Sunday, August 30, 2020

Australian MSM: "QAnon followers are bad because they are against evil!"

As we approach the American elections in early November the information war is really hotting up. More and more people across the globe are waking up to just how corrupt the mainstream media are. They're also becoming aware of the alternative narrative that the whole QAnon movement offers. So hit pieces against it are coming thick and fast in the US. They're also increasing in number and intensity in Australia.

Check out this one shown on Perth TV. Not surprisingly it just repeats the same old Mockingbird Media talking points. But what's great is just how many Aussies are wise to it. When I took the screenshot below a few days ago there were already hundreds of replies, many of them from QAnon followers. 

The other tweets on local issues have a mere fraction of the engagement. So, the Great Awakening is definitely happening worldwide

Anchorman Rick Ardon: Experts warn the "save our children" campaign has been infiltrated by pro-Trump conspiracy theorists, labeling it psychological warfare. 

That statement is a doozy, innit? Experts? Experts in what? The one they've interviewed in the story is a social media marketing guru. 

Then there's that ol' fake news fave, the "conspiracy theorist" label. There are literally hundreds of millions of people subscribing to this narrative now. They are from many nations and right across the political spectrum. 

Yes, they love Trump, but that's because he is actually shutting down child trafficking networks. The data confirms this. This very channel even has local reports that can be seen to support this narrative. It's likely that Trump's campaign has had something to do with this major development in WA but even if it didn't it's still clear that child trafficking is disturbingly widespread and has long been so. So to try and demonize people whose primary goal is to see this horror end is just pathetic.

It's also completely silly to say these "dangerous" people have "infiltrated" a hashtag. Sounds like a conspiracy theory itself to me ... 

Journo: A cause that's been hijacked by internet conspiracy theory QAnon Labelled a potential domestic terror threat by the FBI … 

This oft-repeated claim is pretty much bollocks. It all started when some dude issued a memo in the Phoenix, Arizona office. Not an official statement from the entire agency at all

"It works by infiltrating social media groups, pushing unfounded allegations. Attaching itself to familiar hashtags like #savethechildren a legitimate humanitarian organisation helped it go viral." 

The dopey muppets in Perth have clearly taken this notion from a widely read gargle by a dude called Kevin Roose. They must have thought it was dinkum because it was in the "Grey Lady". Sad! 

This is a nice take down of it among other things

Meg Coffey: "This is psychological warfare that is happening ... You say it enough times and they start to believe it themselves." 

Oh the irony! These poor muppets are just repeating the fake news narrative that they've been brainwashed into believing. It's the globalist, Deep State mind virus, a self-replicating big lie.

So now they've completely cornered themselves. They have absolutely nowhere to go. All they can do is repeat the same bollocks over and over again. But anyone with any moral sense at all can see what's going on. Even if they don't think Q is legit and reject claims about Luciferian rock spiders in high places, they can tell this is a moral issue first and foremost. And the MSM have definitely chosen a side. Without a doubt it's the wrong one

That's creepy as all get out. It's also sad, because they don't have the slightest clue about how bad they look to their audience, more and more of whom are waking up daily. 

Also, by believing their own propaganda and not investigating the issue of QAnon with an open mind they are way behind everyone else including yours truly. I recorded the video below about a year ago and while it obviously lacks the sheen that "legit" news reports have, and I do ramble a bit because I'm speaking extempore, it's still a more informative and balanced take on it than anything you'll see in our MSM. 

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Sunday, August 23, 2020

They are the Human Centipede

I've long known that the mainstream media aren't dinkum truth-seekers who report without fear or favour, as they claim to do. They are clearly very selective about what they investigate and will almost always roam in packs. They are mostly left-leaning and drearily politically correct to boot. 

But up until the election of President Trump I never thought they were corrupt across the board. Sadly, it's becoming increasingly obvious that they are. 

Take the relentless fear pawn that they've been cranking out over COVID-19. And notice how they push vaccines all the time while throwing shade on safe, effective and cheap cures like HCQ

Then there's the issue of QAnon. Right from the get-go they have been tryna keep the normies from looking into this issue. And they all just repeat each others' lies about it. The whole sorry situation makes me think of that classic song by Skyhooks: "It's a horror movie, right there on my TV ..."

