Sunday, November 17, 2019

MSM dutifully pedals globalist, PC line re Branson, Downer

Right from the start I sensed there was something dodgy about the Australian MSM's coordinated campaign promoting press freedom and the public's right to know. It seemed much more like a massive "cover their arse" file for when Trump, Barr and Durham finally nuke The Swamp and the globalist Cabal and the normies collectively wake up to just how much evil shit the world's elites have been getting away with for yonks, then demand to know why they weren't told about it.

Look at how they've dragged their feet on Epstein. Sure, 60 Minutes finally did a pretty good expose on what the scumbag was up to and the horrendous damage he's caused. But they still refused to cover the Billary angle which was obviously the elephant in the room -- or should I say, "the owl on the island"

Virginia Giuffre has been living in Queensland for years. So there's long been an Aussie angle on this. Yet until very recently there have been only one or two brief stories about her. Also, Katherine Keating, daughter of Paul, was filmed leaving the billionaire's apartment (intriguingly, this footage was included in Tara Brown's segment but without mention of her name AFAIK). Of course her presence may have been completely benign, but it's still a massive story no matter how you look at it. Why haven't Australia's top investigative journalists been covering this in detail since the Daily Mail (a foreign outfit) broke the story, or even before? Surely this is something the Australian public has a right to know all about.

Clearly our MSM big wigs disagree. Aside from a coupla articles like this one, there's very little about it in the big local outlets. (Citizen journalists, anons and weaponized autists have been doing bulk online research, however. As is the case with most issues these days, they're completely outclassing the mainstream media with their digs, even with the meagre resources they have. My advice to News, Nine, the ABC et al: Catch up, kids, before it's too late! Once you lose your audience to passionate, capable amateurs they're gone forever. You're right at the cusp of that now even though you don't know it.)

But back to the "Right To Know" campaign specifically: Check out this piece in last Friday's Daily Telegraph:

FFS, how pathetic is that? Richard Branson is desperate to be associated with the noble cause of press freedom, and the Sydney paper reckons this is "news". They've even included their slick little campaign branding symbol with the redacted text. He's obviously tryna make himself look like he's one of the good guys opposed to sneaky, secretive government meanies. 

To put it bluntly this is just balls out PR and it shows what utter bollocks the whole "press freedom" campaign actually is. If News Corp were genuinely interested in the public's right to know about Branson, they would be doing much more investigation into issues like how NXIVM -- y'know, that creepy chick-branding sex cult run by evil child trafficking rock spider Keith Raniere -- held functions on Branson's Necker Island. Did Sir Dick know what kind of dregs he was associating with?

The Murdoch papers weren't the only ones helping the Brit billionaire portray himself as a mega-woke dude who dinkum cares heaps about democracy an' stuff. The SMH ran a puff piece so painfully right-on that even simpering soyboy Adam Bandt tweeted it!

Gawd but Branson is brazen, eh? He runs an international airline, which has an absolutely yuge carbon footprint, and he has the gall to lecture us on coal. If he truly believed in AGW theory and cared about the environment he wouldn't even be in that industry to start with. 

Looks to me like he might just be anticipating some less than edifying revelations about himself or his associates in the future, and he's tryna pre-emptively counter them by portraying himself in a positive light. The MSM, being tools of the globalist mega-rich and powerful rather than those who speak truth to them, are happy to indulge the cashed up Limey with the shit-eating grin.

So-called journos at their ABC have also been poncing about proclaiming their passion for press freedom and the public's right to know. Of course they're all PC lefties from way back even though they claim to be fair and balanced, the lying cowards. But given where their political passions clearly lie, you'd think they'd be dragging an ol' Tory blue blood like Alexander Downer over hot solar panels re his involvement in this Spygate stuff, wouldn't you? But nup, they've been sucking up to him big time.

They've even featured him as a panellist on their flagship lunar wankfest The Drum, an absolutely fascinating move given the context. When was the last time he appeared on it, if at all? Did they ask him about his recent interview with John Durham or even allude to the reasons for it? Not likely! IMHO they're tryna burnish his image as an elder statesmen and thereby make George Papadopoulos's claims seem extra-implausible.

As you'd expect of a Liberal Party icon, Lexie was poo-pooing the Democrats and their impeachment circus, thereby implicitly siding with the Trump Whitehouse.

Subliminal message seems to be: "See, Downer is right-wing, conservative! There's no way such a rusted-on Tory would be 'Clinton's errand boy' like that awful Trump errand boy George has been claiming, now would he?"

But that narrative depends on the ol' ideological right-left binary. And ever since Trump burst onto the stage, that just doesn't cut it anymore. Millions of people are waking up to the realization that the big battle is now between nationalism and globalism; between ethical patriots and an utterly corrupt globalist Cabal. 

The local mainstream media are merely the collective cat's paw of these despicable elites, as are members of the political establishment in Canberra and the rest of the Anglosphere. Sure, they're not evil people themselves, but they have long been controlled by those who most definitely are.

My advice to anyone working in the Aussie MSM who calls himself a "journalist": We can all see what's going on. You can't fool us anymore. Your authority, which you never deserved anyhow, is collapsing by the day.

