Sunday, May 30, 2021

The vaccine zombie apocalypse is nearly upon us

Really, how stupid would you have to be to not see where all this 'rona madness is going? This was never about a virus, and that was obvious right from the start. Getting as much of the world's population vaccinated as possible was always the aim. 

With a majority or something close to it "jabbed" the globalist arseholes masterminding the whole shitshow would then be able to use that as leverage for the introduction of vaccine passports. These are being rolled out in various countries already. And ScoMo saying he would consider the system for interstate travel is chilling.

Some have theorized that this is just him playing wedge politics. They say he's just getting the dopey premiers to push hard for it, thereby creating yuge outrage, and giving him an excuse to nix the idea. 

I dunno about that. The guy is a globalist zombie. He could well be seriously tryna get this through to satisfy the demands of his controllers.

The biggest laugh is that ScoMo is supposed to be a conservative. But really he was always a globalist tool. He played the role of patriotic anti-woke warrior when doing so was required. And he did that pretty half-heartedly anyway. Now look at him!

He's not the only one. Pretty much the entire LNP have gone along with this sinister globalist push towards an AI controlled hellscape. That's the same in the UK, Canada, New Zealand and elsewhere. 

Then there are the "Christian" leaders. 

There are some very creepy rabbit holes to do with this dude and his old man. It looks very much like most churches have been infiltrated by globalists a long time ago.

And you can understand why the occult elite were so keen to capture the commanding heights of Christianity. Basically what's unfolding now is a titanic grudge match between those who believe in a God that is above us -- bigger and more powerful than humans could ever be -- and those who think that they are gods -- superior beings who get to define and control everything and be masters over all human life and death. 

That's why they advocate abortion and euthanasia. They're in a death cult, basically! And now they say that vaccines are the only way to combat the dreaded 'rona -- but they wanna save your life this time. Yeah, suuure! 

But back to Oz: The blue checks are of course overwhelmingly pro-vaccine.

As you can see it's not just the dopey lefties who are "hot for the shot". Heaps of "conservative" and "libertarian" ones are as well. 

David Leyonhjelm actually wrote a book called Freedom's Salesman. Now he's Big Pharma's spruiker. Sad! 

You've really gotta wonder why so many otherwise sensible people are eschewing critical thinking and moving with the mindless MSM on this. 

Maybe it's something to do with Freemasonry? Most leading Aussie pollies and movers and shakers in other fields are in that church. It's like a prerequisite for elevation. Just a theory but it would explain much of what's going on. 

I think a lot of it is just due to basic brainwashing, however. This guy doesn't look too bright. And he's about par for the course when it comes to local "journalists".  

I feel sorry for these people. They suffer bigly from the mind virus. Sadly, they are passing it on to many of their viewers as well. 

Actually, that's their whole job! The hidden globalist elite have long been elevating people who are competent and hardworking but incapable of critical thinking and, most importantly, easy to control. They tell them that what they're doing is good when they know full well that it's evil. The useful idiots just keep on keeping on, never questioning the motives of those above them in the power pyramid.  

You would hope that the profession of journalism is full of people who are the antithesis of that. Sadly it is not. 

Still, there is hope ... Remember that that this dude is with their ABC. Even though that joint is chockas with some of the most tragically mind-controlled muppets in the entire country, quite a few of them sense that things are not quite right. 

So, they're not all vaccine zombies! That in itself is heartening. 

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Thursday, May 13, 2021

Woke virus ruins Mother's Day in Sydney

One of the most remarkable aspects of this coronavirus "pandemic" is how woke the virus is. This was apparent early on when BLM marches were allowed to go ahead, but other demos that weren't so in line with cultural Marxism were banned or at least condemned by TPTB. 

Of course this was nothing to do with the bug's intentions, but everything to do with the agenda of those running the whole psyop. Ultimately this "Coronapocalypse" is all about installing a fascist global control system run on AI. For these globalist aresholes to pull this off they need to destroy national identity and culture among other things. That's why one of their local muppets Mark McGowan shut down Perth and Peel just before Anzac Day. This was clearly meant to ruin the commemoration for all the West Aussie patriots

They hate Christianity also. It's one of the foundations of Western Civilization. Hence that "Avalon cluster" that ruined Christmas for Sydneysiders, and to a lesser extent the rest of the Aussie population. And how about that outbreak just before Easter? It resulted in Byron Bay copping heavy restrictions and their beloved Blues Fest being nixed at the very last minute. That was another attack on Christianity, as well as a way to punish the local hippies for their low vaxx rates. Twofer!

