Sunday, May 2, 2021

Control-freak globalists push fear to stop masses thinking critically

There is no doubt that we are in a war. But it's not the usual kind that's open and declared, or even a cold one like the decades-long standoff between the West and former Soviet Union. It's an invisible mind war being waged by a select bunch of globalist control freaks on the vast majority of the world's population.

Fake news seems to be their biggest weapon. The MSM's job is to fill as many people as possible with intense fear of the dreaded 'rona. Then they'll go out and get vaccinated. With enough normies in this category they can then push through with vaccine passports. That means the death of liberty forever.

Fear is absolutely vital because it's a great motivator. And it stops people thinking critically. All you need to do is calmly look at the craziness of the lockdowns, mask mandates and all the rest of it for even a minute and you can see that while the 'rona itself seems to be a dinkum virus the massive global campaign to keep us all "safe" from it is something else entirely. It's a Trojan Horse for total central technocratic control of all our lives. 

Of course all the establishment politicians are also owned and controlled by this group. They are flogging the fear like there's no tomorrow. Even when their posts and statements seem positive, they're still tryna scare people. 

While Albo is using the issue to bash ScoMo and the Govt, he's still invoking the big lie of the globalists: This virus is so terrible that all must be vaccinated (which is the only way). Only then can joy, love and freedom return. So sneaky and twisted. 

Speaking of Albo, why is he masked in the shot below? His thread says that the unmasked dude hasn't had his "jab" so is it because he's worried about giving the dreaded 'rona to (or getting it from) him? 

But that can't be! Albo's been vaccinated already -- or so he reckons ... Well, he surely has the mind virus, which severely lowers IQ. And he was at about 66 to start with. Sad!

Speaking of Albo, here's another social media update from him that highlights the way he appeals to feels rather than reason. 

There are so many kinds of stupid in this brain-shart, dunno where to start. But I'll say this: The vaccine rollout itself is a yuge test (as the Zombie Squirrel himself admitted). Albo confirms this by saying "the medical experts can only tell us if vaccines are safe when they have vaccines to test". And who are they testing these on? Aussies, that's who. FFS. It's as evil as it is absurd. 

In any case, the mainstream media do occasionally do their job. Adverse reactions to the vaccines are being reported, although the link is being downplayed where possible. That is of course the exact opposite of what they continue to do when it comes to people dying from (or rather, with) the dreaded 'rona. 

Slowly but surely people are waking up to the lies. They can finally see the sinister motivations behind the fake news fearporn. As a result, more and more of them are refusing to get the "jab". I'm hopeful we'll reach a critical mass before too long and the whole evil campaign will finally fall apart. 

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Saturday, April 17, 2021

Vaccine rollout bungles trigger the usual suspects

It's absolutely astonishing that TPTB keep pressing on relentlessly with the massive fear campaign to push us all into this vaccination passport hellscape. Everything is completely upside down. The whole idea that vaccines will bring normality back is utterly creepy and wrong. 

Advocates of the sinister system such as Tony Blair repeat the lie that the vaccine passports are our "path to liberty". How can you be free to travel, work, go to the pub and do many other things if you need some kind of certificate? Also, that ticket requires that you accept being a lab rat, and have injected into your body radical medical technology that has not been tested.

You'd have to be seriously stupid to fall for this kind of trickery. And that's what the creepy globalist control freaks are counting on. They tell us that because everyone will be in a cage, then it's not a cage. They claim that this is the thing to do because everyone will be doing it. But that's what lemmings think before they all go over the cliff! 

Our zombie-like "leaders" both right and left keep running this fraudulent line of argument. Child-brained Albo assumes the public has bought the lie entirely and has been trying hard to get political mileage out of it. He says that vaccines are our "ticket back to normal".

Norman the Needlefreak is not as thick as Albo, which is why he's getting worried. He realizes that people are losing trust in the MSM and "public health" authorities. In other words, they are waking up. 

They are seeing that the so-called experts are anything but. They are not rational healthcare professionals but useful idiots being bossed around by globalist control freaks with a truly sinister agenda. 

Of course he doesn't want to admit this. So he has to blame News Ltd. Sad!

Speaking of this loss of trust: The Southbank Ken Doll sees a real world example of this and is alarmed enough to alert his robodolt followers.

Actually, it's prolly the closest thing he's done to dinkum journalism in quite a while. So, a good sign ... Baby steps. But it's a start!

Patricia Karvelas is worried about "vaccine hesitancy". But this is just another term for "sanity". 

Why shouldn't healthy people be hesitant about something that is experimental, radical in its function, and not needed anyway because their immune systems can cope with the dreaded 'rona if hit by it "in the wild"? 

