Friday, March 22, 2019

Father Rod Bower is having a "Funeral for Coal"

Oh. My. Gawd. Father Flog is having a "funeral for coal"!

Will the poor deceased lump be cremated, I wonder? That would be a faux pas, eh? Saying "ashes to ashes" would be too ...

Sadly for Rod Bower coal won't cark it. But his silly stunt will surely kill satire stone dead. Black comedy or what!

Apart from the general idiocy of this clerical clown show, why is it coal that deserves the funeral? You only conduct a mourning ceremony over someone or something that you cared about, right?

Didn't think this through, did ol' God's Rod. But then, PC lefties never do. It's all about the feels, and in Father Bower's case, mining as much publicity as possible from the child-brained lefties who dominate our MSM. So asinine, and stuck in their emotive ways are these fossil fools ...

Also, as some have pointed out on Twitter, performing this faux ceremony cheapens the whole idea of a funeral, dunnit? And remember, as a priest Father Rod is qualified to officiate at them. 

In future what will families who had him administer the last rites to their loved ones think when they learn that he did the same for a fricken lump of coal?

Not a good look from a man with The Good Book ... 

But given he is so determined to trivialize the rites and rituals of his own Anglican faith, I reckon a baptism would've been the go -- though obviously not a "baptism of fire".

He could blissfully announce, say, the virgin birth of solar power, then give it his most holy blessing. Would be far more optimistic and positive than what he's gonna do now.

Better still, no props required! Dude reckons the sun shines out of his arse, after all.

Monday, March 18, 2019

Samantha Dunn was wise to leave the narcissistic, toxic Greens

A Greens MP in Melbourne called Samantha Dunn has quit the party, citing her reasons in a long Facebook post. Interestingly, she specifically uses the term narcissism. From having known a few greenies over the years that's exactly the word I'd use too.

While some suffer from the classic individual personality disorder, it's more of a collective version of it with these far left types. They have built up this utterly false narrative about the world and their role in it, and they use everyone around them as fodder to keep it going inside their tiny minds.

From the Facebook post itself:

Instead the Greens are distracted by populism, self interest, power, ego, narcissism, megalomania, appealing to narrowcast demographics and virtue signalling while exercising that old war strategy of divide and conquer.

I can no longer stand by and witness continued institutionalised victim blaming. I have seen people broken by this outdated and brutal organisational response, it is inhumane, driven by political expedience, and it will be at the long term peril of the Greens.

At a recent Greens meeting I saw people being vilified, experienced unsafe behaviours and had to endure the typical dose of toxic behaviours that are all too prevalent in the Greens. All of this by people in leading positions. It is a snapshot of what is wrong. There is an inability of the party to reinforce positive culture, to address conflict or to even be polite to each other.

Gawd. That is one scary picture she paints.

It's like the casual nastiness that deep green lefties display constantly on Twitter stays with them in real life -- even during interactions with their peers. Who'da thunk it?

Just reinforces what I concluded a long time ago: The further left you go, the more miserable people get. They are so driven by hatred, envy and the lust for power that they can't even be nice to each other!

And they say that the world will be some kind of utopia when they're in charge globally? FFS!

Gonna be really interesting to see how Crown Jules fares in his new role as Victorian Greens candidate.

He certainly has the requisite massive ego and delusions of grandeur. But he seems quite a genteel ol' dude; not vicious enough to cut it in that slithering viper's den.

I think he might bail before too long. What do you reckon?

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Climate Strike turnout shows that indoctrination has replaced education

By now pretty much anyone with a functioning brain, and who can use it to do just a little bit of independent thinking, can see what utter bollocks the whole climate change religion is. FFS, even if the most extreme measures are adopted in this country and we cease all fossil fuel use immediately, the effect we'll have on global temperatures is damn near zilch!

But still the globalist socialists press on with their ginormous lies. They're just sooo important to their ultimate plans to control the masses in as many ways as possible.

