Friday, June 26, 2015

Zaky Mallah fanboi Jonathan Holmes beclowns himself on Lateline

So funny to watch ABC luvvies contort themselves into all manner of excruciating positions so as not to have to concede that planting Zaky Mallah in the Q and A audience was a stunningly stupid thing to do and a flagrant act of bias. There have been numerous examples of this including Mark Scott's weaseling and a debate between Jonathan Holmes and Gerard Henderson on Lateline.

Holmes was hilarious. He wasn't just trying to justify the decision to plant Mallah on the show so he could ambush Ciobo. He was almost speaking for him. It was like he was the convicted criminal's biggest fan. He was saying: "You've got it all wrong. This guy's just a pacifist. He's an ally in the fight against ISIS. Leave Zaky alone!"

So passionate was the former Media Watch presenter's defence of poor misunderstood Zacky that the man himself expressed his appreciation on Twitter. (And as Julie Bishop would no doubt attest, those emojis don't lie.)

Without a doubt there are many other wrong-headed bolshies in lockstep with Holmes. Sheesh, if Mallah keeps garnering their support he could wind being the only al Qaeda sympathizer to become a martyr without having to blow himself up.

That kind of laudatory attention may make Mallah himself less of a "loose cannon". Actually, could even snare him a nice cozy job as a Fairfax columnist. But it could well inspire some other, more hot-headed loon to go over the line and do something crazy for the Caliphate cause. If that's the case then Holmes and his ilk will have to share some of the blame. 

Hell, they say that the Govt publicly warning of the terror risk is adding fuel to the fire of Islamist anger. Then they claim that giving a platform to a terrorist sympathizer so he can implicitly endorse jihad (to crowd applause) is the opposite. Eh? To top it off they then cast Mallah as the victim in a violation of free speech! As usual the outrage is very selective and the leftist "logic" is so arse-about it's unbelievable.

Watch the Lateline debate and you'll see what happens to a lefty when confronted with facts, common sense and reason. They can't handle it at all. Vampires cope with garlic better.

You'll also see the well known primitive tribal allegiance of lefties kick in as Emma Alberici joins forces with her bolshie fellow traveller and rudely hectors Henderson. Yet more life imitating satire from their ABC.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

The Killing Season reveals Labor's toxic cult of narcissism

Like pretty much every other political tragic in Oz I was glued to the teev the last three Tuesday nights watching The Killing Season. My eyes were agog and jaw was on the floor the whole time. Just couldn't believe the vindictive shenanigans these scheming, screaming, bloodthirsty backstabbers were engaging in for the entire duration of those six ghastly, traumatic years.

Sure, I experienced them at the time like the rest of you. But back then I was repeatedly recoiling in horror and struggling with a persistent feeling of defilement. Not privy to the internal machinations that produced such gruesome dysfunction I, like the other 23 million or so exasperated souls of this poor, afflicted nation, was simply trying to survive the ordeal day to day.

But now, with the adults back in charge and much of the bloody, toxic mess mopped up, we can look back at those events with only occasional surges of nausea. And The Killing Season certainly laid them out in compelling detail. Watching it was akin to being a survivor of a real train wreck being shown a documentary detailing every little mechanical and human error that led to your violent brush with death a couple of years after it occurred. Therapeutic is not too strong a word.

There were numerous serious cultural problems in Labor that the doco made clear. But one of the main ones was the stunning self-centredness of so many of the players.

Many have said that Kevin Rudd himself is a classic narcissist. And I think that's probably true. But almost every other Labor pollie seemed to be just as narcissistic as Rudd, of not more so. And if that man's affliction has shame at its root, theirs was driven by shamelessness.

Take Tony Burke detailing his coded telegraphing of support to Gillard pre-knifing. Then there was Sam Dastyari calling himself by his nickname, "Dasher". And they both actually played themselves in re-enactments!

These childish, self-indulgent arsehats seemed completely out of their league. But alarmingly they weren't at all. They were the league's undisputed champs. They'd done all the hard yards to reach positions of real power in Labor, and had exercized it.

