Sunday, July 31, 2016

Rudd for UN fiasco reveals Canberra's incestuous culture

Given the massive egos of Turnbull and Rudd, I think we've still got quite a way to go with this UN candidature fiasco. There'll be more confidences betrayed, and we'll shake our heads with incredulity at the sheer arrogance of these people who purport to pursue our interests and not their own.

The unedifying leak-fest is reminiscent of Labor's dysfunctional reign. Wherever Rudd goes he leaves a trail of destruction! And you'd think that everyone in the LNP would know full well to steer clear of this toxic character. (Apart from anything else he's on the opposing team!)

But clearly Julie Bishop and Malcolm Turnbull (and I suspect several others) hadn't learned this lesson. They got involved, and ended up making commitments to him. And it wasn't just because of their ideological sympathies.

Certainly in Bishop's case her support for Rudd came as a result of a long term friendship with him. And I think Turnbull saw Rudd as potentially useful because of the former PM's obvious power and influence and connections to others like him.

It seems to me spending so much time in Canberra makes many pollies forget their political allegiances. They end up seeing themselves as members of the same elite group. They often get involved emotionally with each other (and even a few journos) and let that influence their political decisions and deal making.

It's understandable. They're only human. Canberra is isolated and they're working long hours. The people they have by far the most contact with are other pollies, their staff, and journos. So it's gonna get complicated.

Still, it's unfortunate. Eventually it just becomes a toxic mess of betrayal and bitchery, driven by personal enmity. Not good for the country at all!

Saturday, July 30, 2016

I pity Julie Bishop. She's torn between two self-lovers

The gruesome mess resulting from the Government's final decision not to support former PM Kevin Rudd's campaign to become the UN's Big Enchilada says heaps about the inner workings of both Mal and Kevin. Clearly, these guys are almost peas in a pod psychologically. The perception that they are both narcissists is widely held, and with good reason.

Being so in love with themselves, and using others merely as instruments to fulfil their dreams of glory, they've left heaps of political wreckage in their wake already. And this is just another mangled load they've dumped on the long suffering people of Oz. So, no surprises there.

But the UN candidature fiasco also says a lot about Julie Bishop and her lack of judgement. She's besties with Kevin Rudd, remember. And she also got up close and political with Turnbull before he stuck the knife into PM Abbott.

So now she's in a really awkward situation. And I kinda feel sorry for her. While her relationships with both men are of course platonic, she must be feeling more than a bit like poor Mary MacGregor in her haunting hit "Torn Between Two Lovers".

Watch the heartbreaking 70s ballad below, imagining JBish in place of lonesome Mary. If you aren't sookin' up by the end of it you're made of sterner stuff than I am, that's for sure!

PS: In the interests of promoting gender fluidity, you can also imagine Malcolm Turnbull singing the song, with the two lovers in his case being the left and right of politics. The fact that this version is equally touching confirms what a timeless classic it is. 

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Khaled Elomar kerfuffle shows that Q and A is up to its usual tricks

Not at all surprised by recent revelations about this Muslim guy (Khaled Elomar) in the Q and A audience who blamed Pauline Hanson for Islamophobic abuse he claimed to have suffered in the street. Seems he wasn't just some Muslim everyman but a bloke with a big time grudge -- as well as a few, er, problematic attitudes himself. Sooo obvious that letting him ask his "question" was yet another set up by their ABC.

And boy do they have form on this. There was Zaky Mallah, then Duncan Storrar, now Mr Elomar. Q and A relentlessly pushes their treasured PC narrative and it keeps blowing up in their faces. Not only do they keep doing this ad-farkin'-nauseam, but they absolutely refuse to admit even the tiniest touch of political bias.

Check out their unblushing response to criticism of the selection of Mr Elomar:

“People with strong, differing and often contentious views appear on Q&A, in the audience and on the panel – that is how the program is designed. Q&A provides a safe place to talk in a constructive way about vitally important issues that often inflame people’s passions.”

