Monday, December 30, 2019

Globalist warmists need to get in the bin!

The older I get the more I realize that the grand goal of all politically correct leftism (cultural Marxism) is global domination. Most who subscribe to this mind-numbing ideology prolly aren't looking that far ahead -- they're just obeying orders. But the creepy control freaks at the top of the power pyramid most definitely are.

When you accept that all their campaigns are connected by this aim much of the craziness going on in the world today makes a weird kinda sense. All the PC madness -- global warmism in particular -- is ultimately about eroding the distinct character and identity of each and every nation so that evil megalomaniacs can replace them all with a top-down, centralized, totalitarian control system or "New World Order".

The whole idea is creepy and wrong, obviously. It's very clear that this is the final goal from lefties' overwhelming support for supranational bodies like the European Union and the United Nations. And this comes through loud and clear in the symbolism and imagery they use in their promotional posters.

Living in a very left-leaning area (Sydney's inner west) I see a lot of this -- particularly on rubbish bins. Check out the one I saw recently next to Petersham Station.

Notice how both the ads invoke the idea of globalism -- the first verbally and the second visually.

Just on the big blue inflatable globe pictured in the bottom poster: I think this was actually the one that was being bounced around at last year's Climate Strike demo outside the Sydney Town Hall. I was there and captured the scene on video.

It occurred when uber-warmist Clover Moore addressed the tragically brainwashed yoof before her. Sound isn't great but you can actually hear her refer to it. She says: "That's what we're here for ... We're here for the globe; we're here for the planet."

Yeah, riiight! The kids may have had that goal, having sincerely believed the warmist con. But for politicians like Clover Moore it's just the brazen claim you make to get what you really want: power over the masses. (Speaking of which, you can see Kerryn Phelps on the dais with her. It's well known that they absolutely hate each other's guts. Says heaps that the thing that enabled them to briefly bury the hatchet was their shared lust for control of the minds of sprogs gained by telling them massive lies about the impending climate apocalypse. Sad!)

Sooo depressing that someone so clearly deranged has been elected as Lord Mayor, and several times. She claims at the end of the vid that she is on track to ensure the City of Sydney is powered by 100% renewables by 2020. She is clearly thinking globally, but acting locally. This makes her daft and comical.

But imagine if she had real power on the world stage to realize her utopian dreams? Think of the massive damage she would do, without giving it a second thought. Terrifying!

Sunday, December 22, 2019

MSM, greenies push "climate emergency" con to hide truth about fires

The longer this whole fire crisis continues, the more I'm convinced it's a giant psyop. The sheer number of arson attacks this year is really suss and should be the actual story that the mainstream media are investigating, and aggressively. But as usual they are cranking out the fake news.

The big "story" is how so many people are totes angry with ScoMo because he buggered off to Hawaii with his family as the fires raged. But this crowd is not representative of the rest of Oz. They are mostly the usual whining lefties on social media. And if they care so much why don't they help put out fires themselves, like Tony Abbott does every year?

No way. Too much effort. And not only do they (and the media) ignore Tony for doing this, they've even been known to condemn him for it. If ScoMo had joined Abbott they would've mocked him for that too.

The Greens have seized on the PM's absence and exploited it aggressively, natch.

The "response that is above politics" he wants is official commitment to insane emissions targets that will hand billions of dollars to already filthy rich oligarchs and do absolutely nothing to solve this problem of gobal warming -- because it doesn't fricken exist!

Dick's angle here reminds me of Tim Costello saying "climate action isn't political, it's being held hostage by politics and we need to free it". It's a typical leftie con. It's meant to trick us into believing that they have our best interests at heart, when the opposite is true.

They always use deception (alternated with intimidation) because they know they can't win the argument. So, this is a way of getting what they want (top down control over us) without actually having one.

Mr Skivvy has many fellow travellers in the MSM who help push the whole scam by constantly invoking emotions -- prolly unknowingly because they're such child-brained muppets. "That ScoMo is such a big bad meanie. So heartless!"

The big outlets also keep peddling more general lies about this "climate emergency", employing an old fave, false equivalence. Take this story. Obviously smoke blanketing a city of millions for weeks on end is a massive public health problem. But the smoke is the result of fires, caused in major part by arson.

If a doctor or other medical professional believes climate change is the cause of them and that climate action (ie pretty much crippling our entire economy by shifting to piss-weak, unreliable renewables) is the solution then he's not being rational and has let his emotions take over. Shouldn't be trusted with any other diagnosis, IMHO.

The fact that so many of them dutifully promote this bollocks narrative shows the terrifying extent to which warmists have hijacked institutions -- and surely the mainstream media is the most converged of these. It's basically the globalists' propaganda arm. So when Doug Cameron tweets this it's pretty ironic.

That's because the mainstream media itself is a shallow stunt in the sense that it's fake as and not the truly independent, fearless collective of truth seeking investigative journalists it purports to be.

In any case Labor pollies have form for shallow media stunts. Hot Albo himself has been performing them in recent days.

More thoughts.

Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Opportunistic lefties fan the flames of warmist insanity!

Lefties are just sooo predictable, aren't they? FFS, they are like wind-up toys. They are always on the lookout for things to be offended and/or outraged about. And when something bad happens it's absolutely the worst thing ever; invariably the fault of the patriarchy, white males, capitalism, nationalism, etc.

Their behaviour is so simplistic and one-dimensional it's really quite alarming. I used to see them as ideologically indoctrinated, but I now think that completely brainwashed is more accurate. Their puerile shenanigans are the result of a decades long psyop by a truly evil cabal of globalist scumbags, not just an excess of wrongheaded zeal. Their minds are not their own, the poor little poppets!

Nothing illustrates this more clearly than their reaction to "man-made global warming", which any sane adult can tell is not an issue.

Of course they all fervently believe that it's the main driver of the terrible fires now raging across much of Australia. They also think that the obvious solution to this dire situation is to assemble in a pack and get really shouty. (Given how loudly they whinge even on their quiet days, this is saying something.)

I find this fascinating. Even if they are correct with their, er, analysis, what do they think that poncing about en masse, shrieking their increasingly extreme demands will achieve? It's not like we (and the pollies we've elected) don't know what they want. FFS, it's all we ever hear via the mainstream media -- which is of course a major tool of this sinister psyop.

