Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Humble Abbott vs narcissistic Turnbull

Lefties are nothing if not predictable. If they see something one way, it's pretty much a lay down misere that the truth will be the exact opposite, or close to it. Take their very jaundiced view of Tony Abbott. In their eyes he's a misogynist, a homophobe, an elitist and a racist among other things.

But evidence tells us that the opposite is the case. He regularly spends time in outback indigenous communities. His own sister -- a lesbian -- says he doesn't hate gays and dykes. His female staff speak highly of him and even arch enemy mummy blogger Mia Freedman said she found him hard to hate when she finally got to meet him.

Regarding his alleged elitism: There was that endearing tale of Tony lobbing to pick up a second hand fridge. And there's an interesting little item from yesterday ... See, a bloke's car broke down on the road in Sydney's north and none other than our former PM jumped out of his own to give him a hand.

While this story did make it to a coupla outlets, it certainly hasn't been promoted far and wide. The reason is obvious. It debunks the narrative that the leftie Abbott-haters in the MSM want to keep alive in the public mind.

Turnbull, on the other hand has long been in their good books -- although he has lowered in their estimation since taking office. That's mainly because they thought he was gonna give 'em everything they wanted. But he's only delivered some of it so far.

They waxed lyrical about his communication skills, huuuge intellect, meeja smarts and all the rest of it. They also liked to present him as more of a man of the people than Abbott, even though he's filthy rich. He catches public transport, don't ya know. What an egalitarian!

But the reality is obvious. Turnbull is not nearly as smart, decisive and competent as they (and he) reckon. And he's always been far more stuck up than the man he replaced. Many have described him as a narcissist. And this case of him renaming the party in promo material certainly supports that view.

Then there's his obvious controlling nature. He saw his knifing of Abbott as "just business" and he wants everyone else to just move on from it. He can't stand the fact that people still wanna know about it, and what it says about those who supported him.

One of those traitors was Fiona Scott. Look at the fear and discomfort in her eyes in this train wreck interview today. Is she packin' death about her own electoral chances, or the dressing down from the PM if she says the wrong thing? Prolly a bit of both ...

And check out Turnbull's own creepily frozen expression when the reporter asks about Scott's support of him over Abbott. That dazzling grin of his has certainly lost its sparkle. More of a pained grimace, actually.

What a wretched, controlling character he appears to be ... And can you imagine him helping you push your car if it broke down?

Neither can I.

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