Sunday, April 26, 2020

Malcolm Turnbull wants our compassion and understanding. Why?

We keep hearing that big Spygate indictments are on the way. While there have been similar rumours before and nothing eventuated they just have to happen sooner or later. And I can't see this issue being held over until after the November election. Surely POTUS would wanna sort this all out before then. Officially detailing crimes by big name enemies in league with the Democrats would yugely increase his electoral chances apart from anything else.

We've all heard of Alexander Downer's alleged role in this long-running Deep State coup attempt. He is of course vehemently protesting his innocence, and the mainstream media continue to portray George Papadopoulos as a shallow, big-noting blowhard who's prolly telling porkies. But his book about the whole affair is comprehensive and compelling from what I've heard

If Lexie was part of this, then was Malcolm Turnbull too? He was PM at the time, after all.

You can't judge a book by its cover, as we all know. That aphorism would apply to titles as well ... Still, I couldn't help noticing that A Bigger Picture does seem reminiscent of James Comey's recent offering A Higher Loyalty. While he may not be flat out signalling allegiance with this title, he and Comey do seem to be on the same wavelength with regards to Trump. And they both sympathize more with the globalist worldview than the nationalist one. 

The launch of his book and subsequent publicity for it is very interdasting also. I mean, we're currently in the grip of this coronavirus insanity. The MSM are completely obsessed with it. Tryna get publicity for an autobiographical book would be more difficult than usual even if you're as well known as Malcolm Turnbull himself. And even though he is completely self-obsessed, he would surely be aware that potential readers would find it difficult to focus on his book launch in the current situation.

Obviously he would love to have heaps of attention, and big sales. It's a massive tome, so he's clearly been working on it for a while. You'd think that he would hold off for a few weeks until all this viral panic (and 24/7 coverage in the MSM) had died down, wouldn't you?

So, why is he so keen to get this out there now? 

Also, why did their ABC let Malcolm Turnbull shamelessly flog A Bigger Picture on The 7.30 Report? They also talked up this episode zif it was some kinda earth-shattering program that was simply not to be missed.

Leigh Sales gave him softball questions and didn't hold him to account at all. She was more like an entertainment reporter talking to some movie star about his latest flick, including questions about intimate issues like relationships as they often do.

Sales focused on personal revelations contained in the book such as his battle with depression.

Speaking of when he lost the Liberal Party leadership for the first time in 2009, Turnbull told Sales it was a dangerous time for his mental health.

“I started to sink into a very, very deep depression. It was very deep and very dangerous,” he said.

“I’d never given much thought to mental health before. I’d been aware that, you know, people have mental health issues, but I’d never really thought about it a lot. And I felt myself – I felt these thoughts of death, of  self-destruction, coming into my mind unbidden and unwanted. And I couldn’t get them out of my mind and I got sicker and sicker and sicker. It was a terrible time.”

He also opened up about his very difficult childhood.

When Sales asked if he’d thought of his father on the day he was elected Liberal Party leader, he said, “It’s hard to talk about him without shedding a tear”.

“He was such an incredible man, my father. What he did for me was provide absolutely unconditional love.”

Turnbull went on to describe what it was like being raised by a single father after his mother left his family when he was young.

There was also a puff piece in a recent issue of The Weekend Australian by a long time friend of Turnbull's called Bruce McWilliam.

It went on for ages and painted him as an all-round great guy. Needless to say, it was pretty nauseating.

Malcolm Turnbull is always bitching about Rupert Murdoch and of course this is one of his papers. So you've gotta wonder why the publication would run such a piece. Maybe doing so was partly to deflect from Turnbull's own criticism; to prove that they were not as biased against him as he claims?

I think that's part of it. But IMO the main reason is that News Ltd genuinely wanted to help make him a sympathetic figure. All Australian MSM are controlled by the Deep Stare and globalist Cabal. This includes The Australian. The enemy of my enemy is my friend, as the saying goes.

This reminds me of sympathetic coverage given to Alexander Downer when his alleged involvement in Spygate started to get a lot of exposure.

