Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Tumblr feminist realizes the world's not so violent after all

Interesting article on Quillette by a former Tumblr feminist about the crazy excesses of her radical feminist ideology. It really does warp reality, if not totally upend it. Take what can qualify as violence in this dark world of perpetual victimhood:

For example, feminist ideology taught me that any opinions that were conservative, or just didn’t align with the party line were violence.  It also taught me that the best way to fight opposition is to try to silence it. Don’t like what someone says? Protest them. Shut their event down.

In retrospect, the fact that I openly embraced an ideology that claimed that holding a conservative viewpoint is the same as life-threatening violence, isn’t just absurd, it’s embarrassing. How was I so deluded?

Good question. And the answer is multifaceted IMO.

She was young and -- as the yoof are wont to do -- she threw herself into this crazy world with gusto. Also, she was getting a lot of help and encouragement from her peers. All people, teenagers in particular, yearn to be part of a community. Once they find one they are terrified of ostracism from it.

Then there were the older -- but not wiser -- feminist thought leaders giving her encouragement.  These sad, bitter women (and men) believe they are engaged in an ongoing war, and do their utmost to recruit energetic young footsoldiers to their cause.

The MSM didn't help either. It helped confirm her delusions with its politically correct line on many issues related to gender.

Despite all this, she still managed to free herself of her ideological chains and embrace reality. That's heartening because there are countless young women trapped in this mindset these days. And the longer they stay there, the harder it is for them to leave ...

Gorilla Harambe's shooting makes activists go bananas

Not at all surprised that countless people are arcing up about the shooting of that magnificent gorilla Harambe when the kid fell into his enclosure. Not only are many grieving the great ape's death and demanding justice; there's a lot of snark being aimed at the parents of the child in question over their "bad parenting". As well as bemoaning cruelty to animals, some activists are even seeing the event through the lens of racial politics.

The killing of Harambe was very sad, no doubt about it. But you can certainly see why the zoo staff acted so decisively. He was agitated, dragging the child around. Shooting a tranquilizer into his body would have enraged him before it took effect. He could easily have taken that anger out on the kid.

People like to think of great apes as completely gentle souls because they only eat plants and live in total harmony with the forest. But they are still wild animals, built like brick shit-houses. And they can lose their shit big time. (Actually, they're a bit like a lot of greenies in that regard -- though generally smarter, of course.)

They can violently attack humans even when they're well accustomed to their company, too. Travis the chimp -- who basically ripped most of a woman's face off -- is a case in point. (That said, he was a bit of a celebrity. That explains a lot, I suppose.)

So, anything could have happened during that ultra-tense situation at Cincinnati Zoo ... And I'm just glad that sanity prevailed. A human life was deemed more valuable than that of an animal. That is as it should be.

Let's just hope that wacky animal rights activists don't have their way. If they do, similar situations could pan out very differently in the future.

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Notch suggests mansplaining equivalents for women. What a guy!

Unlike so many people these days, I've never gotten into gaming. So while I had vaguely heard of Minecraft before I never really knew what it was. Still don't, actually ... But I've gotta say I'm warming to the bloke who designed it, Notch.

The way he's succinctly defined the term mansplaining and not backed down in the face of swarms of fulminating frightbats is, er, ladmirable. Also, being a genuine advocate for gender equity -- unlike his SJW haters -- he's been suggesting some possible terms to describe the female equivalent of the fauxminist fave.

That's something I've given some thought to as well. Rather than generalized gender alternatives, though, I've come up with some more specific terms.

Take "femphasize", for example. That's when a bilious bolshie babe gets all grim and squinty as she makes some daft, misandrist point about a non-existent societal scourge like "rape culture".

And if she's really arcing up, well, she's "ovafemphasizing", isn't she! (Actually, just saw that one of Notch's followers had suggested a similar variation: "ovaryact". Bit more elegant, I gotta say.)

I also thought of "msinform" (though I doubt I'm the first). That's when a fauxminist is spouting utter bollocks -- which is pretty much all these shrieking swivel-eyed termagants ever frickin' do, let's face it.

Then there's the adjective "madamant". That's when a proselytising commie sheila is standing as firm as the short purple hair on her head and she simply won't be corrected on her msinformation. Example: "Colin mansplained for six hours non-stop about the wage gap and how he was sure it was all a myth. But it was no use. Megan was madamant."

And how about "slutter"? I know, I know. You're thinking: "Woah, could be a bit risky there, Matt!" But remember, this is not meant to be remotely derogatory. It's empowering, see, to be used only by and/or for self-described slutwalkers (who, as we all know, invariably walk their talk, and vice versa).

It's most aptly employed when they sassily shut down privileged white males with their searing verbal wit, as in: "'You're just a dickless redneck fucktard loser,' sluttered Harriet, insouciantly."

Also thought of "lassail", "virgintimate", "strumpetulant" and "to jezebel the cat".

Anyhoo, there are a few for your perusal. Might add some more when I'm feeling, er, manspired ... Please feel free to add your own suggestions below in the comment form.

Friday, May 27, 2016

Women can be misogynistic Twitter trolls too! Who'da thunk it?

I read with interest this article about a study of abuse on Twitter, which discovered that about half of the misogynistic tweets being sent are from women.

Of course this runs counter to conventional wisdom. Whenever we talk of misogyny, the assumption is that men are the perpetrators. After all, how could it possibly be that women could hate other women? Members of the gentler sex are all highly supportive of each other, and would never seek to harm their long-suffering sisters -- least of all in a particularly nasty, personal, gender-specific way like those eeevil males do, right?

Yeah, well, anyone who observes reality and takes a few notes along the way will know that's just a big hill o' politically correct balderdash.

Women can be just as mean to women as men are. It's an area in which they have conclusively proven they are every bit men's equals. In some regards they are, er, superior to them.

A 2014 study from cosmetics firm Dove found that over five million negative tweets were posted about beauty and body image. Four out of five were sent by women.


