Sunday, July 17, 2016

Murrandoo Yanner hurls abuse at Pauline Hanson

People are losing it big time over Pauline Hanson. Latest to do so is Aboriginal activist Murrandoo Yanner. He gave her a spray after she lobbed at some indigenous arts fair in Queensland.

There's video of the incident which is very popular on social media. Many lefties think that since she's triggered this guy it will be more proof of her racist redneckery, and thereby help erode her support among the general population.

But it's much more likely to do the exact opposite IMO. Even if they didn't vote for her in the first place, many Australians are sick of the endless abuse being hurled at her. This incident will garner her a bit more sympathy. And some of that will tip over into actual support.

Fascinating that lefties just can't seem to understand that process. They've still got this absurd delusion that they're superior to everyone else and get to dictate what to think and feel, and the dumb plebs will just dutifully obey 'em.

This industrial strength pomposity is crystal clear in the MSM, especially their ABC. They're always pushing their treasured PC Narrative, overtly and covertly trying to slime their political opponents, while talking up their fellow travellers.

Take the meeja's approach to the Yanner vs Hanson story itself. The guy has long been known as a hot-head, and has quite a colourful history. Yet this report just calls him an "Indigenous leader". And The Daily Mail, which is certainly less right-on than their ABC, uses this description:

Mr Yanner is well known for being outspoken about the rights of Aboriginal people and their culture and is currently the directer of the Carpentaria Land Council Aboriginal Corporation.

If a righty-whitey with a similarly turbulent background had verbally abused a leftie female politician it would most likely be featured -- or at least clearly alluded to -- in MSM reports, don't ya reckon?

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