It's like they have no idea that people might have actually thought long and hard about these issues and come to a different conclusion, and this is why they disagree. They seem to believe that there can only be one way of looking at the world and this must be obeyed at all times and any divergence from it is verboten!

This is another reason I think that calling them mind-controlled is accurate. It's one thing to have firm beliefs, but to believe that everyone on Earth has to follow suit is not just undemocratic but robotic. 

Even when they're not just zombies repeating retarded slogans they're absurdly OTT. Many are so determined to milk the fires for warmist, er, hot points it's really quite creepy.  

I live in Sydney. Yes, the smoke has been very thick on some days. It's obviously bad for our health. And you do see some people wearing gas masks. But it's not "apocalyptic" -- not by a long shot.

Also, what are the odds that this hipster sleb is pro-choice? Pretty high, I reckon. Yet here he invokes concern for the rights of the unborn ... You often see this from warmists who are also abortion supporters. They'll crack the sads about future generations when bloviating about climate change, but ditch that angle completely when it comes to a woman's right to choose (to have her baby offed). It's another soullessly predictable behaviour that's pretty disturbing.

Speaking of which, this dude is practically rubbing his hands with glee.

How's that for brazen opportunism? He hopes to see lawsuits against the Oz Govt for what might happen to NZ glaciers due to fires caused in major part by arsonists, and exacerbated by ground fuel build-up caused by Greens policies. Ice work if you can get it ...

Desperation to appear woke in the face of the fires can be a real creativity killer, too. This guy can actually write, but this is just pathetic.

That's the kind of puerile crap you tweet when you drink the leftist Kool-Aid, chant the warmist dogmas and pack your bong full of dried soybeans. Sad!

And bongs have to be lit, remember. Just like the fires themselves ...

Yet it's the one thing the lefties ignore because it contradicts the "climate change" narrative that they're flogging as hard as possible. 

It's beyond dispute that arson has been committed unusually often this year -- and right across Australia, apparently. Why, it almost seems ... coordinated somehow.

That's why I can't help but be suspicious about the motives of these arsonists. Knowing how brainwashed lefties are, I wouldn't be surprised if some are deep green useful idiots.

Massive ongoing conflagrations really support the apocalyptic narrative, after all. And when it comes to the globalist, warmist Left, the narrative is absolutely everything

Sunday, November 17, 2019

MSM dutifully pedals globalist, PC line re Branson, Downer

Right from the start I sensed there was something dodgy about the Australian MSM's coordinated campaign promoting press freedom and the public's right to know. It seemed much more like a massive "cover their arse" file for when Trump, Barr and Durham finally nuke The Swamp and the globalist Cabal and the normies collectively wake up to just how much evil shit the world's elites have been getting away with for yonks, then demand to know why they weren't told about it.

Look at how they've dragged their feet on Epstein. Sure, 60 Minutes finally did a pretty good expose on what the scumbag was up to and the horrendous damage he's caused. But they still refused to cover the Billary angle which was obviously the elephant in the room -- or should I say, "the owl on the island"

Virginia Giuffre has been living in Queensland for years. So there's long been an Aussie angle on this. Yet until very recently there have been only one or two brief stories about her. Also, Katherine Keating, daughter of Paul, was filmed leaving the billionaire's apartment (intriguingly, this footage was included in Tara Brown's segment but without mention of her name AFAIK). Of course her presence may have been completely benign, but it's still a massive story no matter how you look at it. Why haven't Australia's top investigative journalists been covering this in detail since the Daily Mail (a foreign outfit) broke the story, or even before? Surely this is something the Australian public has a right to know all about.

Clearly our MSM big wigs disagree. Aside from a coupla articles like this one, there's very little about it in the big local outlets. (Citizen journalists, anons and weaponized autists have been doing bulk online research, however. As is the case with most issues these days, they're completely outclassing the mainstream media with their digs, even with the meagre resources they have. My advice to News, Nine, the ABC et al: Catch up, kids, before it's too late! Once you lose your audience to passionate, capable amateurs they're gone forever. You're right at the cusp of that now even though you don't know it.)

But back to the "Right To Know" campaign specifically: Check out this piece in last Friday's Daily Telegraph:

FFS, how pathetic is that? Richard Branson is desperate to be associated with the noble cause of press freedom, and the Sydney paper reckons this is "news". They've even included their slick little campaign branding symbol with the redacted text. He's obviously tryna make himself look like he's one of the good guys opposed to sneaky, secretive government meanies. 

To put it bluntly this is just balls out PR and it shows what utter bollocks the whole "press freedom" campaign actually is. If News Corp were genuinely interested in the public's right to know about Branson, they would be doing much more investigation into issues like how NXIVM -- y'know, that creepy chick-branding sex cult run by evil child trafficking rock spider Keith Raniere -- held functions on Branson's Necker Island. Did Sir Dick know what kind of dregs he was associating with?

The Murdoch papers weren't the only ones helping the Brit billionaire portray himself as a mega-woke dude who dinkum cares heaps about democracy an' stuff. The SMH ran a puff piece so painfully right-on that even simpering soyboy Adam Bandt tweeted it!

Gawd but Branson is brazen, eh? He runs an international airline, which has an absolutely yuge carbon footprint, and he has the gall to lecture us on coal. If he truly believed in AGW theory and cared about the environment he wouldn't even be in that industry to start with. 

Looks to me like he might just be anticipating some less than edifying revelations about himself or his associates in the future, and he's tryna pre-emptively counter them by portraying himself in a positive light. The MSM, being tools of the globalist mega-rich and powerful rather than those who speak truth to them, are happy to indulge the cashed up Limey with the shit-eating grin.

So-called journos at their ABC have also been poncing about proclaiming their passion for press freedom and the public's right to know. Of course they're all PC lefties from way back even though they claim to be fair and balanced, the lying cowards. But given where their political passions clearly lie, you'd think they'd be dragging an ol' Tory blue blood like Alexander Downer over hot solar panels re his involvement in this Spygate stuff, wouldn't you? But nup, they've been sucking up to him big time.

