Friday, June 24, 2022

Dragon slayers or brazen liars?

I'm sure you've heard about this controversy over the release of notorious pedophile Bradley Pen Dragon in WA

When I first heard about this I thought it notable that this creepy looking rock spider was given so much media exposure. It's like they were associating this evil crime with his almost theatrically sinister appearance. It's like what they used to do all the time with Dennis Ferguson

But as any critical thinker knows, there are many well-dressed, benign-seeming child predators who get away with it because they're members of the local or global elite. Hell, some of them are even leaders of nations and world famous celebrities!  

Also, love the bricks in this particular item. Very Masonic. 

Speaking of which, why are the occult elite reminding the masses of this stereotype now? Are they worried about what may be revealed in coming months?

I think that's part of it. There may be some verbal symbolism involved as well. That's to do with his surname, Dragon. 

Couldn't help thinking this was a coded reference to the band, and ScoMo's extraordinary rendition of "April Sun in Cuba". Are they hinting at developments regarding the former PM? 

Another reason I say this is because there was another recent allusion to dragons, this time from Sly News. 

Note that the photo chosen has him wearing black. He seems to be making some sort of secretive comment. There's pinky-purple behind him. 

IMO being this forensic about what they share is justified. They have form for this kind of stuff

Then there's the video itself, embedded below. As well as the woke dragon reference Dean mentions a dam bursting, which brings to mind liquid and pressure. 

After the Gervais segment there's a clip of Dave Chapelle, who as we all know is a black dude, making fun of transgenderism with a specific reference to blood in the form of menstruation.

Dean then describes the specifics of the gag afterwards, even though it's completely obvious what the comic meant. Seemed he wanted a certain cohort to take note of that particular segment. 

Chapelle mentions Eminem in his routine. The rapper, like so many rock and movie stars, is high up in the occult elite system and his alliterative name evokes "master mason". 

I know Dean's a conservative and seemingly a good guy. But remember that politics is downstream from culture as Breitbart said

If my crazy conspiracy theory is correct, and many people high up in the local MSM are aware of hidden evil perpetrated by those at the apex of the global power pyramid (even if they don't participate in it themselves) then you've gotta ask: Why don't they tell us about it? Isn't that their job? 

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Monday, June 20, 2022

Their cupcakes runneth under

I don't care if people think I'm batshit crazy for noticing dominant colour themes in the MSM. There's definitely something creepy going on.

Many businesses -- mostly big and global but not always -- seem to be contributing to them as well. Take this West Aussie beer reviewed in Perth Now. It seems to be part of this pink and brown pattern.

The article tweet itself caught my (illuminati) eye for obvious reasons. 

This photo was included in it. Note the pinky-purple theme as well as the dark brown of the cake on the can. 

Then there's the cartoonishly evil vibe. The demonic beer monster is clearly relishing the chaos he's unleashing. 

When it comes to the milk of human kindness, their cupcakes clearly runneth under

The brewer's IG page included this image of a cupcake being dropped into the beer. There's a splash of red. 

Hmm. What does that remind you of? 

Cupcakes themselves are brown. But I thought it was interdasting that a specific association was made between the product itself and that obviously staged Oscars slap that involved two world-famous black dudes. The link to the colour theme becomes stronger as a result. 

The IG page has many updates with an occult elite vibe. I thought this one was notable. As well as it saying something about the culture of the company the photo itself shows how obviously staged that "accident" involving ScoMo actually was. 

Look at how far the ball is from him. FFS, he clearly targeted that kid. And fake news MSM outlets flat out told us as much. 

Given these patterns, I don't think it's unreasonable to conclude that there was some sort of symbolic incantion going on here on the part of the brewer and perhaps the reviewer as well. 

Maybe they don't even know what it's ultimately about and that's where the rabbit hole ends? Or maybe not.

Another data point: The word cupcake is a combination of two words beginning with "c", the third letter of the alphabet. Could well be another 33 ... 

Speaking of pink liquid and brown skin, check out the clip of the ad I saw in Town Hall Station below. Forgive the low quality. I just wanted to film it ASAP before it was replaced. 

