Thursday, November 3, 2016

Van Badham lambastes the "testosterone left"

You gotta hand it to Vanessa "Van" Badham. She certainly doesn't do things by halves! Check out her latest rant in The Guardian. In it she desperately tries to portray Hillary Clinton as a champion for chickdom and throws shade on the "testosterone left".

Eh? Given how nagged and cowed males are on her side of politics, I'm surprised they even have any testosterone left ...

In any case, isn't reducing gender to hormones verboten these days (in the same way that accusing Islam of misogyny is, er, haram)? I mean, isn't the PC line that everyone is, like, gender fluid, and you can choose and discard your sexual identity kinda like a hairstyle? Clearly Ms Badham, along with her fellow "feisty feminist" Clementine Ford, who is currently exhorting every chick in Oz to "fight like a girl" -- itself now deemed a problematic phrase -- didn't get the memo.

That said, I suppose those so-called standards are never truly meant to be applied equally, across the board. That's "patriarchal elitism" innit? Accusations of misogyny, homophobia, racism, etc are only used to bash those on the conservative side of politics. If you're one of the socialist anointed you get a big fat free pass.

But this pro-Hillary puff piece is notable because Van is having a go at a segment of her own side, in a way ... Clearly her twin obsessions are her gender, and her lunar left politics. And the possibility that an eeevil white male capitalist might actually become the USA's Big Enchilada is stressing her out big time. And when it comes to what she deems the bigger threat it's gender that, er, trumps ideology. So she's dissing the bolshie blokes big time.

So silly ... Those "Bernie bros" (along with their "Sanders sisters") are actually far more authentically progressive than Hillary ever was or could ever be. Trying to make HRC seem like some kinda feminist hero is like trying to polish the world's biggest turd with a thimble full o' spit!

Even an exemplary lefty sleb like Susan Sarandon hates Hillary's guts. She's now endorsing Jill Stein. Then there's iconic blue collar comedian Roseanne Barr, who's loathing of Bill Clinton's wife goes back many years. She's now riding atop the Trump train, telling anyone who'll listen.

Why doesn't Ms Badham have a go at them? Her rant makes absolutely no sense at all ... Not that any of them do, BTW. But this is surely one of her dippiest so far.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Democrat diehards think society itself is rigged. So they forgive Hillary anything

As the American election approaches apace I, like many other Aussies, am watching it with my jaw on the floor. It's just astonishing how obviously corrupt Hillary is -- not to mention her whole bloody party! Without a doubt she's used her political power in the most outrageously selfish and unethical ways, and consistently gotten away with it. But the more lurid, dodgy developments there are the deeper into denial and obfuscation she and her spin merchants go. Dutifully, the MSM keeps trying to cover for her, keeping the focus on Trump (although that does seem to be changing a bit now).

Then there are the polls. Most mainstream pundits are still saying she continues to lead in them. Well, I don't know how reliable they are. And there are so many to choose from. It's a bit like climate science. There's a lot of cherry picking going on. Also, many of the samples have a preponderance of Democrat voters to start with.

Still, given these factors, it's amazing that the contest between Clinton and Trump continues to be so close. You'd think that huge swathes of the Democrat base would have just thrown their hands up in the air and gone, "FFS! This woman is evil. Her party is not what it used to be. I just can't vote for them any more."

But nup. Heaps of them are still gonna vote Democrat -- knowing full well what a buncha dirty dogs control it. You can only conclude that these people just don't give a shit about how utterly corrupt and cynical this ghastly woman is, and how craven her underlings actually are.

And I think this says a lot about the power of indoctrination. Clearly, millions of US citizens really do see society as being rigged against them. So they want to see it rigged somehow in their favour a bit. That's what Hillary says she'll do (although of course she doesn't follow through on that -- just says this to get their vote). The reason they see their nation this way, and believe that only the Democrats can help them, is because they've been taught this from an early age.

It's this victim mindset that is so toxic. In extreme form, it's often a big part of criminals' motivations ... One of the main reasons career crims can be so shameless about what they do is because on a really deep level they think that crime pervades all of society anyway. They think that simply by going to work they're being stolen from. They see cops as thugs and the law as a way of keeping this big ugly scam going. As a result they believe that breaking the law is no biggie. So why not go for it?

