Tuesday, August 31, 2021

You're literally Hitler if you're not lining up to get (your) shot!

If you're not convinced that the utterly corrupt globalist-controlled political establishment -- with the enthusiastic complicity of the mainstream media -- have pretty much inverted reality then check this out.

So the coppers are swaggering around Sydney and Melbourne, brutally arresting people for chatting together in parks. But they're not remotely fascist. No, they're the good guys! 

Not only that, but those understandably alarmed by these tactics used by narcissistic premiers without any scientific justification whatsoever, and who exercise their basic human right to make their opinions publicly known are deemed to be the real Nazis! 

Makes you wonder how people could end up with such a twisted view of reality. Obviously many factors are involved. But the mind control power of Hollywood is a big one in many cases. 

It's not just the movie themes that have such an effect. It's also the perceived authority that these world famous stars possess

Big Arnie is a perfect example of this. Below he's using one of his iconic lines from his role as the Terminator. But now it's just after he's had the jab -- or has he? So ironic given that he himself is the son of a literal Nazi

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Thursday, August 26, 2021

Blue check jab reactions are worth keeping an eye on

Fascinating how the daily pressers of Gladys Kevorkian, Dictator Dan et al are all about those scary case numbers. But as we all know a "case" doesn't necessarily mean that the person is actually symptomatic. It's not even certain that they've been exposed to the dreaded 'rona itself, since it's well established that the PCR test cannot sufficiently distinguish between COVID and other viruses like the flu. That's one of the main reasons it's being dumped at the end of the year.

We tend to learn nothing more about these poor victims of this pandemic other than the numbers. Every now and then a death is announced. As details emerge, we usually discover that it was much more likely to do with other conditions

Regardless, blue check pollies and MSM journos continue to fan the flames of fear of the 'rona, stressing that vaccination is our only way out of this hellscape. It's not perfect, but it's the best shot we have! 

Then you see that there are actually numerous members of these same cohorts that have had very bad reactions to the jabs themselves. Unlike with the 'rona stats, the identities of these victims are confirmed. In some cases, their faces are recognizable to millions of us. 

Remember, politics and media are elitist institutions employing a tiny percentage of the workforce. Really puts things in perspective, dunnit? 

Channel Seven journalist Denham Hitchcock is the latest of these. 

In his Insta post, he actually says that "one hospital had well over a dozen cases like me". 

Georgia Clark, who works for the Daily Telegraph, had a serious reaction after Pfizer. Like so many pro-jab folk, her bad experience seems only to have increased her fervour for this untested medical procedure

I feel sorry for all these people. It seems they've had enormous pressure placed upon them to go out and get vaccinated, as well as write pieces zealously exhorting all Aussies to do the same. 

But the absurd irony of their plight is undeniable. Above is her story about the massive anti-lockdown protest on July 24.

That dude may have been brutally arrested. But he didn't wind up in hospital from taking a medicine that he never needed in the first place. 

That's what's so sad about all of this. The suffering of all these people could have been completely avoided. And they were never at any real risk of death or serious illness from the 'rona in any case. 

Sue Dunlevy also writes for Rupert's Sydney daily. She described "horrendous" post inoculation symptoms, but remained fervently pro-jab.

Nathan Vass is another of the paper's reporters and he went through even worse. I describe his ordeal in the video embedded at the bottom of this post. 

So, that's three serious adverse reactions in the same workplace! And those are just the ones that I've read about because they involved journalists. 

Dennis Freedman is a blue check cricket journo.

He was a young, active, healthy bloke. Then he took the shot ... 

NSW MP Victor Dominello was stricken with Bell's Palsy. And yes, he also had the jab. 

Fascinating that while this very striking condition was reported in the MSM, the possibility that it was linked to his vaccination has been either avoided, or played down. 

So, it looks like two high profile pollies wound up with the same condition at the same time. What are the odds of that? 

If you conclude that the jab was to blame in both cases you're not some batshit conspiracy theorist. It's the most rational explanation given the context. 

Says so much that pollies and MSM figures are so reluctant to do this. They, like Dominello himself, are completely one-eyed on the matter. 

The question is why? Who is ultimately behind this relentless global campaign to stick needles into everyone on the planet? And how do they have so much power over the minds of all these high profile, influential figures? 

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Tuesday, August 24, 2021

The Daddy Telegraph

It's beyond obvious that we are now in the midst of a ferocious worldwide mind war. The globalist elite are waging it on us and they're even using our own armed forces in their campaigns

Those at the very top of this power pyramid are truly evil people. I think many are driven by a bizarre ancient death cult, TBH. 

