Friday, June 16, 2017

PETA protest against KFC in Sydney typical of the Left's lameness

As we all know, lefties are really big on street theatre as a form of protest. They just love it -- almost as much as shrieking stupid repetitive slogans and rattling misspelled placards. The further left you go, the more popular it seems to be. PETA, for example, use it often as a way to make their point, often including heaps of fake blood and gore in their pavement epics. 

And they do tend to get a lot of publicity with it, I'll give them that. But I suspect this has much to do with the fact that journos are often quite far left of the general population themselves. They tend to report on what they sympathize with, and ignore messages and narratives they don't like. 

If the MSM were a bit more balanced I'm sure you'd see much less stupid far-left street theatre in the news. And that's because almost all of it is cringeworthy crap. Most punters who have the bad luck to witness it just shake their heads and walk on, thinking "what a bunch of useless tools". 

Take this utterly pathetic effort from PETA in Sydney today. It was supposed to turn people off eating at KFC. But if the video itself is any guide, they haven't even made that point clear. (Actually their poor messaging is such a consistent issue that even some of their fellow travellers get annoyed about it!)

Really, I think upon witnessing these bleeding bozos in George St today, most people would have assumed that Andrew Bolt had just lobbed in Sydney, and this was the second trio of Antifa goons he'd clobbered

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Bolta brings back biff against Antifa's cowardly crybullies, puncturing PC narrative

Meant to write about the gutless Antifa attack on Andrew Bolt in Carlton soon after it happened. But I've been flat out lately. This is the first chance I've had. Fact that so much has happened since then (eg, the UK election and Comey hearing among other things) illustrates the dizzying pace of political developments these days …

But on the now legendary “Battle of Lygon Street”: Bolt was admirably combative during the ambush that occurred before the Melbourne launch of the book The Art of the Impossible. And I think he (along with his supporters) did a very good job of using the event to build a counter-narrative against the toxic, politically correct one that dominates the MSM, and that we're all so utterly sick of.

Conservatives have long been extremely tolerant and forgiving with their opponents. That's fine if you're dealing with sane, rational adults who have a sense of fair play. But that certainly does not describe the PC Left -- in particular Antifa. They are clearly totalitarian; well on the way to being the fascists they purport to oppose.

So it was good to see him hit back and hard. And it showed how pathetic his attackers actually were. If you don't count the fat cameraman (who fled the scene and claimed he was there by chance -- yeah, right!) there were two young men against one maybe twice their age. They caught him totally by surprise, yet he sent all three scumbags scurrying. As well as delivering his speech as planned, he made light of the scuffle in many ways, including auctioning off the suit he was wearing (now ruined by dye and glitter).

It's important to take advantage of victories like this to laugh at your enemies. Apart from anything else those looking on will see strength, conviction and good humour. They will be much more likely to respect you as a result.

By opening an extra large can of whoopass on his ambushers, he “won the internet” that day and confounded the PC narrative big time. The victory deserves a new term, IMO. I reckon henceforth “bolt” can be used as a verb, not unlike “fisk”. It can be employed to describe a brutally swift counter-attack against a leftie pile on (physical or rhetorical) that totally blitzes the perps.

For example: “Melbourne hospital staff should keep an eye out for simpering beta-males arriving in casualty whose tiny nuts had been severely bolted.”

The so-called “hate media” have been getting plenty of humour out of the whole story. Take the Daily Telegraph itself:

The Rocky stuff is fun, and worth running with for a week or two. But at the risk of seeming a tad pedantic, it kinda ennobles his opponents. See, if he's Rocky, this implies they were brave and formidable in their own right like, say, Apollo Creed.

No way! Appalling weeds, more like…

And rather than aiming to win a contest fair and square, their motivation was primarily to create propaganda. They used the trusted leftist tactic of crybullying: First, bully a lone target. If he doesn't react aggressively then you've cowed and humiliated him. If he does hit back you can cry: "Waaah! No fair!” Either way, it's vital to have footage of the incident that you can use as "evidence" that you are the true freedom fighter and your opponent is a big bad nasty Nazi!

But even the footage taken by Mr Chubby McYouTube himself showed that Bolt's reaction was entirely justified. Pretty much anyone would have gone into fight or flight if set upon so quickly from behind by hooded men and sprayed with liquid, as he was. Then there's the fact that he regularly gets death threats … Remember also that the ambush was so violent that a woman was thrown aside, screaming! (Leftie feminists silent on this, natch.)

Put yourself in his shoes and watch it. If you claim that his reaction was massively OTT then you're totally full of BS, or lying to yourself at the very least.

That Bolta was not the bully, but the victim who fought back is obvious to anyone with eyes to see! Sadly, that doesn't include many leftists. Hell, they could've earned some respect from the Tories, normies and everyone else by accepting reality and saying: “Yeah, those thugs did something truly vile and stupid. Antifa should BTFO, or lift their game at the very least.”

But nup. Like pathetic zombies, the group's online apologists have endlessly tweeted and retweeted the lie that the conservative columnist went totes ballistic over "a harmwess wittle gwittering".

Hell, there's even an online petition to have him arrested by the Melbourne plods! Sure, it seems somewhat satirical. But many of the signatories look genuine, rehashing the asinine line that the glitter twins did something entirely innocent and were actually the victims here. 

FFS! Like dogs returning to their vomit, they are. Just never learn ...

Which, strangely, might not be such a bad thing, in a way. If these bolshie bozos keep this stupid crap up eventually more and and more people will realize how ugly and useless the Left has now become. They'll ultimately lose much of their power in the media, academe and elsewhere ... I just worry that someone is gonna get killed, that's all. 

Sunday, May 21, 2017

MSM's fake news is being called out in Australia and America. The hacks hate it!

So on Insiders this morning Andrew Probyn expressed his pique about politicians using the term “fake news”. I'm sure he's also pissed off about punters doing the same. And no wonder …

He, along with his peers have long been widely trusted as truth tellers reporting the facts without fear or favour. But now that everyone's got social media to fact check 'em, or do their own reporting (and faster) it's patently obvious that the MSM have been routinely cranking out biased BS on a grand scale for decades, and continue to do so.
They're massively butthurt that they “don't get no respect!” anymore. What a laugh! The muppets don't deserve any. We're all kicking ourselves that we believed them for so long … I'm glad they're upset that we're onto them. Their tears taste sweet! And we should continue to call out their fake news (and very fake news!) at every opportunity.

