Thursday, October 10, 2013

Love media still wedded to image of evil, rorting Abbott

Amazing to watch the socialist squitterati continue to pursue Abbott in such a focused and relentless manner. They clearly haven't learned a thing. It's as if they still believe that he is the Coalition's weak spot, and ultimately unelectable.

Makes you wanna say: "Hey bozos. He's actually got the gig, and the more you slag him off, the more highly people regard him!"

And on their obsession with the Government's so-called dodgy expenses claims: It goes without saying that they're applying a double standard. There were plenty of cases like this when Gillard and Rudd were PM. But the same hacks squawking up a storm now were pretty much silent then.

Then there's all this eye rolling when it comes to the fact that so many claims related to attendance at various weddings. Puffing themselves up with faux indignation, they huff: "How could you possibly claim such an intimate expression of love as a political networking event!"

It's reminiscent of their tactics on "marriage equality". Their sole aim is to cast themselves as big-hearted compassionate types and the Libs as mean-spirited arseholes. This may convince a few credulous cretins out there. But most can see beyond it.

Then there's the ideological inconsistency. They are always bitching about how marriage is a repressive social institution to enslave women; that's it's not about love at all.

If that's what they believe, then why are they shocked that conservative pols would see marriage as a political activity above all. And if the institution is so oppressive, why would they wish it upon gays and lesbians anyway?

But of course it's pointless to ask such questions of these grotesque, hateful numpties. They're driven by emotion, not sense, after all.