Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Warmist Jane Caro guided by zero sum game concept

We all know that PC lefties suffer greatly from arrested development. Like spoiled sprogs, they remain emotionally incontinent their entire "adult" lives. They are also wildly overconfident in their own child-brained perception of the world and how it works. In observing pretty much any issue, they think they've got it all completely sussed; that only their view is correct; and that all others are not just wrong, but wrong as.

So they always know what the "game" is, so to speak, and that their opponents are all clueless idiots who don't know its rules or massive cheats if they do. They also believe that it's always a "zero sum game". That is, if someone's "winning", they must be doing so at the commensurate expense of someone else.

A sanctimonious little Twitter outburst from Jane Caro illustrates this bizarre psychological quirk, among other things. Basically, she openly bragged about how she was jetting all over the eastern states to various meaningless jawfests, including a "Climate Emergency Summit"! Journalist Michael Smith pointed out the blatant hypocrisy of this behaviour.

She got wind of the post and responded sneeringly:

So much you could say about such a self-parodic retort, but I'll just focus on how she applies the zero sum concept. Firstly, she believes her warmist view is unquestionably valid, so anyone who doesn't accept it is a bad person, a "denier".

Applying her daft, discredited theory she concedes that she is contributing to the severity of this "climate emergency". But that's totes okay because she is cancelling absolutely all of that out and then some by co-owning a sizeable farm full of carbon-guzzling eucalypts. So confident is she that she has "won the game" that she proudly declares victory and even rubs it in by asking what Smith himself is doing to save the planet. (Not surprising that she would double down so defiantly. It's what they always do, after all.)

Also not surprising is the fact that she has used this tactic before. The criticism clearly rankles, so she's clearly spent some time developing and honing her self-defence and subsequent counter-attack. 

These leftie warmists are so predictable, eh? Speaking of which, it's almost inevitable these days that PC lefties will eat their own. And that is exactly what happened to Caro, with this SJW throwing shade on her for being indifferent to the pain she's causing to Indigenous folk with her appalling ownership of Aboriginal land. This attack is motivated in major part by this "zero sum game" concept as well.

Of course any sensible, sane adult would avoid the pitfalls that the jet-setting doomsayer and feisty feminist farm-owner has fallen into here. Applying "Caro-Dynamics" is always a plane-wreck for sure!

But these PC lefties never learn. They all believe it's fine to be an obnoxious -- even destructive and violent -- arsehat, as long as you feel that you're doing something to save the planet in the end.

IMO this deep-seated belief is one of the reasons it's quite plausible that deep green activists were behind at least some of the arson attacks that made the recent bushfires so catastrophic. That's something I elaborate on here:

Sunday, February 9, 2020

Guardian hit piece on Dr Russell McGregor

I'm sure you've all heard about this QAnon phenomenon. If you haven't thus far then you certainly will in coming months. It's absolutely yuge in the US. And it's slowly been gathering momentum here in Oz.

It's vast, multifaceted and ongoing and therefore hard to summarize. But I think a good way to describe it is to say it's an online alternative for the proliferation of narratives to those pedalled by mainstream media outlets, most of which are quite obviously going all out to destroy Donald Trump and everything he stands for. The fundamental claim of the mysterious "Q" dude, dudette -- or maybe even team of dudes and dudettes -- is that he (I'll use the singular for brevity) is in Trump's inner circle. Very high up in the military, he's privy to quite possibly the bigliest resistance plan ever conceived; an epic, byzantine, ball-tearer of a strategy several decades in the making that is currently being waged on several fronts including information war and which aims to finally free the USA, and ultimately the world, from elite globalist domination.

Sounds far-fetched, I know ... But if you're not the kind of drooling brainwashed muppet who still totes believes we're in the midst of a "climate emergency" and that Epstein did actually kill himself, and you have actually followed the drops and decodes for the last coupla years, then you would have to conclude that at the very least Q is not just some smartarsed LARP (live action roleplay), and that POTUS himself is aware of the whole thing and playing along. I don't wanna get into all the details of why I say that because there have been literally thousands of drops so far and hundreds of "Q proofs". You could write a whole series of books about the phenomenon and its manifold ramifications, and there are already some good ones available.