Not only can average garden variety sheilas be misogynists, but feminists can be too. And, seemingly because of their gender and ideology, they are not punished for it when men are. Remember how Mark Latham lost his gig at the Financial Review for offending numerous high profile chicks with his appallingly hateful and sexist views? As Miranda Devine says:

But Fairfax columnist Clementine Ford has called me a “f**ing c**t” on twitter and she still has a job.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Safe Schools and the like lend weight to Bernardi's bestiality claims

Hey, remember when eeevil conservative Cory Bernardi said that same sex marriage was a huge risk because it made it more likely that polygamy and bestiality would become legal? The fluffy wuffies were sneering up a storm, particularly about zoophilia. He was derided as deranged, paranoid, the works. Even a few on his side of the political fence thought these comments were a tad OTT.

Well, if you were one of these people I suggest you have a rethink about what he said in light of recent political developments in Australia and overseas. There's no denying things are getting wacky as all get out on a number of fronts, particularly pertaining to sexual matters.

Take the Safe Schools program, which is clearly not about bullying at all. It's about moulding children's sexuality with a long term view to radically changing society.

Over in the USA Obama has proven to be a champ for the transgender cause. Among other things, he wants laws changed so that boys suffering the delusion that they are girls can use the same toilets as them (and vice versa).

Think that'll be the end of it? If the Left wins this battle, the PC law will be extended to everyone, no doubt.

For some, transgender folk are drearily conformist. See, they believe they are trans-species. The "otherkin" community is getting more and more media attention these days. I'm sure we'll be hearing more about their political demands, too.

Only a matter of time before a transgender human seeks a trans-species, er, beast's paw in marriage. When that happens Bernardi's dire prediction will have already come true in a way. (And I haven't even mentioned the animal rights crowd.)

Then there's paedophilia, which is of course a massive problem that is often organized, and kept under wraps by the rich and powerful (and not just in the Catholic Church). While most people recoil in horror at the depravity of paedophiles some left-wing media outlets have been giving them platforms to explain and justify their sick needs.

That all this stuff is happening at once across the First World is no accident. For the Left to take over it has to destroy the system that's already in place. Rational standards pertaining to sexual identity and behaviour are one of Western Civilization's foundations. That's why they're doing their darnedest to upend them.

They'll try absolutely anything, no matter how ridiculous, to achieve this goal. And their crazy tactics have been very effective up to this point. So why on Earth would they stop now?

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Depp's tomato-toned Barnaby barbs are a reflection of his own red face

If Johnny Depp had any sense and humility, he would quit bringing meeja attention back to his massively embarrassing stoush with Barnaby Joyce. But being a classic Hollywood hypocrite, he just can't help himself.

All his attacks -- the latest being that Joyce appears to possess tomato ancestry -- have been ad hominem ones. Just goes to show that he has no other line of argument. Not only has he been treated as an ordinary mortal, he's also been made a fool of. And he's deeply ashamed about this.

Which is completely understandable. Barnaby totally owned the vain actor and his stupid model wife in a whole mess o' ways. Trying to sneak his two pampered little yappers into Oz was unequivocally wrong and deep down he knows it. That's why it was pathetic -- not to mention disingenuous -- for Depp's many tragic fans on social and mainstream media to dub the Agriculture Minister's treatment of the transgression as an unjust "War on Terrier". If he hadn't been such a world-famous sleb, his brazen flouting of our quarantine laws would have been dealt with much more harshly.

By standing his ground on this issue Joyce was actually being a true egalitarian -- not to mention environmental defender. The fact that so many sneering hipsters who say they care so deeply about Australia's unique, delicate natural ecosystems actually sided with the effete tosser and his vapid squeeze just proved what a pack o' world class hypocrites they are as well!

Not only did Joyce win fair and square. He used the victory to the nation's advantage by demanding that Depp and Heard make that cringeworthy video. This definitely showed who was boss, as well as effectively utilizing the pair's fame to promote our stringent quarantine laws worldwide. As Joyce so eloquently put it, the message went "off like a frog in a sock".

And they reckon Barnaby's got no meeja savvy? FFS.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Notch triggers global "feminist" frenzy by mansplaining, er, mansplaining

You've prolly heard about the latest SJW mega-meltdown. As is so often the case, this one occurred when someone had the temerity to calmly stand up to the shouty purveyors of PC gender cant and offer some common sense analysis in clear, simple terms. Poor little poppets can't handle that at all.

The thought criminal in this case was Markus "Notch" Persson, famed designer of the game Minecraft. And this was what got the global orgy of squawking, sneering and verballing started:  "Mansplaining is a sexist term designed to silence men via gender shaming."

That is an undeniably accurate definition of the word. And the second part of it -- "silencing men via gender shaming" -- captures much of what "feminism" has sadly degenerated into these days. (Fauxminism is a better term for it, actually.)

Being the tiny-minded misandrists that they are, these fauxminists were doubly triggered by the fact that Notch was actually mansplaining what mansplaining meant! But that's what makes it all the more enjoyable for me, I gotta say.

Of course the right-on gender warriors think that being male, he has no right to offer his opinion on the matter. But they forget that he does have a gender neutral surname "Persson". According to their own silly belief that "language creates reality" this makes him eminently qualified to pass judgement, does it not?

Time for the bolshie babes to face facts: Notch's word is LAW!

Hmm. Actually that gives me an idea ...

Gonna change my surname to Hoyden; redefine myself as transgender. (And that's a piece o' piss these days. No snip required!) Then I'll enrol in a Women's Studies course at Sydney Uni.

Ha! I'll be mansplaining mansplaining to tutorials full o' feminist chicks. Aaaand loving it!

Best of all, there'll be nothing they can do to stop me.

Yo byoty! If that's not "subverting the dominant paradigm", I dunno what is.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Horndog Gayle triggers feminists again. Poor petals need training in sass

Not at all surprised that world class Jamaican pantsman -- and batsman -- Chris Gayle has hit feminists for another six with his boorishness. This time his cringeworthy comments were aimed at a white female journalist called Charlotte Edwardes.