In any case you can see that the customer is a black dude, and the pink liquid is overflowing, which I thought was a nice counterpoint to the title of this post. 

You know, duality and all that ... 

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Sunday, June 12, 2022

Lurking for that "lucky harm"

There's no denying that many of those who wish for a NWO are big time occultists who dinkum worship Lucifer. He was the fallen angel who created his own realm that he ruled completely, remember. That's basically what they're tryna do globally now. 

With this in mind I found that "accidental" collision between ScoMo and a kid on the soccer field very interdasting. The child's name was Luca, which is reminiscent of the name of the "bringer of light".

I suspect that this was some sort of batshit occult elite ritual -- their version of a lucky charm. But given their love of inversion, harm was required to make it work. 

So, what was it for specifically? I cover that in the video embedded at the bottom of the post. (BTW the sound is dodgy in a couple of sections. But they are short, and the sense is not lost if you keep watching through them.) 

It's pretty clear that this symbolic incantation was going on because of the MSM's love of names beginning with "lu". Luca, Lucinda, Luke, Lucy and similar seem to appear inordinately often in fake news stories -- particularly in the Failing Terrorgraph. 

This was a cover from December 9, 2020. It featured a tragic story about a kid being run over on her scooter. Note the choice of photo. She's there with her dad, and they're both wearing sunnies that reflect the light. 

This cover was from August 31, 2021. The kid in red is called Lucas. Note the violent imagery being associated with children -- which they often feature -- and the dog with a pink background. 

The full feature about how horrible the lockdown was continued the torture vibe. Note the use of the word nightmare. They'll often have stories about kids suffering with words like that in the headlines. Horror, pain, misery and fear seem to be particular faves for them. 

Just so you can see that the featured kid was called Lucas it's in the white printed subheading below. (If you can't read it in the body of the post then click on the photo itself. Should be clearer.) 

And note the upturned sole of the other kid. It's clear they absolutely love that pose because you see it all the time

Remember that dog from the cover? Well, he's a blue dog as you can see, and exuding some really creepy Frank Thring vibes

Note also the ad for the podcast about the Mafia and the story about the dodgy businessman. You will often see this symbol of Sirius near stories about criminality and sin. It seems strongly related to the occult elite's love of using evil but in a good way (for them). 

Speaking of dog stars: The greyhound adoption ad seen below is one of several that happen to have a lot of blue in them, and they're often placed next to stories in a way that suggests they're being used symbolically

Look at the story opposite it, about the tragic death of the kid related to broadcaster Ben Fordham. Interesting that he spoke about this on his show, even breaking down in tears at one point. I think it was significant that that particular shot of the boy wearing blue (note the words on his T-shirt) was used in the paper, next to that greyhound ad. 

Oh, and guess what his name was? Luca. 

Back to more recent issues, and what I think that bizarre event on the Tasmanian soccer field could have been about: This was from the May 26 issue. As well as flogging the "small target" theme (detailed in the video embedded below) there was this page that invoked another blue dog with the headline on the left and the photos to the right and below. 

It's also possible that the use of the word "ludicrous" was related to the "lucky harm" ritual. 

Just preceding the above page was the first report about the Texas massacre. I think that was about as accidental as ScoMo colliding with that kid. 

Preceding that story about the mass murder of children in a school was this one about how campus life was being "killed off" by the online lectures that became the norm during the "pandemic". 

Again, not a coincidence ... And check out the name of one of the students featured.

The story to the left of that one about the "peeping Pom" featured a woman with a similar sounding name. 

What are the odds? 

It should be pretty clear to any critical thinker that there's something going on here that is as sinister as it is batshit. 

But if you're still pathetically clinging to the idea that they're not actually occultist flogs using symbolism in the MSM to conjure evil in the cause of implementing their horrific globalist agenda then check out this page from the June 11 issue. 

The story on the top has a photo of a teacher with some schoolkids. Directly below it is a wine ad that is often used in a similar way to the greyhound ad above. There's a real rabbit hole to do with it. Please check out this video I made when I first twigged to what it was about

Go back to the Lucinda story near the top of this post. You can see that part of the headline directly below it is about winemakers. Another part of this pattern, IMO. 

