Saturday, October 25, 2014

Ginger Jihadi could easily have been a Green goon

One thing is very clear from the many crazed acts of violence by Islamic State sympathisers in and from the West. That is that the medieval death cult attracts the most tragic human flotsam imaginable. Many of the head hackers, cop stabbers, and soldier shooters featuring in recent news bulletins are certifiably mentally ill. And if not that they're clearly terminally stupid.

Take the "Ginger Jihadi" from Oz. Most seventeen year old Aussie blokes are meatheads, we all know that. But this guy makes even the most moronic beer swilling bogan seem whip smart in comparison.

Have a squizz at the video in which the fired up fighter threatens the West in general and Australia in particular. Abdullah Elmir is so impressionable that even though he's from Bankstown, he seems to have taken on the kind of pommy accent you'd hear in Londonistan. May be too long a bow, but it sounds to me like he's emulating IS's star head chopper "John the Beatle", the former rapper hailing from the Old Dart.

Elmir is one poor, sad bastard. He got sucked into something truly ugly and he hasn't a clue. Odds are he's gonna be blown to bits -- probably by his own hand, the doofus -- before too long ... Sad, because stupidity, while seriously limiting a person's life choices, isn't fatal in most cases.

Speaking of stupidity: When looking at an idiot like Elmir, I can't help thinking about greenies ...

Have another look at that vid. Check out the grim, primitive facial expressions of Elmir's fellow "freedom fighters". You'll see the same kind of child-brained idiocy in the eyes of the nature boyz and girlz assembled at, say, a stupid demo against Colin Barnett's shark mitigation policy. Those shark hugging ecotards, while undeniably sad, lost and extremely annoying, aren't nearly so dangerous as the black clad idiots for Islam. Green goons prefer bonging on to blowing themselves up, after all. Not keen to remove the heads of infidels, they just wanna get off their own!

It's pretty clear that the two malignant movements are targeting the same dim demographic. In recruiting the thick, angry, impressionable and clinically insane, the Middle Eastern death cult is actually poaching would be Greens voters.

That's why I hope Scott Ludlam and his ilk finally quit with the terrorist apologetics and take a stand against the head hackers. Not for any principled reason, mind. They are clearly incapable of that. No, they should do it for the most basic political motive of all: to ensure their own survival.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Wassim Doureihi vs Emma Alberici on Lateline

Like many I sat in awe with my jaw on the floor as Wassim Doureihi of Hizb ut-Tahrir spent his whole Lateline interview evading Emma Alberici's very direct questions last night. The segment was amazing for a few reasons.

There was the way Doureihi repeatedly refused to condemn the barbaric crimes of Islamic State; crimes that include mass murder, mass rape and the beheading of men, women and children! When Alberici, clearly deeply frustrated with his evasions, invoked the ghoulish image of a seven year old Aussie kid holding a human head like some sort of trophy, he couldn't even condemn that.

It was truly chilling. While he didn't outright endorse these gruesome acts, any rational person would have to conclude that he believes them to be acceptable and justified at the very least. Well, he certainly did us a favour by showing what kind of people actually walk among us in this country. Along with other recent events, it proves that the Government's efforts to deal with the threat of terrorism are not some kind of cynical neo-con conspiracy as the Leftist tinfoil hat brigade would have us believe.

Not surprisingly, his approach was typical of the victim-centric Islamist blaming everything on the eeevil West. So dishonest. It's clear that much of the mayhem occurring in Iraq and Syria is theocratic in nature. Islamic State is aiming to create a global caliphate and they are employing extreme violence against innocents to do it. They are pursuing goals dreamed up hundreds of years ago, long before the USA even existed.

But of course Doureihi shamelessly wheeled out all that stupid victim cant. It's the Islamist's way of subverting our freedoms with the goal of ultimately removing them. And lefties have allowed -- even encouraged -- them to do it. Shame on you, pinkos! Time  for you to be more like the principled Bill Maher and less like vain jellyback Ben Affleck and start standing up for liberal values.

Speaking of lefties showing a spine: What a legend Alberici was, eh? My, did she go up in my estimation. I never thought I'd be cheering a journo from the ABC. But I was last night.

Her courage and consistency in pursuing the loathsome Dourheihi was impressive to any Aussie with a heart, a spine and a mind. And as we all know in her organization people like that are rare as hens' balls.

Doubtless the kind of sour anti-Alberici sentiment expressed on social media and included in this roundup will be clogging up the e-mail accounts of the powers that be at their ABC. Which is why I think she may even suffer some sort of payback. Doubt she'll be sacked. But a bit of, er, counselling with extreme tolerance is a possibility ...