As well as being narcissistic control freaks they seem to see themselves as artists, viewing the globe as their canvas and humanity as the paint. And art is full of symbolism as we all know. That's why you see so much of it in the mainstream media (MSM), which they ultimately own and use for the purpose of mass mind control

They also like to tell us what they're up to in an oblique way because that's just the kind of sadistic scumbags they are. Also, they believe that if we don't call them out on this everything that results from their actions is our fault

The best place to spot these sinister patterns of imagery locally seems to be in the pages of the Daily Telegraph. It's chockas with the stuff! Blue dogs, Masonic black and white, shoe symbolism and the like ... You'll see several examples in every issue. 

One of the dominant recurring patterns has a definite rock spider vibe. A recent issue (July 28) is a good example of what I mean. 

It was during the Olympics and featured a spread about gold medalist Kaylee McKeown. It described the touching story of how she dedicated her win to her beloved late father, whom she found so inspiring. 

Now, I'm not saying that the story is insinuating something about the swimmer herself. Rather, it is using her dramatic win and its emotive context as a vehicle for what is best described as symbolic incantation

That's why the inclusion of this photo is significant IMO. It's just a cool hand gesture that a lot of millenials use. But it's also reminiscent of "El Diablo"

Another favourite is the V-sign. ScoMo and other globalist-controlled pollies have been using it a lot lately in relation to this vaccine rollout. You see it often in the MSM, the Daily Telegraph in particular

The swimmer has a tattoo on her right foot that reads "I'll always be with you". This is a memorable sign of love for her dad. It also makes for a striking image. So, it's understandable why it's included in the story. 

But the photo is also highly symbolic. The occult elite love to use feet, shoes and boots in their imagery. Feet have "souls", remember. 

This is a photo from the same issue. Note how the model has her right shoe sole exposed. They love that particular pose. You see it all the time.

The brand she's wearing is Nike. The well known catchphrase "just do it" is reminiscent of "do what thou wilt". And Nike is the goddess of (V-for) victory. So there's no wonder it's an occult elite fave.

Above is another example of this motif from a recent issue. I've seen it used too many times in the newspaper for it to be there by chance -- well, not solely anyway (nyuck, nyuck). 

Back to the 28 July issue. Look at the two pages above. There's a feature about "retro parenting" right next to the regular history page. 

Hmm. Interesting thematic link, there, eh? 

The historical feature is about Walt Disney's obsession with a British girl who voiced the eponymous heroine in his cartoon version of Alice in Wonderland

Creepy globalist occultists love this tale (along with The Wizard of Oz) and there are plenty of rabbit holes to do with it, that's for sure. (Not surprisingly, Dictator Dan is a fan.) The same applies to Disney himself, who was a major secret society wanker among many other things

The headline refers to the girl's dad. And her director Walt -- who is old enough to be her father -- is making her blush. Also, note the word "Oxford" in the headline. This is an interesting choice with Astrazenca now being in the news all the time

Look how he's holding her right foot. Again, the sole is exposed. 

This is still the same issue, remember. What are the odds? 

Starting to get a sense of what these patterns of imagery, along with the headlines, are being used to invoke? 

Creeped out yet? I'd be surprised if you're not, TBH ... 

Now check out that adjacent story:

The headline describes an "old fashioned approach" next to the history page showing a handsy occultist with a young girl. And what's the subject? "Child rearing." 

Hmm. Could this possibly have a double meaning, d'you reckon? 

Normally I'd say no. But given the context ... 

The photo includes a cute pooch. The kids around it are all wearing blue jeans. Looks to me like another blue dog. 

There seems to be at least one of these in most issues. Sometimes there are several

Here's the spread referred to on the cover. If you still can't see there's something sinister going on, then the layout may yet convince you. 

Look at the ad for Wesley Mission on the bottom of the left hand page. The story headline above reads "Bubba does it". The ad includes the line "every child can be loved" along with a photo of a little girl. 

And what's the ad underneath the same story on the other side with the rest of the headline ("for Dad"). Why, it's one for GoDaddy! 

Well, fancy that. What an amazing coincidence ... not. 

Granted, this pattern could be seen as benign if it were just a one off. But in the context of all the other stuff in this issue, and many others? I don't think so ... 