They've even featured him as a panellist on their flagship lunar wankfest The Drum, an absolutely fascinating move given the context. When was the last time he appeared on it, if at all? Did they ask him about his recent interview with John Durham or even allude to the reasons for it? Not likely! IMHO they're tryna burnish his image as an elder statesmen and thereby make George Papadopoulos's claims seem extra-implausible.

As you'd expect of a Liberal Party icon, Lexie was poo-pooing the Democrats and their impeachment circus, thereby implicitly siding with the Trump Whitehouse.

Subliminal message seems to be: "See, Downer is right-wing, conservative! There's no way such a rusted-on Tory would be 'Clinton's errand boy' like that awful Trump errand boy George has been claiming, now would he?"

But that narrative depends on the ol' ideological right-left binary. And ever since Trump burst onto the stage, that just doesn't cut it anymore. Millions of people are waking up to the realization that the big battle is now between nationalism and globalism; between ethical patriots and an utterly corrupt globalist Cabal. 

The local mainstream media are merely the collective cat's paw of these despicable elites, as are members of the political establishment in Canberra and the rest of the Anglosphere. Sure, they're not evil people themselves, but they have long been controlled by those who most definitely are.

My advice to anyone working in the Aussie MSM who calls himself a "journalist": We can all see what's going on. You can't fool us anymore. Your authority, which you never deserved anyhow, is collapsing by the day.

If you know anything at all about the diabolical, treasonous shit that Trump claims has been carried out in this international coup being waged against him, or anything related to elite pedophilia (Epstein-linked or not) then start aggressively investigating and reporting it, pronto!

If your editorial overlords won't let you do this then that's a story in itself, innit? And we definitely have a right to know about that, too.

So, instead of being an Aussie version of Amy Robach, you could even be a dinkum whistleblower. We'd be completely convinced you genuinely believed in press freedom, then.

(Apart from anything else there's been waaay too much recent "reporting" about a fake one. And a change is as good as a rest, as the saying goes ...)

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Jordan Steele-John calls opponents "arsonists" and lefties cheer

Oh, FFS. Twitter lefties are jumping up and down, flinging poo and hooting up a storm like howler monkeys at feeding time in the zoo because Jordan Steele-John called Labor and Coalition senators "arsonists". Yet it's the Greens' own policies that result in massive ground fuel build up, thereby ensuring that when fires do happen they are far more intense and widespread than if the responsible burn offs of yore had been implemented.

Also, the deep green hypocrisy is amazing given that fellow traveller Nayuka Gorrie said "let's burn stuff" on Q and A just recently. Not only did the leftist trollective not condemn her; they loved what she said.

Then there's Media Watch: Cadaverous finger-wagger and massive twat Paul Barry scolded KAK et al for obvious jokes about running down Extinction Rebellion protestors, grimly warning that someone might take them seriously:

I think it’s time they got some new material and perhaps stopped making jokes about killing protesters. Because some nutter out there might just take them up on it.

But when it came to Gorrie's incendiary exhortation he said nothing of the sort. Just praised her and her fellow "fiery feminists" for their narcissistic idiocy and misandrist malice, characterizing their obnoxious whingefest as "compelling" and "confronting". FFS, what a despicable display of supine, soy-soaked suckage.

Why do we have to pay for these toxic, parasitic arsehats? The sooner we privatize the ABC, the better.

More thoughts:

Monday, November 4, 2019

MSM on the way out whether the Storm hits suddenly or not ...

It's revealing that so many so-called journalists in the Australian MSM don't have a clue about QAnon. If they do "report" on it at all, they just rehash the inaccurate description that their counterparts in the USA are peddling. After all, the big outlets here are merely a subset of the US-based legacy media, echoing its style and content. Like CNN, MSNBC et al they are controlled by the same globalist, Trump-hating, Swamp-dwelling forces -- which is why their claims to care about our "right to know" seem so suss.

They are terrified of QAnon and describe it as a "conspiracy cult", "conspiracy movement", and often just a "conspiracy theory". This is clearly to evoke a powerful emotional reaction in their audience and make them conclude it's full of Bible-thumping racist rednecks and anti-Semitic whackos and is therefore best avoided.

While some conspiracy theories have gathered momentum in the movement they comprise just one aspect of it. In any case, the MSM have been pushing the biggest conspiracy theory of all for years now: the Russian collusion delusion.

The QAnon phenomenon is an alternative to the mainstream media more than anything else. And while the MSM declares itself to be the ultimate authority and speaks down to people, demanding that they accept its version of events without thought or question, Q encourages everyone to think for themselves, and do their own research. It looks extremely likely that Q is dinkum and Trump is part of the whole plan, something numerous high profile "journalists" imply or flat out state is impossible. Yet they refuse to confirm this view by asking him directly -- which is extremely telling in itself.

A while back Trump himself said: "We have to bypass the media in order to get straight to the people ... We've gone around them like no one in history has gone around them."

I think he was referring to this whole project that, along with other methods, will help bring in a massive "storm" of retributive justice against the globalist cabal in general and the dirty Dems in particular. And it's all arcing up again big time now that 8chan -- where Q posted previously -- has been resurrected as 8kun.

It's been up less than a day but apparently Q has already started posting there again. 

Also, a high profile Twitter user and Q follower and decoder called JoeM has just abruptly quit the platform. He said this was because his profile had become too big and was therefore a distraction. The movement was all about giving power back to the anons, after all.

Maybe, but I suspect he may have been closer to the whole operation than he claimed, and his stepping back from social media signals the next phase in it; that as his very handle stated the "StormIsUponUs".

After 93 days of continuous work by highly skilled tech-heads passionately committed to free speech, 8kun is now up and running and will be much harder to knock offline than its predecessor was.

It's likely that this will function as an online repository for all kinds of jaw-dropping evidence of the globalist cabal's criminality. As the 2020 election approaches the legacy media's credibility will continue to plunge and more and more people will hear about 8kun. After visiting the site -- or, more likely, seeing its updates elsewhere online -- they'll become red-pilled as a result.

Many Q followers anticipate that Trump's counterattack against the globalists will result in a sudden, spectacular "storm" of mass arrests and subsequent military trials. I doubt it will be that explosive. I think this will be a gradual process so that the normies can slowly adjust to the new reality and thereby come to terms with the fact that they have been massively lied to for decades by high profile figures and institutions they long admired and trusted. 

