Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Did "Top Shelf Dan" just celebrate a secret promotion?

Yesterday Dictator Dan Andrews lifted some restrictions and in two bizarre tweets expressed his appreciation for Victorians for all their "hard work" in obeying his insane demands for so long.

Of course we all know that he's a narcissistic scumbag. He was showing contempt for the people of Victoria while pretending to thank them. However I think that there was something even more twisted going on underneath. 

Those tweets were clearly symbolic. I think he was using them to communicate news of his own advancement within his faith to other adherents.  

This is all speculation of course. But I think these weird updates had much to do with Freemasonry. Most if not all high ranking pollies in Australia are members of this secret society. They're always signalling to each other, smug in the knowledge that the normies remain unaware of this. 

So, to the tweets: My first reaction upon seeing the first one had me shaking my head. Why would you post a shot of a fricken donut? And while you were wearing a mask

Well, the mask is part of a global submission ritual as we all know. He was showing his obedience to those above him on the power pyramid. And of course he was telling those below him -- all those "useless eaters" -- that they should wear theirs as well. 

Significantly, it was a black mask. And he was wearing one of his trademark North Face jackets. Now, Freemasons love their black and white symbolism. It represent duality. You are meant to reconcile them in your actions. 

The company's own symbolism is relevant here, too, I think:

The name North Face was chosen because the north face of a mountain is the coldest and most treacherous side and the goal was to create gear that would assist climbers in successfully traversing these conditions.

Also, north is "Masonically a place of darkness"

But why the donut? What could that represent? I reckon it's the dog star, Sirius. This is another recurring motif. It's also known as the blazing star and it represents illumination. It's what you're meant to aspire to. 

Notice also how it's placed on the table between the two pieces of paper. To me this evokes pillars, something else you see a lot of in this Masonic imagery

"Bulldog" Bill Shorten also invoked this imagery in a recent video, I reckon. He recorded it just after having passed through a checkpoint (pillars?) on his way to the nation's capital and drew attention to the song he was listening to at the time. 

The song title: "We Built This City." What do masons do? They build. And Canberra is chockas with Masonic symbolism, remember. 

The band playing it? Starship. 

He too was wearing black and white, and a mask

So, it seems to me that Dan Andrews was celebrating his spiritual ascent. By inflicting such cruelty on Victorians, a clearly extreme and risky business politically for himself, he was traversing the dark north face, and going towards the light of the blazing star. 

Then there was the notorious shot of the malt whiskey he was celebrating with. Posting it was an extremely callous thing to do given how many people's livelihoods the scumbag has destroyed. But he doesn't give a tinker's, obviously. He's prolly quite glad about this, being the twisted narcissist that he is. 

But I think he was also divulging a secret to those in the know. By saying he'd "go a little higher up the shelf" he was informing them he'd been officially elevated within their system. 

Notice how the bottle is placed between two glasses. Again, this evokes the two pillars motif. Then there's the brand name of the drink: Starward. And the word "star" is clearly featured. 

Now, what are the odds that two senior Labor pollies would allude to stars in specifically 'rona related social media updates in which they were wearing black and white, and masks?

Bulldog Bill and Dictator Dan know each other well, too. I recall this tweet just after Bob Hawke popped his clogs literally days before the election last year. (I always though that seemed suss, BTW. At the time I suspected that maybe he'd taken one for the NWO team. Now I'm convinced that was the case.)

Again, notice the black and white of the photo of Bob Hawke, and the tie he's wearing.

Remember that Hawke was well known as "Master Mason", having reached the 33rd degree. Look at the emoji, and the placement of the two cans in the shot. 

Pillars again? Maybe ... 

Shorten echoed Andrews in his own celebratory tweet, exhorting Victorians to "get on the beers" even though he could not. 

That's a dinkum Aussie thing to do, innit? So why the Seinfeld-themed GIF? 

Well, turns out that Michael Richards, who played Kramer, is actually a highly ranked Freemason himself, not unlike dear departed Bob. 

