Thursday, March 31, 2022

A New World Order hellscape in your face!

It's now undeniable that the globalist elite are desperately trying to take us into this "New World Order". As well as all the other data points confirming this pattern, national "leaders" are openly using the term with increasing frequency. 

The creepy elites see themselves as artists and the world as their canvas. We lowly "useless eaters" are the paint. So they often try to facilitate this transformation process with "artistic" events that they engineer

These could also be seen as symbolic incantations or the casting of spells. After all, the occult elite are clearly a truly batshit bunch -- wanky warlocks and whining witches, the lot of them! 

That's why I think that recent lethal fire in that Sydney boarding house could well have been engineered. It was bang in the heart of of Newtown after all. And the horrific event did include many creepily symbolic elements, which I cover in this video

As mentioned the Failing Terrorgraph has form for occult elite symbolism. The whole paper is chockas with it. Blue dogs, shoe and boot symbolism, creepy numbers like 33, 666. And the cover has some sort of subtextual message more often than not. 

Take this recent issue, just after that fire. See how there are two main stories, one about the accused arsonist, and the other about booming Parramatta and nearby areas.

They will often clip the two stories together with key words or images, thereby suggesting an underlying symbolic theme for those in the know. 

I think they did this here. Notice how the top and bottom lines of the headline on the left line up exactly with the two bottom lines on the headline on the right. 

Read them through and you get: "FACE OF THE WEST. FIRE KILLER IS BEST." 

Sinister or what?

BTW, if you think this is just another coincidence then check out the video embedded below. A similar trick was used, along with other disturbing symbolism to do with kids and hearts. 

So they're basically saying that they look forward to a hell on earth in which their creepy secret society wanker mates get to completely run the joint out in the open, basically plundering humanity for its mojo as described here

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Monday, March 28, 2022

Will Smith vs Chris Rock Oscars stoush was a symbolic "code red" to global elite

That Will Smith vs Chris Rock fight at the Oscars was definitely scripted. It was a hidden message to the elite across the world. 

Will Smith's wife's name is Jada Pinkett Smith. Pink, geddit? 

"Get my wife's name our of your effing mouth." IOW, spit out that pink drug. 

"Rock" is a euphemism for it too, it seems. (Watch Aerosmith's "Pink" video on YT and you'll see heaps of occult elite symbolism in it including the white rabbit.) 

Global supplies are tainted. It's making people very sick -- I think in some cases even killing them -- all over the world. Please read these posts for context

I suspect this might have been the cause of Taylor Hawkins' death. Either a bad batch killed him, or he ran out. Or maybe he sang to the white hats taking down this trade, and had to suffer the consequences? 

Not sure, but so many stories in the MSM feature pinky-purple elements. These seem to be symbolic incantations (that is, globalist death cultists' batshit attempts to get this evil trade moving again). And I think sometimes they are hints about what might really be happening behind the scenes -- that is, the occult elite owners are getting their underlings to symbolically communicate the truth behind the obvious fiction of the fake news to their creepy mates. 

There's no doubt in my mind that the globalist elite have been packing death re this pink time bomb for a while. Among other things, they've been terrified that a certain notorious DC pizza parlor might return to public awareness. 

Note the current chatter about how Biden's dopey SCOTUS pick presided over the case of the Q-tard who shot up that stellar establishment. Normies of the world are now joining the dots on that with a vengeance. 

That is of course the Great Resetters' greatest fear. And it explains this:

Remember, they can't send out snail mail letters, e-mails, or texts telling users to avoid their fave indulgence, now can they? So they have to resort to these coded methods. 

Crazy as it sounds, I think that protest at Spit Bridge was a local attempt at this as well. So too were those signs in Sydney's eastern suburbs about how racists were not welcome in the area. They were red and white and pink, after all. I think they were meant to stir up controversy to try and get the local elites to join the dots and realize that those colors were now toxic somehow. 

And what better way to reach their target audience of elite across the world than via perhaps the most widely watched TV event of all, the Oscars? 

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Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Dead panda

Only a week or so ago I posted about a bizarre pattern in the MSM to do with pandas and pink hearts. If that wasn't weird enough, there was another story that featured a panda not long after that. Critter escaped from its enclosure and was run over, apparently.

