Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Marcia Langton abuses Mark Latham on Twitter. Projection personified!

Now we all know that PC lefties suffer from arrested development. Emotionally, they are like spoiled brats. They think that everything is all about them and their precious feels. And they reckon that when it comes to issues of social justice only they care; that anyone who disagrees with them must be a heartless hater. So they're always falsely accusing others of the intense disdain that they themselves feel for their political opponents. In short, they project.

You see this all the time on Twitter. Here's an absolutely perfect example of it: After reading a typically dishonest Guardian gargle about Mark Latham -- which itself omitted key facts about why the ex-pollie and current cant-buster was criticizing the Bankstown Poetry Slam -- prominent Indigenous academic Marcia Langton expressed her wish that he die a "slow, painful death".

It was just amazingly mean-spirited. What's even more astonishing is that she described him as the truly spiteful one -- implying that his death would erase hate -- in the very same tweet!

Upon reading it any sane, reasonable person would think: "WTAF is going on in this poor woman's head?"

Even some lefties woulda looked at it and said: "Yeah, not nice ... Still, Latham had it coming. He's a hater, no doubt about it."

Sure, Latho can be vitriolic and aggro. And he'll give as good as he gets -- and then some. But I've never known him to actually, seriously wish death upon someone else. Which is clearly what Langton did here.

Even more gob-smacking is the fact that she left the tweet up for quite a while -- a coupla days I think ... It is gone now, so maybe someone had a quiet word to her. Or perhaps she slowly realized how foolish it made her appear.

Still, the level of loathing in the tweet -- not to mention lack of judgement it demonstrated -- is a worry. And there's zero chance she'll suffer any negative consequences for it, of course.

You only have to contrast the professional immunity she enjoys with what happened to Professor Barry Spurr, who resigned from the University of Sydney because of the almighty ruckus over some off colour private e-mail correspondence that was meant to be humorous.

And people wonder why so many uni students are tragically right-on zombies these days. Yeah, well. Go figure.

You don't go to uni to "learn" any more. On the contrary -- "unlearning" is all the rage (rage being the operative word, clearly).

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Menzies Research Center's Twitter event triggers trollective, and trends!

Last night I went along to an informative and entertaining event at the Menzies Research Center. It was aimed at encouraging those of the non-leftist persuasion (otherwise known as sane adults) to get active on Twitter.

There is absolutely no doubt that the platform "leans left", both in the membership and management. Data proves this, and it becomes crystal clear anyway if you haven't been guzzling the PC Kool-Aid all your life and you sign up and start tweeting. Joint is chockas with feral lefties who love nothing more than finding a tweep guilty of "wrongthink" and piling onto him with the most vile, witless abuse imaginable. (For shorthand, I call this tragic tribe of cowardly bullies "the trollective".)

Now, a lot of righties avoid it like the plague because it's so dominated by the Left. Not worth fighting them on their turf, they say. That's a fair point but remember that the MSM repeatedly (and dishonestly) cites tweets zif they are representative of the wider population's views. This allows them to keep peddling their fake news narrative, which they then leverage to skew the debate in Canberra, among other things. 

If growing numbers of normies are on there tweeting up a storm, however, it becomes a bit harder for Fairfax, their ABC, Buzzfeed and the like to keep selling their snake oil. This was one of the main motivations for the event, which was organized and emceed by the Menzies Center's Fred Pawle, and featured noted reporter and columnist Caroline Marcus, the prolific witty tweep Monsterdome, and veteran rhino-hided commentator Chris Kenny.

The event was live-streamed on Facebook and several of those present (including yours twooly) tweeted the relevant hashtag (#MRCTwitterWars) throughout. This gathered quite a bit of momentum and it actually became a trending topic for much of the night.

Now this was quite a small event specifically aimed at non-lefties. So it clearly provoked quite a large reaction from the Left. 

Many of these tweets were as vile as they were stupid, natch. But not all of them were. Some were merely excruciatingly pompous. Take those of one Patrick Stokes for example.