And the way they've been targeting kids is creepy as all get out. The whole AGW religion is drummed into students from primary school onward. They must be instilling such terror in so many young minds! What a cruel thing to do.

And remember that many of these same people are self-described atheists who say that Christianity is child abuse because it uses the fear of eternal damnation to scare kids into following its rules. But isn't this exactly what the warmists themselves are doing? They are just using predictions of a hell on Earth instead.

The various climate strikes that have been going on across the globe are the most obvious example of this despicable exploitation and manipulation of children. There's no way known that kids themselves could dream up and organize these events. Yet the activists behind them and their dutiful fellow travellers in the media push the bogus narrative that these are organic happenings initiated by students themselves.

Some of them, like Dee here, frame the subject as a free speech issue. Typically dishonest, and dumb. 

Firstly, the kids are not expressing their own deeply felt beliefs, in opposition to what they've been taught. They're just regurgitating what's been drummed into them in class as well as pretty much everywhere else through the MSM.

Many teachers are of course active participants in these demos. And even if they aren't, few of them seem to have made any effort to stop the students from attending. That's because most of them have been indoctrinated as well. And if they remain skeptical about the impending global catastrophe due to "carbon emissions" they're scared of being outed as "climate deniers".

Then there's the fact that many of the students attending the "Climate Strike" are just totes stoked to have time off from classes. I can remember when I was a whippersnapper myself, and how much fun it was to go out on an excursion. Being an obedient little goody-goody, I never actually wagged school. But boy did I ever want to!

This is an ideal outlet for all that youthful energy. They are encouraged to get out there, yell and scream their lungs out, and feel really important about it too. Hell, they might even end up on the telly! What's not to like?

And the deep green lefties pushing the whole psyop are over the moon about it too. Nothing they want more than to turn the yoof against the oldsters. The younger they can get hold of them psychologically, the better.

These wretched, empty souls have no real inner life. So they live to wreak havoc on everyone else's.

They're immensely pleased to see the extent to which their absurd, apocalyptic narrative about the environment has been implanted into the minds of so many young folk.

Many brainwashed kids are now, in a sense, theirs for life. And don't they know it! They'll be sure to get the most value out of them they possibly can as the years go on.

The malignant, controlling creeps will also take what they've learned from this process and apply it to other fronts in their sinister war on Western Civilization.

How the hell did we let things get so crazy? We've really gotta stop these loathsome freaks from carrying out their global agenda.

It's already madness. But it's only the start.

Sunday, March 10, 2019

The savage hypocrisy of privileged white male feminists

There's been a helluva lot of interest in conspiracy theories of late and that's sure to increase locally as a result of the banning of David Icke. Needless to say, leftie types tend to think of them as a deplorable, conservative phenomenon. Start questioning the official line on, say, vaccines and they sneer: "Get your tin foil hat off, mate. You're a paranoid RWNJ!"

That cracks me up because lefties are just as given to "out there" speculation as righties. Take the Russia collusion narrative. That is just total BS from start to finish. Yet they've been running with it hard for two years now. Then there's the biggest conspiracy theory of them all: PC feminism.

Sadly, squillions of sour, swivel-eyed "sisters" insist that men in general and white men in particular have managed to oppress women as a group globally for all of recorded, er, herstory -- cunningly convincing them to "participate in their own oppression" via institutions such as marriage while simultaneously being Neanderthal, drooling thugs who wouldn't know shit from blackberry jam.

It makes no sense at all and annoys the crap out of any sane and reasonable bloke. Independent-minded women have had a gutful of it too. Yet if you quiz this batshit theory's most zealous proponents and say "Well, who exactly are the members of this patriarchy then?" they are stumped. They roll their eyes and claim that "it's not an actual network; it's a cultural system" or some such bollocks.

Eh? But how can such a system operate in the real world if not through individuals? They say that I am a beneficiary of this system. Well, I'm a real person with a name. So what are the names of those above me with so much power and privilege that they can toss a little my way merely because I, like them, am a "pale, stale male"?

