Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Australia Day is politically correct anyway ...

I find it fascinating that the usual suspects desperately want to change the date of Australia Day. The whole celebration is already politically correct as all get out. This has been the result of decades of meddling by the globalist elites, particularly through the United Nations. Don't think it's OTT to say that this nation is a democracy in name only.

I wandered down to Circular Quay during the arvo to have a look at what was going on. It was a great atmosphere with lots of families about -- and from all ethnic groups, just like on NYE -- yet the divisive effect of identity politics was clear. 

Fact that there were two flags on the Coat Hanger was prolly the most obvious example. Also, heaps of people were carrying both flags themselves. I didn't actually see where they acquired them but it seemed that they were handed out in pairs.

This whole idea of an Aboriginal nation, distinct from the rest of the country, is already well advanced with a lot of powerful interests behind it. And they're really focusing on constitutional recognition now which will have even more divisive effects if it succeeds.

Seems odd that there's such a push to "change the date". Why not have a separate day labelled Indigenous Australia Day, or something like it? (Actually they've prolly got something like this going on anyway, or at least a campaign to realize it.)

This is what's so absurd about the whole Aboriginal flag thing. The Indigenous activists want to be part of Australia Day, but separate at the same time. But while being separate, they also want to dictate what date the whole celebration -- well, actually a "day of mourning" -- is held ... WTF?

As well as annoying the crap out of everyone it's not exactly a consistent position ... 

But back to what was going on at the event itself: There was a floating screen that, among other things, showed clips on the theme of what's great about Australia. 

A dude heavily into drag was featured in one segment.

Well of course, this truly defines our nation, dunnit? The toxic masculinity of Aussie blokedom is just not who we are anymore, is it? Today's males are all so in touch with their feminine sides they actually frock up, and prance around in pubs and clubs -- or read woke fairy tales to the kiddies in libraries. Goodbye Crocodile Dundee; hello Priscilla, Queen of the Desert! FFS.

Though I shouldn't be too judgemental. There was also a video about a dude who looked a bit more "cis-het" than the drag queen. He was best mates with a bunch of koalas.

So, that seems to be the cultural trend these days. You can still be a blokey bloke, but only if you cuddle critters and help save the planet!

Those were the only two clips I saw. But I can imagine what the others were like. Bet it was the usual fare about how chicks are all "doing it for themselves" now, kicking arse in business, while simultaneously demanding "safe spaces" free from all the boy germs, etc.

Speaking of safe spaces: As is usual these days at these big events, security was paramount. 

All bags were checked for booze and potential weapons at two gates on both sides of Circular Quay. And for a couple of years now there have been bollards all around the roads leading into the area to prevent vehicular terrorism.

Obviously such measures are crucial. And I'm sure similar ones were taken decades ago, before all this divisive multi-culti stuff had really kicked in. But I'll bet they were nowhere near as severe. Back in the eighties I suspect the main potential threat revellers faced was being chundered on during the rock concert out the front of the Opera House. They certainly weren't worried about being knifed or run over by some loon yelling "Allahu Akbar!".

It's depressing that so many of our freedoms are being curtailed, and "for our own safety". Our politicians have no choice. But then they are also the ones who have helped create this mess because they have let the globalist elites meddle with the make-up and culture of our country.

One of the main ways they've done this is to encourage a sense of victimhood within various ethnic and cultural groups -- Aborigines in particular. This divisive, fear-based ideology is promoted as empowering, but it's actually the opposite. Countless people live in a mental prison as a result.

So sad, but also ironic. We started out as a penal colony, after all. 

Friday, January 24, 2020

Laura Jayes' strawman is "lit"!

Amazing to watch the lockstep behaviour of the Australian MSM. It's like absolutely all Aussie "journalists" have received a sternly worded memo telling them to keep affirming the climate emergency angle in all reporting of the bushfire crisis no matter what, and to downplay the idea that arson and ground fuel build-up were big causal factors. Most of them are dutifully complying in a simplistic, robotic way, though some are using a more nuanced approach.

Take this from Laura Jayes. It's an implied defence of the dominant PC narrative because she's throwing shade on those arson-as-cause believers who misrepresent the climate change bedwetters. As Stefan Molyneux would say, that is "not an argument".

