Sunday, March 22, 2020

The globalist control matrix is being exposed. Imagine that!

Crikey! The world is just getting crazier by the minute, innit? There's clearly something absolutely yuge going on behind the scenes. Hard to tell what it is, but I'll give it a burl:

It seems that we've been living in a false reality for a long time now, and have mostly been none the wiser. It's the kind of global mind control system so brilliantly portrayed in the novel 1984 by George Orwell, and the movie The Matrix.

It looks very much like coronavirus is a bio-weapon that the globalist Cabal created to kill many people, and scare the rest of the world shitless. With the global economy completely screwed by this viral panic, Trump and other nationalists would eventually lose power. Then the creepy elite control freaks could ride in and save us all (from their own lethal creation) with mandatory vaccination, cashless economies and other forms of technocratic tyranny. 

The fake news MSM are playing their part in this psyop by zealously promoting slebs claiming to have the bug. But it seems that the white hats have hijacked the psyop, and are using it as cover to "take out the trash" (occult elite super-criminals). It's a case of "all your #plandemic are belong to us".

The biggest Aussie development in recent days has been the closure of Sydney's Bondi Beach. The official reason for this is that beachgoers weren't practising "social distancing". On the surface this sounds kinda plausible. Check out this scene I observed there on Christmas Day 2018.

And look closely at the label on the bottle of beer the chick on the left of the shot below is holding.

Portents of doom or what! Maybe the universe was tryna tell me something ...

Speaking of hidden messages. An eagle-eyed Aussie made the connection between the closure of Bondi Beach and that recent creepy tweet by Tom Hanks who is one of the first Hollywood stars to claim to have caught the killer disease.

I hadn't made that link myself. But I certainly thought his tweet was so weird that I actually went down there and made a video about it and the local MSM beat-up about coronavirus. I even said in the video that I thought it was "occult elite signalling of some sort".

Maybe we'll never know exactly what was going on here but it's logical to make the connection. Apart from anything else, other extremely popular Sydney beaches such as Coogee and Maroubra have not been closed AFAIK. Is that because the crowds there are just better at social distancing? Somehow I highly doubt that.

This is just another development which points to the existence of some sort of hidden war. There is a big storm approaching -- or maybe it's already here -- and it is raging in ways that we can't yet detect.

Whatever is ultimately driving all the recent craziness, it's clearly not the novel coronavirus! That's just the "cover story". If you accept that in the shadows a global corruption purge is about to begin (or has already started) then the top down "public health" directives by governments across the world as well as all the unhinged squawking of so many so-called journalists make a lot more sense.

And remember that POTUS recently tweeted: "The world is at war with a hidden enemy. WE WILL WIN!"

Pretty sure he wasn't talking about COVID-19. He meant the globalist control freaks at the top of the top of the top of the power pyramid. Those who are tryna impose the New World Order

Notice how he didn't say "America is at war". He said the world is. IMO he was implying that many countries are on board with The Storm.

Remember how he had Aussie PM Scott Morrison to dinner at the Whitehouse, and made a point of saying he was "made of titanium"? I reckon Trump had just shown ScoMo the plan for this epic take-down of globalist evil, and the latter had pledged his full support. That's why ScoMo announced this controversial policy shift not long after that meeting.

Not surprisingly, the MSM here were terribly butthurt about this wish to pull back from the UN and similar bodies. They have been brainwashed into believing that global government is the answer to all of the world's problems.

Dopey Yank rocker and big time Podesta pal Tom DeLonge recently echoed this sentiment on Twitter, then pulled it after being ratioed to buggery. 

Gawd. So sinister ... If there was only one military in the world, then who would they be fighting against? All of us lowly normies, of course. No wonder they wanna take away all the guns.

But that kind of fluffy fascism is sooo typical of Hollywood, as we all know. And isn't it weird how so many of its denizens are "catching" the virus?

There are various theories about why this is. But it's pretty obvious that most of them are the mind-controlled puppets of the globalist elite. Which is why they put out that vomitous version of "Imagine" by John Lennon.

Nice tune, but the lyrics are classic Cabal-porn. It's the kinda utopian bollocks that NWO fantasists spank the monkey to. It's central banking wanking material, let's face it.

I mean, FFS. "Imagine there's no countries" means Lennon wants just one country (global government). "Imagine no possessions" means the elite possess everything, including the people (who must rent everything from the elite).

It's the kind of song that globalist socialist squillionaires sing to themselves as they quietly dry hump the Georgia Guidestones in the dead of night under a full blood moon.

"Imagine" only calming if you wanna surrender all control to an all powerful technocratic elite who say they care heaps about you but basically see you as cattle to be farmed, milked, then euthanized when you reach a certain age a la Soylent Green.

It's the anthem for those who would prefer the blue pill to the red one if they were characters in The Matrix. No wonder so many slebs were singing it. They want all the normies to go back to sleep!

If you've seen the movie, you'll remember how that false reality is so vividly illustrated by the Marilyn Monroe lookalike distracting Neo, then transforming into Agent Smith.

We've all been under a similar grand deception for a long time, one that Hollywood and the MSM have played a yuge part in maintaining. But as I described above, it seems that the globalist control matrix is being taken out, and there's a worldwide Great Awakening happening. Those going through that process -- and there are hundreds of millions of us -- are far more likely to prefer less atheistic, more spiritual musical fare.

