Monday, December 4, 2017

Van Badham tells men to "stand up and fight" Milo Yiannopoulos. What a joke!

So funny to watch Milo Yiannopoulos trigger the local MSM snowflakes as he tours Australia. They're trying so dang hard to push this bogus line about him being a neo-Nazi racist. They all just repeat the same fake news talking points like the fricken zombies they are. 

They always highlight the Twitter ban, natch. Vanessa "Van" Badham says he was punted "for encouraging the sexist and racist abuse of Ghostbusters actor Leslie Jones".

Such bollocks. He didn't sic his followers onto her at all. He mocked her in tweets, then some tweeps piled on afterwards with really vile stuff and the liberal media blamed him for that.

When you have hundreds of thousands of followers some of them are gonna be utter arseholes, let's face it. What they do is not your responsibility. But this reverse association trick is a fave leftist tactic. It's like saying that because a sleb has a stalker who commits a crime, the sleb is to blame. Nasty, dishonest stuff.

Sure, Milo trolled Jones big time and mocked her appearance. And he referred to her race in a self-mocking tweet about his own obsession with black dudes. But to call this racist is a helluva long bow to draw, especially since there are countless truly racist tweets -- along with all the other putrid stuff -- still up on the platform unchecked (some of it even from slebs who are!).

The Aussie love media luvvies all repeatedly call him "alt-right" which is now a term that's used to describe neo-Nazi white supremacists like the goons who read Daily Stormer. Our socialist snowflakes are thrashing the hell out of it! But Milo is not like that at all as he explains comprehensively in his best-selling book Dangerous.

Yiannopoulos abhors political correctness, of course. But to say this means he believes in a master race is BS on stilts.

But intellectual dishonesty is the essence of the PC Left, innit? And they're using it in a concerted effort to rile up their credulous acolytes then blame him for creating a "dangerous" environment. Then they can no-platform him -- to keep Australians safe, natch. What devious scumbags they are.

All the local leftie luminaries are packin' death over Milo, since he so fabulously flays their precious PC narrative -- to which they all owe their massively overpaid gigs (funded with money snatched from the very normies they spend their miserable lives sneering at for "wrongthink", BTW).

Vanessa "Van" Badham is more terrified of him than most, which has made her Guardian gargle from last week exceptionally silly. She kicks own goals throughout:

Yiannopoulos’s apologists insist that he can’t possibly be homophobic, racist or antisemitic because he claims some Jewish heritage and is married to a black man.

Actually it's not just these reasons. There's also his many articles and videos, in which he consistently and articulately condemns bigotry of all kinds and exhorts his readers and viewers to apply one standard, one standard for all. But Vanessa, who's always holding her leftie and frightbat pals to a far lower standard than others, simply can't comprehend that.

Which sounds marvellously like claiming men married to women are never misogynists. Oh, please.

Well d'uh! Of course married men can be misogynists -- as can self-described "male feminists". Given the tsunami of revolting revelations about such right-on dudes in America's liberal media and entertainment industries, it looks very much like that's the norm rather than the exception.

Women, too, can be women haters. Just look at the abuse Badham herself and her bolshie bestie Clementine Ford have hurled at chicks who don't toe their stupid victim feminist line. Misogynist indeed.

Then there's her obvious misandry. Badham, along with countless other crybullies, has built her career carping about "the patriarchy" -- just another way of saying "it's all men's fault!".

Then she has the jaw-dropping gall to imply that all her niggardly nagging is really a fricken favour to the blokes. FFS!

How very cancerous of us to insist on a common morality in which disadvantage is righted, difference accommodated and gender stereotypes dissolved

That's hilarious. Victim feminists like her don't want common morality. They want to be given everything on a platter on account of their gender; never to be held to account for anything. And can you think of anyone who stereotypes men as oppressors (and women as the oppressed) more than blowhards like Badham?

It’s an agenda which has now liberated generations of men from destructive, cruel expectation that the performance of dominant masculinity depends on repressed human feelings, social isolation, vocational denial and high-risk competitions of often violent, dangerous physical activity.

Gawd. So feminism has liberated men? Hardly. (Hasn't oppressed them either, BTW. Just annoyed the crap out of them.)

Well, I could never accuse Badham herself of repressing her feelings. Just a shame she possesses such a limited range -- one of which is clearly smug superiority ... Her sense of entitlement is just off the charts. She actually has the gall to demand blokes get bolshie at Milo's events:

It’s for this reason I’d like to see men protesting Yiannopoulos’s visit, especially those so vocal in their “wokeness”, so articulate in their feminist solidarity, so keen to insist they are our allies ... As long as Yiannopoulous enjoys his platforms without active male protest, it’s his own warped ideas of what it means to be a man that are entering the public arena unchecked.

