Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Martin Place empty again after "tent city" saga

I've found this saga of the Martin Place homeless camp quite fascinating. It has illustrated how so much of what we consider to be objective news is actually highly manipulated, and that activists and politicians will happily exploit the misfortune of others to lift their own profiles and further their own agendas.

That's not exactly a revelation, of course. But when something unfolds in front of your eyes it becomes a whole lot clearer than it was before.

The entire episode was a bit like when the circus comes to town. Obviously, it was not a happy circus! But it was still a clumsy kind of production full of colourful characters, with various sideshows going on.

And if you go to a site that a circus has just vacated, you're left with a jarring sense of desolation. All that colour, movement, and human activity ... gone!

That's what it felt like when I went there last Saturday, the day after the homeless camp had been dismantled. It was pretty much back to what it had been before. But it seemed eerily empty because of all that had transpired there in previous weeks.

Clearly, I wasn't alone in finding this an intriguing phenomenon. Someone who seemed to be a serious photographer was also documenting the site on that day, getting arty with angles for shots.

All that remained of the graffiti that pretty much covered those walls was the odd smudge here and there.

The ephemerality and incoherence of the protest was further highlighted by the presence of a granite based seat nearby.

This is a memorial for commando squadrons and special forces who died in World War Two. It's been there since 1982 and constitutes a far more succinct and enduring statement than any of those made by the activists, politicians and media commentators in relation to "tent city", I've gotta say ...

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Martin Place "tent city" dismantled. Images from the final day

Sure you've all heard that the so-called "tent city" in Sydney's Martin Place has been removed. I don't think I'm alone in saying I'm glad this episode is finally over.

That's not just because of the camp's physical existence, mind. Didn't seem to be any kind of public health threat. And I walked through it many times and was never hassled for money.

That said, I can understand why the NSW State Govt pollies were so infuriated by it. It was like a bloody great middle finger plonked right on their doorstep.

And it was the political exploitation of it that annoyed me most, I've gotta say. Clover Moore, in particular, was pretty dishonest in the way she handled the issue. She could have nipped this problem in the bud but chose not to. She let it fester and milked it for a while. Then when the simplistic narrative she and her fellow travellers were pushing slowly collapsed (in major part due to its "Mayor" Lanz Priestly being revealed as a less than savoury character) she finally acted.

Anyhoo, I managed to lob there a coupla times on Friday and took some photos.

Interesting how even in a makeshift homeless camp, women end up doing the laundry ... Bloody patriarchy is everywhere, innit!

In this world of false narratives and fake news, I thought the placement of this camera was quite apposite.

Speaking of fake news, this "reporter" interviewing the "Mayor" was from their ABC ...

So, while I didn't hear what was said in their little chat, I suspect it was composed of the usual compassionista questions meant to elicit bolshie boilerplate about society's indifference to the downtrodden, etc.

Also, I'm willing to bet there were no hard questions of Lanz about his criminal record. And let's face it, including at least one or two would have been what a real newshound would've done, surely.

Notably, this group seemed to be the only organized political one present, at least when I was there at about midday.

Again, women do the dishes while the men stand around lazily waving flags. Where's the AHRC when you need 'em!

I returned later in the day when the crowds were gone and council workers were doing the final cleanup.

These trucks did have City of Sydney logos, by the way. So why didn't Clover Moore send them in much earlier? Fact that she didn't does not reflect well on her IMHO.

Media still there! Gawd, they're such parasites, aren't they? Just hanging around until the bitter end, milking it for all it's worth. (Though I suppose that includes yours truly, too. Posts like this prolly qualify me as a "citizen journalist" or something ...)

Lanz was still there, holding court with the local constabulary ... If you look closely at that shot you'll see he's actually got a can of Rockstar energy drink in his hand!

That gives me a laugh. He certainly emerged as a compelling, central figure in all of this. And I think it's likely we'll see another similar production with him in a featured role down the track.

Friday, August 11, 2017

Martin Place "Mayor" Lanz Priestley's past punctures PC narrative

So it looks like the homeless camp at Martin Place is finally being dismantled after all. That's a relief. It's also surprising because it looked like it was gonna continue indefinitely. It really was a soap opera ... without the soap.

Obviously things have been happening behind the scenes that have brought this about. I suspect one contributing factor was the recent reporting on the unofficial "Mayor", Lanz Priestly.

Some assiduous journos looked into this guy's past. If that's any guide to a man's character, and it usually is, then he's a long way from the "salt of the earth", "man of the people" that he purports to be.
This is significant. The whole saga was a war of narratives as much as anything else. The story that the activists wanted to promote was that all the tent city's citizens were there by no fault of their own. And goodhearted Lanz managed to bring them all together to create this warm, friendly, fully functioning community in which the members helped each other out.

The graffiti on the walls reinforced this narrative. It's all about love, altruism, generosity and compassion. And it's very easy to accept this if you don't know much about what's really going on.

To be honest, that's what I did at first. I walked through there a couple of time and was actually kinda charmed by the place.

But as the political argy bargy continued over the last several weeks it became clear it was not just a simple tale of the poor have-nots coming together to create a community and demanding that their human rights be respected. It's been engineered and manipulated by certain individuals and groups with their own agendas. And I don't think any of them have been entirely honest!

Clover Moore, for example, said she didn't want to have the plods come in and move the homeless because that would've been cruel. But that's bollocks. She used the situation to embarrass the State Govt. She leveraged it to try to pressure them into building more "safe spaces" for the homeless. That's not a bad thing in itself, sure. But she was still being disingenuous.

And you've gotta wonder what Priestly's ultimate goal was. Maybe it was just ego gratification more than anything else?

So, there were a whole bunch of submerged stories going on here. As with any political issue, most of what you saw was theatre. The truth was never quite what it appeared to be on the surface.