Look also at the two stories to the right of the one about the school above. You'll see the word jail in one of them (which is reminiscent of the lockdown nightmare story mentioned above) and there's one about a man being shot while walking his dog. 

This was clearly meant to hark back to the Texas massacre and that small target issue. I also think it was another blue dog, because that was the colour the teacher was wearing in the photo. 

No prizes for guessing what his first name was! 

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Thursday, June 9, 2022

On the Highway to Hamilton Hell!

As well as being a narcissistic, fascist POS, SkidMark McKaren is likely a big time secret society wanker. Here he is flashing a boot made by a company that has a blue dog as its logo (you can see it behind his head). As mentioned before, these occultist flogs love their foot-related symbolism

Given this creepy context, I've long found this IG update telling. This was just before the "pandemic" started, remember. Why, it was almost like he was foreshadowing what Western Australia was to go through, wasn't it?  

He, like his fellow Labor ghoul in Victoria the Goblin of the South, has been flogging the syringe stab like there's no tomorrow. At one stage the poisonous control freak even said that WA was "an experiment" with a "compliant population". 

You'd think the local press would be outraged at such a tyrannical attitude. But nup. They've been very supportive of State Daddy and his campaign of coercion

That's not surprising. All the MSM outlets there (and throughout the rest of the country for that matter) are run by obelisk fondlers. 

With that in mind I found this recent cover story of the Worst Australian very intriguing. It's about a bloke whom they describe as a "good samaritan" being bashed in a retirement village in Hamilton Hill. 

As mentioned in previous posts, they have form for what I would call Luciferian inversion. That is, they love to rejig Biblical imagery, often flipping it upside down. It's like when the warmists in the MSM described the severe fires of a coupla years ago as a "hell on earth".  

Obviously, it's not meant to calm or inspire their readers and viewers. It's meant to stress them out and make them feel like they really are stuck in the devil's dungeon with no way out except to obey the deep green globalists' insane demands. 

As well as this hijacking of symbolism, one particular aspect of the story caught my (illuminati) eye: The bashed "good samaritan" was named Christopher Hands.

What is the prefix of his first name? Given that, what part of the saviour's anatomy was nailed to the cross? And note the cuts on his forehead in the cover shot above

What are the odds? 

This related tweet, about a grizzled dude in the same complex who was saved by the self-sacrifice of Mr Hands, showed him in front of a wall, a classic Masonic image. I thought his brown trousers along with the pinky-purple dots on the ironing board were notable too.

Speaking of walls, here's an update about the alleged attacker. 

Ram-raiding a high end fashion store ... Hmm. Maybe a stretch but in this context the story of Jesus himself bringing the biff to the money changers' temple comes to mind.

Given the fascinating elements to do with featured words and images in this lie factory that has form for fakery as well as sinister symbolism, I'm toying with the idea that the whole thing may have been orchestrated so that the wicked warlocks of the West could summon forces favourable to their occult elite agenda. 

That would of course be completely and utterly barking batshit mad -- as well as undeniably evil. But I would not be surprised if this actually were the case. Hell, given how crazy the world is now, do you really think that's impossible? 

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Tuesday, June 7, 2022

Fake news telegraphing that Betty Windsor is no more?

Lately there's been a lot of talk about Queen Elizabeth's impending death. There was that controversy over David Hurley foreshadowing it on the radio. And many noted the bizarre sight of people waving at a hologram version of her during the Platinum Jubilee, among other things. 

In this context, I thought these recent pages in the Failing Terrorgraph were interesting. The local lie factory has form for using the covers in particular for creating subtextual messages from the combination of the two main stories. 

Check this out from June 3. 

Are they implying that it's a cold hard fact that Betty Windsor is now a fossil? Maybe. 

Then there was this from the June 6 issue. They've been doing a lot of associating between the colour blue and the royals lately. It's all about the blue blood, you see

They've also been flogging the extravabazza that is the flick Elvis. The legendary singer was well known as the The King, of course. They've been using that term repeatedly. 

So, in the spread above you have the idea of a woman in blue going to heaven next to a variation on that oft-used phrase related to royal succession. 