That's just hilarious. Makes the show sound like something truly democratic, organized purely for the purposes of free, open debate, right?

But it's sooo obvious how stage-managed it is at every stage. Check out the show's Twitter feed. Snowcone Tones's tweeps constantly suggest topics for discussion.

Then they make sure that right-on types outnumber the righties on the panel ... And there'll almost always be at least one audience member to offer some sob story clearly intended to shame the (usually) lone conservative panellist and portray him as a bad person, guilty of wrong-think. The left-heavy audience dutifully jeers and sneers up a storm and the socialist slebs on the panel enthusiastically indulge in tag team bullying as well.

It's a relentlessly ugly and primitive spectacle and says so much about the vicious, hateful culture behind it. The production team's brazen denials of the bleedin' obvious just make it even more puke-worthy!

But hey, that's okay ... In the end these arsehats are just fuelling support for those whom they demonize. They may be able to bully them on their turf. But the long term outcome is a gradual erosion of support for their ideology. And that's certainly a net benefit for the nation.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

That Sonia Kruger is brand "liability" shows chilling extent of PC

We all know that the cancer of political correctness has rotted the brains -- not to mention the souls -- of pretty much everyone employed in Australia's Sanctimony-Victimhood Complex (otherwise known as Their ABC).

This asinine army of malignant mediocrities will of course never learn. Hell, they don't have to! They aren't at the whim of market forces, after all. So they can just keep on keeping on with their cringe-worthy virtue signalling, brazen lying and vile, cowardly bullying of those with the temerity to disagree with them.

That's sad, of course. But what I find more depressing is the fact that many fat cats of big business have also signed up to the Left's sinister cultural agenda.

This is clearly illustrated by the fact that merely because Sonia Kruger stated a heartfelt opinion about something that clearly deeply concerns everyone in this country, she may well lose one or more lucrative contracts with big brands such as Swisse, Target and Porsche.

As advertising guru (and ABC sleb) Dee Madigan explains:

“She’s absolutely a liability for them, in the short term at least,” Madigan said.

“Brands choose someone like Sonia Kruger because she doesn’t really stand for anything. She’s quite harmless, she’s nice and she’s non-offensive. But she’s gone totally out of safe territory.”

Says it all, dunnit? She actually stood for something! How dare she.

So ironic that the brand-meisters think Kruger is now commercially "unsafe" for them when her appalling thought crime was provoked by the undeniably growing literal danger of Islamist terrorism on our soil.

Sure, Kruger's opinions may be seen as a tad OTT. But they clearly came out of genuine concern for the safety of others, particularly her children. I have no doubt that as a result of expressing them Kruger went waaay up in the estimation of most Aussies. Rather than being a liability, she could actually be seen as a brand asset.

But that would require some spine as well as smarts. And that's sadly lacking in the marketing departments of big corporations. Prolly mostly as a result of indoctrination at uni, these guys now heed the shrieking of social justice warriors more than they do the opinions of average punters -- who are the ones who really keep their businesses in profit, let's face it.

So if they do "let go" of Kruger they will be pissing off countless customers. This may not result in a clear consumer backlash immediately, of course. These are immense, established corporations that have built up massive market share and customer loyalty over decades. Also, your average punter isn't like your typical hatchet-faced harpy of the Left who, triggered by some "misogynist" shampoo ad, will swiftly organize a "girlcott".

Still, punting Kruger will piss off more people than it placates, no doubt about that. And I suspect that slowly but surely this will have a deleterious effect on their bottom line.

As the mega-debacle of the right-on remake of Ghostbusters has shown, it's not a good business move to sneeringly condemn the concerns of your target market.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Pauline Hanson vs sensitive Sam Dastyari et al on Q and A

Q and A was on last night and it featured Pauline Hanson. Goes without saying that Snowcone Tone and his team of concerned elves engineered the whole event as a pack attack on the "controversial" Queenslander. The other panellists, who in major part all owe their positions of power and influence to their obedience to the sinister dictates of political correctness, behaved as expected.

