Saturday, April 27, 2019

Falun Dafa (Falun Gong) demonstration at Customs House

I was in the library at Customs House last Wednesday, and upon leaving the building late in the afternoon I was surprised to see a demonstration occurring outside. There were scores of people there to raise awareness of Falun Dafa (better known as Falun Gong).

This a multi-faceted spiritual practice that involves quigong. Its philosophy is focused on the need for truthfulness, compassion and forbearance. Sadly, the Chinese Government perceives this popular and benign movement to be a serious threat.

So, scores of local Falun Gong practitioners were holding a group meditation session. It was meant to give a sense of the movement's peaceful nature.

As protests go, it was so much more restrained and dignified than any of the shouty, lefty demos I've witnessed. Proves that you can make your point very effectively if you do it calmly.

The date of the event was significant. It marked the 20th anniversary of a peaceful appeal for fair treatment in Beijing. Since then things have only gotten worse. The government has been viciously oppressing the group, with many members imprisoned and killed. There have been horror stories of them performing organ harvesting on live victims as well.

But events like this do raise international awareness about the issue which in turn builds pressure on China. Hopefully in time that nation will halt its appalling treatment of these peaceful people.

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

"Easter worshippers" is another creepy PC term

Many people noticed the bizarre response to the horrific Sri Lanka attacks from many high profile Democrats and their supporters. Instead of describing the victims accurately as Christians, they called them "Easter worshippers".

You often see politically correct terms like this being used these days. They are clearly part of a wider leftist effort to diminish the power and influence of Christianity. (There's a great book on this subject by David Horowitz, BTW. He's a former leftist radical so he knows all about just how mean and crazy these scumbag zealots actually are. It's called Dark Agenda.)

As with so much behaviour from the PC Left it was sinister in several ways. There was the robotic replication of the phrase in nearly simultaneous tweets, for example. It's as if they had all actually received a memo telling them to use that particular phrase. And that was almost certainly the case.

If you've been following the whole Q phenomenon you'll know how the Deep State sends out preferred talking points to politicians and fake news outlets like CNN before dawn. That's why you see so many similar MSM stories appearing at the same time, sometimes with near identical headlines. (One of the popular recent targets has been the Q "conspiracy theory" itself, with scores of hit pieces claiming it had been debunked when the opposite is clearly the case.)

This spate of "Easter worshippers" tweets from several Democrats including Obama and Hillary was another example of that, or something very similar.

Now, a lot of people think that big name "liberals" will use a term like this because they can't bring themselves to say "Christian" and that it's an unconscious omission, kinda like a Freudian slip. Well, I'm sure they find saying or writing it unpleasant. But I suspect they are fully aware of what they are doing when they choose to use a replacement term like this. And they know how offensive it is to Christians themselves. That's exactly why they do it, IMO.

I suspect this is also why Hillary said in the tweet that she was "praying" for the victims. She has long purported to worship God. But if rumours are true this is a facade not unlike her marriage to Bill. It seems she "bats for the other side" in more ways than one ...

These are deeply mean-spirited people. They are into gaslighting. They do this because they find it pleasurable. It can also be highly demoralizing to their opponents.

I don't think it's nearly as effective in this regard as it used to be, however. That's because gaslighting as a form of soul destruction only works if you have total control of the narrative that your target audience believes.

Then you can rename -- or flat out omit to mention -- a particular faith or specific belief and leave its followers confused as to why that would be the case. Without an alternative explanation, these people would think maybe they were the ones who were going mad.

But that is definitely not the case these days. The MSM has lost much of its credibility in the eyes of most Americans and even many Aussies. Other, more reliable sources of news are now online and being shared like crazy on social media. The truth will set you free, as the biblical saying goes. It also fills you with confidence borne of conviction.

So, cruel little touches like saying "Easter worshippers" no longer have the same power to unsettle, confuse and thereby erode the faith of believers. They actually do the opposite.

We are all onto these disgusting people and their sick mind games. Their psychological power over all of us -- atheists such as myself included -- is waning inexorably.

