Friday, September 11, 2020

The label "Dictator Dan" is not an exaggeration

It's great that some MSM journos are starting to ask pertinent questions of Dictator Dan Andrews. And more and more movers and shakers across Australia are arcing up about his insanely OTT measures.

But what's happening in Victoria is waaay bigger than the Goblin of the South being "drunk with power" or a total doofus who keeps screwing up bigly, yet never accepts responsibility for what's happening in his state. 

He's clearly Australia's most zealous NWO control-freak and a puppet of commie China. It's so obvious what his plan is with coronavirus. Basically it's to keep the fear of it high with massaged stats, so that people keep getting tested. The more of these that are performed, the more cases they have. And it's those rolling updates with the scary numbers that give him and his clown CHO the justification for continuing the totalitarian lockdown.

So he hasn't stuffed up. He's actually carrying out a classic commie subversion plan with ruthless efficiency. 

The most direct way to demonstrate that the whole thing is a ruse is to look at what happened early on. Right from the get-go, Victoria had the harshest lockdown measures. It also had the most cooperative citizens. This was because it is by far Australia's most left-wing, right-on state. (I know this from personal -- and political! -- experience. I lived there for 8 years in the 90s.) 

Dr Vaxxie McNeedle made that very point back in June. 

So, if Victoria did "everything right", then why did it have the worst outcomes? And this strange anomaly has only become more pronounced in the ensuing months. If the measures that Dictator Dan keeps ratcheting up are genuinely effective, then why do the case numbers keep increasing also?

The rational answer: because they don't fricken work! So let's dump them! 

And why don't they do this? Because it's the tail wagging the dog ... This is not about keeping people safe, it's about installing a tyrannical control system. 

The process is to scare the normies into getting tested. Then use the test results to justify lockdown measures. When the people arc up, say: "But look at the stats. We're only doing this to keep you safe!"

More fear leads to more tests, and more cases ... Rinse, repeat, etc. 

This is what the globalist arseholes want to do indefinitely. That's why they call it the "new normal". It's meant to go on forever. 

It's also why they've been so determined to slap down any protests -- well, unless they're woke, that is. That whole BLM thing is a related campaign by the globalist elite. It's meant to keep people alienated from each other, stressed out in another way. It's classic divide and conquer. 

And the Spring St Ghoul and his creepy minions have been up to other kinds of mind-war to keep the normies confused and cowed. Take that recent freedom protest in Melbourne. It may have started organically but I suspect it was infiltrated with agent provocateurs to get violent and be dealt with harshly by the plods. That way Dictator Dan had another excuse for continuing his insane lockdown: "Look, I really don't wanna extend this, but the tinfoil-hat wearing anti-mask conspiracy theorist right-wing terrorists wrecked it for ya."

This tyrant knows that MSM robodolts -- especially those in Channel 7 and 9 -- will always dutifully promote his propaganda. Their so-called journos are not remotely interested in the truth. They are there to "program" the masses with fake news; to keep them distracted from what the globalist elite who control them and the Premier himself are truly up to.

There will still be many Victorians who watch those primping, preening fake news flogs and believe they have some kinda authority because they totes "look the part". So, they'll remain easily controlled which is what this is ultimately all about for the sinister freak and those above him pulling his strings. 

This tactic of having a massive, intimidating police presence to theatrically smack down any resistance that they've prolly arranged at arm's length themselves is a favourite of the globalist elite. And note how the employment of this strategy (along with others) seems to occur simultaneously in many different countries.

We've had the insanely OTT lockdowns then a yuge global push for masks -- even though the worst had passed and each country was dealing with its own unique situation. 

Now these goon squads are appearing everywhere. They're all centrally controlled, NWO-style.

Melbourne's recent show of farce would've also put the fear of plod into many unconvinced that the whole Stage 4 shit-show was dinkum meant to "keep them safe". Many surely now suspect a con but being meek and agreeable they'll obey because they're afraid. So, they'll be controllable too.

This idiot throwing a Nazi salute is prolly a crisis actor. But even if he isn't, it's exactly the kind of thing the fake news MSM just loves. They run this angle that he's somehow more of a threat to democracy than the rows of heavily armed goons employed by Dictator Dan. FFS.

Other recent events that looked staged include the shocking arrest of the young mum, and the choking of the young maskless woman in Collingwood by a grey-haired copper (who also seemed present at Ballarat). These will also terrify many normies. "Shit, I don't want that to happen to me!" they'll fret. "Best obey." 

Of course there is already a substantial percentage of the population -- fast growing in number -- who see through all this bollocks. But it's still disturbing and confusing to them. They're "on the back foot". So Dictator Dan is still in the driver's seat, defining the MSM narrative, with plods at his command. Which is why he keeps ploughing on so shamelessly. 

But ultimately the Goblin of the South is riding tiger called COVID-19. If he doesn't keep upping the ante he's well and truly farked. Soon his big lie will be so obvious to all that millions may well just dump their masks, flout the curfew, and get back to work. 

He simply doesn't have enough coppers to control them all. Having this happen is surely his bigliest fear. Hopefully, it will soon be realized!

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Sunday, August 30, 2020

Australian MSM: "QAnon followers are bad because they are against evil!"

As we approach the American elections in early November the information war is really hotting up. More and more people across the globe are waking up to just how corrupt the mainstream media are. They're also becoming aware of the alternative narrative that the whole QAnon movement offers. So hit pieces against it are coming thick and fast in the US. They're also increasing in number and intensity in Australia.

Check out this one shown on Perth TV. Not surprisingly it just repeats the same old Mockingbird Media talking points. But what's great is just how many Aussies are wise to it. When I took the screenshot below a few days ago there were already hundreds of replies, many of them from QAnon followers. 

The other tweets on local issues have a mere fraction of the engagement. So, the Great Awakening is definitely happening worldwide

Anchorman Rick Ardon: Experts warn the "save our children" campaign has been infiltrated by pro-Trump conspiracy theorists, labeling it psychological warfare. 

That statement is a doozy, innit? Experts? Experts in what? The one they've interviewed in the story is a social media marketing guru. 

Then there's that ol' fake news fave, the "conspiracy theorist" label. There are literally hundreds of millions of people subscribing to this narrative now. They are from many nations and right across the political spectrum. 

Yes, they love Trump, but that's because he is actually shutting down child trafficking networks. The data confirms this. This very channel even has local reports that can be seen to support this narrative. It's likely that Trump's campaign has had something to do with this major development in WA but even if it didn't it's still clear that child trafficking is disturbingly widespread and has long been so. So to try and demonize people whose primary goal is to see this horror end is just pathetic.