It's not just that they are so often tryna scare us. It's the MSM's complete and utter corruption that is actually more terrifying in a way. And I think the horror flick The Human Centipede is what captures the whole demented, gruesome shit-show best

If you aren't aware of this movie series, the first one is about a batshit Bavarian boffin who -- for shits and giggles -- kidnaps three backpackers then stitches them to each other, mouth to anus. The second one, which is where the above screenshot is from, is about a sick loser who is, er, inspired by the first flick to create his own version of the human centipede -- this time with twelve victims. So it's actually quite "meta". 

And that about sums up the mainstream media. They get their 4 AM talking points from the Deep State, which are often brazen lies at worst and highly selective narratives that further the globalist agenda at best. Then they all pompously, shamelessly regurgitate them on air, in print and online, often with local variations. They basically start out eating shit then pass it on, clacker to pie-hole, through a gruesome, global network of narcissists so vast and all-pervasive that it eventually pollutes the entire fricken world! 

It's pretty much impossible for any single one of them to remove himself from his wretched position because his fugly mug has been surgically sewn onto the arse of the zombie in front, with another one behind, bolted to his butt! But if he does manage to extricate himself from the putrid crazy-chain he just gets "boned" and another poor robodolt brainwashed by cultural Marxism takes his place.

Being utterly controlled by demented freaks, the vast majority of today's "journalists" are completely morally lost. This is pretty clear much of the time. But it's never more obvious than when they "report" on QAnon. 

Take the recent interchange in the Whitehouse when a Q-obsessed reporter asked if Trump is secretly fighting a cannibal cabal of Luciferian rock spiders, as so many of the movement's members believe.

He answered: "Is that a bad thing?" 

That was (stable) genius because it framed the whole issue in a clear, unambiguous moral light. This means that ultimately proving the veracity of rumours about super-elite Satanist pedophile rings is not crucial -- and Q's identity can remain hidden -- because the MSM clearly thinks it is a bad thing. 

It is now blindingly obvious to all that as well as producing fake news pretty much the whole time, the controlled arsehats of the airwaves are utterly morally lost. They are so full of hatred for patriots, and so bereft of a sense of universal right and wrong that they actually side with such evil freaks -- even if they don't exist!

These useful idiots are in for one hell of a shock when the lies they have been telling for so many years are no longer believed by most normies and it ultimately results in them losing their jobs. That's gonna be very entertaining. 

The sense of confusion and betrayal of those who have trusted them for so long, on the other hand, will be very painful to watch. I suspect some of them will actually lose their minds, which is tragic. 

That's how poisonous this whole mind control matrix actually is. I will be so glad when it's finally torn down. 

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Saturday, August 22, 2020

The pyramid-shaped garden beds are gone but others remain. Why?

In recent months I noticed an interdasting phenomenon in the Sydney CBD. After a very obvious green pyramid was placed near the Cenotaph in Martin Place, many smaller flat ones appeared in that area and several others. These pyramid-shaped garden beds were all pointing in the same direction. And all of them were placed in close proximity to a statue of Queen Victoria. 

Lord Mayor Clover Moore has form for being very arty and "out there". So I tried to work out what these displays were aiming to communicate symbolically. I speculated that she and/or her fellow travellers in the City of Sydney were using them as a kind of incantation to help usher Sydneysiders into the "new normal" -- which is actually just another term for New World Order

In this "spell" the "pyramids" were placed near the statues as if to say: "The Crown (old normal) is dead. Long live the Corona (new normal)!"

Of course I'll never know for sure. But I think I might have been getting warm with that theory because recently those particular garden beds have been removed from all those locations. Yet other square or rectangular ones remain. Compare these shots below with the ones in the post linked above. 

If they were just meant to look nice and had no special meaning then why were they selectively removed? They must have signified something quite specific. The question is what, exactly? 

I don't pretend to be correct a hundred percent of the time. But remember that all art is symbolic. It's meant to communicate something to "those in the know". It also aims to be transformative somehow, even if just temporarily. It's a kind of ritual.

Take theatre, for example. You are ushered (literally) into a big dark room with lots of other people in which you watch actors play out a highly structured, well-rehearsed script zif it's all actually happening spontaneously before you. The convention is that you suspend disbelief when in that zone. It's as if you are in another dimension. 

Afterwards, the lights come up and the ritual is finally over. The spell is broken, so to speak. You go back outside into the real world again.

So, something similar was going on here, I reckon. And the symbolism was definitely characteristic of the globalist, occult elite. 

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Sunday, August 16, 2020

Pro-POTUS patriots punk Pirate Pete's poll!