Just on the placement of advertising blocks to create hidden meaning: They do this all the time. Above you can see the very same GoDaddy promotion underneath a feature about the passing of businessman John Cornell, best known as Hoges' mate Strop. 

See how the ad is placed underneath the page that features a photo of him with his kids. And there's great attention to detail. The photo is directly above the brand name. 

And right above the other part of the ad reading "dream it, build it" (a concept with strong Masonic vibes) is a photo of Strop in that characteristic pose. Again it features his right foot, with sole exposed. It's clearly not an accident. (Also, it's in black and white. Secret society wankers love this "duality" motif). 

Again, I'm not saying they're making any commentary on this guy specifically. It's the symbolism that's key. 

So, you can see they're always choosing words and images very carefully to convey hidden meanings to "those in the know". It's not about the content of stories. It's about the juxtaposition of words and images on the pages to convey double meanings. 

With this in mind look at these examples. 

What should be "tried"? The protest itself, or a "family affair"? 

Hand what in? The guns or the teens? 

And if you're still not convinced this is intentional then look at this example from July 16. The story on the right hand side is about two pygmy marmosets at Taronga Zoo. They are basking in the glow of a heat lamp. 

Occultists love this kind of image. It could be seen to suggest the corona under which we all live now. And who is "the bringer of light"

But look specifically at how the two critters in the story correspond to the two figures in the ad directly below it. 

Even their eyelines correspond to some degree. In both the ad and the story the figure on the left is looking at the one on the right. So they are being equated, clearly. 

Now look at the caption in the zoo story and transpose it onto the ad, remembering that it features an adult and a child.  

Then look at the exhortation in the ad. What's one of the main "laws" of nature? "Do what thou wilt." 

Again there is absolutely no way that those images and words are in that conformation purely by chance. They have been painstakingly put together on the page to convey a subtextual meaning to a select audience (who no doubt get a "duper's delight" high out of the fact that the vast majority of readers are completely oblivious to it). 

I could go on and on in this vein. Every issue of this paper is littered with this kind of stuff. 

But please, if you're still not convinced that there's something deeply sinister going on then check out the video embedded at the bottom of this post. I made this when I first started to notice these creepy phenomena. It refers to a recurring symbolic pattern that included kids, dogs and road transport -- cars mostly.  

Lately, that seems to have waned somewhat. Now, it's more about planes

But just to show you how often this appears, and how widespread it is, the above tweet just popped up in my feed. Blue dog, in a car, with a reference to "grooming". 

More "dog comms" or nah, d'ya reckon? I know what I think ... 

Now what I've outlined in this post suggests there's something insane and evil regularly being alluded to in plain sight in MSM outlets seen by millions each day. The ramifications of that make me wanna throw up, for obvious reasons. 

You'll understand why I really don't want to be right on this. But I think I am. 

I do welcome criticism of the above speculation. But if you're just gonna say I've got my tin-foil hat on, that's not good enough. There are definite, undeniable patterns here. If you wanna "debunk" my "batshit crazy conspiracy theory" about what they imply then you have to offer a benign alternative explanation for them. 

In any case, I hope you have found this blog post, er, illuminating.  

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Monday, August 23, 2021

Time is on our side

It's clear from the events of the last few days that Dictator Dan, Gladys Kevorkian and their creepy mates are really upping the ante to crush dissent. And they have got the 'rona fear propaganda machine running on overdrive. This is all to manipulate as many people as possible into voluntarily getting the jab. 

This tactic seems to be working to some extent for them. They say that record numbers of people are now being vaccinated. But given how often they lie about the extent of the disease itself, I'm skeptical about these claims ... One thing's for sure, the escalation scares people away from the needle as well as drawing them to it. 

Remember that what's happening now is "soft" fascism. It's bad, yes. But it's not yet balls out, boot stamping on a face forever stuff. They're not dragging people from their homes and holding them down while injecting them. They want you to think they will do that. But will they?

This is unlikely IMO. They have put all of their eggs in one basket: deceiving the population into lining up for the shot voluntarily. When enough people realize the enormity of the lies they're telling to trick them into doing that the pollies won't meet their KPI of at least three quarters jabbed. The more extreme they are in their tactics and the closer we get to summer, the harder it is for them to achieve this goal. That's why we've got to hold the line. 

The Government and MSM are doing all they can to demonize protesters at those big rallies on the weekend. Of course they will try the "superspreader" angle. 