It's also completely silly to say these "dangerous" people have "infiltrated" a hashtag. Sounds like a conspiracy theory itself to me ... 

Journo: A cause that's been hijacked by internet conspiracy theory QAnon Labelled a potential domestic terror threat by the FBI … 

This oft-repeated claim is pretty much bollocks. It all started when some dude issued a memo in the Phoenix, Arizona office. Not an official statement from the entire agency at all

"It works by infiltrating social media groups, pushing unfounded allegations. Attaching itself to familiar hashtags like #savethechildren a legitimate humanitarian organisation helped it go viral." 

The dopey muppets in Perth have clearly taken this notion from a widely read gargle by a dude called Kevin Roose. They must have thought it was dinkum because it was in the "Grey Lady". Sad! 

This is a nice take down of it among other things

Meg Coffey: "This is psychological warfare that is happening ... You say it enough times and they start to believe it themselves." 

Oh the irony! These poor muppets are just repeating the fake news narrative that they've been brainwashed into believing. It's the globalist, Deep State mind virus, a self-replicating big lie.

So now they've completely cornered themselves. They have absolutely nowhere to go. All they can do is repeat the same bollocks over and over again. But anyone with any moral sense at all can see what's going on. Even if they don't think Q is legit and reject claims about Luciferian rock spiders in high places, they can tell this is a moral issue first and foremost. And the MSM have definitely chosen a side. Without a doubt it's the wrong one

That's creepy as all get out. It's also sad, because they don't have the slightest clue about how bad they look to their audience, more and more of whom are waking up daily. 

Also, by believing their own propaganda and not investigating the issue of QAnon with an open mind they are way behind everyone else including yours truly. I recorded the video below about a year ago and while it obviously lacks the sheen that "legit" news reports have, and I do ramble a bit because I'm speaking extempore, it's still a more informative and balanced take on it than anything you'll see in our MSM. 

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Sunday, August 23, 2020

They are the Human Centipede

I've long known that the mainstream media aren't dinkum truth-seekers who report without fear or favour, as they claim to do. They are clearly very selective about what they investigate and will almost always roam in packs. They are mostly left-leaning and drearily politically correct to boot. 

But up until the election of President Trump I never thought they were corrupt across the board. Sadly, it's becoming increasingly obvious that they are. 

Take the relentless fear pawn that they've been cranking out over COVID-19. And notice how they push vaccines all the time while throwing shade on safe, effective and cheap cures like HCQ

Then there's the issue of QAnon. Right from the get-go they have been tryna keep the normies from looking into this issue. And they all just repeat each others' lies about it. The whole sorry situation makes me think of that classic song by Skyhooks: "It's a horror movie, right there on my TV ..."

It's not just that they are so often tryna scare us. It's the MSM's complete and utter corruption that is actually more terrifying in a way. And I think the horror flick The Human Centipede is what captures the whole demented, gruesome shit-show best

If you aren't aware of this movie series, the first one is about a batshit Bavarian boffin who -- for shits and giggles -- kidnaps three backpackers then stitches them to each other, mouth to anus. The second one, which is where the above screenshot is from, is about a sick loser who is, er, inspired by the first flick to create his own version of the human centipede -- this time with twelve victims. So it's actually quite "meta". 

And that about sums up the mainstream media. They get their 4 AM talking points from the Deep State, which are often brazen lies at worst and highly selective narratives that further the globalist agenda at best. Then they all pompously, shamelessly regurgitate them on air, in print and online, often with local variations. They basically start out eating shit then pass it on, clacker to pie-hole, through a gruesome, global network of narcissists so vast and all-pervasive that it eventually pollutes the entire fricken world! 

It's pretty much impossible for any single one of them to remove himself from his wretched position because his fugly mug has been surgically sewn onto the arse of the zombie in front, with another one behind, bolted to his butt! But if he does manage to extricate himself from the putrid crazy-chain he just gets "boned" and another poor robodolt brainwashed by cultural Marxism takes his place.

Being utterly controlled by demented freaks, the vast majority of today's "journalists" are completely morally lost. This is pretty clear much of the time. But it's never more obvious than when they "report" on QAnon. 

Take the recent interchange in the Whitehouse when a Q-obsessed reporter asked if Trump is secretly fighting a cannibal cabal of Luciferian rock spiders, as so many of the movement's members believe.

He answered: "Is that a bad thing?" 

That was (stable) genius because it framed the whole issue in a clear, unambiguous moral light. This means that ultimately proving the veracity of rumours about super-elite Satanist pedophile rings is not crucial -- and Q's identity can remain hidden -- because the MSM clearly thinks it is a bad thing. 

It is now blindingly obvious to all that as well as producing fake news pretty much the whole time, the controlled arsehats of the airwaves are utterly morally lost. They are so full of hatred for patriots, and so bereft of a sense of universal right and wrong that they actually side with such evil freaks -- even if they don't exist!

These useful idiots are in for one hell of a shock when the lies they have been telling for so many years are no longer believed by most normies and it ultimately results in them losing their jobs. That's gonna be very entertaining. 

The sense of confusion and betrayal of those who have trusted them for so long, on the other hand, will be very painful to watch. I suspect some of them will actually lose their minds, which is tragic. 

That's how poisonous this whole mind control matrix actually is. I will be so glad when it's finally torn down. 

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Saturday, August 22, 2020

The pyramid-shaped garden beds are gone but others remain. Why?

In recent months I noticed an interdasting phenomenon in the Sydney CBD. After a very obvious green pyramid was placed near the Cenotaph in Martin Place, many smaller flat ones appeared in that area and several others. These pyramid-shaped garden beds were all pointing in the same direction. And all of them were placed in close proximity to a statue of Queen Victoria. 

Lord Mayor Clover Moore has form for being very arty and "out there". So I tried to work out what these displays were aiming to communicate symbolically. I speculated that she and/or her fellow travellers in the City of Sydney were using them as a kind of incantation to help usher Sydneysiders into the "new normal" -- which is actually just another term for New World Order

In this "spell" the "pyramids" were placed near the statues as if to say: "The Crown (old normal) is dead. Long live the Corona (new normal)!"

Of course I'll never know for sure. But I think I might have been getting warm with that theory because recently those particular garden beds have been removed from all those locations. Yet other square or rectangular ones remain. Compare these shots below with the ones in the post linked above. 

