Tuesday, October 24, 2017

City of Sydney's offer of free SSM venues is anti-equality

Pretty clear that the Yes side have little intellectual confidence in their own position. That's one of the reasons they're so determined to shout down the opposition. Basically, they don't want Australians to hear the No case. People are much more likely to actually think things through then. If they do that, they'll almost certainly vote no.

Of course the Yes side's approach isn't entirely about censoring their opponents. They do offer some positive reasons we should totally overturn thousands of years of tradition. Their argument -- if you could call it that -- has two main elements.

The first is highly emotive: "It's all about love." So simplistic! Marriage is clearly more complex than that ... In any case, the most zealous SSM advocates don't really mean it. Their side has shown far more hatred for their opponents than the other way around.

Their other favourite catchphrase is “equality”. Again, they are mostly insincere. To say that their behaviour is Orwellian in this regard is not a stretch. In their minds, all people are equal, but some are more equal than others.

A vivid example of this double standard is the offer by City of Sydney for free marriage venue hire for same sex couples if the Yes side wins.

Its proponents have painted resistance to it as an overreaction, claiming that it's just a celebratory measure ... Well, even if it is, it's still a big thing. Hiring out public spaces for weddings from the City of Sydney will set you back several hundred bucks at least. So, saying that only straight couples must cough up is pretty rich. Also, most ratepayers are breeders. So, in a way they'll be forking out for the rainbow weddings even if they themselves don't get hitched.

And frankly I don't trust them to make it last only a short while. Lefties have form on making temporary measures permanent, then ratcheting up their demands.

As with so much of their obnoxious behaviour it really makes you wonder: If they are this brazen now in their desire for discrimination, what other plans do they have in mind? Having won the right to marry, will they then demand that the institution itself be only for the LGBTIQ crowd? Will they demand that straights be banished from it?

If they do get their way and eventually there is a concerted push to deny marriage to heterosexual couples I won't be surprised. If anyone had said that even a year ago I would have thought the idea completely absurd. Now I'm not so sure.

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  1. I'm wondering also how many of these same sex couples encouraged by the CoS to risk into marriage will still be together in 5 years.