This absolutely has to be some sort of symbolic incantation or comms. It cannot have happened by chance.

Think about it: Sydney paper publishes story about cute baby red pandas on March 11. Then in the March 19 issue there's a piece about how a red panda escaped from a wildlife park near Sydney and was killed by a car on a road. What are the odds? 

The way the story is presented is interdasting also. 

See how it's at the bottom of the page. There's a photo of a red panda, and it's exactly underneath a woman in a red dress. That story is about stunnas getting dolled up at the races. I think they really like horses because of the idea of horsepower, which brings to mind cars (traffic)

Note also how her right leg is directly over the red panda. 

Secret society wankers love their shoe, boot and leg symbolism. And they have form for this alignment trick. There's an example of it at the bottom of this post about another of their fave symbols, the blue dog

I think this is about the horrific hidden business related to "panda eyes". Note also the headline on the top right hand side of the page. It includes the words "painful fee hike". 

Perhaps they're saying that the whole evil trade to which they refer is no longer in the black but is now in the red? Or maybe it's just more symbolic incantation to keep the whole sinister vibe going. 

Whatever it is, it's creepy as all get out. And the pattern is undeniable. 

So if you wanna debunk my "conspiracy theory" then saying "you're batshit" isn't good enough. You have to offer an alternative explanation for something so unlikely that it could not possibly be a random event. If you have one, please submit it in comments. 

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Saturday, March 19, 2022

Every witch way but news

We all know that the so-called "journalists" at their ABC are tragically indoctrinated, globalist-controlled lefties, which is why they don't produce actual news but selective propaganda. They're also driven by feelings, not facts. As a result much of their star broadcasters' commentary is as incoherent as it is cringeworthy. Being so child-brained and daft, they routinely contradict themselves too. 

Two recent gargles from Virginia Trioli illustrate this perfectly. Take this think -- sorry, feel -- piece on that whole "mean girls" narrative related to the tragic death of Kimberley Kitching

The friends, colleagues and relatives of Kitching who may feel aggrieved at the pressure she was under to retain her preselection may also feel driven by a righteous anger that now clearly feeds the media cycle — but it is profoundly disappointing that it's playing out in archaic and sexist language that has its origin in representations of witches, harpies and shrews.

It's full of the usual crap about culture and misogyny, natch. And she avoids addressing the fact that the reason the term "mean girls" is featured in so much of the current commentary is because Kitching herself used this term to describe the three Labor women shown above. 

But it's the witches reference that made me laugh because of what she wrote not so long ago about women's entirely justified anger against the patriarchy:

We are going to have to get comfortable with seeing a woman's rage. And if this generation is offering to teach us all the dark arts of refusing to make nice — I want to join their coven.

Eh? So being a witch was kewl back then? I'm confused ... 

Virginia is really having a bob each way here. She's clearly ambivalent about the whole wiccan thing.

It's a bit like this famous quote you may have heard: "I refuse to join any club that would have me as a member."

Weirdly apt given she's a cultural Marxist. Though, unlike Groucho himself she's not so much a joker but a joke. And an unfunny one at that.

Broom, broom! 

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Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Coils ain't coils

Just learned about two house fires in Adelaide being started by unattended mosquito coils. 

I don't doubt that the blazes were real. But the narrative about how they started is obvious bollocks. Seriously, what are the odds?

Like so much fake news these days there's a 'rona link -- indirect this time. Apparently there's a buying frenzy for these coils because people are packing death at the prospect of the next pandemic: Japanese encephalitis.

So what might actually be going on here? 

Look closely at the coil in the screenshot above. It's pretty distinctive, and reminiscent of a certain symbol used by rock spiders

Crazy as it sounds, I think that's what this is really about. Seems to be some sort of coded message about child trafficking and a related drug trade. 

Maybe it's a "bad batches" warning to do with this drug. Or it might be a more general kind of symbolic incantation. After all, they really love this idea of (pink) fire, particularly when it goes "through the roof"

With this context in mind the details surrounding these fires, and the terms used in this report are interdasting.

