweets also feature the classic illuminati one eye symbolism. Above and below are two recent examples but I've seen it in their Twitter stream several other times. 

UPDATE: Just saw this photo of Dan Andrews. I think it was chosen because it looks like he's flashing the "666". 

While these patterns are definitely present in this outlet, they're not nearly as obvious as they are in the Daily Telegraph. You see this kind of stuff on many covers and in several pages within every issue.

Please check out my thoughts on some recent examples in the video below. 

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Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Putting out the fire with vaxxoline

You may have heard about how NSW fireys are being trained as ambulance drivers in case they're needed in coming months. The fraudulent MSM narrative here is that as the state opens up again the extra-lethal and contagious Delta variant of the dreaded 'rona will still be striking down those poor foolish folk who aren't vaccinated along with some who are (because no jab can offer perfect protection, right?). 

They'll be dropping like flies in their own homes, just as they have been, only in far greater numbers than presently. So, with emergency services maxed out they're gonna need more ambulance drivers.

Any thinking person knows that this is rolled gold bullshit. The reason they'll need more drivers is because so many people are having serious adverse reactions to the jibby-jab-jabberwocky-jabberoo itself! Given that there's been a massive, and sadly successful, government and media campaign for young folk to get said treatment, a lot of those being laid low will be millennials

The MSM outlets all know this, and in the case of the Daily Telegraph, actually tell their readers they do, mocking them at the same time

Notice that directly under the word "fire" on the cover story about the ambos, there's a chyron for a story about the rise in eating disorders in the young. 

Fascinating that even though the subjects are not related, the word "emergency" is featured just below the headline for a story about ambulances, innit? 

They're making a sneaky symbolic link there. It's for "those in the know" -- secret society wankers who love to chuckle at the sheeple whose lives they gleefuly ruin to further their globalist agenda. 

If you look at the actual story inside the paper there's something similar going on. There's a vaccination tracker directly below the photo of the firey featured. And notice how the yellow horizontal bars of the firetruck behind him are echoed in the design of the infographic underneath.

It's reminiscent of what was done with the two bottles in the liquor ad below the twin towers in another issue.

What are the odds? 

Then there's the story on the right of the page, about how jabbed jobseekers have better employment prospects. "Vax the way" reads the headline. 

Way is a synonym for cause, innit? 

Pretty clear that this is another case of hiding in plain sight. TPTB are not only well aware that the vax will be the reason for the rise in serious health issues (especially among younger folk). They're completely okay with it and are happy to continue the massive global fraud that "it's the 'rona wot dunnit!".  

They're basically putting out the fire with vaxxoline, but saying it's water. And because they have the commanding heights of all the institutions that matter (politics, public health, FRNSW, MSM) they'll just keep repeating that lie.

Evil, obviously. Not only that, right there on the cover and inside the paper they're mocking their readers for buying it. 

Brings to mind that memorable Bowie song from the movie Cat People. Certainly evokes a similar atavistic transhumanist vibe. However this bunch of occultists are more like bat people. Spread the Wu-flu, love the darkness, prolly drink blood too ... 

As well as being completely bat shit

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Sunday, September 12, 2021

Pubs for jabs are a slake in the glass

Pretty clear that our corrupt governments state and federal are completely controlled by a criminal globalist Cabal. Rather than buying effective medicine as needed to deal with a genuine raging pandemic, they've flipped the whole process upside down. They've committed to massive ongoing deals with "vaccine" manufacturers and have agreed to hand over the human product -- at least 70% of the "useless eaters" currently being financially farmed in Australia -- who are to be injected with syringes full of God knows what!

Hence the ongoing lockdowns, restrictions, dodgy narratives about outbreaks and all the other insane fascist BS. That's all to push the sheeple into the vaccine hubs and other jab locations (including Bunnings, FFS!) to deliver on this evil promise. 

This ongoing campaign of brazen extortion is being waged on several fronts. Sinister propaganda peddling lie factory the Daily Telegraph is one of the main offenders.

Notice how the onus is placed on the people. Rather than doing their jobs as journalists and investigating the massive ongoing crime against humanity that is the Coronapocalypse psyop, they do the bidding of the international criminals controlling politicians. 

It's actually up to these "leaders" to pull out of this global scam. They could stop all this bollocks in a heartbeat. But they won't because they sold their souls long ago. 

So, like other mainstream media outlets, the Sydney paper helps them dangle the reward of pleasures like pub attendance in front of their readers -- whom they routinely mock in the most sneaky, nasty and cowardly way -- to push them toward the jab.