Now there's no doubt that what he did was both unprofessional and disrespectful. But the question is how best to respond?

Looks like the full interview isn't out yet, so it's hard to know exactly what went on between the two. However, from the quotes of the report included in other articles it seems that she sat there and endured the humiliation silently. And now she's hitting back retrospectively with her article, pretty much accusing him of sexual harassment. (It also seems likely she's using his clumsy double entrendes as teasers to lift her own profile. Not a good look.)

This is typical of feminism these days. It's so passive aggressive. Rather than swiftly batting away inappropriate advances these tragically stuck up snowflakes endure them sullenly then whine about 'em afterwards, often to (usually male dominated) institutional authorities. They often demand severe punishment for behaviour they could have instantly neutralized at the time with a bit of well-aimed, proactive sass.

Silly ol' me, I thought feminism was about women owning and wielding their sexual power, not demanding to be comprehensively cosseted from every minor assault to their dewicate wittle feewings. But nup. It's all about playing the victim. Not exactly empowering now is it?

So, in an effort to help these poor damsels in perpetual distress I'll offer 'em some useful advice, gratis ... Listen up fauxminists. And listen good. In one easy lesson I'll teach you how to be a real feminist, okay!

Now pretend you're Ms Edwardes. When Gayle says "I have a very, very big bat" don't just sit there smiling though gritted teeth. Lean in really close to him and whisper something like:

"Oooh, yeah! Hard, too. And you really know how to use it ... Pity the one in your pants is so pathetically small and soft."

I think that'd wipe the leer off his face pretty quickly. And you can continue the chat in a more professional manner.

Easy, eh? Fun, too ... So please quit sulking, sisters. And live a little -- 'cause this po-faced puritanism is getting really bloody tiresome, okay!

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Gloria Steinem, holding court in Australia, plays softball with the MSM

So Gloria Steinem is in Australia and local frightbats are all aflutter. Gotta say the high level of adulation does seem a bit odd because we've got heaps of sassy sisters fearlessly fighting the patriarchy here already. Take those world class paradigm busters Vanessa "Van" Badham, and Clementine "Clementine" Ford. You could say we already suffer an embarrassment of, er, riches.

So all this unseemly Gloria-fication seems to confirm that our notorious cultural cringe also applies to victim feminism. It's kind of a "whinge cringe" innit? (Hmmm. I should submit that to the Macquarie Dictionary. They're always looking for new words and phrases along with updated definitions for old ones.)

Still, there's no denying that Steinem, whom Camille Paglia so neatly dubbed the "crafty dowager empress of feminism", really knows how to keep that victim bleat going. Hell, she's been milking the same spurious gripe for decades now. Talk about mega-miles per gallon! If she and her fellow leftie slebs all used fossil fuels with the same level of efficiency then the threat of "catastrophic global warming" would be halved by now, no kidding!

In any case, given how toxic her divisive brand of feminism has been to the developed world, Australia needs Gloria Steinem like a fish needs ... mercury. Yet there are clearly squillions of sob sisters here who reckon she's the duck's nuts -- er, or maybe that's the owl's ovaries ... She really packed 'em out in Melbourne to flog her new tome, don't ya know. Well, nice to know the assembled throng were supporting a book for once. Makes a nice change from wanting to burn 'em, eh! 

But it must be said that to any objective observer, such as myself, Steinem's Oz tour just looks really ... sad. It's a bit like Herman's Hermits singing "Mrs Brown You've Got a Lovely Daughter" to 70 year-olds in Dubbo. She's way past her use by date, let's face it. 

Sadder still is the way that feminist chicks in the local meeja have conducted fawning interviews with her. Take the cozy chat she had with Leigh Sales. It was just one softball question after another that evoked a predictable series of sisterhood statements

The conversation did veer toward the upcoming US election. But Sales studiously avoided quizzing her on that dreadful faux pas she committed regarding Bernie Sanders's female support base. (She said many young women were only there for the boys, remember.) Can do better, Leigh! 

Speaking of the wily ol' Bernster, did you know that a while back Gloria Steinem actually dubbed him an "honorary woman"? And no snip required! You couldn't make it up, could you? 

Apparently it was a somewhat controversial decision at the time. Upon hearing of it many of her fellow frightbats yelled "Eeek! Boy germs!" and fell onto their fainting couches. 

I seriously doubt Bernie/Bernadette used any female bathrooms upon receiving this official amendment to his/her gender (which as we all know, is an entirely social construct). But if he/she retained the woman card issued to him/her at the time he/she certainly could now. (And he/she may actually need to. Bladder weakness tends to increase with advancing years. So it's nice to have extra options available.) 

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Duncan Storrar sledges News Corp. But the issue is a complex one

Duncan Storrar has broken his silence on his treatment by sections of the mainstream media. Good to know that he is mentally strong enough to issue a statement on this because there were recent reports that he was on suicide watch.

I don't think that there's any doubt that while he's "no angel", he's certainly been a victim in all this, and that commercial media outlets can be heartless and brutal. But it's also clear that the love media played a big part in these events, even though they have not been condemned by Storrar and his supporters. They created a false narrative that News Ltd debunked, after all.

Many people, and not just those on the Left, look at the treatment of Storrar as being exceptionally callous. But it should be remembered that citizens are having embarrassing, unsavoury details of their private lives published in news reports all the time. Actually, that's kinda what news is! Most of those involved find this deeply upsetting. (Unless they're weirdo narcissists, that is. And there are a quite few of those. They're called celebrities.)

And I'm not just referring to the perpetrators of wrongdoing. The victims and their families suffer greatly too. They're trying to move on from traumatic events, often of a violent nature. But they get traumatized all over again when their suffering is detailed in media reports seen, heard and read by millions. And journos right across the political spectrum are rapacious in their quest for relevant details and images to embellish their stories with, often shamelessly plundering Facebook accounts, for example.

