Thursday, September 29, 2022

One of Australia's greatest rock stars

This is yet another post about this pinky-purple pattern so common throughout the entire MSM. It really is a thing, and I'm glad that more and more people are starting to notice it. 

There may well be a benign explanation for it and please, if you've got one, then leave it in comments.

Even though I don't wanna be correct on this I think I am: The reason this colour is featured so often is because it symbolizes an elite drug that dare not speak its name. Many highly influential and well known people are compromised by it either because they're addicted to it themselves or they keep the secrets of those who are.

Apparently it's big in the music industry. It seems to be symbolized by the word "rock" as well. Is this because of so many famous musos indulging in it? Or is it due to some other reason -- a reference to "Rockefeller", perhaps? 

Fark nose ... 

Anyway, check out these two videos, which I think are pretty clear allusions to it

As many have pointed out, the theme was featured in the Robbie Williams and Delta Goodrem AFL Grand Final performance. 

Williams dedicated his song "Angels" to Shane Warne, whom he described as "one of Australia's greatest rock stars".

So he was an "angel". And now he's fallen. Am I reading too much into this or nah

Fascinating how Warnie became such an A-lister, innit? I think there were several reasons for this, not least because of his relationship with Liz Hurley

Here she is in a newspaper item from late last year. There's that colour again -- along with an intriguing moon boot ... 

The photo is from her social media. I talk about it and related issues in this video. Please check it out

But back to Warnie: The official story about how he died is suss in many ways. The juice fast explanation is absurd.

I don't buy the idea that years of smoking and eating junk food just caught up with him all at once either. Why didn't it happen in his forties, or even earlier in his playing days? He was actually in worse shape than when he died at various times back then, and under far greater psychological pressure.

In any case I find this cartoon from soon after his death particularly interdasting. They do have form for putting truth bombs in them. Maybe there's one or more here. 

They often create subtextual meaning from the combination of the headlines and the images on the page, even when they're not related content-wise. 

As you can see there's a Bolta column on the bottom about China and the Solomon Islands. The headline reads: "A threatening circle."

The toon shows rock star Warnie taking a final bow under a powerful light. What force is bringing that, I wonder? 

Notably, the stadium itself is circular. But his pose is not threatening ... Maybe there was a threat encircling him

The stadium also resembles a car wheel. What have you got when there are lots of cars on a road? Traffic, right? Perhaps that is what the threat refers to in some way? Perhaps it was the "passengers" who felt threatened?

The motion of his right arm suggests him bowling as well as bowing. Combine it with the car-wheel imagery and it gives a whole new meaning to "Spin-King" ...  

The iconic cricketer's mysterious death and the massively OTT way he's been lauded since, along with all the other creepy weirdness surrounding celebrity these days, have totally changed my view of "the fame game". I can't help suspecting that in this nation elite sport, along with rock music, are not just profitable fields on their own. They seem to be part of some immense money laundering system for a vast hidden industry

Perhaps that's why so many famous folk are dying unexpectedly -- and often suddenly -- these days. Could be that some of them were active participants in this nefarious system and were removed by those above them. Possibly they knew about it and their deaths were faked for their own protection? Maybe they have new identities in far off lands or are in jail? Or perhaps it was the "bad blood" wot dunnit?

Not sure. But I am keen to hear other ideas about the undeniable weirdness of so many icons popping their clogs or becoming so sick that their once thriving careers are suddenly over. So if you have other theories, please leave them in comments.

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