The creepily robotic Larissa Waters, who always reminds me of a Stepford wife, repeatedly indulged in nasty, gutless dog whistling. Government jellyback Simon Birmingham dutifully mouthed the hackneyed right-on cant. You could tell by his halting, tremulous delivery that his heart wasn't in it. He was just doing Turnbull's bidding, of course.

There were many other snide attacks, along with interruptions, mostly from the blokes. Will our "feminists" arc up about this, er, patrarchial pile-on, I wonder? Of course not! The blushing violents don't give a flying fark about women generally -- especially ones who think for themselves. Fact that Hanson is working class triggers the snobby sob sisters, also.

Prolly the most shameless sliming came from Sam Dastyari. There was a hilarious interchange during which he whopped on a ginormous pair of clown shoes and kicked himself repeatedly in the head with 'em.

Desperately trying to make the whole issue of Islam in this country all about him and his dewicate wittle feewings, sensitive Sam said that if Pauline had her way a few decades back then he, as a Muslim, wouldn't have been allowed into Australia at age five.

Hanson called him out on this and asked if he was a Muslim. Dastyari was very evasive. Made him look even dodgier than he usually appears to be -- which is saying something.

So, it seems that he might not actually be a dinkum, practising Muslim. If so, he was clearly claiming victimhood by deceit. How unedifying.

Not only that, his answer revealed the totalitarian soul of that religion. He said merely by being born in Iran -- a theocracy -- he was by default a Muslim. How creepy is that?

So his family came to Australia -- presumably because of Iran's oppressive religious culture. Their actions speak a whole lot louder than his cheap and easy words, don't ya reckon?

Usually Labor's "hollowmen" are behind the scenes. This empty vessel is out front, flying the flag of his fakery!

And to think that he's one of his party's movers and shakers. Really, Labor, is Sam Dastyari the best you can do? Hang your heads in shame.

Monday, July 18, 2016

PC line: Nice attack and all other mass murders due to "the patriarchy"

As the body count from Islamist atrocities continues to rise across the world, child-brained fluffy wuffies are getting increasingly stressed out. Reading and listening to their psychobabble in the wake of this sickeningly cruel mass murder in Nice, France I feel a real sense of pity for them. I think: FFS, why don't they just face reality? As well as being the sane, sensible, adult thing to do, it'd be a big fat load off their tiny child-minds.

But nup. The more brutally, bleedingly, bone-crushingly obvious the truth becomes the more assiduously these numpties try to avoid it. That's because ages ago they committed themselves heart, mind and soul to a simplistic utopian vision that sees Western civilization as the root of all evil. So they spend their entire waking lives trying to shoe-horn reality into that barking mad, ultimately nihilistic world-view.

If they were to accept the truth now it would make their whole lives a lie. And this would psychologically destroy many of them ... Actually, I think some would just explode like the jihadis they so admire. So, prolly best for public safety that they maintain their stupid delusions.

And how do they achieve this? Well, in major part by hugely exaggerating minor factors in heinous acts to an absurd degree. Take the, er, caliphant in the room when it comes to so much terrorism these days. Politically correct types avoid the obvious religious motivation of Islamist mass killers and focus instead on another aspect of their identity, such as gender.

Take this spectacularly wrong-headed gargle published on the SBS site by some dippy fauxminist. "It's not religion" she states. It's -- you guessed it -- the "patriarchal system" (i.e. blokedom).

That's such an intellectually lazy thing to do, akin to saying "society's to blame". Really, you could just as easily attribute all this male violence to women instead. They create men in the first place, right? So surely that makes them the real root cause.

Not only would that be as wrong as wrong could be, but you'd be accused of misogyny by the same people who say it's all blokes' fault!