Given how traumatic those events were -- and their respective roles in them -- you'd think they might be a bit reluctant to relive them, or at least be more guarded in interviews. But nup. These guys just lapped up the attention as if that excruciating period was some sort of wild, intoxicating adventure -- which it was for them, I suppose.

There's a saying that "politics is showbiz for ugly people". Of course that's meant to mean that it's a kind of theatre, and perceptions are important -- though not paramount.

But in the Australian Labor Party they seem to think that showbiz is all politics is. It has clearly lost its foundation of concern for workers, the marginalized, and the generally hard done by. It's now completely infested with young ambitious fools whose only goal is glory, power and adulation. No longer even the dregs of the middle class, they seem to be the castaways from Big Brother auditions.

That's very sad. And you really have to wonder how the hell it's gonna reform itself.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Adam Goodes' war dance and the Left's racism of low expectations

The Aussie Left's reaction to the Adam Goodes war dance controversy was so predictable, and revealing. Their prejudice against non-Anglos (Aborigines in particular) is just so entrenched they can never bring themselves to judge them according to standards they routinely hold whitey to.

Abbott winks during a radio interview and they go batshit insane with rage. Adam Goodes mimes chucking a spear at crowd and that's just a dance; a celebration of his culture.

Be great if there were some consistency. I'm all for seeing Goodes' contribution as benign. But then let's not get upset about people miming the slitting of throats or firing imaginary guns.

Truth is, little gestures can mean a lot. And why are some seen as okay when others not? The reasons are usually to do with highly emotive selective double standards defined and enforced by the bullying Left.

The quenelle is a symbol widely seen as anti-semitic. And at least one Pommy soccer player copped a bollocking for using it on-field, though he claimed it was not meant maliciously.

In these days of Islamic State even the holding up of an index finger can mean something sinister. Imagine if a Muslim footy player did that on field here. Lefties would be so torn, wouldn't they? Thankfully, most of them now concede that ISIS are a bunch of fascist barbarians. But given pinkos' gutless kowtowing to mindless PC dogmas, they'd be loathe to condemn it for fear of being labelled "racist".

But back to Goodes: Sadly, the man himself has decided to opt into the patronising racism of low expectations perpetuated by the overwhelmingly Anglo Left. He hides behind his race like so many feminists hide behind their skirts. How tragically piss-weak.

He goes out of his way to provoke and enrage. When he gets that reaction, he says, "Hey what's the problem? What I did was benign. You're being racist." Sooo childish; so passive aggressive.

While Goodes is crying victim, pundits, commentators and tweeps aplenty keep blurting feel-good tosh on this subject. Many have said that we (and I always wonder who they mean by "we") should embrace his war dance. This sentiment is typical:
Given the astonishingly divisive, vindictive and litigious nature of the captains of the Aboriginal Industry in Australia, you've gotta wonder how they'd react to such a development. Odds are they'd say that Anglo players performing it was act of cultural dispossession in itself and therefore racist.

The Welcome to Country ceremony is another Aboriginal ritual. Imagine if whiteys started performing it without authorization before major events. Outraged activists would unleash the dogs of law for sure!

That's why comparisons with the Kiwi Haka are meaningless. Firstly, it's a ritual that's performed by all players, Anglos included. Also, it's aimed mainly at the opposing team, not the crowd.

Goodes himself performed his war dance in a racially loaded way at the spectators, by his own admission (then backed away from this, the jellyback). Gawd does this guy have some issues when it comes to the crowd! When a 13 year old girl yells "ape" at him (in a way she says was not racist -- and why shouldn't we believe her?) he has her singled out by security, and slimes her as racist before the whole nation. The poor kid will be scarred for life.

But when he mimes waving a spear at the crowd we're all supposed to say how spiritual and wonderful he is; what a role model for his people, etc, etc, ad nauseam.

This guy can really dish it out, including to children. But he he sure as hell can't take it. What a coward. What a bully. And what a typical tool of the Left.