While their relentless pushing of false narratives is a scourge here in Australia, it's a fricken pandemic in the USA!

So clear that the American deep state is desperate to get rid of Trump because they know they can't control him. So they, along with the Democrats (who simply have not accepted that they were beaten fair and square by The Donald and now exist in a psychotic bubble of total denial) have built up this “Russian hacking” bollocks.

The MSM over there are not just a tad biased toward the Democrats. They're like Pravda was for the Kremlin! They are in “destroy Trump at all costs!” mode, and lose it when they meet any resistance.

Take Anderson Cooper:
Forgive me for extending his scatological reference, dear readers. But if Hillary Clinton took a dump on “Pooper” Cooper's own desk, I reckon he would gladly eat it!

He and his fellow presstitutes have turned the stated goals of their profession upside down. They willingly repeat obvious fictions as if they were fact. And they spend most of their time desperately trying to discredit credible claims of corruption and criminality on the part of the Democrats.

There are many of these. But the most compelling of late are those related to the mysterious murder of Seth Rich. It's almost certain that he was the one who sent all those hugely damaging e-mails to Wikileaks -- which kills the Russian hacking angle as dead as poor Seth himself. Not only that, there's been all manner of stonewalling by the authorities in regards to the details of his demise, access to CCTV and bodycam footage and the like.

If that isn't suss as all get out I'm Clementine Ford.
Surely any journalist worth his salt would be doing all he could to find out what actually happened to this poor guy and why. FFS, on the face of it, it makes Watergate look like a parking infringement. But almost every big name reporter and pundit in America is pushing this angle that Putin and palskis “hacked the election”, while never citing any actual evidence.

Speaking of which: check out this gargle by their ABC's Sara James. In it, she equates the big fat nothing burger of Trump's ties to Bad Vlad with Nixon's notorious, documented crimes. Poor chick has clearly been watching too many thrillers.

And she's not the only one regurgitating the corrupt American liberal media lies for a local audience. Their ABC “journalists” breathlessly repeat the Russia angle in doom-laden tones every day, while completely ignoring the Seth Rich stuff.

Sara, just keep cranking out the fake news, babe. We'll keep calling you and your fellow shills out in it. You're losing your undeserved authority by the day and it's a hoot!

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Leichhardt poster frenzy reveals pinko panic over Le Pen, Trump et al

Lefties across the globe are freaking out big time because of Trump's stunning victory. Then there was Brexit. Marine Le Pen is gathering momentum in France, too. And here in Oz, they are packin' death at the rise of populists like Hanson, Bernardi and others -- while continually portraying this as nothing to worry about. Local lefties, many of whom are millennials, are facing an international wave of opposition on a scale they mostly haven't encountered before.

And as we all know, when the going gets tough the Left gets, er, shouty (or more accurately, even shoutier than usual). They like to think this decibel-raising will result in a commensurate lift in collective consciousness. But all it really does is increase local rates of hearing loss.

These shriek-fests are heavily promoted, with posters being their fave method. You often see slickly produced posters all over Sydney's Inner West, a socialist stronghold. (The ones shown here were on a post box in Norton St, Leichhardt.)

Love the fact it's a black chick getting all bolshie in this shot. Funny, because whitey-tighties will vastly outnumber those with darker skin at most leftie shindigs -- especially in the upper echelons of the groups behind them. The Greens party itself is a good example. "The Whites" would be a better name for them.

Might be hard to see on this blog, but the poster mentions a mystery speaker from the USA ... Hmm. I wonder who that is ... Maybe it's Hillary Clinton? She does have a lot of free time on her hands these days. Also, she's desperate to get the message out that her stunning loss to Trump had absolutely nothing to do with her noxious personality, putrid history of corruption, and toxic politics, and everything to do with Putin, the FBI -- and misogyny, natch.

Though, prolly not her when you remember her usual speaking fees. She's kinda like a superdupermodel, really. Doesn't get out of bed for under a hundred grand.

Could the fascists win in France?

Well, I'm sure millions of Frenchmen are determined to prevent that outcome. Which is why they're voting for Marine Le Pen.

If anyone fits the label fascist it's the Islamist terrorists and their creepy globalist enablers, after all. It's certainly not Ms Le Pen herself, who, while obviously a nationalist, can barely even be described as "far-right".

And what pinko poster collection would be complete without one for a gay pride march (which will no doubt feature demands for "marriage equality")? Sheesh, it's like Q and A, innit?

Seems odd that they're whining about Trump. He's hardly a traditional conservative ideologue and isn't implacably opposed to gay marriage. Even sillier for gay rights activists to rail at Turnbull, who is desperate to stay in their good books and is only sticking to the plebiscite because he knows that he'll plummet even further in the polls if he doesn't.

Still, coherence was never the PC Left's strong suit -- unlike mass wailing and gnashing of teeth ... 

Friday, March 10, 2017

Bill Leak is gone. What a huge, shocking loss

Logged in to Twitter earlier today. Saw that "Bill Leak" was trending and thought nothing of it. Assumed that he'd offended the #Auspol trollective yet again with another hilarious, incisive and beautifully rendered cartoon. Finally got around to clicking on his name and saw that he had died.

Almost couldn't believe it. He'd only just launched his new book, with none other than Sir Les Patterson in attendance! And he didn't look like a candidate for a heart attack, being so thin and all ... But tragically he's really gone.
Some of his supporters are already blaming his death on the stress of the appalling witch hunt waged against him by the AHRC using Section 18c of the RDA. While I can understand why they take this view, frankly I think that's way too early and simplistic.

Needless to say, purportedly compassionate lefties on Twitter and elsewhere are revealing their mean-spiritedness by gleefully tweeting about his unexpected demise.
There are countless hate tweets like this. They are depressing, and sinister. Hell, he was a bloody cartoonist!

You can understand people being happy at the demise of a child killer, mass murderer or tyrannical politician. But some guy who drew funny pictures? FFS ...

This vile reaction from the Left says a lot about where they're heading. Boy have they gone off course! Back in the day, it was lefties who were the rebellious ratbags. They were the ones who incisively mocked powerful, po-faced, censorious institutions. Now they blindly support them, doing their utmost to bully dissenting voices into silence

As an example of the extent to which political correctness has corroded and dumbed down our culture, check out this tweet from an SBS employee. In it she implicitly accuses the late artist of a kind of "murder by cartoon". Fact that she's a purported comedian herself proves that in Australia's MSM at least, satire really is dead.
And even though many of these sad trolls are calling Leak right-wing and conservative, he never struck me as being strongly ideological in that way -- or any other for that matter. He was just a brilliant artist with a finely honed bullshit detector. He could cut right through to the heart of a complex political issue and rip his target's hypocrisy to ribbons with his elegant brushstrokes. His verbal skill was just as awesome, too. And he managed to do all of that consistently and make you laugh out loud as well! 

