Thursday, August 12, 2021

To serve man ... dated vaccines

I'm sure you all know about the "bait and switch". There's definitely something like that going on with this insane, relentless campaign to "get vaccines into the arms of every Australian".

It's not exactly bait, though. It's a variation on that using fear. Fear in itself is not tempting. But it has been used to tempt us to get the jabs as a way of ending the fear.

The globalist elite love using this method. They've done it with the internet also -- particularly social media. When it's free you are the product, remember! 

They've managed to get billions of people to become so addicted to using Facebook, Twitter and YouTube that they spend hours a day on these sites and feel that they can't do without them. 

The globalists have them trapped within these virtual walls. Then they push them psychologically in their preferred direction with censorship, etc. And of course the benefit of vaccination is one of the main narratives they promote on these platforms.

As well as pollies and public health officials repeating this day in, day out they have an army of blue check celebrities and journalists all peddling the line that vaccines are the "passport to freedom". 

But the whole bait and switch variation is not working as well as they'd hoped. Here in Australia fewer people are taking up their amazing jab offer than they expected. So they have millions of doses on the shelf. It's like they're tryna offload them before they reach their use by date! 

The whole thing is like a classic episode of The Twilight Zone called "To Serve Man". The predatory ghouls running this current psyop aren't as accomplished as the towering aliens in that brilliantly crafted tale, however. 

To Serve Man ... "It's a cookbook!"

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  1. A video about mass psychosis (i.e. mass delusional detachment from reality) which accurately and disturbingly describes what is going on and how the "powers that be" are defiling the minds of the masses to cow them into submission to their self-deifying totalitarian delusion:

    "MASS PSYCHOSIS - How an Entire Population Becomes MENTALLY ILL"

    From my own biblical perspective, we are witnessing the formation of a complete distinction between the weedy darnel (the wicked) and the wholesome wheat (the righteous) so that the full measure of the evil of the wicked is complete to ensure their utter, complete and eternal condemnation with no recourse in the judgement before God. As for the righteous, hardship purifies like a fiery furnace is used to refine gold, making the impurities come out into the open to be scooped away and leave only the good.