Actually, this is a strawman in itself. It's like when Cathy Newman kept saying to Jordan Peterson: "So, what you're saying is ..." And he kept countering with: "No, I'm not. I'm saying ..."

The main accusation by the climate change skeptics (such as yours truly) levelled at warmist narrative peddlers is not that they are literally saying "climate change started the fires". It's that they refuse to acknowledge arson and ground-fuel build up at all and simply conflate AGW with the fires zif it's a done deal, and you're a bad person and bonkers to boot if you question this at all! 

That is, they don't offer a rational argument backed by data for how AGW has exacerbated the fires. If their view is correct this would be easy to do, surely. Where are all the graphs showing massive increases in temperature, wind, aridity etc as compared to previous years, and particularly in the areas worst hit, for example?

They don't do this because they can't. The changes -- if there are any -- are not that pronounced. So instead they go straight to saying the fires themselves are climate change; that Aussies in smoke-filled areas are "breathing in the evidence".

This conflation trick is a favourite of the PC Left. Take victim feminism. Criticize it, and they'll say you're being misogynist. But why does that follow? In what way are feminists representative of all chickdom? And why does not accepting a claim of victimhood mean you hate all women?

Same deal with warmism. Can't handle any scrutiny at all. So they go straight to accusations of "denialism". 

Or, like Laura Jayes does above, they try to distract and derail you with strawmen, something that seasoned PC narrative peddler Malcolm Farr uses also. 

Though, it's prolly more accurate to call this a rhetorical "iceman" instead ...

And while it may seem convincing to other converts to the climate change religion, by reminding the reader of the widespread firebuggery it just begs the question: Who were those hundreds of matchstick men who did light so many fires and what were their motivations?

That's where the real story is, surely.

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Greens desperately want ScoMo to be fired

Amazing to watch how extreme the globalist warmists -- the Greens in particular -- are becoming in their relentless campaign to dominate the narrative re the Australian bushfires. They are certainly applying the "wisdom" of Rahm Emanuel and taking it as far as it can go.

Alinsky is also a source of tactical "inspiration" for them. Remember, he said: "Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it." That target is definitely ScoMo. They're attacking him in an even more ferocious, sustained and personal way than they did Tony Abbott, which is saying something.

Also OTT, even for them, is the way they are claiming Scott Morrison is directly responsible for the fires. While much of the rhetoric is about wanting him gone from his position as PM (eg, #SackScomo) some of it clearly borders on calling for his assassination.

"We must rise up against this terrible gov't with a fury that matches these terrible fires." Gawd. They were lethal, remember.

And notice how the flames in Bandt's violent exhortation are invoked in a positive way, as a solution. He clearly sees this fire as righteous and purifying like "fire in the belly". He and his fellow travellers actually love fire because it is so destructive to the environment. It's a powerful narrative weapon; prolly the best tool they've used so far in demonizing their foes.

That's something to remember when you think of the extremely high number of arson attacks this year. Greenies have desperately been tryna pour cold water on the idea that so many were intentionally lit. Yet they have also constantly invoked this idea when blaming the Government. Remember how Jordon Steele-John pretty much labelled them arsonists back in November, even before the flood of firebuggery was clear.

Then there are all the lefties on social media constantly accusing the LNP and their supporters of lighting fires. This progressive pussy's tweets are typical.

He's clearly really fired up about this issue and appears to live in the country. (Love the name, too, BTW: "Bernum".)

It may well be that the feral twat behind this account isn't a politically motivated firebug himself. But there are surely many other idiots out there who share his psychological profile. They are as hateful as they are stupid and if they think they can do their bit for the noble cause of "saving the planet" by lighting fires (or maybe getting their kids to do it) then blaming them on "#SmoKo", why the hell wouldn't they?

Such "crazy brave" acts would make them feel clever and virtuous at the same time. And any guilt they may feel would be assuaged by the belief that the ends justifies the means. Social justice warriors always project, as we all know. 

And there are plenty of those in the MSM as well. They are another kind of useful idiot. Not only are they downplaying arson and ground fuel build-up as contributing factors, they are calling anyone who says they were the main cause bots, trolls and disinfo agents.

They are clearly terrified of this counter-narrative. But rather than see sense, grow a spine and actually do some real journalism, they prefer to double down on their climate change narrative instead. Hardly a sustainable strategy long term ...

