Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Greta Thunberg is the new Jane Goodall

We all know what utter bollocks predictions of global catastrophe due to climate change actually are. Warmism is a kind of religion, and a scam. But it's something else as well: a crucial part of the globalist New World Order agenda to destroy Western Civilization and control all human activity top down and centrally. 

But its proponents can't just come out and say this, now can they? We'd all tell them to take a flying fark at a rolling donut, right? No, they have to con the normies into willingly accepting this tyranny. So they use puppets like Greta Thunberg instead.

The narrative that's promoted throughout the mainstream media is that she's an exceptional young climate crusader who's risen to prominence organically. She's being listened to because she's got something powerful to say!

But really the poor kid is being horribly manipulated and exploited by unscrupulous adults. Anyone with half a brain can see that.

Sadly, Anne Summers isn't in that category. She, like so many daft, credulous PC lefties have bought the whole fake narrative around Thunberg hook, line and sinker. Recently she tweeted this:

Talk about self-parody. The future is female? The present is insane, more like ...

The actual photo is from this year's Davos meeting of globalist movers and shakers. The World Economic Forum is where the filthy rich, controlling creeps get together and work out their next sinister psyop.

It's all there in the shot. It was a Salesforce event. The two icons above were being sold, and forcefully, as part of "the fourth industrial revolution".

FFS, could they have made it any more obvious? The carefully crafted public images of Thunberg and Goodall were just being used to con the masses into going along with a massive change in the global economy involving the shift to renewables and many other deep green initiatives.

Of course this top down "revolution" won't actually work like they say it will. If the sinister cabalists get their way, the Western world will collapse economically as well as culturally and socially. But that's really the whole point in the long run.

That is such a creepy shot, innit? There's child-brained Goodall with a stupid chimp doll, as well as Thunberg and even Bono -- one of the world's biggest warmist wankers for sure.

Speaking of "revolutions", here's a related example of the same creepy agenda at work. Got this shot at Newtown Station last year:

Like Thunberg, Hannah Gadsby was promoted as some kind of brave paradigm buster who got to her level of prominence on her own steam and raw talent. Absolute bollocks. She was carefully selected by TPTB in the globalist media and entertainment complex because she was female, lesbian and about as funny as a dumpster fire in an orphanage.

To place her at the absolute peak of the entertainment pyramid was a way of subverting the "heteronormative patriarchy" as well as the meaning of comedy itself. Her manufactured ascent was clearly part of the cultural Marxist agenda. Totally trashing whatever these loathsome, malignant creeps infiltrate is always their ultimate goal. FFS, look at what they did to other art forms like painting and sculpture

While Gadsby's gender and sexual identity were obviously key ingredients, I think her excruciating joke-phobia was the clincher. A young Magda Szubanski wouldn't have been given the same push. She was actually a hoot. Can't have that. Not subversive enough.

And in a similar, though more subtle and gradual way, Jane Goodall's rise to prominence was also manufactured. She even seems to have suspected this herself:

When I look back over my life it's almost as if there was a plan laid out for me - from the little girl who was so passionate about animals who longed to go to Africa and whose family couldn't afford to put her through college. Everyone laughed at my dreams. I was supposed to be a secretary in Bournemouth.

Well, yes, there was a plan laid out for her. Powerful people with a hidden agenda used her to put the plight of the environment centre stage in people's minds. Having a pretty young woman whose BFFs were adorable chimpanzees was a brilliant way to push the deep green agenda.

Raising awareness about these issues was not all bad, of course. But as the two quotes below attest, she was also being used to pre-emptively program the normies for the animal rights agenda, which is clearly going into high gear now.
Chimpanzees, gorillas, orangutans have been living for hundreds of thousands of years in their forest,living fantastic lives, never overpopulating, never destroying the forest. I would say that they have been in a way more successful than us as far as being in harmony with the environment.

We are beginning to learn that each animal has a life and a place and a role in this world. If we place compassion and care in the middle of all our dealings with the animal world and honor and respect their lives, our attitudes will change.

When you've lifted the rights of animals lowering the rights of humans is a doddle. And being able to do that is clearly a crucial element if you have plans to enslave the entire world's population in a totalitarian neo-feudal system (NWO).

Yet the most zealous advocates of animal rights are completely unaware of this wider goal. In this, they resemble abortion zealots.

On that subject, isn't it interesting how animal rights activists are also pro-choice. They think the lives of chickens in cages are more valuable than those of human foetuses. Weird, innit?

And notice how ghoulishly extreme the pro-choice push has become of late -- not just in the USA, but here in Oz as well. Pro-infanticide would be a more accurate label.