One of them was at King Edward Avenue. Could this be comms to do with the royal family? 

The other was in "a century old home". Who's almost a century old (if she is still alive, that is)? 

The segment includes an interview with a fireman dude called Angelo. Reference to a certain fallen angel, perhaps?

Dr Chris Moy keeps the fear going by telling people to use spray-on repellant. "Chris." Hmm. Put a "t" on the end and what have you got? 

They also show an adult spraying a kid's leg. Freemasons love their shoe, boot and leg symbolism, remember. 

The reporter calls one of the fires an "inferno". Pretty OTT way to describe a house fire, innit? I think this was a reference to that Tom Hanks movie about a pandemic. Hanks is (or was) very high up in their occult system, so they're often making references to him

Also, one of the suburbs mentioned in the report was Kilkenny. What does that name bring to mind? "They killed Kenny!" from South Park

Yeah, I know my interpretation if these data points sounds so insane and diabolical as to be completely implausible. But the occult elite do have form for this kind of thing. They absolutely love wordplay and alluding to popular culture in symbolic incantations and comms. 

Their trick is to be so completely barking batshit mad with this stuff that normal folk just can't accept that anyone could seriously dream up these shenanigans, let alone carry them out. That's how they hide in plain sight. They've been doing it for ages and getting away with it the whole time. 

So, I think that this story has been entirely dodgied up for some hidden purpose. 

It's like that old ad: "Oils ain't oils." Yeah, and coils ain't just coils ... 

Sol was based. Be like Sol. Don't be hypnotized by the secret society wankers and their tool of mass hypnosis, the fake news. 

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Monday, March 14, 2022

Michael Rowland has the dreaded 'rona

Funny how many dopey slebs are now claiming to have caught COVID-19. Most of them have made such a song and dance about getting "vaccinated", after all. Take the Southbank Ken Doll, Michael Rowland.

He, along with Norman Swan, did a whole segment covering his experience of getting the syringe stab to help keep everyone safe. Fat lot of good that did him. 

Unless of course he was faking it, which is what I suspected at the time. Hence the video embedded below. 

Either way Michael Rowland is wearing massive clown shoes right now. If he did dinkum get jabbed then the magic potion clearly doesn't work, does it?

OTOH, if he was faking it that makes him a lying, low-life, dirty dog POS. 

Kind of a lose-lose type situation, innit? 

In any case I think there might actually be something else going on here. It's possible that the 'rona claim is cover for other developments behind the scenes. If he doesn't return to broadcasting at all, I won't be surprised. 

We will see ...  

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Sunday, March 13, 2022

Pink hearts and pandas

I know that some people reading my blog and watching my videos might have concluded that my obsession with symbolism in the MSM means I've taken a swan dive into the deep end of the crazy pool. To those people I say: Explain this, then!

This was from the Failing Terrograph's March 11 issue. Note the story about privacy concerns that parents are having regarding plans to make primary school toilets unisex. Above that is a story about a red panda. 

There's a very disturbing rabbit hole to do with giant, black and white pandas and their eyes which I suggest you look into. Even though the species is different, this symbolism seems related to that.

Note the headline "It's Pand-ID Camera for these Furballs". This describes the kind of techno-surveillance that is planned for humans. But it also brings to mind "panda eyes" which I mentioned above. 

The term "furballs" is also notable. That's because balls seem to be used as symbols of a drug related to child trafficking. I think this is because the patches on soccer balls resemble the compound's molecular structure, though it could be for some other reason.

In any case, this is pretty creepy, particularly when you look at the headline directly below. 

Then there's the page on the left. 

It's about the Sydney Mardi Gras. It has a 'rona theme, which is often used as cover for comms. Note the pink love hearts. 

Remember that pink is a way to allude to the drug I mentioned above because that's what colour it is. And of course hearts pump blood around the body. 

Now, look at this story. 

It was about a giant panda in a Taiwan zoo getting too fat. The photo is what he got for his birthday from 2014. Note the pink heart motif. 

Again, what are the odds? 

Remember that Taipei looks like it could become the next Ukraine. But instead of Russia invading it will be China.