So she basically wants her tragic fanbois to kick up a massive stink at his shows. If it's big enough for them to be cancelled, I suspect she'll be pleased as punch. Blech! What an ugly totalitarian attitude she has. 

May I remind you that Yiannopoulos has lost a book contract, two jobs and a prominent speaking role and yet is still very much breathing.

She says it like it's a bad thing ... And isn't that an intriguing choice of words? If a righty wrote that about Badham herself or one of her fellow travellers, there'd be a conga line of frightbats calling it a dog whistling incitement to violence for sure! 

He claims Australia is his biggest fanbase outside the US. I’d love to know how many more Yiannopoulos may win over, before those men made of better values allow themselves to stand up and fight back.

Another intriguing choice of words. She seems not to mean this figuratively, as in "rhetorical combat". After all, she doesn't want them to argue against Milo. She just wants him no-platformed (silenced).

So, it seems she might actually believe "male violence" is acceptable after all -- as long as she's calling the shots, of course.

In any case, it sounds like her woke-bloke army hasn't exactly risen to the challenge so far. I suppose standing up and fighting is all a bit too difficult -- especially when you're so used to peeing sitting down. 

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

A "Welcome to Country" ... that wasn't very welcoming

Bolshies are brimming. We all know that. They have a right to be, of course. And good on 'em for being passionate about stuff! But what I always find surprising is how clearly their seething rage against injustice -- much of it imagined, BTW -- is at odds with their claims to be compassionate, caring, kind folk. I mean, FFS, how can you be loving when you're filthy mad? Not only that, they seem to be completely unaware of this massive contradiction, and how it might harm their cause.

This odd dissonance was clearly on display at a recent demo for the Manus Island "refugees". Not surprisingly, each of the activists who spoke about the situation there was dripping with disdain for our democratically elected government. But so was the dude tasked with performing the obligatory "Welcome to Country".

I thought this was quite telling because the actual ceremony's purpose is in part to show the "traditional owners'" magnanimous attitude toward their "invaders", innit? But the guy at the rally seemed to display little, if any, of that. 

I didn't catch his name. But when he started his speech he clarified that he was actually from the mid North Coast of NSW, and therefore not one of the local Gadigal people, on whose land this rally was taking place. So there seemed to be an intra-Indigenous land rights hierarchy even he had to pay lip service to!

Anyhoo, unless he explicitly welcomed the crowd in the moments after he was introduced -- when I was finding a position to film him -- no such sentiment was expressed.

He did say "thank you" right at the end, however. So that was nice of him ... Still, this did come after he and the overwhelmingly white middle class crowd present had chanted: "Always was, always will be, Aboriginal land!"

Upon hearing this I couldn't help thinking how many of these pallid hipsters had purchased property themselves. Surely some had -- which would make them big fat hypocrites, wouldn't it? Not that they'd be aware of the irony, though. Whole purpose of them being there was to signal their virtue, not actually live up to the principles they claim to believe in.

As well as vehemently expressing his loathing for the "racist" Dutton, Abbott, et al, he invoked the recent yes vote for SSM. Such a fave tactic of the PC Left, this. They're forever peddling a bogus narrative about the wretched of the Earth all joining forces and rising up against their "oppressors" (y'know, evil white males -- like moi).

So silly ... Apart from anything else, you gotta wonder how many Aborigines actually do support "marriage equality". Highly doubt the percentage is greater than the national average -- prolly lower, actually.

Anyhoo, he said that the postal plebiscite outcome was a sign that he and his fellow travellers "can push back!".

Push back? Push back?


Call me old fashioned, but I'd say this was much closer to "pushing back" ...

But please do check out the video I took below, which shows all but the first few seconds of his "Welcome to Country". I think you'll see what I mean.

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Manus Island refugee demo in Hyde Park was typically emotive and incoherent

This Manus Island soap opera is just getting more and more ridiculous. Lefties in Oz are milking it for all it's worth. And they can do this because events are unfolding a long way from the mainland. They can tell the most brazen lies about goings on there and basically get away with it.

They aren't quite as bold when it comes to stuff going on in our cities because even though most of the local media are happy to echo their simplistic, OTT narrative without question there are some journos who ask pertinent questions and collect evidence disputing their outrageous claims.