The bloke had an awesome, unique talent and his death has left one helluva big hole in our culture. What a massive, tragic loss.

Friday, February 24, 2017

Battle between Abbott and Turnbull precipitated by Bernardi's departure?

It's clearly on between Abbott and Turnbull now. Tension really heated up after Tony made it very clear what he thought the Government should do at the launch for the book Making Australia Right.

I'm sure Tony sincerely believes that he's only speaking up in the interests of his beloved Liberal Party. And his prescriptions are all good, IMO. (I particularly like the one about abolishing the Human Rights Commission. Boy, would it be great if that happened. So much money saved and misery avoided!) That said, it's pretty clear he also wants his old job back. So he's being a bit disingenuous when he says that he's not white-anting. 

In any case, Turnbull is clearly losing his patience. He's said that Abbott's attack on his leadership is "sad". (Hmm. Maybe he's emulating Donald Trump, who often ends tweets with that adjective. If so, it just doesn't have the same effect ... which is actually kinda sad in is own right.)
I think that this open conflict between the two was inevitable. The tension has been palpable, if undeclared, for ages. But I do think that Cory Bernardi leaving the Liberal Party to form his own has sped the whole process up.

With Bernardi's new party Australian Conservatives doing so well in the polls, Tony has realized there really is something massive happening. And he'd better start making some serious moves to stop the Coalition "drifting to a defeat". 

I'm going out on a limb here. But I reckon an Abbott challenge to Turnbull is inevitable. Just a matter of when ...

And whatever happens it's a good thing. There's now a contest again. That's definitely been missing so far under Turnbull.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Caleb Bond's youth and conservatism trigger the Left big time

You may have heard of Caleb Bond. He's a 17 year old columnist for the Daily Telegraph.

He's obviously precocious and prolific. And he's doing very well for himself. But he certainly cops an inordinate amount of snark -- some of it from other media "professionals".

Now, if he were a young leftie he'd be all over the mainstream media with fellow progressive columnists and journos gushing about him non-stop. They'd laud him as wise beyond his years and a great hope for the future and all the rest of it.

But because he has the temerity to be a conservative, they -- along with their fans on social media -- consider him to be fair game. You see lots of witless, nasty abuse of him on Twitter that focuses almost entirely on his young age and ignores what he actually says.

I actually laughed at that tweet. It's such an own goal! After all, it's lefties who insist on remaining child-like their entire lives. Replace "Caleb Bond" with "Jessica Irvine" and it'd be much closer to the mark ... 

Some of the worst abuse of the young commentator comes from leftie women. Disturbingly, it often has a sexual tone to it.

Now, that's actually from a "news editor". (Although she does work at Pedestrian Daily, which is chockas with credulous lefties. So, "fake news editor" would be more apt.)

Now, imagine if there were a 17 year old female columnist employed at The Guardian. And a male editor at the Daily Telegraph mocked her on Twitter, making creepy allusions to her sex life. Not only would this provoke a tsunami of condemnation on social media, it would likely become a mainstream media story in its own right, with female media professionals (perhaps even Alex Bruce-Smith herself!) leading the charge to have him sacked. And they would succeed without a doubt.

Ugh. The Left! They are such a bunch of sexist, ageist bullies aren't they? 

Saturday, February 18, 2017

In pressers Trump mocks and bypasses the “very fake news” media

So funny to watch the reaction of self-important MSM “journalists” during and after President Trump's recent press conference. They, and the Left generally, really don't get what's going on.

They still think that they matter and should be taken seriously. So they're appalled and dismayed by Trump's expressions of disdain for them. They then report his behaviour as unhinged, chaotic, narcissistic, etc.

But Trump's theatrical railing at these purveyors of “very fake news” is not evidence of delusion as many of them claim. It's actually him playing a yuuuge joke on 'em. They're not laughing, of course, because they are the butt of it.

See, Trump long ago figured out that the MSM's claims of objectivity and balance were a massive load of bollocks. They were clearly all in for Hillary and the Democrats, prepared to tell massive, brazen lies to boost her chances and destroy his.

So during his campaign for election and since his win he's focused on bypassing the MSM -- mainly through the use of Twitter and other social platforms. Not only did he use pithy rhetoric to speak directly to voters, he trolled (pranked) the liberal media repeatedly.
Liberal “journalists” are pushing the line that they've been provoking him into fits of rage with their courageous reporting, and he's revealing his true, dangerous nature. But it's actually the other way around!

He's goaded them into showing their jaw-dropping bias and dishonesty -- not to mention po-faced sanctimony. So, when he gives pressers he's turning to the voters and saying: “Take a look at these bozos. They, like Hillary, are utterly corrupt and think of you as deplorables. I respect you, but they hate you.”

This has worked big time, and he's actually built up his own narrative. Out in the real world of the electorate -- where it really matters -- this narrative is beating the ol' PC one peddled by the MSM -- mainly because it's so much closer to the truth.

I find it incredible that his enemies can't see this … But they are lefties, I suppose. They have a habit of believing their own BS. You can see that this tendency is just as strong in the Australian Twitterverse as it is in the American MSM.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Individualist Trump in classic struggle with collectivist deep state and its allies

I'm sure I'm not alone in being continually gobsmacked by the scale and intensity of the struggle going on in Washington DC. Even though Donald Trump won the battle for the presidency fair and square he still has to deal with the Democrats and every baying pack to the left of them claiming that he's not a legitimate POTUS. The mainstream media, too, have discarded any pretence of objectivity and are doing their utmost to portray the new administration as a lying, incompetent, dysfunctional rabble. Then there are the white anters in the GOP  itself. And to top it all off DJT has the bloody deep state to contend with! While it does seem there are many in the FBI and some in the CIA in his corner, perhaps the majority in the intelligence community see him as the enemy. 

