Thursday, May 12, 2016

Islamic State launches app to radicalize kids

Some people have been comparing Islamic State to the Nazis. Don't think that's too long a bow at all. It could even be said that the head-hacking goons are worse than Hitler and his henchman. The Nazis hid their atrocities after all. But ISIS are proud of theirs.

And their depravity seems to have no end. Each of their gruesome, sadistic acts seems worse than the last. Literally, there are no words for how despicable these creatures are. Their exploitation of children in particular confirms that they simply have no moral compass whatsoever.

Another sickening aspect of their activities is how they use today's technology. Sure, these brutal Islamists aren't great inventors or developers in the Bill Gates mould. But they are certainly adept at getting their message across using digital devices and platforms.

Recently they combined these two repellant elements in one invention: An app to radicalize children.

Ugh. You couldn't make this kind of stuff up, could you?

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