Monday, August 7, 2017

Intensity in tent city: Clover Moore gets Sirius!

This conflict over the homeless camp in Martin Place is getting more and more intense. It's a battleground between two levels of government, neither of which wants to do anything decisive about it.

Basically, it's a grudge match between Lord Mayor Clover Moore and Premier Gladys Berejiklian. Clover and the City of Sydney seem to be quite enjoying the fact that many NSW State Government pollies have to plod through this squalor everyday on the way to the "Bear Pit". It's right near Parliament House on Macquarie St, after all.

I suspect they might feel very different if the camp were located right outside Town Hall, where the City of Sydney offices are housed.

The fact that it's not there is telling ... Now, I'm not saying that Clover had a hand in this from the beginning. But it certainly suits her agenda, which is to push for more social housing.

She wants the Sirius Building, now nearly empty, to be re-opened, along with more social housing. This striking structure was slated for demolition a while ago to make way for massive apartment blocks. Then it had a reprieve, so there's been this almighty push to keep it there, and honour the spirit in which it was originally built. 

Now, I know that greedy developers have been the scourge of NSW politics for ages. Still, I sympathize with the State Govt on this issue and understand why they don't want to fill it with the homeless.

The site just has waaay too much earning potential! Right next to the Coat Hanger in The Rocks, it's gotta be one of the most valuable pieces of real estate in all of Sydders! It'll be a shame to see it go. But capitalists are gonna win there eventually, I suspect.

But at least for now, Clover's kinda got Gladys cornered. By not removing the Martin Place homeless camp herself she makes the Sirius option more likely. The State Govt don't want to send in the plods to clear the campers out because they know all the local lefties and their fellow travellers in the media will cry "fascism!"

That's why they've been trying to nudge members of the community into taking up offers of emergency housing elsewhere. So, it's not like they've been flint-hearted about this. (Got this shot of some FACS people there a few weeks ago.)

Another thing I don't like about the camp: Activists have been pushing this line that it's just kinda sprung up organically. It's supposed to be an inspiring example of the ingenuity of the oppressed.

To be honest, I originally thought this was the case myself. I wrote a blog post about it a few weeks ago, remarking on its seeming self-sufficiency. But lately I've come to the view that there's little that's truly organic about it.

Whether it's been engineered by the Occupy Sydney crowd or not, it is certainly reminiscent of their tactics. Also, if you look closely at the graffiti there, it's pretty clear that much of it has been written by activists, not the homeless themselves.

Also, consider the context. This is now Homelessness Prevention Week. Timing is perfect, innit?

Sydney's Lord Mayor herself even claims she's not being political, while including the hashtag for that actual campaign!

Completely shameless, eh?

And another thing: Not so long ago the City of Sydney placed terrorism prevention barriers right near where the camp is located, basically on the next block down.

My question: If Clover was so concerned that this area was likely to be a target for vehicular terrorism, why no new bollards to protect the tent city specifically?

True, there's no point in putting them at the western end of the block, since it's protected by stairs.

Still, on the Macquarie St side it's remarkable that there are no concrete barriers. Yes, there are a coupla telegraph poles there already, but there's still easily enough room for a truck to drive through! And surely a bunch of homeless people in tents would be far more vulnerable to such an attack than pedestrians, right?

If, as her fellow traveller Sam Dastyari says, you can judge a society by how it treats the most vulnerable, then surely this omission reflects poorly on her, doesn't it?

Anyhoo, that's my two cents ... For a closer look at what it's like in the camp here's a video I made a few days back.

UPDATE: Decision has been made to dismantle the camp, starting tomorrow.

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Opportunist Sam Dastyari swoops on Martin Place homeless camp

Sam Dastyari is surely Australia's most shameless media tart. Remember his cameo in The Killing Season, in which he actually played himself taking an ominous phone call about Kevin Rudd?

He's obviously got lots of MSM chums, particularly at their ABC. He just appeared on Australian Story in what many have said was a puff piece to help him flog his book

Without a doubt "Dasher" is one halal of an opportunist!

Given how much news coverage the Martin Place homeless camp has been getting lately it's no wonder he's tried to milk it for sanctimonious cool points. He lobbed there recently and made an excruciatingly self-serving and disingenuous video. 
In it, he uses the usual fraudulent leftist tactic of misrepresenting his opponents, casting them as cruel, heartless bullies. For example he accuses conservative politicians and commentators of "kicking the shit out of" the homeless.

What absolute bollocks! They're not blaming the victims; they're arcing up at Clover Moore because she, not unlike Sam himself, seems to be exploiting the situation to further her own agenda. 

Without irony he says the camp itself is "offensive". Alright for him to use such a description. But if a righty were to do so I'm sure Sam and his fellow travellers would be quick to cite this as evidence of their meanness. 

Needless to say he offers no detailed solutions, just mouths some meaningless motherhood statements to make it look like he gives a shit. 

Oh, well, at least he wasn't the only scavenger there. There was also this guy, who was just more honest about his intentions ...

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Central Station, platform 19: seeming false alarm ... What was it about?

Just got home on the train from the city. While I was on platform 19 at Central Station (5.30-ish) something interesting happened.

A bunch of policemen had assembled on the platform, including what looked like special riot cops (you know, the ones in dark blue gear, who tend to look bigger and tougher than most). There were at least ten of them, maybe more. 

A few minutes before the Homebush service arrived, they waved dozens of passengers back from the centre of the platform. At first I thought they were closing down the whole thing, but no. They were just clearing out a section of it. I assumed this was because there were some unruly passengers on the approaching train they had been warned about and they were ready to apprehend them.

Anyway, just before the train actually arrived they disbanded and left the platform. So, it appeared to be a false alarm.