Either way, the MSM in the USA and here in Australia are toast. They just don't know it yet.

I don't feel sorry for them, but I do pity the millions of poor normies who have built their world-view around a massively fraudulent narrative about the world pedalled by psychopathic scumbags. I suspect that this "great awakening" will shake many of them to the core and some may even slowly go mad as a result.

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

The New World Order really is a thing!

It always cracks me up that lefties sneer at those who believe that many powerful, rich elites and international socialists have long been working towards the creation of a centralized global government or "New World Order". The right-on line is that this is a deranged conspiracy theory pushed by swivel-eyed truthers.

But it's pretty obvious that PC lefties wanna erode sovereignty and absorb nations into a larger economic, cultural and governmental system that they control completely. Look at the EU and the UN. If they are not precursors to one world government -- that is, a New World Order -- I dunno what are. Anyway, there have been numerous well known people who have openly used the term over many decades.

I've become fascinated by this whole concept lately, which is why I found it amusing to see the term being used on the front page of The Australian recently. 

This was referring to the theme of Scott Morrison's Lowy Lecture the day before. This was pretty ironic because ScoMo was describing a policy direction that was more nationalistic and veered away from the New World Order. If anything, his speech signalled a return to an older one (and a good thing too).

This shift clearly had much to do with Trump's influence, which was upsetting to the socialists at The Guardian.

Morrison’s insistence “Australia’s international engagement will be squarely driven by Australia’s national interests” is unremarkable language for any leader.

Channelling John Howard, he cast this as a forthright but co-operative independence: “We will decide our interests and the circumstances in which we seek to pursue them.”

But what followed – condemning “a new variant of globalism that seeks to elevate global institutions above the authority of nation states to direct national policies” – echoed not only Trump, but Brexit figures such as Nigel Farage in form.

“We should avoid any reflex towards a negative globalism that coercively seeks to impose a mandate from an often ill-defined borderless global community and, worse still, an unaccountable internationalist bureaucracy,” he said.

“Only a national government, especially one accountable through the ballot box and the rule of law, can define its national interests. We can never answer to a higher authority.”

Notably, other MSM outlets fixated on this particular part of his speech. Being tools of globalist elites themselves, they don't like this at all.

But it's a really good sign for Australians generally. ScoMo was elected in major part because he was more of a nationalist than Shorten. And the fact that he's shown himself to be such a solid supporter of Trump is very heartening. Bolshie butthurt about it is better still!

Saturday, October 26, 2019

MSM's claims that they care about our "right to know" ring very hollow

This weird press freedom campaign keeps going right across the MSM. There are stories in News Ltd dailies with a kinda logo that includes redacted text. It's all very slick and well thought out. There's even a dedicated website for it. 

All the mainstream outlets are part of this and it is clearly meant to make the Government look furtive and sneaky. Odd to see all the TV, radio and newspapers so unified since they are often sniping at each other over various issues. Why have they buried the hatchet?

And think about the wider context: For years now Trump has been complaining that the Russian collusion narrative is a "witch hunt". And he's recently been claiming that the Dems are actually attempting a coup. The Whitehouse is now going on the offensive, with the declassification of what are reputed to be bombshell reports imminent. In the last coupla days the DOJ has made the inquiry into the origins of the Russia collusion narrative a criminal investigation.

And remember, there's a significant local link to all this. George Papadopoulos has long claimed that Alexander Downer -- whom he calls "Clinton's errand boy" -- spied on him at the behest of the Deep State.

Yet there seems to be no mention of this at all in the "Your Right to Know" campaign. Sure, press freedom is vital. And of course issues like those listed below are important. But there's definitely an elephant in the room here. It's from Adelaide, talks with a plum in its mouth, and has been known to wear fishnets.

"Your Right to Know" looks very much like insurance for when the shit hits the fan. The MSM seem to be desperately tryna brainwash the normies into blaming the Government and not them for keeping Aussies in the dark over this. They (pre-emptively) doth protest too much, methinks.

And let's face it, they must've known heaps about this, and for a long time. Remember that politics is showbiz for ugly people. And Canberra, like Hollywood, is a hotbed for gossip. 

Everybody in Tinsel Town effing knew about Harvey Weinstein. So surely everyone -- pollies, journos, the lot -- must've heard rumours of Australian involvement in the plot to derail Trump's run for President. Even if they were unfounded, surely they were newsworthy. So why have we only heard about all this recently?

This is a good Twitter thread on this theme.

BTW, that guy, Dr Russell McGregor, had his career as a shrink nuked because he was posting about this whole QAnon phenomenon. The Medical Council of NSW said it was a "paranoid conspiracy theory". So ironic because if anything deserves that label it's the MSM's official "Vlad the Imposter" line. Yet it's so obviously BS on stilts! (I talk about this in the second half of this video. Please check it out.)

You'd think that such an extreme, official reaction against one highly qualified professional over what he posted online would be newsworthy in itself. Yet AFAIK Dr McGregor's plight has not been reported at all in the MSM. Weird, eh? 

There are other aspects to this whole "press freedom" campaign that make it seem so suss. Thoughts on these below.

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Monday, October 21, 2019

MSM's concerted "press freedom" campaign seems suss somehow ...

I'm all for press freedom and I firmly believe in the public's right to know. But this massive, coordinated campaign by pretty much every mainstream media outlet in Oz has my spidey senses going right off!

It's so highly coordinated, and conformist in its expression it's alarming. It looks like they all got a memo from MEAA or something ...

Fact that Labor are joining them in solidarity is just laughable. This is the same party that, under Julia Gillard, put extreme pressure on News Ltd, resulting in Glenn Milne getting his career nuked. Broadcaster Michael Smith was also permanently punted because he was practising real investigative journalism re Gillard's dodgy history. (And he, unlike pretty much every one of his still employed former peers, has doggedly pursued the story since. Then there's all the Clinton Foundation stuff he's looked into; stuff that the rest of the MSM seems to have studiously avoided. Reflects on the profession just as badly as Labor joining the pile on.)

Also, remember that creepy Stalinist plan Labor had to censor the blogosphere? I recall them wanting to monitor everything online for badthink, and they were even talking about bloggers needing licences ... And wasn't that Jonathan Lea dude punted just recently for asking Shorten a difficult question?

