Tuesday, August 24, 2021

The Daddy Telegraph

It's beyond obvious that we are now in the midst of a ferocious worldwide mind war. The globalist elite are waging it on us and they're even using our own armed forces in their campaigns

Those at the very top of this power pyramid are truly evil people. I think many are driven by a bizarre ancient death cult, TBH. 

As well as being narcissistic control freaks they seem to see themselves as artists, viewing the globe as their canvas and humanity as the paint. And art is full of symbolism as we all know. That's why you see so much of it in the mainstream media (MSM), which they ultimately own and use for the purpose of mass mind control

They also like to tell us what they're up to in an oblique way because that's just the kind of sadistic scumbags they are. Also, they believe that if we don't call them out on this everything that results from their actions is our fault

The best place to spot these sinister patterns of imagery locally seems to be in the pages of the Daily Telegraph. It's chockas with the stuff! Blue dogs, Masonic black and white, shoe symbolism and the like ... You'll see several examples in every issue. 

One of the dominant recurring patterns has a definite rock spider vibe. A recent issue (July 28) is a good example of what I mean. 

It was during the Olympics and featured a spread about gold medalist Kaylee McKeown. It described the touching story of how she dedicated her win to her beloved late father, whom she found so inspiring. 

Now, I'm not saying that the story is insinuating something about the swimmer herself. Rather, it is using her dramatic win and its emotive context as a vehicle for what is best described as symbolic incantation

That's why the inclusion of this photo is significant IMO. It's just a cool hand gesture that a lot of millenials use. But it's also reminiscent of "El Diablo"

Another favourite is the V-sign. ScoMo and other globalist-controlled pollies have been using it a lot lately in relation to this vaccine rollout. You see it often in the MSM, the Daily Telegraph in particular

The swimmer has a tattoo on her right foot that reads "I'll always be with you". This is a memorable sign of love for her dad. It also makes for a striking image. So, it's understandable why it's included in the story. 

But the photo is also highly symbolic. The occult elite love to use feet, shoes and boots in their imagery. Feet have "souls", remember. 

This is a photo from the same issue. Note how the model has her right shoe sole exposed. They love that particular pose. You see it all the time.

The brand she's wearing is Nike. The well known catchphrase "just do it" is reminiscent of "do what thou wilt". And Nike is the goddess of (V-for) victory. So there's no wonder it's an occult elite fave.

Above is another example of this motif from a recent issue. I've seen it used too many times in the newspaper for it to be there by chance -- well, not solely anyway (nyuck, nyuck). 

Back to the 28 July issue. Look at the two pages above. There's a feature about "retro parenting" right next to the regular history page. 

Hmm. Interesting thematic link, there, eh? 

The historical feature is about Walt Disney's obsession with a British girl who voiced the eponymous heroine in his cartoon version of Alice in Wonderland

Creepy globalist occultists love this tale (along with The Wizard of Oz) and there are plenty of rabbit holes to do with it, that's for sure. (Not surprisingly, Dictator Dan is a fan.) The same applies to Disney himself, who was a major secret society wanker among many other things

The headline refers to the girl's dad. And her director Walt -- who is old enough to be her father -- is making her blush. Also, note the word "Oxford" in the headline. This is an interesting choice with Astrazenca now being in the news all the time

Look how he's holding her right foot. Again, the sole is exposed. 

This is still the same issue, remember. What are the odds? 

Starting to get a sense of what these patterns of imagery, along with the headlines, are being used to invoke? 

Creeped out yet? I'd be surprised if you're not, TBH ... 

Now check out that adjacent story:

The headline describes an "old fashioned approach" next to the history page showing a handsy occultist with a young girl. And what's the subject? "Child rearing." 

Hmm. Could this possibly have a double meaning, d'you reckon? 

Normally I'd say no. But given the context ... 

The photo includes a cute pooch. The kids around it are all wearing blue jeans. Looks to me like another blue dog. 

There seems to be at least one of these in most issues. Sometimes there are several

Here's the spread referred to on the cover. If you still can't see there's something sinister going on, then the layout may yet convince you. 