What's really interesting about their successful takedown of Michael Flynn is that it seems to have been in retribution for his (and his son's) interest in Pizzagate, the “conspiracy theory” about how politicians and the CIA are involved in human trafficking and sexual abuse of children. Even Hillary Clinton herself, a big supporter of the IC who shares their goal of starting a war with Russia, retweeted a former advisor who alluded to the pizza parlour at the story's centre (Comet Ping Pong).
Rather than helping to debunk this theory, actions such as this actually give credence to it. It just makes any sane, rational observer wonder why this is such a raw nerve with these people. It also shows the extent of collusion between the Democrats, the deep state and the MSM. Not only have big news outlets totally avoided objective reporting of the story -- or quickly pulled any that were mistakenly broadcast -- they've also dutifully repeated the line that “there's nothin' to see here folks. Move along now ...”.

No wonder they absolutely loathe Trump and all he stands for. I don't think I'm being OTT in saying this is a classic contest between a flawed but courageous individual fighting for truth and the independence of his nation against a vast, sinister collective that has managed to covertly control hundreds of millions of people for many years in an immense web of brazen lies.

It's also not surprising that so many of those who were so completely taken in by this false narrative for so long are finding it hugely traumatic that Trump is now their president. It's like their whole world view is under sustained assault from the new narrative he represents. The emotional pressure is so great, many are even ending the deep relationships they've long had with those who now espouse it.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Milo Yiannopoulos exposes the truth about Berkeley: It's a PC zombie factory

I remember having a conversation with a leftie friend maybe 15 years ago about political correctness. I argued that it was primarily about controlling people's behaviour and she was using the usual defense: It was just about being compassionate and tolerant, etc. Claiming it sprang organically from goodhearted folk, she said, “I mean, people don't actually sit in offices and make this stuff up!”.

“Actually they do,” I replied. “It comes out of the universities, mainly.”

She rolled her eyes, and sighed exasperatedly. So I figured it was best to change the subject.

I always remember that conversation because it's sooo relevant to what's going on these days in the West, particularly in the USA. The insane campus reaction to Milo Yiannopoulos and speakers like him makes it crystal clear that most of these institutions are completely dominated by lefties, many of whom are on the extreme end of the spectrum.

These unis don't educate students. They indoctrinate them with cultural Marxist ideology. Being young and impressionable, the students simply accept this as the only acceptable way to view the world. They don't question these dogmas because, being so young -- and having been served similar junk through their school years -- they have no other way of seeing things.

If they do try to resist, they quickly realize this is a big no-no. Lefties are expert at subtle intimidation. If this doesn't work, they'll keep intensifying the tactics -- even to the extent of using the kind of outright mob violence they committed at Berkeley in reaction to Milo.

Desperate to do well in their courses and terrified of social ostracism most potential skeptics develop a facility for self-censorship. They learn to nip “wrongthink” in the bud almost before they become conscious of it. 

By the time they graduate, the poor young things have become politically correct zombies! They score gigs in government and big business (already captured by the cultural Left) and begin their slow climb up the career ladder, careful not to put a foot wrong politically. Some become journalists and perpetuate the PC narrative in the form of fake news.

Their heads are so full of this rubbish and their hearts so full of fear of questioning it that they remain in a state of denial about reality itself! But the older they get, the psychological effort required to maintain this false reality increases inexorably.

That's why we've got so many deranged middle-aged folk now. And given the powerful rise of conservatism across the West, this problem will only get worse.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Links between the MSM's fake news, pedophilia in high places … and Antarctica

If you are, like me, a right-leaning conservative or libertarian type, or even a left-liberal who's had a bloody gutful of all this PC crap, you've prolly been keeping an eye on a lot of the developing obsessions of what can loosely be called the alt-media. Which is why you would almost certainly have heard about Pizzagate, and how the MSM are desperately trying to “debunk” it. (Correction: They're frantically denying it by saying it has been debunked, which it clearly has not.)

Now, more than a few “online investigators” have clearly gone way OTT on this issue, letting their imaginations run wild. They've, er, spirit-cooked up surreal scenarios in which world leaders rape and sacrifice kids in satanic rituals, then drink their blood!

Now, I don't think the situation is quite that dire. But there's clearly something really sick and twisted going on that involves pedophilia and human trafficking that many extremely powerful, well connected people (in Washington DC mostly) want to keep secret at all costs.

It's telling that the term “fake news” entered the mainstream media in a big way at about the same time there was a massive explosion of online interest in claims that a pedo-ring is somehow associated with a pizza joint in DC.

I don't think this was the only reason for it, though. “Fake news” is an all-embracing term that can be used to discredit any competing narrative such as “climate change denial” or the view that Islam is anything other than a “religion of peace”. Still, the term clearly got a massive boost in the wake of Pizzagate and is often associated with it.

But given the kind of tosh the MSM have been cranking out lately including the Russian hookers stuff and numerous hate crime hoaxes on campuses there's a massive irony here: Those most zealously warning against “fake news” are the ones most likely to be broadcasting it. It's projection personified!
The reason for this is pretty clear: CNN, the New York Times and other big US media outlets are not just ideologically biased; they're massive corporations whose owners are fully paid up, card carrying members of the globalist elite.

These guys aren't just fat cats. They're corpulent lions and tigers ... who own fleets of jaguars, natch! They've been pulling most of the strings for ages now, and they've managed to do it on the sly because the MSM -- who've long had near total control of most people's perceptions of current affairs and politics -- were firmly under their command.

We often hear about the West versus Islam. And sure, that's happening. But the other big, and closely related, "cold war" we're currently engaged in is the one between globalist elites and various nationalist movements growing apace in Europe, the USA and even down here in Oz. One of its major fronts is the media. It's an epic duke-fest over competing narratives.

With the rise of Trump, the mainstream media monopoly on journalistic truth has been well and truly busted -- perhaps permanently. He and his many supporters managed to get around the PC narrative to shed light on what Hillary and the Democrats were really up to with their creepy globalist cronies. That had heaps to do with why he won.

They achieved this mostly by using social media, which is how many -- if not most -- of us prefer to get our news these days. Even though the biggest players in this sphere -- Facebook, Twitter and YouTube -- are part of the globalist power base, and are playing “whack a mole” with certain influencers to stop the spread of politically incorrect, anti-globalist narratives on these platforms, they are fighting a losing battle. There are just too many users on there to control completely.

So the elites and their “journalist” lackeys are getting increasingly desperate. And things really seem to be coming to a head -- particularly pertaining to pedophilia in high places.

In the last week or so there's been a lot of alt-media chatter about how Trump and his army of swamp drainers have started going for the long-protected, extremely powerful rock spiders in American politics. It seems likely that jaw-dropping revelations involving some household names will unfold in coming weeks.

