Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Cake news

It really does seem to me that the MSM are ultimately controlled by the globalist Cabal and Deep State. At the apex of this sinister system sits a creepy cult.

For various reasons the members feel they must tell the poor "useless eaters" what their plans are. So they foreshadow these in the mainstream media, including via Hollywood. 

If you think this is batshit crazy nonsense then watch this video about Back to the Future. There are many other examples related to 9/11. 

I saw something similar related to the recent Texas massacre. It was in the form of the "small target" theme repeated in the Failing Terrorgraph. It's outlined in a video at the bottom of this post. Please check it out. (Sound is a bit dogy in parts, BTW. But they are short. Keep going through and it corrects itself.) 

Local MSM outlets look like they're up to this again. This time, it's to do with cakes, of all things.

Look at this recent post from the West Australian, which has form for occult elite symbolism

Note the reference to Marie Antoinette who is (apparently inaccurately) associated with the quote "let them eat cake". 

Remember that she was the last queen of France. And which world famous illuminary from the Old Dart just jumped the twig? So this looks like some sort of symbolic incantation to do with Betty Windsor's passing. Remember that the British royal family is very high up in this globalist cult. 

The other main Perth lie factory, which is also chockas with occultist flogs, posted this just days after the one above.

Note how the exact same phrase is used. And look at the striking red tassles on the guards' headwear in the foreground, one for each prince mentioned. 

This brings to mind the idea of blood red cakes, does it not? 

This is reminiscent of another time that the phrase was used in a headline.

It was from the Sydney paper's August 19 issue. Note the dominance of red, and the big heart shape in the background. What do hearts pump around the body? 

On the bottom of the page was a small shot of people drinking red wine. Please check out this video to see why I think that was significant

Just three days later, on August 22, they ran this cartoon. It was about how that Bali bombing accomplice was released early. Note the blood on his hands. 

There were elements in this toon that seemed to hark back to the one a week before, which featured Donald Trump with a nuclear weapon in his golf bag. I made a video about it. Please check it out, and you'll see the similarities

Not long after that (August 29) they ran a cartoon about Allianz Stadium. Note the "budget blowout" crater on the left hand side and the fact that the Dom Perottett character says "piece of cake"

There were several rabbit holes to do with this including one related to the show Heartbreak High

The most notable of them came a couple of weeks later. In the September 5 issue was an item about a previously anonymous influencer called "Patti Pink Cake" who had finally confirmed her identity. 

In the same issue was this cartoon which was some sort of joke about the Cronulla Sharks. The pink in it was clearly to represent to the interior of a Noah's mouth. But it was also reminiscent of the pink cake toon from before. Needless to say, it had a highly menacing vibe. 

Then there was the fashionista's intriguing name ... Please check out this video in which I joined these dots

The shark theme was continued in the September 18 issue. You can see that the headline evokes the movie Jaws

Note the blue and green in the background of the photo. I think this was meant to link it with the Perrottett toon from the end of August, shown above.  

Another reason I say that: On the very next page was a story about the stadium itself. 

See what they're doing? If they could somehow imbue their pages with the ominous music score from the Spielberg classic I'm sure they would ...

Back to Western Australia for another data point: Perth Now ran another cake-themed item on the 16th. 

Note the name of the business.

"Lightning puff" brings to mind an explosion. And flair is another word for flame.  

Of course this may be a coincidence but given the context I don't think so. 

Then there was the fact that sleb Carrie Bickmore from that creepy show The Project posted a photo of a cake made to look like a Canon camera that she baked for her son's birthday. Please check out the video I made about this, along with the context of the toons, embedded below. 

I have to conclude that those who own and control these local lie factories know of some sinister Cabal plot. So they've gotten their journos and cartoonists to drop in this symbolism (possibly unknowingly). 

Or maybe it's all some kind of elaborate in-joke?

But I've gotta say it does remind me of that theory about how the Cabal planned to start a world war by having terrorists use a nuke that was traced back to Russia. Note the yellow around the cake in the Bali bombing toon above, along with the idea of "early release". 

The vibe is definitely sinister and reminiscent of the plot of a Ben Affleck movie:

CIA analyst Jack Ryan must stop the plans of a Neo-Nazi faction that threatens to induce a catastrophic conflict between the United States and Russia's President by detonating a nuclear weapon at a football game in Baltimore, Maryland.

Was that movie itself a kind of foreshadowing, like the examples from Back to the Future in the clip linked at the start of this post? 

Have they brought the date of a massive false flag forward as a kind of "Hail Mary" (or "Hail Satan"!) against Trump? 

Yeah, I know that sounds completely batshit. But while it is unlikely I don't think it's impossible. It would not surprise me if this turned out to be true. 

I suppose we will find out soon enough. 

UPDATE: Just saw this cover. Note how the main story is about a "horrific" "bombshell" claim that a footy coach told a player to make his wife have an abortion. Remember that footy is played in a stadium. 

The bottom story is about Putin's threat to use nukes. 

I know that sounds tenuous but the thematic link is still there. And they've definitely used this proximity on the page trick before

I think this is another part of the pattern outlined in the video below. 

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