Wednesday, June 30, 2021

In the City of Sydney less is Moore

We've long known that Clover Moore hates cars and traffic and wants to turn the bustling city of Sydney into a creepily quiet haven for sandal wearing, bike riding, vegan moonbats. She's also got a big thing for greening the joint, and clearly cares more about having nice floral displays everywhere than the plight of the homeless

So it's not surprising that she's really chuffed about this insane lockdown. 

This super-contagious Delta variant hasn't taken any human lives in Australia yet AFAIK. But it's certainly killed the Sydney CBD stone dead. And the Lord Mayor couldn't be happier! Think about that. 

Deep green globalists like Clover Moore want all this to be permanent. And this is just the start of their "Great Reset". 

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Friday, June 25, 2021

A clear and present Hazzard

The 'rona related insanity continues here in Sydney. It seems that we're currently having a kind of "Claytons lockdown". It's not the full catastrophe. But it's still very damaging to business and people's mental health.

And this is all because of terror over the number of recorded cases of the beastly Delta variant. AFAIK no one has died. And the test being used is highly unreliable and easy to manipulate. The globalist controlled "public health experts" are of course desperate to keep the fear going, and so are including what I suspect are many false positives in the stats. 

Early on in this entirely confected crisis Brad Health Hazzard said the 'rona was a "near and present danger". Yeah, one that hasn't killed anyone, or -- it seems -- even made anyone who was "infected" develop severe symptoms. What a fricken clown.

Given Hazzard twice mentioned the NWO in COVID-19 pressers, maybe he meant "clear and present danger"? This is a US legal doctrine related to restraints on freedom of speech, assembly, and related issues. So, perhaps this was a signal to secret society wankers that this "outbreak" furthers their beloved NWO agenda?

Health Hazzard: "Each had stood not far away from each other from a very short period of time and then it would appear that one of them possibly moved through the airspace that the other one had occupied.

LOL. So, it's beyond fleeting. You'll be able to get it tweeting next!

"CCTV footage showed the case detected yesterday caught the virus from the limousine driver -- original case from Eastern suburbs cluster -- after they were briefly standing near each other." 

So 'rona transmission can be watched in real time! LOL.

If the "Beast of the east" can actually be seen moving between hosts, why the need for any contact tracing at all? It's well established that the 'rona is woke as, and much prefers to infect big bad meanies into conspiracy theories and the like. So why not coax it into some far-right, QAnon-loving host whose blood has been infused with purple dye?

Those microscopic spiky Nerf balls will gobble this up, replicating the hue endlessly within the viral community. Soon it'll be visible on CCTV in superspreaders' breath. Simples.

But back to Hazzard's use of that very memorable and dramatic phrase: Maybe it's just that Brad thinks he's in a thriller, and sees himself as a heroic Jack Ryan type ...

In any case, this whole rolling shit-show is like a very bad movie. 

Firstly, there's the limo driver being blamed for all this. When I first heard about this, I couldn't help thinking it sounded suss.

What comes to mind when you think of a limousine? Rock stars, champagne, groupies -- also movie stars and other kinds of entertainers. In short: showbiz. What's the essential characteristic of this? It's fantasy; not real. 

Could this have been more "hiding in plain sight"? I think so. 

Still on the bad movie theme this cluelessly superspreading dude saw The Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard. And it was an advance screening. Ever been to one of those? Me neither ... 

Two of the main protagonists in this comedy action thriller are a notorious conwoman and an assassin. Is this a way for secret society wankers to tell each other that this "lethal" threat is all a con, and a big joke to them? Again, I think it's possible. 

Another data point: The hitman is played by none other than Samuel L Jackson. He is well known as a Hollywood occultist who has enthusiastically pushed the whole 'rona psyop, most memorably with his reading of "Stay the F at Home" while wearing a very spiffy royal purple tracksuit

Then there's the cinema itself. The logo features strong V-symbolism. And we've seen an awful lot of that lately haven't we

Whoever is ultimately pushing this is leveraging narratives and archetypes that are deeply embedded in all our minds thanks to the power of Hollywood and the MSM.

As well as utilizing human icons for psychological manipulation, the location chosen for their testing blitz is also iconic: Bondi Beach. And they've been doing this on and off for many months now. 

You know when this site was first used for pop up testing? April Fool's Day

See what they think of us? Wake up and don't get played by these evil arseholes!

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Sunday, June 13, 2021

The Silver Slug is a beast of a mollusc!

The meme below, though misspelled, captures the widespread sense of incredulity at how Victorian CHO Brett Sutton has managed to keep his job given how much destruction his decisions have wrought. And people ask that question because they assume that democratic processes are in place, and the Victorian Government is answerable to the people. 

But it's not like that at all. It's the globalist elite (Cabal, Deep State, CCP) who ultimately call the shots. The upper echelons in the Australian political establishment and the mainstream media are owned by these demented control freaks. 

Brett Sutton is not incompetent. Far from it. He's carrying out a controlled demolition of Victoria's economy and society. He's been very successful so far.

It's fitting that he's been linked to "slug-gate" a scandal in which a slithering mollusc seems to have been placed in a Melbourne food manufacturing plant to basically frame the owner and destroy the business. Similarly, Sutton the Silver Slug seems to have been placed into the Victorian political scene to carry out much greater devastation, though of course he's been much more proactive than the aforementioned mollusc. Just as slimy, but. 

