Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Trade Markle

Sure you heard about how Meghan Markle tried to trademark the word "archetypes" not so long ago. Of course that was completely daft and it got heaps of media coverage. That was the whole point. 

I actually think this silly episode was used as another way to get the message out to the global elite about the shift in the trade of the pink drug that dare not speak its name. Ms Markle's mother is African-American, remember. So Meghan is dark-skinned. 

Here's a tweet about the actual podcast itself. It was the usual cultural Marxist crap, of course. Note the pink flowers on her red dress. You see that a lot. 

The podcast is called Archetypes and her kid's name is Archie. He's still a little tacker. 

She wanted to trademark that name. And her surname is Markle. What are the odds?

As a result there were countless reports in the MSM featuring "trade, mark, Archie, type". So, when it came to that drug I mentioned the message was something like: "The type that you should be trading (consuming) is marked by having dark skin." 

I know it's completely barking batshit mad. But that's how they get away with it. It's so crazy you'd never suspect that's what they were up to. 

And if you've got a more plausible explanation for the clear wordplay described above I'd certainly love to hear it. Saying it was just another coincidence doesn't cut it, but. 

And the rabbit hole doesn't stop there. Around the same time there were stories about how she was so "heartbroken" -- a term that is frequently used now, and which does evoke blood -- about the death of a dear friend called Oli Juste. (Note the black background on the screenshot.) 

The weird thing was that he actually died several months beforehand. So why did she only publicly grieve the loss around the same time that all the trademarking nonsense was in the news? 

I reckon it was to do with his name, Oli. That's an anagram of oil. It, like red wine and flowers, can be used as a symbol of this drug

Curious about the dude, I checked out his Insta, which is still up. Note the classic one eye imagery.

I thought this was interdasting also. Where have we seen that blue and white combo before? 

Here's something else that I think might be part of this campaign being run by the occult elite: Spunky Brit actress Thandiwe Newton (who is dark skinned) was fired from the production of a sequel to Magic Mike. Apparently the stoush started over the infamous "slapgate" which I believe was also a big part of this pattern

Seems she was really stressed out at the time due to the breakdown of her marriage of 24 years. 

What's her ex-hubbie's name? Ol Parker

Again, what are the odds? 

BTW, I'm not saying that the marriage breakdown and film set fight were fake and Ms Newton is "in on" some vast conspiracy. I'm saying that the issue was given prominence by the MSM because it fit the symbolic message they wanted to convey at the time. 

Then there's the local story about footy player Ollie Wines and his heart issues, possibly resulting from the you know what.

Search online for his name and what's one of the first things that comes up? The fact that he won a Brownlow Medal in recent years.


Actually, I think that was a coincidence. Still, it certainly adds to the weirdness ... 

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Monday, April 25, 2022

The taste of India is so hot right now!

Here are a couple more data points related to a pattern I described earlier. Basically it looks like there's been a massive shift in the global trade of the pink drug that dare not speak its name. So the occult elite scumbags who run the whole system from on high must get the word out to their creepy mates across the globe without getting sprung. So they're doing it bit by bit through imagery and wordplay in the MSM, which they own and control.

Think of the impressionism of the famed French artist Seurat. But this isn't painterly pointillism so much as surreptitious Satanic symbolism. The full horror of what they wish for only emerges after a while when you stand back and take it all in. 

Look at this spread from the Failing Terrorgraph of April 12. 

There's a story about an Indian dude in Blacktown who runs a petrol station. The word black along with the colour itself have been appearing a lot lately, particularly over Easter

Fuel is also used as a symbol of this psychadelic. And much of the supply came from Ukraine, headquarters of the globalist crime syndicate. Vlad is taking out the trash there, which is why their controlled arsehats hate him so much. It's also a big factor in why this change has been implemented

Note also the headlines in the two stories to the right of the main one about the petrol station. Shuk means to husk. And we all remember the phrase "shock and awe" from the first Gulf War. The other headline includes the word "slice". 

They often include gruesome imagery in headlines to hint that the page is about the drug, since its creation involves this kind of horrific violence. (I know many of you would be rolling your eyes with incredulity at that claim. But that's how they get away with it. It's like the term "too big to fail". This is "too evil to believe".) 

The page on the left has more imagery that is meant to concentrate the power of this symbolic incantation. 