The Starward whisky is not technically scotch, being made here in Oz. Still, it's a word that is strongly associated with any brand of malt whiskey, right? 

I don't think the choice of that GIF was an accident. I think Bulldog Bill was saying: "Well done Dan for reaching the 33rd level. You've definitely earned it!" 

And if you think the rabbit hole couldn't get any deeper, then ponder the price of said tipple. I first learned about it from this tweet: 

I checked the actual Starward site just to be sure. And yep, that price was correct. 

Freemasons love their numerical symbolism too. It's why their lodges are so often located at addresses with sixes in them. Take the Museum of Freemasonry in Sydney. It's at 66 Goulburn Street. 

Now, what do you think when you see those three digits? I think of the obvious permutation: 911. I bet I'm not the only one who does. 

And remember that in here in Australia we put the day before the month unlike the US. So 11/9 actually means the same as 9/11. 

Speaking of, er, witch:

Those pillars again ... Hmm. 

And we all know how Dan feels about Hillary:

Yeah, I know, I've got my tin-foil hat on. I've certainly gone on a dot joining frenzy in this post. 

Still, I think I'm onto something. Those tweets were definitely symbolic. I think my decode is as good as any. 

Saying they were just random doesn't cut it IMO. I mean, donuts and whiskey? Come on man! 

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Saturday, October 24, 2020

Kevin Rudd plays "protection racket" ball

Kevin Rudd likes to play handball. As we all know, that doesn't require the use of racquets. The very dirty game of globalist politics OTOH, certainly does require them -- albeit spelled differently. If you're gonna "pay to play", you wanna make sure that there's a racket protecting you, right?

Clearly, the biggest part of this is the liberal mainstream media. Look at how desperately they're covering for Biden now. Just jaw-dropping, innit?

But Kevin, who was "handballs deep" in the globalist system when Biden was Vice President and Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State, has a very different view. He thinks that Murdoch is the one running a protection racket -- specifically for the LNP. 

Here's an example of why he's so sure of this: Evil Rupert's papers didn't tell their readers about a recent revelation in Senate Estimates that Tony Abbott spent hundreds of thousands of bucks on some "knights and dames" insignias. What an outrage

Yet he's not at all disturbed by revelations about the contents of Hunter Biden's hard drive. It's said to be absolutely horrific. One dude who's actually viewed some of it says that on a scale in which 1 is a "snoozefest" and 10 is "can't unsee" it scores a 20

Not surprisingly Kevin believes the fake news line being pushed in the USA which is that the Russians are behind this elaborate hoax, and Murdoch is working hard to present it as dinkum via the New York Post. He said as much in a recent interview with an ABC journalist, who didn't pick him up on the issue, natch

Talk about your confirmation bias! 

No wonder he wants to "protect" their ABC

Looks like Kevin himself might just be the one holding the, er, racket here. He really needs to get his hand off it, I reckon. 

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Sunday, October 18, 2020

Labor adores those labradors!

You may have heard of the sneaky practice of "dog comms", a method by which movers and shakers post canine-themed social media updates to communicate with others. The beauty of this strategy is that it looks so benign on the surface. What's not to like about dogs, after all.

It really is a twofer. You can send your coded messages to those in the know, while humanizing your public profile to all the normies who are none the wiser. 

While it does seem that this technique is most widespread among the blue checks of Washington and Hollywood, some high profile Aussies appear to be using this method as well.

Take Bill Shorten for example

The above tweet was made just before the election last year. He was Labor leader and this was clearly part of his charm offensive. Thankfully, the tactic didn't work. Voting for Shorten would surely have been a very paw choice. (Turns out that ScoMo getting the gig has been a disaster also but that's another story.)

At the time I thought Shorten sharing these snaps was all about him promoting a cuddly image and that was the end of it. But in retrospect I think there was quite a lot going on subtextually. Of course I can only speculate but here's a theory:

Firstly, notice how Kristina Keneally is in one of them. That always struck me as strange because I thought if he wanted to include an attractive blonde why not his wife Chloe? 

