Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Newtown hipsters lay down the law: It's not okay to vote no!

About a month ago I saw a guy at Newtown station with a sign reading “It's okay to say no”. I found this so intriguing that I took a photo of him and wrote a Facebook update about it (included at the bottom of this post). As I explained then, at that point he hadn't copped any abuse from the Newtown locals.

Anyhoo, yesterday I was at the Italian Forum in Leichhardt and I bumped into him again.


Curious about how that exercize with the sign panned out I asked him if he eventually did end up copping any snark. He said he most certainly did. He was spat on, harangued, told he had no right to have his opinion ... After a while he got so sick of the abuse that he just gave up and left. (BTW, he mentioned that he changed it to read "it's okay to vote no", which is maybe why no one had been triggered at the time I saw him.) 

I asked him what these people were like. We're they all social justice warriors with blue hair?

He said no, many looked like normal folk -- there were some old people and even children!

So, my worst suspicions were confirmed. Heaps of people totally brainwashed by the Yes side. Sure, the inner west of Sydney is chockas with sneering hipsters. Even so, there's clearly something sinister going on here. It's Orwellian for sure.

Speaking of which, expand the comments on the original FB post below. You'll notice some trolling by ABC journalist Peter Lloyd. He actually says those against SSM have “no right to express a view"! FFS. (To his credit though, he conceded that he could be described as a "neo-bigot". Well, at least he's honest ...)

Still, his petty contributions are not a good look. And if he was "working" at their ABC while he wrote them then that's even worse.

Why should taxpayers fund infantile trolling of those whose only crime is to defend the law of the land, and say we all have a right to express our opinion without being shouted down?

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