At around this time, Lexie even appeared on The Drum. Given that this show regularly features panels chockas with batshit lefties (it's prolly even worse than Q and A in this regard!) this was very weird -- and telling.

Also telling is the fact that so many high profile Liberals are pushing to have Turnbull punted from the party. It's like a concerted campaign. They're all echoing the line that the book was the last straw. But I think that's just the cover story and they're packin' death about what's gonna be revealed about what the Australian Government got up to when he was PM. They might be practising some extreme, pre-emptive social distancing from Turnbull because they don't wanna catch his Spygate virus.

So, the picture that emerges is that Turnbull is deeply worried about what's coming down the track. And he's desperate to have Aussies seeing him in the most sympathetic light possible if and when this occurs.

The MSM generally are also fretting about this fallout in the sense that readers will be saying: "WTF? Our government was cooperating with treasonous Democrats and Deep Staters? Why didn't you look into this and report on it when it was happening back then?" That's why they've been running this laughable press freedom campaign in recent months. 

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Monday, April 20, 2020

Our mainstream media are leading us to the Gates of Hell!

As each day passes during this "CoronApocalypse" that isn't, the awful truth of what's actually driving it becomes increasingly clear. This insane global lockdown is not about protecting people's health. It's about installing globalist top-down control.

Basically the public health systems in each country are just following orders from the WHO. This is an utterly corrupt organization that does the bidding of Big Pharma and China. The globalist mainstream media are zealously playing their role in this sinister psyop by pushing the obviously bogus narrative that this disease is far worse than it actually is and that all these extreme measures are absolutely necessary.

They also say that vaccination is the only option, and that cures are unreliable or dangerous. This is to pave the way for an utterly demented control system masterminded by Bill Gates. He and his fellow control freaks will be in heaven when it's complete. But it will be hell on Earth for everyone else, that's for sure!

FFS, this evil geek is just flat out saying that he wants mandatory vaccination for the entire world. And while this is being done, everyone has to receive one of his creepy digital tattoos so they can be tracked. Without this they won't be allowed to function in wider society. For years conspiracy theorists like David Icke have been warning us about programs like this as part of a diabolical plan to install a New World Order. And now the whole thing is being laid out before us. 

For years many in the mainstream media have said of him: "What a nutter! As if such a conspiracy could possibly exist? 'Barcoding' the population, hooking them up to AI? Insane delusion." And now many of these same people are going: "This global vaccination project is really important. Sounds quite reasonable, actually. Bill Gates et al are only doing it for our own good, after all."

Well, FMD!

If you can't see that the public health system in Australia is ultimately controlled by the globalist WHO and is desperately tryna push us toward mandatory vaccination (and that the MSM are aiding and abetting them zealously in this) consider these examples.

Firstly, Australia's Deputy Chief Medical Officer Paul Kelly warned that up to 150 000 Aussies could die from the virus. So, working hard to terrify us for sure. Then he said that it's illegal to talk about cures for the disease!

As I wrote recently, this is the big battle. The WHO muppets are absolutely desperate to keep the normies in the dark about cures. This is becoming more and more difficult for them as the days wear on.

Not only are there heaps of doctors in America and elsewhere saying they've had fantastic results with Hydroxychloroquine and other treatments but BoJo himself has clearly been cured of coronavirus. He hasn't divulged what treatment he took AFAIK, but he must have been given something. They didn't just wrap him up in nice warm blankies, tell him to keep a stiff upper lip and think of England, now did they?

He was given a cure of some sort. Doesn't really matter what this consisted of. Fact that it happened puts a massive hole in the vaccination push, which includes the outrageous prediction from NSW public health big wig Dr Kerry Chant recently reported below.

And if you had any doubt that the WHO is ultimately calling the shots in this titanic psyop, and that the Australian Govt are just doing as they're told, search for info about the "pandemic" on Twitter. You'll get a notice like this.

Of course far Left outlets are the most shameless in their promotion of the Bill Gates agenda. But News Limited publications are also flogging it hard.

As we all know, stars and slebs are just mind-controlled assets. If they don't obediently regurgitate the preferred narrative when required they get punished, like Isabel Lucas was here by the Daily Telegraph.