It's a perfectly reasonable question but they can never even start to answer it. And it gets even sillier ...

Yes, feminists have long been arcing up about men's only clubs (while simultaneously demanding safe spaces for women, the hypocrites) but they routinely cut massive slack for pallid dudes who are the clubs' fully paid up, card carrying members if they dutifully mouth their right-on claptrap, promoting gender quotas and the like.

Surely heaps of feminist chicks -- particularly in their ABC and other love media outlets -- would have known about Julian Burnside's membership of that notorious Melbourne meeting point for misogynists. But because he was an ideological ally they kept mum, letting him portray himself as a sincere, principled believer in their definition of gender equality.

A man of "social justice"? Pffft. "Savage; just us", more like ...

If he hadn't thrown his hat in the ring politically by joining the Greens, necessitating a more comprehensive level of media scrutiny, nothing would have changed. Feminist "journalists" wouldn't have called him out on it and he would have happily kept on patronising the Savage Club like he always did.

But it's heartening to know ol' Julian Blindside has finally had to look at himself in the mirror square on, acted decisively and suffered at least one unpleasant consequence as a result of his years of sanctimonious virtue signalling.

As we all know, walking your talk requires "balls". Now that's he's actually grown a pair he leaves ... an all-male club! How funny is that?

But I shouldn't be too harsh on Burnside alone. Hypocrisy loves company, of course.

Which is why I was curious about which other high-profile bolshie bobos might lob there to chin wag with other fake egalitarians, sneer at the have-nots they pretend to give a rat's about, and indulge in other smug elitist shit that keeps 'em feeling so spesh. 

First guess? Radio National's fox hunting poseur Jonathan Green. So I go to his Twitter profile and what's the very first thing I see? This tweet!

FFS, they are sooo predictable, aren't they?

Not only is he a pompous arsehat -- just listen to him for even ten seconds and you'll be sure of that -- he's an utterly humungous fake on the gender politics front. In a way he's worse than Crown Jules, IMHO.

He spends his days dutifully peddling his faux compassion at Australia's cultural Marxist HQ, oft condemning others for their wrongthink. Yet he is the very definition of a privileged white male -- the cause of all the world's ills according to his own asinine ideology.

But he refuses to offer his gig to a member of an oppressed minority group -- surely the, er, left thing to do in this case. (And it could be a win-win if he did. Bound to be plenty of, say, black chicks who could run rings around him in many ways.)

Then, after all that, he has the gall to "cut the cheese" in that tweet. Not just a whiff of hypocrisy -- a full-on, fetid stench!

But back to the Savage Club specifically, and how it relates to conspiracy theories of the more traditional, right-wing kind.

Turns out the original one is in London, and has long-been associated with Freemasonry.

In 1882, King Edward VII, then the Prince of Wales attended a dinner in his honor at The Savage Club. It was the Prince who suggested that a masonic lodge should be formed and associated with the club. In December of 1886 The Savage Club Lodge No. 28 was granted their warrant and the lodge was consecrated in January of 1887. The Savage Club and the lodge are no longer associated with each other. Although the tendency for a lodge member to be involved in one of the areas of art, drama, law, literature, music or science still remains, it is not due to any membership requirement set by the lodge. The Savage Club and the lodge still hold regular joint events with each other.

As anyone who's ventured down even a few "rabbit holes' of late will know, these secretive dudes have been up to all kinds of tricky shit for centuries.

It's so apt that this dinkum, bricks and mortar boys' club in Melbourne is a favoured meeting place for stupendous fakes who peddle the massive myth of an unseen global one (the patriarchy) for their own benefit, cynically exploiting the "woke" women around them in the process. 

Really, chickybabes, can't you see how long this has been going on, and how these arseholes are using you, laughing at you behind your backs all the while?

Wake up, feminists, FFS, before it's too late.