I reckon the team they wanna keep merry is the one comprised of the local occultist flogs who know what to keep an (illuminati) eye out for in the Sydney lie factory. Below that story is one about a woman who is a Master of Wine. She's pouring from a bottle of red. Like fuel, wine is symbolic of this drug

Note the headline below. This may be a stretch but I think it's meant to evoke "Reno Rumble". The first word in that phrase is a much more explicit reference to this drug, since the full name of it actually contains those two syllables. I explain it in detail in this video

On the left of the page is a headline reading: "Fun back on menu as our city is reborn." The above linked video has more details about the "CBD dying" because of the upheaval in this trade. And birth suggests babies, of course. 

Here's something I saw a coupla weeks beforehand. It was from March 31st. 

Note the south Asian food reference again, and the dark skin of the dude proudly holding what he's lovingly prepared. His wife wears a dress with pinky purple flowers, as does the kid

It would be easy to make sure that these symbols were included in photo shoots by telling the people featured that they're looking for lots of colour. "Wear something with, say, pink flowers, if you can. They'll go nicely with the food you're preparing."

Needless to say if they are doing something like this, and I think they are, the exploitation of their story subjects is just too loathsome for words

Please check out the video below, which has other examples of this pattern. 

Remember also that the theory I've developed here hasn't just come from the stuff I'm putting in blog posts, tweets and videos. That content is just the tip of the iceberg. I have collated easily fifty times as many photos from the papers and screenshots of online articles that are in this vein. There are not enough hours in the day to convey how much of this creepy shit there is out there. So I'm doing what I can so you can see there is a pattern pointing to something vast, entrenched and deeply sinister. 

I don't want to believe I'm right so please if you have an alternative explanation include it in comments. But saying "that's batshit crazy nonsense" or "you need help" is not an argument. The patterns are undeniable so you must offer a benign alternative to what I've been laying out in this blog. Otherwise, you lose! 

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Friday, April 22, 2022

Happy Aster!

With the MSM being so corrupt, it's hard to know what to believe about anything these days. Take Hillary Clinton. There are various rumours that she is either already behind bars, or maybe even pushing up daisies. Some truthers claim she's alive but that the SOC (Self Organizing Collective) has control of her online accounts including social media. 

But let's assume that the mainstream media aren't lying for once and she's still alive and tweeting. In that case her "Happy Easter" on Twitter was intriguing as. 

Such a strange photo. Why would she use such an old one, with her in Bill's shadow? 

Look at the sign above her head. The "e" in Easter is obscured by hubby's arm, making it read "Aster". 

We know that she and other members of the globalist elite detest Christians, preferring to call them "Easter worshippers".

So maybe this was a shoutout to those who worship Aster instead? 

If you look up the definition of that word you'll see that among other things it's a kind of flower. And it's pinky-purple, not unlike that drug I've been blogging about

The white rabbit is another symbol of it. And there's one in the photo. Not surprising given the context, but still ... The big bunny is wearing purple, too. 

OTOH, it looks likely that the trade in this notorious substance is in great upheaval, with bad batches wreaking havoc among elites across the globe

Given this likely context, I'm thinking the theory about white hats controlling her social media accounts might be correct after all. If that's the case this is God-tier trolling. And they do have form for that. 

Remember the bizarre, phallus-like route taken by that massive Evergreen container ship before it ran aground in the Suez Canal? This episode is now known as the "biggest red pill Evergiven". 

Maybe this was a really bitter one made just for the Cabal? 

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Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Why is Bruce Willis really out of action?

Pretty obvious that the MSM publishes flat out lies quite often. That applies to general news (look at their Ukraine "reporting") but it's far worse when it comes to the world of celebrity and entertainment. That's one of the reasons the narrative about Bruce Willis retiring solely due to aphasia doesn't convince me.

There are many data points that suggest that if he is so unwell that he'll never make another movie -- least of all an action one -- then it's not aphasia that's the main reason. Not only that, he might even be in the big house. 

Look at this report from the April 8 issue of the Failing Terrorgraph. Note his orange jacket, which they draw attention to in the article. 

Look at the headline for the story next to it. Screws are another name for security guards in prison. Anyone who's watched classic Aussie soapie Prisoner would know that.