Now I think I know what he was saying. She's American, remember. His labrador puppy is "kissing" her. It was a coded way of saying that he, along with Labor, were still supportive of Hillary. 

Remember that Aussie prime ministers have long been the puppets of the Deep State and globalist Cabal, something that Trump has been fighting his entire presidency. I think Shorten was saying to the Washington Swamp-monsters who monitor his social media that if he were to be elected, a Labor government would continue being extremely loyal to them

Hence the guide dog photo. "You can show us the way, and we will follow your lead" was the message here IMO.

Then there's the text: "Good doggos." Translation. We will behave and obey you, not Trump.

In recent months Shorten has been tweeting an awful lot about his pet bulldogs. This was one of the strangest of these updates

It is such a humiliating pose, innit? The mask wearing is of course part of a global submission ritual. Also, why would he remind everyone how empty the shelves are in the failed state of Victoria, governed by his Labor mate and fellow globalist puppet Dictator Dan?

It seems unlikely that he would have done this willingly, off his own bat. It looks like he was told to do this to show obedience to some higher power. 

Also, what's with that yuge bone? If you look at the photo closely you can see that while the shelves are quite bare there are still some packets of meat there. So he clearly didn't select it because it was the only "available meat". There is another reason he's holding that bone. And it's clearly the focus of the shot. 

It struck me as strangely familiar, too. I knew I'd seen a photo like this before. I just couldn't remember where. But after posting the screenshot on Gab, Neon Revolt reminded me of this notorious shot. 

Could be a coinky-dink, sure. But seriously, what are the odds? I have never in my life seen anyone pose like Bourdain did above, holding a bone of that size and shape. That's what makes it so memorable. Then Bill Shorten is snapped holding one that is exactly like it.

Now I know he didn't nude up for it, and we can all be thankful for that. And he's holding it out from his body, so it's not meant to be a phallic symbol, but still ... 

Maybe he was a yuge fan of the celebrity chef and this was a blackly humorous homage to the dead dude's memory? Somehow, I doubt it. 

And they are both connected to Hillary in a strange way. Shorten, and his party are all "with her". So was Bourdain for a long while, then he (very publicly) stopped being so. Not long after that he also stopped, er, breathing

So, if that photo was meant to echo that pose (which is quite possible) it's pretty creepy. Maybe it was a general reminder to stay the globalist socialist course; that "too many capitalist cooks spoil the Bolshevik broth" or something similar. But I suspect the symbolism was a tad more specific. Which is what worries me.  

In any case the meal he said he was preparing with it was for his bulldogs. And he clearly worships them

When it comes to coded comms it's always a good idea to Google highlighted or repeated terms. Trump, for example, has repeatedly talked about how he's fighting the "hidden scourge". Google that term yourself and see what comes up as the first result. (It's not coronavirus -- or even commie China -- in case you're wondering.) 

Now if you do the same for "dog day" the first results are specific references to the actual date. So, no hidden meaning there. But then you get a Wikipedia page about "dog days" and their symbology

The dog days or dog days of summer are the hot, sultry days of summer. They were historically the period following the heliacal rising of the star system Sirius, which Hellenistic astrology connected with heat, drought, sudden thunderstorms, lethargy, fever, mad dogs, and bad luck. They are now taken to be the hottest, most uncomfortable part of summer in the Northern Hemisphere.

Sirius is the "dog star". Sydneysiders will know of a brutalist apartment block named after it right next to the Sydney Harbour Bridge. It's been very controversial in recent years because the NSW State Government has been tryna sell it off and have it replaced with high-rise apartments. 

Back in 2017 Clover Moore arced up big time about this, and seemed to facilitate that notorious "tent city" for the homeless in Martin Place. I think that maybe her affection for the fugly structure was more about the symbolism of the name than its ability to house hobos

As this article describes, the dog star is big among the occult elite, particularly Freemasons. It's even featured in Masonic lodges, at the centre of their characteristic black and white flooring. 