The murderous hatred that motivated the Sri Lanka attacks continues, sadly. But the fact that the globalist PC Left gets less mileage out of them is certainly a heartening development. 

Sunday, April 21, 2019

Lefties prefer an ignorant electorate

Lefties are forever quacking on about how they want freedom for humanity. But that, like most of what they say, is total bollocks. They want everything centralized so that they can control it. And they want the whole population to subscribe to the same narratives that they dictate. Socialism is clearly an authoritarian, top down system.

Being such control freaks, they are deeply unsettled when the plebs think for themselves and start questioning the "official narrative" that they've been given. Look at what's happening in the USA, with the mainstream media and their humongous two year long porky about Trump and collusion with Russia.

Millions of people across America and the globe are realizing that the MSM are just pumping out titanic lies all the time. They're sharing dissenting views on social media, so the lefties who own these platforms are desperately trying to stifle that process by flat out punting prominent nationalists, conservatives and the like -- or at least inhibiting their reach.

Of course there's heaps of other evidence that the Left prefers dummies and dupes to thinking voters. And here's a local example. It's just a tweet, but I thought it was quite revealing.

Below is the tweep's profile. Clearly your typical "feelings over facts" lefty.

I really don't think she's being tongue in cheek with that tweet. Shorten (whom she calls "Bill") has had a horror week, being unable to answer questions about how a Labor government would fund its promises, among other things.

Rather than expressing the wish that the Labor leader would get his arse into gear and have some facts at the ready for the next press pack attack, she basically says she hopes that ill-informed and disengaged voters will be calmed by his "honest eyes" and still vote for him!

Now, saying that Shorten's utterly empty eyes look honest is bad enough. But hoping that they'll convince ignorant, apathetic people to vote for him is just plain desperate. 

Yet this kind of thinking is par for the course with the Left. They try to appeal to the lowest common denominator and get over the line that way. And whenever they are in power they try to dumb the electorate down even more! No wonder they are all for compulsory voting. Means a good whack of those participating aren't interested in the issues and are only doing it because they have to. 

It's also why the Greens in particular keep pushing for the voting age to be lowered. We all know that the younger you are, the less you know about the world and the way it works. Whippersnappers are much easier to con with crazy talk about climate catastrophe and all the rest. And the Greens are absolutely shameless in doing just that!

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

The Project should win an award for PC propaganda

Pretty obvious that the entire MSM here is captured by cultural Marxists. They relentlessly push the PC line on all issues, while purporting to be fair and balanced.

It's depressing to see it in the ABC -- even more so in the commercial media. You would hope that market forces would prevail. But they don't. That's because all the big media companies lean left. Perhaps the most reality-based is News Ltd. But even that's chockas with right-on muppets. It just has a few righties to even things up a bit.

Whole landscape is like big tech. It's a collective monopoly type situation. TV is prolly the worst in this regard. The big free to air channels Nine, Ten and Seven have such power, influence and reach built up over many decades that they can afford to inflict this toxic cant on us and it won't hit their bottom line hard enough to mean they have to accept other narratives.

So, sadly, political correctness runs right through the MSM. And surely one of the most seriously infected programs is The Project. It's gotta be the dumbest, ugliest show on the teev for sure!

Even the name creeps me out: "The Project." Makes it sound like a sinister deep state psyop or something; an experiment in brainwashing the yoof by utilizing vapid twats peddling PC talking points.

The sleb-soaked sneerfest proclaims itself to be "news delivered differently". Sod off! Fake news delivered smugly, more like. Whole vibe of the show is creepy and wrong.

FFS, fakery fills every fricken pixel! Even their "spontaneous" mischief reeks of self-consciousness and insincerity. It's meant to seem down to earth and self-effacing. But any sane person can tell they're elitist poseurs peddling a malignant agenda.

Correction: self-love.

You look at these vapid twats and think why the hell are they so pleased with themselves? They're not there because of skill or merit. Their fame -- and therefore their implied authority -- is entirely conditional. They have to keep peddling the narrative that's given to them, or be punted if they don't.

Like when it comes to issues like domestic violence ...