The crucial point here is that the MSM in America have been writing numerous hit pieces about this for many months because they are desperate to get the normies to stay away and keep believing their fake news instead. Yet not one of their so-called journalists has done the obvious and professional thing if he were actually interested in the truth: ask Trump about Q and his claim to be connected to him. This glaring omission already easily makes it the biggest story in the history of journalism -- by far. (BTW, Martin Geddes has other good insights on his site, just linked. Also, Neon Revolt is prolly the most prolific decoder of drops and he has a fine book on the subject available from his site.)

As I mentioned, it's mainly a US phenomenon. But there have actually been two hit pieces written about prominent Aussie followers (and decoders) of the mysterious, often cryptic drops. The latest one involves Sydney psychiatrist Dr Russell McGregor.

This guy had his career nuked in a deeply sinister way quite a while ago merely because he was tweeting and blogging about the phenomenon so it's significant that the fake news peddling robodolts at The Guardian have deemed it necessary to add salt to the wound by widely publicizing the episode now. They are terrified of losing whatever authority they have left so they are clearly trying to make an example of him.

As you can see from this screenshot (which I took on Friday arvo, the day the story was published) the piece has been massively popular. There's clearly a helluva lot of interest in this phenomenon and this explains why they felt the need to run it. Aussie normies are waking up en masse to just how full of bollocks the so-called "reporting" of MSM outlets (the more left-leaning ones in particular) actually is, and has been for yonks. They are doing what so many of their counterparts in the USA have been: looking elsewhere online for the real story. More and more of them are finding out about Q and preferring the alternative narrative that the movement offers. 

So, in predictably mean-spirited, brutal fashion The Guardian is basically saying: "Nothing to see here folks, move along ... Just look at the kind of wingnuts who buy this BS. They're all batshit crazy, like this guy!"

I'm no legal expert but it seems to me that Dr McGregor already has a pretty solid case for defo. You'll notice in the screenshot above that while QAnon is mentioned in the title and body of the article, the two opening paragraphs carefully sidestep this crucial aspect, instead saying he "posted 'bizarre' alt-right conspiracy theories he claimed were the directives of US President Donald Trump". This combined with the spooky visual image clearly portrays Dr McGregor in a very bad light (pun intended) and thereby convey a strong, emotive warning -- "Danger! Danger! Psychotic Loon Alert!" -- that is meant to colour all the subsequent details included. (So ironic that the hands on the keyboard are glowing green, BTW. That tragically warmist outlet is chockas with shrub humping ecotards itself ... Hell, the simpering soyboys on staff have the greenest hands of all. And their footwear? Ginormous clown shoes so grotesquely garish they'd make even Ronald McDonald weep with envy!)

Notice that the sneering hipster lefties' fave term for instant demonization "alt-right" is also employed, prominently and repeatedly. This term is shorthand for racist, as this article makes clear.

Yet nowhere in Dr McGregor's tweets or blog have I ever seen any support for white supremacy at all. On the contrary, he clearly abhors the concept, as his pinned tweet (which has been up there for as long as I've been aware of his Twitter profile) clearly shows. He's a civic nationalist, if anything.

Not only that, Q himself is at pains to remind those in the movement to rise above all identity politics because the real enemy is the globalist deep state who "want you divided". The unifying phrase "Where we go one we go all" is constantly repeated throughout his drops.

There's another howler in the hit piece's second paragraph -- the bit about the doc believing 9/11 was "faked". I suspect that this is because Josh Taylor, who penned the piece, lazily interpreted the term "false flag" to mean that the whole event was staged. This is a common error for activists purporting to be journalists, particularly comparatively inexperienced ones like little Josh.

Then there's the bit about the ABC "covering up the crimes of the elite". The mysterious online inspiration of this claim aside, is this really such an outlandish view to have in the wake of the deeply suss MSM coverage of the Epstein "suicide" and the way Amy Robach (of the ABC in the US) had her expose so savagely memory-holed, then our (or rather, their) ABC begrudgingly, briefly reporting this while carefully omitting the Clinton connection -- which Ms Robach so clearly explicated in the Project Veritas tape itself -- while simultaneously beating up the non-link to Trump? If that's not a media cover-up then what is?