So saying that News Ltd should have held off reporting about Storrar's past is a very long bow to draw. Sure, that headline about him being a villain was brutal as. But it pretty much wrote itself after he'd been hailed as a hero by the Q and A luvvies.

The tabloids are a business, let's face it. It's not edifying. But it's a fact. And there's little doubt that a headline like that really got people's attention and resulted in brisk sales.

Attempts at tone policing are inevitably disastrous even in controlled environments like uni campuses. So they're not gonna fly in the hurly burly of the wider world, now are they?

So what can be done to stop episodes like this one occurring again? Next to nothing, I'd say. But you can learn from them. And the lesson I take from the Storrar story and countless others like it is that the mainstream media are like misery farms. They see human lives as wheat, ripping out the grain to make daily bread for the famished masses. You get caught up in that process and you're toast! So, best to stay clear of their threshing machines if you can ...

Needless to say, sometimes you won't be able to. On occasion, events beyond your control will thrust you into the spotlight. That's why you should toughen up regardless. It's a brutal world we live in, far more insecure than in decades past -- and not just when it comes to the media. So becoming "antifragile" is a worthwhile goal for everyone these days IMO.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

All hail Barack Obama, Leader of the Pee World!

Didn't seem all that long ago that Barack Obama was running for office, promising all that hope and change. Needless to say, anyone with at least one eye half open and an IQ over fifty knew at the time that this was gonna end in tears.

But that description doesn't include most lefties, of course. These tragic sheeple will buy anything that fits their child-brained narrative and are a doddle to manipulate. So they genuinely believed BO was gonna fix all the world's problems -- racism, poverty, climate change, you name it.

Well, surprise surprise, he's made a hash of pretty much everything. He's really got the, er, "Sadim touch", has Barack. Total SNAFUs to his discredit include going soft on Iran and its quest to create nuclear weapons, thereby making the Middle East in particular and the world in general a whole lot more dangerous, along with greatly exacerbating racial tensions in the USA -- a situation made even more tragic given that he promoted himself as a great racial healer!

His latest "healing" act: Proposing a law that makes it legal for kids deluded about their own gender to use the bathrooms of their choice. Not only that, if federally funded hospitals don't supply gender reassignment and abortion services they risk losing their funding.

Totally. Bloody. Insane.

He's like the Social Justice Warrior in Chief, this guy. As we all know SJWs not only always screw things up, they never admit that they're wrong. On the contrary, they double down. So Obama clearly believes he's doing a fantastic job, as do his countless zombie followers -- who will continue to sing his praises long after he leaves the White House, no doubt.

And they wonder why the "Trump Train" keeps gathering momentum?


Friday, May 13, 2016

Storrar story says more about MSM agendas than government policy

Gotta feel a bit sorry for Duncan Storrar. Sure, he did go on a national TV show and asked a question and had a gripe. By doing that you are making yourself a public figure, albeit briefly. And once that happens you lose all control over what ensues.

Still, the poor bastard has really reaped the whirlwind. His criminal history is now on display for the whole nation to see and he's been publicly sledged by his own son. That's gotta hurt. Given how it all started this does seem a tad OTT IMHO. (Of course he should never have committed those crimes in the first place. Still, if he did time in the clink for them then he has "paid a debt to society" as the saying goes. This should be considered even if you don't think it was enough.)

Now, of course all the sneering hipsters on social media are wailing about News Ltd for uncovering unsavoury details of Storrar's past. They're calling it victimization. But really, it's just journalism. When someone is a public figure and is being held up as something he's not, then the public has a right to know the truth, don't they?

(Extreme example to help lefties understand: If you're a high profile Bible basher who presents yourself as a pillar of the community and condemns the evils of sex out of marriage, then surely it's newsworthy if you get sprung in a hot tub with a bevy of Satanic rent boys and a goat!)

And when you look at how Storrar's profile rose so quickly it was definitely Q and A that started the ball rolling. They say they offer a forum "where you get to ask the questions". Yeah, but it's the show's producers who choose 'em. And they do so with a very clear agenda. That's to make the conservative side of politics look bad if they can.

So, if you think Murdoch's minions are bullies, then you'd have to concede that their ABC did victim-ize Storrar from the get go as well -- albeit in a "friendly" way that concurred with his own self-perception. They were engaged in activism of the kind they've practised many times before (take that Zaky Mallah debacle for example).

Their fellow lefties went crazy for Storrar, especially on social media. They built him up into this working class hero, cruelly treated by the flint-hearted Tories. (It was kinda the inverse of the ghastly public shaming these platforms are often used for by the faceless hordes.)

Now, if they hadn't done this his past wouldn't have become newsworthy and none of Rupert's, er, henchpeople would have started snooping around, right? He would've just been another bloke in the audience.

So, activist lefties, here's a tip: If you don't want powerless individuals to suffer great and public humiliation then don't set them up for it in the first place, okay?

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Islamic State launches app to radicalize kids

Some people have been comparing Islamic State to the Nazis. Don't think that's too long a bow at all. It could even be said that the head-hacking goons are worse than Hitler and his henchman. The Nazis hid their atrocities after all. But ISIS are proud of theirs.

And their depravity seems to have no end. Each of their gruesome, sadistic acts seems worse than the last. Literally, there are no words for how despicable these creatures are. Their exploitation of children in particular confirms that they simply have no moral compass whatsoever.

Another sickening aspect of their activities is how they use today's technology. Sure, these brutal Islamists aren't great inventors or developers in the Bill Gates mould. But they are certainly adept at getting their message across using digital devices and platforms.

Recently they combined these two repellant elements in one invention: An app to radicalize children.

Ugh. You couldn't make this kind of stuff up, could you?

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Humble Abbott vs narcissistic Turnbull

Lefties are nothing if not predictable. If they see something one way, it's pretty much a lay down misere that the truth will be the exact opposite, or close to it. Take their very jaundiced view of Tony Abbott. In their eyes he's a misogynist, a homophobe, an elitist and a racist among other things.