And now we've had this latest 'rona outbreak in Sydney over Mother's Day. What are the odds? 

It's not just government and academe waging psychological war on us with these measures. The utterly corrupt MSM have long been part of the psyop, so they are doing what they can to dispirit and confuse people as well. Check out this Daily Telegraph cover from the day before Mother's Day. 

Notice the story about one parent families. Even if you don't buy that paper you're still going to see that headline. Millions of people would have been reminded that many families are fatherless. It's a way of normalizing the concept.

As Breitbart said, politics is downstream from culture. And the creepy cultists at the top of the globalist power pyramid use cultural Marxism as their political divide and conquer tool. That's why wrecking the traditional nuclear family and sewing hatred and distrust between the sexes is a high priority for them.  The victim feminist loathing of traditional femininity, motherhood and fatherhood is a classic example. 

Then there was the actual Mother's Day issue. 

It purports to celebrate the ritual specifically and motherhood in general. But look at the actual story that is featured. It's about how a bub's reaction to his mum's milk alerted doctors to a serious illness that she had.  

In one way it's a feelgood story. But it's also a nasty, sneaky, symbolic attack on motherhood itself. What could be more natural than a mother breastfeeding her child? Yet in this story it so happened that the milk was poison to the bub. Yes, it had a happy ending, but the association remains: her milk, and by extension motherhood itself, is poisonous. 

And it's not just the cover that has this subtext. All the stories in that issue and the one before are about issues that detract -- or distract -- from the idea of traditional, nurturing, devoted motherhood. Subjects covered include the challenges of continuing a career as a mum, infertility problems, adoption, and how giving birth can ruin a woman's figure. 

There's a real vibe that emanates from this. It's like the editor is saying that motherhood as we used to know it is gone for good; past its use by date.

It's really creepy and wrong. And check out these headlines about "axing mothers" near the end of the video below. Definitely a trend. 

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Sunday, May 2, 2021

Control-freak globalists push fear to stop masses thinking critically

There is no doubt that we are in a war. But it's not the usual kind that's open and declared, or even a cold one like the decades-long standoff between the West and former Soviet Union. It's an invisible mind war being waged by a select bunch of globalist control freaks on the vast majority of the world's population.

Fake news seems to be their biggest weapon. The MSM's job is to fill as many people as possible with intense fear of the dreaded 'rona. Then they'll go out and get vaccinated. With enough normies in this category they can then push through with vaccine passports. That means the death of liberty forever.

Fear is absolutely vital because it's a great motivator. And it stops people thinking critically. All you need to do is calmly look at the craziness of the lockdowns, mask mandates and all the rest of it for even a minute and you can see that while the 'rona itself seems to be a dinkum virus the massive global campaign to keep us all "safe" from it is something else entirely. It's a Trojan Horse for total central technocratic control of all our lives. 

Of course all the establishment politicians are also owned and controlled by this group. They are flogging the fear like there's no tomorrow. Even when their posts and statements seem positive, they're still tryna scare people. 

While Albo is using the issue to bash ScoMo and the Govt, he's still invoking the big lie of the globalists: This virus is so terrible that all must be vaccinated (which is the only way). Only then can joy, love and freedom return. So sneaky and twisted. 

Speaking of Albo, why is he masked in the shot below? His thread says that the unmasked dude hasn't had his "jab" so is it because he's worried about giving the dreaded 'rona to (or getting it from) him? 

But that can't be! Albo's been vaccinated already -- or so he reckons ... Well, he surely has the mind virus, which severely lowers IQ. And he was at about 66 to start with. Sad!

Speaking of Albo, here's another social media update from him that highlights the way he appeals to feels rather than reason. 

There are so many kinds of stupid in this brain-shart, dunno where to start. But I'll say this: The vaccine rollout itself is a yuge test (as the Zombie Squirrel himself admitted). Albo confirms this by saying "the medical experts can only tell us if vaccines are safe when they have vaccines to test". And who are they testing these on? Aussies, that's who. FFS. It's as evil as it is absurd. 

In any case, the mainstream media do occasionally do their job. Adverse reactions to the vaccines are being reported, although the link is being downplayed where possible. That is of course the exact opposite of what they continue to do when it comes to people dying from (or rather, with) the dreaded 'rona. 

Slowly but surely people are waking up to the lies. They can finally see the sinister motivations behind the fake news fearporn. As a result, more and more of them are refusing to get the "jab". I'm hopeful we'll reach a critical mass before too long and the whole evil campaign will finally fall apart. 

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