Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Proof that leftism is quite literally garbage

Any sane rational adult knows that socialism is a completely discredited ideology and that the further left you go, the more insane and terrifying it becomes. So I always find it kinda weird that such a stupid worldview has such enduring appeal, and in a place that is so obviously so free, open and prosperous because it is founded on leftism's opposites.

Take my home turf of Sydney's inner west. It is an interesting experience for a rightie such as myself. It's a very left-leaning place. Of course, most of its denizens are very nice people who are not at all extreme in their politics. But there are definitely more than a few who are.

Perhaps the clearest evidence of their existence is the sheer number of far-left posters plastered all over the joint. Walk down King Street in Newtown and you'll really see what I mean.

It's not just walls and telegraph polls that are covered in the stuff. Rubbish bins cop it as well. Take this classic I spied in Enmore Rd:

So much you could say about this; so many internal contradictions.

Firstly, the big leftie-feminist "argument" is that a world run by those 'orrible profit-driven pale males is cruel and violent. Bolshie babes, OTOH, are supposed to be so full of lerve and compassion. Yet here these chicks are, threatening to kill blokes! Now, that's not very nice is it?

And they're toting pistols. Aside from the image's appalling phallic symbolism, it's a bit inconsistent with their anti-gun philosophy, innit? (Actually, prolly not when you think about it. For the socialist Left, gun-control ultimately means the state -- which ideally they rule, top down -- packing heat, and everyone else unarmed.)

And where's the diversity? These all look very much like whitey-tighty, "cis-females" to me -- prolly all heteros too. FFS, it's an outrage! Where are the black wimmin?

Also, they're all right-handed. Not one leftie! That's a yuuuge omission when you consider the context.

Anyhoo, onto the next example of rhetorical rubbish. This one is in Parramatta Rd, Leichhardt, just near the corner of Norton St.

Call me old fashioned, but when I see something so brutally bloodthirsty, and in black and white, I'm instantly repelled. Immediately makes me think: what kind of twisted individuals would create something like this? And what sort of bitter losers are they trying to attract with it?

Also, who are the "fascists" the poster refers too? Clearly, the extreme rhetoric of far-left groups behind posters like this sees capitalism as a kind of fascism, and judges all those who engage in it as being complicit. So, it's basically saying: if you're not with us, you're against us. And if you're against us, we wanna club you to death.

Just as with the female firing squad above, this commie can-art suffers from a sad case of projection. Any sane adult can see that its creators are far more vicious and violent than those they condemn.

Thankfully, malignant muppets like this are a minority -- even in this very left-leaning area ... Still, they do have many fellow travellers in universities and other places where they can poison young impressionable minds with their toxic rubbish. 

Wouldn't it be great if these institutions "took out the trash" from time to time?

Unfortunately, such purges would be Stalinist in their own way. So, sadly, in a free society we've gotta keep tolerating these garbage humans ...


Monday, January 8, 2018

Yassmin's tweet about Melbourne gang scourge was classic false equivalence

It's well established that lefties and liberals are intellectually dishonest. Deep down, they know they can't win on the merits of their own ideas so they are always trying to stop voters hearing competing ones. If they can, they'll simply silence their opponents -- either by outright intimidation or more subtle means such as lawfare. If they don't manage to censor them they'll do their utmost to slime them as bad people with appalling attitudes who should never be listened to. The malignant muppets are so desperate to discredit and disqualify those who disgaree with them it's fricken hilarious!

One of their fave ways of doing this is by employing false equivalence. Celebrity Muslim feminist Yassmin Abdel-Magied gave a perfect example of this recently in her silly troll-tweet mocking people justifiably pissed off about African gangs in Melbourne.

So stupid ... Apart from anything else you think: if our nation is comprised of such inferior stock why the hell did she live, study, and work here?