We all know that Twitter is a leftist stronghold. That's why I think this shock result in Pirate Pete's latest poll is actually pretty significant. 

Remember that he's a minor celebrity. Heaps of local leftie blue checks follow him. They in turn have countless brokens who follow them. And they will do all they can to help with the PC globalist crusade online.

As you can see, he got almost 60000 votes. So that's a pretty big sample. Sure, many of those voting for Trump could have been from the USA. But the same could be said about those voting for Biden. Those non-Aussies prolly would've cancelled each other out. I think it's reasonable to make some wider conclusions about the result.

Clearly, Trump has heaps of support from Aussies -- far more than the dopey slebs of the fake news MSM think he has. These patriots can clearly see what POTUS is fighting. And they realize that the same corruption is entrenched here. We have our own Billabong that desperately needs to be drained. 

Unfortunately, we don't have a Trump-like figure to do this. But that's okay. He, she or they will emerge. It might take a while but it will happen. The political establishment is rotten to the core. Its collapse is inevitable. And a new one will replace it. The main thing to focus on now is that people are definitely waking up en masse. So it's important to keep speeding up that process. 

The MSM, of which Pirate Pete is a part, is losing authority daily. Down in Victoria, for example, they are just a creepy bunch of propagandists for Dictator Dan and his clown CHO. If they don't stop regurgitating his fake stats and cranking out fear pawn to justify his insane control measures and start asking pertinent questions (particularly about test veracity) instead, they will permanently trash their reputations. 

When the dust settles on this titanic shit-show most Aussies will loathe them almost as much as Dan Andrews himself. And having been on TV screens for years on end they are mostly easily recognizable. They will be copping abuse until they die, I reckon. What's happening down there is truly evil. The perpetrators and those aiding and abetting them will never be forgiven. 

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Tuesday, August 11, 2020

My heart bleeds for Daniel and Sarah

If there's one thing that's certain in this surreal time it's that we're in the midst of a massive "mind war". While coronavirus itself looks dinkum, the COVID-19 craziness is clearly orchestrated by TPTB. They want everyone as stressed out as possible while they continue to pursue hidden agendas. 

While the entire political establishment in Oz look like they're either supportive of these sinister globalist goals, or are at least aware of them, Dan Andrews is surely the most zealous in trying to realize them.

The label "Dictator Dan" is no exaggeration at all. What he's doing is totalitarian without a doubt. One of the hallmarks of these regimes is their production of propaganda. In balls-out commie states, there'll be heaps of statues and posters glorifying their "great helmsmen" and other in-your-face stuff. But in places where the control system is covert, it comes in the form of fake news.  

His creepy government is producing this directly as well as through the MSM with all their crap about how anti-maskers are batshit conspiracy theorists. I think he's also got some faux victims doing video testimonials about the horrors of being infected with the dreaded 'rona. 

Remember the video of the schoolgirl at an Australian climate strike who cried about her bleak future and it turned out that she was an actress? I get the same vibe from this.

Watch the video at the Twitter link. It really does look like she's performing a script. We keep hearing that the virus "doesn't discriminate". Yet here it has hit an articulate, appealing young woman -- with a caring and sensitive partner -- who seems remarkably assured in front of the camera.

As well as being so woke that it refuses to infect BLM protesters, the bug seems to have an eye for talent as well! I wouldn't be surprised if "Sarah" has got a profile up on Showcast, TBH ... 

Also, I found Dictator Dan's description of the virus as "wicked" to be interdasting. What an odd word to use. My first thought: Dan himself is way more wicked than the virus and he knows it. 

Could it be his way of hiding in plain sight? That is, by obliquely admitting to the wickedness of this deception, he's making it acceptable. Creepy globalists have form for this kind of thing, after all

There was another monologue to camera that I thought was suss as. This was from a male nurse on the "front lines" of the "pandemic"

Look at this dude. "Daniel" could easily be a model or actor. Maybe he does have nursing qualifications, so technically he's not really lying ... 

Still, I can see how ambitious young people could be convinced to do this kind of stuff. They think it's "for a good cause" and know they prolly won't be sprung, since many others have done similar things and gotten away with it.

As well as his obvious good looks and ease in front of the camera, he seems to be hitting many of the main talking points about how devastating this disease is -- and not just for those infected. Really supports that narrative about hero doctors and nurses risking their lives on the front lines, dunnit?