If they were just meant to look nice and had no special meaning then why were they selectively removed? They must have signified something quite specific. The question is what, exactly? 

I don't pretend to be correct a hundred percent of the time. But remember that all art is symbolic. It's meant to communicate something to "those in the know". It also aims to be transformative somehow, even if just temporarily. It's a kind of ritual.

Take theatre, for example. You are ushered (literally) into a big dark room with lots of other people in which you watch actors play out a highly structured, well-rehearsed script zif it's all actually happening spontaneously before you. The convention is that you suspend disbelief when in that zone. It's as if you are in another dimension. 

Afterwards, the lights come up and the ritual is finally over. The spell is broken, so to speak. You go back outside into the real world again.

So, something similar was going on here, I reckon. And the symbolism was definitely characteristic of the globalist, occult elite. 

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Sunday, August 16, 2020

Pro-POTUS patriots punk Pirate Pete's poll!

We all know that Twitter is a leftist stronghold. That's why I think this shock result in Pirate Pete's latest poll is actually pretty significant. 

Remember that he's a minor celebrity. Heaps of local leftie blue checks follow him. They in turn have countless brokens who follow them. And they will do all they can to help with the PC globalist crusade online.

As you can see, he got almost 60000 votes. So that's a pretty big sample. Sure, many of those voting for Trump could have been from the USA. But the same could be said about those voting for Biden. Those non-Aussies prolly would've cancelled each other out. I think it's reasonable to make some wider conclusions about the result.

Clearly, Trump has heaps of support from Aussies -- far more than the dopey slebs of the fake news MSM think he has. These patriots can clearly see what POTUS is fighting. And they realize that the same corruption is entrenched here. We have our own Billabong that desperately needs to be drained. 

Unfortunately, we don't have a Trump-like figure to do this. But that's okay. He, she or they will emerge. It might take a while but it will happen. The political establishment is rotten to the core. Its collapse is inevitable. And a new one will replace it. The main thing to focus on now is that people are definitely waking up en masse. So it's important to keep speeding up that process. 

The MSM, of which Pirate Pete is a part, is losing authority daily. Down in Victoria, for example, they are just a creepy bunch of propagandists for Dictator Dan and his clown CHO. If they don't stop regurgitating his fake stats and cranking out fear pawn to justify his insane control measures and start asking pertinent questions (particularly about test veracity) instead, they will permanently trash their reputations. 

When the dust settles on this titanic shit-show most Aussies will loathe them almost as much as Dan Andrews himself. And having been on TV screens for years on end they are mostly easily recognizable. They will be copping abuse until they die, I reckon. What's happening down there is truly evil. The perpetrators and those aiding and abetting them will never be forgiven. 

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Tuesday, August 11, 2020

My heart bleeds for Daniel and Sarah

If there's one thing that's certain in this surreal time it's that we're in the midst of a massive "mind war". While coronavirus itself looks dinkum, the COVID-19 craziness is clearly orchestrated by TPTB. They want everyone as stressed out as possible while they continue to pursue hidden agendas. 

While the entire political establishment in Oz look like they're either supportive of these sinister globalist goals, or are at least aware of them, Dan Andrews is surely the most zealous in trying to realize them.

The label "Dictator Dan" is no exaggeration at all. What he's doing is totalitarian without a doubt. One of the hallmarks of these regimes is their production of propaganda. In balls-out commie states, there'll be heaps of statues and posters glorifying their "great helmsmen" and other in-your-face stuff. But in places where the control system is covert, it comes in the form of fake news.  

His creepy government is producing this directly as well as through the MSM with all their crap about how anti-maskers are batshit conspiracy theorists. I think he's also got some faux victims doing video testimonials about the horrors of being infected with the dreaded 'rona. 

Remember the video of the schoolgirl at an Australian climate strike who cried about her bleak future and it turned out that she was an actress? I get the same vibe from this.

Watch the video at the Twitter link. It really does look like she's performing a script. We keep hearing that the virus "doesn't discriminate". Yet here it has hit an articulate, appealing young woman -- with a caring and sensitive partner -- who seems remarkably assured in front of the camera.

As well as being so woke that it refuses to infect BLM protesters, the bug seems to have an eye for talent as well! I wouldn't be surprised if "Sarah" has got a profile up on Showcast, TBH ... 

Also, I found Dictator Dan's description of the virus as "wicked" to be interdasting. What an odd word to use. My first thought: Dan himself is way more wicked than the virus and he knows it. 

Could it be his way of hiding in plain sight? That is, by obliquely admitting to the wickedness of this deception, he's making it acceptable. Creepy globalists have form for this kind of thing, after all

There was another monologue to camera that I thought was suss as. This was from a male nurse on the "front lines" of the "pandemic"

Look at this dude. "Daniel" could easily be a model or actor. Maybe he does have nursing qualifications, so technically he's not really lying ... 

Still, I can see how ambitious young people could be convinced to do this kind of stuff. They think it's "for a good cause" and know they prolly won't be sprung, since many others have done similar things and gotten away with it.

As well as his obvious good looks and ease in front of the camera, he seems to be hitting many of the main talking points about how devastating this disease is -- and not just for those infected. Really supports that narrative about hero doctors and nurses risking their lives on the front lines, dunnit?

Call me a wacko wingnut if you want. But it looks very much like the Victorian Government are desperately worried about the growing realization among normies that the vast majority of people are not at risk of death or serious illness from this "pandemic" -- young, healthy folk least of all. So they've dodgied up these videos with a coupla young actors to counter it. 

Both the timing and content of these monologues seem suspicious. Reminds me of those videos of "conspiracy theorists" recently. Originally I thought that Eve Black was dinkum. But in retrospect I reckon she, along with at least one of the Bunnings Karens, could also be some kind of performer, a "crisis actor".

Actually, I think that being skeptical about all videos coming out of Victoria now is prolly a good policy. Even this brutal arrest that is currently going viral might be a stunt. Sure, it makes the cops look bad. But isn't that part of the whole globalist agenda? In the USA the dirty Dems wanna defund the police, remember. 

Could it be another engineered distraction that keeps mainstream and social media looking elsewhere while Wicked Dan the Magician Man gets busy undetected? I'm thinking he's doing something really big under the cover of darkness -- hence the curfew. Is he installing a Wuhan-style facial recognition system or similar at night? Not impossible, I reckon.  

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Sunday, August 9, 2020

QAnon "bat signal" more viral than bat soup!