And for anyone who still insists that the "deep state" is merely a figment of gun-toting wingnuts' febrile imaginations, what about former CIA big wig John McLaughlin actually praising its existence in so many words during the sham impeachment trial?

BTW, those following Q knew long ago that this desperate charade would ultimately come to nought. That was the obvious outcome when all its puppets had Schiff for brains, after all. Yet if you actually believed the fake news coming out of their ABC and much of the rest of the local MSM you would've believed that Trump really was a goner this time; that he'd finally be gruesomely impaled for all the world to see like a shishkebab on Pelosi's savage High Heel of Democrat Justice!

But of course that didn't happen. Just like with the "Russian collusion" narrative (which many in the MSM still cling to, BTW) the whole thing turned out to be a big fat nothing burger instead. This outcome, among many other things, would surely make any sane, rational adult conclude that while the "conspiracy theory" espoused by Dr McGregor might seem a tad OTT, it's certainly more plausible than the massively fraudulent "Orange Man Bad" line the MSM have been running since Trump was elected.

Also, elite pedophile rings are most definitely a thing, and Trump has been methodically taking them down since very early on in his presidency, even though his deranged haters in the MSM don't want you to know about that.

About the only thing that based folk might think is completely beyond belief is the "Satanic" aspect. Yet if you take this in the general sense to mean evil, it's actually entirely in keeping with the rest of the narrative, elements of which are not just plausible but indisputable fact. What could possibly be more evil than trafficking, raping and killing children, after all!

So you've gotta ask: why would such online speculation by a mental health professional be deemed so alarming to TPTB that they would require he be deregistered for it, then publicly shamed in an absolutely putrid hit piece several months later?

Answer is pretty obvious, IMHO ... But have a look at the piece in question, then compare it with the target's Twitter thread on it and make up your own mind.

Also, remember that this was the second local Guardian hit piece on this subject. The first one was used to slime a long time mate of ScoMo's who was another prominent local QAnon believer.

They are very similar in tone, with the titles and introductions in particular containing the same key words and phrases, eg: "QAnon, conspiracy theory, bizarre." Do a search for them in Google or any other search engine and you'll see how many MSM hit pieces just like this come up.

Also, they almost invariably claim that the theory is "debunked" when this is clearly not the case at all. As mentioned before, not one reporter has directly asked Trump the "Q question", which could easily put the issue to bed for all time if POTUS simply replied that it was all BS. Nor have any of them made any serious effort to find out who is ultimately behind the drops -- which would be the other obvious thing to do if the whole thing is just an epic LARP as they claim. So, there's yet another massive lie these loathsome, jellybacked hacks brazenly repeat to their millions of readers while casually destroying people's reputations and careers in the process with their so-called "reporting".

The similarity across all these stories is really quite, er, bizarre in itself. Why, it's almost as if they're all following a set template that has come from the same source and the separate outlets are just filling them in with the local details. Really, you gotta wonder why they hire "journalists" to do this at all. The whole soulless process could just as easily be carried out by AI (which I think is prolly the long term plan anyhow).

But just on the so-called journalist behind both pieces: You'll see in the screenshot above that Josh Taylor is credited in the first one. He also wrote the most recent one. I know this because his name was there when I first read it yesterday. But later on when I returned to take the screenshot above his name had mysteriously disappeared, having been replaced by "Australian Associated Press".

Hmm. That was odd, I thought ... It was the site's most popular local article, after all. Wouldn't you be proud of your work and want to be associated with it? I suspected that he'd removed his name to minimize the shellacking he was getting on social media. A visit to Twitter confirmed this suspicion. I'll describe exactly what I mean by this because I think it gives an insight into the minds of those behind these gutless hit pieces.

See, I went to his profile only to discover that he'd already blocked me. A quick Twitter search revealed why this was. Turned out that like so many of his fellow sneering hipsters little Josh had indulged in some cringeworthy virtue signalling about the African gang violence afflicting Melbourne when it first really blew up in the media a coupla years back. 