The mainstream media narrative about this guy echoes the meme above. They keep repeating that he and other figures in the Victorian Government are "inept" as Sophie Elsworth says in this tweet. 

The Victorian CHO is a vile beast, but very effective in his spineless way. The globalist elite who ultimately control him can't openly say: "Right, we're turning Melbourne into a technocratic totalitarian hellscape. It's basically gonna be Wuhan of the South." And then just swagger in, jackboots and all and set it all up. 

No, they've gotta slowly slime into it via "science". And they used Sutton the Silver Slug to do it.

The key to it is to use news of 'rona cases to keep the normies packing their dacks, then tell them that the only way to allay that fear is "vaccination". This whole tactic is being applied across the country, albeit less dramatically than in Victoria.  

They are so intensely focused on pushing people to get the shot that increasingly they are forgetting to remind them of the so-called immunity aspect. They are basically just saying: "Wanna be free? Get the jab. Don't do that and you stay locked down." 

They want you to believe your arm is the door to the world as we used to know it, and the key is the syringe. If you let them stick one into you, the door opens wide. (And why do they have that needle obsession, BTW? There are other less invasive ways of administering "vaccines", after all.)

What they are doing is extortion, pure and simple. They have a goal of 70% jabbed because this is what they've been told to deliver by those above them in the power pyramid. It's like an authoritarian parent grounding an unruly kid: "Behave yourself and do these tasks that I give you, then you can go to that party on Friday night."

Above is a slightly different take on what the Silver Slug and his ilk are up to: They mean well but are not infallible. 

Well, it's much worse than that! They are basically just controlled arsehats wearing massive clown shoes. Their prescriptions are not just fascist but utterly absurd and should be met with open mockery, not reverence

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Thursday, June 3, 2021

It's official: Professor Nicola Spurrier is life imitating satire

The situation in Victoria is becoming so insane and absurd you gotta wonder how much longer James Merlino can keep this clown show going. Brett Sutton, the Silver Flog, recently tried desperately to scare everyone into getting the "jab" and justify the fascist lockdown with talk of an "absolute beast" of a virus.

Yeah, it's such a "beast" that it hasn't actually killed anyone, AFAIK. And most if not all the other people who caught and carried it had to have a test to know that it had "possessed" them. 

This "beast" has so spooked other leaders of our so-called public health system that they are issuing dire warnings. Given that Victorian footy players are in South Australia, and they might have been in the eeevil presence of that demonic virus, Chief Health Officer Professor Nicola Spurrier issued a hilariously po-faced warning against touching their beastly balls.

My first thought upon learning about this was, oh come on! This must be the biggest practical joke in our history. It's so batshit and retarded, the good perfessor and her team just had to have been taking the piss out of the MSM muppets. Surely they were all ROTFL that the dopey fake news flogs actually took it as dinkum!

But nup. They were serious. They have clearly been told by those above them in the power pyramid to keep scaring the crap out of the normies at all costs. So, they're pulling out absolutely all the stops. No fake fright is off limits. Absolutely anything goes!

These people are life imitating satire. They've utterly trashed their positions (and professions) with laughably batshit fear pawn in repeated shameless attempts to scare the masses into becoming Big Pharma's jab rats. 

In January I made a clip mocking their desperation. This hopeless clown makes it redundant.

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Tuesday, June 1, 2021

The candy-colored clown they call the Sutton

Back in October last year I saw a jaw-dropping tweet from a big time Dan fan and blue check journo. Melbourne was in lockdown, as it is now, and she was determined to see the dire situation in a positive light. She said that the city was beautiful "even when it sleeps". 

At the time I observed that she thought the Goblin of the South was actually the Sandman. That brought to mind a classically creepy scene from the movie Blue Velvet in which psycho Frank Booth (Dennis Hopper) listens to Ben (Dean Stockwell) mime to Roy Orbison singing his classic "In Dreams". I'm sure you've heard it but it describes a "candy-colored clown they call the sandman" sprinkling stardust on him so he can drift away and dream of his love.

James Merlino has now replaced Stairman Dan, but I think the same analogy applies -- perhaps even more so. Merlino looks a lot more like Dennis Hopper than Dan did, after all. 

Again, so-called "journalists" seem to be doing what Ben does in that surreal and sinister scene. They serenade the psycho Booth/Merlino, indulging his fascist dreams of a technocratic utopia. 

Now, I think things are even worse than they were under Premier Andrews. It's like these paid performers have now become zombies themselves. They've actually imbibed the Kool-Aid meant for the sheeple in the form of the "vaccine". So, they're singing to themselves as much as to the psycho. 

Take this, from blue check Jill Stark:

Why are we always "plunged" into lockdown? I would prefer to be immersed gently whilst Brett Sutton sings me a lilting lullaby.

OMFG. They're letting the CHO put them to sleep so they can dream of seeing their family and loved ones by getting the "jab". Tragically infected with the mind virus, they are passing it onto their readers via the MSM.

There are just so many of these local blue check "journos" that have already done this, I think the odds of one or more of them dying from blood clots or similar averse reactions are actually quite high

That's why I think this other rendition of the Orbison classic captures the insanity unfolding in Victoria. It was obviously inspired by David Lynch's use of it in his movie. But unlike Ben, this performer really does look sick enough to keel over and die himself. 

This is where we're at people. The mainstream media are totally owned and controlled by globalist elite members of a death cult. And they'll even sacrifice their own in pursuit of their New World Order agenda. Sick! 

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