Each to their own, of course. But for me that's "Pachelbel's Canon".

It is a sublime, optimistic, spiritual piece. It says everything will be alright; life has meaning; good will triumph over evil. And we never stop ascending.

If you don't start to sook up a little bit from the sheer exquisite beauty of it, you must have no soul!

BTW, The Matrix was made by the Wachowskis. At the time they were brothers but they now identity as women. So many people -- particularly on the Left -- would say that the false reality they were describing in the movie pertained to gender.

Maybe ... But like all great art, the classic movie can be interpreted in various ways. That's why the symbolism of the red pill (which awakens the sleeper) was adopted by patriots the world over.

The Matrix was actually made in Sydney, and several of the city's evocative locations were used in it. That very scene with the woman in the red dress was shot in Martin Place.

I went down there recently to photograph the fountain that the woman walked past in the film. There was a busker sitting right in front of it. And lo and behold he was playing "Pachelbel's Canon"!

Couldn't help but see this as synchronistic, and thought I'd better capture the moment for posterity. So I hurriedly grabbed my camera and made the video below. It's a bit rushed but I think you can understand my urgency in trying to convey what it all meant. 

I suspect many other people are having similarly "spooky" experiences as they detach from the globalist mind-control matrix, see the world anew and perceive deep significance in the events unfolding around them. 

There's an absolutely yuge paradigm shift going on right now. That I know for sure ... 

We are awake! And everything's gonna be okay. So let's sit back and enjoy the show. 

Sunday, March 15, 2020

Is coronavirus actually Epstein-Barr virus 2.0?

Wow. Are things getting bat soup crazy now or what? I really pity the poor lefties who believe the bollocks they're told by their ABC and other fake news outlets. This coronavirus is a dinkum threat? Far cough! Globalist scumbags have put the climate emergency on the back-burner and the virus emergency up front. Those who believe the MSM narrative must upgrade their panic from "humanity is doomed in twelve years" to "we're all gonna die now!"

Any sane person can see that this just isn't gonna happen. Still, it's well nigh impossible to know what is really going on when you can't trust the mainstream media at all. So you have to think for yourself, look at the big picture, and do some major dot joining. That's what Q exhorts us to do -- but it would be good advice regardless of the source.

And that's what I'm gonna do here ... So, dear readers, your mission -- if you choose to accept it -- is to go with me as I indulge in wild speculation and bravely venture down some dark rabbit holes balls out with my tinfoil hat on!

Firstly, some context: We all know that Epstein didn't kill himself. He had many extremely powerful enemies due to his child trafficking and other evil activities. And while the MSM isn't linking coronavirus to his death, most non-idiots suspect that they might just be related somehow. Across the interwebs, all manner of links and associations are being made. Some of them are just jokes, like this.

After having a chuckle over that I remembered that there is actually a dinkum virus with that name, kinda. It's called the Epstein-Barr virus, and it's linked to glandular fever among other ailments.

What a coinky-dink, I thought. This could apply now, with the Epstein being Jeffrey and the Barr being William, the Attorney General. It was due to the efforts of those alligned with the latter that the former was in the clink in the first place, remember.

So, maybe it was worth looking at this so-called "coronavirus pandemic" (which also coincidentally is an anagram of "carnivorous dempanic") through that, er, prison

Those who've followed Q will be well aware of the theory that Trump, Barr and the white hats are waging a silent, covert war against Luciferian rock spiders who infest the Swamp, Hollywood and other global centres of political, economic and cultural power. This is known as The Storm.

Given that this plan is being carried out by Barr's forces to take down the power structure maintained by creeps like Epstein, and since many weaponized autists are now theorizing that this global virus we're all supposed to be packin' death over was created by the Cabal, but is now being used by the white hats as a cover for mass arrests of those same ghoulish freaks, coronavirus could now be seen as a kind of metaphorical "Epstein-Barr virus 2.0".

This immense plan is currently being executed globally. So, all kinds of things are happening that are related to it, even here in Oz.

Speaking of which, "America's dad" Tom Hanks is presently Down Under. And we all know what's happened to him. Recently he was at Bondi Beach. That's where he took one of his now notorious snaps of footwear and similar items.

This strange behaviour has baffled and disturbed millions of people for years now. There are various theories about why he does this. But it definitely can't be because he wants to be loved by his fans. Just read the comments under those particular social media updates and you'll know what I mean.

So strange because everyone has an ego, slebs especially -- and aren't we supposed to believe that A-list stars are in that tier only because of their innate talent, charisma and box-office clout? Wouldn't creeping out the normies on such a grand scale be a very bad career move, apart from anything else?

Well, no. Looks like they're actually mostly mind-controlled muppets in a rolling psyop that's been going for decades. They are given their yuge fame, riches and the very best gigs in the fillum industry because they've made a Faustian bargain with the mostly hidden higher-ups of Hollywood. As part of this diabolical deal they have to further the globalist agenda when required, mostly by spouting cringeworthy warmist and "Orange Man Bad" bollocks. They also perform various rituals. And that's what I think Hanks is doing here.

And why is it so often footwear that he photographs? Well I think it could be part of a wider "mind war" campaign to soften up the normies psychologically, among other things.

