Sunday, May 21, 2017

MSM's fake news is being called out in Australia and America. The hacks hate it!

So on Insiders this morning Andrew Probyn expressed his pique about politicians using the term “fake news”. I'm sure he's also pissed off about punters doing the same. And no wonder …

He, along with his peers have long been widely trusted as truth tellers reporting the facts without fear or favour. But now that everyone's got social media to fact check 'em, or do their own reporting (and faster) it's patently obvious that the MSM have been routinely cranking out biased BS on a grand scale for decades, and continue to do so.
They're massively butthurt that they “don't get no respect!” anymore. What a laugh! The muppets don't deserve any. We're all kicking ourselves that we believed them for so long … I'm glad they're upset that we're onto them. Their tears taste sweet! And we should continue to call out their fake news (and very fake news!) at every opportunity.

While their relentless pushing of false narratives is a scourge here in Australia, it's a fricken pandemic in the USA!

So clear that the American deep state is desperate to get rid of Trump because they know they can't control him. So they, along with the Democrats (who simply have not accepted that they were beaten fair and square by The Donald and now exist in a psychotic bubble of total denial) have built up this “Russian hacking” bollocks.

The MSM over there are not just a tad biased toward the Democrats. They're like Pravda was for the Kremlin! They are in “destroy Trump at all costs!” mode, and lose it when they meet any resistance.

Take Anderson Cooper:
Forgive me for extending his scatological reference, dear readers. But if Hillary Clinton took a dump on “Pooper” Cooper's own desk, I reckon he would gladly eat it!

He and his fellow presstitutes have turned the stated goals of their profession upside down. They willingly repeat obvious fictions as if they were fact. And they spend most of their time desperately trying to discredit credible claims of corruption and criminality on the part of the Democrats.

There are many of these. But the most compelling of late are those related to the mysterious murder of Seth Rich. It's almost certain that he was the one who sent all those hugely damaging e-mails to Wikileaks -- which kills the Russian hacking angle as dead as poor Seth himself. Not only that, there's been all manner of stonewalling by the authorities in regards to the details of his demise, access to CCTV and bodycam footage and the like.

If that isn't suss as all get out I'm Clementine Ford.
Surely any journalist worth his salt would be doing all he could to find out what actually happened to this poor guy and why. FFS, on the face of it, it makes Watergate look like a parking infringement. But almost every big name reporter and pundit in America is pushing this angle that Putin and palskis “hacked the election”, while never citing any actual evidence.

Speaking of which: check out this gargle by their ABC's Sara James. In it, she equates the big fat nothing burger of Trump's ties to Bad Vlad with Nixon's notorious, documented crimes. Poor chick has clearly been watching too many thrillers.

And she's not the only one regurgitating the corrupt American liberal media lies for a local audience. Their ABC “journalists” breathlessly repeat the Russia angle in doom-laden tones every day, while completely ignoring the Seth Rich stuff.

Sara, just keep cranking out the fake news, babe. We'll keep calling you and your fellow shills out in it. You're losing your undeserved authority by the day and it's a hoot!

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Leichhardt poster frenzy reveals pinko panic over Le Pen, Trump et al

Lefties across the globe are freaking out big time because of Trump's stunning victory. Then there was Brexit. Marine Le Pen is gathering momentum in France, too. And here in Oz, they are packin' death at the rise of populists like Hanson, Bernardi and others -- while continually portraying this as nothing to worry about. Local lefties, many of whom are millennials, are facing an international wave of opposition on a scale they mostly haven't encountered before.

And as we all know, when the going gets tough the Left gets, er, shouty (or more accurately, even shoutier than usual). They like to think this decibel-raising will result in a commensurate lift in collective consciousness. But all it really does is increase local rates of hearing loss.

These shriek-fests are heavily promoted, with posters being their fave method. You often see slickly produced posters all over Sydney's Inner West, a socialist stronghold. (The ones shown here were on a post box in Norton St, Leichhardt.)

Love the fact it's a black chick getting all bolshie in this shot. Funny, because whitey-tighties will vastly outnumber those with darker skin at most leftie shindigs -- especially in the upper echelons of the groups behind them. The Greens party itself is a good example. "The Whites" would be a better name for them.

Might be hard to see on this blog, but the poster mentions a mystery speaker from the USA ... Hmm. I wonder who that is ... Maybe it's Hillary Clinton? She does have a lot of free time on her hands these days. Also, she's desperate to get the message out that her stunning loss to Trump had absolutely nothing to do with her noxious personality, putrid history of corruption, and toxic politics, and everything to do with Putin, the FBI -- and misogyny, natch.

Though, prolly not her when you remember her usual speaking fees. She's kinda like a superdupermodel, really. Doesn't get out of bed for under a hundred grand.

Could the fascists win in France?

Well, I'm sure millions of Frenchmen are determined to prevent that outcome. Which is why they're voting for Marine Le Pen.