Now, Dr Stokes (for a doctor he is) often brings his powerful intellect to bear on contentious issues, taking prominent political figures to task. Here he is "schooling" Lyle Shelton for "category errors" for example:

There's politically correct "thinking" in a nutshell: Gender and biological sex are separate categories. As Gerard Henderson himself might say: "Can you bear it?" (I would love to see Stokes in a debate with another, far more prominent and clear-thinking academic -- and writer of this best seller -- Jordan Peterson. I think I know who'll get schooled then.)

But back to the hashtag at hand: Dr Stokes zeroed in on the event's "win at Twitter" label and concluded that the participants were guilty of "sophism".

Sophism? Gawd.

I think he was reading far too much into it. I was there and it was pretty much WYSIWYG -- hardly intellectually dishonest. If anything, it was advocating stoicism ... Actually, I think it mighta been Dr Stokes himself who made the biggest "category error", don't you?

And don't you love his line that Twitter shouldn't just be used to win, but "to know more and be better human beings than we were when we started".

Because that's what the Left are all about, right? They're such a learned, edifying bunch aren't they?

Yeah, right ... Take this sophisticated contribution from a self-described "comrade", still holding a kennel for the Chaser.

And here's a perfect example of the kind of "progressive" misogyny Chris Kenny specifically mentioned on the night.

Oh look, here's some more! This delightful tweet was provoked by Ms Marcus's quite reasonable and accurate observation that Twitter is basically people proverbially shitting on each other

Plenty more where that came from. It really was the tip of the shitberg.

Almost refreshingly some of the snark was more subtle. Take this dog whistling about the newly unmasked Monsterdome's appearance:

Predictably, Asher's followers got the hint and piled on with markedly less restraint:

Sure, MD is "no oil painting". Most of us blokes are -- particularly when we get into middle age and beyond. But to imply someone resembles a rapist because you disagree with him is just putrid.

This vicious mockery of opponents' appearance is made worse by the fact that it's lefties themselves who are so keen to condemn others for "lookism". (As a semi-baldie myself, I'm used to the brazen domophobia. Currently compiling an official AHRC complaint as a victim of "pate speech".)

Back to Ms Wolf:

Well, she wasn't watching very closely. There were many good observations on this very subject from all panellists on the night. Take this list of ten tips from Monsterdome, for example:

Go through each of those points in turn. You'll see that the PC leftist approach for each is pretty much the exact opposite. (Spookily, it's a bit like how Satanists view the Ten Commandments.)

When we zig, they zag. When we talk, they squawk!

Triggering the trollective is twitloads of fun. That in itself is reason enough to be on Twitter, so please do feel free to join us ...

UPDATE: Several short videos now up on YouTube.

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Chinese New Year Festival inflatables brighten up Circular Quay

One of the PC Left's main gripes about Australia is how terribly raaacist we are. But this accusation is obviously bollocks. Walk down any crowded street in Sydney, for example, and you'll see people of a whole range of ethnicities. It's a truly global city without a doubt. 

Then there are the various cultural festivals held throughout the year. Right now, for example, it's Chinese New Year. There are many events on in Sydney in celebration of it.

Its presence is pervasive. Take Circular Quay. Currently there are numerous giant inflatables placed in various locations within it. They give the place a colourful and, dare I say it, exotic quality that the crowds clearly appreciate.

Obviously each of these figures has a unique back story. But what I like about the whole display is that you can create your own narratives out of it if you wish.  

There's a giant dragon in front of the Museum of Contemporary Art, for example. It appears to have a humanoid figure (reminiscent of a Teletubby!) holding a golden orb sitting on its tongue. I'm not sure what this symbolizes but it's certainly intriguing.

Resting regally right next to the train station platform is a huge tiger. He seems to be peering towards the small park near The Rocks.

In that particular location are a team of brightly coloured rabbits doing Tai Chi!

These guys are really "in the zone". Check out their expressions of intense focus:

Perhaps such self-possession is required given the potential threat presented by the big cat nearby?