Shouldn't dinkum truth seekers be mocking Hot Albo, Mark Dreyfus, Kristina Keneally et al for their shameless opportunism and hilarious hypocrisy, instead of all holding up their identical "redacted" papers in exactly the same pompous, po-faced manner and looking like totally lockstep, hive-mind, robodolt twats.

Cop an optic of the Ultimo Ken Doll below, with his fellow activists posing as journalists. This photo cracks me up!

Gawd. Gotta be the first time that these socialist snowflakes held eeevil Rupert's rags in an approving way. They'll prolly all frantically rush off to bathrooms to wash their hands yelling: "Eeeek! Eeeek! Unclean!" Rowland himself looks like he's just about to barf. What a laugh!

They look like a pack of zombies, a more sombre version of Extinction Rebellion, whose batshit antics they've been shamelessly promoting BTW. In the same way that those feral loons all claim to be raising awareness about "the science" of climate change but are actually just muppets mind-controlled by globalist elites, these clowns purport to be standing up for journalistic principles, but are actually mere political pawns being moved across a chessboard. 

I mean, if they are dinkum journos interested in the free exchange of ideas why do they all pedal this crap about climate change skeptics being "denialists", and still tragically cling to the "Vlad the Imposter" conspiracy theory, among many other things?

And check out the shot below of their ABC staffers from the mild West. Do you think Gillian OShaughnessy and her ilk are against the chillingly censorious 18C legislation? Odds are they support it -- enthusiastically. Bet they're all on same page when it comes to SSM, gender fluidity, feminism, multiculti etc., too ...

These woke folk are much closer to being thought police than anything else. For them to claim they are free speech champions is just a big fat fricken lie!

And boy do they ever look like a sad bunch of bolshie bozos (and bozettes). Not an original thought among them ... FFS, one of them's even wearing a fricken dunce cap! How apt.

If these people actually pursued the truth instead of relentlessly pedalling the bollocks PC narrative, I'd believe this campaign was a principled stand. But nup. Looks much more like (crap) political theatre to me.

So ... what's the real agenda behind it? Thoughts on what that might actually be below:

Sunday, October 13, 2019

Based KAK provokes pack attack

While their ABC is the worst outlet for politically correct group think, the rest of the MSM is almost as bad. Commercial TV is chockas with hand-wringing, virtue signalling arsehats all toeing the globalist, warmist line. That's why I'm so glad there are people like Kerri-Anne Kennerley still working in it. She definitely possesses common sense and the courage to express it in very blunt terms. Maybe that is because of all the struggles she's had during her very long career.

Recently, on Studio Ten, she had this to say about the Extinction Rebellion protestors: 

Personally, I would leave them all super glued to wherever they do it, the guy hanging from the Story Bridge. Why send emergency services? Leave him there until he gets himself out… no emergency services should help them, nobody should do anything, and you just put little witches hats around them, or use them as a speedbump.

I can imagine that the vast majority of normies watching the show heartily agreed with that sentiment. The XR protestors are just parasitic narcissists causing chaos. They aren't doing any good at all.

But KAK's spray seems to have been the only one of its kind in the entire MSM. She has been roundly condemned for the comments by many of her peers. And of course the Twitter trollective lost their shit big time over it. 

Revealing to see how many misogynistic insults were used against her from those caring, sharing, feminist lefties ... You can be damn sure that many of those getting stuck in with the "dumb blonde" angle re Kerri-Anne would be appalled if those same insults were hurled at that other blonde "KK", Kristina Keneally. Most of the blokes among this mob would be white-knighting up a storm!

Says so much that Tony Windsor not only tweeted something so malicious and puerile, but happily left it up on the site. It shows that he knows he won't be held to the same standard that those sledging a prominent feminist woman would be.

Windsor has been a frequent guest on that excruciating right-on jawfest The Drum. Imagine if he'd tweeted something along the same lines about Ms Keneally. He'd be permabanned in a microsecond without a doubt! But because he's attacked a safe target he's almost certain to be on there bloviating up a storm again before long.

Speaking of The Drum, and its preferred narrative: Claire Harvey demonstrates how to condemn the protestors while still obeying the warmist, globalist line and thereby not risk being punted from future panels. 

See, you can criticize the methods by which those hordes of shrieking, insane twats aimed to "raise awareness of climate change" and "help save the planet". But you must do it in a very mild, polite manner (unlike KAK). And you better not question their agenda itself. That is wrongthink. And it is verboten!

Clearly, almost everyone in the MSM has received this memo in one form or another and they obey it whenever the topic is discussed. This is extremely annoying. But it's also toxic to social cohesion and public mental health among other things.

Be great if the MSM stopped running the line that the narcissistic ferals have admirable goals. FFS, they are just useful idiots!

Sunday, October 6, 2019

Alexander Downer a spy? Conspiracy theory, or fact?

The claim that Alexander Downer dinkum engaged in "spying" sounds utterly absurd because the word evokes a dangerous world of high stakes intrigue -- James Bond, Cold War, Jason Bourne, etc. But if you remember he's just a dude tryna keep in the good books with powerful forces (like an office worker in a big company might) then what Papadopoulos accuses him of sounds much more plausible.

There's also heaps of other stuff that's been going on the last coupla years that you'd only know about if you went "off the beaten track" into the wilds of "alt-media". This stuff makes Downer as spook seem a lot less far-fetched, I can tell you

As is the case with so many issues -- climate change, for example -- the MSM  have their heads whopped right up their own clackers. In fact, they're so far up 'em, they're coming out their own mouths! Which is why they talk crap all the time. And they're definitely talking crap on this so-called "conspiracy theory".

Because Guardian "journalists" here are lazy, brainwashed muppets, they've just looked at this Papadopoulos stuff and thought: "Oh, we all know Lexie's a Tory, and he's for Brexit, etc, so there's no way he could possibly be part of a plot to take down right-wing nationalist Trump." So they come up with articles like this.

ABC robodolts like Matthew Bevan have been repeating this "Downer a spy? LOL!" angle ad nauseam also, often linking it to Trump. Pretty funny when you consider that this muppet (along with the entire MSM) has been a sucker for the biggest conspiracy theory of all (the one about Russian collusion) for years on end and now he's hinting at dark forces ("Trump's favourite TV host") behind this narrative. FFS, who's the wingnut here? 