These poor, sad people have been utterly brainwashed. Yet many of them including Anne Summers herself are extremely well known, well established and widely admired. And like Thunberg, Goodall and Gadsby, their successes were anything but organic.

"We, the Rockefeller Foundation, supported and funded the Women’s Liberation Movement. Why do you think we did it? There were two primary reasons for this: One was that before women’s right to work, we could only tax HALF of the population. The other was so that with women going out to work it would break up families. Women would have to spend all day at work away from the family. The children would begin to see the state and teachers as their family and this would make it easier to indoctrinate and control them." ~ Nick Rockefeller to Aaron Russo

So ironic that these feminists think of themselves as leftist revolutionaries who are taking down a sexist patriarchal system. It's more accurate to say they were the clueless dupes of the toppest end of town there is: a buncha super-rich capitalists hell-bent on world domination -- and most of them white dudes to boot!

Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Haughty Haussegger can't handle the truth!

Recently ScoMo observed that a sign on the dunnies at Parliament House was overly PC. Not surprisingly, this triggered woke folk across Oz into a frenzied fit of shrieking, wailing and gnashing of teeth. 

Always on the lookout for any excuse to push her dreary victim feminist narrative, Virginia Haussegger offered the petty, silly thought bubble included below. (BTW, Ginny is another one of those ABC types who call themselves "journalists" in their profiles. But activists is a much better description. If you check out her tweet stream, you'll see it's just an endless whinge about "the patriarchy" and how it can be "deconstructed" using quotas, etc.)

Can you believe that an adult professional (and a high profile one at that) would make such a puerile observation?

FFS. It's Parliament House. It's where the prime ministers worked. What else are you gonna put up there, a montage of all the feminist chicks who never got the gig because of "institutional misogyny" or something?

Gawd. I's a record of reality, of historical fact. Like it or not, that's what happened.

Clearly, the snowflake sister can't handle reality, so she wants the Dept of the PM and Cabinet to renovate their office so that her delicate feelings are protected. Talk about about a sense of entitlement! She really oughta check her privilege. 

As well as being undeniably daft, there's something a tad creepy about her wish. It's similar to the push to tear down statues of Captain Cook and other "dead white males". Cultural Marxists reckon that if they just erase and then rewrite history, they can create utopia. That's not just absurd. It's totalitarian.

Also, she hasn't quite caught up with her own side's rapidly mutating views regarding these identity issues. When looking at all those photos of the nation's leaders, didn't she assume their gender?

I mean, how do we know for sure that Alfred Deakin viewed himself as a man? Could he not have privately thought of himself as "Alfreda"? And what was the true gender identity that lay hidden behind the "John" Curtin?

Also, why would it necessarily be soul destroying for chicks to look at all these "pale stale males". Couldn't it also be a kind of inspiration for many?

Don't boxers, sprinters and other elite sportsmen (and women!) often train in front of photos of their main rivals to remind themselves of their goal of knocking them off their pedestals? Steve Jobs once famously said "stay hungry", remember ... Oh, that's right, can't quote him 'cause he's a dude!

Speaking of which, there are millions of them who aren't included in that display because they never got to be Prime Minister. Technically, that makes them "outsiders" as well. Should they be offended too?

And it should not be forgotten that there is one chick included in the display. Julia Gillard finally got a guernsey after smashing her head through the "glass ceiling", thereby doing the "shard yards". Focusing entirely on the profusion of blokes on the team surely trivializes this paradigm busting achievement, dunnit?

But that's today's feminism for ya! Rather than celebrating achievement against the odds it's more about plucking defeat from the jaws of victory, and calling that empowerment. Sad! 

Sunday, August 25, 2019

Words are violence for Alan Jones-hating sock-sooks

The spectacle of PC lefties all getting stuck into Alan Jones over his sock comments was funny and creepy at the same time. As is always the case with controversies like this the outrage was not organic. It was clearly orchestrated for maximum effect. Hand-wringing, finger-pointing scolds in both mainstream and social media got together in an all out attempt to get him punted.

The fact that they would choose this faux pas -- trivial to any sane adult -- shows just how desperate they are. They really have got nothing else ... Sad! 

He seems to have weathered the storm which is heartening. Still, he did apologize for his comments and I think that was a tactical error. People attacked by the thought police do this in the hope they'll be appeased and back off. But they never do that. They just take your apology as an admission of guilt and use it as "proof" that their claims are valid and repeat their demands

The argument that AJ saying ScoMo should "shove a sock down Jacinda Ardern's throat" normalizes violence against women is just idiotic. That's like saying the oft-used phrase "eat shit and die" encourages suicide.