Gawd, but these people are lost. There really is no hope for them.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Murrandoo Yanner hurls abuse at Pauline Hanson

People are losing it big time over Pauline Hanson. Latest to do so is Aboriginal activist Murrandoo Yanner. He gave her a spray after she lobbed at some indigenous arts fair in Queensland.

There's video of the incident which is very popular on social media. Many lefties think that since she's triggered this guy it will be more proof of her racist redneckery, and thereby help erode her support among the general population.

But it's much more likely to do the exact opposite IMO. Even if they didn't vote for her in the first place, many Australians are sick of the endless abuse being hurled at her. This incident will garner her a bit more sympathy. And some of that will tip over into actual support.

Fascinating that lefties just can't seem to understand that process. They've still got this absurd delusion that they're superior to everyone else and get to dictate what to think and feel, and the dumb plebs will just dutifully obey 'em.

This industrial strength pomposity is crystal clear in the MSM, especially their ABC. They're always pushing their treasured PC Narrative, overtly and covertly trying to slime their political opponents, while talking up their fellow travellers.

Take the meeja's approach to the Yanner vs Hanson story itself. The guy has long been known as a hot-head, and has quite a colourful history. Yet this report just calls him an "Indigenous leader". And The Daily Mail, which is certainly less right-on than their ABC, uses this description:

Mr Yanner is well known for being outspoken about the rights of Aboriginal people and their culture and is currently the directer of the Carpentaria Land Council Aboriginal Corporation.

If a righty-whitey with a similarly turbulent background had verbally abused a leftie female politician it would most likely be featured -- or at least clearly alluded to -- in MSM reports, don't ya reckon?

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Abbott's take on Nice attack triggers lefties. They can't handle the truth!

Lefties just get sillier and sillier. They really do live in a parallel universe pretty much their entire lives. So they find even the most reasonable statements impossible to deal with.

Take Tony Abbott's take on the significance of this horrifically cruel terrorist attack in Nice.

"This is the problem. Islamist terrorism - if this is what it turns out to be - has been incredibly creative when it comes to new and even very mundane ways to kill people," he told Fairfax Media.

Mr Abbott says during his time as prime minister he was advised that Australian homegrown terrorists were exploring creative ways to launch attacks here.

"They're always trying to find news ways to create havoc," he said.

No sane, halfway rational adult would find these comments unreasonable. He's just stating unpalatable truths, after all. But lefties on Twitter and elsewhere are losing their shit big time over them.

As well as being intensely allergic to reality, the finger-wagging arsehats are world class hypocrites. Hell, if anyone is guilty of scaremongering it's them. Take Mediscare, or their relentless campaign to terrify children about "climate change", for example.

But back to Abbott: As PM he accumulated heaps of detailed knowledge about the nature of the terrorist threat, so what if he were to say nothing? If a large scale attack were to occur -- especially an unorthodox one like the one in Nice -- he'd be accused of keeping us all in the dark wouldn't he?

Abbott is saying these things because he doesn't look down on Australians and see them as children who need to be told soothing lies to make them docile. That is what the left-leaning Turnbull is doing. He, like so many world leaders, prefers to ignore the true root cause of the problem -- not poverty or the West's past wrongs, BTW -- but Islamist ideology. So he's just poncing about blathering about solidarity with France and how we should be tolerant of diversity ... and all that other BS.

Lefties think that Turnbull's jellybacked, condescendingly elitist reaction is the way to go. But not only is it an abrogation of his duty as the nation's leader, it's also one of the reasons we have this problem in the first place. Just wringing your hands and mouthing a few platitudes won't cut it. It's time for Turnbull, along with many other world leaders, to bloody well grow a pair, name and define the enemy and their methods of recruitment and do something decisive to defeat them!

The odds of that happening are very slim indeed, however ... I think what's going to happen is that Abbott's warnings will go unheeded, and we will have a horrendous Nice or Bataclan-style ISIS attack on our soil. If that doesn't make Turnbull and his government wake up and get pro-active I don't know what will.