My suspicion was confirmed because as the train went through the next couple of stations an audio message, accompanied by text, played repeatedly. It basically warned passengers not to make false emergency calls, and that if this was done it could "result in a fine".

This is the only time I have ever heard (and read) this message ... So, seems likely someone was just pulling a prank. If so, they must have made a pretty serious claim. Otherwise, why so many cops? (If it were just some bogans being arseholes, then surely only a few officers would have sufficed.)

Given that several people have just been arrested here over a truly terrifying terror plot, I couldn't help thinking this might have had something to do with it.

I might be waaaay off, of course. But it will be interesting if any mainstream media coverage of this incident follows -- and if so, what it was all about. 

Monday, July 31, 2017

Shooting at Central Station florist a reminder of the fragility of life

Sydney is a very big, chaotic city. So terrible things happen here pretty often. And these occasionally occur in places we all know pretty well.

Take that police shooting recently in Central Station. Apparently some young bloke afflicted by mental illness attacked a florist with scissors. He was fatally shot by police.

Obviously I have no detailed knowledge of the incident. But it sounds like it could well have been a case of "suicide by cop".

Well, whatever precipitated the original attack the outcome is very sad ...

In any case, when I initially learned about it I realized the location of this tragic event was somewhere I'd walked past hundreds, if not thousands, of times. It was even included in a photo I took a few months ago. You can see it in the bottom left hand corner.

Looking at that scene you think: How could anyone have predicted that such a bizarre act of ultimately fatal violence would occur right there?

Needless to say, there's no way anyone could ...

So often these things happen completely out of the blue. You cannot prepare for them. So I suppose you've just gotta keep getting on with the gig!

That's definitely what the florist himself has done. He seems like an exceptionally resilient old bloke.

I think you can even see him at work in this very quick video I took of the scene yesterday. By then everything appeared to be completely back to normal -- just like in the photo above.

Friday, July 28, 2017

Australian dual citizenship fiasco seems doubly absurd in this age of identity politics

The issue of dual citizenship is proving to be a massive problem for Aussie politicians. Looks like it's gonna derail a few more than just Ludlam and Waters.

Pretty ironic that this is happening given that our political establishment is overwhelmingly PC when it comes to other ways of defining one's identity. They now believe that gender is not a result of biological sex, for example. They reckon it's all down to personal conviction. So why doesn't this also apply to citizenship?

Hell, why not just say "I never felt like a Kiwi, so therefore I never was -- despite what those records show"?

Looks like Malcolm Roberts (of all people!) is the one who has come closest to this line of argument if comments from his spokesman are any guide. But as far as I know none of the other pollies who've come a cropper due to their dual citizenship seem to have seriously used this excuse. This is surprising, particularly when it comes to the Greens. Pretty much their whole policy platform is driven by their narcissistic emotions, after all. 

But then those policies are never really meant to apply to them -- or they're insulated from their negative effects if they do. For example, countless Aussies are struggling with rising power bills because of the "catastrophic global warming" scam. Yet the myth's most zealous promoters -- Greens pollies -- are so well off they're not affected. And take Larissa Waters's view on gender. She endorsed the sinister "No Gender December" campaign. Yet she dresses her own daughter in pink.

So, the fact that they accept the validity of the traditional, legal way of defining citizenship without challenge is significant IMO. If Waters or Ludlam had tried the "feels" defence it would still have been silly as, of course. But at least it would have been consistent -- and therefore kinda principled.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Proposed junkie memorial in Richmond is typical of the Left

As surely as night follows day green lefties keep coming up with daft ideas and suggestions to "make the world a better, kinder place". The latest of these is a proposal for a monument to the many junkies who died at the end of a needle in the Melbourne suburb of Richmond.

Not surprisingly, some locals are more than a tad shat off with this. They make the valid criticism that it glorifies something truly vile and destructive. Much better to memorialize those who achieved good and admirable things in their lives.

I couldn't agree more. Obviously it's tragic that these people died so young and in such a sordid way. So apt that the term "wasted" is slang for severe intoxication by drugs or alcohol. Death by overdose is such a terrible waste of the gift of life!

Also, it's too simplistic to say it was all their own fault. But heartless as it may seem, it's wrong to attempt to dignify their deaths somehow. If you build memorials to people like this you put them on a par with soldiers who died fighting for a noble cause, and similarly brave and selfless individuals.

They weren't fighting a war. They weren't doing anything good for others. Death by heroin doesn't make you a hero, that's for sure!

Unfair to say they were all scumbags, of course. But surely some were. And even if some did good or even great things in their short lives, they still lost their way and blew it big time.

So it's crazy to make the manner of their passing appear to be some kind of admirable achievement. Yet that's exactly what those who've made this proposal are intending. And it's sooo leftist. They really do have everything completely arse about.

In their tiny minds, achievement is oppression of others. And the law is just a means by which the powerful lord it over the powerless. That's why they so often side with criminals.

They detest the idea of a functional, harmonious society, and are always trying to screw things up for the sane, adult majority. This is just another pathetic attempt at this.

They say that they don't want people to die by overdose. But I'm not so sure. I think they quietly wish for more lives to be wasted in this way because that would confirm their cynical, often nihilistic, worldview.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Martin Place still has homeless community at eastern end

If you've been in Martin Place recently you may well have seen a makeshift homeless camp. It's at the eastern end, just near Macquarie St.

Interesting that it's still there, because late last month there were reports that it had been closed down.

Well, they must have moved back into place. (I took the photos below on the 13th of July.)

Not sure how long it will stay ... In any case it's quite a little community they've got there. Obviously they're getting help from various charities. Still, it's interesting how people manage to organize themselves even when destitute.

There's a soup kitchen ...

... and an op shop.

Graffiti on a nearby wall includes Maslow's hierarchy of needs.