Sunday, January 19, 2020

"Climate emergency" is an absurd concept

Any sane adult capable of rational thought can see what complete and utter bollocks this "climate emergency" is. It's not frightening at all. But the fact that so many people actually think that we're in one is the truly scary thing. 

The globalist warmists behind this whole creepy psyop have immense power and influence. They've managed to brainwash hundreds of millions -- maybe billions -- of people into believing the myth of climate change in the first place.

Then they've ratcheted up the intensity of the rhetoric to make them think that humanity is now on the verge of a planetary catastrophe. So the governments of the world need to obey all of their prescriptions, or else!

Their almost complete control of the mainstream media worldwide has been their most powerful tool in executing this psyop. They use it to create movements and trends, while falsely claiming that they're organic. 

The use of the phrase "climate emergency" itself is a case in point. Globalist warmists decided it was time to massively up the ante, so it was seeded from on high into countless articles and reports. This increase was so pronounced that Oxford Dictionaries (also part of the MSM) made it "the word of 2019". The bedwetters at The Guardian dutifully kept the momentum going by "reporting" this fact.

If you're a credulous idiot who's been spooked as intended by the endless doomsaying you won't be able to see the agenda, so you'll believe this to be yet more evidence that the whole phenomenon is dinkum. Hell, if so many people are saying this is real it must be, right?

Notice also how the photo chosen is one of a fire, like so many they use now in stories about this so-called "climate emergency". Obviously, fires themselves aren't direct examples of climatic phenomena. They must be ignited, most likely by direct human action (intended or accidental). So the conflation is a lie in itself. 

But the sneaky scumbags have form for this kind of thing. They are always creating false equivalences, then reinforcing them over and over. Another example: criticize Islam and you're "racist". But Islam is not a race!

With the scary concept well and truly part of the collective consciousness they then launched a very specific campaign to terrify children. Just shows how low they will go.

Greta Thunberg was the main element in this utterly cynical ploy. She's so obviously a puppet yet the MSM laughably presents her rise as resulting solely from kids' widespread concern about the planet's future.

The global "climate strikes" such as the ones held in Sydney (where the above photo was taken) were a further extension of this massive deception. They were clearly organized by adults, yet portrayed in the MSM as if they were purely a result of childhood activism.

There are numerous examples of the concept being invoked in the corporate world as well. In some cases this seems to be marketing departments attempting to "cash in" on this engineered state of panic. But I suspect it's mostly the result of top-down directives from the globalists who ultimately own these businesses. Their tentacles are absolutely everywhere!

Worse, they are only just getting started. Just as the massive lie of human-caused climate change laid the foundation to launch the crazier "climate emergency" they can now leverage the current state of panic to demand "climate trials" for so-called "climate criminals".

Definitely worth remembering that great line from Voltaire: "Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities."

Which is why I hope that everyone who's been conned by this campaign finally wakes up and realizes that there really is no emergency. Compared to all the other natural forces affecting climate we humans are basically weak as piss, a mere drop in the ocean, after all.

Thursday, January 16, 2020

Fire works for the globalist warmists, but not for New Year's Eve

Australia Day is fast approaching and the usual suspects have begun their malicious campaign to demonize it  and our whole history by association. They simply never let up in their efforts to destroy Western civilization and they were of course hard at it in the lead-up to the New Year's Eve celebrations a coupla weeks back as well.

You'll recall that they bitched and moaned about how inappropriate the fireworks were given the fact that the entire nation was consumed by the fire resulting from this "climate emergency". I thought this was highly ironic given that the whole crisis has been engineered by those above them in the globalist power pyramid -- not that they're aware of this, mind. Most leftist greenies are merely useful idiots, as we all know. 

It must have so enraged them that they couldn't get their way and have the fireworks cancelled. But as well as the widespread support for this long running Sydney institution too much time, effort and money had been put into its planning for it to be cancelled. The fact that a green globalist herself, Clover Moore, most likely made the final decision to run the event as planned is testament to this.

She certainly made the right decision and even though the smoke haze was palpable in the afternoon as crowds gathered, there was still a massive turnout as you can see here. The doomsayers' desperate "climate emergency" rhetoric hadn't managed to spook the normies into staying home. 