Friday, July 15, 2016

Will the Nice attack be the last straw for the French Government? Better be!

I really can't get my head around how sick and twisted the ideology of Islamic State actually is. Every time they attack it's more barbaric. Opening fire on people trapped in a nightclub is horrific enough. But now ISIS goons are running people over with trucks!

And you've gotta wonder just how much more of this evil shit the French government tolerates before doing something really decisive. Will the Nice terrorist attack be the last straw for France? Is the state gonna round up those it knows very well sympathise with ISIS and throw them in jail, as well as enact serious immigration law changes to stop any more of them getting into the country?

I bloody well hope so because they have to do something really decisive, even if it isn't completely successful. If they don't people will take matters into their own hands, and a civil war is on the cards:

Growing tensions between the ‘extreme Right and the Muslim world’ have pushed France to the ‘verge of a civil war’, the country’s most senior security chief has warned.

Patrick Calvar, head of the General Directorate for Internal Security (DGSI) – France’s equivalent of MI5 – made his claim in the wake of last year’s terrorist attacks on Paris.

And similar developments are increasingly likely in other European countries -- most notably Germany. Germans across the political spectrum are reeling from the recent deluge of Islamic immigrants into their country. And being told that they must be the ones to make adjustments, rather than the new arrivals, adds insult to injury.

Sure, they haven't suffered Islamist violence on anywhere near the same scale as France. But events like the mass rapes in Cologne, along with mainstream media and government lies about them, have concentrated the people's anger even further.

If Merkel and her mates don't do a rapid about-face, and soon, things are gonna go to a whole new level there as well. Actually, could be far worse in that country. As history tells us, the Krauts tend not to pussyfoot around in matters of conflict.

Obviously we haven't yet reached this powder keg level of tension here in Australia. But it's only a matter of time. We've already had two lethal Islamic State attacks in Sydney alone. The odds of some blood-lusting goon desperate to slaughter his way to Paradise going crazy in some popular Sydney night spot are increasing by the day.

The NSW Government claim to be doing all they can to stop such a crime being committed. But presently Premier Mike Baird seems far more focused on the welfare of possums, piglets, and greyhounds than he is on people. This attitude -- along with the general refusal to deny the nature of the whole Islamist terror threat by the political class and MSM -- fills me with dread, TBH.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Letting animal rights nuts dictate policy is a very Baird move

Goes without saying that this greyhound racing ban was massively OTT. And you can only wonder at Premier Mike Baird's motivations for it. I doubt that it was driven solely by his deep concern for the welfare of the dogs themselves and the animals used in live baiting. Still, the exhortations of animal rights activists clearly had a lot to do with it.

And that's a worry, because these people are howling at the moon mad, let's face it ...

How can you say that the decision is kind to the dogs when it will surely result in the slaughter of thousands of them? Then there's the sick irony of the fact that these swivel-eyed loons wail about the Darwinian disposal of slow dishlickers when they themselves overwhelmingly advocate abortion of people-to-be, along with the euthanasia of oldsters. Many really do see all human lives as toxic to the planet -- except their own of course, because they care.

This sinister misanthropy aside, their ideology is just so bloody silly.

They say that we humans are no better than animals, right? And if human (that is, animal) cruelty to (other) animals is bad, then why don't they ever arc up about the cruelty to animals that occurs in nature? There's no shortage of that going on, that's for sure. Actually, cruelty to animals is what nature is all about, let's face it.

Isn't it absurd to want to save a cute piglet from being torn apart by a hangry dishlicker when you don't give a rat's clacker about the bilby bub being disembowelled by the eagle?

And it's not just that they don't give a rat's. On the contrary, this gruesome violence is what a lot of them find so intoxicatingly romantic about the wild. They see it as having a rough grandeur, an atavistic beauty, because it is Gaia's will ... And mankind is enemy to Gaia, remember, which is why they often say we had it coming when a natural disaster occurs.