By now it must be completely obvious to any sane adult that all these lockdown measures still in place across the globe aren't really about stopping a "coronavirus pandemic" that originally came from bat soup. They are a way of softening us up psychologically so we can be ushered into a permanent, global "new normal" being run centrally by totalitarian technocrats

The exhortations -- or in many places official orders -- to wear masks comprise a yuge global submission ritual. These policies are not being proposed by local public health experts rationally due to local conditions. They seem to have resulted from top down pressure from the World Stealth Organization and are all about politics. Dr Tedros the Mega-Flog even flat out says as much in this recent tweet. 
So wearing a mask is not really a proven COVID-19 prevention measure. Rather, it is a way of "sending a message of solidarity". Spoken like a true Marxist. 

The only message I get from those willingly wearing masks -- particularly custom made fabric ones as opposed to the disposable light blue ones -- is that they're fricken idiots. And we've got plenty of those in Australia, especially in our MSM. Take this doofus, Dan Ilic. 

He's got a whole bunch of fashionable face diapers that he's been showing off on Twitter. Love how this one includes that little symbol for the dreaded 'rona. It's instantly recognizable the world over. That's because as well as being a highly woke bug, it's also branded. Hell, it has its own marketing department!

You can even see it in this recent Daily Telegraph cartoon.

Like so many local slebs, dopey Dan gets his views on US politics from the American MSM, thinking that it must be totes legit! Recently he retweeted a New York Times columnist who was fretting about how the whole QAnon movement was rapidly gathering momentum

In this tweet thread Kevin Roose explains that several of the MSM stories on the list had their FB shares yugely boosted by those mask-avoiding, tinfoil hat-wearing Q-tards:

Now, normally, you'd be surprised that a $35 million grant by an obscure federal agency would be the highest-performing story on Facebook.

But people who follow this stuff know that stories about human trafficking, *especially* stories involving Trump, are a QAnon bat signal.

"A QAnon bat signal." LOL. And we're supposed to be the batshit ones! 

And sure enough, if you check which pages shared these stories, you'll see plenty of QAnon pages like "Follow the White Rabbit" and "The Great Awakening." 

They're using the story as more evidence that Trump is breaking up a child-trafficking cabal run by Democrats.

This is why looking at top-performing links (which Facebook has recently suggested is more accurate than looking at the posts that contain those links) can be misleading. After all, this is an AP story! What's the matter with the AP?

But the way it's being used is dangerous.

Fascinating that he describes this link sharing -- clearly motivated primarily by the desire to end elite child trafficking -- as "dangerous".

Well, I suppose it is in a way. It threatens the globalist power structure that controls the MSM, and therefore the dominant narratives through which billions of people construct their view of reality. 

In any case this is what seems to disturb poor Kevin most and not the fact that countless elite rock spiders are raping and murdering kids the world over and getting away with it. Even if you think that Q followers have a particularly crazy take on things there's still no denying that this sickeningly evil stuff is going on and has been for ages.

And whether Kevin likes it or not this battle of narratives is definitely coming to a head in the USA. QAnon is set to usurp the Mockingbird Media after a titanic, tumultuous meme-splattered grudge match. The same thing will surely follow here in Oz. 

As the saying goes, nothing can stop what is coming. 

In the video below are some observations I recorded when the local MSM first "reported" on this issue last year. 

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Thursday, July 30, 2020

Have you heard? Eve Black is a dangerous conspiracy theorist

Really glad that there is now growing push-back against the mandatory mask directive and other insane fascist orders by the Goblin of the South. It also seems significant that most of it is coming from chicks. Maybe this is a result of the long term emasculation project of cultural Marxism, which has been particularly intense in Victoria? Who knows ... 

In any case, these uppity sheilas have TPTB terrified. The globalists and their Spring Street muppets, along with the Pavlov's flogs of the MSM, are chucking "Amber Turds" all over the joint.

You'll no doubt have heard of Eve Black, who didn't do as she was told at a border crossing. So she got the full public humiliation from a tag team of malignant twats laughably calling themselves "journalists". They all smeared her with the label "conspiracy theorist". It's an ol' fave of fake news narrative coppers keen to demonize and discredit someone as quickly and severely as possible. 

It was applied when news of her appalling disobedience first broke. And it was used repeatedly when she was finally arrested just a day ago. 

See how they're all using exactly the same bullying, silencing tactics? This is the Mockingbird Media, Aussie Edition.

The robodolts are so brainwashed they reflexively call her "conspiracy theorist". While more and more people can see through it, many don't. It can do significant damage to those falsely smeared like this. Ugly, nasty stuff. Worse, a lot of those doing this call themselves feminists. 

On that note, the savage glee that many members of Twitter's trollective expressed over her violent arrest (the police were "forced" to smash her car window) was truly disturbing.

Look forward to the day that Dictator Dan's sinister psyop is exposed for what it is. That is inevitable, since the truth always comes out sooner or later. She'll be having the last laugh then, I'll bet. 

In the video below are some thoughts about another chick putting mask-covered noses out of joint down in Victoria. Seems to me she might not be the full quid! 

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Saturday, July 25, 2020

Sydney's green "pyramids": Visual incantation or just more Clover?

Unless you are a complete moron with your head whopped up your clacker you will have noticed that the world has gone completely barking mad lately. The coronavirus pandemic and ensuing lockdowns and other measures to eradicate it are the most vivid immediate examples of this.

Disturbingly, the mainstream media are magnifying the madness. For example, rather than investigating the validity of COVID-19 tests and reporting that there's already an effective cure for it that would completely negate the need for these insane measures, they push the fear porn around the clock. 

This clear and undeniable phenomena certainly lends weight to the idea that extremely rich and powerful globalists are manipulating events and our interpretation of them from the shadows. I used to think that this "Illuminati conspiracy" was totally insane. But I'm now convinced that this "New World Order" idea has a lot of truth to it. 

One key aspect of this theory is that its proponents often "hide in plain sight". One of the ways they do this is by leaving their symbols everywhere. There are various reason for this, not least because it's a way of subliminally programming the normies in advance for when they ultimately take over the world and run everything top down and centrally. 

With this in in mind I've become very interested in NWO symbolism lately. I keep seeing what I think are examples of this all over Sydney. Take these mysterious green "pyramids" that the City of Sydney has placed in various locations throughout the CBD. 

This structure was placed in Martin Place several months ago. It was clearly meant to resemble a green pyramid

While Lord Mayor Clover Moore is an independent and not a member of the Greens party, she's certainly a full on globalist warmist like they are. So I was not surprised that this installation was reminiscent of their logo. 

