Sunday, May 29, 2016

Notch suggests mansplaining equivalents for women. What a guy!

Unlike so many people these days, I've never gotten into gaming. So while I had vaguely heard of Minecraft before I never really knew what it was. Still don't, actually ... But I've gotta say I'm warming to the bloke who designed it, Notch.

The way he's succinctly defined the term mansplaining and not backed down in the face of swarms of fulminating frightbats is, er, ladmirable. Also, being a genuine advocate for gender equity -- unlike his SJW haters -- he's been suggesting some possible terms to describe the female equivalent of the fauxminist fave.

That's something I've given some thought to as well. Rather than generalized gender alternatives, though, I've come up with some more specific terms.

Take "femphasize", for example. That's when a bilious bolshie babe gets all grim and squinty as she makes some daft, misandrist point about a non-existent societal scourge like "rape culture".

And if she's really arcing up, well, she's "ovafemphasizing", isn't she! (Actually, just saw that one of Notch's followers had suggested a similar variation: "ovaryact". Bit more elegant, I gotta say.)

I also thought of "msinform" (though I doubt I'm the first). That's when a fauxminist is spouting utter bollocks -- which is pretty much all these shrieking swivel-eyed termagants ever frickin' do, let's face it.

Then there's the adjective "madamant". That's when a proselytising commie sheila is standing as firm as the short purple hair on her head and she simply won't be corrected on her msinformation. Example: "Colin mansplained for six hours non-stop about the wage gap and how he was sure it was all a myth. But it was no use. Megan was madamant."

And how about "slutter"? I know, I know. You're thinking: "Woah, could be a bit risky there, Matt!" But remember, this is not meant to be remotely derogatory. It's empowering, see, to be used only by and/or for self-described slutwalkers (who, as we all know, invariably walk their talk, and vice versa).

It's most aptly employed when they sassily shut down privileged white males with their searing verbal wit, as in: "'You're just a dickless redneck fucktard loser,' sluttered Harriet, insouciantly."

Also thought of "lassail", "virgintimate", "strumpetulant" and "to jezebel the cat".

Anyhoo, there are a few for your perusal. Might add some more when I'm feeling, er, manspired ... Please feel free to add your own suggestions below in the comment form.

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