They did this after that big demo in Sydney last month. That scared the crap out of them

The Police Minister claimed that rally was a superspreader event. So did he produce the detailed contact tracing records from his crack team of "virus detectives"? Of course not. 

The graph above makes clear that there was no spike in infections after July 24. Something tells me there won't be one in coming weeks either, even though the the corrupt, controlled MSM are already promoting this narrative. 

As we know, the brazen extortion they're using is to push us into the vaccine passport system. But even if they manage to do that there's still hope. 

Look at what's happening overseas, especially in France. Not a lot of people are going to places that "have done the right thing" and installed fascist tracking systems. I've seen plenty of photos and videos of empty cafes and restaurants. 

The same fate awaits Aussie businesses who go all in with this system. They think it'll be the best move they'll make because they believe the corrupt government and MSM. But the reality is the opposite.

Those who are unjabbed won't be allowed into these establishments, of course. So if the seventy percent threshold is actually reached, that's over a quarter of business gone. Also, many jab-free folk will never forgive these businesses for excluding them. They're lost for good, even if passports are dumped eventually. Many jabbed'll avoid them on principle too (this is a real trend in France). Also, given that the vaccines aren't effective in stopping transmission, some of these venues could end up being "outbreak" sites due to "breakthroughs". 

There are numerous downsides to this insane system. This is obvious, which is why I think there'll be a real push from business groups to stop their implementation. 

Then there's the booster issue. It's becoming undeniable that these will be part and parcel of the vaccine passport system if implemented. Gotta keep your synthetic "immunity" up to date, now don't you! 

Also inevitable will be some double jabbed who resist, saying: "That's not what I signed up for!"

If and when that does happen, count on MSM outlets labelling these people "anti-vaxxers". They are nothing but Big Pharma's lying little bitches, after all.

Then there's the question of whether that critical percentage of jabbed will ever be reached in Australia. 

I have my doubts about the figures that Gladys, Brad and others are touting at their daily pressers. Above is a vaccine hub in the middle of the Sydney CBD (Pitt Street). As you can see, it's pretty much deserted. I've gone past there several times. It's usually like that. On one occasion I saw about seven people. 

I know that there are heaps of people getting jabbed elsewhere, especially in south west Sydney. That's because they have to submit or lose their jobs. Some are resisting, which is good to know. 

But it does say a lot that this one in the heart of the CBD seems so quiet. And whatever the real numbers are, I suspect there's little or no real enthusiasm for vaccination anymore. In the past there was. Now, there's much greater awareness of the downside. This trepidation will only increase as days go by. 

So hang in there. The globalist scumbags behind this sinister campaign are losing control of the narrative. They are making massive errors all over the joint, waking up more and more people every day. In the end this is a mind war. Once enough people realize the truth, we will win.

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Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Attempts to "vax-a-nation" are failing. I wonder why?

Not sure exactly how many people are getting their vaccinations (I'll use their term for convenience). But it does seem to be that the "Great Unjabbed" are still a significant majority.

In one breath Gladys and Brad -- along with the other creepy globalist muppets now holding this nation hostage -- say there are heaps of people "doing the right thing" by lining up to get their shots. In the next they say they need many more people to get vaccinated so this nightmare of lockdowns and other restrictions (that they could lift any time they want) will finally be over. 

Given how dishonest they seem to be about the extent of the disease in the community, I suspect they're lying much of the time about the number of dosed folk also. 

Seems to me that while there are still heaps of people who remain under MSM mind control there are also more and more waking up to the agenda, doing their research and resolving to avoid the needle. 

I've walked past the dedicated hub in the Sydney CBD (Pitt St) a few times now. Usually it's pretty much empty, though one time I saw a line of about seven people. 

The Daily Telegraph has been promoting the vaccine rollout relentlessly for many months. A liftout from the May 23rd issue is typical. 

I think it's worth looking at this piece from a while ago because it illustrates how orchestrated this whole thing actually is. It's not like the NSW Government and public health system are reacting rationally and scientifically to an organically unfolding threat. It's like the whole "Coronapocalypse" narrative is being promoted primarily to herd all the sheeple into the vaccination hubs. It's a case of "the tail wagging the dog" if ever there was one. 

The liftout is presented as "need to know information". But it's just balls out propaganda for Big Pharma, let's face it. 

Professor Paul Kelly was the guy who flat out said that HCQ didn't work, remember. Pretty sure neither this paper nor any others have probed him on that statement, or his views about other cheap cures such as Ivermectin, for that matter. 