But back to Australia's fake news HQ, their ABC: Even after the curve has been flattening for a while, shameless fearporn peddlers like Dr Norman Swan encourage more testing.

More tests mean more (often false) positives. Those scary figures mean greater leverage for those pushing for vaccination. And this guy is really hot for it, and on a grand scale. This is one of his recent retweets, BTW.

Why is he going all in with this angle? He must know about the cures. He's not being objective at all.

As a well known medical influencer, shouldn't he be tryna calm the population, not scare the crap out of them? Shouldn't he also be making them aware of various options so they can make up their own mind about them?

Late last month this dude was saying that we would have maybe 80 000 cases very soon. Even now we have several thousand. And even that number could well be inflated because of false positives.

How can we be sure about the accuracy of the tests? How certain can the doctors be that COVID-19 is actually causing deaths. Do they do autopsies? Where's the proof? If you shut down the entire nation's economy for weeks on end you'd wanna have that sort of data to back up your decision, wouldn't you?

But no MSM "journos" at all are asking about this. They're just reporting these hilariously OTT predictions by so-called medical "experts", many of which have already being shown to be complete bollocks. Do they highlight these massive beclownings and use them to calm the population? No way. That's because they, like all the establishment quacks here, are controlled by globalist forces.

But even with all the brazen attempts to keep the fear going and exaggerate the numbers, it seems we're already well past peak infection rate. And we've had 71 deaths from it apparently. Again, how reliable is that figure?

I keep hearing reports like "A 90 year old man died after contracting coronavirus". These are the kinds of cases included in the stats as having died from the disease. But isn't it far likelier that they die with it, if they even had it at all?

Sooo obvious what's going on here. This plandemic is being aggressively exploited to push for a mandatory global vaccination program. Ultimately its proponents -- led by the evil geek himself -- want everyone injected with a vaccine (including a digital tattoo).

OMFG how terrifying! But to them it's not totalitarian all. Oh no! It all has to be done for our own good. There's simply no other way ...

To them it's a way of ushering in a utopian new age, like that of Aquarius ... Sing along now, you know you want to!

When the Loon is in the bio lab

And Lucifer maligns with SARS

The Beast will rule the planet

And clowns will steer the "stars"

This is the dawning of the age of Bill Gates Virus

Age of Bill Gates Virus

Bill Gates Virus

Bill Gates Virus

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Monday, April 13, 2020

Globalist rotten eggs infect Easter with coronavirus

We all know that the globalist Cabal and the Deep State are determined to destroy Christianity. Still, it's pretty amazing to watch the lengths they'll go to achieve this end -- not to mention how how sly and subtle their methods often are. They've been very busy in this regard over Easter, aggressively exploiting this insane lockdown over coronavirus.

The whole situation is quite bizarre. On the surface it appears that governments are driving it. But that's actually not the case at all. They are responding to the plandemic, bowing to pressure from the WHO and similar globalist organizations and institutions -- the MSM among them.

That being the case, it looks like Trump has decided to use the lockdown to take out the trash in the shadows. I'm pretty sure that here in Australia the PM Scott Morrison is fully on board with this approach. So, on one level the recent texts and social media updates we've been getting seem to concur with "the plan" that those who follow Qanon and know about The Storm are all supposed to "trust".

These are being sent out as part of the globalist psyop to terrify the normies as much as possible, and break them psychologically. And the white hats are letting this happen. It suits them because they can carry out dangerous military operations while everyone is safe at home.

With aggressive social distancing laws in place, there are no crowds gathering in public places anywhere in the country. So, there's a real dearth of juicy targets for false flag terror attacks. And we know how much the Deep State control freaks love having their useful idiots commit those, particularly against "Easter worshippers". 

A recent event in rural NSW seems to support this theory. Over the weekend there were reports of a loud explosion in Thirlmere, in rural NSW. It was reported on the NSW Police News site, as well as in a Facebook group for people in the area
It was clearly being treated as a possible terrorist attack. Curious to know more, I went to the site in question and couldn't find the specific report. The Facebook group update about it has also now been removed, apparently.