But evidence tells us that the opposite is the case. He regularly spends time in outback indigenous communities. His own sister -- a lesbian -- says he doesn't hate gays and dykes. His female staff speak highly of him and even arch enemy mummy blogger Mia Freedman said she found him hard to hate when she finally got to meet him.

Regarding his alleged elitism: There was that endearing tale of Tony lobbing to pick up a second hand fridge. And there's an interesting little item from yesterday ... See, a bloke's car broke down on the road in Sydney's north and none other than our former PM jumped out of his own to give him a hand.

While this story did make it to a coupla outlets, it certainly hasn't been promoted far and wide. The reason is obvious. It debunks the narrative that the leftie Abbott-haters in the MSM want to keep alive in the public mind.

Turnbull, on the other hand has long been in their good books -- although he has lowered in their estimation since taking office. That's mainly because they thought he was gonna give 'em everything they wanted. But he's only delivered some of it so far.

They waxed lyrical about his communication skills, huuuge intellect, meeja smarts and all the rest of it. They also liked to present him as more of a man of the people than Abbott, even though he's filthy rich. He catches public transport, don't ya know. What an egalitarian!

But the reality is obvious. Turnbull is not nearly as smart, decisive and competent as they (and he) reckon. And he's always been far more stuck up than the man he replaced. Many have described him as a narcissist. And this case of him renaming the party in promo material certainly supports that view.

Then there's his obvious controlling nature. He saw his knifing of Abbott as "just business" and he wants everyone else to just move on from it. He can't stand the fact that people still wanna know about it, and what it says about those who supported him.

One of those traitors was Fiona Scott. Look at the fear and discomfort in her eyes in this train wreck interview today. Is she packin' death about her own electoral chances, or the dressing down from the PM if she says the wrong thing? Prolly a bit of both ...

And check out Turnbull's own creepily frozen expression when the reporter asks about Scott's support of him over Abbott. That dazzling grin of his has certainly lost its sparkle. More of a pained grimace, actually.

What a wretched, controlling character he appears to be ... And can you imagine him helping you push your car if it broke down?

Neither can I.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Camille Paglia is back and sticking it to the PC thought police

Back in the mid nineties I was living Melbourne, doing standup comedy and getting some acting work here and there. Needless to say a lot of my fellow arty wankers were full on lefties. Heaps of feminist chicks, too.

They were always quacking on about equality, freedom of speech, artistic integrity, diversity and all the rest of it. But it slowly became very clear to me that they didn't walk their talk -- barely crawled it, actually. In reality they were highly conformist and intolerant of any views other than their own. This was especially true of anything to do with the Bloke-Chick Thing.

Anyhoo, I started looking beyond The Age (then as now a drearily right-on rag) for info and views. Somehow I got to hear about Camille Paglia, this feminist who was ruffling other feminists' wings big time. I can remember saying to a coupla bolshie babes I knew at the time: "Why are you so hostile to her? Isn't feminism a broad church?"

These days such a suggestion would prolly require a trigger warning, coz they would almost blow their tops, no kidding. When they managed to calm down they'd always tersely state something along these lines: "Camille Paglia is not a feminist, okay!"

I found the notion of a feminist who wasn't intriguing, and promptly read her epic tome Sexual Personae. It's a fantastic book and I'd recommend it to anyone interested in art, history, politics and the culture wars.

Unlike today's social justice warriors -- who've basically got their heads whopped up their own clackers (as Van the Man might say, they've got their eyes closed in the dark) -- Camille Paglia uses a much wider, longer lens, viewing contemporary developments in a grand, global, historical context.

She really burst onto the scene in the early nineties and was quite a celebrity at the time. But while she was still busy in the noughties, her media profile certainly waned considerably.

Now, with the resurgence of an extremely toxic, divisive and authoritarian version of political correctness -- particularly on American campuses -- her insights have become more relevant than ever. So she's popping up all over the place and triggering countless finger-wagging arsehats, which is great to know.

Monday, May 9, 2016

Waleed Aly a safe, PC Gold Logie award choice

Congrats to Waleed Aly for snaring the Gold Logie last night. My first thought: Excellent. He can melt it down and trade it for cold hard cash. Then he'll finally be able to buy that house!

Er, but then I remembered that of course it was made of fool's gold. So it's back to renting for poor Waleed -- unless some devoted fan starts a crowdfunding campaign on Pozible or something ...

In any case I was hardly surprised by his win. While the Logies purport to be a fair and democratic reflection of the viewers' collective opinion, I think they're quite a way from this in reality. That's because the various TV channels decide which of their personalities they'll push into contention.

Selecting the finest in Aussie TV Land is not unlike voting for a PM, really. On election day you do get to choose from a range of pollies. But you don't get to choose who to choose from, if you get my drift.

So the Logies are not truly rigged. But they're manipulated to some degree in that wins result from a combo of insider nudge tactics and genuine public opinion.

Needless to say, the fluffy wuffies on Twitter and elsewhere saw the choice of Aly as some sort of paradigm-busting cultural event. (And as usual they want it both ways: Australia is admirably egalitarian for awarding him, and deeply racist for criticizing the win ... WTF?)

Really, all it showed was that the sneering hipsters who dominate Aussie TV culture desperately wanted him to get the gong. (And that's not mainly because he's non-Anglo, BTW. It's because of his religion, Islam -- which as any sane adult knows, is not a race.) And the viewers were happy to support this goal when casting their votes.

And why wouldn't they be? To use the anodyne PC-speak favoured by social justice warriors Aussies have long been "tolerant of diversity" anyway.

True to form the crusading Aly himself framed his win in drearily right-on social justice terms:

Aly has taken out the top prize at Australian television's night of nights, dedicating his Gold Logie to "Dimitri, Mustafa, and all other people with unpronounceable names like Waleed".

"Waleed" unpronounceable? Eh?