There are so many phrases like this that are in common usage. They are not gender specific and if AJ must never use them again then surely the rest of the population should be held to the same standard. The woke folk aren't saying that, of course, showing that this was all about targeting Jones and nothing else. 

Needless to say women -- many of them feminists -- use insults like this against other women. Leftist men do too. Look at the hatred expressed towards conservative women and you'll find plenty of this kind of imagery, especially on Twitter.

Just off the top of my head there was the case of Adam Hills imagining Pauline Hanson being hung from the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Of course there was no leftist outrage about that.

But some tweeps took the faux indignation even further than the bulk of the leftist trollective. They didn't just claim that Jones normalized violence against women but that he dinkum revealed his murderous intent!

Interesting that Ketan was so outraged about the sock phrase, and linked it to the Sydney stabbing. If his tweet stream is any indication, he seems to have been more upset by the broadcaster's colourful language than the gruesome murder itself.

And even on the day of that horrific event he was most upset by the fact that a journalist had actually done some accurate reporting by mentioning that the killer had yelled "Allahu Akbar". Ketan thought it was irresponsible to do so.

You look at a tweet like this and think: does he really believe this?

Well I would say yes and no. IMO these muppets blurt ridiculous stuff like this because they don't really believe in anything -- except power, of course. So they'll say absolutely anything no matter how absurd with total sincerity if it furthers the cause of silencing, or at least demonizing their opponents. Technically they're not really lying because they don't think the truth actually exists.

Imagine being that lost ... Gawd.

As well as all the activists masquerading as journos, shallow and opportunistic pollies joined the pack attack. Vacuous tool of global warming scammers Zali obviously hates AJ's guts because he does a good job of exposing the gigantic fraud she's committed too. Deep down she must know the whole thing is a massive crock and hates to be reminded of this, which is why she exhorted her dopey acolytes to lodge an official complaint against him.

Obviously most of the outrage expressed through these channels is confected. Many of those submitting complaints only do so because they're told to by their "thought leaders".

Then there was the corporate virtue signalling by the Koala mattress company.

Turns out that they had actually stopped their advertising on his show several weeks ago. So they were being deceptive as well as pompously sanctimonious with that tweet. Just tried to exploit the ruckus to get some more brand awareness. Cynical as.

And I think it might have been a bad move long term. People are getting really sick of this right-on virtue signalling, as the Gillette saga has shown. "Get woke, go broke" as the saying goes.

Friday, August 9, 2019

Rosanna Arquette is life imitating satire

The politically correct insanity just keeps rolling on. Hollywood airheads in particular seem to be in some kinda competition to come up with the most daft tweet ever. Take Rosanna Arquette:

Titania McGrath is a satirical character created to parody the whole concept of "wokeness". She repeated Ms Arquette's tweet verbatim, and it fit in perfectly with the rest of her hilariously narcissistic right-on brainfarts.

Up until recently I thought that this propensity to be self-parodically PC so common in Tinseltown was driven mainly by the stars' own massive egos and their belief that they could use their power as role-models and revered figures to create a utopia.

But now I'm convinced that there's much more to this phenomenon. It's far more organized and calculated than it appears on the surface.

Yugely powerful hidden forces have built up this whole system as a kind of decades long psyop on the masses. Normies have been conditioned to see stars and slebs as extra-spesh not just for the purposes of making massive mounds of moolah. Famous folk like Ms Arquette are also tightly controlled puppets of the globalist elite who can be used for political influence when needed. It's not organic at all.

Sunday, August 4, 2019

Lefties for the Greta good

Pretty obvious why globalist lefties are so desperate to keep the whole AGW lie going no matter what. It's a perfect excuse for controlling people's behaviour in so many ways, and is therefore a crucial element in their campaign for top down, one world government. "Climate change" is a global problem see, so it must have a global solution.

Pretty much everything we humans do utilizes energy and results in the production of carbon dioxide. Hell, even breathing does! That means the creepy control freaks have an excuse to monitor everything, and ultimately everyone.

But the warmists have gradually been losing control of the narrative as more and more people wake up to this titanic con. So in typical socialist style they've been engaged in increasingly desperate and laughable attempts to keep the normies packin' death about the impending climate apocalypse. 

That's why they're really cranking up the doom and gloom with this Extinction Rebellion movement. They've also turned sixteen year old Greta Thunberg into an international celebrity and cult-figure. It's truly disgusting what's being done to that kid.

