Saturday, September 3, 2022

They did Nazi that coming!

Amazing how so many of the rusted-on Democrat supporters are in denial about the clear Nazi vibe of Biden's speech. But any thinking person could see how sinister it was.

It was so OTT it actually seemed self-parodic. That's why I think maybe this was another example of the "white hats" or "SOC" (Self Organizing Collective) speeding things up from on high to red pill the normies. (Please check out this video which explains what I mean by this. The most relevant section is 8.20 onwards.)

The other possibility: It was the Cabal desperately tryna goad MAGA patriots into an act of terrorism or armed resistance. 

Such an act is highly unlikely of course. But I suspect that the Deep State has a big false flag in the pipeline that they'll be able to pin on patriots anyway. They can then link that to the outraged reaction to the speech online, ultimately sheeting home blame to Trump himself. Then they'll have another reason to arrest him (which they were prolly gonna do anyway.) 

Whatever was ultimately behind the decision to go full totalitarian with the rhetoric and imagery in the speech, this tweet neatly encapsulates where we are now. 

Those who manipulate the puppet Biden are clearly the real Nazis. They are also in control of the mainstream media across the globe. That's why they get their underlings to sprinkle the fake news with their fave symbols. Take this swastika, for example

This looks like a sneaky "sieg heil!". And there's a deep dark rabbit hole to do with it

IMO, much of the current madness is related to the Black Sun cult. It's possible that many globalist movers and shakers are dinkum members of it. Even if they're not they seem to support its central vibe which is about ultimate inversion.

The MSM coverage of the death of ONJ was a case in point. The imagery used in a recent issue of the Failing Terrorgraph, outlined in the video below, was another. 

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