It's well known that many, if not most, high profile folk in Australia and NZ are Freemasons. They are extremely influential in politics, the MSM and the union movement. I think the odds of Shorten being a member are extremely high. (Same with Jacinda Ardern, and they are practically BFFs, right?) 

They have an obsession with the duality of black and white. That's why I found this recent video of Shorten's quite interdasting

Remember that mask wearing is a globalist submission ritual, and he's encouraging his followers to take part in it. He also says that he's "in two minds" about cutting up his treasured Collingwood sock. 

Is he invoking the idea of "duality" here? Seems likely to me. 

Now, if you think I'm drawing too long a bow with this "dog star" stuff then check out this more recent video.

Notice how he's wearing black and white. He also mentions that he's got one of his bulldogs in the car with him. And he draws attention to the music he's been playing. What's the song in the video?

"We Built This City." Again, Google that song and you'll see the band who made it famous: Starship

Like with the bone photo, ask yourself: What are the odds?  

A more recent tweet:

Again, he's with his dog and he's wearing black and white. And notice how the Adidas logo is shaped like a pyramid. This has long been a fave symbol of globalist "New World Order" types and and I don't think it's an accident that it's visible here. 

Another video, this time cut from an interview he did on some stupid MSM show

That dog really is a star innit?

I'm not saying that's exactly what he was implying, obviously. But I'm sure get my drift: Why so many photos and mentions of dogs? To say that this is some kinda symbolic incantation is not a stretch IMHO. 

Oh, and Julia Gillard tweeted this canine-themed update not so long ago. The character Bluey has its own kids' show produced by Disney, BTW. 

Now the doggie-dots I discern are somewhat distant from each other but I'll still join them anyhow: Notice the blue and white theme in the drawing of the toon-pooch. And see how the books evoke a kinda house or building shape with the roof being gold? 

What are the colours of the walls and dome on that creepy temple on that island owned by that evil dude who "killed himself" by a method also allegedly used by Anthony Bourdain? More "occult elite" symbolism? Prolly unlikely but not impossible ... 

As George Carlin so memorably stated: "It's a big club and you ain't in it!" 

Long time Q followers will know about how James Comey tweeted about the death of his dog, and Joe M postulated that this was a signal to those in the know that George HW Bush had died because his code name was "Timber Wolf". In retrospect, this theory seems to have been bang on the money. 

That context makes this update from Kevin Rudd very intriguing

Notice how it very specifically says Abby went "peacefully into the light" (not night, the usual metaphor used to describe death). 

Then there was this very quirky handball video from late September

Please check it out, then watch my video breaking down what I think it was all really about below. It's clearly meant to be symbolic and there are repeated, featured references to "dog shots" in it. He also mentions black and white near the end. 

I do go "handballs out" with my speculation under the crown -- just as I have done with this blog post. I have no specific predictions or claims to make about what Rudd et al are up to but I am sure there's another level to all of this and it has something to do with their allegiance to the globalist elite, Hillary in particular. 

One thing's for sure: These Labor illuminaries are cooking something up either together or -- more likely -- on their own. I suspect there may well be one or more big habbenings during the dog days of summer. 

I smell a bad spoon rising, which is why I've got a bad taste in my mouth already. No way I'm wearing a mask, but! 

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Tuesday, October 6, 2020

The "Doofus Dan" narrative is bait. Don't take it!

Pretty obvious that the way we perceive reality is strongly influenced by our emotions. That's just human nature. But you don't want to be a slave to them. Let them rule you and you'll keep getting fooled by unscrupulous people who know how to push your buttons. 

And that's the danger in tryna work out what's really going on down in Victoria. Dan Andrews is a loathsome creature without a doubt. He doesn't just lack concern for the misery he's inflicted on Victorians with his insane measures. He seems to be actually getting off on it! 