This widely broadcast ritual after the recent catastrophic Australian bushfires looked like it might've been part of the same ongoing psyop.

Or maybe not ...

One thing's for sure: The fact that you so often see discarded footwear in MSM reports -- especially at scenes where people have died violently -- is sinister as all get out. And it seems highly likely that it's occult elite signalling of some sort.

As did Hanks's update about his Wuhan virus diagnosis. 

If that wasn't weird enough, there was his Golden Globes speech in January. It was very strangely worded and could easily be interpreted as foreshadowing this seemingly unforeseen medical development.

Oh, and there's his movie Inferno from 2016 which is all about an evil billionaire who concocts a killer virus to unleash on the world. First scene is Hanks waking up in a hospital in Italy.

Sure, these could all be strange coincidences. But you could be forgiven for thinking that there's something deeply suss going on here and the avuncular Yank megastar might just be part of it.

Then, only hours after Hanks's shock news, Peter Dutton said he had coronavirus too ... WTAF?

There seemed to be three main possibilities. The first: Dutto dinkum caught it during the course of duties. He's Home Affairs Minister, so he's more likely than most pollies to have been near carriers. Still, this was extremely unlikely.

Next explanation: He was one of the Cabal's "errand boys" in the Turnbull Govt's part in Obama's coup attempt, so is currently high on Trump's global shit list. Like many scurrying Seppo Swamp-rats, he coulda been tryna save his sorry skin, so was unwillingly playing a role to help The Storm. But knowing he's a patriot and an ex-cop I think this is even less likely than the first.

The third, and most likely reason: Given that he recently met with AG Barr himself and he's ScoMo's (right) wingman, and since Trump said the PM is "made of titanium" (and is now echoing the same message that the "coronapocalypse" will not last long), Dutton is fully supportive of the plan to drain the Swamp (and hopefully the Billabong as well) and is a prominent local actor in it.

And I do mean actor. We're "watching a movie" remember ... IMO he announced his diagnosis, hot on the heels of Hanks, for the purpose of optics. It conveys the idea that anyone can catch the Wuhan Virus but most importantly that slebs and pollies both right and left can be victims.

Also, I couldn't help noticing that both the movie star and pollie reported symptoms and were diagnosed in Queensland. Seriously, what are the odds? How did one of the most famous dudes on Earth and a well known Aussie political figure come down with exactly the same bug when mere hundreds of normies have caught it so far in the entire country?

Did Dutton steal a big sloppy kiss on the lips from Hanks while scoring a star-struck selfie at Hollywood on the Gold Coast? If it were Shorten, that would be a real possibility (remember that excruciating episode with Arnie Schwarzenegger). But Dutto? No fricken way!

Either absolutely everyone here has it and doesn't know. Or, maybe these cases are ... theatre?

Queensland is Dutton's home state, remember. Could he have ordered his quack to say he tested positive for the purpose of political optics? I have no legal expertise but I reckon that in a massive, rolling global op masterminded by the US military to round up treasonous scumbags such fakery would be seen as no biggie, amirite?

My (conspiracy) theory: Hanks faked his diagnosis as his part in the "plandemic". Then Dutto faked his as a way of signalling to the Cabal that they were onto the ploy and hijacking it, so to speak. Moves and countermoves, as Q might say. 

In any case, when The Storm (which is already a movie) ultimately gets made into one (and how fricken meta will that be, eh!) I really wanna know: who's gonna play Dutto?

I reckon Vin Diesel's the go, or -- better still -- a clone of Yul Brynner created from cells kept by his agent!

Now, I know most prolly think that take on these events is utterly barking. But given all the recent craziness (fires, Greta, Russian collusion, trans-agenda, etc) and in the context of the relentless rise of Qanon -- who has the fake news MSM absolutely packing their dacks even here in Australia -- it seems quite plausible to me. 

Also, you got a better one?

Now, just on that idea of hijacking a psyop: Trump is a master of the ol' switcheroo, right? Look at what he did to CNN et al with the term "fake news", for example.

This is classic "Art of War" stuff. And The Storm is a military operation. Kinda likely they'd be into these tactics, right?

Another, albeit less dramatic, example is what occurred during Gamergate. Most non-leftie social media denizens will be aware of this popular meme, which was often altered to say "all your hashtags are belong to us".

This meme first really took off on the chans, the anarchic "Wild West" of the interwebs, a cyber-realm chockas with weaponized autists, which is why they were chosen as the best way to launch Q.

Another interdasting theory: After halting the world adrenochrome trade, white hats infected a recent batch with coronavirus, and let it continue to be sold. Those who used it came down with the disease.

I know this sounds even more OTT than the first half of this post but adrenochrome, like MK-Ultra, really is a thing. And there is a Wuhan link.

Canada, that Cabal hotspot that is currently under the commie control of Fidel Junior, is also a key location in the trade -- at least according to this very convincing anon, again posting on the chans.

This could be significant given that Justin's other half just tested positive as well ...

Hmm. Remember how POTUS solved the problem with leaks early in his term? Whitehouse staff totally loyal to him fed suspected white anters juicy lies that made him look bad. When these porkies were "reported" in fake news outlets like CNN, it was clear who the leakers were. Could it be that a similar tactic is being used with the fave drug of creepy, ghoulish elites?