Speaking of which, there's a large ram right near the water below and behind the tiger. Understandably, he looks a bit nervous.

When I got this shot, the ferry named in honour of Victor Chang was docked nearby. Kind of spooky given the context, and maybe a case of "sino-synchronicity".

Looking down towards The Sydney Opera House, at the base of "The Toaster" apartments, are three wise monkeys. 

Not quite sure what they are so desperate to avoid knowledge of ... Perhaps, like Paul Keating, they are just simply appalled by the "architectural monstrosity" behind them?

There are several other charming installations placed throughout this iconic location. Definitely worth a visit while the festival is on.

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Barnaby Joyce scandal proves that carnal Canberra is like hypocritical Hollywood

You've probably heard that line: "Politics is showbiz for ugly people." It's so true, and in several ways. Hypocrisy, for example, is rife in both Canberra and Hollywood. And it relates to many of the same issues.

Then there's the common obsession with sex. Makes perfect sense. Power is the ultimate aphrodisiac, after all. (That quote is attributed to Henry Kissinger. And he would know ... If you looked like him, you'd prolly need some kinda "drug" at your disposal to make hot women wanna shag you, right?)

And with sex comes gossip. Seems like Canberra "insiders" spend as much time talking about who's humping whom as they do about more edifying subjects such as economic and cultural policy!

Sam Dastyari's tweet about Barnaby Joyce and Vicki Campion was a perfect illustration of this obsession. And it was eerily similar to screenwriter Scott Rosenberg's Facebook post about Harvey Weinstein.  

Obviously there was a big difference between the two cases in that what Weinstein was up to turned out to be utterly heinous. (Rosenberg was referring to his well known general skeeviness, BTW. Sounds like he didn't know of any actual rapes until the gruesome details hit the headlines.) The goss about Barnaby, OTOH, was that he was schtupping a staffer and had gotten her preggers. While obviously this was a consensual arrangement it was still considered scandalous by most people who knew of it.

That said, the #MeToo angle has been conflated with the Joyce narrative, with allegations that he drunkenly pinched a woman's bottom a while back. (I'm always skeptical about historical claims like this. You think, why are they being aired now? If telling journos is justified presently, why wasn't this done back when the acts were supposed to have occurred. They tend to make the accusers look more like opportunists out to cause maximum reputational damage than genuine victims seeking justice.)

In any case the thing I find fascinating about both these scandals is that so many people in a professional and social scene can yabber away endlessly among themselves about very private details of a public person's life while managing to keep them completely hidden from the wider world. And many of these people are journalists, remember.

Sure, now the whole world knows what a monster Weinstein is, and all of Oz is aware of Joyce's dirty linen. It's as if insider tales like this need to reach a critical mass before they explode into the public arena.

And what factors go into that process? God only knows ... But they do seem pretty arbitrary, and relate to who has the most power and influence at any given moment. In the case of Weinstein it looks very much like Hillary's loss to Trump was a major factor.

The liberal establishment he'd been so suppotive of for so long had been dealt a yuuuge blow. Thereby substantially weakened, it could not offer him the protection from exposure it did in the past. MSM journos, previously terrified of losing their jobs -- or worse -- for crossing the seriously connected Tinseltown "Mr Big" became emboldened enough to finally report on his vile behaviour.

And why did the Joyce saga only surface in the meeja recently? Can't be that journos were ambivalent about it. Seems that most, if not all members of the Canberra press gallery long thought it was newsworthy.

Some on the Left have said that there was an eeevil right-wing cone of silence put in place to make sure Joyce won back his seat after his citizenship woes. But then why didn't Fairfax or the ABC report on it? The Daily Tele was the first major outlet to break the story, as far as I know. And from what I've read they sat on it because they didn't have enough hard evidence to justify publication.

Well, whatever forces were actually at play in this case, there are no doubt many more scandalous Australian political tales that only those in the know are gossiping up a storm about -- just like in Hollywood. One or more of them will eventually become public knowledge.