Sunday, February 24, 2019

The banning of David Icke was OTT and sinister

You may have heard that the hugely popular and controversial British conspiracy theorist David Icke had his visa cancelled just before he was ready to come to Australia on a multi-city speaking tour. The decision seemed very suss for many reasons including the fact that he's been here several times before without any problems at all.

But the reason given was that -- among other nasty things -- he's a Holocaust denier and anti-Semite. Well even if he is I think the better approach is to let him speak and then show what bollocks he's spouting with facts and evidence. 

That said, from what I can tell he's neither of those things. And I'm not the only one who believes this.

I'm no expert on the guy. I've only recently discovered him and have watched several videos in which he expounds his theories. I'm also half-way through one of his early books and it's actually really interesting. He's a thoughtful and sincere dude with a fascinating life journey who does a lot of research. 

I can understand why he's been given those labels, though. Like many conspiracy theorists he talks about the centuries long campaign for totalitarian control of the entire world by various powerful families, some of them banking elites. The most well known of these are of course the Rothschilds, who are Jewish. But he also includes other bloodlines across the globe. Many of these are not Jewish. 

Anyhoo, does demonizing one or even many powerful Jewish families mean you hate the entire ethno-religious group? Hardly.

That kind of false argument is what you often get from feminists, BTW. Point out how crazy and toxic their beliefs are these days and frightbats will point and shriek "misogynist!". What a load of bollocks. Feminists don't represent women generally any more than I represent feminists. Think I represent feminists?

Then there's the fact that claims about his so-called "Holocaust denial" go way back to 1995. So why did they let him into Australia several times after that? 

He also concedes that something catastrophic happened to Jews in World War Two. You can see him do it in this interview on Studio Ten. The panel pushed him to use the word Holocaust and he seemed reluctant to do so.

Okay, I can understand people being somewhat perturbed by that. But that's Holocaust prevarication, reinterpretation, or skepticism, maybe ... It's not flat out denial. And that doesn't sound quite as eeevil, does it?

So, the angle that he's some kinda David Irving character just doesn't hold up IMHO. And here's another illustration of that: Google searches will tend to give you a sense of what a public figure's focus is. Type in "David Irving" then add "h" and the drop down menu will supply "Holocaust". Do that with David Icke and you get "hologram".

Which of course makes perfect sense. One of his main theories is that we are all part of a multi-dimensional show engineered by some awesomely powerful and mysterious force. It's like when Princess Leia says "Help me Obi Wan Kenobi" in Star Wars, but on an infinitely grander scale.

It's much more accurate to call him a "hologram believer" than a "Holocaust denier", surely!

And that is a pretty out there concept, of course. He has plenty of them, not least of which is the idea that the bloodlines mentioned before are actually evil shape-shifting reptilian aliens! Now, I can't go with that stuff. But you gotta admit it's very intriguing, and entertaining. (In fact, when I first heard he was banned here I thought it was the Greens who'd demanded this on the grounds of exo-xenophobia -- hell, what if those aliens were seeking asylum on Earth? -- as well as herpetophobia.)

And his critics cite this theory as evidence that he's crazy. Which begs another question: If true, why do they find him such a threat? Nutbars are easy to debunk. Wouldn't you just jump at the chance?

This YouTube video shows a respected Beeb journo Andrew Neil and a couple of other high profile Limeys politely try to do just that. They actually find it much more of a challenge than they expected.

And crazies only appeal to other crazies, right? What genuine threat could a buncha loons ranting about lizard aliens possibly constitute to our democracy, or its citizens?

The incoherence of the OTT reaction stands out like canine testicles. They're saying he's dangerous and mean, but also a barking mad old Pom who believes we're run by fricken reptiles from outer space?

You can't have it both ways, woke-folk! Wouldn't the reasonable reaction be to put him in the harmless eccentric category and not worry about him. Hell, there are plenty of those ...