Possible translation: "The Queen is dead. Long live the King!"

Then there was this, from two days beforehand. 

As with so many of their headlines, there are multiple subtextual meanings. I think the party angle might refer to a certain pink drug that dare not speak its name. 

It also has a more general vibe of finality, which could be another hint about the current state of health of dear old Aunty Elizabeth ... 

There were similar data points from a while ago. Thoughts on these are in the video below. As usual I speculated wildly but I think I was warm on what they were tryna convey to their creepy mates. 

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Sunday, June 5, 2022

Still more pink and brown in the MSM

Several weeks ago I wrote a post about an association between pink and brown in the MSM, and how this weird phenomenon seemed to confirm my crazy conspiracy theory about a vast hidden trade in a pink drug that dare not speak its name

Well, since then I've seen heaps more examples of this pattern. In no particular order I'll list some of them. These are just a small percentage of what I've seen. 

Note that her name is Laura Brown and the colour pink is featured, as well as mentioned in the headline. 

This from the Failing Terrorgraph in mid-May was particularly intriguing. Note the pink helmet of the woman in the story at the top of the page. The word "boss" is included, and there's an ad for Boss Coffee directly below it. Coffee is of course brown. 

What are the odds

Note the colour of the ice cream van, and the presence of kids. The one on the right is holding his chocolate ice cream (Biden's fave, apparently) right next to the cup of coffee on the side of the truck. 

Still more from Perth Now, which is chockas with occult elite symbolism. 

This story about some swish new eatery in Perth featured the Masonic flooring, pinky-purple flowers, and a dark skinned dude next to a chick in hot pink. 

This is a Sly News segment from the bloviating Limey arseclown Piers Morgan. As usual he's tryna portray himself as some kinda hero of the common man. But what's interesting about this update is the choice of image. Note the pink and brown theme, along with the flowers

This was from the June 3 issue of the Failing Terrorgraph. Again, note the hot pink dress of the chick and the dude's dark skin. 

This was from April. You'll prolly remember it. Tiger Woods was in form at Augusta and photos of him in this striking pink shirt were all over the MSM. 

This, in the Sydney's paper's April 29 issue, included a clever variation on the above theme. There's a headline about an NRL player called Woods. He plays for the Tigers (hopefully you can see that mentioned in the subheading). 

Intriguingly Madge is also mentioned. This is a nickname for a bloke called Maguire, but it also brings to mind Madonna. 

Right next to that item is a photo of a female boxer in pink. Her first name? Ebanie. (Sing along now: "Ebony and ivory. It's classic Masonic imagery.") 

Kamala Harris is dark-skinned (as is Rita Panahi). "Second grade" evokes kids in school. Note the pinky-purple background. 

This is part of the pattern. The MSM's ultimate owners are occultists. They use the "news" to give shoutouts and comms to their creepy mates. 

There was a real rabbit hole to do with this story from a few days ago. Firstly, the tread on the dude's shoes was exactly the same as those worn by a kid in an issue a few days beforeheand. Please check out the video I made about it

It definitely fits into the pattern because he's dark skinned. Even though he's an adult, the subheading describes him as a boy. The background is pinky-purple. 

The neighbouring stories relate to kids (eg Texas massacre) and the blood of the young among other things. The most relevant to the colour combo theme is below the item. 

It's about the daughter of Carl Williams (who dealt in drugs) sharing a photo of herself in her "birthday suit"(bare skin). Note the third paragraph in the screenshot below. It describes her applying a fake tan. What are the odds? 

The video embedded below includes some more data points. Firstly, there's the cover, which is a good example of the pink and brown pattern. 

Note how the symbol of the wrecking ball is used twice in the same issue. The two instances are not linked content-wise, but combine to create a thematic subtext that would be noticed by those in the know. 

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Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Dutton as Voldemort: What's that about?

Sure you all know about dopey Plibbers likening Peter Dutton to the character of Voldemort from the Harry Potter books and movies. This was actually preceded by a cover on the West Australian, which has almost as much occultist floggery in it as Sly News and the Failing Terrorgraph

Plibersek, like all those high up in the Australian political establishment, is a malignant moron, so she almost certainly got the idea for the sledge from that issue. 