They also describe how he's so happy to be "off grid". What does that mean specifically? 

As well as the surface meaning related to electricity and communications, there's the specific term sentencing grid. And the general definition brings to mind bars and mesh

There was this story from April 1. As well as the context of the date, there are a couple of interdasting aspects to it. 

The headline reads "Armageddon out of movies". Clever wordplay of course. But often when they make a film reference it contains a deeper meaning. 

Doing an image search is usually a good idea. 

Look what comes up. Orange again ... 

I also think it's notable that as well as calling him unwell they say "sick Bruce". That's a funny way to describe someone with aphasia. It's more of a condition than a sickness, innit? 

So why use that word? Well, you get sick when you eat or drink something that disagrees with you. That's why the ad directly below the story is relevant. 

They have used these particular wine ads as a way to allude to the pink drug that dare not speak its name. I explain how in this video I made when I first realized that it was a real thing

Look at how the two bottles have blue labels. They actually echo the light and dark blue that Willis is wearing directly above. That's a heads up to those in the know to take note of this. 

Look at the letter on the bottle. Why, it's the seventeenth! What are the odds? 

Could this be a reference to a certain project that many "conspiracy theorists" believe a special team close to Trump -- which the MSM say doesn't even exist -- has been running in the shadows? 

There's a fascinating theory that these "white hats" have somehow tainted the global supply of this notorious substance, which is why many high profile movers and shakers are keeling over or bowing out

So the page described above might be some kinda hint from the occultist flogs at that shitty Sydney lie factory that this was done to the contents of Mr Willis's own "wine" collection and that's why he's now sick, and/or wearing orange ...

OTOH, maybe it's because the team around Mysterious Mr Seventeen is now running all the MSM here from on high, and trolling the crap out of the Cabal?

Who knows, but I don't think it's entirely beyond the bounds of possibility that either of those scenarios is currently unfolding.

Then there's this.

We know the secret society wankers love their eye symbolism. And they've chosen to include a shot in which one of Bruce's peepers is surrounded by blood from cuts.

Their ABC has done something similar with their update. Instead of the right eye, it's the left one. So apt from a bunch of commies! 

Note also the mention of "dizzying highs". That term is used to describe the effect of drugs, innit? 

Sure, there's heaps of speculation here, as usual. But I think my take on it is prolly closer to the truth than the line the MSM are feeding the normies, whom they so obviously despise. They know what's really behind the retirement of the A-list Hollywood star. They're just not telling us.

Speaking of hidden truths please check out my video about Shane Warne and why he became such a massive sleb. Some of what I've described here may be relevant to his untimely passing as well, I reckon. 

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Monday, April 18, 2022

Cops and fireys indulge in Masonic mockery with funny bunnies

If you haven't realized the extent to which institutions, government and the media are controlled by secret society wankers this update from Victoria Police may yet convince you. The tone is meant to be charming and cheeky. But given all the fascist crap that the plods have helped the Goblin of the South inflict on Victorians, it's just plain creepy and wrong. 

The commanding heights of that organization, like so many, are chockas with high-ranking Freemasons. They do dinkum worship Lucifer -- the "bringer of light" -- so they love to make references to him when they can. They're usually not as obvious as this, but. 

I suspect they've been given some sort of order from on high to do this kind of thing over Easter. While most normies would prolly just think it was a bit weird, devout Christians would surely be upset by it during one of the holiest times of the year. Which was the whole point. 

Note the jokes about the "small brown pellets". Is this related to the comms campaign that I have speculated may be in operation now? Possibly

The thread contains an alliterative joke about "market manipulation". You often see this "double m" phenomenon related to the occult elite. I suspect it's something to do with "master mason". 

That thread was posted on April 13. And this report about a fire in Belmore in which one cute bunny rabbit was immolated and one was saved appeared in the Failing Terrorgraph on the 15th. 

While I don't doubt the fire was real, it was clearly another "wag the dog" act (or rather, the ear flopping the bunny). How many people own rabbits -- and white ones at that? Then to have a fire break out on the 14th, so that it would be in the papers on Good Friday? 

As Joe Biden would say: "Come on man!"

Note the mention of heartache in the "reporting". You see that all the time now. It's likely an allusion to blood as is the use of red and white in the headline

In the article a FRNSW superintendent is quoted.