Why some are chosen and some are overlooked seems to me to be at least as intriguing as the tales themselves. 

UPDATE: Another example of mainstream media and political establishment keeping a scandalous secret, this time from the United Kingdom:

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Barnaby's been hypocritical. But the SSM angle on his staffer scandal is too long a bow, IMO

The more details that emerge about this scandal involving Barnaby Joyce and his pregnant staffer, the more unedifying it becomes. No use beating around the bush here, he's made a complete hash of things.

Sure, pollies do have a right to privacy but not if their personal shenanigans impact their taxpayer funded work in such an obvious way ... And I do think that since he's been on the record as espousing "family values" he is certainly guilty of big time hypocrisy.

That said, the vicious glee with which lefties have been tweeting about this is really disgusting. He's certainly not the first pollie to have strayed from the marital bed. And plenty of those guys were on the Left, remember.

Take Bob Hawke, who fell in love with Blanche D'Alpuget, the writer of this book about him. There was also that unedifying episode involving Tony Burke, along with countless others across the spectrum here and overseas.

You can be damn sure that most of those members of the Twitter trollective getting stuck into Joyce would be much less critical -- even defensive -- of their male fellow travellers embroiled in similar circumstances. And some of these hypocrites are even sledging the young, powerless female staffer involved! How very feminist of them.

Interestingly, many of these trolls have been relating the scandal to Joyce's stance on same sex marriage. Now, we know he was against it. But he actually abstained from the plebiscite vote -- probably because of these events unfolding in his private life. Yet opportunists are still using this issue to bash him over that one. Bizarre.

If it had turned out he'd been having an affair with a bloke, sure, it would have been far more relevant ... But tweets like the one above strike me as being opportunistic and mean-spirited. They certainly aren't a positive endorsement of "marriage equality", either.

They are very negative in essence, implicitly equating SSM with the erosion of family values. The subtext is basically, "Dude! You trashed the institution of marriage with your infidelity. So why can't gay people also trash it by becoming legally married?"

Here are some more tweets in this vein: 

This one is probably milder than most. But it's silly and sanctimonious as all get out:

FFS. If you "suffer greatly" because your family disagreed with you about politics (basically exercising their democratic right to defend an institution common to pretty much every culture on Earth and one that that has endured for thousands of years unchanged) then you really need psychological help. Sorry ... And of course it was wrong that his guy was bashed by homophobic plods decades ago. But how is this Joyce's fault?

Given so many lefties have linked the issue of SSM to this disastrous destruction of a family by their conservative hate figure, I think I'm justified in pointing out that those in the "rainbow" range of progressivism have also behaved in the most selfish and destructive ways relationship-wise. Take Kathleen Wynne, Premier of Ontario.

The story of her own journey towards sexual self-actualization certainly came at a heavy cost to others. And it just goes to show that despite what the right-on MSM keep telling us, "rainbow families" aren't always full of joy, harmony and love.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Proof that leftism is quite literally garbage

Any sane rational adult knows that socialism is a completely discredited ideology and that the further left you go, the more insane and terrifying it becomes. So I always find it kinda weird that such a stupid worldview has such enduring appeal, and in a place that is so obviously so free, open and prosperous because it is founded on leftism's opposites.

Take my home turf of Sydney's inner west. It is an interesting experience for a rightie such as myself. It's a very left-leaning place. Of course, most of its denizens are very nice people who are not at all extreme in their politics. But there are definitely more than a few who are.

Perhaps the clearest evidence of their existence is the sheer number of far-left posters plastered all over the joint. Walk down King Street in Newtown and you'll really see what I mean.

It's not just walls and telegraph polls that are covered in the stuff. Rubbish bins cop it as well. Take this classic I spied in Enmore Rd:

So much you could say about this; so many internal contradictions.

Firstly, the big leftie-feminist "argument" is that a world run by those 'orrible profit-driven pale males is cruel and violent. Bolshie babes, OTOH, are supposed to be so full of lerve and compassion. Yet here these chicks are, threatening to kill blokes! Now, that's not very nice is it?