Yes, wild speculation. But it fits neatly with those Q catchphrases "think mirror" and "these people are sick" don't ya reckon? And no matter how off target it is, it's surely nearer to the truth than the asinine line that the bloody virus came from bat soup, and it's gonna kill us all!

And that's mostly what the Deep State-controlled, globalist MSM is flogging. Given that flogs are gonna flog, seems to be a pretty smart tactic to use it against them, no?

Well, whatever your thoughts on the above speculation, one thing's for sure: It's not the coronavirus itself that will damage us most, but the madness of the MSM lashing out in its death throes that will. The mass mental breakdown I talked about in this video looks more and more likely with every passing day.

Tuesday, March 3, 2020

ABC's The Drum no longer tweeting panellist quotes. So disappointing!

We all know that their ABC is a massive fake news factory that should be privatized ASAP. But some of its productions are more excruciating than others. The Drum is certainly one of these. In some ways it's prolly even worse than Q and A because it's on every day, not just once a week.

Yes, they do have sane adults on there occasionally. But they are obligated to pay lip-service to PC at least once every appearance, or they don't get asked back. You know, something like: "Well, I see your point Jonica. Of course this is a climate emergency. But will we really reach the end of the world as we know it in a little over a decade, as Greta Thunberg claims?"

So, even the smart, sane folk are made to look dumb and crazy. And the rest are basically barking, let's face it. You wonder where they find these people. Many come from the Halls of Quackademe, which is depressing in itself. If some bright spark could turn their asinine brainfarts into electricity, each episode could prolly power Sydney's entire grid for a week. It'd be the Ultimo in renewable energy!

In any case it's a great source of dopey right-on quotes to make fun of. For a long time they would separately tweet these out with a picture of said guest, who was usually striking a po-faced and/or tilty pose, often with OTT gesticulation.

This was great for people like me since watching the show all the way through is just unbearable. They'd have to strap me into a chair with my eyes taped open A Clockwork Orange style! Even then I'd prolly manage to break out of my shackles after several minutes and run away screaming.

But the tweets were great. Real fish in a barrel stuff and easy on my mental health. Also, I could take screenshots and share them on other social media platforms and this blog.

But in the last coupla weeks they've actually dispensed with this format. Sooo disappointing! They are still tweeting updates, but they're in the form of little video grabs. And there are much fewer of them.

That makes taking the piss much more, er, problematic.

I am intrigued as to why they did this. I think it might be because they're just so sick of getting owned on Twitter. Every one of those tweets would provoke numerous scathing replies.

Also, Ellen Fanning, one of the show's regular loon wranglers, did actually block me. And I know I've never tagged her on Twitter. So I suspect this was because she'd seen one or more of my hashtagged tweets mocking the show. So maybe my own long term efforts had a bit to do with this? 

OTOH, it could all just be due to some sort of budgeting decision. Still, I suspect that's kind of unlikely because there's been no major news of cuts to their ABC recently, at least AFAIK. Also, one of their perfumed organic autocue extensions tweeted this out recently.

If they've got that kind of dosh to throw around, I doubt they'd have to punt one or more of their "social media managers".

So, I do think this recent change to their online strategy has been due to the adverse reaction from people like yours truly ... Actually, it seems like a milder version of The Conversation locking out climate change "deniers". Just another sign that the normies are waking up to the globalist, warmist, cultural Marxist lies and pushing back against the state-funded insanity. All the brainwashed PC narrative peddlers can do is try to ignore the rising tide, doubling down as they always do. That's clearly a losing strategy long term.

So, this is heartening. But I've gotta say I'm a little sad I won't have all those Twitter fish in a barrel -- or rather, drum -- to shoot anymore.

Still, it's not like their ABC doesn't supply countless other easy targets. Take this guy.

Move over Derek Zoolander. This look, even sillier than "Blue Steel" is so hot right now! It's called “Blue Glitter”.

Apt that he's actually a crime reporter. He didn't just make satire redundant. He killed it stone dead!

Hmm. Maybe he could report on this very meta "murder" that he himself committed? He'd surely be in the running for a Walkley award (for so-called journalism) if he did ...

Clearly, the whole sad clown show is just getting more grotesque and excruciating by the day. Something's gotta give sooner or later.

Also, there's been a big push to switch the BBC over to a subscription service. That will surely help build momentum for a similar change here in Australia.

Monday, February 24, 2020

Trump is living rent-free in Aussie lefties' heads!

We all know what a unique and compelling figure Donald J Trump is. He is brilliant at triggering his foes, lefties especially. This is interesting, because he's actually not a heavily ideological character. He's a centrist; more pragmatic than anything else. The defining feature of his presidency is that he really gets things done. And he does what he says he's gonna do! That's almost unheard of in the history of politics the world over. 

Lefties are the same the world over, too. So it's no wonder that the ones here in Australia find him as emotionally disturbing as they do in the USA. I first noticed evidence of his effect on them about three years ago now, just after he'd become POTUS.

As well as all the eye rolling and dark muttering in the local MSM, the poster below was a good indication of the extent to which he had invaded the local socialist psyche

I saw this amusing installation in the window of a Chippendale cafe in March 2018. It seemed to perfectly illustrate that idea of him taking up room in their heads. This monstrous version of him inhabited a little loft all of its own!