"I lived in Melbourne for a year and a half, was more intimidated during Summernats in Canberra than any other time in Melbourne," he tweeted sanctimoniously. Given that the Canberra car show had just been in the news for banning its very popular beauty pageant to placate all the hatchet-faced, killjoy frightbats in that ultra-PC city, I couldn't help but RT him with this gentle little jibe included.

For that he blocked me! FFS, can you believe this guy? Talk about life imitating satire ... By his own admission he's intimidated by a fricken car show. Was this because of the flagrant use of fossil fuels, the burnouts and donuts, or the scantily clad chicks? Fark nose ... Then he hides behind a block because he got a bit of ribbing about it!

So, it's not at all surprising to me that he's scuttled into the shadows after his absolutely despicable hatchet job on the doc. Of course he thinks he can hide behind the "authority" of his position and employer until it all blows over. But what he doesn't realize is that this is plummeting by the day. The whole sick system that ultimately maintains it is being methodically destroyed from the very top. Also, tens of millions of normies in the USA have already woken up to the massive lies they've been told by the legacy media over decades and they are filthy mad about it. This process is starting to snowball here in Australia, too. It's only a mater of time before the MSM collapses under the weight of its own BS.

In a way, I kind of feel sorry for him. He's actually been a puppet in this -- not unlike Greta Thunberg. She's just obediently regurgitating a predetermined narrative, and so is he. He may be a few years older than her, but he's clearly still child-brained, let's face it. This credulous, obedient quality is why he was given both hit jobs, I suspect. 

But I don't think that he or any of the other sneering, up-themselves twats at The Guardian realize just how big this whole issue is actually becoming. Taylor and his editor (not to mention Dr McGregor's gutless gaslighting professional peers) have all willingly been part of the cynical destruction of a good man's career and reputation for clearly political purposes and this will certainly not be the end of it.

And what if Trump does ultimately explicitly confirm that QAnon is legit or -- failing something quite that unequivocal -- one or more big legacy media outlets finally admit they were wrong about it or at least concede that Q's narrative has more veracity than those they've been running?

Holy. Effing. Hell! I would not wanna be in any of their (clown) shoes. 

As we all know, Epstein didn't kill himself. But I reckon that in coming months Josh Taylor et al will definitely be shitting themselves, and many times over.

The Guardian and other fake news outlets like it are on the way out.

Nothing can stop what is coming.


For more thoughts on this whole issue and its ramifications for society please check out the video I made several months ago, soon after that first local hit piece was published. I mention Dr McGregor's case about eleven and a half minutes in, but please watch it all for context.

Monday, February 3, 2020

Coronavirus fears cause outbreak of PC idiocy

In the wake of the catastrophic bushfires PC lefties have complained that ScoMo should be decisive and show leadership in the face of the (non-existent) threat of climate change. Because he's been restrained and rational in his response to this issue they've shrieked up a storm.

And now, when there is a dinkum global threat in the form of a fricken coronavirus pandemic, and he does make a couple of big, hard calls (stopping arrivals from China; setting up a quarantine on Christmas Island) they're enraged about that, too!

Shows the sad extent to which they've been brainwashed with cultural Marxism. It really is a total mind-control system that makes them value feels over facts; virtue signalling over logical analysis. You see its toxic effect all through the MSM -- particularly in their ABC. 

Take Nick here. He reckons we should aspire to be like the virus itself!

Yeah, I know what he was getting at ... But who was suggesting that ethnicity should be targeted? It's where  people have been geographically that's the key issue, since China is where the coronavirus originated. So it's rational, not racist to be most concerned about people arriving from there.

But that's The Drum for ya! If you don't say something daft and sanctimonious, you don't get asked back. So I shouldn't be too harsh on him ... Next episode, one of their regulars'll prolly recommend that the coronavirus be appointed Head of the HRC. (Hmm. Actually, not such a bad idea. Be less nauseating than its predecessors.)

Predictably, lotsa right-on squeezers linked the outbreak to climate change in their witless attempts to mock ScoMo.

Not remotely funny. And WTF was he trying to say? Even most lefties would think this was a piss-poor effort, I reckon.