So much of what the Left teaches people is a milder form of this criminal mindset. Those who believe it are usually not thugs or thieves themselves, of course. But they see themselves as victims of a rigged system. That's why there's so much derision about Trump claiming that the political establishment and the MSM are rigging the election against him.

Trump is far from perfect of course. But in a political sense he's a clean skin. Nothing he's done so far in this realm (or even in business, I suspect) is anywhere near as dodgy as what Hillary, her vile hubby and their elitist cronies have been up to for yonks. So when the law gives her a pass, and the MSM colludes with her party in a brazen attempt to get her over the line this is rigging the election, no doubt about it.

But those rusted on Democrat voters just scoff at this. "Yeah sure, Donald," they snort. "You've had it easy. Everything's rigged, anyway. So I'll go with the one on my side, not yours."

As Trump himself would say: Sad!

Monday, October 31, 2016

Jenna Price on Jennifer Hawkins and Trump is silly and sad

The relentless right-on campaign to slime Donald Trump is just jaw-dropping, innit? Leftie feminists in particular are desperately trying to portray every little bit of news about him as confirming their Eeeevil Misogynist White Male Oppressor  narrative.

Latest to do so is our own Jenna Price in a surreal gargle about former Miss Universe Jennifer Hawkins. In it, she spins a benign little public interchange between mogul and stunna as some sorta sinister humiliation!

I feel sorry for people like Ms Price. They see male violence, bigotry and brutality all over the place, mostly where it just doesn't exist. But then when there is true, in yer face misogyny they say nothing or even defend it. Really, what's more oppressive to a woman, being lauded as an icon of beauty all over the globe and being handed mountains of cash for the privilege, or being forced to wear a bloody burka? FFS.

Now, I can see how some people might think that Ms Hawkins is being "objectified" by Trump. But that's her choice. She's playing a role, sure. She knows that. We all do.

A beauty pageant may be many things. But it's certainly not misogynous. If anything it's about worshipping women. It's men's (and women's) way of saying: "Hey! Chicks rock because they're total spunks! Check out these babes. They are truly awesome!"

Like all forms of entertainment, it shouldn't be taken too seriously. (Same is true of comedy. Comics are now so terrified of offending snowflakes that they all now engage in, er, routine self-censorship.)

As well as the sheer joylessness Price exudes, there's her evidently low opinion of the woman in question, Jennifer Hawkins. By characterising these moments where she yucked it up with The Donald as something chillingly vile, she implies that Hawkins is too dippy to even know she's being brutalized. Patronising (sorry, matronising) or what!

Actually this determination to paint the Trump-Hawkins dynamic as completely imbalanced and unhealthy has been widespread in the MSM. No wonder Ms Hawkins has kept comparatively silent on the issue.

I don't claim to have any special insight into their relationship, of course. But I suspect she quite likes the guy. He has been extremely helpful to her career after all. Take this quote for example:

Earlier this year, Hawkins described Trump as a wonderful family man. "I don't think a lot of people know or see that but he just loves his kids," she told Fairfax Media reporter Jenna Clarke.

As well as implying that she has genuine liking for him, it also says something about Trump's personality that debunks the widely held stereotype of him as a malignant narcissist. After all it's well established that those with NPD have poor relationships with their often dysfunctional kids, who usually permanently move as far away from them as possible at the first opportunity. This is definitely not the case with Trump whose offspring are highly competent and successful people who maintain close contact with their father and are very publicly supportive of him.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Ballina shark huggers hurting the NSW surf town's economy

A few years ago when I was living in Perth that city's coastline seemed to be the world's most dangerous when it came to shark attacks. These days West Australian waters are still risky. But Noah Central now appears to be Ballina, not all that far north of Sydney, where I now reside. There have been 12 attacks there, one fatal, in the last coupla years alone!

Sheesh! Maybe I've got something to do with it?

Has Gaia been reading this blog and upon seeing all the anti-green rants decided to launch a program of intimidation against me? Well, if that is the case the tactic is definitely working. There's no way I'm gonna take a dip at any beach in this state unless I know it's got a bloody great shark net protecting it.

That's because I know that these work. They're installed at the main metropolitan beaches and there hasn't been a fatal attack here for yonks. And that's not just because there are no sharks here, either. Hell, if there are heaps of hangry white pointers prowling off the beaches of Ballina, there's gotta be many down here, too. Sydney beaches are absolutely chockas with swimmers and surfers, too, remember.