Above there's more of this sinister "hiding in plain sight", I reckon. When they say the "fun" will "go viral", at first blush it looks like a benign wordplay on the corona-context. But I think they're also hinting at their knowledge that the vaxx is actually responsible for the growth in 'rona cases. Then there are all the adverse reactions -- including death -- to the jab itself. Look at what's happened in Israel, for example. 

The "fun" they refer to here is not really what the sheeple will be having. It's what the globalist elite will savour as the syringe-stuck "useless eaters" get sick and some of them die. These poor folk will have their sad fates notched up to the 'rona, not the vaxx, and the whole evil cycle can be rinsed and repeated! 

Disappointingly, many pubs themselves and even the odd brewery have hopped on board this vaccination train. Take this one in Marrickville. Needles to say, Labor pollies like Albo and Shorten lapped up the opportunity to invoke champion boozer Hawkie in their shameless desire to con the sheeple into becoming jab rats. 

Albo's Insta post reads: 

Great to see Bob Hawke joining the race to get Australia back to the pub! @hawkesbrewingco in my electorate have got @scottie.marsh to create a mural that shows Bob with a schooner that will get topped up as we hit our rollout targets. They're aiming for that crucial 80% double dose so we can end the lockdowns. I'm up for a double dose of Hawke's Lager when that happens.

When you're tryna tempt folk into an untested medical procedure with the promise of alcohol -- which has long been known to cause damage to people's social, mental and physical wellbeing -- you've totally destroyed the credibility of your claim that this vaccine rollout is truly about public health. 

But that's obvious to any thinking person with a heart and a spine. And there are very few of them in Canberra, as we all know. 

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Friday, September 10, 2021

Globalists chant "The New World Order is finally here!"

Things are really coming to a head now aren't they? The globalist elite are clearly tryna lock in as much of their control system as possible in a very short space of time. 

They've got their muppets Dictator Dan and Gladys Kevorkian saying the most outrageously fascist things in pressers and ramming through orders that are quite clearly discriminatory, and therefore criminal. 

And I'm sure you all heard about Kerry "Tears For Fears " Chant using the term "New World Order" unironically. As Latho confirms, this was intentional. 

Brad Health Hazzard has also used it publicly in reference to the 'rona

I get the strong impression that they all know they've well and truly crossed the Rubicon. But they don't care because their totalitarian system is now in place or soon will be and they won't be held to account according to the rules of that old quaint democracy we used to be so fond of. 

As well as pollies using this term, I've seen it in the Daily Telegraph recently. It was in a story about new high tech policing systems being used to catch crims. 

So, it's no longer a conspiracy theory, eh? 

The public use of this "NWO" term, along with all the other mandated madness, makes it seem like they're working to a strict deadline. It's as if they're tryna get as much of this insane stuff through -- telling us that it's part of a global irreversible paradigm shift -- before some crucial date. 

And I think that is September 11. 

There's a fascinating theory popular with many truthers that the false flag terror attacks twenty years ago were not just an "inside job" by the Deep State to further the globalist agenda. They were also a kind of occult mega-ritual; a mass sacrifice to Moloch. That's why the date was so significant. 

I tell you, after learning quite a bit about how utterly batshit "the creepy cult that rules the world" is, I wouldn't be surprised if this ongoing "Coronapocalypse" psyop is running to a strict occult calendar as well. 

With that in mind, here's a little data point that you may find interesting. 

The Daily Telegraph definitely has form for occult elite symbolism. One of the tricks they use quite often is to place ads next to headlines and images to convey a subtextual meaning. (Please check out this post, which describes in detail what I mean. You'll see how creepy and wrong it is, and that I'm not making this up.)

I think they've done it again with the spread shown above. It's from today's issue about the twenty year anniversary of 9/11.

Look closely at the two bottles in the ad directly underneath the New York Post cover photo. They line up closely with the buildings. Think that's a coincidence? No way.

This reminds me of Dictator Dan's inclusion of clearly symbolic photos of what he was drinking when he tweeted that he had gone "higher up the shelf". Please scroll down to the bottom of that post and you'll see what are very likely allusions to that horrific event in 2001. 

Similarly, I reckon that the bottles in the ad above are meant to symbolize the towers. Then look what's just to the right of them: Corona Extra. 

What are the odds? 

The story goes into detail about how a photographer found a photo in the rubble. Who was it of? Jennifer Rothschild Robinson. 

Rothschild is a very recognizable surname, innit? Brings to mind elite banking families who featured in conspiracy theories about 9/11 back then. They're also key players in truther narratives about what the 'rona is really about now. 

