Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Gillard's "captain's pick" of Nova Peris cynical in the extreme

Julia Gillard's "captain's pick" of Nova Peris for the Senate is so cynical you almost can't believe it. The PM has not made this decision to help Aborigines in the Top End. It's just to impress sanctimonious middle class white numpties in the major cities in the next federal election. They'll all know Peris as an Olympic gold medal winner and so be favourably disposed towards her already. And they'll think this is a fine gesture from Gillard (and for these people, gestures are all important).

So Gillard will keep her support amongst this demographic high, and maybe even increase it a bit. (Just watch her saccharine face-pulling as she watches the overawed Peris sook up during the press conference in the video included in this story. Makes you wanna puke!)

Nova Peris is just a pawn and everybody knows it (including herself, I suspect). And she's completely out of her depth. Her breathless response at the press conference was just excruciating. As well as attacks from her opponents, there's much seething hostility towards her from within the party itself. Putting someone in that situation is just too cruel for words.

The former athlete may get on top of things and hang in there, but I think there's a strong chance she'll throw in the towel. If that happens, it probably won't bother Gillard. She will have received the benefit form the invitation merely by making it.

This is classic leftist cynicism in action. Socialists routinely condemn others for being racist, yet place race above all others as a criterion in their decisions. They cast themselves as selfless, empowering "givers". But they're always being selfish and routinely seek power over others. And they usually take much more than they give.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Reaction to Kochie's comments about breastfeeding in public

Just couldn't believe the ruckus over David Koch's recent comments about breastfeeding in public (though I was relieved that no media outlet resorted to that ol' standby "storm in a D-cup" when describing it). The episode certainly did give new meaning to the term "freedom of expression", eh?

The fact that so many chicks with sprogs were so outraged about what he said is another sign that the idiotic hair-trigger bolshevism usually associated with childless leftie feminists has now gone mainstream. While some of them are no doubt lesbian couples a la Penny Wong and her significant other, I assume the majority would have done things the, er, old fashioned way.

And I pity the men in those unions. They'd have to be treading on eggshells the whole time. I mean, if their partners go ballistic over some TV personality's quite innocuous observation about breastfeeding, then you've gotta wonder how they would react to an unwanted answer to the question "Does my bum look big in this?".

But the general over-reaction isn't nearly as much of a worry as some of the specific statements of one of the women who weighed in on the issue:

The Australian Breastfeeding Association slammed Koch's remarks but said it was an opportunity to educate the Australian public about the need to support breastfeeding mothers.

"It is an opportunity to say (Koch's) comments are illegal: you can't discriminate against any mother at any time," spokesperson Meredith Laverty said.

Which just goes to show there are a lot of thick, totalitarian types out there who must be pleased as punch about Nicola Roxon's creepy plan to make offending people against the law.

The censorious Ms Laverty then added this odd observation:

"(Babies) just don't choose when they're hungry. We don't ask people to duck off into the toilet to have their lunch. I thought our society was past this."

Well, no. That would be extremely unhygeinic, apart from anything else. That said, I'm sure members of one extreme minority group, coprophagists, would beg to differ. Hell, they'll prolly be the next group arcing up about how they're routinely discriminated against!

Gawd. Imagine what kind of hijinks would occur at a demo held by these crazy cats. And what would we call them? The bolshie breast-feeders call themselves lactivists, so what would these be, craptivists? Still, at least they wouldn't be scowling, since they'd all be sporting shit-eating grins ... 

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Labor's six point Newspoll bounce to be quickly erased?

Got a shock when I was watching the teev last night. Saw a newsflash saying that Labor had surged six points in the latest Newspoll. I hope this is just an aberration like some of the ones that have occurred before and that subsequent polls will show the Coalition still way ahead. 

But if it's not and Labor have genuinely gained ground, I suspect it's got very little to do with anything they've been saying or doing. It's probably just a bit of collective amnesia on the part of the electorate. With many pols on hols, as well as many journos, there's been little to remind us just how godawful this government actually is.

The AWU scandal in particular has faded from public consciousness in recent weeks. But when Parliament resumes and Julie Bishop can resume needling Gillard on her involvement in it people will remember what a dodgy, vicious character the PM is. Her party's recent poll bounce will be be erased for sure then, I reckon.

What do you think?