Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Letting animal rights nuts dictate policy is a very Baird move

Goes without saying that this greyhound racing ban was massively OTT. And you can only wonder at Premier Mike Baird's motivations for it. I doubt that it was driven solely by his deep concern for the welfare of the dogs themselves and the animals used in live baiting. Still, the exhortations of animal rights activists clearly had a lot to do with it.

And that's a worry, because these people are howling at the moon mad, let's face it ...

How can you say that the decision is kind to the dogs when it will surely result in the slaughter of thousands of them? Then there's the sick irony of the fact that these swivel-eyed loons wail about the Darwinian disposal of slow dishlickers when they themselves overwhelmingly advocate abortion of people-to-be, along with the euthanasia of oldsters. Many really do see all human lives as toxic to the planet -- except their own of course, because they care.

This sinister misanthropy aside, their ideology is just so bloody silly.

They say that we humans are no better than animals, right? And if human (that is, animal) cruelty to (other) animals is bad, then why don't they ever arc up about the cruelty to animals that occurs in nature? There's no shortage of that going on, that's for sure. Actually, cruelty to animals is what nature is all about, let's face it.

Isn't it absurd to want to save a cute piglet from being torn apart by a hangry dishlicker when you don't give a rat's clacker about the bilby bub being disembowelled by the eagle?

And it's not just that they don't give a rat's. On the contrary, this gruesome violence is what a lot of them find so intoxicatingly romantic about the wild. They see it as having a rough grandeur, an atavistic beauty, because it is Gaia's will ... And mankind is enemy to Gaia, remember, which is why they often say we had it coming when a natural disaster occurs.

Blech! Sorry shark-huggers. Those "stern rebukes" just make me wanna puke ...

Which is why I hope these twisted little critters don't gain any more power. Imagine the kind of crazy shit they'd get up to if they managed to lead a nation? The mere thought of this is scary as.

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  1. AEC page shows that in NSW the Animal Justice Party won less than half the first preferences that went to Shooters Fishers and Farmers. So you might well wonder why Mike Baird thinks this is a winning move. Putting his own bleeding-heart inclinations aside, he seems to have mistaken noise for numbers.