Even though it was meant to make him look absolutely repellent, I think it prolly had the opposite effect on many passers by. Hell, aside from all the POTUS poo, who wouldn't wanna own a funny, cheeky little critter like that?

Recently I was in St Peters, another inner-west suburb of Sydney. It's a haven for graffiti artists and I noticed this creepy mural.

It included a small but colourful representation of Trump spewing the American flag. It struck me as being strangely apt given that he's fighting an evil, soulless cabal. They have a dark army of mind-controlled zombies who possess about as much human warmth as skeletons, and there he is, right inside the skull of one of them!

You see a helluva lot of TDS on their ABC's flagship lunar wankfest The Drum. The dude below is so seriously afflicted with it, he actually thinks that eye-gouging Trump with a fork is all fine and dandy, and that Jim Acosta is genuinely representative of a large swathe of the American people. Shows the extent to which he's been brainwashed by CNN. (Oh, and he's a doctor, too. So much for the pledge to "first, do no harm".)

A "doctor" of a different kind -- but with the same view of Trump -- is Craig Emerson. This tragic quackademic and ex-Labor pollie has bloviated repeatedly on the same excruciating show. He's also the ex-squeeze of Julia Gillard, who, along with Alexander Downer, Julie Bishop et al gave many millions of dollars to the yugely corrupt Clinton Foundation. He dinkum reckons that the MSM is not biased when covering Trump.

Poor Emmo is so gullible that he was convinced that the Democrats had a serious case against POTUS in their laughable impeachment campaign. He sees "Trumpism" as a major problem, and thinks it is damaging Australian politics. Sadly, it's actually his TDS that is, and it has seriously distorted his view of local issues.

This bizarre delusion is shared by Michael Pascoe, a so-called journalist who obediently repeats the "Trump is nuts" line, as well as general male feminist talking points about the social toxicity of blokedom.

If he wanted an "I'm with stupid" t-shirt that accurately represented reality, this dude's dopey mug would be just the one to whop on it.

The tranche of society that he and his fellow sneering hipsters belong to has so little connection to reality that they think voting for Trump is akin to committing mass murder. And their ABC thinks that this is insightful commentary, then charges us all for its broadcasting!

His surname is Cooke, BTW. Append a "d" and it would describe him perfectly.

Hugh Riminton is prolly Australia's oldest, saddest media Ken Doll. This tweet from 2018 didn't age too well -- much like Hugh himself, actually.

The guy is so simple-minded, he thinks that Paul Krugman's analysis of Australian issues is worth sharing. How sad is that?

Let's hope nobody tries to Qanon him too! It's an ugly world out there, remember ... 

(And just re Krugman's invocation of Biblical imagery to describe the bushfires: This was classic globalist, warmist psychological manipulation, and has been repeated many times in the local media.)

Tory, whose name is diametrically opposed to her politics, reckons "Australians don't really like Donald Trump". That's pretty funny, because this view is diametrically opposed to the truth.

Already, millions of Aussies love Trump. And that number is growing daily. They can see that he's a total champ in the fight against the globalist deep state. We don't want to be American culturally. We just want to be ourselves, independent.

Like so many nations these days we've had an absolute gut-full of meddling by evil totalitarians who use cultural Marxism and climate change alarmism among other tactics to dumb down, stress out and tear apart our society in preparation for their top-down centralized control of us. POTUS is herocially standing up to this creepy cabal, and thereby exposing its sinister machinations for all the world to see.

So in a way, PVO below has actually got things right. Australia has reached a Trumpian moment in the sense that just as in the USA, the PC, "Orange Man Bad" narrative that he so obediently parrots has been exposed locally.

And yes, the public is already making its judgement of him and his fellow "journalists" in their coverage of issues that require transparency -- most significantly Aussie pollies' role in the coup against Trump himself. PVO and his fellow Mockingbird Media mouthpieces haven't even scratched the surface when it comes to this. Which is why the verdict is already a resounding guilty; guilty of peddling fake news!

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Warmist Jane Caro guided by zero sum game concept

We all know that PC lefties suffer greatly from arrested development. Like spoiled sprogs, they remain emotionally incontinent their entire "adult" lives. They are also wildly overconfident in their own child-brained perception of the world and how it works. In observing pretty much any issue, they think they've got it all completely sussed; that only their view is correct; and that all others are not just wrong, but wrong as.

So they always know what the "game" is, so to speak, and that their opponents are all clueless idiots who don't know its rules or massive cheats if they do. They also believe that it's always a "zero sum game". That is, if someone's "winning", they must be doing so at the commensurate expense of someone else.

A sanctimonious little Twitter outburst from Jane Caro illustrates this bizarre psychological quirk, among other things. Basically, she openly bragged about how she was jetting all over the eastern states to various meaningless jawfests, including a "Climate Emergency Summit"! Journalist Michael Smith pointed out the blatant hypocrisy of this behaviour.

She got wind of the post and responded sneeringly:

So much you could say about such a self-parodic retort, but I'll just focus on how she applies the zero sum concept. Firstly, she believes her warmist view is unquestionably valid, so anyone who doesn't accept it is a bad person, a "denier".

Applying her daft, discredited theory she concedes that she is contributing to the severity of this "climate emergency". But that's totes okay because she is cancelling absolutely all of that out and then some by co-owning a sizeable farm full of carbon-guzzling eucalypts. So confident is she that she has "won the game" that she proudly declares victory and even rubs it in by asking what Smith himself is doing to save the planet. (Not surprising that she would double down so defiantly. It's what they always do, after all.)