But they don't have the nets at Ballina, in major part because of the concerted campaign by shark huggers there. Because of the clear and present danger the number of surfers out in the line up there has plummeted, as has the turnover for local surf shops.

Thankfully, it looks like the NSW Govt has seen sense and there are now plans to install nets in the area. Not surprisingly, local moonbats are outraged at this violation of animal rights (completely ignoring the fundamental human right to go for a surf without getting your legs bitten off, natch). Today, they lobbed for a group shriek and wail at Lighthouse Beach. This barmy event included what was described as a "turtle release" (which I suspect is like letting doves fly at a wedding, only waaay slower).

And, in this case it only involved one of the marine reptiles. Name was Kimba, which is an odd moniker for a reptile. (And it could also be an act of cultural appropriation. White lions have rights too, you know -- even if they are cartoons.)

After an extended stay in human hands (which could also be seen as incarceration) Kimba has been set free again. And how did he survive all this time? Well, here's his (benign) jailer on his stay in (politically correct) captivity:

Ms Southwell hopes that Kimba will be released to an ocean with enough fish to support his diet, as he has quite the appetite.

"He's eaten us out of house and home,” she said.

Fish. Exactly. And sharks are -- you guessed it -- fish. So if it's okay to kill little ones in this case (let alone eating them yourself, which I suspect the Southwells do anyway) then why such outrage over some big ones buying the farm?

And while I'm sure Kimba himself was charming company, he is still just a reptile.

Just goes to show how petty and incoherent the anti-shark net campaign is. It looks completely ridiculous, dunnit -- particularly when there are human lives at, er, steak.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Grace Collier triggers Q and A lefties with common sense suggestion

As I've mentioned a coupla times before on this blog, I'm a refugee from Artsville, Orstraya. I was surrounded for years and years by sundry deranged lefties, and somehow managed to maintain my sanity.

Nowadays I can look at that toxic environment with some detachment. And I pity the poor little poppets, I really do. They have been swallowed up by something truly ugly: cultural Marxism. But they think they've got it all sussed. It's hilarious ... and sad.

One characteristic of this collective mental illness (and that's not too strong a term) is a complete aversion to common sense.

This was on display on last night's Q and A. I didn't watch it, but apparently Grace Collier triggered some of the lefties in the audience big time by saying something perfectly reasonable: If you don't have a job, start a business. They actually started heckling her!

Amazing, innit? All Grace was saying was, hey there's nothing stopping you. Why not give it a burl? You can be your own boss, you know ...

Now, I can understand why some might disagree with the suggestion on the grounds that doing such a thing is a lot harder than it sounds. But how could any sane adult find it offensive -- and so offensive that the speaker must be shouted down.

That's what's interesting to me -- the fact that these socialist snowflakes just can't bear to hear this kind of talk. And I think it's because they've been so brainwashed into seeing themselves as victims with no agency that it threatens their very sense of who they are.

It's like the reaction you get when you say to a feminist frightbat: "Hey toots, actually you're not a victim at all. Go and live your life. Be free! Hell you are free, already ... Sure, it's not a perfect world. But you've got it better than just about anyone, babe. So stop whining, eh?"

If they haven't exploded in a massive foam-flecked tanty, and can actually string a few words together they'll come up with reasons for why they're not free. They'll blurt "the patriarchy, rape culture, institutionalized misogyny", etc -- all utter bollocks, of course.

Lefties have such a horrible existence, don't they! They spend their entire lives telling themselves why they can't do stuff, and why other people (whom they absolutely loathe, BTW) must do it for them. How long is that gonna work for, particularly if the whole society is built around this view (which is their ultimate goal, let's face it)? You don't have to be a friggin' rocket scientist to realize that it's a bad strategy; that's it's unsustainable.

Hell, these pinko parasites want the money that business creates. But they say they can't start one themselves. Well, if they can't, with all their fancy uni education and everything, who the fark can?

Really, would be great if even just one of them broke with tradition and actually took Ms Collier's sane advice to do something they're good at and charge a quid for it.

Sure, they only truly excel at being obnoxious, shouty arsehats. Still, there must be a market for this somewhere ...

Monday, October 17, 2016

One Nation keeps rising in popularity. Donald Trump a factor?

