Wednesday, July 27, 2022

In blue and green Neighbours exits the screen ...

Without a doubt there are symbolic colour themes being promoted in the MSM. It's a centralized operation and something to do with the massive, hidden global criminal activities of the Cabal. 

I've described a pink and brown theme and what I think it represents. Another strong and pervasive pattern that's started up lately is dominated by blue and green. 

This piece from the Evening Standard about the final episode of Neighbours is a good example. Scroll through it and you'll see several shots with this theme

In a couple of them a green car is featured. Cars evoke traffic

In the photo below Kylie and Jason look fondly at a wall (bricks and mortar). IMO that is a Masonic image and a nod do the secret society wankers who ultimately control the Aussie TV industry. 

Note how he's got his arm around her neck. There are other shots in the piece that evoke this pose. It brings to mind a very creepy pattern associated with the soap that I've blogged about before

Speaking of secret societies: Check out the sneaky little skull and bones they've included in one of the stills from the show. It's pink, natch

I've seen this blue and green theme right through the MSM. Here's a local example. The blue seems to evoke the ocean among other things

Note how close it is to the blood spatter from the other story. This proximity on the page trick is something they use often. 

There are some more examples in this video. If you can, please watch it until the end section about Kate Middleton. It gives you a good idea of just how twisted these people are

Here's another example. Blue dominates the photo on the right. The bloke featured is dark skinned. That's also part of this pattern. 

It's not perfectly clear in this shot but he's got a Nike shirt on. The occult elite love that brand because "just do it" is like "do what thou wilt". 

The "wall to wall" headline on the left is notable. Again, walls are Masonic. 

And note the blue and green circles. I think that among other things this is meant to evoke Shane Warne's eyes! (I understand why some of you may be rolling your own with incredulity upon reading that.) 

But he did have heterochromia, remember. And the occultist flogs throughout the Aussie MSM just worshipped him, right

Speaking of Shane Warne: Crazy as it sounds, I'm absolutely sure that the toon in this column was meant to evoke him as well. 

When I say evoke, I don't mean literally resemble him. It was designed only to make a select audience think of him, and his death. 

Look at the eyes in the close-up below. Different colours, see.

Also, he's got an earring in his left ear. And there were other similarites. 

Please check out this video describing what I think this was about

The blue and green theme was present on the whiteboard depicted above.

Below is another recent toon in the same paper in which these two colours dominate. 

On the left hand side in the top headline walls are mentioned again. And like the one of the "woke Stasi" officer above, the Cam Smith caricature holds his golf club with his right hand. There are other rabbit holes to do with this.  

Back to this colour combo and how it harks back to Neighbours and Warnie's sport of cricket: There was a Ramsay St fashion shoot in a recent magazine lift out in the Failing Terrorgraph

The actress, like the golfer drawn above, has long flowing locks. And look at her outfit. It's got a desert island theme, with those two colours prominent. Again, what are the odds? 

Why was "Ramsay" misspelled with an "e" instead of an "a"? Sure, could have been a typo, but given the context I think it may have been intentional -- a way of evoking "eye", perhaps. 

As if the rabbit hole wasn't deep enough already, check this out: Another classic blue dog with Joe Biden. Note the green chairs. Not an accident, IMO. 

I have seen numerous similar examples in other outlets. This is proof to me that there is some vast hidden world that the occult elite are alluding to. Just as the Deep State sends out its talking points to the MSM at four in the morning, these symbolic patterns are being dropped into fake news outlets across the globe from on high. 

It's completely batshit and creepy as all get out! I think much of it has to do with the pink drug that dare not speak its name. And I believe Neighbours had something to do with it

The video below describes other patterns that lead me to this conclusion. 

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Saturday, July 23, 2022

Real events or rituals?

There are so many horrible events in the news these days -- and often involving violence against children -- that I suspect most of them, or at least some, are engineered as part of this long rolling psyop to push us into a totalitarian hellscape being run by the creepy cult that rules the world. 

Of course the totally corrupt globalist-owned mainstream media are over the moon whenever these crimes are committed. They clearly desperately want to maximise the trauma they cause and spread it far and wide.

Then there's the symbolism. The coverage of this latest tragedy in Port Hedland, in which three kids were burned alive, featured the pervasive pink, purple and heart imagery. There was also a lot of blue, a noticeable pattern that's emerged in recent months

You can see the flowers in the inset photo below as well as above. That's a recurring motif that I think has much to do with the pink drug that dare not speak its name. (Please check out the video embedded below and you'll see just how obvious these patterns are now.) 

Note how in the photo below both figures wear blue. A woman in the inset has a pink top on. 