The fire broke out in the same apartment that the bunnies were rescued from, but the furry pets are not currently being treated as suspects. 

"The bunny is free. He is not thought to be the cause." 

Creepily similar to the Victoria Police Twitter thread, innit? 

That's because the fireys got the same memo as the coppers from some major creep high up on the greasy obelisk. 

The idea that this fire just broke out randomly is absolute bollocks. If you believe that you're a complete moron and there's no hope for you. 

Not sure exactly how it was done. But it was clearly engineered to produce the symbol-rich story in the papers on the Christian holy day. 

Think how corrupt these big organizations must be with so many of these sneaky arseholes at the helm. They ultimately control all the MSM outlets as well, which is why they promoted the sick occultist joke without question.

FFS, if you were a real journo interested in discovering the truth you would surely find the whole thing suss as, then do some investigation into how it was engineered. Saying it just "broke out" is laughable given the clear symbolism and timing. 

The fact that the MSM would publish and broadcast such obvious fake news shows how much contempt they have for their readers, viewers and listeners. Thankfully more and more people are waking up to this. 

Please check out the video below about another recent fire in Sydney that looks very suss and in a similar way. 

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Sunday, April 17, 2022

Is an abrupt halt planned for ScoMo before the big day in May?

I'm seeing many strange elements in MSM reports that make me think there's gonna be some sort of jaw-dropping false flag before, during or after the upcoming federal election. 

For context, please check out these posts about how weird ScoMo's notorious performance of "April Sun in Cuba" was, along with subsequent references to it

If the PM suddenly exits the scene for some reason or another it certainly won't be a first. There was the mysterious case of Harold Holt, remember. And there are many intriguing theories about what the real story behind his disappearance was, including that the CIA were involved. 

Whatever's really happening in Canberra there's no doubt that the MSM are lying to us about it on a grand scale. Which is why I think it's worth speculating in the way I'm doing now. 

And my spidey senses are telling me that the big battle between ScoMo and Albo is all for show. The result has already been decided by TPTB. I'm not sure there will even be an election, TBH! 

I think something absolutely yuge may well be on the cards. It might even involve some sort of fake assassination attempt. To say why here are a coupla intriguing data points (and I've seen many more). 

Firstly, take this tweet from Sky News, which has form for occult elite symbolism and comms.

Note how the word "assassination" is highlighted. And look at the photo they've chosen. There are streaks of red in it that are quite striking. A hint that maybe the Deep State has something more seemingly visceral in the works? 

Then there's this cover of the Failing Terrorgraph. It was just after the obvious fake fight performed by two Cabal puppets. The story below that item alluded to a James Bond movie. 

As well as the obvious wordplay on "kill" there were other notable elements. For example ScoMo was shown in a safety jacket with a helmet on, suggesting danger. 

Directly below the headline there was an ad for a liftout about an upcoming horse race. They often use these symbolically for various reasons I won't go into now. 

I think this was relevant because "pride goes before a fall". And the Bond movie itself had many aspects related to horse racing and breeding.

Something I think was really notable was that it starred Grace Jones. She, like the two actors in the story above, is black. In the movie she indulges in some spirited sparring, not unlike Will Smith did at the Oscars. 

Guess what her character's name was? May Day. 

When's the election being held? On a day in May

What are the odds?  

If I am correct and something big is in the works, odds are it won't be real. In keeping with the symbolism described above, we will all be "watching a movie", I reckon. 

But if the Cabal actually do decide to take the PM out for real, and in a style reminiscent of Harold Holt, then the movie contains a good tip on how he can survive from 007 himself!

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Saturday, April 16, 2022

Black Friday

I've just noticed a very pronounced trend in MSM articles recently that seems related to what I've blogged about before. Basically there are an inordinate number of articles that feature images and/or backgrounds that are dark, often black. There are also many more stories than usual with a racial theme featuring dark skinned people. Sometimes both these elements are combined. 

It's beyond doubt that the MSM are all ultimately controlled by people who hate Christianity and "whiteness". Easter in general, and Good Friday in particular, must really make their blood boil. 

So it looks like all the editors got the same memo from those at the apex of the globalist power pyramid. Seems the mission was to try to darken Good Friday; to make it a kind of "Black Friday" in more ways than one ... 