Perhaps he was talking about the smug lefties that surround him in the studio. Wouldn't be surprised if they struggle, prolly 'cause they're so used to referring to that footy guy, Wally.

Anyhoo, "Aly" is even more of a doddle. Certainly less of a tongue-twister than "Aloysius" ...

And what was all that about a bloke called Mustafa who said he can't get a job if he uses that name? Well, all I can say is don't tell these guys. Doesn't seem to have done them any harm.

So, all in all some pretty meaningless PC cant from the Gold Logie winner.

Speaking of which: "Hall of Famer" Noni Hazlehurst actually managed to outdo him in that regard:

"For many decades Play School has been a safe haven for small children in an increasingly complex media landscape and world.

"I started to see a world through the preschoolers' eyes to see how free and unafraid they are to just be. They haven't yet been conditioned.

"But also how easily frightened and overwhelmed they are. How easily abused, and particularly how empathetic they are. No child is born a bigot."

And as that little gargle itself attests no leftie sleb ever becomes an adult, either.

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Northwestern Uni frat house furore shows feminists never satisfied

Watching today's victim feminists prosecute their toxic campus campaigns is funny, sad, and oh so predictable. They've really got their tactics down pat.

See, they use a two-pronged approach that the lumpen Left have been employing to great effect for yonks. If you're one of these malignant, parasitic creeps and you wanna start monstering folk (which of course you will do, since the subordination of others is like oxygen to you) the process is pretty straightforward.

Basically, you take a genuine social ill and cynically use it to claim victimhood yourself, implying that all members of the group you're targeting are somehow complicit in this scourge. Then demand of them a demonstration of support, to prove that they've been "attitudinally reconstructed". When your crybullying bears fruit and they show obeisance in some form or other, sit there sulking and whine that this is still not good enough!

Rinse, repeat.

Here's a good illo of this method from one of those alarmingly SJW-infested campuses in America:

Northwestern University fraternities thought they were doing the right and noble thing, hanging banners off the sides of their houses reminding students that it was Sex Assault Awareness Month.

But not only was the move not enough to satisfy campus social justice warriors, some SJWs forced the fraternities to issue a blanket apology for their effort, because their signs might have “triggered” some students.

Nothing is ever good enough for 'em. Contrary to their claims they're never really trying to make life fair, right, and good; to bring peace and harmony, etc. They're just relentlessly seeking power over others. And like the tapeworm that finally kills its host, they'll keep on going as long as they have breath.

The same thing is happening here in Australia, most notably with this nationwide chorus of guilt-trippy whining 'n' shrieking about domestic violence. The miserable frightbats who push these sinister, misandrist campaigns that slime all men for the brutality of a few don't give a rat's about the suffering of women and children, really. They're just exploiting it to monster others with their gruesome sanctimony. And they'll keep going until they totally subordinate, and in some cases, psychologically cripple their targets.

That's why any bloke who is nagged by these tragic termagants should resist from the get go. Stand your ground and say: "Not guilty, Toots. You and yer twisted sisters can all go take a flying faaaark at a bouncing dildo!"

Then just stay away from them at all times. Really, it's the only way. You'll be damned if you do; damned if you don't. Better to take the latter option. If you start acceding to their demands they'll eat you alive eventually, no kidding.

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Shorten is wrong. His and Turnbull's personality will be a huge factor

You've probably heard that great line "politics is show business for ugly people". It's funny and has a lot of truth to it. (The aphorism's inverse, that showbiz is politics for pretty people, does too. Look at how movie stars compete for agents -- who themselves battle each other viciously -- and advance their careers with feel-good causes, for example.)

Needless to say, show business proper is all about celebrity. And if you wanna make it as a sleb, you gotta have personality, baby!

Similarly, a politician's personality is a hugely influential factor in the eyes of the electorate. Of course he doesn't need to be able to sing, dance, or tell jokes. And voters don't absolutely have to like him -- although of course it helps if they do. But they do need to feel that they know what makes him tick; where he's coming from; what he truly believes in.

That's why I think Bill Shorten got it wrong with this observation about the upcoming election:

Speaking in Sydney today, Opposition Leader Bill Shorten said Australians should realise Mr Turnbull favoured wealthy people.

"When you hear some people say more money doesn't fix things, the only people who have that view are people who already have enough money," Mr Shorten said.

"The more [people] look at the policies, not the personalities, and they see our positive plans, I'm optimistic that despite our underdog status people will realise that a Labor government will put people first," he told Channel Nine.

Shorten is trying the ol' class warfare line here. That will have some influence, of course. But I think that a bigger reason he's now got a very good chance of winning the election is because voters are finally getting a handle on Turnbull's character (or lack thereof) and they don't like it at all.

They started off blinded by his dazzling smile and impressed by his authoritative manner. But his tendency to waffle and his inability to actually get anything done have prompted a massive reappraisal of him.

Also, I think a lot of people are starting to suspect that Turnbull is not nearly as smart as he thinks he is, and all his tragic meeja boosters have been telling us. Take this train wreck interview with David Speers, in which he couldn't bring himself to state a simple dollar amount.

This could have been another example of his tragic tendency to waffle. But it seems likelier that he just didn't know what it was. Both these interpretations reflect very poorly on him as a pollie, and as a person. Hell, if he isn't across this kind of info, why on Earth is he in the top job?

Voters have had a longer look at Shorten and they've got a clearer idea of what he's like deep down. Aside from those tragically deluded rusted-on Labor voters who think he's a real "salt of the earth" "man of the people", I think most Aussies see him for what he is: a ruthlessly ambitious opportunist with a very murky past as a unionist, and one who is beholden to that movement as well as to other special interest groups in his party. They don't really trust him. But they kinda know where he's coming from.

Of course there are other factors that they're considering, with policies significant among them. And I know we don't vote for the PM directly on election day. But we are all mindful of who is leading each party and how we perceive his personality is a massive part of what goes into making our final choice.