Blue is dominant in this shot as well. Look at the bright pink of the woman's headwear, and note that the bloke on the left is in a purple top. There are vehicles in both the fore and background. This could be meant to evoke the idea of traffic

I know I'm looking forensically at this and joing a lot of dots that seem to be pretty far apart. But after many months of closely watching the MSM I'm absolutely sure that these motifs exist and are placed very carefully in the stories.

The social media streams of the various lie factories are particularly good places to discern them since the updates are so concentrated. 

I'm not saying that these horrific acts aren't happening. I just suspect that they're being engineered in many cases. The Cabal has form for carrying out false flag attacks and blaming them on patsies, after all. 

I think that they are often ritual sacrifices and the ensuing MSM coverage functions as a kind of symbolic incantation. The Port Hedland tragedy looks like a classic example of this process. 

It brings to mind another traumatic event in Western Australia -- though this time with a happy ending: the Cleo Smith abduction saga. I'm sure I'm not alone in concluding that the whole thing was suss as. Whatever actually occurred, the MSM narrative was a giant, steaming crock of BS. 

Another very suss story was this one out of West Leederville. 

Again this involved youths and horrific violence. I thought the location was notable. My first impression was that the building had strong Masonic vibes emanating from the two pillars out front. I did some preliminary research and it does appear that the hall started out as a Freemason lodge. 

Look closely at the inset photos. You've got the red and white and the pinky-purple of the blood spilled on the ground. 

This looks like another symbolic incantation to me. If you think that local Cabal-creeps couldn't engineer something like this then you haven't been paying attention. Globally they've still got many millions of people walking around in face diapers for no good reason, remember. They are experts in mind control without a doubt. 

I suspect that for these evil arseholes triggering youths into an act of savage violence, or manipulating an emotionally exhausted woman into burning down her own house would be a doddle.

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Monday, July 18, 2022

Courting chaos is fascist fun

The public face of the Australian mainstream media is one of middle class normality and wholesomeness. Obviously this was never a true representation of the kind of people working in it -- particularly in its upper echelons.

But it should be clear from the last two years of relentless globalist propaganda to trick the entire nation into getting the you know what along with zero actual truth seeking into its downside that there is something deeply fraudulent about the entire industry. 

There are no dinkum journalists working in the big outlets here. Just like pretty much every politician in the major parties, they are all controlled arsehats. 

It seems to be that all major MSM-related developments here are scripted by some shadowy elite. Particularly when it comes to highly controversial actions, I suspect no one does anything unless they are paid to and/or made to. 

Take Lisa Wilkinson, for example. You all know that she threw a massive spanner into the machinations of the Brittany Higgins rape case with her Logies speech. 

Why would she do such a thing? We all know she's a narcissistic meathead but she can't be that stupid, surely ... 

That's why I think recent coverage of this whole issue in the Failing Terrorgraph was interdasting, to say the least. As mentioned previously, this putrid lie factory does have form for occult elite symbolism. The clever use of headlines and imagery often hints at the open secrets of local illuminaries.

Look closely at the cover from June 22. The first two words of the headline are "hand up", clearly referring to the photo chosen. 

Note the alliteration: "caused court chaos". Right next to it, there's another headline that repeats the same first letter. You've got three C's down the page right next to each other. Is this meant to evoke a 33, that fave number of secret society wankers? Maybe.

Even if not, this can't be a coincidence. It seems to link the two stories thematically. 

In the next day's issue was this spread. On the right hand side was a story about the Barbie movie. It featured Margot Robbie, the spunky Aussie actress playing the eponymous character. She wore bright pink and that was mentioned in the headline

Just next to it was a story about money and cars. Robbie also seemed to be drinking iced coffee. There's been some fascinating symbolism to do with that lately as well

On the other side was a story about a local terrorist wannabe. It included a bizarre shot of the deranged dude in a skull mask in front of an eerie pinky-purple background, which I suspect was photoshopped. 

Note the headline in the story next to it. It related to kids and used violent imagery, something they do often, along with placing stories about them next to those about death, violence and fear.

So this all looked like the usual symbolic incantation. But there was one specific element that tied this item back to the paper's previous coverage of the Wilkinson issue. Look at the sun symbol above the word "extremist" above. That is a black sun. 

It's a notorious Nazi symbol beloved by the Azov Battalion in the Ukraine and also the globalist occult elite. That should surprise no one because those masterminding the chaos of the last two years are clearly a bunch of literally fascist control freaks. 

This kind of worship seemed to be invoked in a previous symbolic rabbit hole that included a cartoon of Wilkinson being silenced by a red scarf. This in turn led me to discover this fascinating blog post

So there appeared to be some strange submerged narrative to do with the occult elite's literally fascist philosophy. 

Then there was this spread, in the same issue (June 23).

On the left page was the usual editorial, and on the right a toon mocking Wilkinson herself. The main editorial was about pedophiles getting off easily. Note the use of the word "justice" and "murdered". 