It's pretty clear that the Govt has decided to ban him to flex its muscles, so to speak. But really, it's just advertised its cowardice. There are genuinely anti-Semitic Muslims who are literal hate-preachers and activists who still get into the country. But if they target one of them they'd have the love media throwing tanties about Islamophobia, so they are generally careful not to.

And if they were genuine about combating the scourge of anti-Semitism they should look closely at the British Labour Party. It's well known that it is now chockas with fervent Jew-haters and many long time members are leaving as a result.

Surely there's a much stronger argument for banning Jeremy Corbyn et al. They have way more power to influence the masses than barmy ol' Dave!

And it's not like similar demands have not been made before. Remember the push to ban POTUS from entering the UK because he hurt so many Limey lefties' fee-fees? And there'll no doubt be massive tantrum-chucking from the usual suspects when he decides to lob in Canberra, prolly later this year.

Anyhoo, by outlawing David Icke's entry, and having their MSM muppets run the same bogus angle, whoever made the daft decision has made him waaay more famous here than he was before. And in the minds of many who are already aware of him his conspiracy theories just became a whole lot more credible.

Well done, bozos!

UPDATE: More thoughts here.

Friday, February 15, 2019

What kind of culture practises infanticide?

The late great Andrew Breitbart once famously said "politics is downstream from culture". I think that is a brilliant insight. It explains so much that seems totally inexplicable if you just look at things ideologically. And remember that culture is often deeply irrational and goes way back in time.

I think that the Democrats' long term support for abortion and now even infanticide is a very good illustration of this concept. 

My first thought when I heard about these sickening bills being proposed in Virginia and other states was that this was part of a long term strategy predicated on the expectation that Judge Kavanaugh was gonna push for Roe vs Wade to be revisited and abortion law to be completely reversed.

With this in mind, the Dems were pushing the envelop as far as possible so that anti-abortion legislators would have more to undo. They saw this as a war of attrition and they were determined to gain as much ground as possible in the time they had. 

I think that's part of it, but then I looked at the wider context. Remember that abortion is an absolutely massive money spinner in America. Planned Parenthood is constantly selling body parts from aborted fetuses on the black market. This sinister organization, founded by known racist eugenicist and Hillary idol Margaret Sanger, donates massive amounts of money to the Democrats.

This is one of the main reasons that crazy Nancy Pelosi, Chuckles Schumer and all the rest of them are so hell bent on stopping the wall being built. They want a porous border so that illegal aliens can enter the country easily en masse and ultimately vote for them. There's a lot of human trafficking that occurs and of course that entails young women (many who are only teenagers) getting pregnant and needing abortions in the USA.

So, the chaos results in a good outcome for them: more electoral support as well as increased funding from the ghoulish trade in human body parts.

It really makes you wonder how people could be this cynical. And getting back to Breitbart's maxim: What kind of culture could produce this? I think the best description is that it is one that sees people as things; mere objects to be exploited by the rich and powerful. It's a culture of commodification of humanity.

And as with so many aspects of culture, it seems to have religious roots. In this case it obviously didn't come from Christianity, since that faith affirms the dignity of the individual person, and many Christians are zealously pro-life. Babylonian Moloch-worship seems to be the ultimate historical force behind this culture.

It's totally bizarre but nonetheless true that many rich and powerful people in the West have been secret members of this and similar anti-Christian religions, cults and secret societies. This has gone on quietly in the shadows for centuries, and now more and more people are waking up to the fact that many of the so-called "great and the good" in Washington in particular got there through allegiance to one or more of these shadowy groups.

If people are skeptical about this they should look into subjects like Bohemian Grove. At this secluded location in California the nation's leaders regularly congregate and get up to some really weird rituals including mock (some say dinkum) sacrifices. Alex Jones snuck in there one time and managed to film one happening. Freaky as all get out.