While the three dimensional structure was removed months ago, I noticed similar flat installations in several locations around the city. The thing I found intriguing about these triangular garden beds was that they all seemed to be near statues of Queen Victoria, like the one above in Queens Square, near Hyde Park. Almost all of them seemed to point in the same direction also. 

They were also right throughout Martin Place, near the Cenotaph and all the way up to Macquarie Street. 

This is the statue of Queen Victoria on One Martin Place. It's directly above the Cenotaph. You can see it in a video I made around Christmas. The "tree" installed then also resembled a pyramid, and you'll see that the green one shown above was placed in almost exactly the same position

Significant? Maybe ...

The triangular garden beds are also located outside Customs House at Circular Quay. 

This beautiful old building also has a Queen Victoria statue, albeit very small. It's carved into the entrance. 

Of course, the most well known statue of Her Royal Highness in Sydney is right outside the QVB. It's an extremely busy area that must be left clear for foot traffic. So it's understandable that the garden beds nearby are not like those at the other locations. 

However, as you can see from the photo, they still seem to form a triangle around the statue. 

I can't help thinking that this is some sort of visual incantation that's somehow related to all this globalist madness. The fact that it seems to be focused mainly on the Australian state named after this monarch is interdasting also. 

Is this Clover Moore doing her bit to symbolically help usher in the New World Order? Another Sydney politician did actually explicitly mention it the other day ... 

I do have an active imagination and have certainly used it while speculating about these displays. There may be another completely innocuous explanation that is more convincing. 

Still, I think I might be onto something ... What do you reckon? 

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Sunday, July 19, 2020

The New World Order is Brad (for your health)

It always cracks me up how woke folk say the "New World Order" is just some kinda fever dream of nationalist "Nazis". But it really is a thing. The globalist elite who wanna bring it about have left symbolic signs all over the joint. There's also heaps of other documented evidence that many extremely powerful people have been working towards a top down, centralized one world government for a very long time

And in a recent press conference about the dreaded 'rona Brad "Health" Hazzard dinkum said "this is the New World Order". 

Oh, but everything's organic, there's no orchestration. Anyone who says so is a batshit conspiracy theorist ... FFS. 

Pollies from Liberal, Labor and of course the Greens have been shamelessly beating up the fear over COVID-19, and implying that a global monitoring system and widespread vaccination are necessary for our safety. The MSM have been assiduously aiding them in this creepy campaign. 

Sleb quacks like Dr Vaxxie McNeedle, along with various "public health" officials, have been working their clackers off to terrify Aussies.

Do you recall any of them saying "build immunity with exercize", etc? Nup. It's always: "Be scared. Get tested!" (That's so they can inflate the case numbers, obviously.) 

Poor Dr Vaxxie clearly reckons COVID-19 is the greatest threat to humanity right now -- even worse than global warming (remember that?).

But IMO he's got a more serious affliction. It's a kind of mind virus otherwise known as Trump Derangement Syndrome. 

And he's certainly not the only one. It's infected heaps of blue check slebs right throughout Australia's fake news establishment

POTUS really triggers the PC Left for various reasons. One of the biggest is that he's a proud nationalist. And they are all fully paid-up, card carrying globalists.

During this whole COVID-19 saga they have all been tryna stress us out as much as possible. It's like the Government, Opposition and MSM are actively promoting ill health. And they wanna make us all sick!

This creepy campaign of theirs is being run right across the country. But it's clearly most extreme in Victoria. 

The CHO there recently said the situation is likely to get worse. It's almost like he wants it to be this way. This constant doomsaying is a feature of so-called "public health" officials. They routinely pump out fear pawn, suggesting yuge body counts -- which never seem to materialize. Shouldn't they be more reserved and reassuring?

No family will be spared? So he's implying that everyone in Victoria will have a relative who carks it from the dreaded 'rona ...

What utter bollocks. There have been a few deaths, most if not all of elderly folk. That was an insane statement to make. Did this "journo" or any others call him out on it? Doubt it. 

Really, the CHO was just pulling numbers out of thin air. There's no way he can prove this. Statements like this are just meant to terrify, thereby justifying the fascist Melbourne lockdown. 

He makes a mockery of his post. His conduct will erode trust in his profession, and bigly. When this is all over many Victorians will run away screaming from anyone with a stethoscope!

And now Dan Andrews has just upped the ante by ordering that masks must be worn outside at all times. Many know that doing so in the vast majority of situations is medically pointless. The directive is just a psychological control tactic. But they still believe "public health" officers and their scary stats zif they are infallible. 

But if Dictator Dan and his ilk are happy to deceive people to exploit this "pandemic", why wouldn't they lie about how serious it was in the first place?

FFS. It's not a stuff up. It's all going to plan! 

How many people have actually died in Victoria lately? Apparently there are around 14. Sad, but nothing compared to other ailments. And remember, these people have died "with" and not necessarily "from" the virus. Also, think how inaccurate the tests are ... This is one small part of the biggest medical fraud in history which is ultimately being orchestrated by the World Stealth Organization.

Sally Rugg is a full-on PC leftie and prolly a big time Dan fan, but she makes a good point here.

This "Doofus Dan" narrative, combined with lots of other MSM coverage about "super-spreaders" crossing the border from Victoria into NSW, along with Brad Hazzard's comments described above looks very much like pre-emptive programming. 

I suspect the plan is to reimpose a full lockdown on NSW, along with mandatory masks. Hopefully people in this state, who haven't suffered years of leftist indoctrination like Victorians have, will resist this sinister push and Gladys will ultimately choose to dump it. We'll see. 

In any case, all this stuff is clearly not organic. If you actually believe the bollocks that we're being fed day in day out, that's just sad. And you really oughta pull your head out of your clacker now! If people don't wake up and resist there will be much, much worse to come. 

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Sunday, July 12, 2020

Stand by your Dan

It's pretty obvious to all sane adults that PC lefties suffer from arrested development. It's like they never got past the "terrible twos". They think everything is all about them and their precious feelings. If they don't get what they want they throw massive tanties. 

As they age their behaviour might appear more mature on the surface, but underneath the same psychological dynamic is at work. Because of cultural Marxists' long march through the institutions, their collective narcissism has infected pretty much every profession. It's particularly prevalent in politics and the MSM

A disturbing feature of this emotionally retarded worldview is idol worship. The woke fixate on certain individuals and shower them with praise with the same fervour with which they demonize their most prominent opponents. They just flatly refuse to see any fault at all in those who claim to be their saviours. Their enduring adoration of Che Guevara is a good example of this

There's something similar going on now with Dan Andrews. Sooo obvious that this cat's paw of the globalist elites doesn't give a rat's clacker about the welfare of his fellow Victorians. He's just doing the bidding of the World Stealth Organization by locking down the state over this "outbreak" of coronavirus.