Being a mere activist he hasn't looked closely into why we've been sucked into the US discussion, just offers facile observations about it. A real journalist, OTOH, would actually do some research into the details of Papadopoulos' claims, and their context. But nup. Smug insinuation will do when you're a guest on that combination sneerfest and circle-jerk called The Drum.

In any case, the whole PapaD vs Lexie grudge match has been highly entertaining. 

Notice how Lexie himself cites his Tory credentials, zif that's some kinda rhetorical slam dunk. But as Stefan Molyneux would say, that's not an argument!

Lexie also uses the "conspiracy theory" label. Another non-argument. 

But what if it's not a theory, and people did conspire? And they used him to further their ends? He's not offering anything like a solid refutation, or even any evidence, to debunk this claim. He's just using a hackneyed term that's meant to smear his accuser as a paranoid idiot.

It's a very lazy, tried and true tactic, which is why Bevan has employed it here also.

"Nothing to see here folks, move along ..."

And what did Bevan's investigations entail? Why, an interview with Lexie himself!

Firstly, it's lazy to draw your conclusions merely from asking the accused about the accusation ... If, say, a teller says his boss has been ripping off the bank do you just go up to the manager and say "Mate, did you do it?" and take his answer -- an obvious "no" -- as the final word on the matter, or do you look forensically at the money trail?

Also "every question" you could think of is not gonna reveal much when you're a robodolt whose main software program is OrangeManBad.exe.

And so fricken what if the chowing Downer was so calm that he snacked as he yacked? How much of a child-brained credulous twit would you have to be to conclude that that somehow supports the line that the claims are bogus?

More thoughts on this whole issue here: 

Saturday, September 28, 2019

Coordinated Climate Strikes reveal global government agenda

Sure I'm not alone in finding these Climate Strikes deeply sinister. The idea that they have sprung up organically and are being organized by kids across the globe is total bollocks. These events have been going on for a while now and have been extremely well planned and orchestrated by adults, the majority of whom don't really believe all the catastrophic talk. They're doing this to brainwash the next generation into not only accepting top-down, global government, but actually demanding it.

The brazen lies told by supporters of the latest Climate Strike were just jaw-dropping. One of the biggest was that warmism was above politics. Take this howler from Tim Costello, who clearly has a "world vision" in more ways than one.

"Climate action isn't political." FFS, can you believe anyone would say something so brazenly dishonest, with a straight face.

Like all totalitarians, these globalist control freaks claim they desire the opposite of what they're really aiming for. He says he wants to "free" climate action. But what is climate action? Ultimately it is demanding that all aspects of humans' energy use are monitored and controlled centrally. How else can "saving the planet" (from their entirely fictional threat) finally be achieved? If that's not a political goal I don't know what is.

War is peace, freedom is slavery, etc. 

And you can tell he's utterly full of it from the quote in this vomitous suck piece he retweeted.

If Costello the Lesser wants to "keep hope alive" then why the hell is he terrifying kids with all this talk of climate catastrophe?

It's not even true that fear is the emotion politicians are playing to all the time. Take Trump himself. He's actually extremely positive, and is inspiring many people in the USA and globally with his MAGA rhetoric. It's miserable, meddling, highly political finger waggers like Tim who are utilizing fear -- and in the most loathsome way.

Also, very strange for a religious man ... Shouldn't he be exhorting kids to trust in God and pray?

And if you think I'm being OTT when I say that global government is the ultimate goal of these clowns, there's plenty of indirect evidence that this is the case. And sometimes they just come right out and say it, pretty much.

How can you enact a global climate change policy without a global government?

And take this revealing quote from Bob Brown, who clearly still dreams of being Captain Planet, representing Earthians to the cosmos.

Sure, he's talking about tech issues here. But he still explicitly uses the term "global government". Deep green dreamers like Bob desperately want to be at the apex of a top down, centralized, international system where they get to tell everyone what to think, feel, say, eat and do. But they can't be honest about it and actually admit that this is what they want. They know that the vast majority will tell 'em to garn get farked!

So instead they use deceit, alternating it with intimidation. They think they can slowly but surely take the masses to where they want them to go without them noticing. It's the "boiling frog" approach.

There are many aspects to this sinister long term plan, but the AGW lie is an absolutely crucial element. That's why they just cannot let it die, and are currently cynically exploiting kids in such a desperate, despicable way.

AGW is the perfect excuse to enact totalitarian laws in all countries because every single person on Earth uses energy and has a carbon footprint. Absolutely everyone has to get with the same program or it all falls apart and the planet is doomed! It's very powerful leverage if you can convince the normies that this is what's actually happening. 

For this purpose, the only other fictional threat that beats it is alien invasion. And I wouldn't be surprised if they try to fake that one as as well! Heaps of stories about UFOs in the MSM lately, after all ...

Thursday, September 19, 2019

Everyone wants to be Bob

One of the saddest aspects of PC leftist psychology is just how empty these poor control freaks are inside. They simply don't know who they are unless they're bossing people around. Getting that hit of subordination is like crack cocaine to them. Without it these collective narcissists are nothing. 

Given that their every waking hour is spent pursuing their next hit of emotional fuel they have never actually developed an inner life. Lacking a true character, they are always faking one.

That's what virtue signalling is all about. It's a grotesque display of faux concern that's meant to dupe the gullible into admiring them and ultimately doing what they demand. 

Another, more specific example of their pathetic, desperate fraudulence was Adam Bandt echoing Bob Hawke's famous phrase after we won the America's Cup.

Gawd. How cringeworthy was that? Hawke was the antithesis of Bandt in so many ways. Talk about chalk and (vegan) cheese.

Even though he was on the socialist side Hawke was definitely waaay more patriotic than Bandt. He was also heaps blokier than the prissy, simpering male feminist.

But little Adam wasn't the only leftie invoking Bob's memory. Bill Shorten did too, remember.

The puppet of union thugs, he clearly believes in nothing. He just sought the glory of the position of PM and the coercive power it affords.

Fortunately the voters figured that out nearing election day back in May. Panicking, his spin doctors had him doing cringeworthy stunts like jogging heaps and cuddling puppies with some dumb blonde to make him seem more dynamic and affable.