Hamish MacDonald earnestly trots out the "all men are to blame" bollocks. And he calls himself a journalist?

No way. Like so many of them now he's just an activist. If he were interested in the truth he'd say: "Wait on, that's a crock. If some arsehole beats his wife all men aren't to blame. He is!"

He'd start asking questions of those pushing such an obvious lie. Instead, he obediently repeats it himself.

And it's echoed by zombie viewers on the next level down.

Latest campaign the show's sinister sleb-bots are pushing is that the Barry Award should be changed to something that doesn't have "transphobic" connotations.

The whole transgender thing is part of something much bigger. It's like the "Islamophobia" lie that demonizes anyone who makes pointed criticisms of Islam. Sliming people as "transphobic" for simply pointing out the bleedin' obvious is clearly designed to intimidate and confuse the normies and thereby weaken society's foundations even more than they are already.

And renaming an award that echoes the legacy of an Australian cultural icon is akin to knocking down a statue of Captain Cook -- though on a much smaller, milder scale of course. 

Look at this chubby muppet quacking on about love, safety and inclusiveness. Oh, FFS!

And he's supposed to be the show's resident comedian? He obviously didn't get the memo. He's supposed to tell jokes -- not be one.

Whoopsy! My bad ... He did get a memo, and that's what he's reading out above. If he has any of his own thoughts, which I doubt, he knows better than to express them. In PC TV Land wrongthink is verboten -- The Narrative Is All!

As we all know, the PC Left are lying all the time. It's all they can do. Their whole worldview is a massive, reeking pile o' porkies, after all. And they have to relentlessly inflict these falsehoods on the rest of us to try and make them come true.

So if they say that this "doesn't have to be seen as a slap to Barry Humphries" that is exactly what it is.

And it's quite obvious why this is the case. Humphries has long been a prime target for cultural Marxists. He is a tall poppy, and one of the few conservatives with cultural power in Oz, after all. So for them this is a twofer, really.

And The Project is their tool box -- sorry, box of tools -- for conning the masses.

But more and more people are waking up now. You've really gotta wonder how long they can keep this creepy clown show going. The whole con has to fall apart eventually, surely ...

Monday, April 15, 2019

I spy with my little eye ... lots of other eyes!

I mentioned in a previous post that I'd been seeing heaps of occult symbolism, specifically eye symbols everywhere. So I've included some below.

But just to clarify: I'm not claiming that all those who produce these images are in on the global conspiracy and are consciously creating them to brainwash the masses for their eeevil overlords. What I believe is that these symbols have been seeded into the culture from on high over many years.

If you start to look into this whole subject with an open mind you'll realize that the New World Order really is a thing and secret societies are a big part of it. Without a doubt many powerful people at the "top of the pyramid" have long been using popular culture as a way to "preemptively program" the masses.

It's like with the fashion industry. Normies are led to believe that fashions in clothing, hairstyles etc rise organically, bottom up, from the people themselves. But it's actually the other way around. Taste makers plan everything in advance and decide what the fashions for the year will be. Then they roll them out as if as if it was some sort of democratic, popularity-based process.

Another analogy: Even though there's been a sustained, massive campaign on many fronts to erase Christianity in Australia and other countries, its symbolism is still pervasive and powerful. We all know what a cross represents. And even if you're not religious you more than likely use the phrase "Oh my God!" to express shock.

That's because of the residual power of the church having seeded the culture with its imagery in the West over centuries.

That's what's going on here, though kinda in reverse. The Illuminati don't openly control society like the Church did. They just pull strings from the shadows. And they're making sure that we're all primed for when they do get to, er, come out of their dark mansions, so to speak.

With this in mind here are some examples of eye imagery that I didn't even look for. I just went through photos I'd been taking and selected some that included it.

Got this CCTV sign in Petersham subway. Just a reminder that "Big Brother" is watching. (Interesting that it's the title of a reality TV show that's been running for many years.)

Saw this in Broadway Shopping Centre. Government funded festival.

This is part of what covers the scaffolding around a construction site in the city. I think it's a print of Reg Mombassa's work.