But the globalist fan bois are so deep in denial they tell themselves that not only is he doing the right thing, he's really compassionate as well! Take Julian Blindside here: 

No mention of all the businesses that have gone belly up as a result of Dictator Dan's insanely OTT directives. Then there's the severe ongoing stress this psychological torture has caused millions already, with no end in sight. And think of all the trauma inflicted on kids in particular! It will scar them for the rest of their lives without a doubt ... 

Compassionate my arse!

This poor woman seems to believe that Twitter is real life, and that the trending hashtags aren't cynically manipulated to reflect a right-on perspective. That said, even without the obvious algo tweaking there are clearly heaps of tragic Dan fans suffering bigly from the mind virus. 

The way these poor dupes have been proclaiming their undying love for the Goblin of the South reminded me of that classic hymn to masochistic lerve "Stand by Your Man". I actually looked for that hashtag on Twitter and whaddya know, someone was dinkum using it -- and unironically to boot! 

You couldn't make it up could you? In any case the song's doleful lyrics only need a little adjustment to accurately reflect the dysfunctional romance these tragic muppets are now embroiled in. Sad! 

Stand by Your Dan

Sometimes it's hard to be a commie
Fakin' such great love for just one man
You'll have poor times, and he'll have rich times
Doin' things you know are underhand
But if you're all in, you'll forgive him
Even though you loathe his Left-commands
And if you're all in, claim you're proud of him
'Cause after all, that is the scam,
Stand by your Dan,
Buy his fake stats for Wu-Flu,
And those big lies to scare you
When nights are cold and lonely
Stand by your Dan
And tell the world you love him
Keep fakin' all the love you can
Stand by your Dan
Stand by your Dan
And tell the world you love him
Keep fakin' all the love you can
Stand by your Dan

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Saturday, July 4, 2020

Alexander Downer slams Q and A for left-wing bias

I blogged earlier about how Alexander Downer's recent media appearances -- including on their ABC -- were interdasting in the context of momentum building around the issue of Spygate. Here's another little "data point" to add to the collection:

Earlier this week he tweeted that he thought the bias against the Minister for Communications and Arts Paul Fletcher on Q and A was so egregious that Government ministers should henceforth avoid it entirely.   

I didn't watch the episode. But if it was anything like all the others I'm sure the left-wing bias was totally obvious. And I doubt it was any worse than when other Liberal Party luminaries have appeared on the show. 

Yet Lexie portrayed it as some kinda "straw that broke the camel's back" for him. Tweeting that he would tell ministers not to appear on it in future looks like he was tryna get a reaction. And he certainly got that on Twitter. He was "ratioed" as the saying goes. 

He also provoked a reply from the host herself, Virginia Trioli. 

Translation: "Stop being so right-wing and conservative, Alexander! Ugh, you're such a patriarchal pale stale male ... Why, you're so stuck in your attitudinally unreconstructed ways, you'd support a misogynist bully like Donald Trump, wouldn't you!"

And there's one from ol' "Dempster Fire" himself. It implies that Downer was somehow defending deceitful attempts to slowly strangle that brave defender of democracy the national broadcaster. What a big bad meanie he is! 

I may be reading too much into all of this. But after seeing these Twitter interactions I keep thinking: Why is Lexie making such a point of being particularly outraged about something that we've all known for ages? Also, saying that Q and A must be avoided at all costs by his fellow Liberals seems very odd when he himself has appeared on The Drum a couple of times recently (along with other ABC shows) and Malcolm Turnbull did a very soft interview with Leigh Sales, among other things. 

This recent tweet does look like he's trying extra hard to remind us that he's a musty, fusty, flint-hearted Tory. And his "foes" in their ABC are magnifying that perception by defiantly calling him out for his wrong-think. 

Are they consciously playing their roles here, or just getting played? I'm not sure ... Either way, Lexie's pique looks a tad confected to me.
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Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Antifa supporters love their ABC

A few months ago in Britain BoJo mentioned that he was supportive of a push to shift the BBC over to a subscription-based service. Of course all the Limey lefties went ballistic over this. But many Tories also expressed their resistance to this idea. More than one described it as "cultural vandalism".

I thought this phrase sounded OTT and a tad snobby, but still memorable. And its use in reference to the Beeb was ironic, given that the institution is now completely dominated by cultural Marxists who are hell bent on destroying Western civilization. Wasn't the PC Left's takeover of it a better example of cultural vandalism than the idea of "privatizing" it somehow? 

Then there's the fact that many of those same cultural Marxists are highly supportive of groups like Antifa. These radicals claim to believe in true democracy and say they are genuine defenders of the rights of the little guy. But in reality they're massively funded by globalist elitists such as George Soros

Basically, they're just a bunch of cowardly bullies who wanna wreck stuff. And the black clad goons engage in literal cultural vandalism such as defacing and toppling statues of famous historical figures.

Disturbingly, but not surprisingly, there's a lot of support for them in Australia's MSM. Given that Trump has pledged to classify them as terrorists, it's inevitable that the same thing will happen here. 

Many "journos" have been playing footsies with them for a while. They should rethink that strategy for their own sake as much as anything else. Though I doubt very much that they will. 

Twitter is of course chockas with idiots who openly claim allegiance to Antifa. Take this muppet.

Amazingly, the guy is a photographer. He has aesthetic sensibilities. He takes time and effort to frame shots and edit them to make them look just right. He's actually a kind of artist -- a bit like a sculptor, really. 

So, you'd think he might be reluctant to be associated with a bunch of violent thugs who routinely tear down statues. But nup. He reckons they're the duck's nuts! 

And he thought that the whole idea of toppling the one of Captain Cook in Hyde Park was all fine and dandy. He even invited fellow members of the Twitter trollective to sneer at those who joined the cops in defending it. 

I find it fascinating that someone who clearly has creative ability is so supportive of the destruction of work by a fellow artist. Sure, the dude thinks the monument represents something abhorrent. But if you feel that way, isn't it better to leave it standing so that you can criticize the system you say it glorifies? You can also create your own works that counter it. If you just tear it down you're removing evidence of what you're trying to avoid, right? 