Of course it may not have been a dinkum terror attack. There could well be another explanation. But something pretty violent did occur and it looks like news of it was quickly buried. All very suss.

So it's really hard to know what's going on here. I suppose you could call this "the fog of (information) war".

There's always a cultural war going on too. In this, Islam has been used as a battering ram against Western civilization. This is why we have so many asinine Muslims being aggressively promoted by their ABC and other globalist MSM outlets.

Osman Faruqi, son of Mehreen, is one of them.

I though this tweet said so much about the toxic idiocy of political correctness. I tweeted that if a white person who wasn't one of the anointed had said something like this they'd be accused of Islamophobia, racism, hate speech, etc.

I thought that Osman was just being his usual airhead self. I didn't think that Covid-19 getting "the whole world going Muslim" could actually be part of some grand plan. However a tweep replied with the inference that maybe there was something intentional in this after all.

I think this was a good observation. I'm not saying that the globalist NWO is being masterminded by Muslims. Rather, the highly autocratic religion is being used as a kind of "Trojan Horse" to soften up the normies for something far more totalitarian down the track. It's a kind of pre-emptive programming. 

Remember how after the Christchurch terror attack Jacinda "The Fake of Empathy" Ardern wore a veil, and had the Muslim prayers blasted out across the city? Maybe there's something similar going on here.

Osman himself seems to imply that this might be the case. Who am I to dismiss that idea? That in itself would be hateful and bigoted, wouldn't it?

But back to the MSM and their shameful part in the psyop. Disappointingly, The Daily Telegraph has been even more aggressive than The Guardian in its fear-mongering over coronavirus. In amongst all the shots of punters wearing masks, slebs in isolation and lab attendants in hazmat suits they've been publishing a lot of public notices like this one.

You can't see the actual text in the photo but it says that it's important to stay in the cities to relieve pressure on regional hospitals. Given the city hospitals themselves aren't overburdened with 'rona-stricken patients this reason is quite obviously complete and utter bollocks.

So why are they so determined to stop people going to these areas? Well, it could be because of their awareness of the terror threat (as explained above). It could also be part of the wider cultural campaign against Christianity. By saying you can't even go away to the country for a coupla days like you usually do, they are helping make it an Easter to remember -- and not in a good way.

Then there are all the virus-themed stories about our brave nurses and doctors.

Of course they deserve the kudos. And on one level this is a "feelgood" story.

But the whole piece is still seen through the prism of the impending "coronapocalypse". And notice how the photo clearly shows the word "emergency" in the background. That's surely not something you like to think about when unwrapping the kinda scrumptious chockie eggs the nurse is holding, now is it?

Here's another example of this double-edged imagery.

That's under an ostensibly cheerful little item about how the whippersnappers needn't worry because da cute wittle wabbits are deemed an essential service and are therefore "eggs-empt" from social distancing laws. Yet they've still whopped a mask on the bunny's mug ... WTF?

They're literally defacing an Easter icon -- one that kids in particular find very appealing. And it's not by accident.

Another example: Last Thursday the paper ran these two columns by prominent Sydney Christian clerics.

On one level they were hopeful, calming and pro-Christian. But they were also extremely dark, with constant reference to these trying times so marred by the threat of death all around.

I'm sure both of these pious dudes weren't intentionally taking part in this sinister psyop, but they were still cranking out the fear-porn nonetheless.

And check out the crucifix!

FFS, talk about ringing the leper's bell. If that's not a desperate attempt to cross a cross I dunno what is.

Andres Serrano's "Piss Christ" is actually quite subtle in comparison, innit?

See what the fake news peddling arseholes are doing? They're invoking Christian imagery and associating it with as much negative emotion as possible. This kind of symbolic subversion is one of their favourite methods of mind war. They did it heaps during the recent bushfire disaster -- which, like COVID-19, was another massive Cabal-engineered false flag terror attack, natch. 

Thoughts on those tactics below. 

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Tuesday, April 7, 2020

The light at the end of the ... rabbit hole?

