Sunday, October 22, 2017

Ten American Twitter champs

Twitter is an awesome tool in many ways. But it's particularly good for anyone interested in current affairs. Its lightning speed makes it the best place to break news, or learn about it. The 140 character limit means users must get straight to the point, too. If you can make a powerful point in a unique way you'll stand out from the pack.

The best people to follow are those who do this on a regular basis, combining wit and insight with compelling information. With this in mind I've decided to list some of my favourite tweeps, starting with those from America.

Donald J Trump Being POTUS, his tweets are significant as a matter of course. His abrasive directness, and the fact that his Twitter feed triggers so many snowflakes, makes him hugely entertaining as well.
Dinesh D'Souza Great writer with a fascinating book about how the Left in America have managed to smear their opposition as fascist, when they themselves are far more deserving of the term.
Ann Coulter Another brilliant writer. Has a knack for making her pithy points with laugh-out loud funny tweets.
Mike Cernovich Fearless, prolific new media mogul with some very well placed sources. Breaks lots of significant stories.
James Woods Legendary actor. Relentless in his attacks on the Clintons in particular. Blocks trolls with flare.
Ben Shapiro Super smart conservative with awesome debating skills.
Bill Mitchell Big time Trump fan. Prolific tweeter and Periscoper with a knack for using metaphor.
Ben Garrison Highly skilled and incisive cartoonist.
Kurt Schlichter Funny writer with a military and legal background.
Roger Stone Long time political insider who worked for Richard Nixon. Lefties hate his guts and the feeling is clearly mutual. Doesn't hold back in his ongoing stoushes with them.

So, there are ten brilliant tweeps for you to check out if you haven't already. Will compile other lists in future.

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