The MSM will say it's because of China's imperial ambitions. But maybe it's to clean up all the Deep State, swampy evil, which includes child trafficking and related criminal activities? 

And it gets weirder. Yesterday I noticed a poster on a bus for the Disney movie Turning Red. The trailer is embedded below, BTW. 

When I got home I noticed this update from the West Australian

It was a review of this very movie! Spooky synchronicity ... or maybe more evidence that all the MSM outlets are being given tasks from some globalist command centre? I think the latter. 

Note how it's about menstruation -- that is, blood. 

Speaking of which, only fifteen minutes later the paper posted this tweet, again with a 'rona theme, which shows two women drinking red liquid. Not sure of the names of these cocktails but I think one might be a Bloody Mary. 

Again, what are the odds? 

Back to the movie itself. Check out the trailer. It's all about "unleashing the beast". It's absolutely chockas with occult elite symbolism including the ol' one eye, shoe soles exposed, and an explosion of pink smoke as the heroine transforms into the giant red panda. 

Note the logo right at the end. Clearly reminiscent of rabbit ears

There's something vast and centralized going on here people. Not sure exactly what it all means. But the pattern is undeniable and sinister as. 

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Saturday, March 12, 2022

Anti-Putin demo at Sydney Town Hall

Was in the Sydney CBD on the 9th of March and saw this rally against the Russian invasion of Ukraine. I was in a bit of a hurry so didn't watch much of it but it seemed that the protesters were all or mostly Russians against Putin.

The two speakers I saw were definitely echoing the "Mad Vlad" narrative that is so dominant in the MSM lately and saying he wanted to expand his empire. I know Putin is far perfect. But there's obviously a helluva lot of other stuff going on that the fake news doesn't tell us about. It's mainly to do with the US biolabs. 

There was a gruff old dude in the crowd who looked a bit drunk. He was yelling stuff out about Soviet Russia or something. Maybe he was an old school commie Russian and was hankering for the good ol' days? Not sure. He might have just been very enthusiastically supportive of what the speakers were saying. It was hard to tell. 

But I thought it was very revealing that the two cops who were there went up and told him to calm down. You can actually see this in the quick video I made. (BTW it ends abruptly because the camera ran out of memory.) 

So they clearly had instructions to support the rally. Said heaps given that their counterparts in Canberra have been using high tech, Deep State weaponry on Aussies protesting against the vaccine mandates and other globalist insanity. 

It's obviously not Putin who's the the main imperialist but the globalist Cabal, who own and control the MSM and pretty much all establishment politicians. 

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Saturday, March 5, 2022


So we've all heard the shocking and sad news that Shane Warne just died. Many are saying that it was because he got the jibby-jab-jabberwocky-jabberoo.

I'm not convinced by that theory TBH. I think there's something else going on here. I'm not quite sure what it is. But the orchestrated weirdness that now consumes us in so many ways is just off the charts! And my spidey senses are telling me that this tragic development is another example of it ... 

Anyhoo, can you trust the mainstream media to tell you the truth about anything ever again? Look at the absolute bollocks they're cranking out about Ukraine, FFS!

They say there was no foul play in the cricketing great's death. And they are making much of his haunting final tweet in which he used the heart emoji. Is this some kind of sick mockery of the readership? They do love to do that so I wouldn't be surprised if it is. 

Sounds like they know the truth, and they're not letting on. They're just giving the normies massive lies like they always do. 

It's like with Bob Saget. First angle was that he died in his sleep from a heart attack. Then it turned out he fell and hit his head before going to bed. Since then his family have been fighting hard to keep photos of the death scene secret. 

Sounds like Saget was whacked TBH. Not sure of the deal with Warnie but famous Aussies have been dropping like flies lately. It's suss as. 

Not only that; in several cases their deaths were preceded by a fall

It's like these events have all been part of some weird mega-ritual being run by secret society wankers. They love their shoe, boot and leg symbolism, after all. Which is why the falling is so interdasting

While this element doesn't seem to be part of Shane Warne's death, he was the greatest ever leg spinner, after all. 