If you know anything at all about the diabolical, treasonous shit that Trump claims has been carried out in this international coup being waged against him, or anything related to elite pedophilia (Epstein-linked or not) then start aggressively investigating and reporting it, pronto!

If your editorial overlords won't let you do this then that's a story in itself, innit? And we definitely have a right to know about that, too.

So, instead of being an Aussie version of Amy Robach, you could even be a dinkum whistleblower. We'd be completely convinced you genuinely believed in press freedom, then.

(Apart from anything else there's been waaay too much recent "reporting" about a fake one. And a change is as good as a rest, as the saying goes ...)

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Jordan Steele-John calls opponents "arsonists" and lefties cheer

Oh, FFS. Twitter lefties are jumping up and down, flinging poo and hooting up a storm like howler monkeys at feeding time in the zoo because Jordan Steele-John called Labor and Coalition senators "arsonists". Yet it's the Greens' own policies that result in massive ground fuel build up, thereby ensuring that when fires do happen they are far more intense and widespread than if the responsible burn offs of yore had been implemented.

Also, the deep green hypocrisy is amazing given that fellow traveller Nayuka Gorrie said "let's burn stuff" on Q and A just recently. Not only did the leftist trollective not condemn her; they loved what she said.

Then there's Media Watch: Cadaverous finger-wagger and massive twat Paul Barry scolded KAK et al for obvious jokes about running down Extinction Rebellion protestors, grimly warning that someone might take them seriously:

I think it’s time they got some new material and perhaps stopped making jokes about killing protesters. Because some nutter out there might just take them up on it.

But when it came to Gorrie's incendiary exhortation he said nothing of the sort. Just praised her and her fellow "fiery feminists" for their narcissistic idiocy and misandrist malice, characterizing their obnoxious whingefest as "compelling" and "confronting". FFS, what a despicable display of supine, soy-soaked suckage.

Why do we have to pay for these toxic, parasitic arsehats? The sooner we privatize the ABC, the better.

More thoughts:

Monday, November 4, 2019

MSM on the way out whether the Storm hits suddenly or not ...

It's revealing that so many so-called journalists in the Australian MSM don't have a clue about QAnon. If they do "report" on it at all, they just rehash the inaccurate description that their counterparts in the USA are peddling. After all, the big outlets here are merely a subset of the US-based legacy media, echoing its style and content. Like CNN, MSNBC et al they are controlled by the same globalist, Trump-hating, Swamp-dwelling forces -- which is why their claims to care about our "right to know" seem so suss.

They are terrified of QAnon and describe it as a "conspiracy cult", "conspiracy movement", and often just a "conspiracy theory". This is clearly to evoke a powerful emotional reaction in their audience and make them conclude it's full of Bible-thumping racist rednecks and anti-Semitic whackos and is therefore best avoided.

While some conspiracy theories have gathered momentum in the movement they comprise just one aspect of it. In any case, the MSM have been pushing the biggest conspiracy theory of all for years now: the Russian collusion delusion.

The QAnon phenomenon is an alternative to the mainstream media more than anything else. And while the MSM declares itself to be the ultimate authority and speaks down to people, demanding that they accept its version of events without thought or question, Q encourages everyone to think for themselves, and do their own research. It looks extremely likely that Q is dinkum and Trump is part of the whole plan, something numerous high profile "journalists" imply or flat out state is impossible. Yet they refuse to confirm this view by asking him directly -- which is extremely telling in itself.

A while back Trump himself said: "We have to bypass the media in order to get straight to the people ... We've gone around them like no one in history has gone around them."

I think he was referring to this whole project that, along with other methods, will help bring in a massive "storm" of retributive justice against the globalist cabal in general and the dirty Dems in particular. And it's all arcing up again big time now that 8chan -- where Q posted previously -- has been resurrected as 8kun.

It's been up less than a day but apparently Q has already started posting there again. 

Also, a high profile Twitter user and Q follower and decoder called JoeM has just abruptly quit the platform. He said this was because his profile had become too big and was therefore a distraction. The movement was all about giving power back to the anons, after all.

Maybe, but I suspect he may have been closer to the whole operation than he claimed, and his stepping back from social media signals the next phase in it; that as his very handle stated the "StormIsUponUs".

After 93 days of continuous work by highly skilled tech-heads passionately committed to free speech, 8kun is now up and running and will be much harder to knock offline than its predecessor was.

It's likely that this will function as an online repository for all kinds of jaw-dropping evidence of the globalist cabal's criminality. As the 2020 election approaches the legacy media's credibility will continue to plunge and more and more people will hear about 8kun. After visiting the site -- or, more likely, seeing its updates elsewhere online -- they'll become red-pilled as a result.

Many Q followers anticipate that Trump's counterattack against the globalists will result in a sudden, spectacular "storm" of mass arrests and subsequent military trials. I doubt it will be that explosive. I think this will be a gradual process so that the normies can slowly adjust to the new reality and thereby come to terms with the fact that they have been massively lied to for decades by high profile figures and institutions they long admired and trusted. 

Either way, the MSM in the USA and here in Australia are toast. They just don't know it yet.

I don't feel sorry for them, but I do pity the millions of poor normies who have built their world-view around a massively fraudulent narrative about the world pedalled by psychopathic scumbags. I suspect that this "great awakening" will shake many of them to the core and some may even slowly go mad as a result.