Recently, they've all been shrieking up a storm about efforts to move the so-called refugees from the old centre on Manus Island to a new one. This would be a pretty straightforward process if the occupants were cooperative. But instead they've been as obstructive as possible (encouraged by activists, no doubt). The authorities have lost patience and are using force. That's unfortunate but understandable.

Local activists are carrying on as if it's the most terrible thing that could possibly happen. Sooo typical of them, innit?

Tortured? Abandoned to perish?

FFS, they're just trying to move them to a new facility ...

Doesn't matter what's really going on. Socialists will always be weeping, wailing and gnashing their teeth zif the sky's about to fall in. They're always doing their damnedest to demonize their opponents. Also, they're getting off on the drama of it. They're screaming: "Pay attention to us. We're important! Look how much we care!"

Saw some of this on the weekend down at Hyde Park. There was a rally in support of the men on Manus, see. Like all leftie demos, it was full of incoherence and virtue signalling. Lots of silly signs and behaviour. A real show.

The banners were emotive as usual. They'd only appeal to people who don't think too hard about things. The Greens advocated policies that resulted in over a thousand people drowning. Calling them "compassionate" is bloody absurd, clearly.

And by the same token, is it "cruel" to prevent these deaths, even if this is achieved by unflinching application of harsh border policies? Hell, they're the only measures that stop people smuggling. Not pleasant but they do work.

But there were some colourful characters there, I gotta say. It's something you often see at leftie gatherings.

Take this magnificent old dude, who woulda looked right at home in a biblical epic. Coulda been the good lord Himself!

Ironic he was holding up a socialist banner since they tend to be atheists and all. (Though you never know, He mighta lobbed from Heaven to offer the ultimate moral authority. God works in mysterious ways, after all ...)

Dutton has blood on his hands? What, for enforcing a policy that has been proven to save lives? But those whose demands ultimately lure people to their deaths are the good guys ... Got it.

(Just hope this is not real blood BTW. If it is, whoever donated it for the sign needs to eat a big juicy steak, pronto. They're obviously seriously anaemic ...)

I quite like this photo. Seems symbolic somehow ... One interpretation: there's violence and suffering everywhere. By focusing on hyperbolic (and sometimes flat out fraudulent) claims about what's happening a long way away, you could be missing something far worse much closer to home.

Not sure what significance the turtle had ... Maybe he'd endured so many of these sanctimonious rallies over the years that he'd just had a gutful? 

Interesting that leftie activists are forever waxing lyrical about love and compassion. The rally's speakers were clearly driven most strongly by emotions like anger, disgust, rage, contempt, and indignation.

Take the guy in the video below. He was the organizer, an academic who writes for The Guardian. Bloke was brimming! Can you imagine him being able to discuss the issue of border control calmly, even without his powerful sun hat of social justice?

Neither can I. 

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Australia may have said yes to SSM, but Sydney wasn't quite so sure

Still kinda reeling from the outcome of the postal plebiscite for "marriage equality". I thought that the No side had waged a very effective campaign and managed to get a lot of Australians to think long and hard about the issue. After all, marriage is about a whole lot more than just "love" and there are many good arguments for keeping it as it is.

Given what had happened with Brexit and the election of Trump, and how both these results completely confounded the pollsters, I thought we may well have been in for another surprise. Even posted this prediction:

Obviously I was being way too optimistic. I suspect that while a lot of people did realize they were being conned with all the pretty rainbow signs and flags and emotive lovey-dovey rhetoric, this came late in the process. So, while the fusty fighters pegged back the Yes side's lead somewhat, the result was pretty clear nationally.

Not surprisingly there was a clear distinction in the way the two main Sydney papers covered the issue. The Daily Tele employed its trademark politically incorrect abrasiveness, and the Herald was its usual gushy, mushy, virtue signalling self. 

Speaking of distinctions: There was a massive fault line in Western Sydney, where the biggest no vote was recorded. This was really intriguing.

Blaxland had the highest proportion of naysayers. When I first heard about it I thought maybe this was due to the lasting influence of the seat's former member Paul Keating, who said "Two blokes and a cocker spaniel do not make a family".

Obviously not. The electorate has changed massively since then. It was mostly due to the high proportion of working class people from non-English speaking backgrounds, especially Muslims. Among other things this makes Yes zealots undeniably elitist, Islamophobic and hence racist by their own definition.

And it's pretty funny that the sneering hipster crowd still sees silvertail electorates as homophobia hotbeds. Warringah (Tony Abbott's electorate) scored among the highest yes votes in the country. That's another way in which their child-brained PC narrative was confounded by reality. 