Blech! Sorry shark-huggers. Those "stern rebukes" just make me wanna puke ...

Which is why I hope these twisted little critters don't gain any more power. Imagine the kind of crazy shit they'd get up to if they managed to lead a nation? The mere thought of this is scary as.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Hanson is back thanks partly to the Left. Will Abbott return too?

Amazing to watch Pauline Hanson and her party One Nation rise all over again. And for many of the same reasons she first burst onto the political scene back in the nineties.

That oft-quoted line "Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it" comes to mind here. And I suppose you could flip it either way. If you are on the Left you might invoke it by saying those who voted for her have short memories. Clearly, she's just a nasty, racist populist appealing to the worst in human nature and she failed spectacularly last time. So her present supporters clearly haven't been paying attention.

But if you are to the right of this -- and let's face it, most Aussies actually are -- then you'd be looking at the Left as the ones who haven't learned anything from the past. And I think this is actually a more powerful illustration of that line about political, er, deja spu

By that I mean that now, just as first time round, it was the absolutely massive amount of putrid abuse that PC pinko types hurled at Hanson that lifted her profile greatly and also made millions sympathize with her. So they ticked the box marked One Nation as a protest vote. 

Lefties are generally so full of their own spurious sense of virtue that they simply don't understand how repellent their routinely obnoxious behaviour is to most normal, sane, adult folk. Their modus operandi is to pretend to give a shit about the rest of humanity so they can seize a position of power. Once this is achieved, they quickly commence bossing people around ("for their own good", natch).

If, after a while, there is any popular resistance to them lefties will try to censor, bully, shame and slime these people into silence or compliance. They think that they can just keep doing this forever, without any electoral repercussions. And if the voters don't do what they're told and long-time leftie hate figures do get another guernsey? Well, those same petulant, punitive pinkos just never admit that they, themselves, had something to do with it!

Now, if you're not on lefties' side and you point this out to them, they'll go into denial mode and hurl abuse at you. Hell, they're doing it anyway. So that's just, er, (anti)business as usual. But what's really interesting is that if you're a leftie yourself and you state the bleedin' obvious then they'll get even nastier.

Case in point: Margo Kingston. She wrote a very fair and insightful column for the Guardian that basically said stop sliming Hanson. Just listen and learn, lefties. Predictaby the Twitter trollective lost their shit big time.

But Kingston made a very good point. Hanson, and others of her ilk, may be on the wrong track. But they're not eeevil. This is a democracy and they have a right to be heard.

Which brings me to another of their hate figures, actually the biggest of them all, Tony Abbott. Not only does he deserve another chance to be heard. He deserves to lead the party that so cruelly betrayed him and, as a result, is in such a diabolical position right now. 

Needless to say I don't know what his true intentions in this regard might actually be. But given that he's hung around in politics he's clearly still got a hunger for power. So he may well be considering another tilt at the leadership. I, along with many others, certainly hope he chooses to do this. And if so, there's a strong chance he could regain it.  

This would be a very good thing for the LNP, and therefore the country, of course. But it would also provoke such wailing and gnashing of teeth from the Left that it would be worth it just for that. These arsehats thought they "slayed the beast" remember. They were absolutely confident that their concerted campaign of character assassination finally did to Tony Abbott what he repeatedly said he'd done to WorkChoices.

But given Hanson's recent resurgence, it's pretty clear that unless a politician is literally deceased, there's always a chance that she, or he, can return from the dead, so to speak. So, I rooly, rooly hope that Abbott does this.

The coast to coast cacophony of leftist outrage that this will provoke will be music to my ears. And it will be all the sweeter given that the louder it is and the longer it continues, the more likely it will become that the shriekers' worst nightmare -- Tony Abbott as PM again -- will actually be made real.

Please, God. Make it happen. 

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Turnbull's toxic takeover proves personality is powerful in politics

Votes are still being counted today, of course. But one thing's for sure: it's a very bad outcome for the Government. At this stage a hung parliament looks like a real possibility.