Look at the ad for Wesley Mission on the bottom of the left hand page. The story headline above reads "Bubba does it". The ad includes the line "every child can be loved" along with a photo of a little girl. 

And what's the ad underneath the same story on the other side with the rest of the headline ("for Dad"). Why, it's one for GoDaddy! 

Well, fancy that. What an amazing coincidence ... not. 

Granted, this pattern could be seen as benign if it were just a one off. But in the context of all the other stuff in this issue, and many others? I don't think so ... 

Just on the placement of advertising blocks to create hidden meaning: They do this all the time. Above you can see the very same GoDaddy promotion underneath a feature about the passing of businessman John Cornell, best known as Hoges' mate Strop. 

See how the ad is placed underneath the page that features a photo of him with his kids. And there's great attention to detail. The photo is directly above the brand name. 

And right above the other part of the ad reading "dream it, build it" (a concept with strong Masonic vibes) is a photo of Strop in that characteristic pose. Again it features his right foot, with sole exposed. It's clearly not an accident. (Also, it's in black and white. Secret society wankers love this "duality" motif). 

Again, I'm not saying they're making any commentary on this guy specifically. It's the symbolism that's key. 

So, you can see they're always choosing words and images very carefully to convey hidden meanings to "those in the know". It's not about the content of stories. It's about the juxtaposition of words and images on the pages to convey double meanings. 

With this in mind look at these examples. 

What should be "tried"? The protest itself, or a "family affair"? 

Hand what in? The guns or the teens? 

And if you're still not convinced this is intentional then look at this example from July 16. The story on the right hand side is about two pygmy marmosets at Taronga Zoo. They are basking in the glow of a heat lamp. 

Occultists love this kind of image. It could be seen to suggest the corona under which we all live now. And who is "the bringer of light"

But look specifically at how the two critters in the story correspond to the two figures in the ad directly below it. 

Even their eyelines correspond to some degree. In both the ad and the story the figure on the left is looking at the one on the right. So they are being equated, clearly. 

Now look at the caption in the zoo story and transpose it onto the ad, remembering that it features an adult and a child.  

Then look at the exhortation in the ad. What's one of the main "laws" of nature? "Do what thou wilt." 

Again there is absolutely no way that those images and words are in that conformation purely by chance. They have been painstakingly put together on the page to convey a subtextual meaning to a select audience (who no doubt get a "duper's delight" high out of the fact that the vast majority of readers are completely oblivious to it). 

I could go on and on in this vein. Every issue of this paper is littered with this kind of stuff. 

But please, if you're still not convinced that there's something deeply sinister going on then check out the video embedded at the bottom of this post. I made this when I first started to notice these creepy phenomena. It refers to a recurring symbolic pattern that included kids, dogs and road transport -- cars mostly.  

Lately, that seems to have waned somewhat. Now, it's more about planes

But just to show you how often this appears, and how widespread it is, the above tweet just popped up in my feed. Blue dog, in a car, with a reference to "grooming". 

More "dog comms" or nah, d'ya reckon? I know what I think ... 

Now what I've outlined in this post suggests there's something insane and evil regularly being alluded to in plain sight in MSM outlets seen by millions each day. The ramifications of that make me wanna throw up, for obvious reasons. 

You'll understand why I really don't want to be right on this. But I think I am. 

I do welcome criticism of the above speculation. But if you're just gonna say I've got my tin-foil hat on, that's not good enough. There are definite, undeniable patterns here. If you wanna "debunk" my "batshit crazy conspiracy theory" about what they imply then you have to offer a benign alternative explanation for them. 

In any case, I hope you have found this blog post, er, illuminating.  

Thanks for reading, and please consider supporting me via Ko-fi. Aussies, know your rights

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  1. That was very difficult to read. I had to stop a few times and look away, take a deep breath and prepare myself to keep going. Not surprised you feel like throwing up, any decent person feels that way in the face of depravity. Your work is important, wish more people would wake up!