The "conservatives" in the MSM are all repeating the line that she mocked his appearance because she and the other Labor pollies find him formidable and want to make the normies see him as ridiculous.

I think that's a big part of it. But she also made a very specific reference to the fear of children

Speaking on radio station 4BC, Ms Plibersek was asked her opinion of Mr Dutton, who is almost certain to be the new leader of the Liberal Party. 

'Well I think there will be a lot of children who have watched a lot of Harry Potter films who will be very frightened of what they will see at night, that's for sure,' replied the Labor frontbencher.

Scott Emerson, who was interviewing Ms Plibersek on 4BC, also seemed shocked by what she had just said. 

'What, are you saying he looks strange, he looks odd?' he asked.

'I am saying he looks a bit like Voldemort and we will see whether he can do what he promised he would do when he was last running for leader, which is smile more,' she said. 

Mr Emerson said it sounded like she was attacking Mr Dutton over his looks. 

'And if this last election taught us anything, it taught us that the Liberal Party has moved too far to the extremes of politics.'

'No, I am just saying he is not the warm and friendly face of the Liberal party,' she replied. 

This idea of Dutton as Voldemort was also picked up by comic Jordan Shanks, aka "Firendly Jordies". He shared a video of a rather sad looking, now adult actor who played a young villain in the first movie. Looks like the dude was paid for it, prolly by Shanks himself. 

Watch it closely. He flat out says that Dutton is one of the Slytherin, and that he knows this secret. 

Continuing the occult theme, the NSW Premier likened SkidMark McKaren to Tolkien's Gollum. The similarity to the Voldemort sledge was noted in the article below

Another part of this pattern was this toon in the Sydney paper, which portrayed Albo himself as a character from the Harry Potter universe. 

So, what's all this stuff about? 

I reckon it's a sign that there's a grudge match between secret society wankers that's been going for a while and is now slowly bubbling up to the surface. It's like they're all hinting at the sinister shit they get up to to shimmy up the greasy obelisk.

It should be remembered that the first portrayal of this kind was in one of the Pauline Hanson toons. As I've described, the guys behind the hilarious series look like Masons themselves who are up with all the goss. Note the reference to horcruxes in the clip below. 

I think we will see more and more of this kind of stuff in the MSM until the whole horrific culture of Canberra is finally exposed, (hog)warts and all. 

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Thursday, May 26, 2022

The young blood "fountain of youth" is a thing after all!

If you've been reading this blog for a while, you'll know I have a crazy conspiracy theory about how there's a massive hidden trade in adrenalized blood, and that the Cabal-owned and controlled MSM are constantly alluding to it symbolically

I understand why some people think this makes me certifiably crazy. Hell, I would've thought so myself a coupla years ago. 

But there are just so many examples of this pattern, I'm convinced it's a thing. And here's something else that lends weight to my theory. It's a tweet thread from the Telegraph in the UK. 

It describes the rejuvenating properies of "young blood". Note the pinky-purple swimsuit. This and similar colours are strongly associated with the drug that dare not speak its name, produced on an industrial scale from the blood of terrified kids. 

It mentions how such a trade is the stuff of horror movies. I think this is their way of hinting that the horror is real. 

Classic illuminati one eye symbolism here. 

There's that pinky-purple colour again. Note also the love heart-shaped lenses. Even though the old duck is meant to be a hundred not out, these are reminscent of the pair Sue Lyon wore in Lolita

Bono is often photographed in similarly tinted sunnies. I've seen Elton John and other rock stars wearing them too. I wonder why that is?

The bow on her head is also reminscent of rabbit ears. This is used to symbolize the drug created from this adrenalized blood. And the cake is covered in chocolate. Maybe that is meant to be symbolic as well

IMO this thread is an example of the MSM signalling to their creepy mates that this trade does actually exist already, and perhaps to start to prepare the masses for revelations regarding it. Maybe they're tryna make the whole concept seem a bit less creepy and wrong -- not unlike their obvious pedo-normalization attempts. 

Now that you can see this is a thing, and that it's being openly described in the MSM, please check out the submerged symbolism identified in the video below. You'll see, it's clearly what they're doing. 