Call me a wacko wingnut if you want. But it looks very much like the Victorian Government are desperately worried about the growing realization among normies that the vast majority of people are not at risk of death or serious illness from this "pandemic" -- young, healthy folk least of all. So they've dodgied up these videos with a coupla young actors to counter it. 

Both the timing and content of these monologues seem suspicious. Reminds me of those videos of "conspiracy theorists" recently. Originally I thought that Eve Black was dinkum. But in retrospect I reckon she, along with at least one of the Bunnings Karens, could also be some kind of performer, a "crisis actor".

Actually, I think that being skeptical about all videos coming out of Victoria now is prolly a good policy. Even this brutal arrest that is currently going viral might be a stunt. Sure, it makes the cops look bad. But isn't that part of the whole globalist agenda? In the USA the dirty Dems wanna defund the police, remember. 

Could it be another engineered distraction that keeps mainstream and social media looking elsewhere while Wicked Dan the Magician Man gets busy undetected? I'm thinking he's doing something really big under the cover of darkness -- hence the curfew. Is he installing a Wuhan-style facial recognition system or similar at night? Not impossible, I reckon.  

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Sunday, August 9, 2020

QAnon "bat signal" more viral than bat soup!

By now it must be completely obvious to any sane adult that all these lockdown measures still in place across the globe aren't really about stopping a "coronavirus pandemic" that originally came from bat soup. They are a way of softening us up psychologically so we can be ushered into a permanent, global "new normal" being run centrally by totalitarian technocrats

The exhortations -- or in many places official orders -- to wear masks comprise a yuge global submission ritual. These policies are not being proposed by local public health experts rationally due to local conditions. They seem to have resulted from top down pressure from the World Stealth Organization and are all about politics. Dr Tedros the Mega-Flog even flat out says as much in this recent tweet. 
So wearing a mask is not really a proven COVID-19 prevention measure. Rather, it is a way of "sending a message of solidarity". Spoken like a true Marxist. 

The only message I get from those willingly wearing masks -- particularly custom made fabric ones as opposed to the disposable light blue ones -- is that they're fricken idiots. And we've got plenty of those in Australia, especially in our MSM. Take this doofus, Dan Ilic. 

He's got a whole bunch of fashionable face diapers that he's been showing off on Twitter. Love how this one includes that little symbol for the dreaded 'rona. It's instantly recognizable the world over. That's because as well as being a highly woke bug, it's also branded. Hell, it has its own marketing department!

You can even see it in this recent Daily Telegraph cartoon.

Like so many local slebs, dopey Dan gets his views on US politics from the American MSM, thinking that it must be totes legit! Recently he retweeted a New York Times columnist who was fretting about how the whole QAnon movement was rapidly gathering momentum

In this tweet thread Kevin Roose explains that several of the MSM stories on the list had their FB shares yugely boosted by those mask-avoiding, tinfoil hat-wearing Q-tards:

Now, normally, you'd be surprised that a $35 million grant by an obscure federal agency would be the highest-performing story on Facebook.

But people who follow this stuff know that stories about human trafficking, *especially* stories involving Trump, are a QAnon bat signal.

"A QAnon bat signal." LOL. And we're supposed to be the batshit ones! 

And sure enough, if you check which pages shared these stories, you'll see plenty of QAnon pages like "Follow the White Rabbit" and "The Great Awakening." 

They're using the story as more evidence that Trump is breaking up a child-trafficking cabal run by Democrats.

This is why looking at top-performing links (which Facebook has recently suggested is more accurate than looking at the posts that contain those links) can be misleading. After all, this is an AP story! What's the matter with the AP?

But the way it's being used is dangerous.

Fascinating that he describes this link sharing -- clearly motivated primarily by the desire to end elite child trafficking -- as "dangerous".

Well, I suppose it is in a way. It threatens the globalist power structure that controls the MSM, and therefore the dominant narratives through which billions of people construct their view of reality. 

In any case this is what seems to disturb poor Kevin most and not the fact that countless elite rock spiders are raping and murdering kids the world over and getting away with it. Even if you think that Q followers have a particularly crazy take on things there's still no denying that this sickeningly evil stuff is going on and has been for ages.

And whether Kevin likes it or not this battle of narratives is definitely coming to a head in the USA. QAnon is set to usurp the Mockingbird Media after a titanic, tumultuous meme-splattered grudge match. The same thing will surely follow here in Oz. 

As the saying goes, nothing can stop what is coming. 

In the video below are some observations I recorded when the local MSM first "reported" on this issue last year. 

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