Sunday, November 22, 2020

Satanic signs on social media?

I'm sure you all recall that interchange that President Trump had with a reporter in which she asked about QAnon, the "batshit crazy conspiracy theory" that neo-Nazi nutjobs the world over are creaming their white hoods over. 

She said that a key element of it is that there's a Satanic cult of pedophiles and cannibals that he's supposed to be secretly saving the world from. He gave a brilliantly coy answer that showed that the mainstream media were so deranged with hatred for him that if this evil cult did actually exist they'd be more likely to defend it than condemn it

Now, with their coverage of the US Election, they are once again proving themselves to be looking in the opposite direction to the one they should be. Rather than investigating the claims of fraud with an open mind to find the truth, they've all just piled on with the "Biden is President; it's a done deal" line. Really is arse-about, innit? 

And it's significant that Trump lawyer Lin Wood raised the Satanic element in an interview about the massive fraud that he and his high-powered team claim was perpetrated against his client.

Say what you want about Lin Wood, he's unlikely to say such things without evidence to back it up, right?

With this in mind, here are some local data points for you to consider. 

Sure, Larry Emdur is just a TV sleb. And he's prolly being tongue-in cheek with the devil horns scrawled on his Instagram profile photo. But notice how many people he's following: 444. 

That very distinctive number is oddly familiar, innit? And what comes first to mind when you flip it upside down? 

Here's Mr Emdurtainment in a photo with Melbourne white witch Lizzy Rose. It's displayed on her website. She's very proud of her media appearances and is a kinda minor celebrity herself

What's interesting is that she's also known as the notorious "Bunning Karen", an anti-mask "conspiracy theorist". I'm sure that she's genuine in her rage against Dictator Dan's insane restrictions. But it is notable that her video instantly went viral and she was publicly shamed right across the MSM for days afterwards. And none of those reports mentioned her previous media appearances related to her side gig as a broom rider AFAIK. 

Another Victorian anti-mask zealot was Zoe Bueller. She was the young mum who was arrested in Ballarat. Again, MSM flogged that shocking plod video hard but didn't mention her occult beliefs.

Still on Victorian politics there was this tweet from Fiona Patten, who's been very supportive of Demon Dan

Yeah, I know she was joking. But given how much real suffering has resulted from the Goblin of the South's fascist measures this lame ABC-tier attempt at humour was not remotely gut busting. Stomach churning, more like. 

And look at the horns on that logo above. Now check out this IG post from the Fake of Empathy herself, Jacinda Ardern

Is it too long a bow to say those clapping hands in the foreground are meant to suggest something similar? 

With this in mind look at this profile photo of Jeff Kennett. 

Now, have you ever actually made that gesture, let alone been photographed doing so? If so, would you put it on a social media profile? 

Look at the banner, specifically where Jeff's left hand (path?) is placed. It's right above the "b". What digit does that remind you of? There's another "b" also (start of "blue"). There's also a "d", which is like a reverse "b". So, what number do all three suggest together? 

Now, I may be taking this theme too far with the following screenshots. Still, I'll include them for your consideration. 

Sure, quirky ol' Kev could just be wishing us all peace and good vibes. Or maybe it's the Churchillian victory sign? But then there's this video from his Instagram.

Kevin really liked that number because felt the need to make a quick video about it. 

If you watch it you'll notice that he pauses briefly between saying "420" and "690". What does 4 plus 2 equal? And what do you get when you invert the number 9? 

Still on this theme, check out this tweet from Bill Shorten, who definitely has form for symbolism

All pretty benign until you look closely at the bottom of the photo. It's outside DanDan's Cafe in Moonee Ponds. Pretty obvious that the choice of business was an allusion to -- or more likely an in-joke with -- his mate the Premier of Victoria. 

The branded milkshake could be seen to evoke that Y-head motif again. Also, look how much it costs. Flip that number over again and what have you got?

Then there's the name of the actual shake itself: "Kinder Bueno". Kinder is German for children. Bueno is Spanish for good, or tasty. 

Ruh-roh, that doesn't sound good! That doesn't sound good at all ... 

Yeah I know, I should really get my figurative tin-foil hat off (and put my literal mask on). Still, have a listen to that interview with Lin Wood I mentioned at the beginning of this post. And make sure to pay close attention right the way to the end

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