Whatever the reason the trend was very clear. Here are some examples in no particular order. 

Elon's wearing black and there's a black background. 

Similar photo but not as pronounced. Dark blue shirt and background. But he does have a black hat! 

This was a review of a restaurant called Corvo. Rob Broadfield said it was "something to crow about". 

Interesting that this was chosen for review, and it was published on Good Friday. 

Black sign. I'm including it because they tend to have white or light coloured backgrounds.

Not only is there a lot of black in this shot, but the drink itself is dark. It's a kind of Kahlua.

Another sign with a black background. 

Strong black background to this photo of Trump, making the red and white of his hat really stand out. 

Kristina Keneally is usually seen in a red or pink outfit. So I thought this shot was notable. 

Another example of the Labor pollie in black. And there's the pinky-purple of her opponent in front of a black background. 

The shooter was a black dude, and there's a photo of him in a black hat. Note the 33, fave number of secret society wankers. 

Another story about the shooter featuring a dude who spotted him. He wears a black shirt. 

Lizzo is black and note the background. She's also pointing at her eye. You see that sort of thing often in this outlet and others. Mundine is black also. 

Black dude in a black mask with a black car behind him. I think they also like that story because of the duality aspect related to his name. He's a Gooding kinda bad, if you get my drift. Redemption through sin and all that crap. 

Black pride story. And it lends weight to my theory about how there's a real push by the occult elite to tell their creepy mates about a change relating to race in a vast hidden trade in a drug that dare not speak its name

Similar theme from a coupla days beforehand. As well as the duality aspect of the team colours, note the red and white logo on his heart and the light behind his head. Who is the bringer of light? 

Being around Kim Kardashian would be hell at the best of times -- even worse when she's wearing this kind of stupid outfit. But the occultist flogs at Perth Now are most impressed. Figures

Blue dog that's also a black one. 

This shot and the interview itself was the most interdasting of the ones collated here (and I could have included many, many more BTW). 

Note how Bojo is wearing a black suit and the foreground figures are in silhouette. He's got his arms out zif he's tryna fly. And there's a strong blue background evoking the sky. 

In the interview with (black) Calvin Robinson Rowan Dean talks about "inking" offshore processing deals with Rwanda (where the people are black, obviously). 

He says Boris's plan "looks like a carbon copy of Operation Sovereign Borders". 

Note the mention of what he's ticking... Hmm. Seems to be some sort of hidden message about "black boxes". 

Speaking of which, please check out the video below. There was something creepily similar in a recent issue of the Failing Terrorgraph

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Thursday, April 14, 2022

Wag the blue dog

I've often written about the contempt that those who run Australia's mainstream media outlets have for their readership. Here's a good example of this that also shows them to be occultist flogs. 

As mentioned previously the way to pick up the symbolic patterns is not to look at each story and ad separately, but to take in the whole picture, so to speak. Look at it as though it's a modern art work that uses images and text. 

Take this recent issue of the Failing Terrorgraph. On the left of this frame you see a greyhound adoption agency ad. There's a lot of blue in it. Doubt that there was any intention for that organization to make this echo the dog star, but I reckon it was placed there for this reason. There seems to be at least one blue dog in every issue of this paper.  

On the right hand side is a story about how Princess Mary was at a Melbourne eatery usually frequented by celebrities' and footy players' "wives and girlfriends". So the headline reads that she's a "right royal WAG". 

Note the headline directly below about the Uber fares story.

Those of royal stock are supposed to be better than us mere normies, right? They are super or uber-humans.

Combined with the ad on the other side the subtextual message is that the royals are "wagging the blue dog". That is, these blue bloods are inverting reality completely and taking us all for a ride. This MSM lie factory, which like all of them is run by secret society wankers, thinks it's all a big laugh. Actually, they're all for it. 

They're so confident of their ability to deceive their own readership that they put this kind of message right there in their faces. Once you realize that this is actually what they're up to you see it often throughout the paper. It's truly sinister and disturbing.

Speaking of blue dogs: This looks like another attempt to drop that symbol into the MSM narrative by ScoMo's handlers.

Note the blue heeler toy that ScoMo seems to be waving at the unimpressed kid. 

Below is a video I made when I started to notice how weirdly popular a cartoon character based on that breed was with so many pollies and slebs. 

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