While a depressingly high number of rusted-on Labor supporters, Karens and sundry other robodolts incapable of thinking for themselves are supportive of Dictator Dan, the rest of the state wants the ghoul's guts for garters. 

There seems to be a very strong feeling that he's the root of all the trouble; that when he's gone things will swiftly return to normal. There's also widespread anger about the hotel quarantine debacle and his refusal to take responsibility for any of it. 

Among many the "Dan lied, people died" narrative is dominant. They hold him personally responsible for the nearly 800 COVID-19 deaths that it is claimed resulted from that episode. 

It's great that journalists are now putting more pressure on Dan Andrews during his daily lie-fests. But IMHO this "Doofus Dan" narrative is ultimately a distraction.

He's actually playing his part in a massive globalist Cabal plan to take over Australia. That's why this story about the Victorian Premier's dealings with China (surprisingly from the The Age, a very PC paper) shows where our attention should really be focused

Internal documents obtained under the freedom of information act show Mr Andrews pitching for money and expertise from Chinese state-owned companies in his trip to China in October last year, with a promise to "facilitate" their access to Victoria and "collaborate" on the state's biggest projects.

Victoria, he said, would become “China’s gateway to Australia”.

That is clearly the grand plan. And it's not just commie China that he's letting in. Ultimately it's that whole alliance of globalist elite creeps and Deep State denizens -- in short, the New World Order. 

This whole thing is much bigger than Dan Andrews and those endlessly proliferating COVID clusters. The real story -- the elephant in the room -- is the massive global fraud that is Coronabollocks, and how obviously fake stats are being used to justify the fascist lockdown in Victoria to pave the way for Wuhan-style technocratic tyranny. 

There's clearly some kind of yuge, diabolical psyop going on. Think of all those viral videos of brutal arrests by the plods, many involving women. Looks very much like this is a calculated ploy to make the normies so detest the coppers that the Government can then offer to replace them with a woke UN force or similar. Victoria is the only state signed up the the Strong Cities Network, remember. 

As well as all the police brutality, there's the sinister Omnibus Bill. That looks like a plan to denigrate the police from another angle

It's like preparation for a BLM-style "Defund the Police" movement Down Under. And not only is the Victorian State Government in on it, the Opposition seem to be as well, along with the MSM. They are all focused on this "Doofus Dan" narrative. 

Even if the puppet is punted, the puppeteers are still in control. They will likely opt for a slower, more subtle approach to achieving their globalist goals, but in the end little will have changed.

That's why I think it's so important to stand back and look at the bigger picture. Victoria is clearly the entry point for the NWO in Australia; the place to get their "jackboot in the door". It's not enough to just push back those aiding and abetting the invasion. Do that and the door is still ajar. We're only safe when it is closed entirely. 

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Sunday, September 20, 2020

Dan the Man

The situation in Victoria just gets worse every day. I really pity the poor bastards living in that state. And Melbourne itself is already like a full-on dystopian hellscape.

But it can't all be because of the malignant mind of the control-freak Dan Andrews. Sure, the Goblin of the South is a narcissistic, nasty piece of work. But he's also a useful idiot for those above him in the power pyramid. 

The way I see it, he and his ghoulish government are crucial elements in the globalist mind control matrix.

Remember that this "occult elite" have all the bases covered, and slyly further their globalist agenda by dodgying up events (at arm's length of course) then defining the masses' interpretation of these via their ownership and control of the mainstream media. They have long done this with terrorism, for example.

Basically they engineer these horrific acts of violence by funding radical groups, then allowing certain unhinged individuals to escape detection through their control of the political system. IMO a good example of this tactic was the Lindt Cafe siege in 2014. It was perpetrated by Man Monis

As all Australians remember, that lethal crisis unfolded literally metres away from Channel 7 in the Sydney CBD. So ironic that the fountain featured in The Matrix movie shown above is actually located between those two buildings, a mere two blocks down Martin Place towards George Street. (Please check out the video I made about that event from directly behind the fountain.) 

Man Monis was as much a puppet as he was a self-directed perpetrator of violence. And I think the same can be said of Dan Andrews. What the former did to the patrons of the Lindt Cafe, the latter is doing to millions of people within the borders of Victoria. 

He's got them all held hostage, and while he isn't holding a gun to their heads as Monis did, he's still got them all under house arrest and is using the threat of literal incarceration -- even for crimes they have not yet committed! Like Monis he's obviously savouring this power, but he's also doing the bidding of his controllers. IMO they are using him and his state's utterly corrupt police force in a brazen psyop to make the normies so detest the men and women on the beat that he'll have justification for defunding the whole operation and putting a globalist "community policing" force in its place.

The Victorian Premier really is "Dan the Man" in the absolute worst way possible. And it says so much that muppet politicians see Van the Man as more of a threat

Showing great independence of thought and courage Van Morrison has written songs protesting the lockdown. Very few well known artists have arced up against the creepy technocratic fascism like he has, since they are mostly owned by the same globalist control freaks who are ultimately behind it. 

I look forward to these new songs when they come out. In any case, he captured how all sane adults are now thinking and feeling about the global lockdowns in general and the situation in Victoria in particular long ago with his brilliant song "Wonderful Remark". I mention it near the end of this video

Wonderful Remark

How can you stand the silence

That pervades when we all cry?

How can you watch the violence

That erupts before your eyes?

How can you tell us something

Just to keep us hanging on?

Something that just don't mean nothing

When we see it you are gone

Clinging to some other rainbow

While we're standing waiting in the cold

Telling us the same old story

Knowing time is growing old

That was a wonderful remark

I had my eyes closed in the dark

I sighed a million sighs

I told a million lies... to myself... to myself

How can we listen to you

When we know your talk is cheap?

How can we ever question

Why we give more and you keep?

How can your empty laughter

Fill a room like ours with joy

When you're only playing with us

Like a child does with a toy?

How can we ever feel the freedom

Or the flame lit by the spark?

How can we come out even

When reality is stark?

That was a wonderful remark

I had my eyes closed in the dark

I sighed a million sighs

I told a million lies... to myself... to myself

If you've seen Martin Scorsese's brilliant satire The King of Comedy you'll know that this great song plays as the credits roll at the end. 

Isn't it ironic (don't you think) that the film's protagonist Rupert Pupkin is a deranged loser comedian with zero talent who finally achieves his dream of being "king for a day" by holding his idol (Jerry Langford -- played by Jerry Lewis) hostage!

So "Dan the Man" can also be seen as a Pupkin-like figure, holding court as "King Victoria" under the NWO Corona, with his trademark royal purple behind him. 

Please watch the video below. Imagine "Dan the Man Pupkin" in De Niro's place. As "Wonderful Remark" plays over the credits see them not as the names of talented crew members who helped realize Scorsese's vision, but the numerous spin-doctors employed by Victorian Labor as well as the so-called "journalists" present at his vomitous COVID-19 updates -- you know, the jellybacked flogs who claim to be "reporting" on the "pandemic" but are actually just regurgitating sinister propaganda. I reckon it really captures the tragic globalist engineered shitshow that is Victoria under that malignant muppet monarch. 

And please, if you're one of the self-parodic "I Stand With Dan" fans, then wake the far cup! You've all got your eyes closed in the dark. And this went waaay beyond a joke a long time ago. 

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Friday, September 11, 2020

The label "Dictator Dan" is not an exaggeration

It's great that some MSM journos are starting to ask pertinent questions of Dictator Dan Andrews. And more and more movers and shakers across Australia are arcing up about his insanely OTT measures.

But what's happening in Victoria is waaay bigger than the Goblin of the South being "drunk with power" or a total doofus who keeps screwing up bigly, yet never accepts responsibility for what's happening in his state. 

He's clearly Australia's most zealous NWO control-freak and a puppet of commie China. It's so obvious what his plan is with coronavirus. Basically it's to keep the fear of it high with massaged stats, so that people keep getting tested. The more of these that are performed, the more cases they have. And it's those rolling updates with the scary numbers that give him and his clown CHO the justification for continuing the totalitarian lockdown.