Of course the hand-wringers pounced on the choice of Christmas Island for the quarantine since it's such a powerful symbol of oppression for them.

Hmm. Perhaps not ... I suggest all who've been in Wuhan get locked in the studio where The Drum is filmed. Panellists suffer from a PC mind virus so powerful it'd prolly devour the coronavirus in 10 seconds flat!

Sure, patients would become robodolts as a result but the cure is quick as, and all would survive, right?

Most of the PC posturing about Christmas Island has been about its general inappropriateness. But some of it has been balls-out race-baiting.

Obviously most people who end up in this quarantine are not whitey-tighties because of the location of the outbreak. Race has got nothing to do with it.

In any case, at least one of them who was offered this option is of European descent. He's a dude called Rui Severini. I suspect there are several others -- prolly even including a few Anglos. 

So Tim and Osman's nasty and opportunistic insinuations are easily debunked, as usual. 

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Australia Day is politically correct anyway ...

I find it fascinating that the usual suspects desperately want to change the date of Australia Day. The whole celebration is already politically correct as all get out. This has been the result of decades of meddling by the globalist elites, particularly through the United Nations. Don't think it's OTT to say that this nation is a democracy in name only.

I wandered down to Circular Quay during the arvo to have a look at what was going on. It was a great atmosphere with lots of families about -- and from all ethnic groups, just like on NYE -- yet the divisive effect of identity politics was clear. 

Fact that there were two flags on the Coat Hanger was prolly the most obvious example. Also, heaps of people were carrying both flags themselves. I didn't actually see where they acquired them but it seemed that they were handed out in pairs.

This whole idea of an Aboriginal nation, distinct from the rest of the country, is already well advanced with a lot of powerful interests behind it. And they're really focusing on constitutional recognition now which will have even more divisive effects if it succeeds.

Seems odd that there's such a push to "change the date". Why not have a separate day labelled Indigenous Australia Day, or something like it? (Actually they've prolly got something like this going on anyway, or at least a campaign to realize it.)

This is what's so absurd about the whole Aboriginal flag thing. The Indigenous activists want to be part of Australia Day, but separate at the same time. But while being separate, they also want to dictate what date the whole celebration -- well, actually a "day of mourning" -- is held ... WTF?

As well as annoying the crap out of everyone it's not exactly a consistent position ... 

But back to what was going on at the event itself: There was a floating screen that, among other things, showed clips on the theme of what's great about Australia. 

A dude heavily into drag was featured in one segment.

Well of course, this truly defines our nation, dunnit? The toxic masculinity of Aussie blokedom is just not who we are anymore, is it? Today's males are all so in touch with their feminine sides they actually frock up, and prance around in pubs and clubs -- or read woke fairy tales to the kiddies in libraries. Goodbye Crocodile Dundee; hello Priscilla, Queen of the Desert! FFS.

Though I shouldn't be too judgemental. There was also a video about a dude who looked a bit more "cis-het" than the drag queen. He was best mates with a bunch of koalas.

So, that seems to be the cultural trend these days. You can still be a blokey bloke, but only if you cuddle critters and help save the planet!

Those were the only two clips I saw. But I can imagine what the others were like. Bet it was the usual fare about how chicks are all "doing it for themselves" now, kicking arse in business, while simultaneously demanding "safe spaces" free from all the boy germs, etc.

Speaking of safe spaces: As is usual these days at these big events, security was paramount. 

All bags were checked for booze and potential weapons at two gates on both sides of Circular Quay. And for a couple of years now there have been bollards all around the roads leading into the area to prevent vehicular terrorism.

Obviously such measures are crucial. And I'm sure similar ones were taken decades ago, before all this divisive multi-culti stuff had really kicked in. But I'll bet they were nowhere near as severe. Back in the eighties I suspect the main potential threat revellers faced was being chundered on during the rock concert out the front of the Opera House. They certainly weren't worried about being knifed or run over by some loon yelling "Allahu Akbar!".

It's depressing that so many of our freedoms are being curtailed, and "for our own safety". Our politicians have no choice. But then they are also the ones who have helped create this mess because they have let the globalist elites meddle with the make-up and culture of our country.

