Sunday, October 13, 2019

Based KAK provokes pack attack

While their ABC is the worst outlet for politically correct group think, the rest of the MSM is almost as bad. Commercial TV is chockas with hand-wringing, virtue signalling arsehats all toeing the globalist, warmist line. That's why I'm so glad there are people like Kerri-Anne Kennerley still working in it. She definitely possesses common sense and the courage to express it in very blunt terms. Maybe that is because of all the struggles she's had during her very long career.

Recently, on Studio Ten, she had this to say about the Extinction Rebellion protestors: 

Personally, I would leave them all super glued to wherever they do it, the guy hanging from the Story Bridge. Why send emergency services? Leave him there until he gets himself out… no emergency services should help them, nobody should do anything, and you just put little witches hats around them, or use them as a speedbump.

I can imagine that the vast majority of normies watching the show heartily agreed with that sentiment. The XR protestors are just parasitic narcissists causing chaos. They aren't doing any good at all.

But KAK's spray seems to have been the only one of its kind in the entire MSM. She has been roundly condemned for the comments by many of her peers. And of course the Twitter trollective lost their shit big time over it. 

Revealing to see how many misogynistic insults were used against her from those caring, sharing, feminist lefties ... You can be damn sure that many of those getting stuck in with the "dumb blonde" angle re Kerri-Anne would be appalled if those same insults were hurled at that other blonde "KK", Kristina Keneally. Most of the blokes among this mob would be white-knighting up a storm!

Says so much that Tony Windsor not only tweeted something so malicious and puerile, but happily left it up on the site. It shows that he knows he won't be held to the same standard that those sledging a prominent feminist woman would be.

Windsor has been a frequent guest on that excruciating right-on jawfest The Drum. Imagine if he'd tweeted something along the same lines about Ms Keneally. He'd be permabanned in a microsecond without a doubt! But because he's attacked a safe target he's almost certain to be on there bloviating up a storm again before long.

Speaking of The Drum, and its preferred narrative: Claire Harvey demonstrates how to condemn the protestors while still obeying the warmist, globalist line and thereby not risk being punted from future panels. 

See, you can criticize the methods by which those hordes of shrieking, insane twats aimed to "raise awareness of climate change" and "help save the planet". But you must do it in a very mild, polite manner (unlike KAK). And you better not question their agenda itself. That is wrongthink. And it is verboten!

Clearly, almost everyone in the MSM has received this memo in one form or another and they obey it whenever the topic is discussed. This is extremely annoying. But it's also toxic to social cohesion and public mental health among other things.

Be great if the MSM stopped running the line that the narcissistic ferals have admirable goals. FFS, they are just useful idiots!

Sunday, October 6, 2019

Alexander Downer a spy? Conspiracy theory, or fact?

The claim that Alexander Downer dinkum engaged in "spying" sounds utterly absurd because the word evokes a dangerous world of high stakes intrigue -- James Bond, Cold War, Jason Bourne, etc. But if you remember he's just a dude tryna keep in the good books with powerful forces (like an office worker in a big company might) then what Papadopoulos accuses him of sounds much more plausible.

There's also heaps of other stuff that's been going on the last coupla years that you'd only know about if you went "off the beaten track" into the wilds of "alt-media". This stuff makes Downer as spook seem a lot less far-fetched, I can tell you

As is the case with so many issues -- climate change, for example -- the MSM  have their heads whopped right up their own clackers. In fact, they're so far up 'em, they're coming out their own mouths! Which is why they talk crap all the time. And they're definitely talking crap on this so-called "conspiracy theory".

Because Guardian "journalists" here are lazy, brainwashed muppets, they've just looked at this Papadopoulos stuff and thought: "Oh, we all know Lexie's a Tory, and he's for Brexit, etc, so there's no way he could possibly be part of a plot to take down right-wing nationalist Trump." So they come up with articles like this.

ABC robodolts like Matthew Bevan have been repeating this "Downer a spy? LOL!" angle ad nauseam also, often linking it to Trump. Pretty funny when you consider that this muppet (along with the entire MSM) has been a sucker for the biggest conspiracy theory of all (the one about Russian collusion) for years on end and now he's hinting at dark forces ("Trump's favourite TV host") behind this narrative. FFS, who's the wingnut here? 

Being a mere activist he hasn't looked closely into why we've been sucked into the US discussion, just offers facile observations about it. A real journalist, OTOH, would actually do some research into the details of Papadopoulos' claims, and their context. But nup. Smug insinuation will do when you're a guest on that combination sneerfest and circle-jerk called The Drum.

In any case, the whole PapaD vs Lexie grudge match has been highly entertaining. 

Notice how Lexie himself cites his Tory credentials, zif that's some kinda rhetorical slam dunk. But as Stefan Molyneux would say, that's not an argument!

Lexie also uses the "conspiracy theory" label. Another non-argument. 

But what if it's not a theory, and people did conspire? And they used him to further their ends? He's not offering anything like a solid refutation, or even any evidence, to debunk this claim. He's just using a hackneyed term that's meant to smear his accuser as a paranoid idiot.

It's a very lazy, tried and true tactic, which is why Bevan has employed it here also.

"Nothing to see here folks, move along ..."

And what did Bevan's investigations entail? Why, an interview with Lexie himself!

Firstly, it's lazy to draw your conclusions merely from asking the accused about the accusation ... If, say, a teller says his boss has been ripping off the bank do you just go up to the manager and say "Mate, did you do it?" and take his answer -- an obvious "no" -- as the final word on the matter, or do you look forensically at the money trail?

Also "every question" you could think of is not gonna reveal much when you're a robodolt whose main software program is OrangeManBad.exe.

And so fricken what if the chowing Downer was so calm that he snacked as he yacked? How much of a child-brained credulous twit would you have to be to conclude that that somehow supports the line that the claims are bogus?

More thoughts on this whole issue here: