Wednesday, January 11, 2023

Are comms being cued as deals are being done?

There's no doubt that MSM outlets put hidden messages in their content for those in the know. There's also no doubt that there's a titanic war being waged in the shadows by patriotic forces against the Deep State/Cabal. These people are often called the white hats but I prefer the term SOC (Self Organizing Collective).

It looks very likely that big Cabal-controlled figures, including some famous celebrities, are finally meeting justice in the form of imprisonment. Just a hunch, but I think some of the household names that are reputed to have gone to meet their maker are now actually in the big house

Here are some possible hints regarding this ongoing process in recent issues of the Failing Terrorgraph. Remember that the devil is in the detail, as they themselves like to say. 

It seems probable that many of these people are making deals with the SOC, which is why I found this headline and photo (Nov 23) interdasting. 

Could this have been a reference to Mysterious Mr Seventeen (Anon)? The fact that one of the kids is called Flynn is notable. After all, General Flynn is a significant figure in this whole alternative narrative.

This was a story about Boxing Day deals. The practice of boxing seems like it could be used symbolically because in a way you are "incarcerating" presents.

In any case, this December 26 piece featured a dark skinned woman wearing pink. I've often spoken about this pattern. It was pronounced several months ago, then it faded. It's returned with a venegeance lately. 

Look at the brand name on her bag. I doubt that's a coincidence, particularly given the earlier featuring of this word in the headline shown above.

Are big cabal figures selling info, or singing, to the SOC? The headline and image could mean something like this to those in the know. 

As I've said previously, many Cabal comms and symbolic incantations appear to be about about a massive hidden trade in blood. Hence the frequent headlines about hearts generally and heartbreak in particular. You also see the heart symbol used inordinately often. Breaking heart emojis are in every second MSM tweet these days too. (Social media is where some of the most focused comms are carried out IMO.) 

Here is this motif again. 

The update features a number. What's the seventeenth letter of the alphabet? 

Seventeen hundred. What are the odds?

Note also the pinky-purple theme in the photo that they've chosen for the above update. This was also seen in what the host and subject were wearing. 

Looks symbolic to me. 

Perhaps the hidden message for the local occult elite is that the SOC are targeting this hidden trade in a big way. So they're being told to be mindful of this and to act accordingly. 

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Saturday, December 24, 2022

Standup steps down

I've often mentioned a bizarre phenomonon in which people with names like Luke and Lucy feature in MSM articles inordinately often. The only thing that seems to explain it is that they are shout-outs to Lucifer, the fallen angel. That's why you'll often see imagery that evokes falling from the sky in the articles themselves or close to them on the page

Please check out this video about how several stories within a month and a half featured a little girl called Lucy at the top of family photos. FFS, what are the odds

I've seen plenty more examples right across the MSM. This is not an isolated phenomenon

Here's another case in point: Comedian Judith Lucy has retired from standup comedy. 

Maybe this was an entirely organic event. But I wouldn't be surprised if it was engineered somehow. In any case, it's newsworthy. Given that she hails from Perth, the story featured in both the West Australian and Perth Now. 

Note how they've chosen the photo in which she's wearing the magenta top. That colour theme is often associated with this pattern. 

I think the falling imagery is implied by this standup stepping down from the stage and bowing out of the spotlight. 

It's not as obviously symbolic as other examples, and I've shown plenty of those. However it still fits the pattern. 

This is a screenshot from the ABC piece she wrote about her reasons for quitting. Again, it includes a colour in the pinky-purple range. Look closely at the photo credit.

It says "Luke Tribe". So there's another Luke and Lucy and in the same shot. Twofer! 

There is no way that this happened by chance. This is what I mean when I say that these are symbolic incantations. 

It's like they're tryna cast spells; to summon forces -- or in this case, the notorious fallen angel himself. 

I'm no expert on the occult. But I do know that hexes come with very specific instructions. For them to work the witches and warlocks have to put their talismen together in a very specific way and repeat chants exactly as ordered by those ranking above them in the coven hierarchy.

In a small and subtle way, I think that's kinda what they're doing here and in the many examples I've collated from the Failing Terrorgraph

Note that this item is from their ABC, which is the polar opposite of Rupert's rags on so many issues. So this is not about the ol' Left versus Right conflict. It reveals the batshit Luciferian cult that dominates across the entire MSM on the editorial level and above. As Breitbart said, politics is downstream from culture

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Friday, December 9, 2022

Lucy on the slide with omens

I have written before about how I believe that a batshit Luciferian cult is ultimately running the MSM. By that I mean that the members are very high in the power pyramid, not everyone who works in the field. 

It seems that these creepy control-freaks are very anxious these days, which is why they keep dropping their beloved symbols into the outlets they own and control. 

One of the most frequently seen patterns is clearly meant to evoke Lucifer. In it, people with names that are similar (such as Luke and Lucy) are featured in stories. Other occult elite obsessions (such as blood) are included in these items or ones nearby on the page

Two classic examples are described in this video. In the first a celebrity chef called Luke is seen high up on the Sydney Harbour Bridge. The headline evokes heaven, and a story about a high flying banker falling from grace is adjacent to it. The story below both is about a bicyclist involved in a crash. 

When combined these elements clearly evoke the notorious fallen angel. They really like this chef because of his name and the fact that he's a mover and shaker and therefore newsworthy in the traditional sense. So they did pretty much the same thing featuring him in another issue

The woke editor is an equal opportunity employer because the other example in the video above features a little girl called Lucy. She's at the apex of a family photo, with other headlines that evoke falling nearby on the page. 

There have been several other examples that are remarkably similar. These are described in the video embedded below. 

This is one of the most recent ones. It was in the Failing Terrorgraph on November 26. Note how the spread includes a "blue dog", which is another symbol seen often in the creepy lie factory

As you can see, the girl in the most elevated postion is called Lucy. She's sitting atop a slide, a structure that you "fall" down. 

They've even chosen one that is pinky-purple. And they really love that colour for its symbolism.

Then there's her sister called Ruby who wears a T-shirt with a heart symbol

Note the two dogs and how they have ginger fur. That's another recurring motif

I don't know how they could have managed to get so many of their favourite elements into the same photo. Are the parents occultists themselves? That's possible but I doubt it ... Perhaps the photographer makes suggestions about what should be worn by the subjects beforehand? 

Sometimes I even wonder if these people are real. Do they generate them with AI? Obviously that's unlikely but I wouldn't be surprised if that's what they're doing. 

In any case think of the insane amount of care and attention to detail they put into this one story. And all for an effect that the vast majority of the readership would be completely unaware of.

Please check out the other examples below. You'll see there's a real pattern.

So the question is: What's behind it? 

My theory that these are all shout-outs to Lucifer seems to be the most plausible given the context. But I am definitely open to other explanations. Please feel free to include them in comments. 

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Sunday, November 20, 2022

Blood orange is the new black sun

A symbolic pattern I see more and more lately is related to the theme of the black sun. The globalist occult elite really love it for various reasons, including that they see themselves as gods. And being able to black out the sun would confirm that you are god-like, wouldn't it? 

It's also the ultimate inversion. And they really get off on turning things upside down. 

So you often see this kind of imagery in activities they're involved with. Take the Just Stop Oil vandalism of the "Sunflowers" painting by Van Gogh for example. (And remember how one of the activists had pink hair? There's a rabbit hole to do with that as well. Maybe I'll write a blog post just on that if I find time ...) 

Here's another local example: Back in late August the Failing Terrorgraph ran a "Bush Summit" insert. They included this spread about blood oranges being "the new black". 

As you can see, the main headline read: "Time to make hay while the sun shines."

There's a definite link being made between oranges and the sun. That's not unusual, of course

But what's notable here is that in that same issue there was an article that showed a family with the son holding an orange. 

This was creepy AF given how often this paper builds these symbolic matrices. And it was just under a headline reading "Bringing the energy". 

The Luciferian occult elite clearly long for a world in which they get to harvest the energy of the masses (kids in particular). They see it as their "divine right" (they reckon they're gods, remember). 

So, in this case it really does look like they were making some sort of sinister reference to child sacrifice. They've done this before in other ways as well

Of course this would look completely benign to most readers. But when you know they do this kind of thing you really notice it. The devil is in the detail, as they themselves like to say

Here's another example of this "orange as sun" theme. It's from Sky News, which is clearly run by the same kind of occultist flogs as the Sydney rag (and pretty much all the others by the way). 

They featured a story about overpriced sculptures of slices of orange. The depictions of fruit clearly evoke the sun. So by criticizing the funding choice they were "thowing shade" on them, geddit? (And Rita Panahi is dark-skinned. Maybe a coincidence, but then may not ...)

Look at the photo they chose for the story. It features a kid. And she's wearing pink and purple, of course. Note how she's got her arms spread out with the (orange) "sun" behind. 

Given the MSM's fondness for subversion of Christian symbolism, I suspect that was meant to evoke crucifixion. Here's another example where I think this was the case

There's plenty more stuff in this vein that I've collated in a Twitter thread. Please check it out

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Friday, October 21, 2022

Medibank hack was a (blue) dog act

So obvious that the Cabal are ultimately behind these big hacks of companies like Optus and Medibank. It's what the globalist elite do all the time. They dodgy up threats, then manipulate normies' perception of them through their control of the MSM, always pumping up the fear. Then they offer a solution that involves more state control and surveillance.

As well as psyops, they are also occult elite rituals. And the MSM are in on them. They will do their part to magnify their power with symbolic incantation. 

Take this Sky News report about the Medibank hack. First thing I noticed was the photo they chose of Clare O'Neil. She was wearing pink. If you've been reading this blog for a while you'll know what I think that symbolism is about. The red and white of the sign complemented it too

Note how the description includes the hero quote "dog act". My first thought upon seeing that was: "Was it a blue dog?"

So I have a look at the clip and what do you know but that's exactly what it was! Note the blue background and the colour of her blouse. 

Watch the video and you'll see she makes a big deal about this term "dog act". I'll bet her handlers told her to do just that, as well as what to wear. 

This hack was actually foreshadowed in an ad the big health insurer took out in the MSM in late September, I reckon. Please check out the video embedded below and you'll see what I mean. 

It included clear bleeding eye imagery that echoed the Optus (eye) hack, which was like a massive symbolic eye gouge

As I explain in the video, this was like an expression of solidarity with the big telco. It was also likely a hint that the same thing was planned for their company. And note the theme of pink in combo with the red and white which is seen in the Sky News tweet above. 

These people are total arseclowns. So obvious what they're up to.  

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Friday, October 14, 2022

Rain bombs

I'm completely convinced that there are hidden messages being placed throughout the content of the MSM. Locally this practice is easiest to spot in the pages of the Failing Terrorgraph. Even their cartoons contain sneaky comms!

Yeah, I know it sounds completely batshit to say that but it's definitely what they're doing. Please check out this video and you'll see that even if my conclusions about what the symbolic subtext actually means are incorrect they've certainly painstakingly created one

I suspect that those high up in these globalist-owned lie factories have a very good idea of the plans and tactics of the Cabal. So they drop in hints about this to their creepy mates. Sometimes they're right there hiding in plain sight in cartoon form.

This one from the April 9 issue is a case in point.

As well as the rain bomb imagery shown above, they have used that actual term in the headlines a few times now. 

Rain bombs are exactly what they were, I reckon. The size and duration of the deluges earlier in the year were just so OTT they had to have been man-made. And they kept hitting the Northern Rivers area of NSW incredibly hard. That's because the globalists ultimately behind them were trying to wash the people out. 

It was all part of the Great Reset plan to bankrupt farmers and push the population into "smart cities" where they can be digitally controlled and made to "eat ze bugs"! 

What's interesting is that the entirely corrupt MSM have been pumping up the fear of a similar deluge that was supposed to hit last weekend. 

Yes, it did piss down and for a while. But in Sydney at least it wasn't nearly as bad as they predicted. 

So perhaps the globalists are losing their power to pull off this kind of geoengineering? Or it's being neutralized somehow by the Self Organizing Collective, otherwise known as the "white hats"? 

Given how crazy the world is now I'd say that pretty much anything is possible. So let's hope that this is actually the case. 

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Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Savage cuts and slashes

I have mentioned the creepy rock spider vibe that's often present in the Failing Terrorgraph in previous posts. The stories themselves can be subtly sinister, but the atmosphere is present in what they place around them on the page as well. For example they will often have words in headlines evoking violence and death near photos of kids that are included in other articles.

Look at the page below and you'll see a headline about deadly snakes at the bottom of it. (Interesting that they're seen as potential lifesavers as well. So there's the duality they love so much ... Up is down, good is bad, and right is wrong, don't ya know!)

There's also one on the adjacent page (not visible) that reads "fatal sex chat". 

Of course this kind of thing will happen from time to time just by chance. But I see it so frequently it cannot be random. 

Look at the headline. It begins: "Family hit ..." Putting "hit" near photos of kids is a particular fave of theirs. If you live in NSW, keep an (illuminati) eye out for it in this paper particularly. I'm sure you'll see an example before long.  

Then there's the rest of the headline ... But that's not the end of it. 

Look closely at the placement of the words "cut" and "slashed". They are right over the heads of the two kids. Given the context I'm absolutely sure this was done intentionally. 

Think how twisted you would have to be to dream something like that up, let alone actually put it in the paper! Remember, this is not a fictional horror story in an anthology. This is "journalism" involving real people. 

Needless to say, hardly anyone notices this kind of thing. That's because they don't suspect that there is a hidden agenda -- least of all one this sinister. "That couldn't possibly be; it's just a newspaper." So they just don't see it.

But when you realize there is something like this going on, I guarantee you'll start to see it. And that's not because it's only in your head and you're "projecting". You'll see it because it's actually there. 

And there's more. 

Look closely at the family name, shown in the bottom left of the photo above. Click on it to give you a better view if it's not visible straight away. 

The family surname is "Savage". So that becomes the adjective to describe the severity of those cuts and slashes, geddit? 

This is just so creepy and wrong. And they do this kind of thing all the time. I see so many examples like this I just cannot keep up. And that's just in the one paper. 

This particular trick is more pronounced and commonly used in this particular lie factory. But you see related patterns right through the rest of the MSM. 

This is a top down cultural phenomenon. I think it has a lot to do with the secret society wankers in the editorial tier who dominate all of the MSM. 

Please start looking for this kind of thing. I'll bet you'll see examples that creep you out before long. 

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