If true, this would no doubt constitute a death blow to the globalism-media complex. Which is why they need a yuuuge distraction.
Now, there's a theory gaining traction in the alt-media that Antarctica (of all places!) might supply this. Seems a lot of international luminaries have lobbed there recently, purportedly to see some mysterious objects buried under the ice -- perhaps even the remnants of a lost civilization. Mystical, New Age types have even been talking up a UFO connection! (I'm very skeptical about the veracity of these claims BTW. Finds like this are reported from time to time, and they usually turn out to be outright hoaxes, or at least discoveries whose significance is highly exaggerated.) 

Anyhoo, there's a widespread belief that the globalists, in a kinda “Hail Mary” move, will, through the MSM, beat up some super-duper-mega-uber fake news about Antarctica -- a shock and awe blitz about a game changer for humanity that will make any other news seem like extremely small beer. 

Now, I know this sounds completely and utterly whacked out, truther-level stuff. And frankly if anyone had told me I'd be writing a blog post like this even a few months ago I woulda laughed in his face!

But given what's transpired recently it's very clear that the mainstream media have long been peddling massive porkies at the behest of their super-rich masters. They still keep trying it on because they've been getting away with it for decades and haven't yet figured out that we just don't believe them anymore. So why wouldn't they try something like this? I wouldn't be surprised, TBH.

So, keep an eye out for news reports about stunning finds in Antarctica. It will be very interesting to see if this turns out to be a damp squib or not.

Monday, February 6, 2017

Breakaway Bernardi will erode LNP base, making Abbott's comeback more likely

Heaps of pundits, including some so-called “conservatives”, have been saying for ages that there is absolutely no chance that Tony Abbott will ever lead the LNP again. But I think this was because they were utterly terrified of what he represents. They were doing what lefties always do: repeat something over and over in the belief that it will actually become true.

I've long thought Tony could make a comeback. And while it's clearly far from certain, it's just become a whole lot more likely IMHO. 

That's because Malcolm Turnbull is a dead man walking. It took a while, but the electorate has finally woken up to the fact that this guy has no core principles. He's just fulfilling his lifelong dream of being PM.

Seems the main thing motivating him is his desire to be adored by the virtue signalling luvvies of the mainstream media. Being the PC totalitarians they are, their goals are in direct opposition to those of most of the electorate.

Then there's the fact that dinkum conservative Cory Bernardi looks set to start his own political party, which will draw a whole buncha conservatives, many of whom are “delcons”, away from the LNP.
With its conservative base being eaten away by Bernardi's party, One Nation and the Australian Liberty Alliance, the Coalition will have to do something pretty, er, radical to stay in the game. And I think re-installing Abbott as PM is what they may well choose to do. (Yes, they might ultimately decide against it. But they're still gonna give it some very serious thought, I'll bet.)

Now, when Tony was PM he certainly made some crazy calls. And the narrative about him giving Credlin too much sway, thereby causing much resentment from MPs, seems to have a lot of truth to it. So replacing him wasn't solely due to the Coalition's many left-leaning pollies responding to Turnbull's skullduggery. Still, these were huge factors.

And without a doubt the voters were really pissed off about the way he took over, particularly after the Rudd-Gillard-Rudd saga. Now, knifing Malcolm before the next election will of course be more of the same in a sense because he was ultimately elected as PM. Still, it has a kind of karmic symmetry to it that I think a lot of voters will appreciate!

And Tony definitely has qualities that the LNP desperately need right now and into the future. Firstly, he's a known quantity. Like his mentor John Howard, he's a conviction politician. Love him or loathe him, you definitely know what you're getting.

Also, he is a sincere conservative. Any other household names in the LNP who fit that description?

By putting him at the helm again they'll be saying to their traditional base: “We hear you. And we won't ignore your concerns again.”

If they don't do this -- or something pretty similar -- they're screwed, let's face it.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

"KKK" stunt at NSW Young Liberals debate exploits our obsession with American politics

Recently I wrote about how fascinated we are with American politics these days. Obviously, that's got heaps to do with DJT now being the Big Enchilada. But it's long been the case that local pollies have looked to their counterparts in the USA for instruction on how to approach most issues. And the mainstream media here march in ideological lockstep with CNN and the like, of course. Clearly, this has much to do with that nation's global dominance in terms of popular culture. Just as movie and TV references are part and parcel of our own cultural lexicon, so too are American political and historical icons, stereotypes and other references.

This little ruckus at a NSW Young Liberals event is a case in point. They were debating the Trump refugee ban and a coupla meatheads in KKK garb crashed it, causing amusement and a bit of outrage.

Hard to know exactly what this was all about. But on first blush it looks like this was a false flag (or rather false sheet) operation of some kind. I suspect it was prolly anarchists or other far lefties who wanted to make the whole event look like a redneck jawfest. Or if they were sympathetic to the LNP, perhaps they were on the, er, progressive end of that spectrum, trying to tar their more conservative opponents with the racism brush.

Whatever was motivating these arsehats, I think it's well nigh impossible that they were dinkum Klabees, Kligrapps, or Kludds. Let's face it, of that there'd be a "snowflake's" chance in ... a real KKK meeting!

I mean, does the Klan even exist in Australia? Maybe there are about six or seven sad ol' loons in the local franchise. Even in America it's the fringiest of fringe movements nowadays. Even claiming that Trump himself is somehow beholden to the KKK is silly as (even though the Left does actually do this -- when they're not saying he's Putin's bitch, that is). So to say that Klansmen call the shots with the LNP here in Oz is completely and utterly absurd.

Yet sure enough robotically PC pollies and journos are treating this story as if these fools coulda been genuine representatives of the KKK. And racism "experts" have been consulted, natch. Check out this guy's analysis. He says he thinks it may well have been a stunt to get publicity for the Young Liberals.

It was a publicity stunt alright. But I think it was more likely one aimed at getting people like him and his fellow right-on hand-wringers to push the PC narrative that racism is rising in Australia, with the LNP somehow encouraging it. If you look at it this way, it was roaring success.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Incoherence of the Women's March illustrates the folly of today's feminism

Gawd, but “feminism” has lost its way, hasn't it? Lots of evidence of that, of course. But surely the best we've seen for a while was the epic daftness on open display at the Women's March on Washington and similar shriekfests across America, and the globe.

Hell, even the name was, er, msleading. It was called the “Women's March”, but really the "White Liberal Feminist Anti-Trump March" woulda been more accurate.