There are also several tents. Gotta pity the poor bastards sleeping in these given how bitterly cold it is, and has been for weeks. Dread to think what it must be like for people on the streets who don't have this kind of shelter.

Not sure what the NSW Government plans to do about all this. But there's a makeshift FACS office there opposite the tents. So it seems they're trying to help the homeless there find roofs over their heads.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Carnival Spirit in Sydney provokes thoughts on climate change alarmism

Every now and then a massive cruise ship docks in Circular Quay. It's quite a sight when one does. As well as its jaw-dropping size, you are awe-struck by how the crew managed to maneuver the marine behemoth into such a tight space without incident.

A recent arrival of this kind was Carnival Spirit. Got these shots a coupla days ago.

The photo below gives you a sense of just how ginormous it is. Check out the worker in the hardhat below. Then look at the same section of the bow in the shot above.

If you see it from the Rocks side, near the beginning of the Coathanger, you get a better sense of its length and height.

The Carnival ships have a characteristic smokestack funnel with wing-like protrusions to push the exhaust fumes out and away from the boat. From this angle the sleek and striking feature looked like it could almost be part of the Sydney Opera House!

On the subject of exhaust fumes: the carbon footprint of this ship alone must be humongous! Luxury cruise power needs are so jaw-droppingly high that Carnival Corp (with a hundred ships) has actually saved billions of dollars in recent years by becoming more fuel efficient.

Laudable, of course. But if they can save that much money by being smart, it gives you an idea about how much diesel they must still be using to keep their fleet moving across the seas. And this is just one company!

Pondering this situation I couldn't help but wonder how many of the ship's passengers are climate change believers themselves. Obviously not all -- but I suspect there are quite a few. You have to be pretty cashed up to go on one of these cruises, after all. As recreation activities go, it's way more pricey than getting your "backside trackside", let's face it. And it does seem that highly paid professionals are more likely to believe in catastrophic global warming than the rest of the population.

Which begs the question: How on earth do these people think that anything at all can be done to diminish this so-called existential threat to humanity when they themselves can't do their bit and refrain from enjoying these carbon spewing cruises?

They're not thinking too hard, obviously. Like so much of this deep green PC madness, their prescriptions are entirely symbolic. 

Friday, July 7, 2017

Gillard questions Trump's sanity. But the bullies at CNN are crazier by far!

When I heard that Julia Gillard was to take over as chair of Beyond Blue I shook my head in disbelief. Surely, the issue of mental health should be beyond politics. So why have such a polarizing figure at the helm?

I understand that the same argument could be (and no doubt was) leveled at the bloke she's replaced, Jeff Kennett. But he had a lower profile to start with and had left the front lines of politics when he accepted the gig. Also, he does seem to have done a good job of raising awareness of mental health issues without being ideological about it.

But Gillard's problem is not just the general political baggage she carries from her reign as PM (which even the most generous observer would have to accept was a monumental train wreck). There's also her deep and enduring association with a particularly toxic brand of victim feminism. This is significant because some aspects of mental health in Australia have a strong gender component to them -- and it certainly does not conform to the PC line that women always suffer the most.

For example, far more men commit suicide than women. You've gotta wonder how someone who pretty much built her career on casting her entire gender (and by extension, herself) as victims deserving special consideration will treat a serious issue deeply affecting those 'orrible, misogynist males.

So I knew Gillard in her new role was gonna have people shaking their heads in dismay. Didn't expect it to be so soon, though ...
That softball Lateline interview she had with obvious admirer David Lipson was excruciating. Put her foot in it in several ways. But her most asinine comments included an opportunistic, amateur diagnosis of President Trump. And this came immediately after she said making such a call was bad form:

"I would worry that a charge of being mentally ill ended up being thrown around as an insult," Ms Gillard said.

"I know that some people in the US, some commentators are not proffering that analysis by way of insult, they're actually saying it because they are genuinely concerned.

"From the outside I think it is very difficult to judge someone else's mental health … so I think there's some need for caution here.

"But I do think if President Trump continues with some of the tweeting etc that we've seen, that this will be in the dialogue."

Gawd. What a slimy way to sledge someone!

Of course it reflects very poorly on Gillard that she would shamelessly exploit her position as head of a major non-profit organization to take this cheap shot at a hate figure. Still, she wouldn't have had the opportunity to do so had her fanboy Lipson not raised the subject. That in itself was pretty disgraceful. He should have been more professional and stuck to the issue at hand -- Beyond Blue. But he couldn't resist giving a fellow traveller an opportunity for a free kick. He was clearly trying to reinforce the PC narrative that Trump is deranged and dangerous, and Gillard happily obliged as expected.

Note also the revolting sanctimony in Julia's amateur diagnosis of Trump. She deftly threw in the lie that many saying he's nuts aren't doing it out of hate. Oh no, it's because they're "genuinely concerned". FFS! What a load o' bollocks. They hate the guy's guts, and along with all their other vicious assaults they're desperately trying to gaslight him.

This is such a fave tactic of the Left. If someone stands up to them they invariably try to shut him up. If they can't do that they often cast him as crazy -- even trying to get him committed if they can. It's what the Soviet Union did to countless brave, sane individuals who didn't get with the communist program, remember. And it's what butthurt liberals are trying to do with Trump and by extension his supporters. Gillard was just echoing that line.
If anyone has been acting crazily it's the Democrats and their shameless supporters in the mainstream media -- CNN in particular. They are in complete denial about why Trump won. As well as beating up the massive Trump-Russia lie, they're doing all they can to incite violence against him and his fellow Republicans.

This has actually borne fruit for them. That lefty loon who shot up that baseball game, seriously wounding Steve Scalise, was clearly motivated in major part by the MSM narrative about Trump being a massive menace who must be stopped!

