Sunday, August 28, 2022

Now they are demonizing kids

Every day, squillions of things happen. If you're a newspaper editor there's an immense range of horrible events to choose from to cover in articles and put on the front page. So what you decide to feature says a lot about how you want your readers to see the world. 

The covers are particularly significant in this regard because they have the most impact and reach. And they are seen by millions of people who don't even buy the paper. 

I thought this recent cover of the West Australian said so much. Firstly, there was the obvious one eye symbolism. It was also a horribly gory photo of a bleeding eye, which they savoured, no doubt

It was revealing that the very young age of the alleged perp was seen as the most important aspect of the story. The headline seemed to cry: "What's the world coming to? Surely we're in a kind of hell when stuff like this happens ..." 

Note the section at the top of the cover. There's that pinky-purple theme you see so often along with the headline "Dawn of a New Era". This seems to reinforce the idea that everything's changed forever, with no turning back. The old normal is gone. We're in the new normal now.

Back to the age of the kid blamed for the assault: I thought this story was relevant to that theme. 

The Project is a truly sinister TV program. The name itself gives the game away. A project is like an operation, as in psyop. It's a very slick mind control tool of the Cabal.

IMO the daft, vain sleb above has been used to subtly promote the idea that kids are evil. 

She and the other dopey panelists sheet home blame to Andrew Tate as well. So it's a twofer. 

I reckon none of this is happening by chance. It's all orchestrated. The globalists running the MSM actually want to demonize kids. It's all part of their plan to "defeat God" so they can rule over all of us completely.

There's a strong rock spider element in this as well. It's like the flip side of the grooming they practise using the rainbow crowd as a vehicle.

If they convince the masses that kids can be just as evil as adults then they'll be able to get away with the idea that sex with them is no violation of innocence. 

Another example of this conflation trick is outlined in the video below. 

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Tuesday, August 23, 2022

Olivia Newton-Sun

Something that is now increasingly clear about the batshit occultists who control the mainstream media and many other global institutions and industries is their need for total control of every aspect of all our lives. They see themselves as gods, and so have an obsession with defeating the Christian God Himself

This is why they love the idea of inversion encapsulated in the transgender ideology among other things. And what could be more of an inversion than blacking out the sun? So it's understandable that they have an obsession with this idea as well. There's even a cult with that name and there are a whole plethora of rabbit holes to do with it

I think many of those high up in the globalist system we've been living under for so long probably are members of this cult. But even if they don't subscribe to it formally, they clearly get off on flipping things completely upside down because of the feeling of omnipotence it gives them. 

Bill Gates wants to black out the sun, remember. He says it's to protect us from global warming but that's obviously a crock. It's another way for him to play God

This juxtaposition of sunlight and complete darkness has been symbolically invoked in a lot of the reporting about various issues lately. The coverage of the death of Olivia Newton-John is a case in point.  

The late singer certainly had a sunny disposition. So it was no surprise that this photo of her was featured in many articles. 

She's smiling among sunflowers, while wearing sunglasses. So there's the inversion. 

They also seem to have a slight purple tinge. (Notice also the use of the phrase "heart-warming". The number of times you see this and related terms is just off the charts.)

In the photo below, she's wearing sunnies again. And there's mention of the light at the end of the tunnel. 

There's that duality again. It brings to mind an image not unlike a reverse eclipse. 

The Failing Terrorgraph is run by perhaps the creepiest Cabal clowns in all of Oz. So I expected them to put the sunflower-sunnies snap on the cover the day after Olivia Newton-John's death, or at least feature it in a spread about her. 

Well, they didn't do that exactly. But they certainly repeated this "black sun" theme. 

There was a souvenir edition inside the paper. On the cover was a classic shot of the beaming star. She positively exuded light and laughter. 

On the back of the liftout was a shot representing her darker (but still adorable) self. It was her playing the iconic role of Sandy in Grease, the "good girl gone bad". Again, note the sunglasses. 

They were of course pinky-purple. There are rabbit holes to do with the symbolism of that colour that I've covered in many blog posts and videos

That definitely ties in with the whole black sun idea. IMO it's also got a lot to do with her "death"

Maybe I've gone way OTT with my dot-joining in this post. But remember that the mainstream media are ultimately controlled by a death cult. They will use significant events related to iconic figures to push a preferred narrative as well as drop their fave symbols into the minds of the masses

These days, everything's a psyop. It's all a ritual as well

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Saturday, August 13, 2022

Judith and Olivia

Pretty clear to anyone capable of critical thinking that there's something really suss about the sudden deaths of so many slebs and sports stars lately. 

I think that the you know what may be to blame in some cases. But for many of the most well known and revered folk I doubt this is the case. They would have been given placebos, surely. 

Whatever's going on, the MSM can't be trusted to tell us the truth. When it comes to some, if not most, of these tragic passings, the official narrative is rolled gold bollocks IMHO. 

Like when Warnie keeled over just after Rod Marsh ... And now we've had the female, musical mega-star double whammy of Judith Durham and Olivia Newton-John both buying the farm (or ranch, in the latter's case). 

FFS, what are the odds? 

Real journos would be deeply curious about all these events and do some serious digging. But we don't have any in Australia now. They're all globalist narrative peddlers and fake -- or controlled -- opposition. Sad!

They just dribble the usual platitudes like Chris Kenny did here. 

I suspect that many journos have a pretty good idea of what the real story is, even if they're not clear on the details. 