This is from another construction site. It was chockas with occult imagery. I'll write a whole post about it when I have time.

Street art in Newtown.  

Street art in Petersham.

Street art in Newtown.

Interesting that it shows a pop star, Keshia. The music industry is absolutely chockas with this kind of stuff.

Every A-list rock star has flashed the Illuminati eye on occasion. It seems to be a prerequisite for stardom. Hell, even living legends like Paul McCartney are known to, er, "genuflect" in this way

The rabbit hole is deep, people. And the all-seeing eye is everywhere ...

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Saturday, April 13, 2019

Signs of the globalist elites' agenda are everywhere

It's been amazing to watch the American mainstream media shamelessly, relentlessly push the "Russian collusion" hoax for two years in an effort to destroy POTUS. Now that they have been totally exposed by Robert Mueller's official conclusion that there was "nothin' to see here, folks" their credibility is in tatters.

When you realize how brazenly these scumbags lied about this, you wonder about all the other stuff they're "reporting" on. Surely many of the narratives that these yugely powerful corporations have been pushing for decades are dodgy as all get out, if not entirely false.

Having come to this realization, I'm becoming more and more convinced that conspiracy theories about the New World Order and specifically the Illuminati actually have a lot of truth to them. It feels weird to have come to that conclusion because even a year ago I would have said these ideas were total bollocks and anyone who believed them needed to take his tin-foil hat off!

But since I've become a newbie "truther" I've been seeing signs and symbols that seem to reflect this agenda all over the place.

Take the eye symbol. This is of course synonymous with the Illuminati.

You should, er, keep an eye out for it. You'll see it in heaps of public art -- also in advertising. Take this display for a recent show.  

On the other side is an ad for another one, Body Worlds, which also has a creepy NWO vibe to it. Remember that the control freaks at the top of the pyramid have the ultimate goal of enslaving humanity in a fascist globalist state.

To achieve that, they have to indoctrinate everyone with the belief that human beings are nothin' special -- that the soul doesn't really exist. This is why they hate Christianity with a passion and they're such zealous advocates of abortion, among other things.

Displaying actual flayed human corpses to the public -- kids included -- seems to be part of this process. Sure, they say it's about demystifying humanity. But it's also dehumanizing, surely.

Now I'm not saying that all those involved in these shows are secret society members, or even aware of this agenda. But it's interesting that such projects get funded, right? They must be massively expensive to produce. Only heavy hitters could get them up and running.

It's like with Hollywood productions. The A-list producers and agents decide which movie projects get the big money. It's well established that Tinseltown is chockas with Illuminati freaks. And no wonder. It's the "dream factory" -- the place where narratives are created, and for the entire world.

Similar process here, I reckon. 

Monday, April 8, 2019

To PC lefties everything's political ... and nothing is

We all know that PC lefties lie all the time. They just can't help themselves. Also, if they didn't do this, they would never have achieved the power and influence they have so far. 

The ultimate goal for these sad, desperate creeps is control of others -- the more the better. And while they all share this affliction greenies are the worst. Pretty clear that they are "watermelons" -- green on the outside and red underneath!

While radical cultural Marxists do sometimes resort to violence (eg Antifa) they prefer not to. Why use biffo when you can achieve the same ends through stealth? It's worked a treat for them so far. They've been subverting institutions for ages, and now control many of them outright.

Just look at the universities. Free speech, and therefore free thought, is verboten at most of them now. And they have pretty much become petri-dishes for mental illnesses that can be weaponized for even more audacious power grabs down the track.

Not only are PC lefties always lying about their true intentions, they're doing it on many fronts simultaneously. They politicize absolutely everything! It's a tactic well summarized by the feminist phrase "the personal is political".

Among other things, this is to keep us all in a state of confusion and insecurity. If the masses are distracted, radical changes can be implemented bit by bit without them noticing.

In their relentless effort to deceive, and ultimately control, the population, cultural Marxists will go to the opposite extreme as well. They'll claim that what they're doing is not political at all.

This tweet is a perfect example. The ASRC is claiming, and with a straight face, that "getting loud online" and thereby "creating a choir for change" is actually a way of moving beyond politics!