Speaking of which, I noticed this item about Liz Hurley last year.  

The Failing Terrograph has form for occult elite symbolism so I think there was some sort of hidden message in there somewhere. Notice the headline and the pink theme

She was wearing a moon-boot, too. Know who else was recently? Patti Newton, and she had it on her right leg around the same time that hubby Bert was in hospital after having his right leg amputated. He died not long after that. 

What are the odds? 

Seemed so suss to me that I made a video about it at the time. It seems even more suss in retrospect. 

Then there's the fact that Liz Hurley was linked to billionaire Steve Bing, who also died suddenly not long ago

Now I'm not for one second suggesting that the spunky Brit actress had anything to do with Warne or Bing's death. It just seems that she, like so many A-list slebs, has long been part of a vast and very creepy control system masterminded by the occult elite. 

These psychopathic arseholes, who are in the Epstein Island tier, are truly evil people. It's likely that some of the slebs whom they've elevated know their more explosive secrets. Maybe they're being offed as a precautionary measure? 

Or perhaps they're actually being kept safe from potential harm by the "white hats" because they have this knowledge and their deaths are being faked. These guys certainly do have a sense of humour. And if this is the case it would be one helluva troll of the globalists, wouldn't it?

Eagle-eyed Gab user Tree Whisperer noticed this recent tweet of Warne's. Ed Sheeran's T-shirt is pretty noticeable, innit? I actually mentioned it in this video about the symbolic aspects of a TV segment about the "late" music entrepreneur

It certainly does lend credence to the above theory. Maybe Warnie, Gudinski and others are not dead at all but have been given new identities and are sipping Pina Coladas poolside in far-off lands? 

Yeah, sounds impossible but things are so cray-cray at the moment it would not surprise me in the slightest if this were actually the truth. 

But back to the death cult witchcraft angle: It's well established that the occult elite love wordplay as much as visual symbolism. So maybe Governor General David Hurley's absence is also part of the chaos the wanky warlocks are weaving to compound their beloved chaos?

With that in mind, please check out the opening scene from Roman Polanski's classic version of Macbeth. But instead of three hatchet-faced crones imagine a dapper bunch of high-ranking Freemason blokes meeting to cast their spell. And they don't throw a severed arm, knife and blood into the sand but a leg, cricket bat and ball. 

"When shall we three meet again? In thunder, lightning, or in rain? When the Hurley-bowly's done. When the battle's lost and won ... There to meet with The Big Guy." 

Mentally make those changes and this scene pretty much captures the vibe, I reckon. 

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Thursday, March 3, 2022

Vlad the Invader

If you think I'm "out where the buses don't go" with my "hidden global trade in blood" theory, check this out. This is the February 26 issue of the Failing Terrorgraph

More hiding in plain sight on the cover. Headline tells those in the know that Vladimir Putin is out to clean up the criminal cesspit that is Ukraine. Remember, that nation is a hub for child trafficking among other horrific crimes. Blood is harvested from those kids, and transported all over the world. 

So, they're tryna portray Putin as the new Vlad the Impaler. He's "Dracula in charge of the blood bank". Classic projection. 

This is the same issue. Note the red theme. Fight or flight refers to adrenaline. It's a message to local oxidized adrenaline junkies. It's telling them it's all about to go belly up there. 

Still the same issue, local story. Pumping -- like a heart, geddit! 

The editor's clearly had a rush of blood to the head ... Or maybe that's a rush of Bud

I've seen heaps of similar imagery in the putrid fake news MSM since. And here's something I just spotted today. 

This heartbreak motif is often used to allude to this evil industry, as is the colour pink. Notice how her pillow includes that colour. And the term "bloody war" is used. 

It's a bloody war, alright. Putin is taking out the bloodsucking trash. Won't be too long before we get to do that here. 

People have to realize that there really is a massive, entrenched globalist control system of which the child trafficking and adrenalized blood drug industry are a crucial part. They must also understand that our entire MSM and political establishment are ultimately controlled by it -- even if that's mostly indirectly. 

Next few months Aussies are gonna be shocked to the core as more and more of this evil shit is exposed. It will be traumatic but we will win. 

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