Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Attempts to "vax-a-nation" are failing. I wonder why?

Not sure exactly how many people are getting their vaccinations (I'll use their term for convenience). But it does seem to be that the "Great Unjabbed" are still a significant majority.

In one breath Gladys and Brad -- along with the other creepy globalist muppets now holding this nation hostage -- say there are heaps of people "doing the right thing" by lining up to get their shots. In the next they say they need many more people to get vaccinated so this nightmare of lockdowns and other restrictions (that they could lift any time they want) will finally be over. 

Given how dishonest they seem to be about the extent of the disease in the community, I suspect they're lying much of the time about the number of dosed folk also. 

Seems to me that while there are still heaps of people who remain under MSM mind control there are also more and more waking up to the agenda, doing their research and resolving to avoid the needle. 

I've walked past the dedicated hub in the Sydney CBD (Pitt St) a few times now. Usually it's pretty much empty, though one time I saw a line of about seven people. 

The Daily Telegraph has been promoting the vaccine rollout relentlessly for many months. A liftout from the May 23rd issue is typical. 

I think it's worth looking at this piece from a while ago because it illustrates how orchestrated this whole thing actually is. It's not like the NSW Government and public health system are reacting rationally and scientifically to an organically unfolding threat. It's like the whole "Coronapocalypse" narrative is being promoted primarily to herd all the sheeple into the vaccination hubs. It's a case of "the tail wagging the dog" if ever there was one. 

The liftout is presented as "need to know information". But it's just balls out propaganda for Big Pharma, let's face it. 

Professor Paul Kelly was the guy who flat out said that HCQ didn't work, remember. Pretty sure neither this paper nor any others have probed him on that statement, or his views about other cheap cures such as Ivermectin, for that matter. 

Notice how the title invokes militarism. That's been a constant motif for months. And it's recently become literal with the ADF conducting operations in south western Sydney. 

He recently wrote a column in this same paper addressing the growing awareness of FOIA requests revealing that many governments including our own can't supply documents related to the isolation of the 'rona according to Koch's postulates. This is a sign that he and his peers are losing control of the narrative

"All" questions answered. Yeah, sure! 

This segment is clearly just to make people think that any safety issues have been thoroughly investigated by those really smart dudes in white coats who are totes rational and care so deeply about you that they would never, ever do anything that was intentionally destructive to your health. 

So, nothing to see here folks. Move along ... and get your jab! 

This whole idea of the vaccine being our "passport to freedom" was already well established even back in May. No downside of course, just "perks". 

The headline says it all, dunnit? They're claiming that facts put fears to rest. What a laugh. This outlet has been pumping out fear not supported by facts for well over a year now. And it's been actively hiding the inconvenient truths that debunk many of those fears. Absolutely disgraceful. 

It's like when Health Hazzard said you have a tiny chance of dying from vaxx-related blood clots. He used the "either or" argument, claiming that those over sixty had a one in two hundred chance of  'rona death; yet from the jab it was just one in two million. 

But remember that even BoJo said that sixty percent of new 'rona cases were twice jabbed (and some still dying of the disease). So, implying that the vaccine totally erases the risk of virus-caused fatality is deceptive. 

The most logical interpretation is that the shot gives little or no net gain. And it's actually quite possible that it increases your odds of dying because it adds a risk that you can completely avoid through choice. 

The segment had this testimonial from one of the paper's journos. She described "horrendous" side effects from Astrazeneca. But she would take it again to do her bit for the community, natch! 

You can see why it was included. It was classic mind control. If you feel like you're about to die then don't worry. That just means it's working! 

War is peace. Freedom is slavery, etc ... 

It seems that a lot of the newspaper's employees have gotten with the program and had their shot. Nathan Vass is another one of their journos who had a very bad experience. I describe the ordeal he went through in this video. Then there's the experience of the poor young woman outlined in the video below. 

The MSM are completely insane. Thankfully more and more normies are realizing this, even if no one working for them is. 

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