CNN and other fake news outlets are not even trying to be fair and objective to Trump. They are waging all out war on him. So he has every right to hit back, and hard. It would be insane not to!

Speaking of psychology: CNN in particular is so chockas with vile bullies, it looks like being a sociopathic narcissist is some kinda prerequisite for employment there. As well as showing their disdain for voters in those Project Veritas tapes, high profile employees of this massive corporation have literally been threatening some lone dude because he made a GIF that mocked them. (Thankfully that has backfired massively, as illustrated above!) It was Trump's sharing of this meme that prompted Gillard's nasty little sledge, remember.

Friday, June 30, 2017

Martin Place barrier confusion shows our leaders lack clarity, unity on terrorism

The barriers placed in Martin Place have caused much consternation. Not surprisingly, people find them both disturbing and depressing.

They also find them deeply confusing. That's because they are, quite literally, concrete evidence that there is a threat of vehicular terrorism in Sydney -- yet the people who put them there can't bring themselves to speak honestly about what's, er driving it!

Leaders say: “Don't worry folks! We've got this terror caper under control. Just keep carrying on as normal ... Oh, but we'll whop these massive lumps of concrete in the heart of the city to stop some maniac running you over, just in case.”

Not only are they in denial about the nature of the threat, they also seem to be at odds with each other about whether the barrier installation was a good idea to start with. In much the same way that state and federal governments clash over issues like the GST, there's been some sniping back and forth between the City of Sydney and the NSW State Government about the new security measures:

Lord Mayor Clover Moore directed dozens of temporary barricades be set up in the CBD thoroughfare last week because of concerns about vehicles being used as weapons by terrorists.

Mr Grant on Thursday blasted the mayor over the installation saying "no notification was sent to NSW Police, myself or the cabinet about bollards being introduced by the local council in Martin Place".

"It is disappointing that the mayor's best intentions instead caused unnecessary panic and confusion, especially when there isn't a specific threat," he said in a statement, adding that it was "inherent upon us all to work together".

However, email correspondence between City of Sydney staff and a NSW Police Counter Terrorism and Special Tactics Command coordinator - seen by AAP - show council did seek advice on "a quick and cheap solution for vehicle mitigation in Martin Place" days before the barricades were installed.

Needless to say, this does not inspire confidence. You would like to think that on an issue as important as terrorism, all levels of government would be on the same page, and coordinating smoothly.

No one in government seems to want to be honest about why so many members of a certain religion have been running amok across the globe hacking people's heads off, blowing them to bits and crushing them to death with trucks and cars. I'm sure they all know, as do most of the population. But their attitude seems to be: “Whatever you do, don't scare the sheeple!” And they're in disagreement over how best to achieve that aim.

What's interesting is that Grant himself said “there isn't a specific threat”.

That's a bit of a disingenuous statement, IMO. There is a very specific -- or at least unequivocal -- threat that has come from Islamic State. They have repeatedly exhorted their barbaric goons to use vehicles to crush as many infidels as possible -- most recently during Ramadan. And we know they were serious about it because that's exactly what they did in several cities across the globe.

Still, it's possible that the NSW plods don't have any knowledge of detailed, advanced plans to target a specific site. In that case, why choose one in particular (Martin Place) to have barriers in place? Seems pointless if you consider Grant's statement, right? I mean, hell, these maniacs could strike anywhere, so why take any kind of pre-emptive action at all?

I think there are two reasons for this. One, it's symbolic. Our leaders want to look like they are doing something, no matter how ineffectual it appears to be. Then when the inevitable attack does occur, they can't be accused of being completely asleep at the wheel -- or rather, stop sign.

The other reason: Martin Place is far more likely to be attacked than any other location, even if there's no hard evidence for that claim.

That's because ISIS already struck there back in 2014, via their supporter Man Monis. So, if they can pull off another lethal attack in that exact location it will show how strong they are. Not only will it strike even more terror into the hearts of their enemies, obviously a major goal, it will also be a huge propaganda boost for them. (Speaking of which, Channel 7 News is located at that exact location, guaranteeing full, immediate media coverage. Please see video below.)

In any case, the fact that the barriers have been placed in Martin Place first gives the lie to Clover Moore's publicly stated belief that the Sydney Siege was not actually a terrorist attack -- which, as far as I know, remains her position.

She said that Monis was motivated primarily (perhaps entirely) by mental illness; that his actions were not part of some grand political or ideological goal. In other words, they were like a lightning strike.

In that case, why did she (or her office at least) choose Martin Place as the location for these barriers? Does she have some gut feeling that lightning could strike there twice?

Or maybe she isn't quite that daft. Seems more likely to me that she actually believes Islamism (and by extension Islam) is behind the current threat to this exact part of the city, just as it motivated Man Monis's lethal behaviour in the same place two and a half years ago. She just can't bring herself to be honest about it, that's all.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

King Edward VII statue in Sydney

I am now in my early fifties. Almost can't believe, it, because in many ways I've hardly grown up at all! And it seems like just yesterday that I was a mere whippersnapper. No doubt about it, the older you get, the quicker it goes ...

Lots of changes occur as you hurtle towards codgerdom, of course. One of them -- which I suspect is quite common -- is that you start to notice (and warm to) people and objects that are also "getting on a bit".

These days, when I travel through Sydney I've always got my eyes peeled for old buildings and artwork in particular. Take this elegant statue of King Edward VII on horseback, for example.

It's near the corner of Bridge and Macquarie Streets, and it's an impressive sight from any angle. But it's particularly striking when you see it from down the hill a bit, on Bridge St.

Hard to get the full effect in a small shot, of course. But it's definitely a dramatic reminder of days long ago, when horsepower actually meant exactly that!

I got these shots from the front, much closer to it. (They don't show ol' Eddie himself. But the video I took, linked below, does.)