Remember that way back when Moloch worshippers didn't have to hide they practised child sacrifice openly ... It's widely accepted that contemporary Christian celebrations such as Easter have pagan roots. So why would it be impossible that widespread beliefs and political positions such as being "pro-choice" are entirely ideological and have no cultural and ultimately religious components?

Sure, drawing such links may seem OTT if you just look at the traditional pro-choice position, which holds that killing a fetus is no biggie if done early on in the pregnancy. But these recent late-term bills advocate the killing of actual babies, even outside the womb!

What kind of a person thinks that is okay? Someone gripped by something deep, dark and sinister, that's who ... And they manage to tell themselves they support a humane position when it's clearly the opposite by flat-out avoiding the moral ramifications of their barbaric belief.

Watch this Tucker Carlson interview with a supporter of these bills. He simply asks what she feels about the idea of killing newborn babies (which is exactly what they entail). The way she responds is revealing. She hasn't just been indoctrinated with an ideology. It's deeper than that. It's like she's been brainwashed by some weird cult. That's because, in a way, she has ...

Friday, January 25, 2019

We had our own Nathan Phillips. His name was Lanz Priestley

From now on, my default attitude to all MSM "reporting" is this: "Take every news story with at least ten bloody big grains of salt. They are always lying, even when they're telling the truth."

And that's not contradictory, BTW. It means that everything they say is to perpetuate a (false) PC narrative. Sometimes, after a little spin, actual truth might serve that purpose. But these so-called journalists would just as soon replace it with fake news to keep their treasured narrative going.

The latest and most vivid illustration of this was the Covington Catholic fiasco. It was clearly a setup, most probably by the Democrats themselves. And the media were clearly in on it. With Judge Kavanaugh already confirmed and Ruth Bader Ginsburg quite probably dead, they've been packin' their dacks that Trump will confirm another Catholic to the Supreme Court. 

To try and associate this branch of Christianity with eeevil white privilege they've engineered a situation involving a grizzled ol' dude called Nathan Phillips and a coupla kids. Credulous lefties of course believed the whole confrontation developed organically, and the white boys were the villains.

But it's turned out that things were not even remotely that simple. If anything, Phillips was the aggressor. And not only did he lie about his military service, he has a criminal record as well.

As usual,  the MSM's attempts to deceive us have backfired on them bigly. And the whole clarsterfark reminded me of a smaller saga back in 2017 ...

Here in Sydney's Martin Place, a buncha homeless folk set up a camp. This "tent city" was presented zif it was all a genuine and spontaneous phenomenon; an inspiring coalition of downtrodden folk who were sick and tired of being ignored and weren't gonna take it anymore!

The leader of the group was an old bloke called Lanz Priestley. Like Phillips, he certainly looked the part.

But after he gave several respectful interviews about what this whole demo was trying to achieve, some journos did some real digging on his history. It turned out he wasn't quite the "rough diamond" he appeared to be.

This put a big dent in the collective's cred, and derailed the narrative that politicians like Clover Moore were milking for all it was worth. (Clover is like a younger but just as batshit version of Nancy Pelosi, BTW.) Eventually the whole thing just ran out of steam, the tents were packed up and everyone just buggered off.

Always the way, innit? Most of the mainstream media are just trying to deceive us all the time. Now, thanks in major part to social media, we're getting wise to their brazen lies. 

Another local example: Duncan Storrar.

This Q and A audience member from "Struggle Street" asked a tough question of a pollie on the panel. He immediately became a symbol of stoicism in the face of government heartlessness.

Certified bloviator Ben Eltham wrote: "The viral power of the Duncan Storrar story is wholly to do with the jarring authenticity of his experience."

Yeah, well, his appearance might have been authentic but that didn't mean his rise to fame (for want of a better word) was dinkum too. It was clearly engineered right from the start.

And again, that backfired.

Really, these so-called journalists (who are actually shameless left-wing activists) should just try seeking the truth for a change. The way they're going the whole industry will have absolutely no cred at all by the time the year's out.