The whole system we live in has long been controlled from on high by the most disgusting, depraved, evil people. And in an oblique way they've been telling us what they've been up to the whole time. 

Time to wake up if you haven't already! 

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Monday, May 23, 2022

Anthony Hellbanese

As mentioned previously, the upper echelons of the political establishment and MSM in this country are big time secret society wankers. They really do worship Lucifer. They enjoy showing their love of chaos being inflicted on the normies, because that's how they get their treasured order. 

ScoMo and Albo are high ranking Freemasons without a doubt. That's why they drop sinister sulfur-smelling references into their speeches, etc

Here's another little example from Albo, when he was desperately tryna look like an everyman at a barbie in Perth. Out of the blue he casually mentioned how he got his sausage wrangling skills at "Marrickville Red Devils". See for yourself. 

The up themselves twats who run tragic fake news factories like the Sunday Times are also massive obelisk fondlers and they do heaps of sly signalling about how they wanna create a hell on Earth because then they and their creepy mates get to run everything. That really is the plan. 

Take this cover, for example. It portrays the poor brainwashed normies of Western Australia basically chanting "hell, yeah!" to the election -- sorry, installment -- of this odious operative who flat out portrayed himself as a spy in another globalist-owned wank-mag only recently

Albo, the special needs gimp-weasel with big time mummy issues, would never have gotten where he is without the help of his secret society mates.

FFS, surely even rusted-on Labor types cringe every time they think of this dopey non-entity with absolutely zero charisma "leading" their party! 

But the occultist flogs in the totally corrupt MSM are gonna pump the loathsome little loser's tyres like there's no tomorrow. And that includes dropping in references to hell, demons, and evil whenever they can. 

Keep an (illuminati) eye out for more of this, people. It's what they're doing. And they certainly have form for it

And just for a bit of variety, here's another example of what I would call surreptitious Seurat-style Satanic symbolism from Sydney's biggest selling fear-pawn rag.   

There's a story about the vibe in a coal mining area just before the election. Pretty run of the mill stuff. 

But look closely at the photo of the chick doing the dude's hair. Not only does her top feature the classic exposed shoe sole so beloved by the occultist flogs at the Failing Terrorgraph, note how her hand echoes the logo in the Monster Energy drink ad on the screen directly behind her. 

That brand exhorts consumers to "unleash the beast". And there's a real rabbit hole to do with those three claws and how they're meant to evoke that ol' Masonic fave, the 666. 

There is no way that is a coincidence. It's clearly some sort of batshit symbolic incantation. 

I see this kind of stuff all the time. I'm collating it so you can see that it's a real thing. 

If you keep looking at what's in the news zif it's all just information you'll always process it in blocks and be unaware of all the creepy comms and hints included in it by association. But look at each page zif it's a painting, join the dots therein and you'll start to see the real picture they're conveying to their creepy mates. It's quite unsettling because you will see it all through the MSM and elsewhere besides.

Some say that this is inconsequential but it's actually very important. Putting this kind of stuff into the "news" is clearly a very high priority for the editors. It shows that their foundational claim about being motivated by the desire to inform you, their valued readers, with fearless truth-seeking journalism is total bollocks. That is, they are using the work of their reporters (whom I suspect are mostly none the wiser themselves) for a very different purpose to the one that you understand it to be. It's a massive deception they carry out constantly. 

Remaining wilfully ignorant of this agenda is stupid beyond words. It would be like going to your favourite restaurant for years on end, thinking that the chef really values his clintele. Then you learn that he's just been sprung jiggling his wedding tackle in the custard and there's even video of him doing it. 

Are you gonna keep going there and guzzling the food like you used to, or accept that he's a disgusting creep who's been secretly mocking you for ages and never go back? 

If you keep reading the news like you used to after realizing this is the kind of creepy stuff they drop in all the time, you deserve all the shit that's coming to you from the globalist occult elite. They have total contempt for you, believe me. 

To those credulous numpties I say: Have fun defending the Luciferian low-lifes as they continue to mock you in increasingly obvious ways. Keep on suckin', suckers! 

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