I think there's something enormous going on behind the scenes that they are too terrified to tell us about. But they are dropping hints about it to their creepy mates. 

There's certainly been heaps of occult elite symbolism and related weirdness in MSM reports about ONJ in particular. Much of this one on Sunrise silently played scenes from some show she was in about Port Arthur (pre-massacre, obviously) in the background

She emerges from a "punishment cell" and stands behind the bars. Producers had countless hours of footage of her performing beautifully and chatting charmingly at their dispoal. So why make such a dark, strange editing choice?

The Failing Terrorgraph often puts symbolic incantations and specific comms into their pages. They sometimes even appear in the toons. This video has a very clear example of this

The one about the deaths of Durham and Newton-John was a case in point. 

Why the car? And why have Judith Durham driving it

Check out the little heart emojis coming out of the exhaust pipe. Are they saying the automobile runs on liquid love, or maybe another fluid? Well, petrol is kinda pink, after all ... 

In what way is this image, a flying car seen from behind, reminiscent of the movie Grease

The flick that first came to mind for me was Thelma and Louise, about two sassy chicks who fell foul of the long arm of the law. Even if you haven't seen it, you prolly know about the climactic scene in which they're surrounded by coppers on the edge of the Grand Canyon. 

Rather than surrender to them they (anti)heroically drive off into the great blue yonder together, kind of like a chick version of Butch and Sundance. 

Think the cartoonist was tryna tell a certain, select audience something ... or nah? 

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Monday, August 8, 2022

Symbolic pattern in Anne Heche car crash reports

If you've been reading this blog for a while you'll know I'm obsessed with the symbolic patterns in the MSM. I understand why some people might see these as insignificant. 

I couldn't disagree more. I believe it's worthwhile noting their presence because they point to a culture at the very apex of a globalist power pyramid. As Breitbart said: "Politics is downstream from culture." 

One colour you see a helluva lot of in the mainstream media these days is pink, along with those near it in the spectrum. I think this means different things to the occult elite. It's to do with royalty (royal purple). It's also about the pink drug that dare not speak its name. 

The coverage of that crash involving American actress Anne Heche is a case in point. Take the photo in the Independent

Not only is she wearing a distinctive pink hat; she seems to be pointing at her head. Was this a hint that she's a user of this elite drug? Or maybe it was alluding to some other link between the event and the massive hidden trade in it?

You can see a similar one used here. 

Note the background in this shot.

The New York Post uses a photo of her wearing a pink tank top, and a burgundy one during her podcast. 

Similar colour in the background here. 

Note the purple dress. 

In this shot, it appears that her lipstick has the hue they're after. It looks more like dark pink than the usual red. 

This AAP photo features a logo with different colours including purple. Also, it's a sun-like image that is vaguely reminiscent of the Masonic blazing star. It's as if light is shooting from her head. Or maybe it's meant to resemble a crown? 

Whatever the hidden meaning is, the placement is defnitely symbolic.

There were some articles without this theme, of course. However the ones listed here were those I found found first after searching the web and Twitter for reports about the accident. There's a clear trend. 

As you can see, the pattern is across many different outlets. Just as all the big "news" companies across the world get their political talking points handed down to them by the occultist creeps at the apex of the globalist power pyramid, they get their symbolic, cultural motifs and comms as well. 

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Thursday, August 4, 2022

Were the Neighbours finale producers being too clever by scarf?

I've now come to the conclusion that there's something deeply sinister about Australia's entire mainstream media industry. It's not just that it cranks out endless fake news stories, cultural Marxist cant and crap entertainment. It's a massive mind control system ultimately run by creepy occultists who are completely and utterly barking batshit mad -- as well as evil as. 

Neighbours in particular has been creeping me out big time. I don't know exactly what was going on behind the scenes all these years. But it wasn't good, I'm convinced of that

Another soapie in which evil was perpetrated behind a daggily benign exterior was Hey Dad! The star Robert Hughes has been released from jail recently, prompting the Failing Terrorgraph to describe him as "too clever by scarf". That particular story and the way it was presented suggested a whole plethora of rabbit holes

Speaking of scarves: there seem to have been an inordinate number of them in Neighbours and associated stories recently. It looks like those behind the long running soapie were -- to use the Sydney paper's phrase -- being much too clever with them. 

Take the article about how you can book a stay in an actual Ramsay Street house. Note the character's very long scarf and how he lovingly touches the red-bricked wall one last time. Walls are a Masonic image, remember. 

Another character wears a similar scarf in the actual finale. You can see it in this promo

The character played by Guy Pearce wears one as well. You can see it below, though it is obscured by his jacket in the shot. 

There may be other examples of scarf-wearing in the episode itself. I haven't watched it. But the fact that I encountered these examples merely browsing around the subject seems significant to me. There's something sinister about it because scarves are hung around the wearer's neck

All of those worn have colours in the red to pinky-purple range, too. And note the red heart-shaped package in the screenshot above. 

Of course in the context of the plot this is symbolic of the characters' love for each other. But I believe it means something very different to "those in the know". Same with this column by Michelle Obama

There has clearly been a massive uptick in the amount of heart-related imagery in the MSM in recent months. It seems that every second story has that word in the headline and/or body of the article. 

And if you look at that item above and watch the autoload video at the top, you'll see a scene in which a red balloon with a white heart symbol on it rises above the crowd then explodes in a shower of confetti, much of which is pinky-purple

To see what I think this might really about, please check out the video below. 

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