So he hasn't stuffed up. He's actually carrying out a classic commie subversion plan with ruthless efficiency. 

The most direct way to demonstrate that the whole thing is a ruse is to look at what happened early on. Right from the get-go, Victoria had the harshest lockdown measures. It also had the most cooperative citizens. This was because it is by far Australia's most left-wing, right-on state. (I know this from personal -- and political! -- experience. I lived there for 8 years in the 90s.) 

Dr Vaxxie McNeedle made that very point back in June. 

So, if Victoria did "everything right", then why did it have the worst outcomes? And this strange anomaly has only become more pronounced in the ensuing months. If the measures that Dictator Dan keeps ratcheting up are genuinely effective, then why do the case numbers keep increasing also?

The rational answer: because they don't fricken work! So let's dump them! 

And why don't they do this? Because it's the tail wagging the dog ... This is not about keeping people safe, it's about installing a tyrannical control system. 

The process is to scare the normies into getting tested. Then use the test results to justify lockdown measures. When the people arc up, say: "But look at the stats. We're only doing this to keep you safe!"

More fear leads to more tests, and more cases ... Rinse, repeat, etc. 

This is what the globalist arseholes want to do indefinitely. That's why they call it the "new normal". It's meant to go on forever. 

It's also why they've been so determined to slap down any protests -- well, unless they're woke, that is. That whole BLM thing is a related campaign by the globalist elite. It's meant to keep people alienated from each other, stressed out in another way. It's classic divide and conquer. 

And the Spring St Ghoul and his creepy minions have been up to other kinds of mind-war to keep the normies confused and cowed. Take that recent freedom protest in Melbourne. It may have started organically but I suspect it was infiltrated with agent provocateurs to get violent and be dealt with harshly by the plods. That way Dictator Dan had another excuse for continuing his insane lockdown: "Look, I really don't wanna extend this, but the tinfoil-hat wearing anti-mask conspiracy theorist right-wing terrorists wrecked it for ya."

This tyrant knows that MSM robodolts -- especially those in Channel 7 and 9 -- will always dutifully promote his propaganda. Their so-called journos are not remotely interested in the truth. They are there to "program" the masses with fake news; to keep them distracted from what the globalist elite who control them and the Premier himself are truly up to.

There will still be many Victorians who watch those primping, preening fake news flogs and believe they have some kinda authority because they totes "look the part". So, they'll remain easily controlled which is what this is ultimately all about for the sinister freak and those above him pulling his strings. 

This tactic of having a massive, intimidating police presence to theatrically smack down any resistance that they've prolly arranged at arm's length themselves is a favourite of the globalist elite. And note how the employment of this strategy (along with others) seems to occur simultaneously in many different countries.

We've had the insanely OTT lockdowns then a yuge global push for masks -- even though the worst had passed and each country was dealing with its own unique situation. 

Now these goon squads are appearing everywhere. They're all centrally controlled, NWO-style.

Melbourne's recent show of farce would've also put the fear of plod into many unconvinced that the whole Stage 4 shit-show was dinkum meant to "keep them safe". Many surely now suspect a con but being meek and agreeable they'll obey because they're afraid. So, they'll be controllable too.

This idiot throwing a Nazi salute is prolly a crisis actor. But even if he isn't, it's exactly the kind of thing the fake news MSM just loves. They run this angle that he's somehow more of a threat to democracy than the rows of heavily armed goons employed by Dictator Dan. FFS.

Other recent events that looked staged include the shocking arrest of the young mum, and the choking of the young maskless woman in Collingwood by a grey-haired copper (who also seemed present at Ballarat). These will also terrify many normies. "Shit, I don't want that to happen to me!" they'll fret. "Best obey." 