Friday, May 6, 2016

Candace Owens's claims not outlandish given SJWs' form on hoaxes

Lately, I have been thinking about the ongoing saga over Candace Owens's ill-fated anti-cyber bullying startup Social Autopsy. The young entrepreneur's claims about a conspiracy between "anti-bullying" activists and liberal journalists are pretty jaw-dropping.

Needless to say those on the SOCJUS side say they're all a load of tosh. Gamergaters, on the other hand, just shrug, not surprised at all.

Some journos have attempted to be very fair about the whole thing, such as the excellent Cathy Young. In this article for example, she says there's no smoking gun proving Owens's case.

That may well be. But I found it very compelling for a couple of reasons.

Firstly, there's the astonishing extent to which social justice warriors have signed up to the politically correct victim narrative. It's such a massive part of how they perceive themselves. They have to see oppression everywhere to know who they are, basically.

So that goes a long way to explaining the unconscious bias that numerous journos have in covering these issues as well as the way right-on activists often hugely exaggerate the severity and pervasiveness of the social ills they claim to be bravely combating.

But would such people knowingly engage in online "false flag" operations?

Well, it's something that most people would never even consider doing their entire lives. But we are talking about lefties here. They are well known for running fast and loose with the truth. They tend to have this view that they can ultimately create a perfect world, after all. So to them, "the end justifies the means".

Take the many recent hate crime hoaxes on American campuses, for example. These are so frequent that you've gotta wonder if the racist hatred that liberal students and academics constantly rail at even exists at all in America's higher education system.

Given that SJWs have such form when it comes to faking hate crimes on campuses, why wouldn't they engineer online harassment campaigns to bolster claims of victimhood, and even use the same methods against others they deem to be a threat?

Not too long a bow at all, IMHO.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Lisa Wilkinson's Waleed Aly "gaffe" shows her true "Westie" nature

As we all know, politically correct lefties are humungous hypocrites. They are forever falsely accusing others of racism, sexism, homophobia and all the rest of it. Occasionally they are correct ('cause, you know, a busted clock is right twice a day). But most of the time they are just falsely sliming better, smarter, more principled people then they are to further their own careers. Not only that, in their unguarded moments they often reveal themselves to be guilty of these same flaws, and to a far greater extent.

The unfortunate little "gaffe" that ageing TV sleb Lisa Wilkinson made about Gold Logie nominee Waleed Aly recently is a case in point. Now before I get to it, some background on Ms Wilkinson:

While lil' Lisa may be a physical featherweight, intellectually she's on the other end of the scale, no kidding. See, as well as having been co-host of that high falutin' televisual journal of record Weekend Sunrise along with fellow public intellectual Andew O'Keefe, she even used to edit Dolly! Impressive stuff, no doubt about it. No wonder she's been a guest on the incisive and undeniably fair and balanced ABC panel show Q and A.

During that particular appearance she expressed a great deal of seeming concern for the marginalised in our society, upbraiding George Brandis:

LISA WILKINSON: But you can't seem to understand how that would cause enormous discomfort for somebody and they would withdraw from public life. Do you think that’s because you are a white, able-bodied, heterosexual male?

So, pretty funny and telling that she's just been caught out making an outrageous comment that clearly referenced Waleed Aly.

On the morning after the Logie nominations were announced last month, Karl Stefanovic and Ben Fordham discussed the contenders on the Channel Nine breakfast show.

“Where is Lisa Wilkinson’s Gold Logie?” Fordham asked.

“I think it’s very clear, Lisa’s too white,” Stefanovic joked.

Wilkinson then chimed in with, “I got a spray tan and everything, still didn’t make it”.

Oh. Dear.

Just imagine the cries of "racism!" that Lisa's fellow travellers would have emitted en masse if Jones, Hadley or Latham had said the same thing. But given Lisa's leftie credentials there's been buggerall howling from the usual suspects so far. Even Waleed Aly himself was forgiving after she "reached out to him" (desperately covered her arse, in other words).

That said, no one is safe from the SJWs these days. So now that the issue is again in the news with the revelation about Wilkinson contacting Aly it could still snowball. No wonder Wilkinson's other half "Pirate Pete" FitzSimons has tweeted in support of the little lady, his trademark red bandanna quite possibly drenched with sweat.
While Wilkinson's hypocrisy is obvious, you gotta wonder what's behind that telling little "gaffe". Well, given that on Q and A she used the tried, trusted PC class-race-gender template in characterising Brandis's take on bigotry, I'll do the same with her. It's only fair, after all ...

And this tells me that her submerged but nonetheless obvious racism has much to do with her childhood growing up in Sydney's western suburbs. Ex-Westie Ms Wilkinson's current pals in the meeja's upper echelons look down on these areas privately if not publicly, and see them as hotbeds of bigotry born of "white trash" ignorance. The sneering inner city hipsters often use labels like "Boganville" to describe them.

So, it just goes to show you can take the bimbo out of Boganville. But you can't take the Boganville out of the bimbo, eh!

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Devine and Latham own Badham and O'Keefe on Sunrise

Sure you've heard about that heated debate on Weekend Sunrise about man bashing. I first heard about it on Twitter where the leftist trollective were having kittens over Mark Latham. True to form they didn't address any of his arguments. Just bleated variations on "Why the hell do they keep giving this arsehole a platform?". Totally caught up in their lefteous indignation, the poor little poppets never twigged that the fact that so many of them were asking this very question was a big part of the answer to it.

Being busy, I didn't watch the entire segment -- which posed the question "Are men becoming second class citizens?" -- until last night. But even though it's kinda old news already I thought it was worth writing about since it was a very good example of bolshie bluster and bullying.

Early on Miranda Devine succinctly summarized what so many people are arcing up about these days. There is and has long been a toxic strand of feminism obsessed with casting women as victims and demonising men. It's doing severe damage to the fabric of Australian society.