She clearly suffers from serious mental health issues, and many adults who should know better -- and who don't dinkum believe their own dire predictions about the planet -- are keen to feed her lies they know she believes completely and repeats in total seriousness to all who listen.

When sane adults like Andrew Bolt point out what's happening, they then hide behind the kid, saying he's attacking her. Such bollocks. 

Better question: Why does a dude with a PhD believe this climate catastrophe crap as well as happily join a putrid pack of shameless frauds engaging in grotesquely cynical exploitation of a mentally ill teenage girl?

Sneering hipster and fake news peddler Josh Butler thinks he's making some kinda scintillating slam dunk. But his tweet is piss-weak rhetoric. Calling Thunberg deeply disturbed is accurate, not bullying. And it goes to the heart of Bolta's argument -- which Butler completely ignores -- about how insane and ultimately exploitative the cult around her actually is.

Where would the malignant, censorious Greens be without their crazy hatred of Rupert Murdoch? They see his dark hand in absolutely everything, don't they? And they reckon their opponents are conspiracy theorists! FFS.

Ludlam's tweet implies that Greta Thunberg isn't actually mentally ill. But she clearly is, and in several ways. That makes the manipulation of her even worse than if she were psychologically healthy.

And she hasn't "built a climate change movement". She's been told massive lies that are clearly meant to terrify her by loathsome, cynical adults. They've then utilized this intended effect by making her the poster child for their deceitful campaign to guilt-trip the world's leaders into acceding to their totalitarian demands.

Also, pretty funny that the far-leftie wants debts to be repaid, even if only metaphorically ... 

A vague bile-soaked ad-hominem hate-tweet like this shows Ludlam simply has no real argument. He must know deep down that what's being done to that kid is absolutely vile. But it seems to be working because so many prominent politicians are treating Thunberg with reverence -- probably more out of fear of being villified as big bad meanies by the warmist MSM than anything else. So he just repeats the cowardly tactic of using her as a shield to make false claims about his opponent's motives and thereby demonize him.

If anything is venomous, that is ... And so funny for him to claim "this thing" is using divide and conquer, which is classic Alinsky, and what his party (many of whose members and supporters are routinely "cooked" themselves) does all the time. Projection personified.

Monday, July 29, 2019

Hollywood stars are controlled to control us

Trump's election has been a real game changer in so many ways. Hillary was never expected to lose. So there was no Plan B. And now the whole system that controlled dominant narratives in the USA (and to a lesser extent, nations like Australia) has been exposed. For countless people in America and across the globe the last coupla years really has been like waking from a dream.

Speaking of which: apt that Hollywood is called the "dream factory". The film and TV industry (along with the fake news MSM) has been the primary method by which false narratives were created and and then maintained in the minds of the masses.

The longer Trump keeps triggering Hollywood stars and slebs, and the more I learn about how the joint actually operates, the clearer it becomes that there is a highly organized process for selecting and controlling prominent performers, and using them as role models to influence the wider population. 

The agenda is definitely globalist. And it's not just atheist but deeply anti-Christian. You just have to look at the themes underlying most Hollywood flicks with A-list stars to know this is the case. I struggle to name even one film in the last coupla decades that could be called overtly pro-Christian. If movies do include Christian characters they are usually Bible-thumping misogynist racist homophobes, or insipid, deluded losers at best. 

This gives the lie to the argument that movie moguls are just into making heaps of money. Christianity is still the dominant religion in America. Think how much profit movies explicitly catering to this market could generate. But not only do they completely avoid producing any such filmic fare, they go out of their way to offend members of this religion at every turn.

Now why is that? Because Christianity, like other foundations of Western civilization, gives people a sense of meaning above and beyond the state. It also gives people a very clear, unequivocal set of rules about what's right and wrong. It's a bulwark against tyranny.

Hollywood's job is not just to entertain the masses but to indoctrinate them with moral relativism, or flat out amoral nihilism. This makes them so much easier to dominate psychologically. 

Freedom of speech is another thing standing in the way of totalitarianism. And it's revealing to watch so many world famous "creative artists" -- who you'd expect to be great supporters of it -- totally reject the idea when it comes to Trump and MAGA.

Take Bette Midler here. She clearly calls for Trump to be shut down.

And this is just one deranged hate-tweet out of many. She's been railing against him for months on end.

Like many of her peers she's doing her damnedest to make her fans think that POTUS is the biggest, baddest meanie who's ever lived. He beat Hillary, after all. And like most of Hollywood Bette was most definitely "with her". She knew things would be done the way they always were, and she would keep reaping the substantial rewards.