And they're toting pistols. Aside from the image's appalling phallic symbolism, it's a bit inconsistent with their anti-gun philosophy, innit? (Actually, prolly not when you think about it. For the socialist Left, gun-control ultimately means the state -- which ideally they rule, top down -- packing heat, and everyone else unarmed.)

And where's the diversity? These all look very much like whitey-tighty, "cis-females" to me -- prolly all heteros too. FFS, it's an outrage! Where are the black wimmin?

Also, they're all right-handed. Not one leftie! That's a yuuuge omission when you consider the context.

Anyhoo, onto the next example of rhetorical rubbish. This one is in Parramatta Rd, Leichhardt, just near the corner of Norton St.

Call me old fashioned, but when I see something so brutally bloodthirsty, and in black and white, I'm instantly repelled. Immediately makes me think: what kind of twisted individuals would create something like this? And what sort of bitter losers are they trying to attract with it?

Also, who are the "fascists" the poster refers too? Clearly, the extreme rhetoric of far-left groups behind posters like this sees capitalism as a kind of fascism, and judges all those who engage in it as being complicit. So, it's basically saying: if you're not with us, you're against us. And if you're against us, we wanna club you to death.

Just as with the female firing squad above, this commie can-art suffers from a sad case of projection. Any sane adult can see that its creators are far more vicious and violent than those they condemn.

Thankfully, malignant muppets like this are a minority -- even in this very left-leaning area ... Still, they do have many fellow travellers in universities and other places where they can poison young impressionable minds with their toxic rubbish. 

Wouldn't it be great if these institutions "took out the trash" from time to time?

Unfortunately, such purges would be Stalinist in their own way. So, sadly, in a free society we've gotta keep tolerating these garbage humans ...


Monday, January 8, 2018

Yassmin's tweet about Melbourne gang scourge was classic false equivalence

It's well established that lefties and liberals are intellectually dishonest. Deep down, they know they can't win on the merits of their own ideas so they are always trying to stop voters hearing competing ones. If they can, they'll simply silence their opponents -- either by outright intimidation or more subtle means such as lawfare. If they don't manage to censor them they'll do their utmost to slime them as bad people with appalling attitudes who should never be listened to. The malignant muppets are so desperate to discredit and disqualify those who disgaree with them it's fricken hilarious!

One of their fave ways of doing this is by employing false equivalence. Celebrity Muslim feminist Yassmin Abdel-Magied gave a perfect example of this recently in her silly troll-tweet mocking people justifiably pissed off about African gangs in Melbourne.

So stupid ... Apart from anything else you think: if our nation is comprised of such inferior stock why the hell did she live, study, and work here?

But it's not just stupid. There's actually a barbaric subtext to it that says a lot about the attitudes of Abdel-Magied and her fellow travellers. (And this "you're descended from convicts" line is very popular with the PC Left, BTW. I've heard it many times before.)

The tweet basically implies that Anglo Aussies have inherited criminal traits. While I won't say this makes her "literally Hitler" -- since that itself would be big time false equivalence! -- she is still invoking the idea of genetic determinism to slime a large percentage of the population. This concept has long been used by bigots to justify their prejudices.

Implying that a specific demographic group are somehow inferior because they have inherited criminal genes is akin to saying "you'll never be civilized because you're black". If she seriously wants to end discrimination against non-white people, then she should refrain from using such ugly tactics. 

Also, she's clearly showing that she thinks the punishments meted out to white Aussies' convict ancestors were actually valid. Hell, if that's not the case then why invoke them as a way to sledge their descendants?

She seems to believe that sending someone halfway across the world in a fricken boat, never to see their homeland again, is a reasonable punishment for stealing a loaf of bread. Talk about regressive!

Makes you wonder what other ideas she has about law and order ...

Yassmin's tweeting of such toxic tosh is obviously alarming. But remember she was long one of the ABC's darlings! That's even more of a worry.