So, maybe that's why the photo was highlighted in the spread. Another sneaky thematic association, you reckon? I think that's quite likely. 

And if I'm correct, it all makes a sinister kind of sense, dunnit? The destruction of the World Trade Centre buildings was seen as a major step towards bringing about the New World Order. So it's plausible that globalist occultists would savour making that association symbolically in plain sight, knowing that the vast majority of normies ("useless eaters") remain none the wiser. 

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Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Boxer jabbed

I wrote earlier about how it's worth paying attention to the number of well known people who have gone out and been jabbed, and then report serious adverse reactions. Here's another example from the US.

The fact that someone as fit and strong as Oscar De La Hoya could end up in this situation is significant. The pro-vaxx crowd would see it as an illustration of how serious the 'rona situation actually is, of course. He'd be even sicker if he didn't get the jab, they'd say. 

But that's irrational. How could you possibly know that? It's the kind of arse-about logic that has justified these destructive lockdowns. 

"But think how much worse it would be!" That's so retarded. That's what Aztec high priests would say as they collected the kids to sacrifice to the weather gods. "We must do this or the crops will die!" 

And when the crops died anyway? "Well, we all dodged a massive ... spear. The sacrifice stopped the frog plague as well, didn't it!"

But getting back to the poor bedridden boxer, it might just be that it was the "vaccine" itself that was to blame for his condition. Could this be a classic case of ADE? It's possible. 

In any case, his plight punches a big fat hole in the case for jab mandates and vaccine passports. 

Mark Levy is a passionate Aussie sports fan and broadcaster. He's taken the plunger, and expects everyone else to follow suit. 

To him I'd say, no thanks. But he can have mine if he wants. 

Actually, he's such a fan, he should even stock up on the stuff. That'll help take the weight off the public health system, won't it? Tears for Fears Chant even said everyone's gonna have to get boosters indefinitely anyway

Of course he and most local blue checks don't understand why so many are avoiding the jab. These slebs were not elevated for their critical thinking abilities, after all. 

In any case he's not nearly as fit as Oscar, which worries me. I hope it's not the case that things go pear shaped for him sometime down the track. But I suspect they might. That's because I think he was one of the blue checks who got the actual concoction injected, and not a placebo.

I believe many famous folk -- particularly those in the upper echelons -- have actually done the latter, which reflects very poorly on them.  

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Sunday, September 5, 2021

A passport to feeldom

On SkyNews recently Campbell Newman owned Stephen Conroy on the subject of vaccine passports. Conroy said that Newman didn't care about kids because the unjabbed might pass the 'rona onto them. 

Newman rightly observed that so can the jabbed. It's well established that the vaccine (again, just using their term for convenience) doesn't stop transmission. So what's the effing point?

All the pro-jabbers can ever do is say, like Julia Gillard used to, "it's the right thing to do". 

And why is that? Because feelings. It's basically all they've got. 

It's like when they say "because science", but can't cite any specific studies or evidence. Everything is driven by their narcissistic sense of moral virtue. 

Dictator Dan now wants to "lock out" the unvaccinated. It feels right to him. But this is of course clear discrimination, a fundamental violation of basic human rights. It's therefore illegal. But he doesn't give a shit. 

As well as being emotionally committed to his position he knows that the vast majority of human rights activists and lawyers won't arc up about it, showing what frauds they are. Neither will anyone in the mainstream media. 

As well as the illegality, think of the irrationality. He's not even talking about those who are known to be infected, just those who are mostly healthy and haven't submitted to the needle

Anyway, even if they were all infected, why would they be a threat to the jabbed if it works? And if it doesn't work, then why even have it, let alone mandate it? 

Justin Trudeau recently said that the government needed to "protect the vaccinated from the unvaccinated". But isn't that what the vaxx is meant to do? Anyone who has even the slightest capacity for critical thought will see how absurd that statement is. 

Yet not only are stupid globalist pollies and commentators pushing this line, it's the official position of public health systems across the globe. Doctors must promote it or be punished in various ways, including by being fired. So they obey. 

It's amazing. This massive emotional component has long been clear in the global warming religion. But this is another level entirely. 

And this time it's directly impacting everyone's lives. We're all suffering because of the lockdowns and other restrictions. And now there's this relentless pressure to undergo an untested and clearly ineffectual medical procedure -- that is causing an unheard of number of adverse reactions -- that makes no rational sense at all.

It's extremely ominous, yes. But ultimately I think it will work in our favour. If this doesn't wake up the compliant masses nothing will. 