But Bad Orange Man has gone and upended the whole star system. He's crashed the culture like a brick thrown through a massive spider's web -- and that's a rock spider to be exact.

See, widespread pedophilia has long been an "open secret" in Hollywood. Just as the casting couch culture exposed by #MeToo was show business as usual, child rape is an integral part of the whole movie making machine.

In a system similar to the DC Swamp, pedophiles are promoted by other pedophiles. They also have blackmail material on each other.

This doesn't mean that every A-list star and big name director is a rapist of children. But it's beyond doubt that quite a few of them are. Even if they're not, they are almost certainly compromised in other ways. There's no way they would be given such power and influence by those at the top of the pyramid unless it could all be taken away from them in an instant.

The pampered puppets of Hollywood have long known that Trump is out to end this depraved system. Which is why they've been losing their shit for months on end, and bigly.

The trial of Keith Raniere, who headed the sinister sex cult NXIVM, was a big development in this regard, and the arrest of Jeffrey Epstein was an even bigger one. He's clearly at the centre of a global system of political control that used sexual blackmail involving the countless children he was trafficking.

He was not just besties with the "great and the good" of Washington and other centers of political power. He also had a lot of contacts in Hollywood, as this tweet makes clear. 

Ellen Barkin tweeted that because she hates Trump and believes the MSM lie that he's close to Epstein. But the irony is that while POTUS knew Epstein many years ago, he's not compromised at all. It's actually the Clintons and the whole Democrat establishment who are far more strongly connected to him.

And that's why they and their Tinseltown pals are all going crazy.

It's gonna get very interesting in coming months, if not weeks. I think a lot of previously adored and respected slebs and stars are going to be exposed as utter scumbags.

Of course any sane person knows that these "role models" are not nearly as nice as they purport to be. Take Bill Cosby getting away with all that drugging and raping for years on end, for example.

But I suspect this will be far more extreme than any of that. Frankly, I don't think anyone will ever watch another Hollywood movie in the same way again once this is all over. And millions will just just stop watching them entirely. 

Monday, July 22, 2019

Julian Burnside is beyond parody

Recently, Julian Burnside fell for a parody account of Malcolm Roberts. And it's not the first time he's made such a silly mistake. Late last year Crown Jules was fooled by a similarly fake tweet, this time purportedly by Donald Trump.

Burnside did accept that he was in error regarding Roberts, but grudgingly. In doing so he revealed exactly why he made it, while remaining none the wiser.

This was a classic case of confirmation bias. Emotionally committed to the whole idea of catastrophic climate change, he simply cannot accept that the theory is driven much more by politics than science. So in his mind anyone who questions it must be a moron or a bad person, or both.

Putting feelings over facts, Burnside can't see things rationally on this issue. I doubt he would ever do that in his profession, which he excels at.

And aren't legal eagles always meant to know what someone's answer to a question will be before they put it to them? That's why asking Roberts if he believed in the moon landing was another error. It was very easy for the senator to say of course he did in a subsequent tweet, thereby making Burnside look even sillier.

As if this was not embarrassing enough, Burnside retweeted Adam Bandt's push to have the nation officially declare a "climate emergency". So daft on many levels ...

Apart from the obvious fact that the world is in no such state, even if it were there's nothing we as a nation could do about it. Even if we stopped all fossil fuel usage today, we would have next to no effect on the (non) problem.

So why encourage people to panic -- especially children? The likely answer to that is what I find most disturbing.

When people are stressed out they can be more easily manipulated. So, if you create that state of high anxiety you can then gain far greater social and economic control of the masses, all under the pretence of "helping" them.

IMO those at the top of the warmist pyramid are shameless liars who well know that there's no "climate crisis" but peddle the AGW bollocks because it's a crucial part of their plan to centrally control the world's economy. But I think that many people below them (such as Burnside himself) have bought the lie. That's why they make the kind of confirmation bias booboos detailed above.

Even then I think their commitment to it is more about moral vanity than anything else. Strangely, they actually kind of enjoy spouting all the gloom and doom. By melodramatically warning the normies about the impending apocalypse, they can feel like they are noble planet-saving heroes ... Interesting how the thing that upsets them most is being told the world isn't gonna fry in a coupla decades, innit?

This "climate emergency" push is basically an exercize in political narcissism. Clover Moore has declared one in Sydney to make herself and her fellow travellers feel extra-spesh. But it's pretty obvious she doesn't believe it on a genuine, selfless level. If she did, she'd be focused on the climate issue alone. She'd have no time for other projects such as NAIDOC in the City -- itself another excruciating example of virtue signalling.