Interesting that there's been a big boost in the popularity of Pauline Hanson's One Nation party recently. And she's eating into the LNP's support base. It's really quite amazing.

Newspoll surveys since the July 2 federal election reveal support for One Nation in lower house seats has climbed to six per cent, up from 1.3 per cent on polling day.

In Queensland the minor party is attracting 10 per cent of voters, up from 5.5 per cent in July. In NSW and Western Australia, One Nation's support is six per cent.

Over the same period support for the coalition has dropped 3.1 per cent to 39 per cent, while Labor's vote has increased 1.3 per cent to 37 per cent.

Needless to say, a party's popularity is in a constant state of flux. Still, these are big shifts, and you've gotta wonder what's behind them -- particularly since there haven't been any huge developments in Australian politics lately. Frankly, I think the upcoming election in America has something to do with these rises.

Of course that's just a hunch. But I think a lot of Aussies are watching this epic battle between Trump and Clinton very closely. They're seeing how massively corrupt the whole political establishment is over there -- not to mention the MSM. They can see that Trump is bang on the money when he says the whole system is rigged, and they know it's a lot like that down here.

So, they're feeling a greater level of support for Hanson, who, like Trump is definitely a political outsider -- a kind of "anti-politician" who calls it as she sees it.

Obviously there are other, more powerful local factors at play. Still, I think this has quite a bit to do with it ... What do you reckon?

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Flood of false Trump groping claims reminiscent of Gillard's misogyny speech

It's often said that whatever crazy stuff happens over in the good ol' USA will be replicated here in Oz eventually. We follow, not lead -- particularly when it comes to culture and politics. This has definitely been the case with political correctness. It gathered up a head of steam in America in the nineties, and now there's a full blown reaction against it, embodied most powerfully in the rise of Donald Trump.

We're still catching up Down Under. Sure, we've got Pauline Hanson, but she's a marginal force, not leader of one of the big two parties. The one major leader who did react strongly against PC was Tony Abbott, and he was knifed by his own party. So it seems that the discontent has a fair way to go before it reaches current American levels.

But there's one episode that occurred during Abbott's reign as opposition leader that actually kinda pre-empted what's going on in America now. That was when Julia Gillard delivered her seminal (or should that be ovarian?) misogyny speech in an attack on Tony Abbott.

The frightbats were all aflutter about this, triumphantly declaring that she was speaking feminist truth to patriarchal power. But any sane adult with one eye half open could tell it was just a cynical ploy to neutralize the fallout from the controversy embroiling the Speaker of the House.

Gillard was utterly brazen in falsely sliming Abbott (at one point for looking at his watch!) to keep the heat off Peter Slipper, whom she had installed! And why was he in hot water? Well in part because of sexually oriented texts that he'd sent to a staffer, some of which included undeniably misogynous imagery.

The way she totally ignored this highly relevant fact -- followed almost unanimously by the shamelessly pro-Gillard mainstream media -- was jaw-dropping.

Fast forward to the USA, late 2016. Right now we've got a concerted, round the clock campaign to slime a presidential candidate as a serial groper and harasser. New "victims" pop up almost hourly. Their wild claims are published uncritically by huge MSM outfits like the New York Times. Soon afterwards they are revealed to be hoaxes.

Now, this all out campaign to destroy Trump would be bad enough if its prime architects -- the Clintons -- were just garden variety scumbags. But it's well established that Bill himself was a serial groper, and almost certainly a rapist as well. And rather than being some kind of innocent bystander to this carnage, Hillary did all she could to destroy his victims' reputations -- even threatening at least one of them in subtle but nonetheless crystal clear terms.

The hypocrisy is epic. It just makes you wanna hurl. And the fact that the MSM are totally okay with this tactic and are even enthusiastically playing their part in it is deeply sinister. Just as the Hildebeest trashed the reputations of her predator hubby's victims, massive news organizations are actively painting Trump as someone like him! And they are doing it to distract from the damage to Hillary's campaign caused by relentless Wikileaks revelations -- dozens of which show Watergate-scale corruption -- which they should all be investigating fearlessly.

So, in terms of dirty gender politics, it's like Gillard pointing the figure at Abbott, but magnified a hundred times.

Makes you wonder if she had anything to do with it ... Did Hillary call Julia for tactical advice, I wonder?