So ironic that the activist journalists at their ABC are always arcing up about the perils of big business, and how it has the potential to run roughshod over human rights, etc. Isn't this a perfect example? 

Tim Soutphommasane recognizes that we're in a dire situation. But it's not the pandemic that's done this. It's the insane, fascist control tactics such as lockdowns, masks and other kinds of bullying that have been inflicted on us for no reason at all. 

At least he didn't blame racism. Though I'm sure he'll figure out how to do that in time ... 

In one sense it's depressing that so many in politics and the MSM are so completely controlled by this globalist agenda. However, the more insane things get the weaker their mass mind-control becomes. 

Many of them do know that what they're advocating is evil. I noticed this several weeks ago and made the video below about it. Being the loathsome jellybacks they are they lack the courage to break free from the narrative themselves. Nevertheless they will keep waking up more and more Aussies by continuing to pedal it. 

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Thursday, February 11, 2021

Noah's snark is a very leaky boat

Kevin Rudd is really packing his dacks over QAnon. He's been mentioning the so-called "conspiracy theory" a lot lately in tweets. Other local blue checks have as well, but it seems that Rudd is more worried about it than all of them. 

As we all know, he's obsessed with evil Rupert as well. I really don't think he needs to worry there, though. Murdoch is fully on board with the mandatory vaccine agenda among other globalist projects, even if he does let some of his star columnists rail against climate change, cultural Marxism and some other issues. 

IMO he's shitting bricks Murdoch will get his journos to actually do some investigative reporting on his time as PM, back when Obama was POTUS and Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State. 

Looks like he's full of dread about a potential flood of damaging information from this double threat. That's why he recently shared a segment from purported comedian Trevor Noah. 

Needless to say, the Daily Show clip is a nasty, witless, laugh free zone. Trembling Trev and his fellow controlled arsehats in the USA mind-control system are even more terrified of QAnon than Rudd is. That's because it offers alternatives to the Deep State-controlled false narratives they pump out relentlessly. 

Noah's production team have obviously been given orders to really go after Marjorie Taylor Greene with as much hate-filled mockery as possible. By becoming elected, she adds political weight to the narrative threat that Q presents. They are frantic.

In that segment above that Rudd shared, Noah goes all out to demonize her as much as possible. He says she's racist, anti-Semitic, a dangerous gun nut. And right at the peak of his hateful and hopelessly unfunny routine, her head appears behind him. 

They've chosen a shot in which she was wearing a red top for plausible deniability, but look closely at it. Some of the colour is clearly bleeding into her blonde locks. And I do mean bleeding. 

It's quite obviously incitement in the style of Kathy Griffin here. 

Of course these sneering lefties have done this in such a way that they can back away and claim that there's no such intent. "What an Earth are you saying? How could you possibly believe such a thing? It's because she's got a red top on ... Your bigotry against a comedian of colour is making you see things, you paranoid racist wingnut!"

But you can be sure that if the roles were reversed and, say, Murdoch-owned show had a similar shot of AOC behind a comic mocking her then every other MSM platform would be calling it incitement, demanding prosecution or a grovelling apology at least. (Actually, no such segment would even be aired on MSM, proving how globalist-controlled it is. But you get my drift.)

Speaking of AOC: Noah himself did a piss-weak piece on her harrowing near death experience, taking it all seriously, throwing in some lame gags, none of which questioned her credibility. 

If he were a dinkum satirist and not just another smug, talentless tool of the Deep State he'd go to town on her ridiculous lies. FFS, she wasn't even in the building at the time! 

The Occasional Cortex clip was tragically lame. But the one Rudd tweeted was sinister as. Maybe he didn't watch it all the way through, which is why he shared it. Although maybe he did, and that is why? 

Either way, a bad look. He's getting desperate and it shows. 

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Monday, January 25, 2021

The King of Commie DC

Let's face it, you'd have to be pretty stupid not to notice how weird this whole Biden inauguration thing was. Why no people there? Why all the soldiers? Why did the participants look so miserable throughout much of the ceremony?

Of course the fake news flogs in all the big lie factories across the world have been telling us it was all totes normal. 

No we don't, you hopeless propaganda-peddling clowns. 

Dinkum journalists actually interested in finding out the truth said the whole event was surreal, creepy and wrong

Then there were the striking similarities with movies and TV. Lady Gaga looked creepily like a character from the movie The Hunger Games. Then there was Jill Biden wearing a dress like those worn by the wives in The Handmaid's Tale. And of course there was this:

Talk about life imitating satire! 

Was this the globalists behind this coup gaslighting us? That's possible. But I think a likelier explanation is that the white hats really are in control and we are "watching a movie". And that movie's function is to wake up the normies to just how utterly corrupt the system they've been living under is, and has been for ages. 

While in office Trump took the USA out of that fraudulent corporate structure controlled by evil central bankers and returned it to its authentic constitutional roots. So, Washington DC then became a kinda HQ for a company that no longer existed. And the commie China-controlled Democrats were so desperate to regain the global control that this office used to hold that they cheated their way into it in the most massive, brazen electoral fraud in human history. By taking the bait that Trump left in this way, they've made Washington DC literal enemy territory. Hence all the soldiers

I wrote before about how Dan Andrews resembled Rupert Pupkin from the movie The King of Comedy. I think that comparison applies even more accurately to Joe Biden than to Dictator Dan. 

He's a joke of POTUS because -- not unlike De Niro's sad, no-talent wannabe comedy star -- he figured it was "better to be puppet president for a month than puppet senator for a lifetime!". 

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Sunday, January 17, 2021

Cue the outrage from Aussie blue checks

As we all know the MSM have constantly claimed that QAnon is some kind of batshit "conspiracy theory". That's clearly to stop people looking into it. That label is one of their fave thought blockers, along with "racist", "sexist" and "homophobic".

If you want to make up your own mind and investigate it yourself you'll see that it's a lot more than that. Yes, there are some theories that some of those poring over the drops postulate that are "out where the buses don't go". But it's dishonest to say that they represent the whole movement

The phenomenon is vast and multifaceted. And I like to think of it as a yuge flowing river of information and ideas about how the world works that is constantly evolving as a result of new developments. So, it functions as a collection of alternative narratives to the mainstream media, and one that countless people discover daily. 

Not surprisingly the globalist elite -- who control the MSM -- find it deeply threatening. Which is why they're always tryna discredit it in various ways. This has been going on in the USA at a high level of intensity for many months. From time to time there's an uptick in Q-bashing here in Australia as well. 

Now is one of those times. Several local political blue checks have been piling on with the claim that it's some kinda serious threat. 

Interesting that he acknowledges that Trump "cultivated QAnon conspiracy theorists". Perhaps that was not because he was cynically using them for votes and cash, but because they were on the right track with their narrative about him taking down an evil globalist Cabal and Deep State; one the MSM has been so desperate to quash?

It was that power structure that globalist Rudd rose to a high level within, remember. So it's no wonder that Kevin has been frantically pushing his anti-Murdoch line. It's because he's packin' death that one of Rupert's publications will "go rogue" and do some actual journalism that might damage his legacy.

The New York Post did that recently when they reported that his think tank had accepted money from Epstein. I suspect that there's a lot of other stuff like that -- maybe to do with the Clinton Foundation -- that he doesn't want looked into. 

"Does the Murdoch protection racket apply to QAnon too?" Kevin asks.

He's clearly terrified that they're in league with each other somehow. At the very least he sees them as comparable threats. He's obviously deeply worried that they'll manage to get what he claims are batshit conspiracy theories out to the normies on a grand scale. That's significant. 

Interesting that Lucy Turnbull specifically cites this movement as well. As we all know her other half has been supporting Kevin in his anti-Murdoch jihad. That in itself says heaps because these two dudes absolutely hate each other's guts

I haven't seen all of Malcolm's recent interviews, so I'm not sure if he's mentioned the phenomenon specifically. But I wouldn't be surprised if he has.

In any case, he's on record saying that Twitter did the right thing in punting Trump. So, he's fully on board with the MSM globalist narrative -- which more and more people are realizing is almost always utter BS, and a tool of distraction at best. 

Speaking of BS: The man himself agreed that Trump had the Twitter ban coming to him, and specifically mentioned Q in a recent interview. 

Albo, being part of the totally Deep State controlled Australian political establishment, was on board as well, shamelessly promoting the bogus narrative about Trump inciting the rioters on January 6. He shared this 7.30 Report clip which featured a dude with the triggering letter emblazoned on his shirt.

This thug and his pals were obviously a bunch of agent provocateurs. But the fake news flogs at their ABC promoted the lie with gusto, natch. 

Other blue check slebs from Down Under have the mysterious Mr Seventeen on their radar, as this RT shows. 

And even one of evil Rupert's horrid right wing rags is falling into line with the approved narrative. Maybe Kevin shouldn't worry after all? 

Clearly a range of political movers and shakers in this nation are deeply worried about this movement. I find this notable because AFAIK the enigmatic insider hasn't actually dropped any breadcrumbs lately. Maybe they've all received some kinda memo to be fretting about it so much and simultaneously? 

More thoughts on this and related subjects below. 

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Monday, January 11, 2021

Stan is short for Satan

Recently Twitter went on its biggest purge of conservative accounts so far. Even POTUS was punted. Brings to mind the observation that conservatives think liberals are stupid. But liberals think conservatives are evil

And it seems that they believe it's only conservatives who are evil. They'll give a big fat pass to even the most barbaric dictator if he advocates globalist socialism and chants "Orange Man Bad" like they do.