Notice how the title invokes militarism. That's been a constant motif for months. And it's recently become literal with the ADF conducting operations in south western Sydney. 

He recently wrote a column in this same paper addressing the growing awareness of FOIA requests revealing that many governments including our own can't supply documents related to the isolation of the 'rona according to Koch's postulates. This is a sign that he and his peers are losing control of the narrative

"All" questions answered. Yeah, sure! 

This segment is clearly just to make people think that any safety issues have been thoroughly investigated by those really smart dudes in white coats who are totes rational and care so deeply about you that they would never, ever do anything that was intentionally destructive to your health. 

So, nothing to see here folks. Move along ... and get your jab! 

This whole idea of the vaccine being our "passport to freedom" was already well established even back in May. No downside of course, just "perks". 

The headline says it all, dunnit? They're claiming that facts put fears to rest. What a laugh. This outlet has been pumping out fear not supported by facts for well over a year now. And it's been actively hiding the inconvenient truths that debunk many of those fears. Absolutely disgraceful. 

It's like when Health Hazzard said you have a tiny chance of dying from vaxx-related blood clots. He used the "either or" argument, claiming that those over sixty had a one in two hundred chance of  'rona death; yet from the jab it was just one in two million. 

But remember that even BoJo said that sixty percent of new 'rona cases were twice jabbed (and some still dying of the disease). So, implying that the vaccine totally erases the risk of virus-caused fatality is deceptive. 

The most logical interpretation is that the shot gives little or no net gain. And it's actually quite possible that it increases your odds of dying because it adds a risk that you can completely avoid through choice. 

The segment had this testimonial from one of the paper's journos. She described "horrendous" side effects from Astrazeneca. But she would take it again to do her bit for the community, natch! 

You can see why it was included. It was classic mind control. If you feel like you're about to die then don't worry. That just means it's working! 

War is peace. Freedom is slavery, etc ... 

It seems that a lot of the newspaper's employees have gotten with the program and had their shot. Nathan Vass is another one of their journos who had a very bad experience. I describe the ordeal he went through in this video. Then there's the experience of the poor young woman outlined in the video below. 

The MSM are completely insane. Thankfully more and more normies are realizing this, even if no one working for them is. 

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Saturday, August 14, 2021

A race to the finish lie

So obvious what's going on now. The lockdowns in Australia that have pretty much imprisoned over half the population are basically a form of extortion. The establishment politicians are all just muppets of the Cabal. They are desperately tryna meet their KPIs. The main one at the moment seems to be getting a significant majority of Aussies "vaccinated" (I'll use their term for convenience). Statements by these so-called leaders indicate that the minimum number is 70%. 

But they're running out of time. Things are developing quickly in the USA with Mike Lindell's Cyber Symposium just completed. Interesting how Canberra went into lockdown when that started, eh? They said it was because of one case of the dreaded 'rona but it seems more likely they were bracing for impact. 

Also, we're coming out of the coldest period of winter. Coronavirus is a seasonal illness, remember. So, with fewer and fewer people experiencing sniffles and similar symptoms, it's gonna be increasingly difficult to scare them into getting tested. (In any case I suspect they're not being totally honest about those numbers.) 

A week ago Albo put out this intriguing tweet. In it he referred to ScoMo's statement about the vaccine rollout not being "a race". 

Looks like comms to me. On the surface level it means millions of Aussies find themselves in this horrible situation. But it could also be a hidden message to those in the know that the normies are really starting to figure out that the whole thing is a sham. 

With that comes the awareness that pollies both state and federal don't serve the citizens, but the globalists. So, best to get those needles into as many of them as possible while we still can! 

This idea of racing to get vaccines "into the arms of every Australian" has been repeated frequently in the MSM as well. Above is an explicit reference to it in a recent editorial. 

You often see the same imagery being used simultaneously by pollies and the MSM. They are controlled by the same sinister forces, after all. 

Allusions to the Olympics abound in the Daily Telegraph in particular. And check this out from Brad Health Hazzard. 

It really is one of the most shamelessly exploitative displays I've ever seen. 

He's addressing schoolkids, telling them that getting the jab is a "golden opportunity". It will be done in a stadium where world famous stars have performed. How spesh does that make the kids who roll up, eh? And BTW, parents won't be allowed in when it happens ... But don't worry. Nothing suss about it. All being done by the book. 

It's creepy as. And there's a copper in a face diaper standing behind him the whole time, just going along with what he's saying zif it's all perfectly reasonable. If that clip doesn't ring alarm bells for you then nothing will. 