Also not surprising is the fact that she has used this tactic before. The criticism clearly rankles, so she's clearly spent some time developing and honing her self-defence and subsequent counter-attack. 

These leftie warmists are so predictable, eh? Speaking of which, it's almost inevitable these days that PC lefties will eat their own. And that is exactly what happened to Caro, with this SJW throwing shade on her for being indifferent to the pain she's causing to Indigenous folk with her appalling ownership of Aboriginal land. This attack is motivated in major part by this "zero sum game" concept as well.

Of course any sensible, sane adult would avoid the pitfalls that the jet-setting doomsayer and feisty feminist farm-owner has fallen into here. Applying "Caro-Dynamics" is always a plane-wreck for sure!

But these PC lefties never learn. They all believe it's fine to be an obnoxious -- even destructive and violent -- arsehat, as long as you feel that you're doing something to save the planet in the end.

IMO this deep-seated belief is one of the reasons it's quite plausible that deep green activists were behind at least some of the arson attacks that made the recent bushfires so catastrophic. That's something I elaborate on here:

Sunday, February 9, 2020

Guardian hit piece on Dr Russell McGregor

I'm sure you've all heard about this QAnon phenomenon. If you haven't thus far then you certainly will in coming months. It's absolutely yuge in the US. And it's slowly been gathering momentum here in Oz.

It's vast, multifaceted and ongoing and therefore hard to summarize. But I think a good way to describe it is to say it's an online alternative for the proliferation of narratives to those pedalled by mainstream media outlets, most of which are quite obviously going all out to destroy Donald Trump and everything he stands for. The fundamental claim of the mysterious "Q" dude, dudette -- or maybe even team of dudes and dudettes -- is that he (I'll use the singular for brevity) is in Trump's inner circle. Very high up in the military, he's privy to quite possibly the bigliest resistance plan ever conceived; an epic, byzantine, ball-tearer of a strategy several decades in the making that is currently being waged on several fronts including information war and which aims to finally free the USA, and ultimately the world, from elite globalist domination.

Sounds far-fetched, I know ... But if you're not the kind of drooling brainwashed muppet who still totes believes we're in the midst of a "climate emergency" and that Epstein did actually kill himself, and you have actually followed the drops and decodes for the last coupla years, then you would have to conclude that at the very least Q is not just some smartarsed LARP (live action roleplay), and that POTUS himself is aware of the whole thing and playing along. I don't wanna get into all the details of why I say that because there have been literally thousands of drops so far and hundreds of "Q proofs". You could write a whole series of books about the phenomenon and its manifold ramifications, and there are already some good ones available.

The crucial point here is that the MSM in America have been writing numerous hit pieces about this for many months because they are desperate to get the normies to stay away and keep believing their fake news instead. Yet not one of their so-called journalists has done the obvious and professional thing if he were actually interested in the truth: ask Trump about Q and his claim to be connected to him. This glaring omission already easily makes it the biggest story in the history of journalism -- by far. (BTW, Martin Geddes has other good insights on his site, just linked. Also, Neon Revolt is prolly the most prolific decoder of drops and he has a fine book on the subject available from his site.)

As I mentioned, it's mainly a US phenomenon. But there have actually been two hit pieces written about prominent Aussie followers (and decoders) of the mysterious, often cryptic drops. The latest one involves Sydney psychiatrist Dr Russell McGregor.

This guy had his career nuked in a deeply sinister way quite a while ago merely because he was tweeting and blogging about the phenomenon so it's significant that the fake news peddling robodolts at The Guardian have deemed it necessary to add salt to the wound by widely publicizing the episode now. They are terrified of losing whatever authority they have left so they are clearly trying to make an example of him.

As you can see from this screenshot (which I took on Friday arvo, the day the story was published) the piece has been massively popular. There's clearly a helluva lot of interest in this phenomenon and this explains why they felt the need to run it. Aussie normies are waking up en masse to just how full of bollocks the so-called "reporting" of MSM outlets (the more left-leaning ones in particular) actually is, and has been for yonks. They are doing what so many of their counterparts in the USA have been: looking elsewhere online for the real story. More and more of them are finding out about Q and preferring the alternative narrative that the movement offers. 

So, in predictably mean-spirited, brutal fashion The Guardian is basically saying: "Nothing to see here folks, move along ... Just look at the kind of wingnuts who buy this BS. They're all batshit crazy, like this guy!"

I'm no legal expert but it seems to me that Dr McGregor already has a pretty solid case for defo. You'll notice in the screenshot above that while QAnon is mentioned in the title and body of the article, the two opening paragraphs carefully sidestep this crucial aspect, instead saying he "posted 'bizarre' alt-right conspiracy theories he claimed were the directives of US President Donald Trump". This combined with the spooky visual image clearly portrays Dr McGregor in a very bad light (pun intended) and thereby convey a strong, emotive warning -- "Danger! Danger! Psychotic Loon Alert!" -- that is meant to colour all the subsequent details included. (So ironic that the hands on the keyboard are glowing green, BTW. That tragically warmist outlet is chockas with shrub humping ecotards itself ... Hell, the simpering soyboys on staff have the greenest hands of all. And their footwear? Ginormous clown shoes so grotesquely garish they'd make even Ronald McDonald weep with envy!)

