Tuesday, September 20, 2022

State governments saving face by dumping mask mandates

Slowly but surely, the momentum of this globalist driven medical fascism is petering out. The mask mandates that have long been in place on Sydney trains, buses, taxis and rideshare services will be gone by this Thursday.

The same is happening in Queensland. Victoria is still holding out though, AFAIK. 

This is great news. It shows we are winning. 

The globalists use fear more than any other weapon. But eventually that wears off. 

Once you man-up and grow out of your face diaper, you'll never wanna wear it again. So, I doubt very much these mandates will come back. If they do, only a tragic few will obey them.

Even now, while they are still offcially in place, a sizeable proportion of normies just ignore them as the video below shows.  

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  1. Transperth is now mask free. Masky Mark, buffoon that he is, kept the mandate in place for the suburban public transport even after it was lifted for tour buses going around the state. I dare say Transperth drivers were the first to let him know this was not a smart move.
    Considering how hardline he was just a few months ago, McClown has retreated significantly of late. I can't help but thinking he knows something we don't. Something that might involve PO'd citizens and legal action.