Friday, June 26, 2015

Zaky Mallah fanboi Jonathan Holmes beclowns himself on Lateline

So funny to watch ABC luvvies contort themselves into all manner of excruciating positions so as not to have to concede that planting Zaky Mallah in the Q and A audience was a stunningly stupid thing to do and a flagrant act of bias. There have been numerous examples of this including Mark Scott's weaseling and a debate between Jonathan Holmes and Gerard Henderson on Lateline.

Holmes was hilarious. He wasn't just trying to justify the decision to plant Mallah on the show so he could ambush Ciobo. He was almost speaking for him. It was like he was the convicted criminal's biggest fan. He was saying: "You've got it all wrong. This guy's just a pacifist. He's an ally in the fight against ISIS. Leave Zaky alone!"

So passionate was the former Media Watch presenter's defence of poor misunderstood Zacky that the man himself expressed his appreciation on Twitter. (And as Julie Bishop would no doubt attest, those emojis don't lie.)

Without a doubt there are many other wrong-headed bolshies in lockstep with Holmes. Sheesh, if Mallah keeps garnering their support he could wind being the only al Qaeda sympathizer to become a martyr without having to blow himself up.

That kind of laudatory attention may make Mallah himself less of a "loose cannon". Actually, could even snare him a nice cozy job as a Fairfax columnist. But it could well inspire some other, more hot-headed loon to go over the line and do something crazy for the Caliphate cause. If that's the case then Holmes and his ilk will have to share some of the blame. 

Hell, they say that the Govt publicly warning of the terror risk is adding fuel to the fire of Islamist anger. Then they claim that giving a platform to a terrorist sympathizer so he can implicitly endorse jihad (to crowd applause) is the opposite. Eh? To top it off they then cast Mallah as the victim in a violation of free speech! As usual the outrage is very selective and the leftist "logic" is so arse-about it's unbelievable.

Watch the Lateline debate and you'll see what happens to a lefty when confronted with facts, common sense and reason. They can't handle it at all. Vampires cope with garlic better.

You'll also see the well known primitive tribal allegiance of lefties kick in as Emma Alberici joins forces with her bolshie fellow traveller and rudely hectors Henderson. Yet more life imitating satire from their ABC.


  1. Best shit storm of the year so far :)

  2. Take the name 'Zaky Mallah' out of this entire story and replace it with 'Fred Nile'. Leave everything else as is - yes, I know, that requires considerable suspension of disbelief. But can you imagine any sensible person accepting the ABC's claims of 'Didn't know who he was, didn't know what he stood for' if Rev Fred had been allowed to speak? Fred has been around a while longer than Zaky but what Zaky lacks in longevity he more than makes up for with notoriety.
    Five production staff had contact with the Mallah clown AND they provided transport to get him to the studio. And through all of that nobody questioned him. Nobody even started up a conversation. They all thought 'He's just this guy, you know'.
    They should have just said 'Yeah, we did it and screw you!' But that's more honesty than we've a right to expect, perhaps.