I know monuments like this are not to everyone's taste. But I love them. There is clearly so much skill, care and hard work that has gone into them. They come from an era when beauty and elegance were not sneered at as inherently elitist, oppressive concepts.

On the contrary, they were seen as ennobling and uplifting. Sure, they were meant to glorify the British Empire, reaffirm the status quo and all that. But they also gave people something to look up in awe at and collectively feel proud about. So they were actually there for everyone, contrary to what many angry lefties might say.

As well as being compelling examples of our culture from long ago, they can still have direct relevance today. Take the inscription between the two figures in the shot above. It reads "Empire, Unity". Obviously the first word has no resonance these days. But I'll bet a lot of people would agree we need a helluva lot more of the second!

Sydney, being Australia's oldest city, has plenty of these memorials and monuments. So I'll keep an eye out for more, and take photos and videos of them whenever I can.

Friday, June 16, 2017

PETA protest against KFC in Sydney typical of the Left's lameness

As we all know, lefties are really big on street theatre as a form of protest. They just love it -- almost as much as shrieking stupid repetitive slogans and rattling misspelled placards. The further left you go, the more popular it seems to be. PETA, for example, use it often as a way to make their point, often including heaps of fake blood and gore in their pavement epics. 

And they do tend to get a lot of publicity with it, I'll give them that. But I suspect this has much to do with the fact that journos are often quite far left of the general population themselves. They tend to report on what they sympathize with, and ignore messages and narratives they don't like. 

If the MSM were a bit more balanced I'm sure you'd see much less stupid far-left street theatre in the news. And that's because almost all of it is cringeworthy crap. Most punters who have the bad luck to witness it just shake their heads and walk on, thinking "what a bunch of useless tools". 

Take this utterly pathetic effort from PETA in Sydney today. It was supposed to turn people off eating at KFC. But if the video itself is any guide, they haven't even made that point clear. (Actually their poor messaging is such a consistent issue that even some of their fellow travellers get annoyed about it!)

Really, I think upon witnessing these bleeding bozos in George St today, most people would have assumed that Andrew Bolt had just lobbed in Sydney, and this was the second trio of Antifa goons he'd clobbered

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Bolta brings back biff against Antifa's cowardly crybullies, puncturing PC narrative

Meant to write about the gutless Antifa attack on Andrew Bolt in Carlton soon after it happened. But I've been flat out lately. This is the first chance I've had. Fact that so much has happened since then (eg, the UK election and Comey hearing among other things) illustrates the dizzying pace of political developments these days …

But on the now legendary “Battle of Lygon Street”: Bolt was admirably combative during the ambush that occurred before the Melbourne launch of the book The Art of the Impossible. And I think he (along with his supporters) did a very good job of using the event to build a counter-narrative against the toxic, politically correct one that dominates the MSM, and that we're all so utterly sick of.

Conservatives have long been extremely tolerant and forgiving with their opponents. That's fine if you're dealing with sane, rational adults who have a sense of fair play. But that certainly does not describe the PC Left -- in particular Antifa. They are clearly totalitarian; well on the way to being the fascists they purport to oppose.

So it was good to see him hit back and hard. And it showed how pathetic his attackers actually were. If you don't count the fat cameraman (who fled the scene and claimed he was there by chance -- yeah, right!) there were two young men against one maybe twice their age. They caught him totally by surprise, yet he sent all three scumbags scurrying. As well as delivering his speech as planned, he made light of the scuffle in many ways, including auctioning off the suit he was wearing (now ruined by dye and glitter).

It's important to take advantage of victories like this to laugh at your enemies. Apart from anything else those looking on will see strength, conviction and good humour. They will be much more likely to respect you as a result.

By opening an extra large can of whoopass on his ambushers, he “won the internet” that day and confounded the PC narrative big time. The victory deserves a new term, IMO. I reckon henceforth “bolt” can be used as a verb, not unlike “fisk”. It can be employed to describe a brutally swift counter-attack against a leftie pile on (physical or rhetorical) that totally blitzes the perps.

For example: “Melbourne hospital staff should keep an eye out for simpering beta-males arriving in casualty whose tiny nuts had been severely bolted.”

The so-called “hate media” have been getting plenty of humour out of the whole story. Take the Daily Telegraph itself:

The Rocky stuff is fun, and worth running with for a week or two. But at the risk of seeming a tad pedantic, it kinda ennobles his opponents. See, if he's Rocky, this implies they were brave and formidable in their own right like, say, Apollo Creed.

No way! Appalling weeds, more like…

And rather than aiming to win a contest fair and square, their motivation was primarily to create propaganda. They used the trusted leftist tactic of crybullying: First, bully a lone target. If he doesn't react aggressively then you've cowed and humiliated him. If he does hit back you can cry: "Waaah! No fair!” Either way, it's vital to have footage of the incident that you can use as "evidence" that you are the true freedom fighter and your opponent is a big bad nasty Nazi!

But even the footage taken by Mr Chubby McYouTube himself showed that Bolt's reaction was entirely justified. Pretty much anyone would have gone into fight or flight if set upon so quickly from behind by hooded men and sprayed with liquid, as he was. Then there's the fact that he regularly gets death threats … Remember also that the ambush was so violent that a woman was thrown aside, screaming! (Leftie feminists silent on this, natch.)

Put yourself in his shoes and watch it. If you claim that his reaction was massively OTT then you're totally full of BS, or lying to yourself at the very least.

That Bolta was not the bully, but the victim who fought back is obvious to anyone with eyes to see! Sadly, that doesn't include many leftists. Hell, they could've earned some respect from the Tories, normies and everyone else by accepting reality and saying: “Yeah, those thugs did something truly vile and stupid. Antifa should BTFO, or lift their game at the very least.”

