Saturday, February 12, 2022

April sun in Gitmo?

I take my role as Australia's newest, most dedicated conspiracy theorist very seriously, people. So I've just come up with another one for your consideration. And I reckon it's a cracker! 

Now, I'm sure you know about that excruciating rendition of Dragon's immortal hit "April Sun in Cuba" by Australia's Prime Minister Scott Morrison on Sixty Minutes

Now, you've gotta ask: Why sing that particular song? And why did the MSM flog it so hard? Piqued my curiosity so I joined a few dots: 

Gitmo is in Cuba, right?

Could this be comms that something big will happen in April? Sounds cray-cray. But anything's possible. And things certainly are heating up ...

We do know that the "white hats" have a wicked sense of humour. Think Suez Canal and the "biggest red pill Evergiven". 

Also, the lyrics of the song mention JFK and Castro. That ties in very nicely with some of the drops by Mysterious Mr Seventeen. And Fidel Junior has been having a very hard time of it lately in Ottawa ... 

Also, in singing that song, ScoMo emulated Marc Hunter. If he does end up enjoying the subtropical weather so memorably evoked in the lyrics this could be seen to be another "Hunter becoming the hunted", right?

Perhaps the white hats made him perform this cringeworthy act as part of a plea deal over his role in Spygate? By singing that song, seeing the "April sun in Cuba" would not actually come to pass ... Or maybe it would regardless and this was just a bit of extra punishment. 

If something like this is the real reason for the bizarre performance, it might explain another weird ScoMo stunt recently: Washing that chick's hair in a salon. 

What's one of the first things you undergo when you go to jail? You get a haircut. So, could this have been a humiliation ritual too? He was wearing an apron while doing it, and the Masons love those ... 

Another reason that might have been related to Freemasonry: The name of the salon was Coco's. "C" is the third letter of the alphabet, and the name has two of them. So it brings to mind their fave number: 33. 

Another intriguing aspect of his dinner table show was the fact that he played the ukulele. When I saw that I immediately thought of Al Capone. 

That's because the notorious criminal actually played the banjo in a band in prison on Alcatraz -- a much smaller island prison. 

The reason I know this is because it was the answer to a question in a quiz in the Failing Terrograph that seemed to allude to the fate of Tom Hanks. I actually mentioned it near the end of this video

But why would they do that? ScoMo isn't a criminal Godfather ...

That's true, but it does seem that the Canberra establishment has long been completely dominated by a kind of globalist super-Mafia. And a crucial part of the control system used by these evil scumbags is a powerful psychedelic drug harvested in the most horrific way imaginable.

This might explain the pinky-purple flowers on the table in the dinner scene (see above). These are often used to symbolize this drug. The white rabbit is another one

Remember the phrase: "Symbolism will be their downfall." I think it's very pertinent here. 

One final example. Watch the classic video of Marc Hunter performing his epic hit. Note the point at which he sings "eye". It really stands out.  

And look at what he's wearing. White dragon comes to mind. Another touch by the white hats? 

Well, whatever the hell it all means, I'm certainly gonna keep enjoying the show. 

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  1. In 2017, on Feb 11, comet 45/P made perigee and in the same 24 hour period there was a lunar eclipse (i.e. so-called "blood moon") but the next day the comet traversed directly across the middle of the constellation, Corona Borealis (I blogged about it back then which is why I recall it) and, yep, that name is, literally, "corona of the north" -- you just can't make this up! Three years later... corona virus originates in the northern hemisphere.

    Later this year, comet 45P is returning but it will not be anywhere near close to us this time... BUT, there IS another comet coming by in April/May, comet C/2021 O3 (PANSTARRS). It was discovered last year on July 26. It is, apparently, on or very close to, a parabolic trajectory, which is unusual, so nobody can be sure if it is a cyclic comet with an extremely long period or an acyclic comet. From what I have gathered, it makes perihelion April 20 to 21 (UTC) and then, if it survives perihelion, it is expected to make perigee on May 8. Note that there is a partial solar eclipse on April 30 while the comet is coming roughly in our direction from near the sun, and there is also a full lunar eclipse ("blood moon") on May 16 (UTC) 8 days after the comet has passed (carefully note the order of all events -- that is important to interpretation).

    Note that at perihelion the comet will be at or near the "mouth" of the constellation, Cetus, a "sea monster" or "dragon", perhaps as if "coming out of its mouth" or something like that. During perigee (if it makes it) it is expected to cross the constellation, Perseus (i.e. a "hero" monster-slayer or gorgon/medusa-slayer), and as it moves away on its exit from the solar system into interstellar space it is then expected to head in the direction of Cygnus (the swan, a symbol associated with loyalty, purity and peace). There's all kinds of meaning you can read into all that if you feel so inclined (I have already compiled plenty of my own notes). This new comet is not expected to be visible to the naked eye (it's expected to be a binocular event) but things can change in unexpected ways as history has shown us again and again.

    So, perhaps the references to April are not crazy at all, no, not one bit, especially when considering that Passover will be in mid April and Israel Independence day will be May 5/6. There are forces rising in the world, opposing forces, good and evil, and by the end of this year we will all be wondering what planet we are actually living on. Hold onto yer hats, folks, it is gonna be wild and these last couple of years were only just the beginning. Think "iceberg"... and all we have seen so far is the top protruding above the ocean surface. Alternatively, think "Titanic", if you want me to be more obvious. (An interesting note here is that the word, Titanic, from "titan" which reputedly means "giant" actually appears to originate from the Chaldean more in a form pronounced "teitan" from the ancient Hebrew equivalent word, "satan", because the ancient nephilim were referred to by Enoch as "the satans" and the word meant "destroyers, accusers, fallen ones" but it was later co-opted into meaning "giants" due to the unusually large stature of most of the nephilim... so "The Titanic" was literally named, "The Satanic"... and yes, many or even most "myths" have some kind of root in reality somewhere in the distant, foggy past but there are dark powers hard at work trying to obscure all such things from the sleeping sheeple).

    Whether anything bigly public actually happens in April/May, I dunno, but watch for the cracks in the dam -- I reckon this is a financial dam that has been holding back all the debt... and the banksters are gonna "let it rip" at some point very soon. Whatever happens, I reckon we'll know before the end of this year.

  2. Thanks Matt. Never listened closely to the words before in the verses. Makes sense to me ;)