Notice that the sneering hipster lefties' fave term for instant demonization "alt-right" is also employed, prominently and repeatedly. This term is shorthand for racist, as this article makes clear.

Yet nowhere in Dr McGregor's tweets or blog have I ever seen any support for white supremacy at all. On the contrary, he clearly abhors the concept, as his pinned tweet (which has been up there for as long as I've been aware of his Twitter profile) clearly shows. He's a civic nationalist, if anything.

Not only that, Q himself is at pains to remind those in the movement to rise above all identity politics because the real enemy is the globalist deep state who "want you divided". The unifying phrase "Where we go one we go all" is constantly repeated throughout his drops.

There's another howler in the hit piece's second paragraph -- the bit about the doc believing 9/11 was "faked". I suspect that this is because Josh Taylor, who penned the piece, lazily interpreted the term "false flag" to mean that the whole event was staged. This is a common error for activists purporting to be journalists, particularly comparatively inexperienced ones like little Josh.

Then there's the bit about the ABC "covering up the crimes of the elite". The mysterious online inspiration of this claim aside, is this really such an outlandish view to have in the wake of the deeply suss MSM coverage of the Epstein "suicide" and the way Amy Robach (of the ABC in the US) had her expose so savagely memory-holed, then our (or rather, their) ABC begrudgingly, briefly reporting this while carefully omitting the Clinton connection -- which Ms Robach so clearly explicated in the Project Veritas tape itself -- while simultaneously beating up the non-link to Trump? If that's not a media cover-up then what is?

And for anyone who still insists that the "deep state" is merely a figment of gun-toting wingnuts' febrile imaginations, what about former CIA big wig John McLaughlin actually praising its existence in so many words during the sham impeachment trial?

BTW, those following Q knew long ago that this desperate charade would ultimately come to nought. That was the obvious outcome when all its puppets had Schiff for brains, after all. Yet if you actually believed the fake news coming out of their ABC and much of the rest of the local MSM you would've believed that Trump really was a goner this time; that he'd finally be gruesomely impaled for all the world to see like a shishkebab on Pelosi's savage High Heel of Democrat Justice!

But of course that didn't happen. Just like with the "Russian collusion" narrative (which many in the MSM still cling to, BTW) the whole thing turned out to be a big fat nothing burger instead. This outcome, among many other things, would surely make any sane, rational adult conclude that while the "conspiracy theory" espoused by Dr McGregor might seem a tad OTT, it's certainly more plausible than the massively fraudulent "Orange Man Bad" line the MSM have been running since Trump was elected.

Also, elite pedophile rings are most definitely a thing, and Trump has been methodically taking them down since very early on in his presidency, even though his deranged haters in the MSM don't want you to know about that.

About the only thing that based folk might think is completely beyond belief is the "Satanic" aspect. Yet if you take this in the general sense to mean evil, it's actually entirely in keeping with the rest of the narrative, elements of which are not just plausible but indisputable fact. What could possibly be more evil than trafficking, raping and killing children, after all!

So you've gotta ask: why would such online speculation by a mental health professional be deemed so alarming to TPTB that they would require he be deregistered for it, then publicly shamed in an absolutely putrid hit piece several months later?

Answer is pretty obvious, IMHO ... But have a look at the piece in question, then compare it with the target's Twitter thread on it and make up your own mind.

Also, remember that this was the second local Guardian hit piece on this subject. The first one was used to slime a long time mate of ScoMo's who was another prominent local QAnon believer.

They are very similar in tone, with the titles and introductions in particular containing the same key words and phrases, eg: "QAnon, conspiracy theory, bizarre." Do a search for them in Google or any other search engine and you'll see how many MSM hit pieces just like this come up.

Also, they almost invariably claim that the theory is "debunked" when this is clearly not the case at all. As mentioned before, not one reporter has directly asked Trump the "Q question", which could easily put the issue to bed for all time if POTUS simply replied that it was all BS. Nor have any of them made any serious effort to find out who is ultimately behind the drops -- which would be the other obvious thing to do if the whole thing is just an epic LARP as they claim. So, there's yet another massive lie these loathsome, jellybacked hacks brazenly repeat to their millions of readers while casually destroying people's reputations and careers in the process with their so-called "reporting".

The similarity across all these stories is really quite, er, bizarre in itself. Why, it's almost as if they're all following a set template that has come from the same source and the separate outlets are just filling them in with the local details. Really, you gotta wonder why they hire "journalists" to do this at all. The whole soulless process could just as easily be carried out by AI (which I think is prolly the long term plan anyhow).

But just on the so-called journalist behind both pieces: You'll see in the screenshot above that Josh Taylor is credited in the first one. He also wrote the most recent one. I know this because his name was there when I first read it yesterday. But later on when I returned to take the screenshot above his name had mysteriously disappeared, having been replaced by "Australian Associated Press".

Hmm. That was odd, I thought ... It was the site's most popular local article, after all. Wouldn't you be proud of your work and want to be associated with it? I suspected that he'd removed his name to minimize the shellacking he was getting on social media. A visit to Twitter confirmed this suspicion. I'll describe exactly what I mean by this because I think it gives an insight into the minds of those behind these gutless hit pieces.