But nup. Like pathetic zombies, the group's online apologists have endlessly tweeted and retweeted the lie that the conservative columnist went totes ballistic over "a harmwess wittle gwittering".

Hell, there's even an online petition to have him arrested by the Melbourne plods! Sure, it seems somewhat satirical. But many of the signatories look genuine, rehashing the asinine line that the glitter twins did something entirely innocent and were actually the victims here. 

FFS! Like dogs returning to their vomit, they are. Just never learn ...

Which, strangely, might not be such a bad thing, in a way. If these bolshie bozos keep this stupid crap up eventually more and and more people will realize how ugly and useless the Left has now become. They'll ultimately lose much of their power in the media, academe and elsewhere ... I just worry that someone is gonna get killed, that's all. 

Sunday, May 21, 2017

MSM's fake news is being called out in Australia and America. The hacks hate it!

So on Insiders this morning Andrew Probyn expressed his pique about politicians using the term “fake news”. I'm sure he's also pissed off about punters doing the same. And no wonder …

He, along with his peers have long been widely trusted as truth tellers reporting the facts without fear or favour. But now that everyone's got social media to fact check 'em, or do their own reporting (and faster) it's patently obvious that the MSM have been routinely cranking out biased BS on a grand scale for decades, and continue to do so.
They're massively butthurt that they “don't get no respect!” anymore. What a laugh! The muppets don't deserve any. We're all kicking ourselves that we believed them for so long … I'm glad they're upset that we're onto them. Their tears taste sweet! And we should continue to call out their fake news (and very fake news!) at every opportunity.

While their relentless pushing of false narratives is a scourge here in Australia, it's a fricken pandemic in the USA!

So clear that the American deep state is desperate to get rid of Trump because they know they can't control him. So they, along with the Democrats (who simply have not accepted that they were beaten fair and square by The Donald and now exist in a psychotic bubble of total denial) have built up this “Russian hacking” bollocks.

The MSM over there are not just a tad biased toward the Democrats. They're like Pravda was for the Kremlin! They are in “destroy Trump at all costs!” mode, and lose it when they meet any resistance.

Take Anderson Cooper:
Forgive me for extending his scatological reference, dear readers. But if Hillary Clinton took a dump on “Pooper” Cooper's own desk, I reckon he would gladly eat it!

He and his fellow presstitutes have turned the stated goals of their profession upside down. They willingly repeat obvious fictions as if they were fact. And they spend most of their time desperately trying to discredit credible claims of corruption and criminality on the part of the Democrats.

There are many of these. But the most compelling of late are those related to the mysterious murder of Seth Rich. It's almost certain that he was the one who sent all those hugely damaging e-mails to Wikileaks -- which kills the Russian hacking angle as dead as poor Seth himself. Not only that, there's been all manner of stonewalling by the authorities in regards to the details of his demise, access to CCTV and bodycam footage and the like.

If that isn't suss as all get out I'm Clementine Ford.
Surely any journalist worth his salt would be doing all he could to find out what actually happened to this poor guy and why. FFS, on the face of it, it makes Watergate look like a parking infringement. But almost every big name reporter and pundit in America is pushing this angle that Putin and palskis “hacked the election”, while never citing any actual evidence.

Speaking of which: check out this gargle by their ABC's Sara James. In it, she equates the big fat nothing burger of Trump's ties to Bad Vlad with Nixon's notorious, documented crimes. Poor chick has clearly been watching too many thrillers.

And she's not the only one regurgitating the corrupt American liberal media lies for a local audience. Their ABC “journalists” breathlessly repeat the Russia angle in doom-laden tones every day, while completely ignoring the Seth Rich stuff.

Sara, just keep cranking out the fake news, babe. We'll keep calling you and your fellow shills out in it. You're losing your undeserved authority by the day and it's a hoot!

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Leichhardt poster frenzy reveals pinko panic over Le Pen, Trump et al

Lefties across the globe are freaking out big time because of Trump's stunning victory. Then there was Brexit. Marine Le Pen is gathering momentum in France, too. And here in Oz, they are packin' death at the rise of populists like Hanson, Bernardi and others -- while continually portraying this as nothing to worry about. Local lefties, many of whom are millennials, are facing an international wave of opposition on a scale they mostly haven't encountered before.

And as we all know, when the going gets tough the Left gets, er, shouty (or more accurately, even shoutier than usual). They like to think this decibel-raising will result in a commensurate lift in collective consciousness. But all it really does is increase local rates of hearing loss.

These shriek-fests are heavily promoted, with posters being their fave method. You often see slickly produced posters all over Sydney's Inner West, a socialist stronghold. (The ones shown here were on a post box in Norton St, Leichhardt.)

Love the fact it's a black chick getting all bolshie in this shot. Funny, because whitey-tighties will vastly outnumber those with darker skin at most leftie shindigs -- especially in the upper echelons of the groups behind them. The Greens party itself is a good example. "The Whites" would be a better name for them.

Might be hard to see on this blog, but the poster mentions a mystery speaker from the USA ... Hmm. I wonder who that is ... Maybe it's Hillary Clinton? She does have a lot of free time on her hands these days. Also, she's desperate to get the message out that her stunning loss to Trump had absolutely nothing to do with her noxious personality, putrid history of corruption, and toxic politics, and everything to do with Putin, the FBI -- and misogyny, natch.

Though, prolly not her when you remember her usual speaking fees. She's kinda like a superdupermodel, really. Doesn't get out of bed for under a hundred grand.

Could the fascists win in France?

Well, I'm sure millions of Frenchmen are determined to prevent that outcome. Which is why they're voting for Marine Le Pen.

If anyone fits the label fascist it's the Islamist terrorists and their creepy globalist enablers, after all. It's certainly not Ms Le Pen herself, who, while obviously a nationalist, can barely even be described as "far-right".

