Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Hanson is back thanks partly to the Left. Will Abbott return too?

Amazing to watch Pauline Hanson and her party One Nation rise all over again. And for many of the same reasons she first burst onto the political scene back in the nineties.

That oft-quoted line "Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it" comes to mind here. And I suppose you could flip it either way. If you are on the Left you might invoke it by saying those who voted for her have short memories. Clearly, she's just a nasty, racist populist appealing to the worst in human nature and she failed spectacularly last time. So her present supporters clearly haven't been paying attention.

But if you are to the right of this -- and let's face it, most Aussies actually are -- then you'd be looking at the Left as the ones who haven't learned anything from the past. And I think this is actually a more powerful illustration of that line about political, er, deja spu

By that I mean that now, just as first time round, it was the absolutely massive amount of putrid abuse that PC pinko types hurled at Hanson that lifted her profile greatly and also made millions sympathize with her. So they ticked the box marked One Nation as a protest vote. 

Lefties are generally so full of their own spurious sense of virtue that they simply don't understand how repellent their routinely obnoxious behaviour is to most normal, sane, adult folk. Their modus operandi is to pretend to give a shit about the rest of humanity so they can seize a position of power. Once this is achieved, they quickly commence bossing people around ("for their own good", natch).

If, after a while, there is any popular resistance to them lefties will try to censor, bully, shame and slime these people into silence or compliance. They think that they can just keep doing this forever, without any electoral repercussions. And if the voters don't do what they're told and long-time leftie hate figures do get another guernsey? Well, those same petulant, punitive pinkos just never admit that they, themselves, had something to do with it!

Now, if you're not on lefties' side and you point this out to them, they'll go into denial mode and hurl abuse at you. Hell, they're doing it anyway. So that's just, er, (anti)business as usual. But what's really interesting is that if you're a leftie yourself and you state the bleedin' obvious then they'll get even nastier.

Case in point: Margo Kingston. She wrote a very fair and insightful column for the Guardian that basically said stop sliming Hanson. Just listen and learn, lefties. Predictaby the Twitter trollective lost their shit big time.

But Kingston made a very good point. Hanson, and others of her ilk, may be on the wrong track. But they're not eeevil. This is a democracy and they have a right to be heard.

Which brings me to another of their hate figures, actually the biggest of them all, Tony Abbott. Not only does he deserve another chance to be heard. He deserves to lead the party that so cruelly betrayed him and, as a result, is in such a diabolical position right now. 

Needless to say I don't know what his true intentions in this regard might actually be. But given that he's hung around in politics he's clearly still got a hunger for power. So he may well be considering another tilt at the leadership. I, along with many others, certainly hope he chooses to do this. And if so, there's a strong chance he could regain it.  

This would be a very good thing for the LNP, and therefore the country, of course. But it would also provoke such wailing and gnashing of teeth from the Left that it would be worth it just for that. These arsehats thought they "slayed the beast" remember. They were absolutely confident that their concerted campaign of character assassination finally did to Tony Abbott what he repeatedly said he'd done to WorkChoices.

But given Hanson's recent resurgence, it's pretty clear that unless a politician is literally deceased, there's always a chance that she, or he, can return from the dead, so to speak. So, I rooly, rooly hope that Abbott does this.

The coast to coast cacophony of leftist outrage that this will provoke will be music to my ears. And it will be all the sweeter given that the louder it is and the longer it continues, the more likely it will become that the shriekers' worst nightmare -- Tony Abbott as PM again -- will actually be made real.

Please, God. Make it happen. 

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  1. I'm a card-carrying leftie and a veteran keyboard warrior but allow me to express my opinion that you are wrong. I don't see the Liberal Party prospering under Abbott. If he was at the helm for this election, they might have kept the Western Sydney seats and Eden-Monaro but they would have got destroyed in all the other seats. The polls proved to be right for this election and the polls showed only one way for Abbott...the opposite of up.

    As for Hanson, hey, I get it, people are worried about Islam and feel ignored by the major parties, etc. etc. But, in the end, I fundamentally don't feel that "Islam is evil" or "All Muslims are bad" is a valid view. Forget about racism accusations. The reason why Hanson devotees are wrong is because what they say is too simple. The world is a complicated place and there will never be a one line solution such as "Ban Burqas" for problems. A view that's a priori wrong is not valid and should be either ignored or banished from the public space.