Of course there is already a substantial percentage of the population -- fast growing in number -- who see through all this bollocks. But it's still disturbing and confusing to them. They're "on the back foot". So Dictator Dan is still in the driver's seat, defining the MSM narrative, with plods at his command. Which is why he keeps ploughing on so shamelessly. 

But ultimately the Goblin of the South is riding tiger called COVID-19. If he doesn't keep upping the ante he's well and truly farked. Soon his big lie will be so obvious to all that millions may well just dump their masks, flout the curfew, and get back to work. 

He simply doesn't have enough coppers to control them all. Having this happen is surely his bigliest fear. Hopefully, it will soon be realized!

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Sunday, August 30, 2020

Australian MSM: "QAnon followers are bad because they are against evil!"

As we approach the American elections in early November the information war is really hotting up. More and more people across the globe are waking up to just how corrupt the mainstream media are. They're also becoming aware of the alternative narrative that the whole QAnon movement offers. So hit pieces against it are coming thick and fast in the US. They're also increasing in number and intensity in Australia.

Check out this one shown on Perth TV. Not surprisingly it just repeats the same old Mockingbird Media talking points. But what's great is just how many Aussies are wise to it. When I took the screenshot below a few days ago there were already hundreds of replies, many of them from QAnon followers. 

The other tweets on local issues have a mere fraction of the engagement. So, the Great Awakening is definitely happening worldwide

Anchorman Rick Ardon: Experts warn the "save our children" campaign has been infiltrated by pro-Trump conspiracy theorists, labeling it psychological warfare. 

That statement is a doozy, innit? Experts? Experts in what? The one they've interviewed in the story is a social media marketing guru. 

Then there's that ol' fake news fave, the "conspiracy theorist" label. There are literally hundreds of millions of people subscribing to this narrative now. They are from many nations and right across the political spectrum. 

Yes, they love Trump, but that's because he is actually shutting down child trafficking networks. The data confirms this. This very channel even has local reports that can be seen to support this narrative. It's likely that Trump's campaign has had something to do with this major development in WA but even if it didn't it's still clear that child trafficking is disturbingly widespread and has long been so. So to try and demonize people whose primary goal is to see this horror end is just pathetic.

It's also completely silly to say these "dangerous" people have "infiltrated" a hashtag. Sounds like a conspiracy theory itself to me ... 

Journo: A cause that's been hijacked by internet conspiracy theory QAnon Labelled a potential domestic terror threat by the FBI … 

This oft-repeated claim is pretty much bollocks. It all started when some dude issued a memo in the Phoenix, Arizona office. Not an official statement from the entire agency at all

"It works by infiltrating social media groups, pushing unfounded allegations. Attaching itself to familiar hashtags like #savethechildren a legitimate humanitarian organisation helped it go viral." 

The dopey muppets in Perth have clearly taken this notion from a widely read gargle by a dude called Kevin Roose. They must have thought it was dinkum because it was in the "Grey Lady". Sad! 

This is a nice take down of it among other things

Meg Coffey: "This is psychological warfare that is happening ... You say it enough times and they start to believe it themselves." 

Oh the irony! These poor muppets are just repeating the fake news narrative that they've been brainwashed into believing. It's the globalist, Deep State mind virus, a self-replicating big lie.

So now they've completely cornered themselves. They have absolutely nowhere to go. All they can do is repeat the same bollocks over and over again. But anyone with any moral sense at all can see what's going on. Even if they don't think Q is legit and reject claims about Luciferian rock spiders in high places, they can tell this is a moral issue first and foremost. And the MSM have definitely chosen a side. Without a doubt it's the wrong one

That's creepy as all get out. It's also sad, because they don't have the slightest clue about how bad they look to their audience, more and more of whom are waking up daily. 

Also, by believing their own propaganda and not investigating the issue of QAnon with an open mind they are way behind everyone else including yours truly. I recorded the video below about a year ago and while it obviously lacks the sheen that "legit" news reports have, and I do ramble a bit because I'm speaking extempore, it's still a more informative and balanced take on it than anything you'll see in our MSM. 

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