If anyone fits the label fascist it's the Islamist terrorists and their creepy globalist enablers, after all. It's certainly not Ms Le Pen herself, who, while obviously a nationalist, can barely even be described as "far-right".

And what pinko poster collection would be complete without one for a gay pride march (which will no doubt feature demands for "marriage equality")? Sheesh, it's like Q and A, innit?

Seems odd that they're whining about Trump. He's hardly a traditional conservative ideologue and isn't implacably opposed to gay marriage. Even sillier for gay rights activists to rail at Turnbull, who is desperate to stay in their good books and is only sticking to the plebiscite because he knows that he'll plummet even further in the polls if he doesn't.

Still, coherence was never the PC Left's strong suit -- unlike mass wailing and gnashing of teeth ... 

Friday, March 10, 2017

Bill Leak is gone. What a huge, shocking loss

Logged in to Twitter earlier today. Saw that "Bill Leak" was trending and thought nothing of it. Assumed that he'd offended the #Auspol trollective yet again with another hilarious, incisive and beautifully rendered cartoon. Finally got around to clicking on his name and saw that he had died.

Almost couldn't believe it. He'd only just launched his new book, with none other than Sir Les Patterson in attendance! And he didn't look like a candidate for a heart attack, being so thin and all ... But tragically he's really gone.
Some of his supporters are already blaming his death on the stress of the appalling witch hunt waged against him by the AHRC using Section 18c of the RDA. While I can understand why they take this view, frankly I think that's way too early and simplistic.

Needless to say, purportedly compassionate lefties on Twitter and elsewhere are revealing their mean-spiritedness by gleefully tweeting about his unexpected demise.
There are countless hate tweets like this. They are depressing, and sinister. Hell, he was a bloody cartoonist!

You can understand people being happy at the demise of a child killer, mass murderer or tyrannical politician. But some guy who drew funny pictures? FFS ...

This vile reaction from the Left says a lot about where they're heading. Boy have they gone off course! Back in the day, it was lefties who were the rebellious ratbags. They were the ones who incisively mocked powerful, po-faced, censorious institutions. Now they blindly support them, doing their utmost to bully dissenting voices into silence

As an example of the extent to which political correctness has corroded and dumbed down our culture, check out this tweet from an SBS employee. In it she implicitly accuses the late artist of a kind of "murder by cartoon". Fact that she's a purported comedian herself proves that in Australia's MSM at least, satire really is dead.
And even though many of these sad trolls are calling Leak right-wing and conservative, he never struck me as being strongly ideological in that way -- or any other for that matter. He was just a brilliant artist with a finely honed bullshit detector. He could cut right through to the heart of a complex political issue and rip his target's hypocrisy to ribbons with his elegant brushstrokes. His verbal skill was just as awesome, too. And he managed to do all of that consistently and make you laugh out loud as well! 

The bloke had an awesome, unique talent and his death has left one helluva big hole in our culture. What a massive, tragic loss.

Friday, February 24, 2017

Battle between Abbott and Turnbull precipitated by Bernardi's departure?

It's clearly on between Abbott and Turnbull now. Tension really heated up after Tony made it very clear what he thought the Government should do at the launch for the book Making Australia Right.

I'm sure Tony sincerely believes that he's only speaking up in the interests of his beloved Liberal Party. And his prescriptions are all good, IMO. (I particularly like the one about abolishing the Human Rights Commission. Boy, would it be great if that happened. So much money saved and misery avoided!) That said, it's pretty clear he also wants his old job back. So he's being a bit disingenuous when he says that he's not white-anting. 

In any case, Turnbull is clearly losing his patience. He's said that Abbott's attack on his leadership is "sad". (Hmm. Maybe he's emulating Donald Trump, who often ends tweets with that adjective. If so, it just doesn't have the same effect ... which is actually kinda sad in is own right.)
I think that this open conflict between the two was inevitable. The tension has been palpable, if undeclared, for ages. But I do think that Cory Bernardi leaving the Liberal Party to form his own has sped the whole process up.

With Bernardi's new party Australian Conservatives doing so well in the polls, Tony has realized there really is something massive happening. And he'd better start making some serious moves to stop the Coalition "drifting to a defeat". 

I'm going out on a limb here. But I reckon an Abbott challenge to Turnbull is inevitable. Just a matter of when ...

And whatever happens it's a good thing. There's now a contest again. That's definitely been missing so far under Turnbull.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Caleb Bond's youth and conservatism trigger the Left big time

You may have heard of Caleb Bond. He's a 17 year old columnist for the Daily Telegraph.

He's obviously precocious and prolific. And he's doing very well for himself. But he certainly cops an inordinate amount of snark -- some of it from other media "professionals".

Now, if he were a young leftie he'd be all over the mainstream media with fellow progressive columnists and journos gushing about him non-stop. They'd laud him as wise beyond his years and a great hope for the future and all the rest of it.

But because he has the temerity to be a conservative, they -- along with their fans on social media -- consider him to be fair game. You see lots of witless, nasty abuse of him on Twitter that focuses almost entirely on his young age and ignores what he actually says.