Something else that was notable about this event (as it is every year): the sheer number of non-white people who attend. Of course Sydney's population, like that of all Australian cities, is massively multi-ethnic. But it does seem to be that those of non-European descent make up a substantial majority of the crowd. From what I can tell they seem a little bit more enthusiastic about attending than white Aussies, generally speaking.

You might get a slightly higher percentage of white Aussies lobbing at Australia Day celebrations than for the NYE fireworks. But the crowds are certainly yugely diverse for them too.

If the PC Left are correct, and this is such a racist country, then why do so many people come here from Asia, Africa and South America to begin with? And when they are here, why do they lob at our nationalistic celebrations in such high numbers?

The non-white normies of Oz certainly don't buy this climate emergency bollocks, or the idea that Australia Day is an 'orrible, racist festival of hate.

Pretty funny that those pushing these narratives are overwhelmingly smug, privileged whitey-tighties. The shrieking muppets are being cynically used in a diabolical globalist psyop -- the warmist aspect of which is described below. The fact that it doesn't seem to be working on the wider population gives me hope for the future of this country. 

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Malcolm Turnbull, Anthony Albanese et al echo Rahm Emanuel

There's a famous quote by dirty Democrat fixer Rahm Emanuel that I'm sure you've all heard. He said "you never want a crisis to go to waste".

Makes perfect sense, dunnit? After all, when everything is in a state of flux and the usual checks and balances don't apply you can often, er, Rahm through heaps of stuff you otherwise could not.

It's not exactly a revelation that people in politics would think this way, of course. But I suspect the line is so well known because it's such a brazen, clear endorsement of cynical opportunism.

That's why I think this article by Malcolm Turnbull is so notable. He's explicitly echoing Emanuel's wording, not just his sentiment.

He's presenting his exhortation to ScoMo as an overwhelmingly good, compassionate, ethical thing to do, natch. There's no mention of how he and his mates have invested so much money in renewables, not to mention all the creepy top-down cultural control that a "green new deal" would afford.

The Miserable Ghost wasn't the only one aggressively applying Emanuel's maxim during the current crisis. Among others, Anthony Albanese has milked the disaster in various ways, including feeding fireys for MSM exposure.

And in an ultra-cynical move he suggested making the first day of Parliament one of mourning. Such brazen virtue signalling was clearly designed to draw attention to himself, and make him seem totes big-hearted. Gawd, what a sanctimonious squeezer ...

He also knows that ScoMo is almost certain to reject the suggestion in favour of just getting back to work. Then Albo and his fellow opportunists in Labor can puff themselves up with faux indignation and wail about how heartless he is. As nauseating as it is predictable.

He likes to think of himself as a no-nonsense straight-talker. But it's obvious to anyone with any sense that he's as devious and calculating as they come -- just another brazen opportunist exploiting human suffering for his own ends.

Speaking of which, Christine Milne is also seizing on this disaster to push for a radical restructuring of the Australian economy and society.

Fascinating that she invokes militarism given that she's spent so many years proclaiming her pacifism. As well as showing her up as a massive fake, the tweet also gives an insight into her deeply misanthropic mindset.

If this disaster is like WW2, and we must take this "huge opportunity to mobilise the whole country" then who is the equivalent of the Axis powers led by Hitler?

Hmm. Well, it's just us, innit? You know, the millions of normies who use eeevil fossil fuels to power our lives, thereby creating this "climate emergency" ...

So, she's basically declaring war on humanity. But don't worry, it's not like she's a dangerous extremist or anything. She's a nice little lady who truly cares. And she only wants the best for us -- no, really she does!


Monday, January 13, 2020

Warmist conspiracy theory: "Denialists" conspiring to link fires to arson

Who doesn't love a good conspiracy theory? I know I do. Being a truther is top fun! It's certainly waaay more interesting and entertaining than watching the mainstream media. That's just the approved PC narrative. Sure, they get it right occasionally, because even a busted clock is right twice a day (or rather, once a day since everything is digitally displayed now).

Activists posing as journalists make a point of telling us how authoritative their sources are, and to be wary of all that evil "fake news" created by big bad meanies colluding to hoodwink the public to achieve nefarious ends. Which is actually just another conspiracy theory when you think about it ...

Take what's happening in the MSM right now regarding the claim that arson, not climate change, is the main cause of the catastrophic Australian bushfires.

The idea that firebugs were largely to blame is very well supported. Look at this roundup of primary reports about these incidents. And remember it only goes up to January 5, which is one week ago now.

And these are just the people who've been caught. Think how easy it would be to get away with arson in the country. There are sure to be many more who lit fires undetected. 

Is it any wonder that righties like yours truly suspect that this was a coordinated campaign, and that globalist warmist activists were ultimately behind it -- particularly when you consider that there was all that ground fuel resulting from years of batshit Greens policies?

But of course this explanation is anathema to the PC warmist line, and so it must be crushed, and with extreme prejudice! (And that's prejudice purporting to be objectivity, natch.)

The above screenshot sums up the PC Left's reaction just beautifully, IMHO. In it, a self-described environmentalist and campaigner (ie, green activist) retweets a well known Australian arts journalist (ie, certified wankpuffin).

It's loaded with even more irony than the forest had ground-fuel. The greenie notes a "coordinated disinformation campaign" pushing a "greenie-arsonist conspiracy". And the wankpuffin, in true truther style, says "the jigsaw pieces are starting to fit together". It's "a proper disinformation attack"!

That old saying "it takes one to know one" comes to mind here ... The question is, whose conspiracy theory seems more plausible?

Well, according to the greenie-wankpuffin theory I'm a co-conspirator. I'm one of the jigsaw pieces, a scheming member of alt-right media.

Hang on. I'm just a dude with a blog, saying what he reckons. That's why I know this line is bollocks.

I also know there are plenty of others who've come to similar conclusions about the fires, especially on Twitter. We're not colluding. We're just thinking for ourselves and speaking our minds.

But acknowledging that is verboten if you're a warmist. No, they always play the man, not the ball. They immediately look for ways to discredit their opponents, and impugn their motives. They will demonize and dehumanize them if possible. Hence the "organized bot attacks" angle shown below. 

So funny. This leftie tweep is calling real people (one of them a farmer herself and the other a blue check celebrity) "bot hives". And the tweep he's replying to is one of their ABC's narrative peddlers.

It's hilarious that Kevin here is desperately tryna dodgy up this denialist conspiracy angle by looking for online "ignition points" while assiduously avoiding the inconvenient truth about the actual ignition of many of the fires themselves.

And notice how he actually admits using software to map out this digital conspiracy; software that he openly tells his online helper dude (who I'm sure is not a climate scientist, or even an IT expert for that matter) he finds unreliable. So, he's using crap software to identify real people as, er, malicious software. Oh, the irony! 

You'd hope he'd have a little bit more professional pride, wouldn't you? But no. He does work for their ABC, remember ...

I suppose when the narrative is all, it really doesn't matter how you manage to support it. The important thing is to have something that makes it look like you've done some dinkum research, not just a coupla hours of dodgy bot-fockery. Because once you've got it up online your fellow right-on robodolts can use it as well -- often adding their own touches -- thereby massively magnifying its reach.

When were they ever debunked? And notice how the bots and trolls angle is featured. Also, the article includes the usual ad hom tactic of using tar baby Alex Jones, implying that if he supports the arson theory it couldn't possibly be correct. 

But hang on. What if it is right? It's always the claim itself that's most important and should be examined on its own merits, not the person who makes it.

Not surprisingly, the usual suspects in Hollywood are already peddling the same message about how the arson angle has zero credibility. 

Why, it's almost as if they're all controlled by the same forces, innit? Yeah, well, that's because they are.

It's fascinating how this "denialist conspiracy" being pushed by the warmists is so similar to the Russian collusion line that the entire MSM ran for years (and many "journos" still cling to) about how Trump won the 2016 election. Bots and online disinfo campaigns were a big part of that false narrative as well, remember.

Fact that the usual suspects keep relying on such batshit conspiracy theories is pretty funny. But it's also a real worry. That's because countless normies still get their sense of reality from the mainstream media. When the whole corrupt structure inevitably falls apart a lot of them are just not gonna cope. They'll prolly go barking mad, I suspect ...

Friday, January 10, 2020

Hollywood, Hillary and their ABC all on same page re fires. I wonder why?

We've long known that Hollywood is totes crazy. It's chockas with narcissists who have some very weird beliefs, after all.

It's also clear that politics has more than its fair share of people who are utterly full of themselves, and wanna pass laws to directly change their nation's economy and culture, as well as many other aspects of it. Politics is showbiz for ugly people, as the saying goes.