Yeah, suuure!

Ultimately the ASRC is a highly political organization. Underneath all its fine talk, it's clearly supportive of the erosion of sovereignty. That's because sovereignty is one of the main foundations of nationalism, which international socialism is desperately trying to erase. But the ASRC masks this goal with a whole lot of touchy-feely, huggy-wuggy bollocks about compassion, tolerance, and all the rest of it.

And here's another example of deceitful language: "radical empathy".

The verbose tweet above is a convoluted way of saying: "You should all get political with us! We can all get shouty and demonize the wider culture by claiming it's riven with racism, sexism, homophobia, etc."

Doing this is just sooo important to these right-on influencers and their ilk. That's because once they've got the main societal foundations crumbling, they're much easier to destroy completely. And once that's done, a global top down socialist regime can replace it. In fact it has to replace it because the only other alternative is chaos. 

That is always the end game for the PC crowd. But they can't actually come out and say that because the whole idea is so repugnant to sane adults. So they use terms like "radical empathy" which makes it sound like they're noble and selfless.

It's a term that someone like Sarah Hanson Young would happily use -- if she doesn't already. But remember what she said when over a thousand asylum seekers drowned as a direct result of policies she supported: "Accidents happen."

No empathy at all ...

Don't believe anything these people say even for a minute. Keep watching them with a critical eye and sooner or later it'll become clear what they're really after.

Saturday, April 6, 2019

Political correctness is a thought blocker

Pretty obvious that socialists love to control people. Not only do they get off on it, their whole ideology requires it. It's a top down system, after all.

They've got this crazy idea that they can create a utopia by bossing people around. If you've got your thinking cap on, you'll immediately realize that this is just not gonna work. You'll also look at leftism's gruesome history of failure. The further left you go, the higher the body count.

Why anyone would subscribe to any kind of Marxism -- particularly the cultural kind -- is incomprehensible to any sane, rational, thoughtful person.

And that's the key to its, er, appeal -- for want of a better word. You'd only subscribe to it if you're not actually thinking.

Which is how this "mind virus" infects, and ultimately converts people. It installs a set of rigid dogmas to do with race, gender, sexuality, the environment and other things in the brain, associating powerful negative emotions with any deviation from them. This is political correctness, and it's a self-replicating system.

Once a person's mind has been captured, individual thought about these subjects is pretty much impossible. This is why PC lefties are so spectacularly hypocritical. It's not just that they are self-centred and therefore unwilling to hold themselves up to the standards they demand of others (and we can all be guilty of that, let's face it!). It's also because they aren't thinking.  They are just obeying.

Take ABC airhead Juanita Phillips.

Seeing that her fellow traveller Zali Steggall was copping a shellacking on Twitter, she tweeted a dopey defence. Clearly the criticism was of Ms Steggall's hypocrisy, not simply her choice of vehicle. Sane adults such as Christine Forster were pointing out the so-called independent's refusal to walk -- or rather, drive -- her talk on environmental issues.

But Juanita just completely ignored the wider context. Her PC programming left her incapable of doing this, and so she went straight to the "woman as victim" defence -- another major component of cultural Marxism.

Here's another example. Recently Tim Soutphommasane tweeted on the subject of Ita Buttrose becoming ABC Chair. He sternly reminded her of the need to follow the ABC Charter when it came to ethnic diversity. 

I took a screenshot of that, and made a criticism of Tim and his selective interpretation of this document. He got wind of it, and clearly didn't understand the point I was making ... because he wasn't thinking.

Ironically he thought that's what my problem was!

He just couldn't see that I was making a point about the narrow focus of PC types like Tim himself. They see "diversity" only in terms of identity, not ideas. And the ABC Charter requires balanced reporting (ie diversity of views).

Would Tim want more righties in our -- sorry, his -- ABC? No way. That was my point.

He basically cherry picked an aspect of the charter to castigate Ita, but ignored the wider context. This is what PC does to you: It renders you incapable of thinking for yourself. All you can do is follow orders, and give them.