Needless to say there are numerous lessons to take away from this. And pundits aplenty will be detailing those in coming days. But here's one that's a real biggie IMO. Just as Brexit proved that culture can be just as powerful as economic considerations in politics, personality can trump policy as a factor -- even if only temporarily.

Turnbull's decision to knife Abbott was clearly driven by his ambition. Obviously that's a common trait in politicians. But I think those with Turnbull's desire for power, money and adoration -- which likely qualifies as narcissism -- are comparatively rare.

So he is a bit of a freak. And that's why he got away with toppling Abbott. He managed to charm, cajole (and perhaps occasionally bully?) enough MPs into believing he was their great saviour and then carry out his crazy coup. Highly ambitious people in their own right, they all became rats to this Pied Piper. Just as Turnbull was drunk on power, they were drunk on him.

And that worked out well, didn't it? These "malcoholics" have all got one helluva hangover today!

And while Turnbull himself is putting the very best spin on the outcome and blaming forces other than himself (as narcissists always do) his glory days are gone for sure. Just as the voters figured out that he was much less competent and visionary than he first appeared to be, so did his co-conspirators (even if they did retain their seats).

So, just as with the oddly but undeniably charismatic Kevin Rudd, Australia's political scene has been shaken to its core by the powerful personality of a flawed individual ... And I'm sure he won't be the last.

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Election shows rising resistance to political correctness, nanny statism

No doubt that this year's federal election is one of the most lacklustre ever. That's mainly because it's primarily between two parties with an arrogant disdain for the electorate, whom they are convinced don't know what's good for them and need to be gently but firmly herded like sheep.

Labor and the LNP, along with the MSM, have managed to keep the whole, er, "debate" on safe, anodyne, politically correct territory. They've both wheeled out numerous cliches, motherhood statements and vague plans (about the economy, mainly), while trying to avoid grappling with thornier issues such as the rise of Islamism, same sex marriage, nanny statism and freedom of speech. There's no doubt that these are becoming increasingly significant for growing numbers of Aussies.

You can definitely see that with the rise of minor parties, who will make their presence felt mostly in the Senate. They're all a bit different, sure. But several of them have a common thread of resistance to being told what to do, think, and feel by a bunch of excruciatingly right-on finger-wagging arsehats who've mostly never had real jobs.

There hasn't been much MSM oxygen given to these parties -- especially the Australian Liberty Alliance. So people do need to do a bit of searching to understand what they're truly about. But that is definitely happening, particularly on social media. And I think the political establishment is gonna be in for a rude shock.

Still, even if they get one, I doubt they'll learn anything from it. In the coming months -- just as in the recent past -- it will be business as usual for the Coles and Woolies of Oz politics, who have had their two most underwhelming leaders in recent memory.

Both Turnbull and Shorten do try to convince us they have political fire in the belly with some crap acting now and then. But it's pretty clear they are both brazen opportunists driven more by personal ambition than anything else.

Sure, Shorten and his cynical spin-meisters have managed to conjure up a totally fake issue -- that of Medicare being at risk of death under the LNP. It's complete and utter bollocks and the fact that they've tried it on says heaps about Labor culture now. It really is a massive, putrid lie. Yet the whole team is on board, shamelessly repeating it!

Dubbed "Mediscare" it's gotta be among most pathetic political ploys in this nation's history. Whoever created it should be sent to the salt mines for the term of his natural life! While it has managed to put the wind up some voters I don't think it will have a big effect on the outcome. And it will be seen by all but the most pathetically rusted on Labor voters as yet more evidence that this once great party has well and truly lost its soul.

So, basically it looks like Turnbull is gonna creep over the line. But that's not because of anything he himself has done. Rather it's because of all the hard work of Tony Abbott -- the bloke Turnbull so cruelly knifed and has been trash talking the whole time. It's all quite nauseating, really ...