One of the main ways they've done this is to encourage a sense of victimhood within various ethnic and cultural groups -- Aborigines in particular. This divisive, fear-based ideology is promoted as empowering, but it's actually the opposite. Countless people live in a mental prison as a result.

So sad, but also ironic. We started out as a penal colony, after all. 

Friday, January 24, 2020

Laura Jayes' strawman is "lit"!

Amazing to watch the lockstep behaviour of the Australian MSM. It's like absolutely all Aussie "journalists" have received a sternly worded memo telling them to keep affirming the climate emergency angle in all reporting of the bushfire crisis no matter what, and to downplay the idea that arson and ground fuel build-up were big causal factors. Most of them are dutifully complying in a simplistic, robotic way, though some are using a more nuanced approach.

Take this from Laura Jayes. It's an implied defence of the dominant PC narrative because she's throwing shade on those arson-as-cause believers who misrepresent the climate change bedwetters. As Stefan Molyneux would say, that is "not an argument".

Actually, this is a strawman in itself. It's like when Cathy Newman kept saying to Jordan Peterson: "So, what you're saying is ..." And he kept countering with: "No, I'm not. I'm saying ..."

The main accusation by the climate change skeptics (such as yours truly) levelled at warmist narrative peddlers is not that they are literally saying "climate change started the fires". It's that they refuse to acknowledge arson and ground-fuel build up at all and simply conflate AGW with the fires zif it's a done deal, and you're a bad person and bonkers to boot if you question this at all! 

That is, they don't offer a rational argument backed by data for how AGW has exacerbated the fires. If their view is correct this would be easy to do, surely. Where are all the graphs showing massive increases in temperature, wind, aridity etc as compared to previous years, and particularly in the areas worst hit, for example?

They don't do this because they can't. The changes -- if there are any -- are not that pronounced. So instead they go straight to saying the fires themselves are climate change; that Aussies in smoke-filled areas are "breathing in the evidence".

This conflation trick is a favourite of the PC Left. Take victim feminism. Criticize it, and they'll say you're being misogynist. But why does that follow? In what way are feminists representative of all chickdom? And why does not accepting a claim of victimhood mean you hate all women?

Same deal with warmism. Can't handle any scrutiny at all. So they go straight to accusations of "denialism". 

Or, like Laura Jayes does above, they try to distract and derail you with strawmen, something that seasoned PC narrative peddler Malcolm Farr uses also. 

Though, it's prolly more accurate to call this a rhetorical "iceman" instead ...

And while it may seem convincing to other converts to the climate change religion, by reminding the reader of the widespread firebuggery it just begs the question: Who were those hundreds of matchstick men who did light so many fires and what were their motivations?

That's where the real story is, surely.

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Greens desperately want ScoMo to be fired

Amazing to watch how extreme the globalist warmists -- the Greens in particular -- are becoming in their relentless campaign to dominate the narrative re the Australian bushfires. They are certainly applying the "wisdom" of Rahm Emanuel and taking it as far as it can go.

Alinsky is also a source of tactical "inspiration" for them. Remember, he said: "Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it." That target is definitely ScoMo. They're attacking him in an even more ferocious, sustained and personal way than they did Tony Abbott, which is saying something.

Also OTT, even for them, is the way they are claiming Scott Morrison is directly responsible for the fires. While much of the rhetoric is about wanting him gone from his position as PM (eg, #SackScomo) some of it clearly borders on calling for his assassination.

"We must rise up against this terrible gov't with a fury that matches these terrible fires." Gawd. They were lethal, remember.

And notice how the flames in Bandt's violent exhortation are invoked in a positive way, as a solution. He clearly sees this fire as righteous and purifying like "fire in the belly". He and his fellow travellers actually love fire because it is so destructive to the environment. It's a powerful narrative weapon; prolly the best tool they've used so far in demonizing their foes.

That's something to remember when you think of the extremely high number of arson attacks this year. Greenies have desperately been tryna pour cold water on the idea that so many were intentionally lit. Yet they have also constantly invoked this idea when blaming the Government. Remember how Jordon Steele-John pretty much labelled them arsonists back in November, even before the flood of firebuggery was clear.