The letters section included a shot of a previous article featuring the dopey presenter with the word "justice" in that headline too. (Click on the photo if you can't see it clearly.) 

Again, what are the odds? Like with the cover on the issue of the day before, there seemed to be some sort of subtextual thematic link being made. 

The toon itself, which featured the scales of justice, was most notable of all. The caricature of the crusading "journalist" was shown taking the law into "her own hands". 

Note also the one eye symbolism and the crown which I think might have been a reference to the Great Reset context ("the crown is dead, long live the corona"). 

Note how her right arm is held up in a kind of Nazi salute. This was clearly meant to be noticed by those in the know because of the reference on the earlier cover to "hands up". This is also a phrase that someone uses when wielding a gun, right? 

Combining this spread with the other elements described above seems to suggest some sort of hint about how her ill-considered speech was linked to fascism, among other very unsavoury things. 

And look at the headline for the column just below the toon. Sure, it's a legal commision being referred to. But the word "body" and how it's described as "beyond" along with mention of "sins of the past" is fascinating, particularly when you recall the earlier cover and the headline about a "cold case". 

The blue background is also notable since this was featured in the toon depicting her and Pirate Pete some days before (please check out the video linked above). 

I'll let you join those dots however you wish. But I think you'll agree, there seems to be a deep dark rabbit hole being alluded to here. 

If this is the case, is it based in fact? I have no way of knowing, and that's not what I'm focusing on. I'm pointing out how the patterns suggest a hidden narrative. Maybe it's all BS? 

In any case, it's definitely sinister. 

There are some more data points for your consideration in the video below about other aspects of the ongoing coverage around that time. 

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Thursday, July 14, 2022

Australia, the land of the rising scum

After watching footage of the assassination of Shinzo Abe, I'm not convinced it was even real. He didn't flinch after the first shot. When he fell after the second it didn't even appear he'd been hit. 

Then there was the DIY gun. Really? 

Looks like it could have been a white hat operation. Maybe Abe ratted on the Cabal and being taken out in this way was part of his plea deal.

The event did show how futile gun control is when someone with a military background can make one himself. Given the shooter had that personal history, you'd think he'd be loyal to the ex-PM, right?

In any case I found a common thread in the local "reporting" of this massive international development. As with many issues these days, the globalist controlled editors in Australia's entirely corrupt and creepy MSM mind control matrix seemed to hint that this had something to do with blood.

As I've mentioned in previous posts, there appears to be a vast hidden trade in this substance. It looks like it's currently in great upheaval due to the hidden but nonetheless heroic efforts of anti-Cabal forces. 

Much of it seems to have been "put on ice", possibly literally. So I thought that the headline above might have been hinting that this was related to the "assassination" somehow. 

Of course "in cold blood" is not unusual in itself as a description. But in the context of so much other similar imagery in the MSM -- check out the two examples below -- I thought that a covert message was likely. 

Then there was the symbolism of the flag of Japan. The rising sun is of course red and white, which is also often used to represent the body fluid. 

Both SkidMark McKaren and the Goblin of the South used these colours in their commemmorative displays.

Was this their sneaky way of showing deference to their corrupt globalist masters while appearing to honour a "fallen" nationalist leader?

I think it's quite likely. They are cowardly creeps after all. I'm sure they are well aware of this trade and want it to keep going. It seems to be an enormous source of income for the Cabal, and they use that money to control people in positions of power across the world so they can further their agenda. 

Here's another example of very clear blood imagery in relation to the "death" of Abe. It was in the July 9 issue of the Failing Terrorgraph

Note how the headline below the toon uses heart imagery. It's for a column about racial politics, which ties in with my theory about how this hidden trade relates to skin colour somehow. Also, it refers to heads being cleared, suggesting a drug-like effect. 

That local lie factory does have form for creating subtextual meaning through the juxtapostion of headlines and images in unrelated items, so I do find that particular page intriguing to say the least. 

Below is a video that might be relevant to the idea of "cold blood" mentioned above. 

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Tuesday, July 12, 2022

Dim like Flint

We all know that the mainstream media journalists of today are not critical thinkers. But their persistent dopiness really does defy belief. 

Check out this guy John Flint, who writes for Perth lie factory the Worst Australian. He's lauded as some kinda shit hot investigative reporter. And he's just dropped a "bombshell report" about the dreaded 'rona. I can't read it in full because it's behind a paywall.

But there is an article on another local fake news outlet that has some details. The podcast hacks quacking on about it are just as clueless as Flinty himself

Basically he got hit with the 'rona twice in rapid succession so he reckons the public health rules should be tightened even further! FFS.

There's no doubt he's been "vaccinated" because he's been so supportive of all the restrictions. So, if it was the 'rona both times, it proves the shots don't work. So why isn't he complaining about that?