And they are waking up. The process has definitely started here in Australia. The harder these narcissistic control freaks push to implement their technocratic fascist agenda, the more people snap out of their slumber. What's going on in France will happen here for sure. 

Hang in there. 

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Saturday, September 4, 2021

Vaccination heroin

If you've ever looked at my YouTube channel, you'll know that I've done heaps of videos about the symbolic subtext of many stories in the MSM, the Daily Telegraph in particular.

The reason I focus on that paper is because it's cheap to buy and the imagery is easy to spot. In it, there are several recurring patterns related to how the photos and headlines are laid out on the page. Some of them are deeply sinister and they'll often take a symbol and play variations on it. I've described an example of this in the clip embedded at the end of this post. 

Here's another case in point. It's from the day after ScoMo's laughable "V-Day" launch of the vaccine rollout. The very fact that he chose this analogy is a real rabbit hole in itself. Maybe I'll get around to explaining what I mean by that in another post. But for now, I'll just focus on one aspect of the story on the day. 

As you may recall, Jane Malysiak was the first recipient of the vaccine rollout. This was the cover on February 23. 

I found it fascinating that she was described as a "vaccination heroine". Such an interesting use of words ... If you remove the last letter from "heroine" what have you got? Heroin, the drug. And how is it most commonly administered? By syringe, of course. 

So, the symbolism seemed to imply that vaccination was a kind of addictive opiate as much as anything else. As we all know, addicts frequently die from overdoses. 

I know some people would think I'm reading way too much into this one little aspect of the cover story. But given how often these involve hidden meanings, often of a malicious nature, I think the interpretation is valid

Above is another, more recent example of this association (August 16). The term "hillbilly heroin" refers to prescription opioids such as Ocycodone that can give the user a cheap, legal high. The story describes how 12 Aussies die every week as a result of overdosing on drugs like this.

Directly below the item is an ad encouraging people to go out and get vaccinated. What are the odds? 

Also, at the top of the page is a story about how chimps and bonobos have a kind of etiquette that they observe in social interactions. So the article is specifically equating people and primates. (It also reads "saying hi". And what does a shot of heroin give you?) 

Now this may be a stretch but again it's possible because of the pattern of symbolic association the paper employs so often: What do privileged "city slickers" think of "hillbillies" ("bogans" in local parlance)? That they're subhuman, not unlike apes and monkeys. 

Add to this the fact that the global jab campaign is basically a massive ongoing experiment. Greg Hunt is actually on record saying that the vaccine rollout here is part of the world's largest clinical trial

And what species is often used in animal trials? The chimpanzee. 

See the subtext? It's basically mocking the jabbed. It's saying: "You're just a bunch of lowlife apes being used in a medical experiment, and some of you are gonna die. But you'll do it, because we've got you brainwashed."

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Thursday, September 2, 2021

Daily Telegraph bashes Four Corners

It's now completely obvious that all mainstream media outlets right across the board are ultimately owned and/or controlled by the globalist elite and will continue to serve their interests come hell or high water. They bitch and fight amongst each other but it's just a Punch and Judy show, not unlike what happens in Canberra with the pollies. 

It's basically meant to distract us from what the puppeteers are up to. It's also part of an ongoing "divide and conquer" strategy. If righties and lefties are always shouting at each other they're all ultimately easier to control. 

You see this dynamic all the time. And here's a specific example of it. 

In yesterday's Daily Telegraph former editor David Penberthy threw shade on their ABC's Four Corners program for their two part investigation into Trump's "big lie" that he was robbed in the 2020 election. A key element of that "expose" was about how eeevil Rupert's Fox News aided and abetted the Bad Orange Man in promoting this grand deception. 

Penbo was miffed by that accusation, given that he's long worked for outlets owned by the same parent company. So he defended his employer in the column. 

But he didn't disagree with the foundational claim of the Four Corners series, which was that Joe Biden's win was totes legit! And he threw in some mockery of DJT for good measure. 

This seems to be a requirement for almost everyone working in the MSM these days. A severe case of Trump Derangement Syndrome is preferred. But at the very least you must agree that The Donald is a bloviating narcissist who can't be trusted on anything much. 

This phenomenon was also on display in Andrew Bolt's column in the Daily Telegraph on the same subject. He bashed Four Corners in a similar way, also observing that Trump's claims of fraud were themselves false. The point was made almost as an aside, but it was still there. 

Wonder what's gonna happen to all of these guys and their reputations if and when it is proven that Trump was right after all?

Next few months are gonna be really interesting, I reckon ... 

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