And what pinko poster collection would be complete without one for a gay pride march (which will no doubt feature demands for "marriage equality")? Sheesh, it's like Q and A, innit?

Seems odd that they're whining about Trump. He's hardly a traditional conservative ideologue and isn't implacably opposed to gay marriage. Even sillier for gay rights activists to rail at Turnbull, who is desperate to stay in their good books and is only sticking to the plebiscite because he knows that he'll plummet even further in the polls if he doesn't.

Still, coherence was never the PC Left's strong suit -- unlike mass wailing and gnashing of teeth ... 

Friday, March 10, 2017

Bill Leak is gone. What a huge, shocking loss

Logged in to Twitter earlier today. Saw that "Bill Leak" was trending and thought nothing of it. Assumed that he'd offended the #Auspol trollective yet again with another hilarious, incisive and beautifully rendered cartoon. Finally got around to clicking on his name and saw that he had died.

Almost couldn't believe it. He'd only just launched his new book, with none other than Sir Les Patterson in attendance! And he didn't look like a candidate for a heart attack, being so thin and all ... But tragically he's really gone.
Some of his supporters are already blaming his death on the stress of the appalling witch hunt waged against him by the AHRC using Section 18c of the RDA. While I can understand why they take this view, frankly I think that's way too early and simplistic.

Needless to say, purportedly compassionate lefties on Twitter and elsewhere are revealing their mean-spiritedness by gleefully tweeting about his unexpected demise.
There are countless hate tweets like this. They are depressing, and sinister. Hell, he was a bloody cartoonist!

You can understand people being happy at the demise of a child killer, mass murderer or tyrannical politician. But some guy who drew funny pictures? FFS ...

This vile reaction from the Left says a lot about where they're heading. Boy have they gone off course! Back in the day, it was lefties who were the rebellious ratbags. They were the ones who incisively mocked powerful, po-faced, censorious institutions. Now they blindly support them, doing their utmost to bully dissenting voices into silence

As an example of the extent to which political correctness has corroded and dumbed down our culture, check out this tweet from an SBS employee. In it she implicitly accuses the late artist of a kind of "murder by cartoon". Fact that she's a purported comedian herself proves that in Australia's MSM at least, satire really is dead.
And even though many of these sad trolls are calling Leak right-wing and conservative, he never struck me as being strongly ideological in that way -- or any other for that matter. He was just a brilliant artist with a finely honed bullshit detector. He could cut right through to the heart of a complex political issue and rip his target's hypocrisy to ribbons with his elegant brushstrokes. His verbal skill was just as awesome, too. And he managed to do all of that consistently and make you laugh out loud as well! 

The bloke had an awesome, unique talent and his death has left one helluva big hole in our culture. What a massive, tragic loss.

Friday, February 24, 2017

Battle between Abbott and Turnbull precipitated by Bernardi's departure?

It's clearly on between Abbott and Turnbull now. Tension really heated up after Tony made it very clear what he thought the Government should do at the launch for the book Making Australia Right.

I'm sure Tony sincerely believes that he's only speaking up in the interests of his beloved Liberal Party. And his prescriptions are all good, IMO. (I particularly like the one about abolishing the Human Rights Commission. Boy, would it be great if that happened. So much money saved and misery avoided!) That said, it's pretty clear he also wants his old job back. So he's being a bit disingenuous when he says that he's not white-anting. 

In any case, Turnbull is clearly losing his patience. He's said that Abbott's attack on his leadership is "sad". (Hmm. Maybe he's emulating Donald Trump, who often ends tweets with that adjective. If so, it just doesn't have the same effect ... which is actually kinda sad in is own right.)
I think that this open conflict between the two was inevitable. The tension has been palpable, if undeclared, for ages. But I do think that Cory Bernardi leaving the Liberal Party to form his own has sped the whole process up.

With Bernardi's new party Australian Conservatives doing so well in the polls, Tony has realized there really is something massive happening. And he'd better start making some serious moves to stop the Coalition "drifting to a defeat". 

I'm going out on a limb here. But I reckon an Abbott challenge to Turnbull is inevitable. Just a matter of when ...

And whatever happens it's a good thing. There's now a contest again. That's definitely been missing so far under Turnbull.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Caleb Bond's youth and conservatism trigger the Left big time

You may have heard of Caleb Bond. He's a 17 year old columnist for the Daily Telegraph.

He's obviously precocious and prolific. And he's doing very well for himself. But he certainly cops an inordinate amount of snark -- some of it from other media "professionals".

Now, if he were a young leftie he'd be all over the mainstream media with fellow progressive columnists and journos gushing about him non-stop. They'd laud him as wise beyond his years and a great hope for the future and all the rest of it.

But because he has the temerity to be a conservative, they -- along with their fans on social media -- consider him to be fair game. You see lots of witless, nasty abuse of him on Twitter that focuses almost entirely on his young age and ignores what he actually says.

I actually laughed at that tweet. It's such an own goal! After all, it's lefties who insist on remaining child-like their entire lives. Replace "Caleb Bond" with "Jessica Irvine" and it'd be much closer to the mark ... 

Some of the worst abuse of the young commentator comes from leftie women. Disturbingly, it often has a sexual tone to it.

Now, that's actually from a "news editor". (Although she does work at Pedestrian Daily, which is chockas with credulous lefties. So, "fake news editor" would be more apt.)

Now, imagine if there were a 17 year old female columnist employed at The Guardian. And a male editor at the Daily Telegraph mocked her on Twitter, making creepy allusions to her sex life. Not only would this provoke a tsunami of condemnation on social media, it would likely become a mainstream media story in its own right, with female media professionals (perhaps even Alex Bruce-Smith herself!) leading the charge to have him sacked. And they would succeed without a doubt.

Ugh. The Left! They are such a bunch of sexist, ageist bullies aren't they?