Then there are all the lefties on social media constantly accusing the LNP and their supporters of lighting fires. This progressive pussy's tweets are typical.

He's clearly really fired up about this issue and appears to live in the country. (Love the name, too, BTW: "Bernum".)

It may well be that the feral twat behind this account isn't a politically motivated firebug himself. But there are surely many other idiots out there who share his psychological profile. They are as hateful as they are stupid and if they think they can do their bit for the noble cause of "saving the planet" by lighting fires (or maybe getting their kids to do it) then blaming them on "#SmoKo", why the hell wouldn't they?

Such "crazy brave" acts would make them feel clever and virtuous at the same time. And any guilt they may feel would be assuaged by the belief that the ends justifies the means. Social justice warriors always project, as we all know. 

And there are plenty of those in the MSM as well. They are another kind of useful idiot. Not only are they downplaying arson and ground fuel build-up as contributing factors, they are calling anyone who says they were the main cause bots, trolls and disinfo agents.

They are clearly terrified of this counter-narrative. But rather than see sense, grow a spine and actually do some real journalism, they prefer to double down on their climate change narrative instead. Hardly a sustainable strategy long term ...

Sunday, January 19, 2020

"Climate emergency" is an absurd concept

Any sane adult capable of rational thought can see what complete and utter bollocks this "climate emergency" is. It's not frightening at all. But the fact that so many people actually think that we're in one is the truly scary thing. 

The globalist warmists behind this whole creepy psyop have immense power and influence. They've managed to brainwash hundreds of millions -- maybe billions -- of people into believing the myth of climate change in the first place.

Then they've ratcheted up the intensity of the rhetoric to make them think that humanity is now on the verge of a planetary catastrophe. So the governments of the world need to obey all of their prescriptions, or else!

Their almost complete control of the mainstream media worldwide has been their most powerful tool in executing this psyop. They use it to create movements and trends, while falsely claiming that they're organic. 

The use of the phrase "climate emergency" itself is a case in point. Globalist warmists decided it was time to massively up the ante, so it was seeded from on high into countless articles and reports. This increase was so pronounced that Oxford Dictionaries (also part of the MSM) made it "the word of 2019". The bedwetters at The Guardian dutifully kept the momentum going by "reporting" this fact.

If you're a credulous idiot who's been spooked as intended by the endless doomsaying you won't be able to see the agenda, so you'll believe this to be yet more evidence that the whole phenomenon is dinkum. Hell, if so many people are saying this is real it must be, right?

Notice also how the photo chosen is one of a fire, like so many they use now in stories about this so-called "climate emergency". Obviously, fires themselves aren't direct examples of climatic phenomena. They must be ignited, most likely by direct human action (intended or accidental). So the conflation is a lie in itself. 

But the sneaky scumbags have form for this kind of thing. They are always creating false equivalences, then reinforcing them over and over. Another example: criticize Islam and you're "racist". But Islam is not a race!

With the scary concept well and truly part of the collective consciousness they then launched a very specific campaign to terrify children. Just shows how low they will go.

Greta Thunberg was the main element in this utterly cynical ploy. She's so obviously a puppet yet the MSM laughably presents her rise as resulting solely from kids' widespread concern about the planet's future.

The global "climate strikes" such as the ones held in Sydney (where the above photo was taken) were a further extension of this massive deception. They were clearly organized by adults, yet portrayed in the MSM as if they were purely a result of childhood activism.

There are numerous examples of the concept being invoked in the corporate world as well. In some cases this seems to be marketing departments attempting to "cash in" on this engineered state of panic. But I suspect it's mostly the result of top-down directives from the globalists who ultimately own these businesses. Their tentacles are absolutely everywhere!

Worse, they are only just getting started. Just as the massive lie of human-caused climate change laid the foundation to launch the crazier "climate emergency" they can now leverage the current state of panic to demand "climate trials" for so-called "climate criminals".

Definitely worth remembering that great line from Voltaire: "Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities."

Which is why I hope that everyone who's been conned by this campaign finally wakes up and realizes that there really is no emergency. Compared to all the other natural forces affecting climate we humans are basically weak as piss, a mere drop in the ocean, after all.