Thursday, August 26, 2021

Blue check jab reactions are worth keeping an eye on

Fascinating how the daily pressers of Gladys Kevorkian, Dictator Dan et al are all about those scary case numbers. But as we all know a "case" doesn't necessarily mean that the person is actually symptomatic. It's not even certain that they've been exposed to the dreaded 'rona itself, since it's well established that the PCR test cannot sufficiently distinguish between COVID and other viruses like the flu. That's one of the main reasons it's being dumped at the end of the year.

We tend to learn nothing more about these poor victims of this pandemic other than the numbers. Every now and then a death is announced. As details emerge, we usually discover that it was much more likely to do with other conditions

Regardless, blue check pollies and MSM journos continue to fan the flames of fear of the 'rona, stressing that vaccination is our only way out of this hellscape. It's not perfect, but it's the best shot we have! 

Then you see that there are actually numerous members of these same cohorts that have had very bad reactions to the jabs themselves. Unlike with the 'rona stats, the identities of these victims are confirmed. In some cases, their faces are recognizable to millions of us. 

Remember, politics and media are elitist institutions employing a tiny percentage of the workforce. Really puts things in perspective, dunnit? 

Channel Seven journalist Denham Hitchcock is the latest of these. 

In his Insta post, he actually says that "one hospital had well over a dozen cases like me". 

Georgia Clark, who works for the Daily Telegraph, had a serious reaction after Pfizer. Like so many pro-jab folk, her bad experience seems only to have increased her fervour for this untested medical procedure

I feel sorry for all these people. It seems they've had enormous pressure placed upon them to go out and get vaccinated, as well as write pieces zealously exhorting all Aussies to do the same. 

But the absurd irony of their plight is undeniable. Above is her story about the massive anti-lockdown protest on July 24.

That dude may have been brutally arrested. But he didn't wind up in hospital from taking a medicine that he never needed in the first place. 

That's what's so sad about all of this. The suffering of all these people could have been completely avoided. And they were never at any real risk of death or serious illness from the 'rona in any case. 

Sue Dunlevy also writes for Rupert's Sydney daily. She described "horrendous" post inoculation symptoms, but remained fervently pro-jab.

Nathan Vass is another of the paper's reporters and he went through even worse. I describe his ordeal in the video embedded at the bottom of this post. 

So, that's three serious adverse reactions in the same workplace! And those are just the ones that I've read about because they involved journalists. 

Dennis Freedman is a blue check cricket journo.

He was a young, active, healthy bloke. Then he took the shot ... 

NSW MP Victor Dominello was stricken with Bell's Palsy. And yes, he also had the jab. 

Fascinating that while this very striking condition was reported in the MSM, the possibility that it was linked to his vaccination has been either avoided, or played down. 

So, it looks like two high profile pollies wound up with the same condition at the same time. What are the odds of that? 

If you conclude that the jab was to blame in both cases you're not some batshit conspiracy theorist. It's the most rational explanation given the context. 

Says so much that pollies and MSM figures are so reluctant to do this. They, like Dominello himself, are completely one-eyed on the matter. 

The question is why? Who is ultimately behind this relentless global campaign to stick needles into everyone on the planet? And how do they have so much power over the minds of all these high profile, influential figures? 

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  1. Hey Matt, I enjoyed [enjoyed does not sound right, does it] your blogg. It's good to see a few items brought together, rather than mention of just one instance. Please keep at it, I will continue to share.

  2. Hey Matt, Great blogging, keep it up, please. I will continue to spread the word.

  3. Can't tell idiots the truth and nor can they admit they are wrong because it would make their heads explode. Dumber than a bag of busted spanners. Bloody vaxx junkies! It's a big market big pharma don't wanna lose but WEF/UN/globalists/banksters are gonna kill the market completely anyway... literally.