And given the much loved former PM's almost suspiciously timed passing Shorten tried to milk his memory for votes ... Sure you've all seen this nauseating photo of three vultures and a dead Hawke.

Look at Bill's dopey grin. Fake as.

Bob had just popped his clogs a day or two before. If these dudes loved and admired him as much as they claimed to they would've been quietly, solemnly grieving, not knocking back cold ones with big smiles on their fugly mugs to try and show what top blokes they were. Hell, it prolly wasn't even actual beer in those cans but soy milk instead!

Dunno what's more disgusting -- the photo itself or the cynical, parasitic bozos thinking it would con the normies into voting for Labor ... I think it made a lot of people wanna puke, TBH. Certainly wasn't a net positive.

On a related note, lefties tried to invoke a more general Aussie bloke archetype in the wake of the Sydney stabbing. Just as with the examples above, it rang hollow.

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Greta Thunberg is the new Jane Goodall

We all know what utter bollocks predictions of global catastrophe due to climate change actually are. Warmism is a kind of religion, and a scam. But it's something else as well: a crucial part of the globalist New World Order agenda to destroy Western Civilization and control all human activity top down and centrally. 

But its proponents can't just come out and say this, now can they? We'd all tell them to take a flying fark at a rolling donut, right? No, they have to con the normies into willingly accepting this tyranny. So they use puppets like Greta Thunberg instead.

The narrative that's promoted throughout the mainstream media is that she's an exceptional young climate crusader who's risen to prominence organically. She's being listened to because she's got something powerful to say!

But really the poor kid is being horribly manipulated and exploited by unscrupulous adults. Anyone with half a brain can see that.

Sadly, Anne Summers isn't in that category. She, like so many daft, credulous PC lefties have bought the whole fake narrative around Thunberg hook, line and sinker. Recently she tweeted this:

Talk about self-parody. The future is female? The present is insane, more like ...

The actual photo is from this year's Davos meeting of globalist movers and shakers. The World Economic Forum is where the filthy rich, controlling creeps get together and work out their next sinister psyop.

It's all there in the shot. It was a Salesforce event. The two icons above were being sold, and forcefully, as part of "the fourth industrial revolution".

FFS, could they have made it any more obvious? The carefully crafted public images of Thunberg and Goodall were just being used to con the masses into going along with a massive change in the global economy involving the shift to renewables and many other deep green initiatives.

Of course this top down "revolution" won't actually work like they say it will. If the sinister cabalists get their way, the Western world will collapse economically as well as culturally and socially. But that's really the whole point in the long run.

That is such a creepy shot, innit? There's child-brained Goodall with a stupid chimp doll, as well as Thunberg and even Bono -- one of the world's biggest warmist wankers for sure.

Speaking of "revolutions", here's a related example of the same creepy agenda at work. Got this shot at Newtown Station last year:

Like Thunberg, Hannah Gadsby was promoted as some kind of brave paradigm buster who got to her level of prominence on her own steam and raw talent. Absolute bollocks. She was carefully selected by TPTB in the globalist media and entertainment complex because she was female, lesbian and about as funny as a dumpster fire in an orphanage.

To place her at the absolute peak of the entertainment pyramid was a way of subverting the "heteronormative patriarchy" as well as the meaning of comedy itself. Her manufactured ascent was clearly part of the cultural Marxist agenda. Totally trashing whatever these loathsome, malignant creeps infiltrate is always their ultimate goal. FFS, look at what they did to other art forms like painting and sculpture

While Gadsby's gender and sexual identity were obviously key ingredients, I think her excruciating joke-phobia was the clincher. A young Magda Szubanski wouldn't have been given the same push. She was actually a hoot. Can't have that. Not subversive enough.

And in a similar, though more subtle and gradual way, Jane Goodall's rise to prominence was also manufactured. She even seems to have suspected this herself:

When I look back over my life it's almost as if there was a plan laid out for me - from the little girl who was so passionate about animals who longed to go to Africa and whose family couldn't afford to put her through college. Everyone laughed at my dreams. I was supposed to be a secretary in Bournemouth.

Well, yes, there was a plan laid out for her. Powerful people with a hidden agenda used her to put the plight of the environment centre stage in people's minds. Having a pretty young woman whose BFFs were adorable chimpanzees was a brilliant way to push the deep green agenda.

Raising awareness about these issues was not all bad, of course. But as the two quotes below attest, she was also being used to pre-emptively program the normies for the animal rights agenda, which is clearly going into high gear now.
Chimpanzees, gorillas, orangutans have been living for hundreds of thousands of years in their forest,living fantastic lives, never overpopulating, never destroying the forest. I would say that they have been in a way more successful than us as far as being in harmony with the environment.

We are beginning to learn that each animal has a life and a place and a role in this world. If we place compassion and care in the middle of all our dealings with the animal world and honor and respect their lives, our attitudes will change.

When you've lifted the rights of animals lowering the rights of humans is a doddle. And being able to do that is clearly a crucial element if you have plans to enslave the entire world's population in a totalitarian neo-feudal system (NWO).

Yet the most zealous advocates of animal rights are completely unaware of this wider goal. In this, they resemble abortion zealots.

On that subject, isn't it interesting how animal rights activists are also pro-choice. They think the lives of chickens in cages are more valuable than those of human foetuses. Weird, innit?

And notice how ghoulishly extreme the pro-choice push has become of late -- not just in the USA, but here in Oz as well. Pro-infanticide would be a more accurate label.

These poor, sad people have been utterly brainwashed. Yet many of them including Anne Summers herself are extremely well known, well established and widely admired. And like Thunberg, Goodall and Gadsby, their successes were anything but organic.

"We, the Rockefeller Foundation, supported and funded the Women’s Liberation Movement. Why do you think we did it? There were two primary reasons for this: One was that before women’s right to work, we could only tax HALF of the population. The other was so that with women going out to work it would break up families. Women would have to spend all day at work away from the family. The children would begin to see the state and teachers as their family and this would make it easier to indoctrinate and control them." ~ Nick Rockefeller to Aaron Russo

So ironic that these feminists think of themselves as leftist revolutionaries who are taking down a sexist patriarchal system. It's more accurate to say they were the clueless dupes of the toppest end of town there is: a buncha super-rich capitalists hell-bent on world domination -- and most of them white dudes to boot! 