See, I went to his profile only to discover that he'd already blocked me. A quick Twitter search revealed why this was. Turned out that like so many of his fellow sneering hipsters little Josh had indulged in some cringeworthy virtue signalling about the African gang violence afflicting Melbourne when it first really blew up in the media a coupla years back. 

"I lived in Melbourne for a year and a half, was more intimidated during Summernats in Canberra than any other time in Melbourne," he tweeted sanctimoniously. Given that the Canberra car show had just been in the news for banning its very popular beauty pageant to placate all the hatchet-faced, killjoy frightbats in that ultra-PC city, I couldn't help but RT him with this gentle little jibe included.

For that he blocked me! FFS, can you believe this guy? Talk about life imitating satire ... By his own admission he's intimidated by a fricken car show. Was this because of the flagrant use of fossil fuels, the burnouts and donuts, or the scantily clad chicks? Fark nose ... Then he hides behind a block because he got a bit of ribbing about it!

So, it's not at all surprising to me that he's scuttled into the shadows after his absolutely despicable hatchet job on the doc. Of course he thinks he can hide behind the "authority" of his position and employer until it all blows over. But what he doesn't realize is that this is plummeting by the day. The whole sick system that ultimately maintains it is being methodically destroyed from the very top. Also, tens of millions of normies in the USA have already woken up to the massive lies they've been told by the legacy media over decades and they are filthy mad about it. This process is starting to snowball here in Australia, too. It's only a mater of time before the MSM collapses under the weight of its own BS.

In a way, I kind of feel sorry for him. He's actually been a puppet in this -- not unlike Greta Thunberg. She's just obediently regurgitating a predetermined narrative, and so is he. He may be a few years older than her, but he's clearly still child-brained, let's face it. This credulous, obedient quality is why he was given both hit jobs, I suspect. 

But I don't think that he or any of the other sneering, up-themselves twats at The Guardian realize just how big this whole issue is actually becoming. Taylor and his editor (not to mention Dr McGregor's gutless gaslighting professional peers) have all willingly been part of the cynical destruction of a good man's career and reputation for clearly political purposes and this will certainly not be the end of it.

And what if Trump does ultimately explicitly confirm that QAnon is legit or -- failing something quite that unequivocal -- one or more big legacy media outlets finally admit they were wrong about it or at least concede that Q's narrative has more veracity than those they've been running?

Holy. Effing. Hell! I would not wanna be in any of their (clown) shoes. 

As we all know, Epstein didn't kill himself. But I reckon that in coming months Josh Taylor et al will definitely be shitting themselves, and many times over.

The Guardian and other fake news outlets like it are on the way out.

Nothing can stop what is coming.


For more thoughts on this whole issue and its ramifications for society please check out the video I made several months ago, soon after that first local hit piece was published. I mention Dr McGregor's case about eleven and a half minutes in, but please watch it all for context.

Monday, February 3, 2020

Coronavirus fears cause outbreak of PC idiocy

In the wake of the catastrophic bushfires PC lefties have complained that ScoMo should be decisive and show leadership in the face of the (non-existent) threat of climate change. Because he's been restrained and rational in his response to this issue they've shrieked up a storm.

And now, when there is a dinkum global threat in the form of a fricken coronavirus pandemic, and he does make a couple of big, hard calls (stopping arrivals from China; setting up a quarantine on Christmas Island) they're enraged about that, too!

Shows the sad extent to which they've been brainwashed with cultural Marxism. It really is a total mind-control system that makes them value feels over facts; virtue signalling over logical analysis. You see its toxic effect all through the MSM -- particularly in their ABC. 

Take Nick here. He reckons we should aspire to be like the virus itself!

Yeah, I know what he was getting at ... But who was suggesting that ethnicity should be targeted? It's where  people have been geographically that's the key issue, since China is where the coronavirus originated. So it's rational, not racist to be most concerned about people arriving from there.

But that's The Drum for ya! If you don't say something daft and sanctimonious, you don't get asked back. So I shouldn't be too harsh on him ... Next episode, one of their regulars'll prolly recommend that the coronavirus be appointed Head of the HRC. (Hmm. Actually, not such a bad idea. Be less nauseating than its predecessors.)

Predictably, lotsa right-on squeezers linked the outbreak to climate change in their witless attempts to mock ScoMo.

Not remotely funny. And WTF was he trying to say? Even most lefties would think this was a piss-poor effort, I reckon.

Of course the hand-wringers pounced on the choice of Christmas Island for the quarantine since it's such a powerful symbol of oppression for them.

Hmm. Perhaps not ... I suggest all who've been in Wuhan get locked in the studio where The Drum is filmed. Panellists suffer from a PC mind virus so powerful it'd prolly devour the coronavirus in 10 seconds flat!

Sure, patients would become robodolts as a result but the cure is quick as, and all would survive, right?

Most of the PC posturing about Christmas Island has been about its general inappropriateness. But some of it has been balls-out race-baiting.

Obviously most people who end up in this quarantine are not whitey-tighties because of the location of the outbreak. Race has got nothing to do with it.

In any case, at least one of them who was offered this option is of European descent. He's a dude called Rui Severini. I suspect there are several others -- prolly even including a few Anglos. 

So Tim and Osman's nasty and opportunistic insinuations are easily debunked, as usual.