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Thursday, August 12, 2021

To serve man ... dated vaccines

I'm sure you all know about the "bait and switch". There's definitely something like that going on with this insane, relentless campaign to "get vaccines into the arms of every Australian".

It's not exactly bait, though. It's a variation on that using fear. Fear in itself is not tempting. But it has been used to tempt us to get the jabs as a way of ending the fear.

The globalist elite love using this method. They've done it with the internet also -- particularly social media. When it's free you are the product, remember! 

They've managed to get billions of people to become so addicted to using Facebook, Twitter and YouTube that they spend hours a day on these sites and feel that they can't do without them. 

The globalists have them trapped within these virtual walls. Then they push them psychologically in their preferred direction with censorship, etc. And of course the benefit of vaccination is one of the main narratives they promote on these platforms.

As well as pollies and public health officials repeating this day in, day out they have an army of blue check celebrities and journalists all peddling the line that vaccines are the "passport to freedom". 

But the whole bait and switch variation is not working as well as they'd hoped. Here in Australia fewer people are taking up their amazing jab offer than they expected. So they have millions of doses on the shelf. It's like they're tryna offload them before they reach their use by date! 

The whole thing is like a classic episode of The Twilight Zone called "To Serve Man". The predatory ghouls running this current psyop aren't as accomplished as the towering aliens in that brilliantly crafted tale, however. 

To Serve Man ... "It's a cookbook!"

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Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Why are the jabbed so angry at the unjabbed?

A lot of people are asking this question lately. The intensity of vitriol coming from those who went out and got "vaccinated" and expect everyone else to do the same is pretty amazing. 

Obviously there are a lot of thick people out there who are incapable of critical thinking. They have been easily swayed by the relentless campaign of pro-jab propaganda. Like Pavlov's dogs, they bark and howl at the unjabbed. 

But there are plenty of other intelligent, thoughtful folk who got the shot (often early on) who also seethe with contempt for those who haven't undergone the same medical procedure. You've gotta wonder, what's going on there? 

I think that in many cases it's because they are realizing that they made a really bad decision. They don't wanna admit that they may well have a ticking time bomb inside their bodies. This bugs them constantly and they desperately want someone to blame other than themselves. So they project outward at those who didn't make that same stupid choice.

Broadcaster Chris Smith is a perfect example. He's generally pretty conservative. And he's definitely not an idiot. But he's really been losing it with those who refuse to "get with the program". 

Interesting that he says "you bet" regarding choice. Then he implies that this is a pragmatic decision due to how the vaxxed majority will behave. So, choice has nothing to do with it and it's not the hill to die on. 

But right now the unjabbed are still a majority in this country. And as more and more people learn of the risk of clots and other negative reactions (including death) the odds that over 70% will submit to the jab wane considerably. 

He may end up getting his wish -- in reverse -- due to shedding concerns. Ironic, that. 

This tweet is confirmation that he doesn't apply critical thinking to the vaccine safety issue. Instead, he leaves that up to "the experts".

But what about all the other experts who disagree, as well as abundant official data about how these jabs are the most lethal on record?

This is basically just false equivalence with a dash of nostalgia. 

Here he doesn't want to consider the role of the mainstream media. They should be holding the powerful to account, speaking truth to power. That's their job, after all. 

But they've gone completely AWOL. That's another thing he doesn't wanna be reminded of. So, he just reverts back to the line that it's not worth fighting because everyone's doing it. But that's how lemmings "think", innit? 

This seems to imply that everyone at Sky News has been "vaccinated" already. I suspect that they've all had immense pressure on them to get the shot, or take a hike. 

Looks like they've also been told to promote the "vaccine" rollout, or at least not question it. All of them seem to be evangelists for it. Even Alan Jones, who has been highly critical of the insane excesses of government both state and federal when it comes to how they've dealt with this "pandemic" has said that he himself has been "vaccinated". 

But back to Chris Smith's legal threat: Why would he sue someone? If the shot works, then those who haven't had it aren't a threat to those who have, right? 

This is why the push for everyone to get it is utterly absurd. But it also shows that deep down he doesn't have confidence in its efficacy. 

Translation: "I for one welcome our new globalist fascist overlords." 

American actor and comedian Michael Rapaport is a different kettle of fish. He seems to have accepted he made a bad decision. And now he's pissed off that he was lied to. 

Interesting how this whole scam reveals the character of people, innit? 

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