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Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Haughty Haussegger can't handle the truth!

Recently ScoMo observed that a sign on the dunnies at Parliament House was overly PC. Not surprisingly, this triggered woke folk across Oz into a frenzied fit of shrieking, wailing and gnashing of teeth. 

Always on the lookout for any excuse to push her dreary victim feminist narrative, Virginia Haussegger offered the petty, silly thought bubble included below. (BTW, Ginny is another one of those ABC types who call themselves "journalists" in their profiles. But activists is a much better description. If you check out her tweet stream, you'll see it's just an endless whinge about "the patriarchy" and how it can be "deconstructed" using quotas, etc.)

Can you believe that an adult professional (and a high profile one at that) would make such a puerile observation?

FFS. It's Parliament House. It's where the prime ministers worked. What else are you gonna put up there, a montage of all the feminist chicks who never got the gig because of "institutional misogyny" or something?

Gawd. I's a record of reality, of historical fact. Like it or not, that's what happened.

Clearly, the snowflake sister can't handle reality, so she wants the Dept of the PM and Cabinet to renovate their office so that her delicate feelings are protected. Talk about about a sense of entitlement! She really oughta check her privilege. 

As well as being undeniably daft, there's something a tad creepy about her wish. It's similar to the push to tear down statues of Captain Cook and other "dead white males". Cultural Marxists reckon that if they just erase and then rewrite history, they can create utopia. That's not just absurd. It's totalitarian.

Also, she hasn't quite caught up with her own side's rapidly mutating views regarding these identity issues. When looking at all those photos of the nation's leaders, didn't she assume their gender?

I mean, how do we know for sure that Alfred Deakin viewed himself as a man? Could he not have privately thought of himself as "Alfreda"? And what was the true gender identity that lay hidden behind the "John" Curtin?

Also, why would it necessarily be soul destroying for chicks to look at all these "pale stale males". Couldn't it also be a kind of inspiration for many?

Don't boxers, sprinters and other elite sportsmen (and women!) often train in front of photos of their main rivals to remind themselves of their goal of knocking them off their pedestals? Steve Jobs once famously said "stay hungry", remember ... Oh, that's right, can't quote him 'cause he's a dude!

Speaking of which, there are millions of them who aren't included in that display because they never got to be Prime Minister. Technically, that makes them "outsiders" as well. Should they be offended too?

And it should not be forgotten that there is one chick included in the display. Julia Gillard finally got a guernsey after smashing her head through the "glass ceiling", thereby doing the "shard yards". Focusing entirely on the profusion of blokes on the team surely trivializes this paradigm busting achievement, dunnit?

But that's today's feminism for ya! Rather than celebrating achievement against the odds it's more about plucking defeat from the jaws of victory, and calling that empowerment. Sad! 

Sunday, August 25, 2019

Words are violence for Alan Jones-hating sock-sooks

The spectacle of PC lefties all getting stuck into Alan Jones over his sock comments was funny and creepy at the same time. As is always the case with controversies like this the outrage was not organic. It was clearly orchestrated for maximum effect. Hand-wringing, finger-pointing scolds in both mainstream and social media got together in an all out attempt to get him punted.

The fact that they would choose this faux pas -- trivial to any sane adult -- shows just how desperate they are. They really have got nothing else ... Sad! 

He seems to have weathered the storm which is heartening. Still, he did apologize for his comments and I think that was a tactical error. People attacked by the thought police do this in the hope they'll be appeased and back off. But they never do that. They just take your apology as an admission of guilt and use it as "proof" that their claims are valid and repeat their demands

The argument that AJ saying ScoMo should "shove a sock down Jacinda Ardern's throat" normalizes violence against women is just idiotic. That's like saying the oft-used phrase "eat shit and die" encourages suicide.

There are so many phrases like this that are in common usage. They are not gender specific and if AJ must never use them again then surely the rest of the population should be held to the same standard. The woke folk aren't saying that, of course, showing that this was all about targeting Jones and nothing else. 

Needless to say women -- many of them feminists -- use insults like this against other women. Leftist men do too. Look at the hatred expressed towards conservative women and you'll find plenty of this kind of imagery, especially on Twitter.

Just off the top of my head there was the case of Adam Hills imagining Pauline Hanson being hung from the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Of course there was no leftist outrage about that.

But some tweeps took the faux indignation even further than the bulk of the leftist trollective. They didn't just claim that Jones normalized violence against women but that he dinkum revealed his murderous intent!

Interesting that Ketan was so outraged about the sock phrase, and linked it to the Sydney stabbing. If his tweet stream is any indication, he seems to have been more upset by the broadcaster's colourful language than the gruesome murder itself.

And even on the day of that horrific event he was most upset by the fact that a journalist had actually done some accurate reporting by mentioning that the killer had yelled "Allahu Akbar". Ketan thought it was irresponsible to do so.

You look at a tweet like this and think: does he really believe this?

Well I would say yes and no. IMO these muppets blurt ridiculous stuff like this because they don't really believe in anything -- except power, of course. So they'll say absolutely anything no matter how absurd with total sincerity if it furthers the cause of silencing, or at least demonizing their opponents. Technically they're not really lying because they don't think the truth actually exists.

Imagine being that lost ... Gawd.

As well as all the activists masquerading as journos, shallow and opportunistic pollies joined the pack attack. Vacuous tool of global warming scammers Zali obviously hates AJ's guts because he does a good job of exposing the gigantic fraud she's committed too. Deep down she must know the whole thing is a massive crock and hates to be reminded of this, which is why she exhorted her dopey acolytes to lodge an official complaint against him.

Obviously most of the outrage expressed through these channels is confected. Many of those submitting complaints only do so because they're told to by their "thought leaders".

Then there was the corporate virtue signalling by the Koala mattress company.

Turns out that they had actually stopped their advertising on his show several weeks ago. So they were being deceptive as well as pompously sanctimonious with that tweet. Just tried to exploit the ruckus to get some more brand awareness. Cynical as.

And I think it might have been a bad move long term. People are getting really sick of this right-on virtue signalling, as the Gillette saga has shown. "Get woke, go broke" as the saying goes.