But it's not just stupid. There's actually a barbaric subtext to it that says a lot about the attitudes of Abdel-Magied and her fellow travellers. (And this "you're descended from convicts" line is very popular with the PC Left, BTW. I've heard it many times before.)

The tweet basically implies that Anglo Aussies have inherited criminal traits. While I won't say this makes her "literally Hitler" -- since that itself would be big time false equivalence! -- she is still invoking the idea of genetic determinism to slime a large percentage of the population. This concept has long been used by bigots to justify their prejudices.

Implying that a specific demographic group are somehow inferior because they have inherited criminal genes is akin to saying "you'll never be civilized because you're black". If she seriously wants to end discrimination against non-white people, then she should refrain from using such ugly tactics. 

Also, she's clearly showing that she thinks the punishments meted out to white Aussies' convict ancestors were actually valid. Hell, if that's not the case then why invoke them as a way to sledge their descendants?

She seems to believe that sending someone halfway across the world in a fricken boat, never to see their homeland again, is a reasonable punishment for stealing a loaf of bread. Talk about regressive!

Makes you wonder what other ideas she has about law and order ...

Yassmin's tweeting of such toxic tosh is obviously alarming. But remember she was long one of the ABC's darlings! That's even more of a worry.

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

New Year's Eve celebrations in Sydney: Security a huge issue

Even in my youth I was never really into fireworks. Always seemed to me that if you've seen one, you've seen 'em all! Maybe I'm wrong on this, but so be it ...

In any case, now that I'm over fifty I'm even less impressed by them. So I wasn't gonna hang around for the pyrotechnics at Sydney's New Year's Eve celebrations. Still, I lobbed in the CBD in the late arvo to have a gander at how the crowds were being corralled into the various vantage points around the ol' Coat Hanger.

It was fascinating to watch ... Obviously it was a yuuuge logistical exercize. And given the very real threat of terrorism (most likely by a supporter of Islamic State) the powers that be were not gonna take any chances at all. There were plods, barriers, and bollards fricken everywhere!

Woulda scared the crap out of any wannabe jihadis as well as making the countless spectators there feel a whole lot safer. Strategy was clearly successful, as evidenced by the fact that no one was knifed, blown to bits or flattened by a truck on the night. So, good on the Government for stepping up security in such a clear and pervasive way.

Still, aside from taking their responsibility to ensure public safety so seriously, it would be great if they could actually acknowledge the clear religious motivation behind the threat so we could have an honest, open debate about it.

Anyhoo, below are some photos I took as I wandered from the top of Bridge St down to The Rocks.

The statue of Edward the Seventh seemed symbolic of the passing of time and how the more things change, the more they stay the same. Fusty ol' dude atop his steed has been there for scores of celebrations like this one. Hopefully he'll remain for many more.

This exhibition of antiquated mug shots was a reminder of the enduring presence of criminals in our midst. Still a possibility that you'll be knifed in the street -- though nowadays that might be because you're an infidel, and not just a source of easy cash.

This reminded me of the sheer size of the crowds they were expecting. Note how it's actually a rural NSW company. Gawd, but there must've been a lot of poop to deal with on the night!

As I mentioned, the constabulary were everywhere. Most were garden variety plods. But these armed, dark-uniformed, shaven-headed heavies were clearly among the state's elite. 

In an echo of that other dead white male Edward the Seventh up the road, the Thomas Mort statue surveyed the scene near a police van quite probably containing a horse.

Bollards blocked every entrance to Circular Quay and surrounds. Nothing left to chance. This was just a side alley.

Several helicopters buzzed above. Maybe most were from the media, but some were copper choppers. 

Just to give you an idea of the density of the crowd. This is just a small segment in front of the Museum of Modern Art.

Hopefully none of these were required -- even for people suffering from accidents or health problems. (Though I suspect that wasn't the case.)

Still more barriers, bollards, and plods ... This was the view from the bottom of Bridge St looking towards Circular Quay. I got many more similar shots. But I think you get the picture.