Normally at this time of year most of the Western world is anticipating Easter, with millions looking forward to gorging on chockie eggs as TV, radio and print are full of images of cute and cuddly bunny rabbits. Not now, but! Ghoulish diseased bats are our collective spirit animal whether we like it or not.

Billions are pretty much in coronavirus lockdown, and most are going: WTAF is going on? The MSM certainly won't enlighten us. It's blindingly obvious to anyone who isn't a dribbling idiot that most "journalists" are simply robodolts peddling utter bollocks for their cynical employers, who are ultimately all globalists who for decades have been colluding with each other and the Deep State to keep us all inside a deep, dark tunnel of narrative disinformation and distraction. 

Nationalist Trump poses an existential threat to these corrupt and twisted elites. That's why they use their TV and radio shows and publications to flat out lie about him constantly and distort what he says to hide the truth. So he's had to find various ways to go around them and connect with the normies on his own terms. Qanon has been the main channel through which he's done this.

He also does it almost every time he tweets and speaks. Pretty much everything he says has a double meaning. Take some recent pronouncements about the "war" against coronavirus. It looks increasingly likely that the "invisible enemy" America and "the world" are fighting now is not that flu-like illness that ultimately came from a Wuhan wet market, but the far more putrid Swamp whose despicable denizens launched the sick viral psyop itself, and who are funded by evil industries such as drug and human trafficking.

I fully accept the possibility that I've succumbed to a mind-altering drug of "hopium" myself but I think it's quite possible that Trump and the US Armed Forces have been waging a vast hidden war against these evil scumbags, with most operations to be completed by Easter or not long after. And he will communicate this to us by lifting the lockdown around this time. If true, it'll be the bigliest "rabbit out of the hat" trick ever attempted!

In this context, his statement that "there may be a light at the end of the tunnel" after the radical action against the China virus takes on new meaning. He has repeated this several times, including on Twitter. He clearly wants us to focus on the specific wording. Could he have been referring to underground battles between white and black hats?

There have been an unusually high number of earthquakes recorded lately in the USA also. Several of them seem to be located in areas reputed to have DUMBS (deep underground military bases). Are these being destroyed by explosives after finally being emptied?

Yeah, I know. I am speculating up a storm! But joining the dots that are visible is all you can do when the MSM tells lies all the time.

In any case, the political battles waged against Trump have been so extreme and desperate and the hatred of him from the Mockingbird Media so relentlessly insane I would not be surprised if this were accurate. 

He also said Americans should be preparing for a lot of pain in coming weeks, adding that there would be "a lot of death unfortunately. But a lot less death than if this wasn't done". What does he mean by "this"? While the dreaded 'rona has racked up quite a body count so far (well, at least if the MSM are to be believed) the fatality numbers are still waaay below those of other common diseases. So why this anticipated uptick?

Maybe he's referring instead to the deaths of his enemies either as a result of secret military tribunals (he said the nation is going through a great "trial", remember) or by them taking their own lives by hanging themselves on doorknobs. His exhortation to use scarves might have been significant here.

Then there's this specific quote: "When this hidden scourge is defeated, I think we're going to go up very rapidly, our economy." What did he mean by this phrase, which he has used repeatedly? China virus is certainly a scourge but it sure as hell isn't hidden. You read and hear of nothing else these days! But Google "hidden scourge" and look at the top result.

For those of you who think I've now become a hopeless conspiratard from my two plus years of guzzling the Qanon Kool-Aid here are some more data points for you to consider.

Take this excellent thread from co-founder of Wikipedia Larry Sanger, a sharp and sober thinker if ever there was one.

Q often use the phrase "dark to light". This dovetails neatly with Trump's "light at the end of the tunnel" reference. Again, I say it's prolly a long bow but not impossible.

Then there's this. Playpens would be a crucial item if you were rescuing children, surely.

There's also a lot of social media chatter like this, definitely growing in volume.

Then there's all this money being set aside specifically to help victims of human trafficking.

So it looks quite plausible that that the US Military has been using the cover provided by the COVID-19 to hit human trafficking networks hard, and save many children.