There were quite a few testosteroids present, too -- pale ones at that! Hmm. Aren't they the eeevil oppressor-droids of the patriarchy, whom all these brave, sassy sheilas had lobbed to rail against?

Michael Moore was there, and he even seemed to emcee it for a while. Bloke does have wedding tackle, right. So how'd he score that gig? Flash his man boobs or something?

Even if you ignore these inconsistencies and accept that the event was truly for women generally, didn't this then invoke the gender binary, a big no-no in liberal circles? Also, there were all those marchers wearing vagina hats, which explicitly equated gender with biological sex. Sooo transphobic!

Then there was the fact that one of the main organizers was a sharia supporter. Perhaps it shoulda been called the “March of the Muslim Sisterhood” …

Pretty clear from all this that these days, chicks who describe themselves as “feminist” have no real clue as to what they actually want -- other than to ponce about in pussy hats, squawking incoherently about imaginary injustices, that is.

Thanks to feminism you can be a privileged white woman in the most powerful nation on Earth; a person who enjoys more freedom and opportunity, better health, pay and working conditions than the vast majority of people who have ever lived, and still be convinced you're horribly oppressed.


You've really gotta wonder, what's the appeal? I think that, among other things, feminism supplies a powerful drug for the comfortably smug. In between selfie snaps and visits to the local hairdresser, feminists find a different, more intoxicating excitement in the adolescent fantasy that they are slumming it big time, or living dangerously as rebels in a fascist state, bravely combating their soulless omnipresent oppressors with wit and grit … FFS, what a joke.

Feminism is fiction and fantasy. It's the video game A Sassy Screed; the movie Girlz n the Victim Hood.

It's no wonder then that many sad, washed up ol' Hollywood slebs lobbed at the Women's March for a show of, er, squalidarity. There was Madonna, fresh (if that's the right word) from offering blow jobs to anyone who'd vote for Hillary, bitching about Trump the lecherous barbarian.

As an expression of political support her oral offer was undeniably, er, madgenanimous. But it kinda negated her authority as a moral guide in sexual matters now didn't it?

At the march itself she said she dreamed of blowing up the White House, a kind of incitement to terror. Sure, that was bad. But I think her initial BJ offer was more worthy of Secret Service investigation. Hell, the mere thought of that is terrifying enough! Check out Drake's gag reflex. And that was just from a surprise tonguey!

Then there was Ashley Judd, who performed some crap poem chockas with bolshie cliches. She did it pretty badly, too, with a piss-poor southern accent. (Odd, because she definitely can act.)

Taking Trump's description of Hillary as a “nasty woman”, the poem repeated it like it was a good thing. But if you really look into what Hillary's been up to over the last several decades, “nasty” isn't the half of it. DJT was actually being comparatively respectful, even chivalrous, when he said that.

But in the end poor Ashley didn't come off as a nasty woman. Looked more like a spoiled, silly little girl chucking a massive tanty. Which also describes most feminists these days, let's face it.

Speaking of which, here's my poem on the state of the movement today:

Misogyny, misogyny!
It's all we look for,
All we see,
Oh where would we be without misogyny?

I reckon that sums it up pretty well, don't you?

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Rednecks get Australia Day billboard removed. But loving lefties win in the end. Yay!

Gotta say there's something a bit odd about how this controversial Australia Day billboard story has been developing. See, recently the billboard, which features two girls wearing hijabs, went up in Melbourne.

Apparently some locals arced up about it and it was taken down, scoring reports in the MSM. Now if you look at those, many of the headlines prominently cite “threats of violence” as the reason for removal. But the actual articles carry few details as to their nature.

Take one story from News Ltd., for example. The phrase "threats of violence" is included in the headline. But the only mentions of threats in the actual article are these:

On Tuesday, Victorian Multicultural Affairs Minister Robin Scott revealed the image would be removed, after the company behind the ad, QMS, received threats.

But he warned the issuers of the threats not to take the action as a win.

Further down:

QMS declined to comment on the threats received.

All very vague, innit?

No matter, virtue signalling lefties thought it enough to tweet furiously about those eeevil right-wing terrorists. Hell, it even allowed 'em to become patriotic for once!

Now, obviously, if a bunch of arseholes called the billboard company and said they'd blow the joint up, or that they'd physically attack the kids in the shot (or others like them) or something similarly vile and frightening then that would justify the description of “threats of violence”. Also, you would expect the plods to have been called to investigate them, even arrests to have been made, and these details included in the reports. But all you get are murky references. 

It seemed to me that maybe this “right-wing violence” angle was a tad OTT. More likely, the company got a torrent of snark on their Facebook page, and maybe the odd expletive laden phone call to their office. Understandably this freaked them out. So they pulled the billboard.

Journos reporting the issue sexed it up in their traditionally right-on way, using it to reaffirm their beloved narrative about Australia being chockas with bogan rednecks who are "racist against Muslims".

Anyhoo, I have no way of knowing for sure. But today there's been a development that seems to confirm my theory that this was all a bit of a beat up.

See, a GoFundMe page was created to help out the billboard company. Dee Madigan, the well known advertising guru seems to have had a lot to do with this. A mountain of cash was raised. And now the original billboard will be replaced, along with a whole bunch of others.

Wow! So brave ... And how inspiring. There's hope for this country yet!

FFS ... Look, if the ad was pulled because of genuine threats of violence (that is, people were packin' death about what would happen if they didn't remove the ad) then why would money make any difference to their decision?

What, so donations make people morally courageous now? And so much so that they risk twenty times the violence that was promised before?

Put it this way. If you're just nonchalantly walkin' through the bush, minding your own business, and you get buzzed by a mean lookin' insect that you know for sure is a bloody great hornet and you run away from it, then a handful of cash is not gonna make you return to where it happened, let alone find the nest that it came from and kick it ferociously, now is it?

Looks to me like the ad was put up with the very clear intention of provoking outrage, thereby prompting media coverage. Then the usual suspects could wring their hands about tolerance, diversity, and inclusiveness. Maybe pulling it to gain sympathy was even part of the plan? Hell, it could even be described as having the hallmarks of a well thought out campaign.

Who knows …

One thing's for sure, it fits too neatly into the whole sanctimonious right-on MSM narrative to seem to be an entirely genuine series of developments, covered objectively.

I'm callin' this fake news!

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Greg Jericho trends on Twitter with tried and trusted Tory-bashing

No secret that Twitter is dominated by the Left, particularly here in Oz. So, if a pollie's name is trending, it's often that of some Labor or Greens MP who's been mouthing the usual PC claptrap, provoking an orgy of affirmation from the platform's countless local SJWs.

Prolly a bit more often than that, though, the situation is reversed. For example, a Government minister says or does something that can be easily construed as elitist, sexist, racist, or homophobic and every blue-haired bolshie Down Under is furiously vying for the Most Sneeringly Vitriolic Tweet award. 

With regards to journos and broadcasters, a similar dynamic applies. Names of lefty luvvies and lefty hate objects will briefly surge on social media tsunamis of love or loathing. But what you almost never see, at least here in Australia, are names trending due to the support or snark of those to the right of the political centre. That's pretty ironic given that most Aussie voters do actually fall into that category.

I saw a perfect illustration of this today. In Twitter's local trending list Guardian Australia's Greg Jericho's name appeared. Upon seeing it I thought: Lemme guess … He's just published a Tory-bashing column of some sort.

Lo and behold I was bang on the money! As Guardian gargles go it's pretty pithy, and way more coherent than anything his stablemate Vanessa “Van” Badham might write. But it still drearily invokes the usual simplistic stereotypes of LNP ministers being not just greedy but flint-hearted, even cruel. Check this out:

The government’s horrific start to the year is not only fully deserved, it is completely appropriate. The Centrelink shemozzle and entitlements abuses are a wonderful amalgam of the absence of respect for those on welfare and the tin-eared political nous which characterises this government.

And again:

If raising revenue is the only concern, the key is to make the system as cheap as possible, and thus you remove the “costly” humans and make it automated. But you would only do this if your desire for revenue outweighed your respect of the people who you know will receive erroneous (and dare one suggest, fraudulent) debt notices.

And we know the government has no respect for those on welfare.

Jericho (like many of his fellow travellers, I'm sure) has a particularly dim view of Christian Porter, who might presently be a tad higher on their shit list than Cory Bernardi, or even Tony Abbott himself!

Social services minister Christian Porter was so determined to have people believe that those on welfare are over-paid and lazy he spent last year putting out absurd figures that attempted to convince voters the welfare system was either being rorted or was too generous – such as when he suggested a single mum with four kids was better off on welfare than if she had a job.

So when you hear Porter argue that the automated system is “about as reasonable a process as you could possibly derive”, you need to understand that “reasonable” in his mind includes spouting nonsense designed to vilify some of the poorest in our society.

FFS. Makes him seem like a bloody Dickensian villain!

The article then goes on to bash Sussan Ley and other Government ministers for their shameless rorting of the entitlements system.

Yeah right, like it's an exclusively LNP thing. All pollies -- right across the political spectrum, and all over the democratic world for that matter -- pull this kind of shit all the time. And every now and then one of them is put to the sword to quell the public's anger over it. This time it was Ley. She was just unlucky, that's all.

Still, you can certainly see why the article was so popular. By dutifully invoking such hackneyed stereotypes in such a partisan piece he gave the Twitter trollective exactly what they wanted. I'd call it ideological red meat ... if they weren't mostly vegans.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Why Aussies are so fascinated with American politics, Trump in particular

You may have read about this list of Australia's most popular Google searches last year. What's interesting is that even though we had our own federal election, the top term was “US election”. And searches for “Donald Trump” ranked seventh overall.

I don't find this at all surprising. American politics is waaay more compelling than what happens here. And forget the actual election between nominees. The primaries are high drama just on their own.

Democrats and Republicans endure an epic, extended, comprehensively covered slugfest between several contenders. The battle is not "no holds barred", but close. With all the showbiz effects in staging and coverage it's reminiscent of pro wrestling, although more authentic ... And when I say more, I don't mean completely. Clearly, quite a bit of it is staged, with winners being chosen by shadowy forces backstage. Take the disgraceful way Bernie Sanders was cheated by Hillary and her sinister team of fixers in the DNC.

Then there's the media coverage. Not only is it forensic, it's passionate, with pundits aplenty duking it out over every issue, development and faux pas. Yes, the MSM is amazingly biased. But there's still more diversity than in Australia, particularly when it comes to TV. Here, the only well known conservatives are Andrew Bolt and a couple of others. The rest are mostly smug, virtue signaling lefties. If Australian journos aren't pushing the PC agenda with zeal they're not challenging it either.

Speaking of media bias in the USA: In that nation, I think most citizens are fully aware of it. Still, last year, journos really nailed their flags to the mast more than they've ever done. The shameless way they went all in for Hillary shocked Americans. But it absolutely stunned Aussies.

I have no way of proving this of course. But I think a truly massive shift occurred in our perception of US media giants. While CNN and the like don't shape narratives about Australian politics, they certainly do so when it comes to global issues (which we still find extremely important, of course).

I think millions of my countrymen have concluded that these massive corporations are the biggest producers of “fake news” out there. We've realized that we've been fed massive lies for decades. And it's rattled us to the core.

This often traumatic deprogramming process is another reason we've been so focused on US politics. In the past we had a moderate interest in this subject because we actually thought that it was being reported accurately and fairly. Now, we "hate watch" it as often as not, aghast at the sheer scale of the lies being told by the American liberal media.

Then there's Donald J Trump himself. He's surely the most compelling, larger than life figure in American politics I can recall.

He's the quintessential brash, bombastic American, the kind of bloke we low-key Aussies have perennially had a very dim view of. But because he stands up to political correctness (which has proven to be just as toxic here as in the USA) millions of Aussies see him as a real hero.

The Christmas-themed ad for a sign shop in Balmain shown above is testament to this ambivalence. It kinda nods to the lefty, PC view of Trump as prez being a terribly bad thing for the world. But it also employs his catchphrase in its exhortation to passers by to have a good time over the break.

Trump is clearly living rent free in the heads of millions of Australians -- which is kinda apt given his history as a global real estate mogul.

No wonder Google searches for his name came in at seventh overall. That beat all Aussie pollies by a country mile.

Now the local political establishment and MSM -- both terminally PC -- are worried. They are cogs in the corrupt globalist machine that Trump has stood up to and stared down. So they are very concerned about how his influence is gonna play out here.

At the moment the closest equivalent to Trump is clearly Pauline Hanson. So it's no surprise that she ranked as the fourth most Googled individual locally, well ahead of Malcolm Turnbull.