But as always with the PC Left, it's not about reality. It's all about having their precious fee-fees validated. The orgy of self congratulation was pretty nauseating. They weren't exactly gracious in victory, that's for sure.

Funny how so many of the Yes side called their opponents "dinosaurs". They should curb their enthusiasm. We just had a survey in which over half respondents said that SSM is fine with them. That is all. The law has not yet been changed. By their criteria, Oz is still "Jurassic Park", innit?

The way the Yes crowd now condemns those who had the temerity to vote no is a bit like the tsunami of claims about Harvey Weinstein, IMO. Everyone in Hollywood knew about his vile behaviour, but heaps are only speaking up now. If "marriage equality" is such a "fundamental human right", why no momentum for it yonks back?

The massive push for SSM is a relatively recent phenomenon. Back in ultra-PC Artsville in Melbourne in the 90s I hardly ever heard demands for it, even from gays and lesbians. It's come globally from above (cultural Marxism). The idea that it's developed organically from the bottom up is total bollocks.

If you're a married Yes voter claiming it's "homophobic" and a "human rights violation" to deny marriage to LGBTIQ folk, surely that was always the case ... So why are you only now condemning this injustice, congratulating yourself for your compassion? Where were you when it mattered?

Married heteros pushing the "fundamental human right" line on SSM are yuuuge hypocrites. They're like white South Africans who did sweet far call about apartheid when it was law, then congratulated themselves after it was ditched. If they had any sincerity, they would never have been married in the first place.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Daisy Cousens triggers "The Ferret"

Kinda funny that sneering hipsters detest the Daily Telegraph. They see it as wholly eeevil -- one of the main ways by which those vile right-wingers brainwash Sydney's plebs into believing in quaint notions like freedom of speech. 

But as usual they're way off the mark. While the tabloid does have some high profile columnists (such as Mark Latham) who appeal to the sane, rational adult demographic, a fair whack of the rest of its content is pretty dang PC. In other words, like many News Ltd publications, it actually has a range of views.

Hell, it even includes input from animals -- or as the more extreme activists like to call them, "non-human persons". Take this nosy little critter, "The Ferret".

Rather than condemn the paper, deep green lefties should actually rejoice that the Daily Telegraph is such a staunch ally in the crusade against speciesism. Even the Sydney Morning Herald isn't that non-discriminatory in its employment practices. (Frightbats aren't actual bats, remember -- though I'm sure many of them do sleep upside down.)

Even better, "The Ferret" actually seems to be a bit of a leftie himself -- well, if his last column is any guide. You could even call him a "fur-bolshie" ...

See, he's penned this snarky little item about high-profile young conservative Daisy Cousens.

Now, Ms Cousens has form on provoking the Left. She routinely triggers SJWs into foam-flecked fits of pique, in which they often reveal their own ugly bigotry. The fact that she's now done this to a member of the family Mustelidae is testament to her trolling skills.

The moonlighting rabbit catcher sneers:

"Now, of course, no-one knows who the ferret Daisy is. But among those mincing around in some right-wing circles she has become somewhat of a pin-up girl."

Mincing? Mincing?

Is Mr Ferret unaware that in left-wing circles that term is verboten? It's inherently homophobic, and in a few years could even be classified as hate speech (along with "tranny" and "fag"). 

Anyhoo, doesn't he know that right-wingers don't mince. They stride!

But I shouldn't be surprised at his ignorance given his very sheltered existence. Most of the time he's curled up asleep in a tubby goth's cleavage, after all ...

But the thing that really shat off the bespectacled fur-bolshie (which consequently caught my eye) was what Ms Cousens said on The Bolt Report in relation to the consequences of gay marriage for shop owners:

"Refusing service to people, it happens for all sorts of reasons, a couple of months ago in Melbourne an Asian gentleman who owned a shop refused service to young black males for the simple fact that he had noticed that they had a propensity to commit crime. Should we prevent him from doing that to protect his store because of what he has observed?"

The whiskered busybody's very revealing reply:

"Ah, yes Daisy. Yes we should."

Wow. That's one PC polecat!

Presumably, like his fellow-travelling humans, he's being very selective in his standards here. Does he think that the Rose Hotel in Chippendale should have been prevented from cancelling this regular Christian gathering, I wonder?

And regardless of consistency in application, how could shop owners be forced to serve all customers whether they like it or not other than through the introduction and rigorous enforcement of truly totalitarian laws?

That's one particularly deep and dark rabbit hole this particular ferret is very reluctant to investigate, I suspect. 