With everyone safe at home or practising social distancing, the potential damage inflicted by Deep State engineered false flag terror attacks has been yugely reduced. So it makes sense that the white hats would use this specific time period to carry out the biggest, most crucial and dangerous military actions in The Storm.

Then there's this major offensive against another evil global industry. And there can be no denying that this is actually taking place.

So, they're taking down drug traffickers along the Caribbean and Mexico. Interestingly these are also major human trafficking routes. Coincidentally (er, or maybe not) these sea lanes are chockas with idyllic islands, many of them owned by globalist squillionaires like Richard Branson and -- you guessed it -- Jeffrey Epstein. (More on the Clintons BTW, and a must-read IMHO.)

Speaking of rabbit holes, there's one that is particularly deep and dark -- and in more ways than one.

Martin is referring to what Barry's brother is enquiring about below. Is it real, he asks?

Well, yes it is. Even Wikipedia says so.

It's reputed to induce a high like no other. And while it can be manufactured in a lab there have long been reports, many from credible sources, that it is extracted from the pineal glands of terrified children. And this is the most highly sought after and expensive kind, used for ages by super-rich ghouls the world over.

And there is a bizarre link to Wuhan

Some are theorizing that this factory had long been selling the human-created variety, and that the white hats infected a batch with the China virus. That's why so many slebs are coming down with it.

I'm not totally convinced. But it is intriguing as. And again, given how bat soup insane the world is right now, anything's possible, innit?

Anyhoo, check out this thread to see just how deep the rabbit hole might go. It won't just bake your noodle -- it'll fry it to a crisp!

It's beyond dispute that Hollywood is full of sick, twisted perverts with mountains of moolah. They also love their symbolism.

That's why I think the above tweet may have been alluding to impending developments related to the whole issue of elite pedophilia. Pammy surely knows a helluva lot about entertainment industry fat cats from her own time as a world famous sex symbol. She's also very close to Julian Assange, who is clearly loathed by the "occult elite" because of his extensive knowledge of their secrets. 

Then there's the fact that Lewis Carrol himself was a known rock spider. Interesting that the characters and imagery in his famous book have been such a source of inspiration for movie and music creators over the years.

Take the film clip of Tom Petty's "Don't Come Around Here No More". Chockas with Masonic black and white, it is set in a fantastic "Wonderland" like universe. It ends with Petty himself eating the Alice character zif she were a cake. Sick or what!

Still on symbols: Of course we all know this one.

While feminist frightbats might find it triggering because of the attitude towards women the iconic men's mag encouraged, most find it pretty benign.

It takes on a new and sinister meaning, however, when you consider the context described earlier in this post. There also seems to be quite a bit of evidence that Hugh Hefner himself wasn't just a happy, horny rich dude but a nasty character who could be described as the Jeffrey Epstein of his day. He also had a lot of tunnels going under that magnificent mansion of his, as did other nearby millionaires.

The more you learn about this whole world of globalist elites, celebrities and their weird rabbit symbolism, the more nightmarish it all becomes.

The above image is from the cult movie Donnie Darko, BTW. Q himself keeps saying "those who know cannot sleep". Maybe this shockingly creepy character was meant to represent something entirely unrelated but if it was some kind of oblique allusion to the hidden scourge then I wouldn't be surprised. The film does have a character who is very respectable on the surface, but turns out to be hoarding child pornography, after all.

I admit that I've indulged in some pretty extreme dot joining in this post. But we really are in the midst of so much TDS-caused cray-cray at the moment, I can't help feeling that we are on the edge of a paradigm shift that is utterly epic and yugely cathartic.

The revelation that there has long been a massive, literally subterranean industry producing a drug from the most evil and horrific process imaginable would explain so much. Even if this is not the case we are in for a big time reality reboot without a doubt. POTUS really has shattered the spell that the globalist Cabal and Deep State had us under for so many years. I knew this months ago, hence the video below.

But I had absolutely NFI things were as insanely twisted as they now appear! If this rumoured rabbit hole goes from dark to light in the way that seems increasingly likely, the world is in for one helluva spiritual shock. It will just never be the same again and many millions of people will simply not be able to cope.

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