Thursday, September 8, 2022

Luke's God!

As mentioned before, the West Australian is almost as chockas with occult elite symbolism as the Failing Terrorgraph. This recent cover (August 26) is a good example. 

It demonizes kids, and has the classic illuminati one eye symbolism. Note the focus on blood. 

Look also at the pinky-purple theme in the upper half and the item about the women playing footy. "Dawn of a New Era" is the headline. That's reminiscent of this cover from around the same time. Both of these evoke the "new normal" concept which is clearly part of the globalist Great Reset agenda. 

Directly below the ghoulish photo is an ad for the musical Frozen. I think this was some kind of comms as well. There was a cover of the Sydney lie factory around the same time that had a similar vibe

Check out the recent cover below (Sept 8). Again, it's about kids -- very young ones in this case. 

Look closely at the headline below the photo of the bub. What do you put on a baby's bum to stop nappy rash? 

Talcum powder ... which is white, like cocaine. How creepy is that? 

Yeah, I know many people might think that I'm seeing something that's not there. But the editors have form for this kind of creepy shit. Look at the similar example related to Albo in this post.  

If you're still not convinced that they do this, check out this video, particularly the part at the end about Kate Middleton and you'll see how twisted it gets

Are you really gonna keep saying "coincidence"?  How many "coincidences" before it becomes mathematically impossible? 

These people are sick. (Actually it's worse than that. They're evil.) 

I think what they're doing here is to associate the drug theme of the Wayne Carey story with the one about babies (as) products. That is, it's about the pink drug that dare not speak its name

There's also the royal theme which again relates to the globalist Great Reset agenda. "The crown is dead, long live the corona!"

The headline reads: "Crown loses on a king."

Hmm. Perhaps they're saying something like: "This Cabal-controlled elite drug trade won't be as well run and/or profitable under King Charles as it was under Queen Elizabeth." 

Note how the bub's left foot is facing the camera. This "soul exposed" motif is really big with the occult elite. They absolutely love it

Below is another example from their ABC, just to show you that this creepy cult is entrenched across the entire MSM. Again, it's associated with adult themes (Tinder). 

Another key element in the Perth fake news machine's cover above is the ad for the story about a footy player called Luke. It says he's "a hero" and there's the (royal) purple background again. 

Of course that's because of the Fremantle Dockers team colours, which is one of the reasons the vast majority of readers don't notice the symbolism. 

See, the editors have to use what's out there, then carefully arrange the imagery and wordplay to convey the chosen subtextual message to their creepy mates. It's all about headlines and images, and their proximity on the page. 

It's only when you get an idea of what their fave symbols and tricks are that you start to discern these patterns. When you do that you'll see this kind of stuff all through the MSM. And that's because it's actually there, not just in your head. 

The above cover reminded me of another one that had another Luke (surname West) on the cover. It was from Monday March 14 and as you can see it says "Luke's good". 

Note the headline below that as well: "Ferry good move for the city's future." What are the odds that the same word would be repeated twice in headlines on the same cover by chance? 

They are remote. This was intentional for sure. 

Look at the main photo and headline about the cost of living. 

There's a clear picture of child murder being alluded to here along with a reference to oil. And see how the legs of the girl (with a pinky-purple shirt) allign perfectly with the two letters directly below. This is like the foot "soul" symbolism described above. It's a creepy Masonic touch. 

Look at what's on her T-shirt. That image is reminiscent of the sun-dial on Epstein Island, is it not? 

This fits in with the black sun imagery repeated so often lately

And what is the sun? It's a ball of fire

That's why what happened subsequently is so, er, chilling. 

The day after that clearly symbolic cover on the 14th, there was a story about another South Asian (dark skinned) woman and her kids. In this one, she immolated herself and them in a carpark. What are the odds? 

Look closely at the image on the grieving woman's mostly pink shirt. It's reminiscent of the sun symbol on the girl's (pinky-purple) shirt above, is it not?

This horrific event occurred on the day before, the Monday, when that first cover had already been published. 

Think of the eerie similarities. Sirius-ly, what are the odds? 

It looks a lot like the editor actually knew this was gonna happen and was foreshadowing it on the cover.

Or did it even happen at all? TBH, I would not be surprised if it was entirely faked. The West Australian government is obviously totally corrupt. I would not put it past them to do something like this as part of the all-encompassing psyop they're clearly running at the behest of the globalist Cabal.

In any case, there's something really sinister going on over in the (Luke) West, that's for sure ... 

Above is the cover from March 17. It shows the kids killed in the fire. Note the reference to hearts. The word "lights" is featured against a black background, evoking stars at night. 

Look at the photo of the footy player pointing upwards, and the headline. His (pink) tongue is hanging out. 

Was this a sick reference to the fact that kids going "up in smoke" was foreshadowed on the March 14 cover beforehand? I think it could well be. 

That same issue included this story about fireworks. 

Note the pinky-purple lights

Who is the bringer of light?

Lucifer ... And that's what I think this was all about. 

The secret society wankers who run the MSM have a real hard-on for this fallen angel. The name Luke evokes him, which is why they often run stories about people with this first name (and similar ones like Lucy and Lucas) and place them near other carefully selected items on the page so as to bring out the meaning for their creepy mates. 

They are symbolic incantations or shout-outs. They drop them into their content as often as they can. 

Check out these examples along with the ones in the video below. I've seen many more besides.

Aussies, check out these freedom rally postcards

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