This was a perfectly reasonable opinion, calmly expressed. But Van Badham, sitting on her fainting couch in Melbourne, immediately interpreted this as a personal attack! And then she accused Devine of being paranoid. This was a textbook example of projection, one of the defining characteristics of the "social justice warrior".

Andrew O'Keefe shamelessly ditched his role as a detached moderator and took Badham's side, mindlessly regurgitating dodgy statistics about "the wage gap". (And in a small but telling aside he also invoked the idea of "rape clubs" which even the decidedly PC Vox conceded was a myth.)

When they could get a word in, Latham and Devine observed that one of the main reasons women earn less on average than men is because they work fewer hours, by choice. But O'Keefe and Badham, true to SJW form, just upped the ante.

Hard to remember everything exactly and in sequence, but well into the debate O'Keefe accused Latham of making a personal attack. But that was exactly what Badham did to Devine by calling her paranoid at the beginning and he happily let that pass.

Badham was obnoxiously hypocritical and self-indulgent throughout, rudely talking over others then falsely accusing them of doing that to her along with excluding her in a sexist way. Hardly surprising, of course. It's about the only thing she and her fellow "feminists" ever do ... Speaking of which, Badham's somewhat saner but still seriously silly sister Tracey Spicer tweeted this about Latham:
So funny given that Spicer et al are always accusing men of shaming women with regard to their sexual behaviour and weight, among other things. Yet here she was quite explicitly doing that to Latham.

Not only that, the claim was utter bollocks. Tracey's take is the opposite of what happened. As Badham blathered on about this alleged event as if it was some kind of unbeatable argument Latham was silent. The person who did interrupt her was the female host of the show (who, unlike O'Keefe, did a good job, BTW).

And Spicer is a journalist? Gawd ...

On the subject of women only carriages Devine offered good sense again, saying that while some men are abusers, men are also protectors. If women feel unsafe then what you have is a policing problem.

To which Latham added words along the lines of "if you put yourself in the mind of the sexual predator, the pink carriages will be their first target".

Both O'Keefe and Badham then used a favourite tactic of the Left. They snidely implied that this thought experiment was a reflection on Latham's character. It was a dog whistle to their fellow lefties that said "he's thinking like a rapist because he's close to being a rapist".

Now, that's nonsense for a start. Cops, in particular serial killer profilers, put themselves in the minds of criminals as a necessary step in solving crimes. And no sensible person would say they are bad guys, would they?

It's also really mean-spirited and vicious. Still, that's typical of the Left. They don't have any valid arguments so rather than politely refute a view with evidence and reason they always go straight to "you're a hateful, bad person, quite possibly a criminal".

This, in turn, is because they're completely up themselves. They think it's all about them and their precious fee-fees.

So it's hardly surprising that Badham thought she did brilliantly in the debate. She was so enamoured of her own performance -- a trainwreck from start to finish by any rational measure -- that she actually asked her followers on Twitter to create a GIF of her rolling her eyes at Latham. And one of them obliged, no fibs!

Really, this chick oughta check her swivilege.

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Sunday, May 1, 2016

Why I pity Trigglypuff but detest the "social justice" ideology that created her

Anyone who has been following developments related to freedom of speech (or rather the alarming lack thereof!) in American universities will be well aware of "Trigglypuff", the student who suffers a meltdown over conservative speakers at her campus.

As Paul Joseph Watson observes in the video embedded below, she's "the GIF that keeps on giving". If a picture paints a thousand words, then this little vid has written squillions of thick tomes about the Left, none of them remotely nice.

But I've gotta say I do feel a bit sorry for Trigglypuff. Being turned into a meme and mocked globally would be an extremely unpleasant experience regardless of your political leanings.

And she's just a kid! Well, not quite, but you get my drift ... Her behaviour is definitely obnoxious and censorious. But when you're at that age it's much easier to go overboard on stuff and be an utter bell end than when you're a few years older. And she really is just doing what she's been exhorted to do by her peer group and, presumably, lecturers. They've ginned her up to behave like this.

And in the end it's her behaviour that is so, er, problematic. It's not her size and appearance, which had much to do with the vdeo going viral.

That said, her weight is related to her ideology, since she's into all that fat acceptance nonsense and would probably be much lighter, and therefore healthier, if she hadn't embraced it.

Really, that stuff is so destructive. Being morbidly obese should not be celebrated, okay! In the vid the poor girl almost collapses from the exertion of shaking her arms and screaming at the conservatives. It's funny in a way but it's also a sign that even at such a young age her health is very poor. And that's depressing. (I don't like lefties as a rule but I don't wanna see them pop their clogs before their time. Would much prefer that they live as long as everyone else so they might eventually grow the far cup, and thereby shed their toxic ideology of victimhood.)

The tragicomedy (or rather, commie tragedy) of Trigglypuff is that she's a useful idiot for older -- and prolly a tad less hysterical -- leftist ideologues. Ironically, she's ended up proving to be very useful to their opponents, too. She's been used by both sides!

Sadder still is the likelihood that she'll learn nothing from the experience. The tsunami of jokes and abuse about her appearance will no doubt magnify her sense of victimhood. She'll probably engage in even more obnoxious, censorious "social justice" activism down the track.

And, in another irony, that's where she may ultimately, er, "benefit" from the whole experience. Just as many on the Right see her as the poster child for leftist stupidity, the PC Left will see her meme-ification as "objectification" and turn her into a kind of socialist sleb in her own right. You never know, she might even turn her ordeal into cold hard cash in the long run. It's certainly been done many times before ...

But even if Trigglypuff herself doesn't decide to use her suffering as a way to earn "victimbux" there are plenty of people in the meeja and halls of quackademe who will do this indirectly anyway. 

And that's the thing that I find most repellent about politically correct "social justice". It's not really about healing society. It's about perpetuating a narrative that cynical socialists leverage for power and income. Many righties do cruelly mock society's genuine victims. That's ugly and wrong. But socialists live comfortably off their suffering and desperately want it to continue. And that's far, far worse.