Then there's the MSM. Local "journalists" "report" on the goings on in Canberra, but they consider themselves players, too. Why else would a bunch of bloviating, up-themselves twats at their ABC have a show called Insiders?

But the reason you see such a strong common theme throughout these institutions is not just because they tend to attract yugely deluded arsehats who get off on bossing people around. It's also because they are all part of a massive, global mind-control system that has been built up over many decades.

This diabolical operation is clearly in overdrive in relation to the ongoing bushfire crisis here in Australia. Remember that the whole issue of catastrophic human-caused climate change is a gigantic lie whose main purpose is to con the normies of the world into not just accepting but demanding top down, centralized one world government.

The same globalist Cabal that has created this con totally controls Hollywood. They've carefully chosen people they know they can manipulate, then lifted them into the upper echelons of a pyramid-like culture, telling the masses that they're there solely because of their massive talent and deep compassion. That's why the sanctimonious freaks are so fond of delivering political messages during awards ceremonies.

And that's exactly what's happened at this year's Golden Globes.

They are of course flogging the whole AGW line, which is that climate change is to blame for the fires when it's utterly obvious to any sane adult that widespread arson attacks (most likely engineered by this same evil Cabal) are the main primary cause. And the globalist Greens-caused ground-fuel build-up has ensured that they have raged so widely and with such intensity.

In lock-step with her vacuous fellow travellers in Tinsel Town, Swamp-creature Hillary Clinton is also dutifully promoting this utterly fraudulent narrative. 

Numerous blue check slebs are doing the same on Twitter. Bette Midler has been banging the drum harder than most.

Here in the Australian MSM we have a more nuanced approach, but still dodgy as all get out. Take this activist purporting to be a journalist, who is so typical of the robodolts "employed" (at our expense!) at Australian Fake News HQ in Ultimo.

While he's not paid to act, sing, or dance he's still dutifully reading from the "climate emergency" script. It's been planted deep into his consciousness and dominates all his reactions related to this subject.

He simply can't handle any resistance to his puerile warmist PC line, so sneeringly dismisses it as coming from "bots" or "fucking idiots". He thinks he's a somebody, and they're all nobodies.

The creepy control system has never been clearer. Ricky Gervais' glorious monologue was powerful in revealing the machinations of the Hollywood aspect of it.

I talk about how it operates in this video. Particular thoughts on its likely collapse are at about the 7 minute mark. After the massive red pill that squillions of viewers got from watching the intro to the Golden Globes, I think this might happen faster than I expected!

Thursday, January 9, 2020

Is green globalist Clover Moore trying to tell us something?

I've become increasingly interested in symbolism in recent months. This has mainly been due to following the whole Q phenomenon. One of this mysterious Trump-connected insider's favourite phrases is "their symbolism will be their downfall".

And the people he's talking about are the globalist Cabal. These are the super-rich and powerful movers and shakers who have been controlling the world from the shadows for ages. They are forever dodgying up events to con the normies into believing their bollocks so that they can fleece them big time and manipulate them en masse, often simultaneously. 

Their ultimate long term goal is to create a one world government or "New World Order". They have favourite symbols associated with the many institutions, companies, and even political parties that they control. One of these is the pyramid. You'll often see it with the "Eye of Providence" at the top, although not always.

The whole climate change scam is perhaps the biggest psyop they've been running. So it's not surprising that you see their symbolism in the Greens logo.

A lot of people might think that this is too long a bow. But it's quite clear that the Greens long for one world government. Party founder Bob Brown has repeatedly invoked the concept, most memorably (and laughably) when he gave his "fellow Earthians" speech. And they're always demanding that we commit to various UN agreements. The UN (like the EU) is clearly a precursor to global government.

Note that the pyramid is superimposed on a green circle, which I'm pretty sure is meant to represent the Earth itself. This is reminiscent of this monument in Blagnac, France, underneath which is a mosaic of the globe.

While Sydney Lord Mayor Clover Moore calls herself an "independent" she is most definitely a greenie and a globalist. As well as her daft initiatives -- such as the bike paths that take up so much space yet so few people actually use -- she places environmentally-themed installations around the city, along with highly symbolic public art.

This is the most recent example, which I saw just last night. It's in Martin Place, and as you can see it's clearly meant to represent a pyramid, and a very green one at that.