Friday, November 3, 2017

Popular Daily Telegraph not PC while right-on Fairfax is failing (and fake anyhow)

A coupla days ago I saw this Daily Telegraph cover story about a stoush over a woman between two beefy Italian rugby league players. It was mildly politically incorrect in its invocation of the Italian theme and certainly gave me a laugh. One of the first paragraphs brazenly included the phrase "cracking on". Frankly I think the writer should win a human rights award just for that!

I suspect the paper didn't receive any complaints for this story. After all, Italy is part of Europe, historically inhabited by white folk. So it would be a real stretch to characterize this as some kinda hate crime, even for a sneering hipster from Sydney Uni. Still, with all the social justice warriors running amok these days, more and more people are getting offended by the most innocuous things.

Anyhoo, it got me thinking about how this paper is perceived by its audience. Obviously, the vast majority of its readers don't take offense to its often abrasive approach, and appreciate this kind of humour. That's one of the reasons it's so popular.

On the other side of the media spectrum there's Fairfax, which is struggling financially. Clearly, a major reason for this is its drearily right-on, humourless approach.

Without a doubt the sneering hipsters who regularly read the Sydney Morning Herald would look at a front page like the one shown above and roll their eyes at what they believed to be its typically crass and culturally insensitive tone.

But does Fairfax truly walk its talk when it comes to being politically correct? If the Chris Gayle defamation suit is any guide it certainly doesn't. The case was a clear win for the Jamaican, who successfully argued that stories published about him were both false and malicious.

If the Daily Telegraph was the paper coughing up defo payments to a black cricketer, you can be damn sure that Fairfax writers would be howling about the "racism" of the journos and editors in question. Maybe they should be applying those same standards to themselves for once? 

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Is "rainbow fascism" too strong a term?

One phrase that's getting used a lot these days is "rainbow fascism". It describes the authoritarian tactics of the "marriage equality" crowd. When I first started hearing it a while back I thought it was waaay OTT. But nowadays I'm not so sure.

Obviously, these shrieking zealots are not going to line people up against a wall and shoot them if they vote no in the plebiscite. But if you take "fascist" to mean one who despises democracy and wages concerted campaigns to control citizens thoughts, feelings and speech then these serious little insects are well on the way to deserving the label IMHO. 

The PC narrative has it the other way around, natch. The cultural Marxists are always painting their opponents as the real Nazis. But the truth is much more problematic, as this excellent book The Big Lie makes clear. In the USA, it's the Democrats who have long been closest in spirit to the National Socialists. And in true totalitarian style, they've turned the truth completely on its head!

Something similar is happening with this SSM push. And one major element of it is the employment of the rainbow symbol to manipulate the masses emotionally.

See, rainbows are like love itself -- they are universally seen as good, beautiful and positive. Only a certified arsehole would abhor those pretty colours in the sky after rain, surely. So, the Yes crowd have made the rainbow a central image in their branding. It's kind of like emotional blackmail: "Vote yes and everything's pretty and nice. Do the opposite and the rainbow gets it!"

They've obviously put a helluva lot of thought, preparation and work into this project. They've been at it for a long while, right across the globe.

I really started to notice the tactic about a year ago when I saw this display in Bondi Junction.

What got me was the fact that even though gay marriage wasn't actually mentioned specifically, it was still being alluded to. And it was very clearly tied in with the shopping centre's own hashtag.

After this I started noticing the symbol everywhere. Recently, I even realized it was in a photo I'd taken of a pub -- though I was unaware of it at the time.

Clearly, the pro-SSM crowd have been very hard at work getting businesses both large and small to literally fly the flag for their revolutionary movement.

Speaking of which, Sydney Lord Mayor Clover Moore's been doing it for ages -- and at our expense.

And here's another example of this: public art. Over in Fremantle a whole year ago a sculpture called "Rainbow" was installed at significant public expense. The port city's Lord Mayor had this to say:

“I hope Rainbow will not only foster conversation and debate but will put a smile on the faces of locals and visitors and remind us of just how lucky we are to live in such a great place."

That's sooo leftist innit? They always say they welcome debate. But really, it's the last thing they want. He added:

“Like all good pieces of art it will mean different things to different people. For me it represents a variety of things including Fremantle’s strong links to the sea, a celebration of Freo’s renowned arts and culture scene and also a strong statement of hope for greater diversity, tolerance and compassion in society."

Diversity! What a laugh. Conformity more like ...

Dunno 'bout you. But as far as I'm concerned these joyless totalitarians have completely ruined the rainbow. I will never be able to look at a real one in the same way again.