And hasn't he considered the possibility that his own creations might be next? This is becoming increasingly likely, too. As SJWs become more emboldened and deranged, they regularly "eat their own". If that occurs, will he be happy about it? Obviously not.

And I think it's pretty funny that he sneered at those dudes keeping watch over the statue. After all, he sees himself as a staunch defender of their ABC and tweets a "line in the sand" against those "fiscal fascists" in the Australian Government. 

I think that tweet says it all. He is Antifa, and he condemns vile acts of cultural vandalism. And he sees no contradiction there at all. FFS. 

Also I bet many, if not most, of the members of that massive media organization would concur with his views on the above issues. They just tend to be a bit less overt with their terminology, that's all. 

One of the things that Aunty's scribes often do to show their support for groups like Antifa and BLM is to call the violent thugs "anti-racism protesters" in articles. So typical, given that they're anti-journalism activists themselves. 

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Saturday, June 27, 2020

Were Lise Kingo's "fire drill" comments an example of "hiding in plain sight"?

I have been learning heaps about the globalist elite lately. These people are fricken creepy as. They have truly sinister plans for humanity, and they're now going into high gear in their efforts to have them realized. They really do wanna install a one world government, massively reduce the world's population and have us all hooked up to an immense control system run on AI

Many members of the globalist Cabal, along with Deep State denizens and the leaders of globalist organizations such as the United Nations are zealous believers in creating order out of chaos. They actually engineer crises so that they can come in and save the normies from the problems that they themselves created. Their solutions always involve them having increased power and control over the population, natch. 

Apparently they believe that these obviously evil tactics are justified because in the end they will bring in a global utopia. And one of their conditions is that they must actually tell the normies what they're up to in some oblique way. If they're not sprung and held to account, then in their twisted little minds that neutralizes the badness of what they did. 

You could call this practice a kind of "hiding in plain sight". It's like a seasoned scammer telling his mark that he's gonna fleece him, but in a charming, tongue in cheek way, then doing just that and getting away with it. If the fraud ever has pangs of guilt (obviously highly unlikely) he can assuage them by saying to himself: "Well, I did tell him ..." 

Here's what I think might be an example of this demented behaviour. It comes from Lise Kingo. She says that this global pandemic is a "fire drill" for the effects of climate change. 

She adds that this is a "wake-up call", but it's also like she's admitting it's a literal drill (hoax) that the globalist elite engineered.

"She said there were 'very, very clear connections' between the Covid-19 and climate crises, and the Black Lives Matter protests around the world, which she said had helped to reveal deep-seated inequalities and 'endemic and structural racism'."

She continues: “We have seen illustrated to everyone that social inequality issues are part of the sustainable development agenda."

So, on one level she's describing what she and her fellow travellers in the MSM claim are organic phenomena. But we all know that's absolute BS. These things have all been engineered. 

So, her words can also be read as a kind of confession: "True, corona bollocks, the AGW scam and Soros-funded BLM riots are all linked. They're meant to illustrate to everyone that they'd better get with the program we've laid out for them, or else we'll arrange greater chaos down the track ... So do what we say, or suffer the consequences." 

Another likely example of this creepy phenomenon from these loathsome control freaks was when the Democrats "took a knee" in honour of George Floyd. 

Remember how he died? Looked very much like they were identifying with the murderer. Chilling. 

I talk about this and related subjects in the video below, shot at the base of the Captain Cook statue in Hyde Park

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Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Does the "chess is racist" narrative mean we're nearing the endgame?

Now, we all know that PC lefties are emotionally retarded quarterwits who are always chucking massive tanties to get what they want. They love nothing more than to throw themselves holus bolus into a fit of foam-spitting, swivel-eyed rage, triggered bigly over an imagined injustice.

On the face of it, this phenomenon looks like the unfortunate result of many different factors including cultural Marxist indoctrination, family breakdown, and the cult of narcissism enabled by social media. But I reckon it's not just some perfect storm of mass stupidity that came about mainly by chance. It's been very carefully engineered from on high by the globalist elite. They have control of many institutions and industries including higher education, Hollywood and most significantly the mainstream media. So they have painstakingly created the social, cultural and economic environment that produced these shrieking loons. These evil elites are now using their useful idiots to destroy Western civilization.

If you think of the world as a giant chess game, it's like they're the pimply rich kid playing a precocious grand master of the same age. The reigning champ may be very young but he's studied the greats of the game and is running rings around his spoiled, arrogant opponent. The rich kid sulks because he's losing, then suddenly sweeps all the pieces off the board in a fit of rage. The champ patiently attempts to put the pieces back in place but the rich kid sneers: "No, don't try to cheat. I won!" And he gets his security detail to hold his opponent in his chair as he rewrites the rules to his liking. He then forces the now traumatized player to continue this very simplified game that he is destined to lose. 

This ordo ab chao (order out of chaos) strategy is what the globalist elite use every time. And they're doing it now in an absolutely yuge way against Donald Trump, who is an existential threat to them. By running various psyops such as the WHO-dictated worldwide lockdown to "keep us all safe" from the coronavirus pandemic, along with funding Antifa and BLM so they can run amok tearing down statues, looting stores and beating people up all over the joint, they are tryna wreak so much havoc -- particularly in the USA -- that the normies will vote Trump out just to make it all stop! The MSM's round the clock COVID-19 fear porn in particular is a desperate effort to enable mail-in voting so their puppet party the Democrats can cheat on a larger scale than ever before. 

Hell, here in Oz they're even using the game of chess itself as a kinda micro-front in this global effort to gaslight us into a state of exhausted compliance. Basically, in applying the Black Lives Matter rage template, a controlled asshat from their ABC has promoted the narrative that chess is racist, contacting an Aussie former game official for comment. 

So this mind-controlled muppet dinkum reckons chess is racist because white moves first. But this does not necessarily follow. Remember that if a bloke opens a door for a chick and says "you first" that's sexist, innit? So, if black gets the first move isn't that just reinforcing the dominant paradigm of white supremacy?

Then there's the LGBTIQZZTOPWTF angle. Having a king and queen invokes the heterosexist gender binary, right? Given that woke folk are always on the lookout for some imagined injustice to whine about, expect some rainbow activist to ask: "Why aren't there two queens in a same-sex marriage, both with equal power?" But that itself is sexist, because the queens are dudes, remember ... 

Really, the intersectional insanity never ends. And that's the whole point.

These robodolts simply can't help themselves. They've been programmed with very basic, "seek and destroy" software. That's why those NPC (non player character) memes were so funny, and accurate. 