You can see that it is placed right next to the Cenotaph. I don't think this is an accident. PC Lefties are always subverting Western civilization and culture. And one method they often use is to place their own monuments and art works near more traditional, historical ones. Clover herself has form for this.

Interestingly, the green pyramid is located exactly where the big Christmas tree was.

Even that massive structure was reminiscent of a pyramid. And nearby decorations seemed to evoke the Tower of Babel. (The latter is another favourite symbol of the globalist elite, BTW. The EU Parliament Building clearly resembles it. And another well known Sydney-sider, Shakespearian actor John Bell, was clearly alluding to this myth by naming his theatre company after Nimrod.)

Of course the display could simply be perceived and enjoyed as a really big Christmas tree. On the surface that's exactly what it was! But given that Clover is such a well known cultural Marxist I suspected that she was communicating something else with it -- even if only to her fellow travellers.

The fact that this display has now been replaced with something that is blatantly representative of a pyramid means I was on the right track when I made the video below. 

Monday, January 6, 2020

It's the Greens' fault that lefties have no self-awareness

As the fires continue to rage across Australia and it becomes increasingly obvious to any sane adult that arson and massive ground fuel loads are the main causes of them greenies and lefties are getting worried. They are starting to realize that people are not buying their "climate emergency" narrative anymore, even though the MSM keeps dutifully cranking it out round the clock.

If they had any self-awareness they would start to suspect that maybe their own behaviour might have had something to do with this. But being the obnoxious narcissists they are, they haven't even started to do that. 

They just do what they always do: double down and deny any responsibility. The hashtag #ItsTheGreensFault is an example of this.

It was quite obvious from the get-go that some sneering hipster created it, thinking it would be a winner for the party of SHY, Bandt and DiNatale. It would give the Twitter trollective an opportunity to sarcastically put down the "climate change denialists" and thereby enforce warmist goodthink as well as point tweeps to articles about how Greens activism over many years had not resulted in an absolutely massive ground fuel load, as widely believed.

But the problem with that strategy is that trust in the mainstream media is collapsing by the day. More and more normies are doing their own thinking and joining the dots. They are waking up to the terrible truth that this whole crisis is a yuge psyop. The Greens (and globalist, warmist major parties to a lesser degree) are a big part of the set-up. Arsonists are the direct cause. And the MSM's role is to push the "climate emergency" BS. This multi-pronged approach just doesn't fool the majority anymore. 

So it backfired on them. Lots of Aussie tweeps used the hashtag unironically, causing further consternation.

Alexandra lives in the country. She knows what she's taking about. Greens are to blame, and everyone there knows it. And they are filthy mad about it.

Also, the fact that so many greenies and their fellow travellers were joking when using this hashtag was revealing in itself.

I mean, FFS. Just look at these puerile offerings.

These jokers are always quacking on about how much they care for flora, fauna, and humanity yet as the lethal firestorms continued to rage across the nation they made these smug, snarky little quips. Yet again, they proved the point that conservatives like Andrew Bolt keep making: they're more callous than compassionate. 

And I'm sure it's not just rusted-on righties who can see this. Many political fence-sitters are no doubt alarmed by their pettiness, puerility and indifference to suffering as well. 

When I tweeted on the subject, I got a lot of snarky responses. But almost all of them were witless personal attacks. Not one was anywhere near being an actual counter-argument.

I'm sure none of the bong-suckling ferals at Extinction Rebellion demos who glue themselves to roads are climate science and forestry management experts either. Would this person give them the same advice?

#ItsTheGreensFault this cuddly little critter can't see the irony of invoking the cognitively challenged -- surely an oppressed, marginalized minority deserving of compassion -- as somehow defective in an ad hom attack on an opponent, rather than address the substance of his tweet.

#ItsTheGreensFault that dopey John Birmingham thinks that saying someone can't get laid is a clever retort when it's the oldest, laziest and dumbest one in the book.

Using bestial imagery to try and belittle someone critical of the Greens is prolly not such a good idea given that a prominent party member was "philosopher" Peter Singer, an animal rights advocate and defender of zoophilia. 

I thought these two comebacks were the most revealing of all. The first looks very much like projection, and the second a kind of approval of arson. 

All these malignant, retarded responses add weight to the point I was making in this video.