Friday, May 6, 2016

Candace Owens's claims not outlandish given SJWs' form on hoaxes

Lately, I have been thinking about the ongoing saga over Candace Owens's ill-fated anti-cyber bullying startup Social Autopsy. The young entrepreneur's claims about a conspiracy between "anti-bullying" activists and liberal journalists are pretty jaw-dropping.

Needless to say those on the SOCJUS side say they're all a load of tosh. Gamergaters, on the other hand, just shrug, not surprised at all.

Some journos have attempted to be very fair about the whole thing, such as the excellent Cathy Young. In this article for example, she says there's no smoking gun proving Owens's case.

That may well be. But I found it very compelling for a couple of reasons.

Firstly, there's the astonishing extent to which social justice warriors have signed up to the politically correct victim narrative. It's such a massive part of how they perceive themselves. They have to see oppression everywhere to know who they are, basically.

So that goes a long way to explaining the unconscious bias that numerous journos have in covering these issues as well as the way right-on activists often hugely exaggerate the severity and pervasiveness of the social ills they claim to be bravely combating.

But would such people knowingly engage in online "false flag" operations?

Well, it's something that most people would never even consider doing their entire lives. But we are talking about lefties here. They are well known for running fast and loose with the truth. They tend to have this view that they can ultimately create a perfect world, after all. So to them, "the end justifies the means".

Take the many recent hate crime hoaxes on American campuses, for example. These are so frequent that you've gotta wonder if the racist hatred that liberal students and academics constantly rail at even exists at all in America's higher education system.

Given that SJWs have such form when it comes to faking hate crimes on campuses, why wouldn't they engineer online harassment campaigns to bolster claims of victimhood, and even use the same methods against others they deem to be a threat?

Not too long a bow at all, IMHO.

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