But the thing they hate more than anything is Christianity. While most claim to be atheist, they tend to hate it with a kind of religious fervour. Ironic that.

And crazy as it may seem, I think that devil worship itself has a lot to do with this. Sure, very few people are dinkum Satanists. But a high percentage of them seem to be real movers and shakers in politics, business and particularly entertainment

That's why a kinda cartoonish version of Satan himself is very popular on Twitter.

The present account was annointed by one before who was far more popular and influential. I don't know the whole deal on the original @S8n but apparently he was followed by heaps of blue checks. There was a theory that the account was run by some dude in the UK with lots of occult elite connections. 

Anyhow, he left the platform. Don't think he was banned. And this one has taken his place with the original's, er, blessing.

So, it looks like whoever is running this one is "in the know". Which is why I found this tweet interesting. 

This is something I've long suspected. You will of course know of the streaming service Stan. From what I understand it's a lot like Netflix, which clearly promotes the agenda of the occult elite. So it seems to me quite likely that the name itself is a sly nod to Old Nick

And here's another example: Recently there was a story in the Daily Terrorgraph about the alleged 'rona outbreak in the Northern Beaches area of Sydney, scarily named the "Avalon Cluster". It included a photo of a little dog called Stan. He was wearing a blue jumper. 

Given all the weird updates by various high profile people related to the dog star Sirius, I couldn't help thinking that maybe the cute pooch was being used as a kind of symbolic incantation. 

Now I know that sounds utterly insane. But remember that the occult elite do this kind of thing all the time. And they own and control the mainstream media. So why wouldn't they get their underlings to sprinkle this kind of stuff throughout "the news", which is mostly fake anyhow

I mention the movie advertised above and the intriguingly named canine in the video below. 

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Sunday, December 13, 2020

Did Albo just take one for the team?

I think it's worth looking closely at the social media accounts of various blue check slebs and pollies because they can give you a sense of what the hidden globalist agenda actually is at a particular point in time, and what moves are being planned and/or made. Sure, they often interact with fans and followers on these platforms but they do seem to use them mainly for symbolic signalling to each other.

A good example of this is the repeated allusion to the "Mad Hatter". Of course that sounds absurd but please check out my thread on it and you'll see, this motif is definitely being used in social media updates by Dan Andrews and Scott Morrison

With this hidden comms aspect in mind I couldn't help noticing this update from Albo. 

Upon seeing that I immediately thought of Hawke's death. As you'll recall, he popped his clogs just before the federal election last year. More than one well known "journalist" commented on the exquisite timing of his death

Of course they never suggested that his expiration was anything other than a natural event. But it all seemed pretty dang suss to me. 

My first thought was that the ageing Labor legend took one for the team. 

He was of course a full-on socialist and globalist. He must have been horrified at the rise of Trump and would've seen ScoMo as being a kind of Mini-Me to his Dr Evil. He knew what a yuge story his passing would've been. It turned out to be just that as we all recall. 

Predictably, Labor pollies and many others on the globalist Left leveraged Hawke's death for Shorten's tilt at the Lodge. There was even that cringeworthy #DoitforBob hashtag all over Twitter

I suspect it helped Shorten quite a bit. But it wasn't enough to get him over the line.

With ScoMo elected as PM, Shorten took a back seat, letting Albanese take the helm. I reckon the plan was always to let the MP for Grayndler be a mere placeholder. And now that Shorten -- along with pretty much everyone else in Canberra -- thinks that nationalist Trump has been vanquished, and a fellow globalist leftie will be in the Whitehouse from now on, it's a much better time for him to return to the driver's seat. 

A recent interview with Peta Credlin makes it clear that he's tryna show the normies he's learned heaps from his loss back in 2019. So I suspect he's got the Labor leadership in his sights again. 

I think Albo knows about this and is okay with it. That's why he tweeted that photo of him with Hawke. It was like he was saying: "Remember what Bob did? Well, I'm gonna do the same -- without dying, of course."

Shorten seems to be much higher up in the globalist elite's power pyramid than Albo. High ranking Freemasons and ultra-Zionists are right at the top of this. That's why I think this other tweet from the current Labor Leader was significant. 

Again Albo invoked the memory of Hawke, who was clearly a big time globalist NWO advocate. The Labor Party's ultimate controllers greatly appreciated what Albanese has done for them, and expressed their gratitude by letting him light the menorah. He was obviously massively chuffed about this. IMO they were basically saying "thank you for your sacrifice", before putting their preferred puppet Shorten back in place. 

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