Also, was it actually the 'rona to blame, or just different strains of lurgy? The tests are notoriously unreliable, yet he treats the results as holy writ.

Back in the good old days it was not unusual to get sick a couple of times in a bad flu season, remember.  

Actually, I suspect he's fallen ill because his immune system has been compromised by the you know what. But neither he nor his mates talking about his experience in the podcast embedded in the above-linked article have even started to suspect this. 

Flinty's big contribution is to say that the public health rules should reflect the lightning speed with which the dreaded 'rona could hit you again. He says that even though the official immunity period after infection is now down to a month it should be made even shorter!

I suppose that in a strange way that's a start. He and his dopey mates at the Worst Australian are slowly realizing that these rules are meaningless. The WA CHO is a complete clown and he's basically pulling all these restrictions and definitions out of his arse. 

The real disaster is coming as increasing numbers of severely immunocompromised syringe-stabbed folk get sicker and sicker and more often -- then start to die en masse. 

At this point will these idiots start to realize the full horror of what has been perpetrated by globalists using state and federal governments and their public health systems? I hope so but I doubt it. 

In any case I saw this coming ages ago. There was a US-based Aussie journo called Nathan Vass who got very sick after a J and J jab and wrote about it in the Failing Terrorgraph (see video below). 

The concern I had then has already come to pass, with several people in the Australian media and entertainment industries dying suddenly and mysteriously, including at least one in WA (Russell Woolf). 

These people are obviously complete morons but I do feel sorry for them. 

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Saturday, July 9, 2022

Hanging out with the neighbours

There was a very interdasting item in the Failing Terrorgraph on February 12. It was all about the impending death of the Aussie institution Neighbours. The cover photo struck my (illuminati) eye. 

The idea that it was described as a factory now on death row seemed strangely sinister. And the shot featured had a strong occult elite vibe because the woman's arm around the dude's head suggested a triangle with the classic one eye under the apex.

This combined with the headline saying it was "on the ropes" suggested hanging. 

I found it all so intriguing that I actually recorded a video about it, embedded below. 

Then there was a page in the June 30 issue that included a similar photo in a piece about the final expiration of the long running soapie. 

It featured the same dude, though this time he was the one doing the mock throttling.

Just below that photo on the other side was a small item about the sentencing of Ghislaine Maxwell, bringing to mind the whole isue of child trafficking. 

Note the photo chosen. It had Epstein with his arm around her neck. It also suggested strangling -- particularly when you consider its proximity to the other one on the page. 

"Sent away to rot" was the title. And if you look at the top of the page, above the Neighbours item, there was an unrelated headline that read: "Unwinding a trade wreck."

If you conclude that the two mock throttling shots below it were some kind of code for "hanging" then the description "unwinding" evoked rope ... Which takes me back to the first image. 

It's all very creepy. 

It seems that there was some kind of equivalence being made here between Neighbours and what Epstein and Maxwell were up to and that the reason for the show's cancellation over so many years was somehow related to this.

It had to be nixed because it was a "trade wreck". Not sure what the trade was exactly but I'm pretty sure it was not anywhere near as wholesome as the soap itself was. 

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Friday, July 1, 2022

Michelle Obama is heartbroken

One thing that really stands out for me is how often you see terms like heartbroken and heartfelt in mainstream media articles and columns these days. It's like the pinky-purple thing. And I believe they are related. 

Michelle Obama used the term repeatedly in this opinion piece about the US Supreme Court overturning Roe vs Wade. 

Hopefully you can read this but if not just click on the photo and you'll get a clearer version. You'll see, she repeats the word heartbroken several times. She feigns compassion for chickdom while communicating her rage to her creepy mates about the looming lack of foetus hearts to break. 

There's another subtextual message here that you can discern if you look at the column in the context of the others on the page. Look at the first photo and you'll see there's one about what a champ Bruce McAvaney is. The writer makes a big deal about his call of the Cathy Freeman Olympic gold medal win. 

The headline reads: "Bruce is the Cathy of callers." It's kinda like saying Michelle is a Mike, innit? 

That's clearly what they're alluding to. Here's another outlet doing something similar with this photo of Pink, who's also enraged about the SCOTUS ruling

Note the first names behind her head (one is the prefix of Billboard). They're hinting to a select audience that the singer isn't quite as qualified to opine on the matter as she claims. The current woke rule is "no uterus, no opinion", after all. 

Both these lie factories have form for mocking "conspiracy theories", including ones about how many famous chicks are actually dudes in reality. Yet they seem to be confirming them with these sneaky comms.  

This is another sign that they are hopelessly corrupt, and happy to tell titanic lies day in day out for their criminal owners, the globalist elite. 

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