I actually laughed at that tweet. It's such an own goal! After all, it's lefties who insist on remaining child-like their entire lives. Replace "Caleb Bond" with "Jessica Irvine" and it'd be much closer to the mark ... 

Some of the worst abuse of the young commentator comes from leftie women. Disturbingly, it often has a sexual tone to it.

Now, that's actually from a "news editor". (Although she does work at Pedestrian Daily, which is chockas with credulous lefties. So, "fake news editor" would be more apt.)

Now, imagine if there were a 17 year old female columnist employed at The Guardian. And a male editor at the Daily Telegraph mocked her on Twitter, making creepy allusions to her sex life. Not only would this provoke a tsunami of condemnation on social media, it would likely become a mainstream media story in its own right, with female media professionals (perhaps even Alex Bruce-Smith herself!) leading the charge to have him sacked. And they would succeed without a doubt.

Ugh. The Left! They are such a bunch of sexist, ageist bullies aren't they? 

Saturday, February 18, 2017

In pressers Trump mocks and bypasses the “very fake news” media

So funny to watch the reaction of self-important MSM “journalists” during and after President Trump's recent press conference. They, and the Left generally, really don't get what's going on.

They still think that they matter and should be taken seriously. So they're appalled and dismayed by Trump's expressions of disdain for them. They then report his behaviour as unhinged, chaotic, narcissistic, etc.

But Trump's theatrical railing at these purveyors of “very fake news” is not evidence of delusion as many of them claim. It's actually him playing a yuuuge joke on 'em. They're not laughing, of course, because they are the butt of it.

See, Trump long ago figured out that the MSM's claims of objectivity and balance were a massive load of bollocks. They were clearly all in for Hillary and the Democrats, prepared to tell massive, brazen lies to boost her chances and destroy his.

So during his campaign for election and since his win he's focused on bypassing the MSM -- mainly through the use of Twitter and other social platforms. Not only did he use pithy rhetoric to speak directly to voters, he trolled (pranked) the liberal media repeatedly.
Liberal “journalists” are pushing the line that they've been provoking him into fits of rage with their courageous reporting, and he's revealing his true, dangerous nature. But it's actually the other way around!

He's goaded them into showing their jaw-dropping bias and dishonesty -- not to mention po-faced sanctimony. So, when he gives pressers he's turning to the voters and saying: “Take a look at these bozos. They, like Hillary, are utterly corrupt and think of you as deplorables. I respect you, but they hate you.”

This has worked big time, and he's actually built up his own narrative. Out in the real world of the electorate -- where it really matters -- this narrative is beating the ol' PC one peddled by the MSM -- mainly because it's so much closer to the truth.

I find it incredible that his enemies can't see this … But they are lefties, I suppose. They have a habit of believing their own BS. You can see that this tendency is just as strong in the Australian Twitterverse as it is in the American MSM.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Individualist Trump in classic struggle with collectivist deep state and its allies

I'm sure I'm not alone in being continually gobsmacked by the scale and intensity of the struggle going on in Washington DC. Even though Donald Trump won the battle for the presidency fair and square he still has to deal with the Democrats and every baying pack to the left of them claiming that he's not a legitimate POTUS. The mainstream media, too, have discarded any pretence of objectivity and are doing their utmost to portray the new administration as a lying, incompetent, dysfunctional rabble. Then there are the white anters in the GOP  itself. And to top it all off DJT has the bloody deep state to contend with! While it does seem there are many in the FBI and some in the CIA in his corner, perhaps the majority in the intelligence community see him as the enemy. 

What's really interesting about their successful takedown of Michael Flynn is that it seems to have been in retribution for his (and his son's) interest in Pizzagate, the “conspiracy theory” about how politicians and the CIA are involved in human trafficking and sexual abuse of children. Even Hillary Clinton herself, a big supporter of the IC who shares their goal of starting a war with Russia, retweeted a former advisor who alluded to the pizza parlour at the story's centre (Comet Ping Pong).
Rather than helping to debunk this theory, actions such as this actually give credence to it. It just makes any sane, rational observer wonder why this is such a raw nerve with these people. It also shows the extent of collusion between the Democrats, the deep state and the MSM. Not only have big news outlets totally avoided objective reporting of the story -- or quickly pulled any that were mistakenly broadcast -- they've also dutifully repeated the line that “there's nothin' to see here folks. Move along now ...”.

No wonder they absolutely loathe Trump and all he stands for. I don't think I'm being OTT in saying this is a classic contest between a flawed but courageous individual fighting for truth and the independence of his nation against a vast, sinister collective that has managed to covertly control hundreds of millions of people for many years in an immense web of brazen lies.

It's also not surprising that so many of those who were so completely taken in by this false narrative for so long are finding it hugely traumatic that Trump is now their president. It's like their whole world view is under sustained assault from the new narrative he represents. The emotional pressure is so great, many are even ending the deep relationships they've long had with those who now espouse it.