When you're Australia's PM and you rank way below an American billionaire and a much maligned female “outsider” in public interest, that's pretty significant. Being the narcissist he is, he's prolly pretty concerned about this. (And if he isn't, he should be.)

And to think Trump hasn't even been sworn in yet … This year is gonna be yuuuge!

Monday, January 9, 2017

Shan Ju Lin, James Ashby and the pitfalls of intersectionality

A coupla more thoughts on this mini-scandal engulfing One Nation:

So Shan Ju Lin is refusing to back down on her anti-gay comments. And rather intriguingly she's blaming her fate on One Nation Chief of Staff James Ashby, the gay former assistant to Peter Slipper:

The former candidate learned of her disendorsement while overseas, through a Facebook message from Pauline Hanson's chief of staff James Ashby, she said.

"I think Pauline gave him too much power, he is the one running the party, not Pauline," she said. "I should have had a chance to speak to Pauline but James Ashby just decided very quickly.

"There's no time left for me to come to talk to Pauline."

Obviously impossible to know whether this is true or not. And of course Ashby himself is denying this claim. But if this is what's going on it looks like a kind of Credlin-Abbott dynamic in reverse ... or something.

And if you're trying to interpret this event, and Hanson's party in general, through the lens of politically correct intersectionality, as many lefties surely are, then it'll do your head in.

For example, some people on social media are saying that Shan Ju Lin was Hanson's "token Asian". And now she's gotten rid of her under the pretence of homophobia.

Well, if that's the case and this standard was selectively applied, then why was Andy Semple, a white male, also punished for the same sin?

And while it does seem to be the case that Ms Lin has been the party's only Asian candidate so far, the racist redneck narrative has long been too simplistic in explaining One Nation.

And what of the gender angle? Well, obviously you can't say that One Nation is sexist, because it's led by, like, a chick, who is completely synonomous with it.

And what of class? On that score, it's the inner city Left who are classist in their condemnation of Hanson and her supporters, not the other way around. These sneering hipsters bang on about being champs of the underdog, the voice of the people and all that other crap. Yet when they see a truly working class person (and a woman at that) who has the temerity to disagree with their patronising political prescriptions they mock, deride and bully her for decades on end!

Really, it's much more productive to at least try to see people as individuals rather than members of a group, innit?

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Shan Ju Lin's disendorsement by One Nation confounds PC narrative

So Pauline Hanson has dumped a candidate for homophobic posts on social media. This is quite telling in a couple of ways.

Firstly, the candidate in question, Ms Shan Ju Lin, is of Asian descent. Her being preselected in the first place confounds the beloved narrative of lefties that One Nation is composed entirely of mouth-breathing, knuckle-dragging, redneck racists. And the fact that she was ultimately punted for anti-gay comments gives the lie to the view that they're all deeply homophobic as well!

That'll cause some big time cognitive dissonance for more than a few lefties I'm sure. It'll be a challenge for the poor little poppets to reconcile it in their tiny collectivist “minds”. I suspect that some will say Hanson actually punted her for being Asian, not the purported reason ... But of course that begs the question of how she was preselected originally. This will provoke even greater anxiety -- though nothing that an extra-long session of bong-suckling won't assuage, natch!

While this episode is no doubt highly embarrassing for One Nation, it's the kind of thing that happens pretty regularly in the two major parties as well -- particularly the LNP. It seems that every few months there's a report about how some newbie pollie has been expelled for some previously overlooked sin -- usually to do with sex, business dealings or “wrongthink”.

The decisive way Hanson has handled this episode implies that while One Nation has not reached the level of “professionalism” (for want of a better word) of the main parties, it's waaay better run than it was in the early days. That means that the death due to dysfunction so many on the Left predict for the party is unlikely to occur.

Pauline Hanson is no longer beyond the pale. She has to be taken seriously by the political establishment and mainstream media. Shunning and abuse will no longer work to keep her at bay. On the contrary, it will just increase her momentum. 2019 is gonna be very interesting indeed.

UPDATE: Exactly what I was referring to above.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Brass Monkey Hotel's sexist signs provoke social media storm

Not a week goes by without at least one social media storm over a politically incorrect faux pas. The latest one in Perth involves iconic Northbridge hotel the Brass Monkey. In this ruckus New Year's Eve frat party organisers hung sexist signage off the hotel balconies.

Sure, some of these signs were tacky to say the least. And they would have put some noses out of joint at any time, not just in this tragically right-on era. In those sepia tone days before the internet (i.e., the  early 1990s and beforehand), they probably would have provoked one or two stories in the local papers, and maybe a small report in the West Australian, along with a few outraged letters.

But now, with almost everyone active on social media, and so many people seeing themselves as social justice warriors, this has turned into a massive problem for the hotel.

Every business owner is terrified of this kind of reputational storm these days. And they tend to follow a set pattern:

Some business owner, employee or client does something a bit silly, and one or more SJWs gets wind of it. They express their pique on Facebook or a similar site, and hordes of their fellow travellers pile on with derision, advertising their own spurious virtue by lambasting the business in question.

At this point the mainstream media gets involved because such a hue and cry constitues a genuine story. Not surprisingly this just magnifies the outrage in both scale and intensity.

If the business hasn't apologized at this point, it usually does. But that almost invariably makes things worse. It vindicates the SJWs, who go in harder. And it gives the MSM a good reason to revisit the story.

Almost invariably the reputational damage this process causes is way out of proportion to the original sin. And that definitely applies here.

Some of the signs at the Brass Monkey were undeniably sexist and gross. You've just gotta shake your head at ones reading “Our couches pull out, but we don't”, “Daughter drop off point” and “You teach her morals, we'll teach her oral”.

But a couple of them were trying to be PC even if they were still really tacky. Those reading “We want your freshmen sons, too” and “MILFs and DILFs welcome” clearly advocated, er, gender equity and anti-ageism.

This seemed to imply that the frat party organizers were worried about a potential backlash. So they attempted to pre-emptively neutralize it with these lame appeals to PC. That was doomed to failure, of course.

It's an established fact that you just can't reason with lefties who sense an opportunity to signal their virtue through indignation and disgust. Remember that many of the millennial lefty women most outraged by the Brass Monkey Hotel signs would themselves be enthusiastic supporters of social media campaigns like “#KillAllMen”. I suspect a few might have even lobbed at the local Slut Walk.

When it comes to using sexist and offensive terminology they take pride in, er, subverting the dominant paradigm. In short, they're massive hypocrites. Which just makes this whole episode even more ridiculous, in my opinion.