It's like with the statues. They started out tearing down ones of reviled figures linked to slavery. That in itself was indefensible, since the whole point of retaining such monuments is to remind us of our legacy -- both good and bad. Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it, as the saying goes ... 

But the mind virus inflamed the already fired up woke folk to such a degree that they ended up going after any old bronze dude on a plinth. The NSW police literally had to form a ring around the Captain Cook statue in Hyde Park to prevent it from being toppled by "anti-racism" protesters. Then it was vandalized (allegedly by a Greens staffer) in the dead of night a coupla days later. FFS, there are even coppers stationed there during the day now!  

Are we gonna see a similar campaign against another feature of Hyde Park, the giant chess board? 

Part of me thinks: "Nah, they couldn't be that stupid ... could they?" 

Still, if these Soros-funded goons do end up tryna nick the pieces, take a nocturnal dump on the board, or do something else that revolting and retarded I really won't be surprised ... 

With the globalists' useful idiots in such a constant state of violent insanity and examples of "life imitating satire" too numerous to mention, I think we really are nearing the endgame.

Can't wait for the worst of it to be over. I think that will come in November, when Trump finally says "Checkmate. You're fired!"

Sooo looking forward to that day. 

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Tuesday, June 9, 2020

BLM protests reveal stupidity of coronavirus lockdown

So Black Lives Matter protests went ahead in Australia and even though there was some token resistance from pollies like Gladys Berejiklian regarding the coronavirus public health risk, little if anything was done to ensure that social distancing laws were obeyed. (That's not to say the police didn't do a fine job of keeping everything calm and ordered, BTW. Here in Sydney there was a minor flare up at Central Station but that was about it.)

Remember that these insane, totalitarian measures have been enforced before. There was that woman who was arrested with her kid outside State Parliament on Macquarie Street. Also, at a recent anti-vaxx protest in Hyde park officers repeatedly reminded protesters to social distance, which they did. (Also, those present then didn't chant "fark the police" -- one of several, er, cultural distinctions between those guys and the "anti-racism" rent-a-crowd.)

Clearly, when it comes to PC causes, there is a yuge double standard. This is by design to cause division and enmity in the wider population. It is truly poisonous stuff. The "Coronapocalypse" is the least of our worries. It's the PC mind virus we should be most concerned about

The majority of Aussies are now pissed off like never before because for weeks on end they've obeyed absurd lockdown measures to prevent the spread of a flu-like illness that has killed hardly anyone here so far. And they continue to abide by the various petty restrictions that still remain. So why did these well-funded leftist radicals and anarchists get a pass?

That provocation of law-abiding normies by the globalist elite is intentional. And their muppets in their ABC and other fake news MSM outlets are doing their darnedest to inflame tensions by peddling the PC narrative that the whole infantile BLM shit-show is noble, righteous and edifying.

But IMO the sick psyop will become net negative for its amoral architects. That's because the much-feared second wave of COVID-19 won't actually result from these events. This'll make it even more obvious to everyone that the government and media promoted fear of the coronavirus pandemic was not justified to start with.

So the BLM movement will lose much of the support it had in the wider community. Pissed off normies will be curious about who's really behind it and get red-pilled regarding Soros and the globalist Cabal, etc. The social control agenda motivating the coronavirus fear-pawn will become crystal clear to yuge numbers of Aussies.

Like most leftie demos, the BLM ones here have been utterly incoherent. Sure, they were massive. But they were definitely not spontaneous. They actually resulted from a very focused promotional campaign by a team of well-funded and experienced organizers. 

I saw a small segment of the one in Sydney on Saturday arvo and got these snaps. 

These mounted cops were on George Street at the tail end of a procession leaving Town Hall. 

More horsepower. Neither teams were actively needed AFAIK. 

This was my first view of the crowd. I think they were imitating the speakers, tryna do a black power salute or something. Pretty funny, because they were almost all whitey-tighties. 

They really were a sad, robotic bunch. And there were silly placards aplenty, natch. 

I saw a couple reading "silence is violence". But this was from the same people who think speech is too. WTF? And of course nothing that their side does is violence -- including, er, actual violence. So dumb -- which is why it was a pleasant surprise to see one reading "peace is love"

As the video above shows, a large percentage of the crowd wore masks. With the useless coverings so common at these rallies (and everywhere else) across the world, it looks like the globalist elite are tryna provoke both a race war and a face war. Hopefully with all the confusion they've created they'll end up getting neither.

"Always was, always will be ... Regent Place?" 

Oh dear. No one told her she was doing it wrong ... 

Also, look closely at the protester herself. She might be Eurasian but I doubt she's Aboriginal. And examine the other faces in the crowd. Majority Anglos for sure. And I'll bet that at least some of them own real estate, making their chanted claim that this was "Aboriginal land" ring even more hollow. 

Have to agree with this one. George Soros and the other creepy globalists behind these racially divisive movements are gronks, alright! 

I also saw the odd sign like the one Greens senator Mehreen Faruqi is so proudly displaying in her tweet below.

M'kay ... So the protesters claim to want justice. But they also say cops are brutal, racist scum. And now, in the USA, Mehreen's fellow travellers are actually demanding that police forces be defunded

So, it's not like they want cops to be "attitudinally reconstructed". They don't want them at all! But without men and women in blue out on the beat enforcing the law, how can there ever be justice?

That said, I doubt that's what the BLM activists really want. The point is to have something for them to arc up about. Then they get to hector, harangue and bully the wider population. Which is how they eventually gain top-down, coercive power. And that's ultimately what this whole movement is all about. 

And here's another tweet I thought was pretty funny. 

Activist purporting to be journalist Patricia Karvelas imports a term from the US (baloney) to claim that the Black Lives Matter demos in Australia were totes dinkum. But that's an obviously fake narrative also imported from the US, via their mainstream media. 

The PC Left always was, always will be ... phony-baloney.

And their desperation to make this yuge con work is palpable. But as I mentioned in the beginning of this post, it's actually backfiring bigly. Aussies, like their counterparts in America and every other nation in which these stupid demos were held, are waking up en masse to the lies of the globalist elite like never before. This race-based psyop is doomed to fail, just like the "Coronapocalypse" and "climate emergency" before it.

You've really gotta wonder what these crazy control freaks will try next.  

In any case, the Australian Government should learn their lesson from this and acknowledge how disastrously stupid the lockdown strategy has been. If they don't open up the entire country right now and apologize profusely to us all, they will never be able to live it down. 

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